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INDUCTION 2013 PROGRAMME MSc Emotions, Credibility and Deception

Face-to-face sessions in your first block week are scheduled for 9th 13th September 2013 (inclusive). All will take place in Harris 9.
DAY Mon Tues 9-10 10-11 11-12 Welcome / intros to course team, to modules and to personal tutor LG4100 Communication Channels An introductory overview PS4602 Detecting Credibility & Deception (DC&D): An Introduction PS4602 DC&D: intent and definitions 12-1 L 1-2 2-3 Registration / Induction activities LG4100 Communicating with the spoken voice PS4602 DC&D: Non-verbal behaviour 3-4 4-5 Intro to Blackboard and Adobe LG4100 Communicating with the written word PS4602 DC&D: Verbal behaviour


Thurs Fri

PS4601 Emotions An overview LG4100 Communicating with the Face (biological and/or social?)


PS4601 Emotions Happiness Questions Session

PS4601 Emotions - Fear Pub Quiz

The Universitys induction activities are scheduled for the following week, 16th 20th September (inclusive), should you wish to attend
DATE Mon TIME 2-3pm ACTIVITY Dean of Schools welcome - Includes introduction to key staff, key communication channels, specialist facilities, major areas of activity, personal tutoring and Advantage Freshers Fair - Lots of opportunities for new students to get involved with the Student Union and meet new friends Worldwise Language Advantage Certificate with Rosetta Stone - This course is for those who wish to learn new language skills in their own time and at their own pace. More information can be found at: Jobs and Volunteering - Another chance for new students to find out about great ways to engage with the Student Union. Sports Fair Enrolment for Certificates in Modern Foreign Languages - You can currently study French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Turkish and Russian in addition to your main course. Societies Fair Central Services Talk for new students - UCLan Directorate, M&M Mentoring, The Student Union, WISER, Futures, Volunteering and Community Leadership, Worldwise and Student Financial Support School Welcome Social Event - Celebrate the end of induction with your new colleagues, returning students, mentors, personal tutors and staff Worldwise Learning Centre Open Day - Drop in to the Centre to find out about resources to support your studies, events, opportunities for internships, work placements and bursaries for travelling abroad. Worldwise Language Advantage Certificate with Rosetta Stone VENUE Darwin Building Lecture Theatre 53 degrees Worldwise Learning nd Centre, 2 Floor, Fylde Atrium 53 degrees Fylde 30

Tues Wed






and until th 4 Oct Fri



Atrium Harrington Lecture Theatre




Fylde Caf, 1 Floor, Fylde Building Worldwise Learning nd Centre, 2 Floor, Fylde