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L. 11 C $f-1
Obihiro, Japan


Dear Clirictian Friends,

Season greetings to onr brethern in Clirist As the glorions season of

Christmas iipproaclies, the blessed ars'.irance of hope in Plim Avells Up

\vitliin no to renc"\\" spiritnal stron;?th and dim tlie discouragements along life's path- We offer iip to tlic Father special prayers for blessings

iipon vfiii onr co-worlcors in America. May the blessed jieaoe, hope and
J<jy. whic'lt radiates from the grand, old story of oar Saviovir's birth, Unmeaourably overwliolm ovjr lives so that truly Christ slvall live in and

work through us to accojnplish tlio tusk for Avliich ITc gaveup His glory.
the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they wore sore
jifraid " As the slicphcrds out on the hills that niglitstojd in a\v'cand foar, no may tlic light and po\s'or of IFis birth, life and death overshadowus at thiij f.eafjun and thi'Oiigh<>ut the new year. As we live and labor in a hind
where Ivat \vcak strains of th at Jilgh tare visible, we stand in fear and awe at the lovo wliich sent our J^ord to a darkened and sinfvil world. But wo

reniembcr the message of the angel not to foar but to rejoice in the
Saviour's birth-

In the years monthc. days and hours ahead, may we, with the Lord's loading, unite our effcrtf; in proclaiming that wonderful story in all of it's awful l)oauty and power, that yvc., tcgether with many faithi'ul Japanese,
m:iy one day enter into the very presence of that gi-eat Jiight.

Your co-workers in Japan,

The Fubcrs

Pago 2

Noveinbor 395G



IVIr. and Mrs

14 Oodori

Ernest Fahcr

One of the big problems of mission aries in Ja])un is liow to interest

people in Christianity. The majority

are satisfied Buddhists, Shintoists

Minaini 21 Chonic

Obihiro, Japan
Forwarding Agents

Mr. and Mrs. Merton Fate

Box 382

or Comnvanifits, uninterested in a "AVesteru religion," and unwilling to meet the demands of Clu'istianity. On the other hand, a few are seeking the
Christ. Our task is to locate these
few and interest others.

Danville, Illinois Send all fnnds to the forwurdins;

The first instrument for making

contacts wliioh wc used here in 01)ihi-



ro was the evangelistic meeting. Tlic majority of (he adiilte who attend now
wore contacted through this meajis Signs were erected at the corncr on
the main road and also iji froiit of



1-Service link"Wc have tisod $900 of

our living-link for ex})cnse8 2-Loan repayment of $150 per montli.

Special Projects

the house. At the nearl)y bus stops,

large posters are set up on Friday

ildvertising tlio week-end services

1-Funds for Japanese plays called

'Xamishibai"cach not ccRts $1. They arc used for toachins Chris

tianity. Probably around $100, 2-Film strips on the Old Testament and Acts (Life of Peter and Paul).
Used Materials

(sec pioturc below). This metliod has resulted in a young scliool nurse at tending tiie evening services. Tracts, introducing Cliriotianity, are kept in the front entry where they are taken by salesmen, bill collcctei'R, delivery boys, as well as those who come inqtiiring about the
diurch or services

Plans are underway for using the loud speaker system for announcing
the services from an automobile. AVe

1-Jjarge picture rolls 2-EngHsh hymn booksabout thirty

are, also, considering advertising over

the local radio station.

3-Program material for special days

plays, pantomincG, etc.



1-That the AVord of God will work in

tiie hearts of those who have heard.

2-That we may have the ability to

tell them of Chr'ct.

3-Pray that the few adults who come may not become discouraged. 4-Pray that tlirough the Sunday School cliildrcn,the parents may become in terested in ChriBtiauity,

Novcmlwr 1956

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I do not memo

luons and have juy accents and pronun

ciations corrccted.

rize the fi(irmons hut read tlicm.

As a part of sermon and lesson pre paration there is the task of reading and undorFitanding the Scriptures that are vised. Not only io an understand ing ncedo<l, hut also the reading must 1)0 mastered. For part of this fitvidy
utilize the services of jMr. Yama-^

moto, a mid<lle Gchool English teachcr (pictured below). As a rule how ever, I, with my Bible and dictionary
At Work

beside me, am able to understand the

Scripture. Mr. jVriyazawa helps mo

It seems as if our greatest amount

of energy is expended in preparing

lessons in the language. Even with

with the reading.

one and a half years of study in lan

guage seluiol, we do not have enough background to speak freely in the language. Needless to say, the ser

vices arc in Japanese. Tl\c only ex

ception is the English J^ible chiss.

