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Dialogs with Non Muslims (Volume-1)

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In the name of Allah Most gracious, Most Merciful. All praise is to Allah and May His Mercy be on His Chosen Apostle Mohammad and his progeny and his companions. Afterwards Internet is really a wonderful communication media for our present times. People share their views and exchange ideas with persons located in different parts of world, almost instantaneously. There are many on-line chat rooms and discussion forums. One of these is www.topix.net. This site is used as a discussion forum, where topics are selected by the moderator and members post their comments. Other members answer to these comments and discussion goes on, usually for months. These are lively discussions and tempers fly loose, you can see accusations, name calling and expletives, all signs of high blood pressure and extreme emotions, which are a healthy sign that people take these things seriously. I have also been taking part in these discussions and my subjects are usually related to Islam. I have had many discussions with many Non Muslims over vide ranging subjects. I am presenting my answers to the questions posed by these people. It would have been ideal, if both questions and answers were posted verbatim, but in that case the volume would have become much larger. That is why, I have shortened the questions in one line and my answer is given in full. I have made separate chapters for each major topic under discussion. These are my views and not exactly the authenticated views of Islam, which can only be given by Islamic Scholars properly educated in Islamic Literature, nevertheless they present the views of an average Muslim as he sees Islam and those criticizing Islam. There is a complete index of all questions in the end. Some of unusual questions are: Are Animal Muslims? What shapes for Mosque? Female Circumcision, Is it Islamic? Does God goes to Rest Room? Ch.10, Q#3 page 91 Ch.15 Q2, page 127 Ch. 16, Q5, Page 144 Ch.18, Q14, page 171

If I have exceeded my limits, I ask pardon and mercy from my Creator. If any one finds any factual mistake or any shortcoming in my answers, he can reply to me and I will make the necessary correction. Note: My pen name is MUQ in these discussions.

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Chapter-1 Atheism
Q.1 Should Parents educate their Children about religion? Ans. This is a very strange logic indeed. In the same way you should not send your children to school, do not teach them respect of Law or authority. Do not educate them on traffic laws and every thing else. Let them grow up and learn for themselves. Parents teach their children what they think it is best for them. Same way they bring up their children into the religion they believe in themselves. However when the children grow up they choose their paths themselves. Don’t you see the present generation, their fathers and grandfathers were are Christians, they have grown to be atheist. It is very unkind for a parent to teach their children everything else, but on the matter of religion, keep them totally ignorant. 3. You state that Atheism can only bring destruction but in the united states alone over 65% of people in prison are Christians!! less than 2% are Atheists. Looks like the Christians are the ones doing the destroying. MUQ: Those that are in prison are Prophesying Christians, they might not be Practicing Christians. Religion is not a label that you fix on you. It is the belief and acting on your religion. If you enquire most of those in prison shall be actually having no real religion (except their whims and fancies). Most of them might be atheist actually. Q.2 Does not Nature prove Creator? Ans. Dear Sir, I know you are very busy and did not get time to answer my last comments. 1. I think sir, you will appreciate that the Probability of having an All Powerful and All Knowledgeable Creator is much more than the probability to assume that all this Wonderful and Well Regulated Universe created itself by Chance or it created itself. The laws which regulate sub Atomic Particles also Regulate mighty of the mightiest Galaxies. 2. So now, let us look at some more evidence in front of us and see do they also point towards a Creator or not. Now we will look at our solar system and peculiar position of our earth. 3. You are aware that our Universe has been estimated to have a size of 14 Billion Light Years and it contains billions of galaxies, each galaxy having billions of stars. Our solar system is so tiny part of this Universe that it cannot be even shown as a dot. In such a small part, we find many amazing facts, some of them I want to share with you: 4. The earth is located at such a distance from sun, that it is neither very hot like mercury or Mars nor very cold as Neptune. 5. The earth is tilted at an angle of 23 Degree on its axis, causing Summer and Winter seasons, each with its own share of wonders. Its residents get a variation of weather rather than having a monotonous weather. 6. It rotates once in every 24 hours to cause day and night. If this period was longer, earth could get excessive hot during day time and excessive cold during night. 7. Its satellite Moons has phases, so that any one can count days and months by just looking at it. How much it helped in old days is for every one to imagine. 8. Out of Billions upon Billions of stars, only a few thousand are visible with naked eyes. But one of that stars, always remains fixed in the sky (Pole Star), How precise calculation is needed to fix its position in advance? 9. Moreover, there are many groups of stars (Great Bear and Small Bear) that move like a fixed object. What precise calculation is needed to fix these stars.. Due to these stars, we
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can find directions when at sea or desert. How much it helped in past is beyond telling. Further these stars which can show directions are visible with naked eyes!! 10. Out of all planets that rotate around sun, Only Earth has a dense atmosphere, due to which, very few meteorites reach its surface. Despite other protections, Ozone layer protection is well known to everybody. How much it helps life on earth. Could all this happen as a pure chance? Q-3 Are there Defects in Creation? Ans. 1. When you yourself are not fail free, what rights you have to Criticize the Creations of others. 2. If any body, with a sound mind should see them, then that sound mind should find the solution also. For example, you design a eye system for humans that has no blind spots and see how many more complications you create. 3. When we see the complexity and wisdom of each and every step in creations, it is just foolish to point out these childish things. When you will sit yourself on drawing board, you will perceive of these points. 4. Mean while who gave you this “Sound Mind” to point out defects in your own Creator. One of the sperm on which you did not had any control!!! Q-4 Are there Defects in Creation? (Contd.) Ans. 1. If we can assign any “mistakes” to the Creator, it was surely the mercy, which He put in your Mom’s heart, when you were getting born. 2. By hindsight, your mother should have strangulated you at birth time, if she only knew that her offspring will have temerity to put aspiration on the God Almighty and His Creations. 3. Any how, complete your remaining days on this earth, ultimately you are going to meet the Creator, who will ask some “Very Personal Questions” from you.

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Q-5 Is there indeed a Creator? Ans. First article of faith of an “Atheist” is “That there is no God”. Let us first debate on the existence of God. Let us leave His interference in the Earthly affairs or chosen people for the present. Let us discuss existence of God, point-by-point. 1. Why do you believe that there is no God or Creator of this huge universe? 2. How this highly organized universe came into being? Considering that the Basic Elements of this universe (It was Electron, Proton & Neutron when we were studying, now it is believed that there are 12 or 24 Basic Particles that make these electrons, protons etc) have no thinking power / intelligence of their own? 3. Do you believe that this universe created itself? 4. Or it was only by chance that it got created? I think this approach is more logical and we should not discuss any specific model proposed by religions (that will come afterward). You may call creator by other name than God, I do not mind it. After sorting out these basic questions; we will go to other matters. Q-6 Is there God? Ans. 1. Is there a need of God or not, it is not the point now. How come the laws of Physics came into being? Did the laws created of themselves? From where the energy came? My dear Sir, these are serious questions and should not be overlooked. In this universe every thing is so organized and pre-planned that it does not make sense that there was no power behind it. 2. What created the Big Bang? What was before Big Bang? Does this theory explains every thing in this universe? There are big holes in this theory. Without any planning a Bang will create such a magnificent universe. What did you create with your big bangs? (Atom & Hydrogen Bombs). 4. If you really consider Probability theory, The chances that This Highly organized universe will come just out of a Big Bang is almost nil. The age of Universe (4-7 Billion Years) is not even sufficient to create a single cell of Protein, if we only consider pure chance. 5. When we see any Good Car, When we look at any good painting, when we see any good building, we always marvel as to who created it. 6. How come when we look thru s Telescope and see millions upon millions of stars moving in their preset orbits or paths, many millions of times bigger than our earth, floating in space, we do not contemplate as to who would have created it? Instead of that we use all our energies and powers of reasoning to believe and for others to believe that it all came by chance. 7. There are only two possibilities, either we are not satisfied with the models for creator that are presented to us, or we do not use our power of logic. 8. Dear Sir, Please think is it more scientific or reasonable to believe that this universe is a very well planned and well designed project of a highly powerful and wise Creator, or to believe that great order can result out of chaos only thru probability theory?
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Q-7 Is there God? (Contd.) Ans. 1. Thank you very much for bringing to my recollection the wonderful book, One Two Infinity by George Gamov, I read it many years back. 2. The Basic fact is, no human mind with unbiased thinking will agree on first sight that this beautiful and organized universe could have come out by itself or only by chance. 3. The very fact that Laws control every thing in this universe, from smallest sub atomic particles to the Biggest of Galaxies, point towards a highly Powerful and Knowledgeable Creator. These Laws could not have come out of themselves; some one decided that it shall be so and so. 4. Another thing is that nothing in this universe happens by chance. Even what we think as chance (like winning a lottery ticket) is controlled by some laws. So all this wonderful universe was planned before it came into being. 5. What I think is that the scientists of today are basically afraid of the Church authorities because of their painful past. So they reject at the very outset any reference or explanation from any religious group as to the idea of Creator. 6. Islam and Bible both confirm that GOD created this Universe in Six days, but there are major differences: - In Bible, it is clearly mentioned what was created on each day, Quran is silent on that. - In Bible it seems as if the days are our normal 24 hours day (By referring to Evenings and Mornings), In Quran, it is undefined six stages of undetermined time period. - In Bible, It is said that God rested on seventh day and was refreshed, Quran says that God did not feel any fatigue or required rest to refresh Himself. - Biblical theory of creation is creating many problems between Church and scientist, whereas there is no Contradiction between Quranic Version and Science. Q-8 Proof of Creator from Astronomy Ans. My Dear Sir, I must Congratulate you. We both believe in God. Only our models are different!! Your God is your own intelligence. If we cannot explain any thing, we say “God Knows Best” You on the other hand go back to your God and ask it to explain it, Till you get full explanation ; you are in the state of disbelieve. But look what has your God let you to believe: - That energy existed since infinity, It created Itself. (Without proof) - Some Chaos started in this Energy, which resulted in the formation of basic particles from this energy. What started the chaos may be your God can tell us. - Then the laws of thermodynamics, Laws of Gravitation and other laws invented themselves. (Assumption, no proof) - Then without any intelligence, these particles joined to make electrons, protons, neutrons etc. Then this highly organized Universe came into being in mere 14 Billion years. (Assumption, no proof) - Then without any preplanning, our solar system came into being. May be Sun, Earth and other planets decided amongst themselves, that they should behave in a logical manner (or what other stars would think about them). I am giving some more examples from our solar system to further our knowledge on “Intelligence without Intelligence” and “Order out of Chaos”. Let us see how your God explains these peculiarities. I must admit that compared to Creation of Billions Of Galaxies, these are nothing A. You are aware that our Universe has been estimated to have a size of 14 Billion Light Years and it contains billions of galaxies, each galaxy having billions of stars. Our solar
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system is so tiny part of this Universe that it cannot be even shown as a dot. In such a small part, we find many amazing facts, some of them I want to share with you: B. The earth is located at such a distance from sun, that it is neither very hot like mercury or Mars nor very cold as Neptune. C. The earth is tilted at an angle of 23 Degree on its axis, causing Summer and Winter seasons, each with its own share of wonders. Its residents get a variation of weather rather than having a monotonous weather. D. It rotates once in every 24 hours to cause day and night. If this period was longer, earth could get excessive hot during day time and excessive cold during night. E. Its satellite, Moon, has phases, so that any one can count days and months by just looking at it. How much it helped in old days is for every one to imagine. E. Out of Billions upon Billions of stars, only a few thousand are visible with naked eyes. But one of that stars, always remains fixed in the sky (Pole Star), How precise calculation is needed to fix its position in advance? F. Moreover, there are many groups of stars (Great Bear and Small Bear) that move like a fixed object. What precise calculation is needed to fix these stars.. Due to these stars, we can find directions when at sea or desert. How much it helped in past is beyond telling. Further these stars which can show directions are visible with naked eyes!! G. Out of all planets that rotate around sun, Only Earth has a dense atmosphere, due to which, very few meteorites reach its surface. Despite other protections, Ozone layer protection is well known to everybody. How much it helps life on earth. (There are many more points on this) 7. First you tell me what you mean by “Extra Terrestrial”? Our Assumption is He is “Extra Universal”. He is not part of this Universe (which is His Creation), if you are ready to accept it, then there is no problem. 9. First of all, Mohammad (PBUH), claimed himself to be a prophet of God. If we do not agree on that, then any discussion on his greatness is meaningless. He never claimed greatness, he never claimed genius. He said I’m a man like you, but I receive guidance from the Lord of This Universe. If you do not accept his prophet hood, then it is nothing. Once we accept his prophet hood, we do not question his teachings. You on the other hand, at the drop of hat, will reject any of his teachings that Your God (Your Intelligence) does not agree with it. 9A. You have interpreted correctly the rise of Islam and Science. But these things are temporary and each nation gets chance to rise in the world. But once again we have drifted from the topic of our discussion. How does it matter if Muslims or Christians or any other faith or nation rises, if there is no consequence of this. 10. How Can I say this to you since you do not believe in God. However if Your God (Your Intelligence) allows you to believe, then We Both have a Common God, our Creator, who is also the Creator of this Universe. He will certainly ask you: “In spite of all the signs which you saw in my creations, why did not you use all your energies in denying my presence?” Let You God (Your Intelligence) have a good answer ready!!