Here, as in the States, we have

to liuve a topic and then make an outline of the sermon keeping in miiul the backgomid of the peojjle. I usually get an idea, and work my sermon
in English. (Usually when I have an idea and write directly into Japa
nese, I lind that I sometimes forgot

So far only the sermon has been considered. There ir. alfio prepara tion for the Siuidiiy evenijjg Bible study. This study is now in the book of Luke. Again, Mr. Yamamoto helps us by pointing out words in the Scripture which will not easily be understood by the Jajmnese. Ho also makes f/.iggestions for niin])lor exprcGsionc. This class is tav:ght from
English notes. Nova docs a good deal of the pre

paration of the Bible School litera

ture, I, then, use her outline for

what 1 am going to say while looking up Japajicse vocabulary to express it.) Then the laborous task begins searching tlio dictionary for words
that I do not know. This is somewhat

preparation of my classes Our youns helper helps with this preparation, also. Ho helps by writing some Japa
nese articles into Romaji in addition
to correctinsi whrit we write.

aggravated by the fact that the mean ings are explained in Japanos<! and,
therefore, necessitate the looking

up of kanji meanings I do have some

English to ]i,omaji (writing of Japa nese by English alphabet) diction aries but they are not adequate. Besides other tasks, the young fel low in the picture above takes tlio
sermons I have written and corrects

them to Ixitter Japanese Then, of course, I again go over them and make aure he IiJia correctly nnderetood the meaniDg. After this I read the ser-

Pago 4
Dear Jjittlc Friends, This time ^vc Avant to toll yon nbout our Sunday School. Perhaps Momraio
and Daddv have written soino alxmt it

Novombor 195fi

so cxcusc us if wc repeat a little.

The Sunday School elassoR arc g(!tting bigger and bigger! Wc are nure-

ly happy to see so many boys and

girls corac. ''J'lic living-room is full of boys and girls every Saturday af ternoon and Sunday morning If more boys and girls eomo wo don't kno\v vlierc they avIU bo able to sit Tiiis "sveok-end there were exactly 50 hero. Saturday 28 little children caino and
this morning there M'ore 22 of the



larger children. Linda Avas counted Saturday because she wont to class but we were not counted today. AVe
didn't count the teachers either.

Our friends in Obihiro like to sur

prise us with many nice gifts. One time we wore really surprised when

Both groups are having a contest.

Tlie Junior and Intermediate classes

are earning Now Testajnents. By memorijsing Scripture, learning the books of the Bible, bringing their friends, reading the Bible, and by regular attendance they earn points. Wlicn they get 100 points tlicy will bo given a small paper botuid Now Testament or something else of the
same value.

Satoo San brought us a qucer-.shapod straw cage. It glistened prettily in it's twisted ihap(> and we wondered whatever could be inside. Can yon guess? It was a big grasshopper! His queer little cage would open at any of tlie corners, since it was made
of jointed rice straw. We liked to open the cage and food the "birdie."

Do you know what he liked to oat? Ho ate green cucumbcrs! Once Daddy gave
him some cabbage but ho wouldn't, eat it and cried almost all night.

Tlio little folks are having an attondence contest between tlio red and

Wo usually called him "birdie," but

blue. They arc learning to come every week and to bring their friends
with them One little girl named Kikuko chan has all silver and gold stars jVIoinmie gives them a silver

we also called him by his Japanese

najno, "kirigirisu " When we got used to his cry we liked to liear him sing. It was really cold cmc night and otn*
"l>irdie" died, but we still have his

star if tlioy brinf^ a friend and a gold star if tlio friend comes o
times and becomes a member.

])retty cage that swirls in the wind. A grasshopper that eats cucambcrsand sings - now iqn't that a ctrango gift?

The beginners chiGS meets at 2:00 P. M. on Saturday along with the primary students The beginners all
go into our bedroom and oit on their
feet on the "tatami" or Btraw mats


After he

tells the story

wo get to color a big picture that

has our memory verso and a little Story about the Icsfion written on the l)a(;]c. The boys and girls take those
homo and show their mommies and dad

in our room. Wo wore really crowdod last Saturday with 13 of us! Daddy
teaches this class Somotijncs he has

a lot of trouble teaching us because wc are little and don't listen very
well Pic uses stories and flannel-

dies. The follo\s-ing week they bring them back again. Wc arc going to fjiSten them tog<(ther to make our

graph to tell us about t}io Bible Wc ijsiiuiiy listen \rcll MrhcQ' he shows

Sunday School l)00lc8.

Linda, Charles and Allan