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Q.9 Proof of God from Earth Ans. Now Sir let us see how much more wonders for us to contemplate: A. Earth and other Planet are supposed to be separated from Sun, But many heavy elements are found in earth which are not available in Sun. Metals like Iron, copper, Gold and Silver did not come from Sun. These metals were deposited on Earth thru some other source. B. The metals are deposited in the form of ores in concentrated forms; if these were distributed thru out earth it was very difficult to extract them. C. Useful items like, Coal, Iron, Copper, Gold and Silver ores are present on earth in accordance with their valve. D. The items, which are most needed, are provided on the surface or at a short depth. Things that are not so essentially required (or need advancement of Science and Technology) are placed at difficult to locate positions. Uranium and Heavy Water are difficult to obtain. Crude Oil is kept much below surface to be available when needed. E. Mountains are placed on the earth to protect it from continuous shaking, to make life easy. Valleys and paths are made in Mountains, so that we can travel thru it, without climbing each and every mountain. F. Very Huge Reservoir of Water is provided in Oceans, it is made salty so as not to get stale. A portion of pure unsalted water is deposited on mountains, and on Polar Caps in the from of snow. The water melts and rivers are formed, so that sweet water is available for thousands of miles. G. Air Evaporates the Sea Water (How easier than boiling it), but somehow the salt particles are left behind; otherwise the salty rains could spoil the whole river system. The rainwater flows thru rivers, but a portion is stored underground which is available thru wells. This water cycle is working without any human interference for millions of years. H. The Water itself has amazing properties, which is not found in any other liquid. Its density is highest at 4 Degrees, so that the surface of the lakes and rivers freeze and the life underneath goes as usual. I think it happened by Chance? I. Water has an optical Window, which allows light to penetrate to some distance. Otherwise no one could see under water and the life could not be possible in sea. If , Your Intelligence, tells you to believe that all this happened by Chance or without any Planner and any Designer behind it, then I think Your God (Your intelligence) is playing trick on you. (There is more such evidence, in our next episode). Q.10 Is Universe Chaotic? Ans. Yes the purpose of science is to explore and find the laws that govern it. It can only answer “How the things are working” It cannot answer “Why things are so”. So the sphere of science is well defined and if it exceeds its bounds then its findings would be erroneous. 3. You call the universe Chaotic, where it is anything but chaotic. If we are unable to decode something we cannot call it chaotic. Whatever portion of universe we know is highly regulated and well designed. The energy has no intelligence of its own and neither the blocks that make the matter. The laws could not invent themselves. In a really chaotic universe, there will be no law to speak of, but we know it is not so. This should immediately direct our mind as to the basic planner and designer of this universe. Can you explain to an artist that “Mona Lisa” was not created by an artist!! It came by itself out of this chaotic universe? 4. You say that perfect fit of moon during solar eclipse came by chance. What about the phases of moon? What about the fixed location of Polar star? About the movement of planets in constellation? If all these could come by chance, then why not “Mona Lisa”? 5. What rules the life will be bound, we cannot say, but definitely it will be well planned and regulated as life on our planet is.
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6. You cannot explain the universe thru formula. That were the heady days when Newton’s Theory was in force and Mechanical Model of Universe and law of Conservation of Matter was in force. Theory of relatively changed all that. If you can explain the universe thru a formula, then we should accept you as a “Creator”, nothing less! 8. I did not gave floor analogy for God, I merely said that this universe is not left in “Auto” mode to run by itself. A complicated system like this universe, need strong handling. How it is done, we do not know. Why the Creator has to work Himself, when even the tiniest particle in the universe are under His control. 9. Scientists upto very recently believed that the earth is flat. And you can find even now people believing that. So do not marvel at what people believe in!! You consider prophets as the cause of doom, probably Alexander the great, Genghis Khan, Halaku Khan, Hitler, Stalin etc are your role model of peaceful people. 10. God does not discriminate on many things, He gives you Air to breath, Water to quench your thirst, Sun Light to preserve life, absolutely free. He gives you eyes, ears, digestive system and reasoning power absolutely free. However if you live in His universe, enjoy of His bounties, and use your reason to deny His presence, He has to discriminate at some stage. But that stage comes, when you die, and have no recourse to come back to life and correct your actions. Then you realize that, Drake Theory, Successive Big Bang theory and Darwin Theory all have overlooked one common factor, the factor which was evident before their eyes, but they chose to ignore it. The presence of God and for What purpose you came to this earth. Q.11 Proof of God's existence Ans. 1. Now since you are directly commenting on the defects of the Creations of God, it is only befitting that you yourself design a “Living Thing” without any of the defects that Creator Did. Please test your model as regards to its function and its reliability to compared with the God’s model. 2. As regards to the number of sperm, it is to show you, that the Creator Chooses which ever sperm He likes. You have no control even on your own creation. 3. As regards Prof. Moore, at least he has recognized the Quranic Terms as logical and accurate and does not find them unscientific. This itself speaks a lot about Quran, because that science was not existent during the time when Quran was revealed. How could an unlettered man guess on such things without any contradiction is itself a miracle. 4. When you will design food cycle for “Your Creation”, we will see what “Painless” methods you will devise. Or all members of “Your Creations” shall be fed with stones and dust? 5. Yes, Why should I lie? When the Quran was revealed, the scientists then believed in Geostationary model. May be the early commentators also believed in that model. What is astonishing in Quran, is that it uses such terms that never go out of date!!! What ever observations you make, Quran seems to confirm it. That is the vision of “All Powerful and Knowledgeable Creator”. But according to you, You can be a “Better Creator”. Why not begin with yourself. Remove one of your eyes and ears to start with, ( To get rid of your Blind Spot!!).

Q.12 More dialogues on God's existence
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Ans. 1. Moiz: We can spend days and days talking about the gender of angels if you want. MUQ: Yes we can even ages , but angels have no sexes. Sexes are only needed when we have need to reproduce, As angles do not require reproduction, they have no sexes. 2. I've never said there's no God. I'm not attacking your beliefs. What I said is that, scientifically, there is No Way to demonstrate its existence. And I already stated the reasons and points that move me to say so. MUQ: It is the limitation of science not God, that science cannot Experiment with it. All scientific Instruments are made with materials and they can detect Material things. God in not made of Material, that is why Scientific Instruments can never DETECT His Presence . Those who reject God therefore have no solid proof to deny His existence. The arguments like, Why we Can’t see Him, Why we don’t detect Him , are very childish really. 3. Now it's your turn to demonstrate that our differences with other species are Allah's Will. And, please, try to say something better than "thinking otherwise is just a folly". Tell me what moves you to say so, and we'll have enlightened together a 1413-posts thread full of pointless hate. MUQ: The very fact that there are differences between man and other animals is sufficient to prove this. If man created cars to run on road, planes to fly in air and ships to move on water, it is because man wanted so. Now cars and planes and ships cannot complain to man that why we are created like that.? So is the case with different species, each is created for its suitable environment. There is no hate involved if we discuss each issue in civilized manner giving respect to other’s point of view. 4. Your speech is a chance for some people here to know that they will find something else 'out there', I hope you know what I mean. Let's see if "The Pastor" dares to join the chat. Regards. MUQ: Yes indeed, if these postings help to clarify some doubts and more people join in with their comments, it would be fine, but people with logic , reason and patience. Not hate and war mongers and generalizes. Q.13 Why we see injustice in this world? Ans. 1Even if we had ten moons, it meant that they were placed their by the Creator for some purpose. Moons have no brain of their own to come and place themselves into a particular orbit. It is not a chaotic universe. Moons and suns do what they are told to. - The question, we exist, I wanted to leave at present. Because this itself is the biggest question? Why we exist? Did we do any thing to deserve the place we find our self in? What happens to us when we die? These questions, though of fundamental importance, I wanted to leave, because first we have to agree that there is a Planner, Designer and Creator for this universe. 2. You are repeatedly bringing the name of Mohammad (PBUH) in your comments, whereas, unless we agree that there is a Creator, his words and teachings have no meanings to you. If you do not believe in Creator Himself, why should we waste our time in discussing what Mohammad (PBUH) said or did? 3.. The Church did wrong in suppressing the Scientific knowledge, which was never against the true scripture (How can truths contradict each other?). It was due to that past experience
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which we see in Modern Scientists being against the religion. In Muslim countries, this question never arose. The more you explore the universe, the more beneficial it will be for mankind and it would increase your faith, by looking into the designs and power of the Creator. As a true scientist, you should be neutral. By your denial, you place yourself as a non scientific person. 4. a. The persons born with defects have also a higher purpose. - They are as an example for others to see, what great gifts are these limbs are. - We consider it unusual, when somebody is born with defects, but according to probability theory, it is indeed a miracle if a baby is born without defect (there are so many things which could go wrong). In your chaotic world, how come the success rate is so high? - As to their personal sufferings, they will be compensated by the rewards they will receive from the Creator, and their temptations are reduced. - However , If anyone could be cured, then we must try to cure them, as we use the knowledge which Creator Himself gave us. b. This may be your purpose to pass your knowledge to your children. I want to ask why? Why should we care about our Children? How come it affects us, if they learn or do not learn? c. How these DNA s came into being. Probable evolved out of Chaotic world. How much time is required to make a DNA by chance? Who decided which of the Male Sperm will fertilize with the female sperm? (You know each male sperm has some specific characteristics). But in your chaotic world, every thing goes. Who cares which sperm fertilizes? My Dear Sir, our very presence depends on that decision. d. Another poser, take a rose flower is your hand. Look at it, marvel at its softness and beautiful design. Is it only to attract some silly insect, which does not have a sense of beauty? Or maybe insects have a better sense of beauty than us? e. This universe is full with signs of Creator, but we look at Mona Lisa and Admire the Greatness of Da Vinci, we look at Real Women, and Real Flowers, and our mind does not think of their Creators? Q-14 Does God Knows everything in Advance? Ans. MUQ: Allah having knowledge of what a man shall choose, does not affect the free will of man. The man chooses the course as per his free will given to him. Allah does not coerce man to choose either of the paths. MUQ: Man’s actions are not coerced. Allah knowing in advance does not force the man. ” MUQ: when MUQ is typing, he does not know what Allah knows. He chooses his free will to write or not write. MUQ cannot blame Allah that since He had known in advance so MUQ typed. ”Muq must act out what God already knows otherwise he would make God's knowledge imperfect. If Allah predicted you are going to eat an apple, you will eat the apple, no free will.” MUQ: As I told you, I am using my free will. No body is forcing me to write. By the way, this is a topic on which our prophet has prohibited to debate in detail. It is similar to the case
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in which we do not discuss Allah’s personality in any detail. So please restrain from any further discussion on this subject. Q.15 Who Created Laws of nature? Ans. 1. You say Energy is since infinity. How the energy came into being? Energy is a created thing. It can change form, but against set specific rules. Who set the rules? (E= MC2) 2. What Scientist say, because of their knowledge, is a fact and should be taken. What they say, shall happen, is their Guess work and should not be taken on face value. What will happen to the Universe is to be decided by the one who created it in the first place. Not by me, you or some Scientists. 3. Whatever experiments you will do, will only bring you additional info on the working of the sub atomic particles. It will never answer the basic question, how they came into being. 4. The Basic Question still remains unanswered , since these basic building blocks (even energy) have no intelligence of their own, they cannot make their own laws. They will only follow the Laws laid down by some superior power. 5. Laws of Thermodynamics did not originate themselves. They were imposed upon the building blocks of this universe. 6. What I say, is that How come this beautiful and organized universe (where every thing is controlled by laws) could have come out of a Blind Big Bang? My dear Sir, you cannot explain it as pure chance or the pure theory of Probability. Some Power forced them to take a predetermined course, and then it will explain every thing afterwards. That course was pre planned and pre thought off. 7. My dear Sir, if the Scientist do not spend their energies in negating the presence of Creator, this universe can teach them many things least of them would be the Awe and Humility in the presence of Such a Superior Mind and Superlative Power. 8. As to your questions what was before God and Who created God can wait, till we come to conclusion that there is a God!!! These are premature questions. We will come to them when we will discuss His Qualities.

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Q.17 Did the laws create themselves? Ans. I think you did not answer my basic question and trying to avoid it by using scientific knowledge. How can we move at all I asked you some basic questions: 1. Do you find any thing in this Universe unorganized? 2. Do the basic blocks of this universe (Energy, Basic Particles) have intelligence of their own? 3. Did the Basic Laws of Thermodynamics or other laws invent themselves? 4. Or was it pure chance that resulted in the formation of This Huge and Organized universe, if yes then what is the probability of it? 5. These questions are not difficult to answer, but some how you are avoiding it. 6. You say, you will dissect this universe, till it is totally dispersed and a new universe takes its place. It will take how many years and where will you be then with all your knowledge and wishes? Do you KNOW what will happen to you? And How can you KNOW? 7. I did not talk about any space alien, by now you should have got a Taste of the Power of the Creator. A space alien is less than a spec of Dust compared to the Creator. 8. You can use all scientific means to explore this universe, but every thing in this universe is saying “We are Created, we did not create ourselves”. Problem is that you are too busy in only seeing the Creations and not feel the Creator behind it. It is like going to a palace and become so much dazzled by the decorations, that pay no attention to the King Present there (Mind you it is only a simile, don’t put any mental picture of the King on it). 9. Questions of believe, and acting on it comes afterwards, that is why I did not talk about God or Allah or Quran to you, but somehow you are provoking me with it. If you do not believe in Creator, how I can I talk about books and prophets ? 10 By the way the correct translation of the formula is “There is no deity worthy of worship (ILAH) but ALLAH” not the way as you translated it. ILAH & GOD (ALLAH) are different in Arabic, but why should it matter to you? Q.18 Is Universe by Chance? Ans. 1. Mathematics, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry etc, all these subjects help us in understanding the working of his universe and to take maximum advantage from them in our lives. 2. None of these subjects are used to deny the presence of Creator. 3. What you are totally avoiding to answer is that this highly regulated universe came into being, without any Designer or Planner behind it. It did not came as a Hit and Trial case. Whatever knowledge you possess today and whatever you will acquire thru out you life, will only confirm that every thing in the world is behaving according to set laws. Some we understand and some we do not. 4. I gave you the example from our solar system and from the earth, for you to calculate the probability of each of these events happening by Chance and at the same time. I asked you to calculate the probability of these events, instead of that you are giving me explanations as to how each of these phenomenon is happening. 5. Does Drake theory says that there is life on so many planets? 6. I’m calling This Planner and Designer of this universe as Creator. The probability of having a Creator behind this universe is 1.0 and the probability of this universe self creating itself is next to zero. As a mathematician you should know this fact. But instead of answering in simple language, you are trying to skirt the issue. 7. There is another thing, Just take an apple, an orange and a banana in your hand. Think about the commonality and individuality of each fruit. Could you believe that these trees
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themselves developed themselves? If these subtle signs do not tilt your mind towards the creator, then I don’t think what will. If you think from where you got all these reasoning powers of yourself? 8. Another point which must be made, is that no system works all the time in “Auto” mode. Our own experience with machines is an example. The very fact that the system is working and working, proves that the Creator has not left this Universe in Auto mode. This universe needs a tight handling, and that is another point to be kept in mind. 9. Persons giving the news of unseen , is not only a “Wise” man, or a :Lucky Guess” type of man. He gets the info from the Creator himself. If you consider the character of prophets throughout the ages, it is highly unlikely that they all conspired to the invention of creator. However their opponents always keep on changing their stand. It was expected that with the increase of science and knowledge, scientists would be the first to look thru the creation and feel the power and knowledge of Creator, it is amazing how they use their logics for the opposite end. Q.19 From Creator to Allah Ans. I request you to please consider the following with cool mind and without any bias (I do not require that you answer these points in your customary fashion). This debate about Creator is serious and should not be used to score point against each other by trying to stop the other party by any means. 1. First point is that we have no example of Another Creator in this universe. The Closest any one can come to the creator is man. 2. But as you know man, is not the creator in the real meaning of creator. He can at best be described as Inventor, or Maker. 3. The man has made or invented from simple toys to most complex computers and huge industrial complexes and many other things. 4. Since man is the closest model for creator available in the universe, we have to take that him as analogy when we discuss the creator. It is not the perfect example, but if you have any other example of creator, you may present it. 5. Now my arguments that “Creator is not the same as Creation” is self evident (watch and watch maker are two different things. Computer, Car, Planes, Industrial Complexes are not the same as man who made them). There is no example that you can equate the creations with the creator. 5A the corollary to point # 5 that “Creator is not the part of Creation” is also self evident. Watchmaker is not the part of watch. Man is not the part of Computer, Plane or any thing else that he has made. 6. My next argument that “Creations have no choice or control over how they are created” is also self evident. A watch cannot ask the watch maker why did you create me. Nor a computer, car or plane can ask this question or can change itself. It is the maker that can do these changes. 7. Next point in my argument is that “Creations can not impose their wills or laws on the Creator” is also self evident. The Computer can not decide that its maker should have such and such features. The same holds true for all other items made by man. 8. Next Point is “You cannot decide about the Creator by only looking at the creations”. By looking at watch, you cannot decide how the watch maker would be, by looking at a computer or car or plane we can decide about the man who made them. We can make guesses, but it may be true or false. There is no proof that it will be true always. 9. Next point in my argument is “The Creator was existing before the Creation” is also self explanatory. It is the corollary of the first point which we agreed as working hypothesis. Let
16/ 299

us take the case of Thomas Edison, he invented more than 200 items. He was existing before any of his invention saw the daylight. 10. Now you see how absurd is your claim that “There should be a Creator for the Creator” or “Who Created the Creator?” We as Creations cannot ask or impose our will o Creator. We cannot decide what He should be like and what He should not be like Q.20 Is Believe in God Unscientific? Ans. 1. We are not discussing “My God” or “Your God” at this stage. We are simply asking, who created Energy? Did it create itself? - That one Big Bang came after another does not prove anything. What we say, do you see any intelligence in the Building blocks of this Universe? - From where the Intelligence come. If there was no intelligence, you will find chaos every where. Different Laws would govern different parts of universe. But we find perfect order every where. - CERN or whatever experiments you do, they will not give any answer for this very basic question. 2. Yes what Scientists say should be discussed. But when they assume something, it should not be accepted. Is it more Scientific to Assume a Creator for this Universe than to assume otherwise? What does your theory of Probability says in this respect. What is the probability that it all happened by chance? - I think Science should restrict itself to its filed, which is to study the Cause and Effect. But when it exceeds its boundary and tries to encroach on other area then it should be discouraged - As per my knowledge, theory is the stage, where you have not enough data to establish a Law that define all observed facts. It is an interim stage and keeps on getting modified till it becomes an established law. Now let us see, some of the theories of Scientists: 3. I’m not arguing why particles stay or decay. My argument is, that from which the intelligence come to these basic Particles. Who made all these Laws, which these particles have to follow. Otherwise each particle could behave in its own way. 4. Universe will look more beautiful to you, if you view it with Awe and Respects for the Creator. Otherwise, you will see it passively and always trying to deny your inner voice and say, it all came by chance. Q.21 Can a true Scientist reject Creator? Ans. If Hawkins is a reasonable man, he must have a notion and Idea of Creator. He rejected the Model of God presented by Judaism (God resting on 7th day) and Christianity (Having a Son) because they do not fit with the vision he has of Creator. Unfortunately, he has never been told about the model of Creator, as explained in Quran. This could be either that he has been influenced by the negative propaganda against Islam or did not had time to study Quran in depth. Otherwise I believe that a man of such deep insight into the beginning of creation could have easily understood the concept of All Knowledgeable, All Powerful, Wise and Gracious Unique Creator of this entire universe.

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Q.22 Who is an Atheist? Ans. Dear Sir, You say you are an Atheist and also a Seventh day Adventist? You cannot be both at the same time!! However, let us say you are an Atheist firs. In that case all these discussion about prophet hood and revelation etc. does not mean anything to you and logically speaking I should not be discussing these maters with you. So let us come to the basic issue of Atheism, As I do not know much about this word, let me ask you Sir< 1. What is an Atheist? 2. What do they Believe in? 3. Why did you become an Atheist? You answer these questions, so we can discuss on that. Let us leave religious issues till we have full understanding on this issue. Q.23 Creative and Destructive Doubts? Ans. 1. Moiz: We can spend days and days talking about the gender of angels if you want. MUQ: Yes we can even ages , but angels have no sexes. Sexes are only needed when we have need to reproduce, As angles do not require reproduction, they have no sexes. 2. I've never said there's no God. I'm not attacking your beliefs. What I said is that, scientifically, there is No Way to demonstrate its existence. And I already stated the reasons and points that move me to say so. MUQ: It is the limitation of science not God, that science cannot Experiment with it. All scientific Instruments are made with materials and they can detect Material things. God in not made of Material, that is why Scientific Instruments can never DETECT His Presence . Those who reject God therefore have no solid proof to deny His existence. The arguments like, Why we Can’t see Him, Why we don’t detect Him , are very childish really. 3. Now it's your turn to demonstrate that our differences with other species are Allah's Will. And, please, try to say something better than "thinking otherwise is just a folly". Tell me what moves you to say so, and we'll have enlightened together a 1413-posts thread full of pointless hate. MUQ: The very fact that there are differences between man and other animals is sufficient to prove this. If man created cars to run on road, planes to fly in air and ships to move on water, it is because man wanted so. Now cars and planes and ships cannot complain to man that why we are created like that.? So is the case with different species, each is created for its suitable environment. There is no hate involved if we discuss each issue in civilized manner giving respect to other’s point of view. 4. Your speech is a chance for some people here to know that they will find something else 'out there', I hope you know what I mean. Let's see if "The Pastor" dares to join the chat. Regards.

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MUQ: Yes indeed, if these postings help to clarify some doubts and more people join in with their comments, it would be fine, but people with logic , reason and patience. Not hate and war mongers and generalizes. Q.24 Is it scientific to believe in God Ans. Acceptance of Creator: It is much more scientific to accept presence of Creator, than to explain otherwise the creation and sustenance of this universe. However, it will need a change in the Christian Concept of God (Lord of Israel, Father the son etc), to an omniscient and almighty and perfect being. Why Start With a Negation: Start with the hypothesis that a Creator does exist, then see how it solves all of your dilemmas. Instead of being in perpetual doubt, why don’t start with a firm believe? Q.25 How scientific is Evolution / Professor example Ans. 1. Sorry to but into this private and highly intelligent talk. To claim that, all scientists agree to the theory of Evolution or that all are against it, are both wrong. The issue at stake is “If there is indeed a creator of this vast and highly regulated universe or not”? 2. The very fact that this highly regulated universe’ s building blocks (Electrons, Protons or Neutrons, or even smaller particles or even energy) have no intelligence of their own, it is highly illogical to say that Intelligence came out of non-intelligence! The laws of Thermodynamics and others did not evolve out of Chaos or created themselves. To explain the existence of nature in pure “cause and effect theory” has to rely upon an unnecessary amount of “Chance Occurrences”. It is unlikely that “Pure Chance” had any chance in the evolution of this universe. 3. While it is also a fact, that species have been evolving over the time. Many species become extinct and many new one come into being. This change is also not happening and can be explained because of chance. The fact that single cell structures also exist side by side the most complex of creation (human being) demands that there is some force which is regulating this universe. That force is the Creator of this universe. Both Evolutionists and supporters of Intelligent Designs are trying to circumvent this question. I will give you one parable (which was suggested by a Muslim Scholar of repute some times back). 4. Suppose a “Professor” from an outside planet, come to visit this earth with his “Students”. They have some defect in their “eyesight”, that they cannot see human beings, but they see all other things on this earth. 5. They see many things moving on earth, Bullock carts, Chariots, Cars, and Planes, but without any one driving them. The pupils ask the professor as to how to explain so many means of transport? 6. My Dear (The professor says): My research shows that Bullock cart is the oldest, then came the chariot, then came the cars and then came the Planes. 6A. What happened was this: “The bullock cart started changing into a Carto-Chariot, then this evolved into Charito-cart, and then finally Chariots came into beings. 6B. After many years some of the chariots evolved into Charito-car, then to Caro-Chariot finally evolving into Cars. 6C. Again after many years some cars changed into caro-planes, then plano-cars finally evolving into planes. 7. When the pupils ask for proof, “Professor” says that you look into the vast earth, you will find all “Missing Links” like Carto-chariot, Charioto-cart, Charioto-Car, Caro-Charito, Caroplane, Plano-Car etc. So the pupils are looking for the missing links. Whenever they find
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any broken part of Carts, Chariot, Car or Planes, they bring it to “Professor” who displays all these parts in his “museum of evolution”. 8. My Dear Sir, the same is true for the Missing Link theory of present day scientists, who like to explain every thing on this theory. None of the missing link was imperfect. It had to superior to the earlier species. So the earlier species had to become extinct before the Missing Link. 9. However if you assume that there is a Creator of this universe, then every thing becomes easy and simple to explain. But there are minds who will not believe in “Simple theories” and want “twist and turns everywhere”

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Chapter-2 Christianity- Bible
Q.1 Is Bible Word of God? Ans. I think anybody reading those five books can believe that it was written by Moses Himself. - There are numerous phrases like “God Said to Moses and Moses said to God”. If Moses wrote those, he will say “God said to me and I said to God”. - Besides we find Moses Obituary in Deuteronomy Ch. 34. Could Moses write that? And the phrase: Since then no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses…” Did Moses write that? - There are numerous inside evidences which show Moses did not wrote those books. If you want to believe it, do so. After all you believe three is one and one is three. Compared to that this is nothing. 2. Regarding Psalms, who are you trying to deceive? I have NIV open in front of me; Psalm 72 is by Solomon, Psalms 73-79 of Asaph, Psalm 80- 84 by sons of Korah, are these different names for David? 3. Mohammad (PBUH) asking the scribes to write in front oh him and then checking if they wrote correctly is totally different than people writing of their own. If you want to split the hair, please do so. 4. As regards Scientific errors and mistakes in Bible, it is a well established subject now a days. In every modern Translations you will find “Variant readings” what are these? 4A. Please try to explain Genesis Chapter 1 in light of modern Science. I think that gave to title “Fundamentalists” to Bible Thumpers? Mistakes in Bible are too many to write in this place. There are books written about that. 5. Yes I will Inshallah answer all your objections regarding Quran on mistakes and errors. Q.2 Does Quran confirms existing Bible? Ans. Let me put some things in their proper prospective, so our position is clear: The fact that neither you, nor me was present, when the Qur’an was being revealed is true!! We cannot go to that situation, to see the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) reciting and asking his scribes to write down the revealed verses. So we have to go to proves available to us from the past generations, to check the validity of the claim. The proves you are asking about Qur’an, cannot be provided for any scripture. I want to go a step further and say, you cannot prove any Fact of History (Like Roman Empire, Existence of Alexander the Great, and any other “Established” fact) with the available records, if you follow the same criterion as you are asking for Qur’an.. The problem, that Bible was not preserved in its original script and was corrupted during long period of transmission was not raised by Muslims. It were your own scholars, when they checked the various manuscripts came to these conclusions, and wrote many books about it. Muslims came to know about this only form your books.

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Qur’an accuses the Jews of two Crimes “Who displace words from their (right) places “ (Ch. 4 V 46) & “Those who write the books with their own hands, and then say; ”This is from God” (Ch.2 V79). How right these claims are, and the fact that an unlettered man like Mohammad (PBUH) could say it, is in itself a Miracle! In Case of Qur’an, the chain of command of written copy of Qur’an and its memorization has never ceased. There is no period in Muslim History, when Muslim did not read Qur’an from book and did not had HUFFAZ, is a proven fact. This continues till today. The Qur’an was the biggest miracle of our prophet, He is commanded to say it many times in Qur’an. When the un-believers asked for any sign, they were asked to look at Qur’an.! Its effect on Original Arabs was no less than mesmerizing. They loved to memorize any portion of Qur’an revealed. Reading of Qur’an was an integral part of Regular Prayers. Prophet himself and his companions used to recite long portions of it during nights. Qur’an took 23 years to complete its revelation, in such long period it was very easy for a large number of persons to memorize it. Prophet left more than 100,000 of his followers at the time of his death and many of the original followers that were with him from day one (Ali, Othman, Ibn Mas’ood etc) were present when the present text was written down. Now these are the facts which increase our faith that Qur’an is preserved as it was given by our prophet. We want to be firm in our believes, our faith is not based on doubts. Some people want to be in perpetual; doubt about any thing and every thing. For them there is no cure. Q.3 Does Quran confirms existing Bible? (Contd.) Ans. 1. I think you are trying to confuse the issue. In no place Quran says that present books available with Jews and Christians are the Words of God. It confirm earlier scriptures sent before Mohammad (PBUH). It names Torah (Scripture given to Moses), Psalms (Scripture given to David) and Gospel (Scripture given to Jesus). In no way it says: - First Five Books of Old Testament is the same Torah as was given to Moses (though these books may contain some of that scripture) - Present Book of Psalm is what was given to David (because current book contains many psalms other than David) - Present Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John is same as that Given to Jesus (though these may contain some portions of Jesus ‘s Gospel). How the current books may be Word of God, seeing they are full of contradictions, interpolations, errors and scientific mistakes. Would you refer these mistakes to God? Besides none of the two manuscripts are exact copy of each other, so which one is the Word of God? Roman Catholics have 73 books in their Bible, Protestants have 66 books. Who has added or taken away from the word of God. Quran Confirms earlier scriptures, but at the same time warns us that Jews and Christians have been changing it. See the following quotation from Quran: - There is amongst them a section who distort the Book with their tongue (As the read) you would think it is part of the book, but it is no part of the book; and they say “That is from God”,: But it is not from God…(3:78)
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- Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and they say “This is from God,” to traffic with it for a miserable price (2:79) - To you (O Mohammad) We sent the scripture in truth confirming the scripture that came before it and guarding it in safety… (5:51) - Verily this Quran does explain to the Children of Israel most of the matters in which they disagree (27:76) So it is Just Tempering with the facts to say that Mohammad (PBUH), confirmed the current books. How can a man confirm or deny the authenticity of a book who could not read or write!! Are you claiming that present manuscripts what you have were present in Makkah or Medina? 2 Now let us come to the topic of so called 24,800 Manuscripts of Old and New Testament Books, - Do you know that no two of these manuscripts are identical!! - Which one of them is Word of God is any body’s guess! - Dates of writing of Codex Vaticanus, Alexndranus and Siniticus are hotly debated among scholars. - Some range them to third century and some as late as 8th to 10th century. - It is all based on Guess work. If some one finds any clue to his liking he fixes the date according to his convenience. - Your Scholars say no two copies of Old & New Testament differ so much from each other as the Codex Vaticanus & Codex Alexendarious. - Besides many of these very old manuscripts contain books and portions which are removed from current books. Why remove these portions from Word of God? Or who put these spurious books into it? Christian Gospels were being written within 100 years of Jesus ascension. - But none of the original manuscripts are intact. - More than 100 Gospels were written, out of which 4 were chosen in the Counsel of Nice. Who selected the books and what was the criterion for selection? - None of the authors are same whose name is put on the over. - Apostle Matthew Did not write the Gospel according to Matthew. Apostle John did not write Gospel according to John. - These any anonymous books, which you are passing as Word of God. My Dear Sir, You are on a very slippery ground, if you try to convince that the present Bible is the same as which the God revealed or whom Jesus and Mohammad (PBUH) testified. How the present books could be from God, if they are filled with errors , mistakes and contradictions? They are filled with stories of incest? Did God dictate it? Which you cannot read in front of your wife and children? Jesus Ascension into heaven is nowhere mentioned in (present editions) of Gospel. Who inserted it and who took it out is any body’s guess. So my dear sir, You will put a blame on Jesus, and make him look like a liar also , if you claim that he bore witness to the present books of Old Testament as veritable Word of God.
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Can you tell me; are letters of Paul also the Words of God? Is Paul also a prophet? Or so many other writes in New Testament are prophets. Q-4 Did Paul change Christianity? Ans. The fact that books of Old and New Testaments were tempered with (non-inspired) human hands is now as certain as the daylight! However this knowledge is only circulated within Church hierarchy, not being told to common folks, who are assured by “The same Scholars” that “Geneses thru Revelation” are Word of God, there might be small errors here and there, which do not change the meanings and intent of the original texts. The fact is, these so-called small errors are so many and so serious, that they have totally distorted the God’s Original message. Biggest imposer of these defects is no other than “Great Saint Paul” self appointed 13th Apostle of Christ, who changed the Christ’s original and simple message upside down. The Unique Lord God of Israel got transformed into a TRIUNE being (3-in1 and 1-in 3) an illogical and absurd notion, which can only be accepted either at point of sword or at the fear of eternal condemnation. Church has used both throughout its history. The simple mistake of Adam was transformed into a Sin of Highest Dimensions, causing billions of his progeny for eternal condemnation, until they believe that Christ died for their sin. Another Absurd and illogical idea. If the sin was inherited automatically, why can’t it also be absolved automatically, when the sacrifice was made? Why only to those who believe? Laws and commandments of Moses (sanctified by Jesus Christ himself!) were “Nailed to the Cross” by this Mighty 13th Apostle. The simple personality of Jesus was transformed into the only Begotten Son of God, and that it is in fact the SON that created the universe. These are the small mistakes and errors, which have made Christianity an illogical religion. You can either obey Christ or Paul, not both? If you obey Christ faithfully, you turn towards Islam, If you continue to follow Paul, why you call yourself Christian? You should call yourself “Pauline” !!. Q.6 Was Ishmael treated Justly? Ans. 1. Abraham cast out the mother of the Moslem race. How could she continue the religion of Abraham if she wasn't around Abraham for the rest of her life with her child in the desert? She was an Egyptian, and she was pagan. “ MUQ: Do you mean to say, that she lived with Abraham for so long and did not accept his religion? Have you ever heard of conversion? What is your idea of prophet hood? Did not Abraham preach his religion to even his house hold? She was indeed Egyptian (and a princess too) whom the King of Egypt gave to Sarah as a maid (an Honor for Sarah). She accepted the faith of her husband Abraham.
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“She raised son that way with the knowledge of the Almighty God as well. “ MUQ: Abraham left Hagar and Ishmael at Makkah long before Isaac was even born. The well of Ishmael (mentioned in Genesis) is still available in Makkah. Ishmael and Hagar lived in Makkah believing in the religion of Abraham. “Then Mohammad met traders on the Nile that were Christians. He then studied at great length. Apparently, you do not know the deeps of your own religion. “ MUQ: It is you who have no true knowledge of Islam or our prophet. Our prophet only went out of Makkah on two occasions, one when he was a 14 year boy with his uncle and another time when he was a youth of 24 -25 years old. Both these journeys were short and for the purpose of trade and were made to Syria and not to Egypt, he did not travel on a ship. There is no record that he studied any religion during these trips. There was no evidence of his planning and preparing t be a prophet. It came all of a sudden when he was 40 years old. “I'm very sorry that you feel Jesus coming out of a woman would be revolting. That's very sad and shows how you feel toward women.” MUQ: Jesus coming out of his mother’s womb is not revolting as all, it is very natural. The fact that God of The Universe, the Second Person of Holy Trinity, The Creator of This Universe, coming out of a woman’s womb is revolting to every right thinking man. It is not dishonorable to women, it is dishonorable to Creator that He should be born thru one of His Creations!! It is illogical, it is Blasphemy ”By the way, Abraham was not pagan. He was a Jewish man. The man Abraham that you call pagan prophet was not at all.” MUQ: Who said any thing about Abraham being a Pagan? The religion of Abraham however was not Judaism, (The Torah was not even revealed). He was a true believer of Monotheism, a role model of faith for all generations to come. “His concubine that he was asked by Sarah his wife to take because Sarah couldn't bear a child, was an Egyptian pagan. Before Sarah bore Isaac, The Egyptian woman that had Abraham's child used to torment Sarah, saying she was barren and not a woman at all. Made Sarah so sad and depressed. “ MUQ: Hagar was no concubine of Abraham. She was a maid of Sarah (an Egyptian princess) whom Sarah married to Abraham. The Son Ishmael which Hagar bore to Abraham is mentioned in Bible as Son and seed of Abraham and he was the First Born son of Abraham. The character of Abraham and Sarah as mentioned in Bible in treatment to Hagar and Ishmael is very cruel, illogical and well below what we expect is a righteous prophet’s family. It is all a fabrication of later days. “Then Sarah prayed to God. For many years Sarah had no children. Then Sarah laughed when God said he would make her pregnant at 80 or 90 years old. She got pregnant, had Isaac, “ MUQ: This portion of story is correct and confirmed by Quran.
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“Then Abraham who didn't want strife in the household, sent Hagar, I think that's her name, the Egyptian, out into the desert with her child with no water, nothing. God saved her and said she would have a nation from her child. “ MUQ: Read the Bible again, Ishmael was supposed to be 14 years old when he and his mother were kicked out into the desert. Does the scene matches for a 14 year old boy? In fact Abraham left Sarah and Ishmael in Makkah long before Isaac was even born. Ishmael then was a small infant, now the scene matches well with the Biblical description. All the tales of hatred between Sarah and Hagar are later inventions. “But, she was pagan, not Abraham. The black rock was found, apparently, when Abraham and the son of Hagar went out into the countryside together yet I have not found any information about this occurrence in the Bible at all.” MUQ: According to Bible, God promised to make Ishmael a large nation. What happened to this promise? Did this large nation vanish into thin year? That big nation out of Ishmael was the Arabs living independently for thousands of years in the deserts of Arabia. “It probably was something that was written from Hagar's family's lineage. As far as I know, Abraham cast out the woman, there was no rock that absorbed evil into it and that turned it black. There is no record of Abraham going into the field with his son of Hagar. Perhaps the rock is a found meteor? I don't know. I'll have to research more about this but this is as much as I know to be factual.” MUQ: with imagination and racial hatred as your guide, you can invent any thing. The true story goes like that. 1. Abraham did not cast out Hagar and Ishmael because of any family dispute. 2. It was God’s command to spread the family of Abraham in Arabia. 3. Ishmael was left there as an infant. The well that came out of his feet is still available in Makkah. 4. Abraham used to visit his family in Makkah. 5. When Ishmael was 13 years old, Abraham tried to sacrifice him (as per a vision he saw in a dream), Isaac was still not born then. The boy was saved and since then the ritual of sacrifice started amongst Arabs. 6. Later Abraham and Ishmael made a house of God (known as Kaaba) in Makkah. A Black stone was fixed in one wall to show the starting point of going round the Kaaba. 7. Later on Mohammad (PBUH) was born in Makkah to fulfill the mission of his ancestors Abraham and Ishmael. The same true religion of Abraham, Q.7 Violence in Bible? Ans. This is my answers for all you enemy of ISLAM!!!. GENOCIDE AND SLAUGHTER IN THE BIBLE AND TORAH. 1. Genocide was a tool used by God to further the interests of his chosen people. It is not usually clear what the exterminated peoples had done to deserve annihilation, other than being in the way of the Israelites or worshipping a different god. 2. The Israelites slaughter Hamor and his city and plunder it (Gen34).
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3. Moses is commanded by God to exterminate the Canaanites, the Amorites and the people of Bashan "and show no mercy" (Deut 7:1-2, 9:3, Num 21). 4. Moses orders "every man" among the Israelites to slay his brother, companion and neighbor, as a punishment for the idolatry of all, and 3000 die (Ex 32:27-28). 5. God commands Moses to slaughter 24,000 people and hang their heads in the sun (Num 25). 6. God commands Moses to slay the Midianites because the Israelites are seduced by them. All males (including infants) and adult women are killed; virgins are enslaved (Num 25:17, 31:1-2, 7, 15-18). 7. God's annihilation of Sihon's people and others (Deut 2:30-35, 36, 3:1-7). 8. God commands Moses, in any city near the promised land which does not agree to become a vassal state of the Israelites, to kill all the males and take the women and children as slaves and the animals as booty, but in any city in the promised land the Israelites are to kill every living thing, sparing no one (Deut 20:10-17). 9. Joshua, with the help of God, annihilates numerous tribes and cities, "left none breathing," "destroyed all that breathed, as God commanded" (Josh 6:21, 8:24-27, 10:, 11:11,14,21-22). Judah slays 10,000 Canaanites (Judg 1:4) and 10,000 Moabites (Judg 3:29) 10. Danites destroy "peaceful" Laish and kill its people for no reason (Judg 18:27). Judah and Simeon utterly destroy Zephath (Judg 1:17). 11. Samuel tells Saul that God wants to annihilate the Amalekites, including infants and women, which Saul then does, slaying all the inhabitants except Agag the king (1 Sam 15:1-9). David leaves no man or woman alive in the countries he invades: Geshurites, Gezrites and Amalekites (1 Sam 27:9,11). 12. David takes Rabbah and puts its people "under saws...and harrows ... and axes of iron and made them pass through the brickkiln" and does the same to all the cities of Ammon (2 Sam 12:31, 1 Chr 20:3). 13. David executes 2/3 of Moab by measuring a line (2 Sam 8:2). More slaughter by David (2 Sam 8:5, 13, 10:18).
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14. God helps Judah kill 50,000 Israelites (2 Chr 13:17). 15. Esther gets permission for the Jews to slaughter all their enemies, including women and children, which they do, then celebrate it and institute the feast of Purim to remember it (Esther 8:11, 9:1-19). "Let none [of Babylon] escape" (Jer 50:29). "Slay utterly old and young, both maids and little children," says God (Ezek 9:6). Q.8 How reliable are Bible Manuscripts? Ans. 1. I think you live in a world or the web, which is created by your preachers. Science of Higher Criticism of Bible is fairly advanced now. - Let me tell you, no Manuscript of Old Testament in Hebrew Language prior to 10th Century Exists. - All older Manuscripts are in Greek Language, which was not spoken by any Jewish prophet. - As regards translation errors, Please refer to any Bible that has foot notes, you will always see phrase like “Other Manuscripts mention…. “ “Older Manuscripts mention….” What are these, Mistakes, errors and interpolations. 2. Dead Sea Scrolls cover only a very small portion of Old Testament. They also do not match exact with other manuscripts. Full translations of Dead Sea Scrolls has not been published so far. 3. New Testament books are in Greek Language. Did Jesus spoke Greek? Gospel of Matthew was in Hebrew or Aramaic Language. What we have is Greek Text. Who Translated it? No one knows, it is only guess work. 4. Yes you must follow One True God, but somehow, all your prayers are directed towards Jesus, who was a created human beings and not to that One True God, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, May peace be on them all. Q.9 Why Bible is Silent about Mohammad? Ans. When your scholars say that your books mention all major events that shall take place till the last day. Whenever any thing happens in the world, they say it was mentioned in our books. They claim your books mention, Alexander the Great, WW-I & WW-II, Hitler, Vietnam War, Unification of Europe, Gulf War, even rise and fall of Saddam Hussein etc etc. When events of such low importance are mentioned, why not Prophet of Islam, which lead to the end of Persian and Roman Empire in such short duration. Mohammad made a permanent impression on world history which cannot be ignored either by his followers or his enemies. Why all of our books are silent about him. My Dear, there seems to be a big cover up going on there. We have right to quote from your scriptures, however we do not try to translate it, and we use your own translations. Q.10 Does Bible degrade Noah? Ans. 1. Yes it is also a good trait to curse your ancestors. As per Bible, all human kind are the children of Noah and his three sons! It does you good to malign his character.
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2. What you are saying about Noah are the corruptions and distortions that were added to the original Words of God. 3. In Islam, Noah is a symbol of perseverance, he preached to his people for 950 years. They did not head to him.. The flood came as a means of punishment from God. Every body of Noah’s people died, except those who were in the Ark. 4. Islam does not accept the theory of Noah getting drunk and lying naked in his tent. It is Bible which maligns the character of this Noble prophet of God. 5. In fact the character of prophets mentioned in Quran are totally different from those mentioned in Bible. 6. I don’t know, How any body can say that Mohammad (PBUH), copied from bible. Why did he leave out such Juicy stories? Q.11 Is Bible One Book? Ans. 1. Question: When one enters a church and picks up a Bible, how many books are one's your hand? When in a hotel room and one looks in the drawer beside the bed, how many books does one see? When a Christian Evangelist starts thumping his or her Bible, how many books are being thumped? Answer: ONE! Many, in fact most, books have many different sections and/or chapters, if you will. Many of those books are a compilation of many authors' works. Call it a collection, call it whatever you want... in the end, it's still ONE book... bound together between two covers. MUQ: Yes this is an excellent logic to prove Trinity also. - Who is Father : God, Who is Son: God, Who is Holy Ghost: How many Gods are there: One God - Who Is Father: A Person, Who is Son: A Person, Who is Holy Ghost: A Person, How many Persons are there: One Person - What is Genesis: A Book, What is Exodus: A Book… What is Revelation: A Book, How many Books are there: One Book Q.12 Did Adam repented according to Bible? Ans. 1. Bible never said that Adam and Eve repented (That is the whole idea of Original Sin, if they repented and God forgave them, then why Jesus had to die on cross?). The Bible says that, when asked as to why he ate from the tree, Adam replied: - This is because of this woman, whom you gave me, She asked me to eat, so I ate it, the woman replied: -Satan gave it to me, so I ate it (Afterwards the whole sole bout of cursing started, it which every one involved in he episode was cursed by God) Quran on the other hand is very specific on this point. In the same scene, when they are questioned as to why they ate from the tree? The answer was; -They (Both) said: “O our Lord! We did indeed did wrong to our souls; and if You will forgive us not, and shall not have mercy on us; we shall certainly be the losers (7:23) -Then Adam learned from his Lord words of repentance and He turned towards him, for He is oft forgiving and Most merciful (2:37) -And Adam indeed disobeyed his Lord and fell into error, but then his Lord chose him, forgave him and shown the right path to him (20: 122).
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These quotation show very clearly that God forgave Adam & Eve and there was no basis of the concept of Original Sin As regards Lot and his daughters, the very fact that Quran mentions the story of Lot at no less than 10 places and never even mentions this filthy and dirty story even once never even hinting at it is ample proof that is considers it a total fabrication. It is left to Bible thumpers that to believe in such stories and malign the character of a noble prophet of God and his family. And still say this is from God Almighty! It is indeed a miracle of Quran that all such stories which cause aspiration on the personal character of any prophet are expunged from the Quran. If Mohammad (PBUH) Copied from Bible, which hand prevented him from copying such filthy and dirty stories? In fact I have written a monograph on this subject, comparing the character of prophets given in Bible and Quran. If you are interested, give me your e-mail address. Q.13 Is Polygamy Banned in Bible? Ans. 2. Just because Adam had one wife, does not mean Polygamy is not allowed. At the time of Adam only one woman was available on Earth and it was given to him!! Other Prophets like Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon etc all had more than one wife. And there is no where mentioned that God did not like it. Having more than one wife is natural for a man, it is not greed. Monogamy is the culture of Western nations and well, they are never able to force it literally. Officially you can have only wife, but in practice you can have sex with as many women as you like, but you cannot marry them!! Q.14 Prophet Lot and Bible? Ans. 5. The fact that you are defending Biblical Version fn Lot story , is extremely painful to me. You are ready to but a very great blame on a prophet of God, but will not say that the story is wrong. Your cultural heritage is more important than the honor of a prophet? What is the moral of this story? Did God punish Lot or his daughters? This story of incest is kept in Bible; so you can also practice it as your prophet did it? 6. Quran never said that Lot’s wife was changed into pillar of salt. Quran says she lagged behind and met with the same punishment as her people. Turning into pillar of salt could be right or wrong, who knows. 6A. You are right Ibrahim & Abraham are same person. This is due to Arabic and Hebrew Pronunciation. Same is Loot & Lot, they are also same persons. 7. Yes Mohammad (PBUH) could not read or write. The Quran was read in front oh him by Angel Gabriel, he remembered it and afterwards he asked his scribes to come and write it. Only thing is that, afterwards he asked the scribe to read what he has written, so that it could be corrected. Then the portion of Quran was read to the people and others also memorized it. It was read in regular prayers for people to memorize and recite it. The same Quran we have with us. Q.15 Quran or Bible? Ans. 1. You do the honor and at the same time do injustice to our holy prophets. 2. Perhaps you do not understand, what “Unlettered” means. Our prophet did not know how to read or write. Makkah at that time was not a great centre of learning either. Very few people knew how to read and write.
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3. Scriptures of Jews and Christians were not available easily either. He did not has a known teacher either. 4. With all these short comings, whatever knowledge , he could get was from hearsay. 5. Considering that original books have so many scientific errors, how was it possible to avoid all these in his book? 6. If you consider that there is hardly any page in Quran, where reference to the natural phenomenon is not mentioned, it is against all logic to say it, it Just came by chance. Quran deals with creation of heavens and earths, creation of human being, water cycle, animal kingdom, open seas, tides and so many things. How is it possible that every time he will make a correct guess? 7. Other point is that Muhammad (PBUH) at no time claimed that he came with a new religion. He said that I’m only the last prophet in the long lists of prophets which God has sent in every age and to every nation. He confirmed all scriptures sent before him. If we find any thing similar, it does not mean that he copied it from old. It only confirms the common source of both scriptures. 8.But at the time hinted that old scriptures got corrupted during transmission to his age. The fact that old scripture got corrupted and changed is for every one to see. Many versions which we see in front of us prove that.. 9. What I can say about your present Dilemma is that Old Scriptures are not preserved in their original revealed languages. If you translate a scripture in another language, it is not Scripture any more. No two languages are exactly same. The translation gets outdated sooner or later. If you lost the original, you cannot recreate the original by retranslating the translation. 10. This is what happened to Old Testament books. From Hebrew, they were translated into Greek, Original Hebrew scripts were lost. In no way, you can get back the original scripture by retranslating the Greek Text. Same thing happened to New Testament. Jesus spoke Aramaic language, your books are in Greek? How can they take the place of Aramaic Scripture. 11. In case of Quran it is preserved in its original revealed languages. The translation go out of date, but not the original. 12 thank you for giving me info about SAD 13. As regards Marx theory, I believe, he exceeded his limits, when he commented on religion. It was not his topic. He should have lived within his economic theory. How much misery that theory caused in USSR and other communists countries is for every one to see. I thank you Sir, for having an enlightened discussion. Q.15A Quran or Bible? (Contd.) Ans. 1. The simple answers to my questions would have been: - None of these manuscripts are complete and contain all 66 books. - They also contain books which are considered Spurious or are not of present day Canon. - These manuscripts are not in the original language. They are translations of the original texts. - Present day translations are not based on any of these three manuscripts. They use other manuscripts. Instead of simple answers you have gone once again into lengthy discussions. As regards the dates, you know and your scholars know you cannot exactly put a date on these manuscripts. It is based on Guess work. My Dear Sir, With all due respect to your labor, I would point out a few more points that need consideration.
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1. For a book to be preserved, it is not enough if it is committed to writing. It should also be committed to memory. 2. This is the unique quality of Quran, that it is preserved both in writing as well as in memory. 3. From Day-1 of its revelation, it is preserved in both forms. 4. There was never a period in 1400 years when thousands of people were not available who had the whole book memorized. 5. Due to this dual form, it was not possible to corrupt the text of Quran. The memorizer will point out the defect immediately. 6. Quran is so easy to memorize, that even you with simple effort can memorize a large portion of it! (Without understanding a single word!). 7. Compared to that, number of persons who have memorized Old Testament are Nil (or close to nil). Persons who have memorized New Testament could be counted on fingers. 8. You relied on written form, see where it has landed you, we tried double form, see where it has led us. All Quran in world are exact copy of each other (Old or New it does not matter). I say, this was the plan of God, to preserve Quran and leave the preservation of Old & New Testament books to your scholars. Q.16 How Hagar & Ishmael were treated? Ans. 1. Hagar was not mean to Sarah, it was otherwise. Sarah was jealous of Hagar, because she born Abraham his first son. 2. How could Ishmael be mean to Isaac, when he was driven away even before Isaac was born. 3. Treatment of Hagar & Ishmael present the Family of Abraham in very bad light and unbecoming of a Great Prophet of Allah. This is one of the distortions introduced in Bible to show their racial bias. You have to look to Quran, to know the real character of these prophets. Q.17 Why God did not preserve original Torah & INJIL Ans. In the plan of Allah, Torah & INJIL were not supposed to be preserved , that is why He left their protection to the Jews and Christians themselves. If the followers of Judaism and Christianity corrupted their scriptures, why the blame should go to Allah? Allah wanted to protect Quran from corruption, because it was the last Scripture and Mohammad is the Last prophet. So all mankind should have the access to Allah’s scripture. That is why Allah himself took the responsibility of protecting this book. We do not insult Allah by saying that Islam is His religion. It is Allah himself who says “The religion before Allah is Islam…” (3:19) and , “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam , never will be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost” (Ch. 3 V 85) Islam was always the name given by Allah to His true religion, other names were concocted by humans. Now you have to prove that Judaism and Christianity are the names given by Allah for your religion!!
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Q.18 What are versions of Bible Ans. 1. If the manuscripts differ, only one can be correct and other wrong. which one is the Word of God? 1A. RC version has 73 Books, Protestant has 66 books, which one is Word of God? 2. We poor people do not have access to these highly valued codex. It is your scholars that tell us about it. As you seem to be knowledge on these codex, let me ask you simple lay man questions: - How, you fix the dates on these Books? Is there a date stamp? - Do all the three manuscripts contain the same number of Books? - Are these books in the same language in which they were revealed? Or are they Translations? - Do our present Translations (RSV, NIV, KJV etc) are according to these three manuscripts? - When these three manuscripts differ; which one is to be selected as true? 4. For Quran there are no versions. All copies in the world exactly tally with each other. Quran is still read in the language in which it was revealed. It is veritable Word of God. What you have is at most “Translated Word of God” which is not the same thing. 4A. Translation is not the same as “Word of God”. Your original books are in dead languages, which very few people speak or understand. So it is in your scholars hand to add, remove or retranslate in whichever way they like. 5. Quran can not be corrupted during translation, because every one has access to Arabic Quran, and Arabic is a living language. 6. Sir, I have sympathy with you, but this is God’s Blessings, He gives it to whom He wishes. 7. Sir I think you are trying to fool us. Prey, tell me which counsel Canonized your Scriptures? It was not decided by God, it was by popular vote that you selected books in you Holy Bible. 8. Most of the public may not know these facts, But you should not take advantage of their ignorance. Subject of Higher Criticism of Bible is fairly advanced. I doubt there is any scholar who believes that from Gen. To Revelation is the Word of God. 8A. May be you should read the foreword to the popular Bible Editions. The scholars say in their own inimitable way, what we say in layman language, that these books were distorted, corrupted and interpolated during transmission over the centuries. 9. But they all end with the phrase “ But God took special care to keep the message intact” I don’t know when every type of mistake is admitted, then how you are sure that the original message was kept intact?

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Chapter-3 Christianity – Misc. Topics
Q.1 Is Christmas a Pagan Festival? Ans. 10. Ask you Church about Christmas. According to my knowledge there is no proof at all that Jesus was born on 25th December. It was a Pagan Festival which Christians adopted in year 325 AD when Roman Empire and Pagan Customs were merged with Christianity. Cross and Christmas tree all have Pagan origin. Q.2 Who is Comforter? Ans. 2. Let us check the statement of Jesus regarding Comforter as reported in John 14. “If you love me, you will obey what I command. And I will ask the Father and He will give you another Comforter to be with you forever…”But I tell you the truth, It is for your own good that I go away, Unless I go away, the Comforter shall not come to you” (16:7) “ I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the sprit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth, He will not speak of his own, but he will speak only what he hears” (16:12) These statements from the lips of Jesus tells us following: 1. Jesus had many more teachings to tell, but the disciples did not have the capacity. 2. Jesus therefore left the job for another Comforter (like Jesus, a Man) to complete the Job. 3. The other comforter shall come into the world only after Jesus left. 4. The qualities of Comforter shall be that he will be the spirit of truth, He shall not speak of himself, but he shall speak what he shall hear. 5. None of these qualities fill for Holy Ghost (the Third in Trinity), but to a Human Prophet Like Mohammad. After Jesus no other Prophet has come into the world except Mohammad (PBUH). Q.3 Who is Founder of Christianity Jesus or Paul? Ans. There is no doubt that Paul is the originator of present day Christianity. What is strange, is that on what authority teachings of Paul are accepted? Did God send him as a Prophet? Was he Chosen by Jesus (PBUH) while on this earth? How different are his teachings from that of Jesus himself? How come a man, not knowing Jesus in his lifetime, became so powerful after his departure that he single handedly changed the course of Jesus’ religion? If such a mighty Apostle was to come, then why did not Jesus predicted it to his chosen disciples? These are the basic questions, to be asked about anyone, whenever he puts forward a new thought in any religion. We feel sad, that Christians have gladly accepted all the innovations of Paul without questioning his own authority! And without cross checking each and everything which Paul taught with the Chosen Disciples of Jesus. Q-4. What is the position of Paul? Ans. 1. As any student of Bible will tell you, letters of Paul were the first that were written in the present collection of New Testament. 1A. Gospels and other books were written afterwards. These books were “edited” to prove or support Paul’s view. However with whatever amount of editing, still the difference between message of Jesus and Paul can be seen clearly.
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2. You can interpret any Biblical prophecy to any event you like. Your scholars are expert in that. With obscure wording of prophecies, they can be made to fit any event. Can you tell me since the time of Daniel, how many times Damascus has fallen? Why do you restrict it to only one fall? 2A. However, when we try to interpret some of the Biblical prophecies for Mohammad, you cry “Foul” 3. St Paul is not one of the Translator of New Testament. He is the major contributor of New Testament. 14 of his epistles are included there. In fact whatever you believe today is what Paul taught you. Teachings of Paul and Jesus are sometimes diametrically opposite to each other. 4. From where you got the idea that killing is against spiritualization of soul? If the criminals are not punished and put to death, the life in this world would cease to exist! 4A. However killing of innocent life is a major sin and is abhorred in Islam. In face it is said in Quran, that if one kills one innocent soul, then it is as if he has killed the whole of mankind. 5. From where you got the ideal of Mohammad (PBUH) killing one man and becoming a prophet? Please explain yourself, As for as I know, he never killed a human being with his own hand during his entire life!! Q.5 Jesus or Paul? Ans. 9. You say you believe in Jesus, but you really believe in Paul. Teachings of Paul and Jesus are diametrically opposite to each other. I will give a few examples: - Jesus says “That First Commandment is “Hear O Israel, Lord our God is One Lord” (Paul on the other hand makes it a triune God, which Jesus never even knew). - Jesus says “Think not that I have come to abolish Laws and Prophets, I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them (Paul says “All Laws and Commandments are nailed to Cross” - Jesus says: “ I have been sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Paul flood opened that gate for gentiles) - Jesus never taught the idea of original sin or that he is dieing for the sins of world. (Paul made the crucified Jesus as basis of his argument. For him Jesus life was of no concern, he starts from risen Christ.) - Jesus and all his chosen disciples were circumcised (Paul Says I Paul say, if you circumcise, you will get nothing from Christ) - Jesus never ate Pork (Paul authorized it) 9A. If you still cannot see the difference between Jesus of Gospel and Jesus of Paul, then you are very naïve or very smart! 9B. If you are honest you should call yourself “Pauline” instead of “Christians”. Considering the face that “Christianity” is also your concocted name, why should it matter? Jesus gave you the name “Muslim” which you hate so much. 9C. Further who gave Paul the authority to propagate his ideas as Jesus’? Jesus did not give him the authority. He did not learn Jesus’ teachings with his chosen disciples. Any body can say any thing on authority of dreams. Is that how you get your religion? 9D. I did not say Paul corrupted the Gospels. I only said, what your scholars tell me. That Paul’s letters were the oldest portion of New Testament that were written. Your Church Fathers modified Gospels according to teachings of Paul. If by Gospel you mean the teaching of Jesus, then certainly Paul corrupted it and got it mixed with his own philosophy.

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Q.6 From Whom Paul got Authority? Ans. What Triune means or not is not important. It is not used in Scripture. It is your concocted word. Don’t use it, it creates confusion. - Paul did the biggest crime in Religion, by placing a created being (Jesus) along side the Creator (God). No crime can be greater than this in religion. The penalty is death, if you read your book of Deuteronomy with care. - End of Laws and Commandments is the main theme of St. Paul’s letters. They are filled with this. He calls Laws as curse. A man of your knowledge must know them. Still you want quotation? - He himself did not emulate Jesus, as I have explained. For Him Jesus’ life was of no concern; otherwise his first act after conversion should have been to learn teachings of Jesus from his Chosen Disciples. His fight with Peter and Barnabas are mentioned in Acts itself. - In-ward or outward, he had no right to abolish a Commandment established by God and continued by Jesus. It means Paul became a Law Giver? On whose Authority? - This is a quotation of Paul, not of Jesus. If Paul did not allowed pork eating, who authorized it? Where is the proof from Scripture? Jesus never allowed it. - Jesus appearing to Paul in Dream or Vision is pure fiction. You cannot create a religion based on dreams. These are slippery grounds to propound new ideas. - My dear Sir, Either accept Paul was a prophet; then he gets the authority to sanction laws and commandments. Otherwise his teachings have no authority. - I think you do not read your own books on Higher Criticism. You talk so authoritatively giving such lengthy quotations, but on each and every basic issue, your knowledge is very superficial. They all speak about a common source Q for synoptic Gospels. What was that source from where every body copied? 10. Mohammad (PBUH), first claimed that he is a prophet of God and receives revelation. Those who believe in him accepts all his teachings. You on the other hand believe all teachings of St. Paul without first fixing his true status. - Mohammad is :”Seal of Prophet” is the terms in which he meant, not in what you want to interpret. He said “There will be no prophet after me” and that is the end of matter. 11. Prophets are the way to reach God, what is wrong in that? - You believe story of Paul and his dreams or visions. He cannot claim any thing other than what Jesus said, unless you make him a prophet of God. Give him that honor, then we will discuss his theories. - As to Paul Listening to Jesus during his life time, is your imagination. If it was so, Paul would surely have hinted it in his Epistles. What he heard as an enemy of Jesus do not count toward any thing. All the Pharisees and Sadducees also heard Jesus, are they also his apostles? - If Paul is not Apostle (Which he himself claims in his Epistles, I think your knowledge of your own scripture is very poor. You put more effort in studying Quran, though for a very different reasons), then why his words are taken above those of Peter and James? Q.7 Are Gospels INJEEL? Ans. MUQ: INJIL was the Good News which Jesus preached to his people. Fragments of which are distributed in the Four Gospels you have today. If you have any “Gospel According to Jesus” with you then produce it, that is the real INJIL Yes if Paul was a disciple of Jesus, or had met him during his life time, or would have gone and learned Jesus’ message from any of Jesus’ Apostle, he would have learned Injeel of Jesus. But he became a self appointed Apostle of Jesus and preached his own Gospel, that is
36/ 299

why he did not learn any thing from Jesus’ Injeel. You will hardly find any quotation from Jesus in Paul’s letters. As for Quran, it was written and memorized during the life time of our prophet. It has an unbroken chain of memorizers and copyists since then, so it is never in doubt. Q.8 What Joseph has do with Jesus' genealogy? Ans. Actually Joseph has nothing to do with Jesus. It is very wrong to mention his name along with Jesus. That is why in Islam there is no mention of Joseph at all. It is the Gospels, who call Joseph as Father of Jesus (Mark and Luke) which is a clear error. He was Son of Mary 2. What do you mean Conceived by Holy Spirit? How can a spirit Conceive? Please tell me what you mean exactly by this word? As per Islam Jesus was created by a special “Word” or “Command” that was delivered to Mary by the Arch Angel Gabriel. His Creation was a miracle of God. But the earthly language that you have used (Conceived) is appalling. Q.9 Is Jesus God? Ans. With same respect to you, the statement quoted by Jesus also includes his disciples also. “Your are in me and I’m in you” so we have to increase the number of personality in Trinity to 15! All these are ambiguous statements and then what when Jesus says: “I of my own can do nothing” “My Father is greater than me” “My father is greater than all” “I from the finger of God Cast out Devil” there are numerous such statements that deny divinity of Jesus Christ. Ambiguous statements like “I and my father are one” and the one quoted by you lack the emphasis which is needed to solve such an important article of faith. Q.10 Did Jesus established Kingdom of God? Ans. MUQ: If after reading both Quran and Bible you draw this conclusion, then I can only feel pity on you. See how Jesus addresses the learned men of Jews, did you find any parallel passage in Quran. Hate and Love is in the heart. Jesus mission only lasted three years, he could only preach in that time. Our prophet also achieved the same in first three years of his mission. Jesus only preached “The Kingdom of Heaven is near”, Our Prophet Established The Kingdom of God on Earth. This is the difference between the two prophets. Every theorist sounds very good and nice so long as he is talking, but putting it into practice is something different. It is the followers of “Peaceful” Jesus that have killed more humans than all other religions combined. Even today it is followers of “Prince of Peace” that have amassed stockpiles of Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Conventional weapons. They are terrorizing the world and small nations with their show of force. All the while they do not stop claiming that Islam preaches war. Another big anomaly. Q.10 A (Contd.)
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Ans. 3. How do you say that Jesus established Kingdom of God on earth? He only preached that Kingdom of God is near. He also taught his followers to prey “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy wish be done on earth as it is done in heaven” (Mark 6:10) It was our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who really established the Kingdom of God on earth!! God’s wish (His Laws and Commandments) were done on this earth at they are done in heavens. It is therefore wrong to say that Jesus established Kingdom of God on earth. He asked you to follow him, till another Comforter (John 16) comes and leads you into all truth. That comforter is on one else than our prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Q.11 Was Jesus Last Prophet? Ans. My Dear Sir You show clear contradiction in your arguments. On one hand you accept the statement “That No Prophet has come into the world after Jesus” and the next moment you say Jesus is God. Are Prophets and God Synonym in any language of the world? You can either be a prophet or you can either be God, You cannot be both at the same time. This is a Clear Contradiction. I gave you many quotations from Jesus s own Lips indicating that he did not claim Divinity. Instead of answering any of them, you are just wrapping up the debate. If I do not know “The Book”, you should try to educate me. But First remove all the Preconceived Bias which Paul’s letters have put into your mind and then re-read “The Book”. Q.12 Did Jesus punished guilty? Ans. 3. Jesus never got power in the land to issue any decree. His ministry lasted only three years, so he could not do much. He asked his followers to abide by the Laws and Commandments of God thru Moses. So all laws which Moses gave are applicable to Christians also. Unless you defy Jesus and take Paul as you Law Giver. Q.13 Was Jesus God ? Ans. 1. These are your theological views and are open to debate. In fact most of these are the arguments of Paul and have no confirmations from the lips of Jesus Himself. It is St. Paul, who with these type of reasoning has duped Christendom. They believe exactly opposite to what Jesus taught. - If Adam & Eve’s sin was forgiven, then every human being is born sinless. He commits sins, according to what he acts. He has to repent to God and it is up to God to punish him or forgive him. - Where is the need for any body to die for any body else? It is illogical, irrational and not supported by any scripture. It is against teaching of all earlier prophets. This is Paul’s own innovation. 2. Jesus is not God in flesh. He says, “I on myself can do nothing” He says “My father is greater than me” He says “I with finger of God cast out devil”. On no account he equals
38/ 299

himself with God. He says “This is life eternal, that they know you as true God and whom you have sent”. In fact there in not one un-equivocal statement is Whole Bible where Jesus says I am God, or where says “Worship me” 3. God has made the system of repentance. If the man is sincere in repentance, God will forgive his sin. What happened to sinners before Jesus? How did God forgive them? Or you believe all earlier prophets were in Hell before Jesus came? 4. Jesus nature of Human and Divine is the stumbling block of Christianity. How can a man be Man & God? The moment he becomes man he cease to be God? It is the most irrational idea in existence. My dear you cannot explain it, you can only believe it. Moreover it is not supported by scripture. Q.14 Are Christians really that peaceful? Ans. I see the Arabs and Muslims painted in Dark Colors, and West as Angels in White Clothes and benevolent smiles on their faces, as a mercy to the whole world: to set the record straight, consider following crimes of your forefathers: -They systematically killed more than 90 % of Red Indian Population of South and North America. -They did the same with the Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand, almost making them extinct. - They carried Millions of Africans as slaves to US and Europe, treating them worst than animals. The laws of west were horrible toward the black people even upto 1900. -They killed millions of their Christian Followers in the Sectarian Wars in medieval Europe. - They colonized many parts of this world, using raw materials of those countries to fuel their Industrial Revolution and made them a ready market for their goods. - Finally in WW-1 & 2 they killed more than 20 million of their fellow Christians (mostly). - They Dropped Atom Bombs on Japan, killing hundreds of Thousands of Innocent Citizens. -They killed more than a Million in Vietnam war, made the country in habitable by using Chemical Weapons Which Such Record of their , they accuse Muslims of being Barbaric!. In whichever land Muslims went, they made it as their native place, not a colony to suck the blood. Be it India, Spain, or anywhere, Muslims made it their home. They Lived, Died and are buried there. Not these Europeans, whose home was always in the West. Q.15 Are Muslims True Christians? Ans. 1. That’s not how I understand it. If Quran is straightforward as you claim, "kill them wherever you find them" stands as a complete and independent sentence. Where is 'wherever'? At home while sleeping or having dinner? MUQ: Is 9:5 complete chapter in itself. Has it no context? Why don’t you start from Verse 9:1 and then go on reading till you read 9:7. This is a complete information. Do not CUT and PASTE from Quranic verses to derive your own logic from it. 2.And are you claiming that because Bible has violent verses so it is OK that Quran have hundreds of violent verses? So are you bringing Allah down to the level of Moses, Joshua, David, etc? As Christians we all know that everyone of them are sinners and did bad things, and many things are recorded as cultural and historical events, many of these we know are evil. We are to follow what Jesus teach, not those things from the old times. It is ridiculous for you to try to compare Allah's words with obsolete or cultural events.
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MUQ: You are objecting to Quran because it has violent verses. On the same hand your own Bible has hundreds of such verses and you do not object to it. You say you follow Jesus, You are a strange follower of Jesus, you do every thing exactly opposite to what Jesus taught or did, for example:\ A. Jesus was Circumcised, You are not B. Jesus never ate Pork or Drank Wine, You do C. Jesus used to fast, you do not D. Jesus Used to wash hands and feet before prayer, you do not E. Jesus used to celebrate all Jewish Festivals, including Passover, you do not. F. Jesus said, you have to follow all laws and commandments of Old Testament, you do not follow any. G. Jesus never objected to the so called Violent Verses of Old Testament, you do. H. Jesus taught that “Hear O Israel, Lord our God is one God”, you have introduced the concept of Trinity, a word which Jesus never even heard in his life time!! H. . If you had really followed Jesus, you would be a Muslim by now!! Jesus prophesized the coming of another Comforter after him, Mohammad (PBUH) is that Comforter. Q.16 What was the religion of Jesus? Ans. Jesus was a Jew !! But that was not his religion? Jew is a name of race in which he was born… Then what name Christ gave to his followers? ,… What name Moses gave to his Followers? What was the religion of Moses? What was the Religion of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob etc. Search in your books? Ask your scholars….If they give different names for each…then ask them why?….Why you call yourself Christian when Jesus did not give you this term…. My Dear Sir, the Answer you will find in Qur’an. The religion of all prophets was only one, it was called Islam!!! (Most Certainly, the religion (acceptable) in the sight of God is Islam…If any one comes to Him (in hereafter) with any other religion than Islam, It shall not be accepted …(Ch.3 V 85)….He called you Muslims earlier and in this Qur’an…. (Ch. 22 V 78) Sir, it is to this path that we are calling you. Q.17 Ishmael : Biblical VS Quranic Version Ans. MUQ: Dear Madam, I have read your points with close attention. You are reading the Bible with biased mind, that is why you are not seeing the contradictions there. Let us recap the story of Abraham and his family. 1. Abraham leaves his home land and visits with wife to Egypt. His wife is beautiful, so he says to everyone that he is my sister (Only a coward man shall say or think of such things). The King asks for Sarah to come to his private chambers (Abraham allows his wife to go, to be raped by the king, without least resistance, again a cowardly action). However God saves Sarah from harm, and the King release Sarah, and send Abraham away with lots of presents, slave girls and other gifts (If Hagar was just like any other slave girl, we do not see mention of other Egyptian Slave Girls in Bible). 2. Sarah has no issue from Abraham, so Sarah gave her maid Hagar as wife to Abraham (Hagar must have some distinction as compared to other slave girls, beauty, sincerity or character etc, don’t you think?). Ishmael is born to Abraham thru Hagar. He is the First Born
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Son of Abraham and is recognized by God also as Son and Seed of Abraham. We should therefore not cast aspiration either on him or his mother or their relation ship with Abraham. 3. For thirteen years Ishmael is the ONLY SON that Abraham has. However when Ishmael is 14 years old. The covenant of Circumcision is established with Ishmael. Isaac is born to Abraham thru Sarah, and now we see the quarrel in Abraham’s family due to jealousy of Sarah. At the advise of Sarah, Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael into desert with a very small provision (Don’t you think it was a cruel act and Human Rights of Hagar and Ishmael were violated?, it presents Abraham in very bad light indeed and another coward for the third time). 4. Now look closely at the Biblical Version “Early the next morning Abraham got some bread and a skin of water and gave them to Hagar. Then, placing the child on her back, he sent her away.” How could Abraham put a 14 years old boy on the back of her mother, that too when she was already loaded with provisions? It is highly unlikely, a 14 year old boy, will actually help his mother in sharing her load? 5. Again look at the scene depicting thirst of Ishmael “ When the water in the skin was gone, she put the boy under one of the bushes…saying I Cannot watch the boy die…” (Gen 21:15)” Does this picture fit with a 14 years old boy? He was sure to run around and search for water with his mother. He cannot be hidden behind the bush. 6. Then look at another scene, when God asks Abraham to sacrifice his Only Son Isaac. It has been told that At no point of time Isaac was the ONLY SON of Abraham. However for 13 years Ishmael was the ONLY SON of Abraham. 7. So the Islamic concept removes all this complications. When Hagar and Ishmael were sent away, Ishmael was a sucking baby, so his mother carried him on her back. When he felt thirst, his mother hid him under bush so she could not see him die. And finally God asked Abraham to sacrifice his ONLY SON Ishmael. This happened when Isaac was not even born. It removes all your difficulties and makes a coherent story without lots of assumptions. 8. Further Hagar and Ishmael were not sent away, because of any family dispute. It was God’s command to shift Hagar and Ishmael to Makkah, so that a great nation could be made of them. The Character of Abraham is much more befitting as a loving father, husband and a devout servant of God. But somehow, you still click to the Biblical version and face all these logical objection, not withstanding the illogical behavior of Abraham. Q.18 Is Jesus or Paul the real founder of Christianity? Ans. Now there is another candidate (Contemporary of Jesus(pbuh)), who never met Jesus(pbuh), nor was amongst his selected disciples, and in-fact was a staunch enemy of his followers. Suddenly he hears a voice calling him….. and the man’s life changes completely. Is it not possible that he may have heard wrong voice? His further actions are more curious: Instead of going to the Jesus’(pbuh) selected disciples (so as to learn articles of faith and Jesus’(pbuh) teaching from them), he proclaims “I’m getting direct guidance from Jesus(pbuh)”. He claims himself superior to all other disciples His teachings are so different from those of Jesus(pbuh) that no one can imagine that both of them could be from same source. Hear O Israel our Lord, Our God is One…of Jesus(pbuh) is transformed into a TRIUNE god (a term Jesus(pbuh) never heard). Jesus(pbuh) is associated with God, having equal power, Co- eternal, Co-existing, Be-Gotten Son etc.. a third mysterious being is also joined with God.
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Laws and Commandments so dear to Jesus(pbuh) (For whoever breaks one of these least commandment shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven) are at one stroke “nailed to the cross” …. “Our good deeds are like dirty rags”. The new prophet says Concept of Original Sin is initiated, which was nowhere to be seen in the teachings of old prophets in so many words. Idea of Jesus(pbuh) taking away all the sins of the world is proposed. Command of Jesus(pbuh) “ I have not been sent but to the lost sheep of house of Israel” is flouted by flood opening the gate to all other people. Original Disciples of Jesus (pbuh) fight tooth and nail against these innovations, but are overwhelmed in the end. Their activities are not recorded but for a very short duration, nevertheless fight continues between warring factions till after 300 years or so, when a “Pagan Emperor” is made judge and the matter is decided by “Popular Vote” as to which party is right.

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Chapter- 4 Christianity (Trinity)
Q.1 Is Trinity Understood clearly? Ans. 1.The very fact that the word Trinity is not used in Scripture makes it a Man Made Doctrine. Use of We for God in Quran and Old Testament is “Plural of Respect” not the “Plural of Numbers”. If it is Plural of Number, then why only Three? It could be four, ten or any number. 1A. The very fact that you have to use such subtleties prove it is not a clear cut doctrine. Dear Sir, Trinity is a stumbling block of Christianity; shun its use it will be best for you as God Told you in Quran. 2. If teacher asks students to prey, he must prey himself. If father asks children to respect their parents; he must also do it, otherwise he is an hypocrite. You ask us to believe that about Jesus? 3. He said one sign of Kingdom of God is “Thy Will be done on earth as it is done in heaven”. What is the Will of God on Earth concerning humans than to obey his laws and commandments? Why you keep on arguing such simple points, just to stick to believes of St. Paul? Q.2 Why Use the word Trinity? Ans. 1. As I told you earlier, we will discuss each issue separately and will not touch others till it is decided. So let us talk about Trinity first and leave all others. 1A. My First objection is to the word Trinity Itself. When God did not use it either in old and new testament, what right you have to use it? And make it as article of faith? 1B. Second one is that where in the Old Testament you find the Words, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? (It seems you are allergic to use the word Holy Ghost, my dear Sir, Holy Spirit is confusing because Holy Spirit could also mean any holy prophet of God, Holy Ghost is a unique term and cannot be confused). 1C. Why use Father and Son for the First and Second Person of Trinity? Why not any other relations Like Elder and Younger Brothers? 1D. Why Jesus never used the term God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost? 1E. Exactly when the Idea of Holy Trinity was Finalized? Who were the authorities that decided that? 1F. If it is so Basic to your faith and salvation, why Jesus did not explain it in clear terms? 2. As to plural of respect in Arabic and Hebrew, I beg to ask, are you better authority in Arabic Language than the Arabs themselves? Regarding Hebrew, Just ask Jews about ELOHIM and they will tell you to keep your mouth shut. We are not that uncouth. Q.4 Did Jesus Preached Trinity? Ans. 1. We and Us used in Quran are Royal Plural or Plural of Respect. All eastern language have it. However if you are trying to prove Trinity in Islam based on these words, then you are wrong, we have much clear views on Trinity mentioned expressively in Quran, like: - Don’t say Trinity, Desist, it will be better for you: (4:171) - They do blaspheme who say :God is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no God except one… God (5:76) - Say He is God, One and Only (112:1). It is Christians who get mesmerized by such verses not Muslims. 2. This is so clear, that I should not had to explain it. Consider the evidence:
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- Jesus spoke Aramaic, All New Testament Books are in Greek. How can they faithfully reproduce what Jesus said. - Roman Catholic Bible has 73 Books, Protestants have 66 Books in their Bible. Someone has either added books or somebody has either removed it. - Many passages like “For there are three in heaven, Father Son and Holy Ghost that bear witness and these three are one” (1 John 3-7) has been removed from all modern translations as a fabrication. - Ending verses of Marks, Women Caught in Adultery (John), Ascension of Jesus (Marks and Luke ) are nowhere to be found in Modern Transitions. - There are endless evidences like this, which I cannot reproduce here . Your Scholars know it, but when they talk in Public they say “Bible is word of God Gen to Revelation, word by word “ This is hypocrisy of Highest order. Q.5 Is Trinity like Water, ice & Vapor? Ans. MUQ: Now you are coming to slippery ground, be careful. Water comes as Liquid, solid and Gas. It changes its properties, do you mean to say that God also changes his properties. If you have a quantity of water, some part may be liquid, some part may be solid and some part may be gas. Do you mean that some portion of God became Father, Some Part became Son and Some part became Holy Spirit? Is this what you mean? Didn't the Qur'an say Allah can abrogate any verse, i.e., do what he wants? “ MUQ: Yes Allah abrogates the verses, the way He likes. Allah does what He wants. But His Majesty and glory prevents Him to do ungodly things. Allah cannot tell a lie, Allah cannot Cheat, Allah cannot do mistakes. Because all defects are inferior to His Majesty and Glory. “He manifests as a Father, in order to display his eternal headship and character; as a man, to take our punishment; and as a Holy Spirit to be able to live inside those who will receive Him. Don’t keep on with your dark-minded stubbornness!” MUQ: You mean to say, when He manifested as Son, There was no Father? Or When He Manifested as Holy Spirit there was no Son, or Now there is Only Father, No Son or Holy Spirit. My Dear Sir, Best brains of Christianity are busy for past 2000 years to solve this TRILEMMA. You have no rational or logical explanation for Trinity. More the way, It was not preached by Jesus or any of the Jewish prophets. Q.6 Is belief in Trinity required for Salvation? Ans. Thank you Dear Sir / Madam for your honest comments. You have clarified that “Belief in Trinity is not a condition for Salvation”. Now I want to ask: A. Is it your individual belief? B. Or it is also sanctioned by the Church? C. Or it is sanctioned by a particular sect / denomination of Church? As per my knowledge, Trinity is a corner stone of Christian belief. You have to recite the formula, with understanding or without understanding it, to receive salvation. Please clarify your stand on this.
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Now my insistence to prove that earlier prophets (or even Jesus) understood or preached this doctrine to their followers, you might have thought as very strict. But it was based on very sound logic and needs the proper understanding of the office of prophet hood itself. I want to share some thoughts on this: 1. The method adopted by God, for the guidance of people, is that He chooses and appoints a prophet from among the people and sends His Revelation to him. 2. Prophet not only propagates the revelation received from God, but also acts as a role model for his followers. The revelation of God is preserved in the Book and the teachings of the prophet in the records of his people. 3. All Basic articles of faith (that are necessary for salvation) should have clear unambiguous proofs from the teachings of these prophets. Otherwise it defeats the very purpose of sending prophets. 4. Non-prophetic teachings, discussions and logics etc may be used to explain or clarify prophetic teachings but these can not add or remove any Basic Article of Faith, unless sanctioned by the prophets. Seen in this light, the Doctrine of Trinity was not understood or preached by any of the OT prophets. As you have admitted, it was not also preached by Jesus also in clear unambiguous terms. It was a product of mixing Roman Philosophy with religious writings that took many decades to come to its present shape. It was rejected by many early churches and it was with great difficulty and use of excessive force that made people to believe in this thing. Belief in Trinity is therefore not a requirement for salvation. So why prolong discussion on an un-important topic? Now I want to touch upon the other Basic Articles of Faith, that you consider as necessary for salvation: i.e. a. Jesus is Son of God (In some special sense, not as used for others in Bible) b. Jesus was crucified to pay the sins of world. c. Jesus was resurrected and has authority over all creation. d. To recognize that I am a sinner and Jesus died for me. e. To repent to God and to prey to God to live in my heart and will lead me to live in accordance with God’s will (I think by He, you mean God not Jesus). If you look for these Basic Articles of Faith, in light of Clear Unambiguous Proofs from the Jesus’ own words, you will find that only the last criterion is supported by the life and words of Jesus himself. Other four have been created and added by St. Paul and not Jesus. Therefore these also cannot be Basic Articles of faith. If you have any proof regarding these four points, you can give your argument, but remember, Basic Article of Faith needs clear unambiguous proofs from the lips of Jesus not of others. Thank you once again for frank exchange of thoughts, Victory was not used by me in real sense, but only to indicate termination of arguments as further discussions are of no value.

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Q.7 Did Jesus preached Trinity? Ans. 1. That is the whole point of argument, when the Word “Trinity” was never mentioned in Bible, How come it became your Central Article of Faith? The persons who do not “Believe in Holy Trinity” are condemned to eternal punishment. - The purpose of Scripture and Prophets is to simplify the matter not complicate it. - You cannot prove such an important Article of Faith like Trinity, with the help of such ambiguous verses which use “We” and “Us”. These are Royal Plurals and Plural of Respect which each Eastern language has. 2. Jesus is referred more as Son of Man than Son of God. In the same way, many other persons in Old Testament (Jacob, Ephraim, David, Solomon etc ) have also been called as Son of God. Ezekiel refers himself as “Son of Man” at many places. These terms only mean a Godly Person or a Prophet in the language of Jew. We should not take any other meanings of these words. Jesus was from Jewish people who knew his language. Afterwards followers of Jesus were predominately Romans, who took these words in literal sense and created confusion. 4. I know you Christians claim to believe in One God, But if You ask them; - What is Father? The answer is God -What is Son? The answer is God - What is Holy Spirit? The answer is God Then if You ask, How many God you believe in? The answer is One God!! It is both consuming and irrational. 5. Why Only Muslims, many Christians have difficulty in understanding Trinity. See the History of you Heretical Churches, most disagreed on this Trinity. 6. 1+1 + 1 = 1 or 1X1X1 = 1 are mere gimmicks. The Plus sign is more logical, because the way you say it “Father is a Person, Son is a Person, Holy Spirit is a Person; but these are not three persons but one Person”. How can you multiply these persons? Yes sir, The Trinity will always remain a mystery and nobody can explain it. It is also illogical and against reason. The Basic Question remains “ When Trinity is not clearly explained in Old Testament, none of the old prophets (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David etc) heard or believed in it. Even Jesus did not clearly explain this concept; then why you still believe in it and make it as a Basic Article of your faith? Better course would be as suggested by Quran “And Don’t say Trinity, Desist it will be better for you” Q.8 Did Jesus preached Trinity? (Contd.) Ans. 1. What did Adam propagate, should be asked to his descendents. He advised them to believe in Single God and refrain from false worship. As to his physical size, it was more or less same as his sons, so why to worry about that? 2. Where did you find contradiction in Mohammad (PBUH) teachings? Exceptions and special conditions are available in every rule, are not they? 3. You are becoming ridiculous now. 4. Betting if forbidden in Islam, However if you can prove that Isaiah preached that God has three distinct personalities, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then I will certainly recommend you for Nobel Prize for Scripture Corruption.

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A. Moses and Elijah appearing in transfiguration does not prove the Divinity of Jesus. It was a spiritual experience, of which no body knows anything. Who checked and verified that the persons appearing were Moses and Elijah themselves? 5. Jesus never talked about his divinity. On the other hand, He said: A. My Father is greater than me; … My father is greater than all B. I on myself can do nothing. By the finger of God I cast out devils…. C. Hear O Israel Lord our God is One God D. This is life eternal, that they should know you the Only True God and that whom You had sent. E. Of that hour no one knows, not the angels, not the son, but only the father. Compared to these, statements like A. Who has seen me has seen the father B. I and my father are one Are much less in numbers, are ambiguous and seen in the context, do not literally mean, what they seem to say. Jesus never said God is Holy Spirit. Prove it. What we need is clear statements, not ambiguous once which can be twisted in any way you like. I no nothing about Roman Philosophy, so did Jesus and all other prophets. It was your Paul and your Roman Church that was expert in it. 6. To you Trinity may represent one God, but to us it represents as blasphemy of highest order, by combining into the personality of God, two created beings. 7. For salvation, you have to acknowledge the prophet hood of the prophet of your age, and try to follow him to the best of your ability. As the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the prophet of our age till the day of judgment, accepting his prophet hood is required to obtain the Mercy of God. Otherwise, you should have a very clear proof rejecting his prophet hood, that should satisfy God Almighty. Q.10 Is Trinity Understood? Ans. 1. Do you mean that Church Teachings are not Bible based? There is no concept like Personal Savior. Every individual soul is accountable for his or her deeds before the Almighty God. No body has absolute power of Intercession before God. A. John 5:36-40 does not prove, that Jesus is telling that he is personal savior of any body. The person who believes in Jesus shall be saved. This was true for his time till the coming of ANOTHER COMFORTER i.e. the Last Prophet. B. John 3:36 also does not prove your point. Knowing the son means accepting him as prophet and obeying his commands. This is the right of every prophet during his time. 2. How do the subtleties works in this believe of Trinity I’m not sure? It could be thru Baptism or some other way, it is not important. What Church says is that; for your salvation, you must believe in Trinity. 4. Christians benefiting by Holy Spirit are only claims and have no proofs. The same Holy Spirit teaches different things to different churches. This individual guidance also negates the office of prophet hood; as every body may seem to follow his own course (you have seen the postings of “SERAH” on this column).
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5. When I asked you to prove, which OT prophet understood or preached Trinity, your answer was NO ONE. Then you also said that even Jesus did not preach Trinity in its present form. 5A. What Counsel of Nicea did, is of no consequence to me. It did not had any sanction from God. You cannot add or remove or modify article of faiths by popular votes. 6. The influence of Paul was too much on Christianity, which is strange seeing he was not one of the chosen disciples of Jesus. His arguments are full of philosophical thoughts and have no confirmation from Jesus own words. You have no records of what other chosen disciples of Jesus did. At least in Jerusalem, they formed a party which opposed Paul and his teachings. Q.11 Was Trinity taught by OT prophets? 1. We were going to have a discussion about Trinity, and I asked you to prove that if the concept of Trinity was taught and preached by any of the Prophets of the Old Testament. I asked you to give me one quotation at a time, so that we can discuss it. But you did not reply to my remarks. 2. The concept of Trinity is reasonable, logical or correct is beyond the point, What we have to prove is that the prophets preached it to their followers. 3. We receive ambiguous quotations like “God Created Man in his image” “We” “Us” etc. For such an important article of faith like Trinity, we must have clear unambiguous statements. 4. I did not say that you said Father is God, Son is God, Holy Spirit is God (I did not use Holy Ghost mind you), this is in Church Catechism. I do not know, which Church you belong to, this is another problem with Christians, they will frequently say, I don’t believe in that! Any way this is what Roman Catholic Church Teaches: - Father is God, Son is God and Holy Spirit is God, but there are not three Gods but one God. - Father is Almighty, Son is Almighty and Holy Spirit is Almighty , but there are not three Almightiest but one Almighty - Father is a person, Son is a person and Holy Spirit is a person, but there are not three persons but one person 5. So when we ask is Father the Son? You say: “ no, no, they are different persons!”. When you think about Father, you don’t mean Son. When you prey to Son, you don’t think about Father and so on. 6. In Islam, Al- MUNTAQIM and Al Rauf point to the same Unique Allah. These are His Qualities and not a separate person or entities. There is a word of difference between the two concepts. It is a Hindu concept to make a separate god for each of His qualities. 7. I agree with the Words of Jesus, that no Blasphemy against Holy Spirit shall be forgiven. It is Blasphemy of Highest order, if you join a created being (holy Spirit, i.e. Holy Angel, a creature of God) in the God hood and make him a deity to be worshipped. 8. Let us go back to square one, with you giving one quotation at a time from Old Testament proving that Prophets Like Abraham, Noah, Moses, David and others preached the concept of Trinity to their follower. We will come to Jesus after finishing with Old Testament (INSHALLAH) Q. 11A Was Trinity taught by OT prophets? (contd.).

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Ans. 1. If Trinity is a Dogma of such importance that unless you believe in it, you are condemned to eternal punishment, then all prophets, old or new, must have taught this Dogma in their teachings. 2. If you say, that for people before Jesus, this Dogma was not of that importance, but after his coming, it has received paramount importance, then say so. 3. Without clarifying your stand, in clear terms we are simply going on a fishing trip. 4. You say, Old Testament Books have references about Trinity, whereas, we find none of the OT prophets believing or teaching this concept of Trinity what you are preaching. Jews as a whole deny that this Trinity was preached by their prophets or is present in their books. 5. My Dear Sir, I want to be specific and do not want to participate in a confused debate, where the issues are not clear. So be specific and say: A. This Concept of Trinity was understood and preached by all OT prophets. B. The Concept of Trinity was only known as an ambiguous concept to OT prophets and was not an article of faith, but Jesus for the first time preached it very clearly to his followers and disciples. C. The Concept of Trinity was not explained properly by Jesus also, but was understood and dogmatized after a few centuries after Jesus, by the Church, which made it into an article of faith. If you choose A, then we will discuss each OT prophet one by one (Adam & Noah you by pass as prophets), so we start with Abraham (Was he a prophet or not? According to you). If you choose B, then we will only discuss Jesus’ words as reported in Gospels. It shall be Jesus’ Words (Red Letter Bible) and no one else’s. If you choose C, then I surrender myself and we will not have any discussion at all. This is what which we are saying from the beginning. You are WINNER BY DEFAULT. I hope I have made my stand clear. There are many, who would love to engage you on debate on trinity, not me Sir.

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Chapter-5 Christianity, Pope, Saints and other Topics
Q.1 Are Christians Really peaceful? Ans. 1. Don’t provide apologies for Moses and other prophets. You said Mohammad (PBUH) cannot be a prophet, because he has blood on his hands. The way you are justifying for Moses, so can we for our prophet. I know and believe that Moses, Joshua and David all were prophet of God. - You consider all killings done by Jews and Christians either justified o done by mistakes, but if Muslims fight, it had to be cruel and against laws. - If fighting was justified 4000 years ago, it is justified to day also. - It is the cause for which you are fighting, not the age. - If Muslims are oppressed today, they are driven from their lands, they can fight back and it shall be in accordance with the Laws of God. 1A. Killing is the Hall mark of Christians, which they are imposing on Muslims. Any Killings or oppression done to Muslims is not reported, but when Muslims fight back or retaliate, then whole world points to them. - You cannot take each and every act of violence and blame it on Islam. - Many Muslims might do some acts, which are not in accordance with teachings of Islam. Such acts are taken and given as proofs that Islam says so. 2. If “Meekness” is such a good quality, How would you rate “George W. Bush” and “Tony Blair” on a count of ten. You are “Meek” when you do not have power, but to be “Meek” when you are powerful to take revenge is the quality. Our prophet pardoned every one in Makkah when he conquered it, that is what you should call “Meek” 3. Due to your haughtiness, I will not give you the references. Almost every Muslim is aware of it and many have memorized these verses. 3A. With the figure of WW s you may also add the following: - Number of Heretics killed from 100 AD to 600 AD - Number of Heretics killed during Inquisitions. - Number of Red Indians killed in North and South America and Aborigines killed in Australia and New Zealand - Number of Slaves killed during capture, transportation and on farms. - one million Vietnamese killed by USA during Vietnam war. - Number of Christians killed during their internal wars in Europe. Then we will have some fare numbers to compare. Q.2 Is Roman Church Special? Ans. 1. Roman Church, being the First, does not make it free from errors. Just because it is oldest church does not prove that it has to be right all the time. As per my knowledge Church of Jerusalem was older than the church of Rome. 2. Other Churches broke away from Roman, either on interpretation of some theological issue or on the power of Roman Church. You cannot tell them wrong, unless you prove their mistakes. - Regarding persons of other faiths, that may be your personal view. Church teaching is otherwise. If you do not consider Jesus as your personal savior, you will not be saved. That
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is what they say to us Muslims that your observation of Law and Commandments are of no value. 3. I think we should not be dogmatic about the Authority of the Church of Rome. If it is wrong it should be accepted. If Pope’s authority and powers are self obtained, then they must not be enforced. 4. The same applies to the power of Pope to declare any one as Saint. These are only honorary titles given in good faith. Who is the real saint and who is not in known only to God. think this is reasonable. Q.3 Was pope Justified (in criticizing Islam)? Ans. 5. Now the question of Pope. Was it OK for him, for the position he is holding, to criticize a Major World Religion like that? When asked he only regretted but did not apologize. The reaction from Muslim world was expected seeing the current state of understanding between the two sides. Acts of Violence were not justified and were condemned, but Muslims had a right to protest. When you are holding an important position, you should show restraint. Q.4 Are Popes Special? Ans. 1. I used the word “Heir” in the same way you use “Son” for Jesus. He was not “Real Son” in the normal sense of the word. It is Spiritual “Heir ship” not material. 2. Story of Peter only demonstrates that we all are human and subject to human weaknesses. But the best man is one, who returns to God and ask for His forgiveness. The same applies to Popes as well. 3. Popes remain human and subject to human weaknesses, both in their daily lives and in their interpretation of Scripture. Their words and deeds are not beyond criticism. 4. Those who are in different churches should also be judged on the basis of their actions and deeds and cont to be condemned simply because they differ either with pope or with Roman Church on any issue Q.4A Is Pope Special (contd.)? Ans. 1. If Jesus gave power to Peter, where is the proof that these powers are transferred to the successors of Paul also? The Church today does not believe in teachings of Peter, what is it teachings are based on Paul’s Teaching not Peter’s. You have no record of works done by St. Peter. New Testament books are mostly telling St. Paul’s works and teachings. 2. Saint is no official position whatsoever. It is an honorary title given by the posterity to someone, whom they think has done good deeds for the people and faith. 3. Whatever procedure Pope follows to declare somebody as Saint, have no actual sanctions either from God or from Jesus. These are mere titles. 4. Regarding your Patron Saint, I have no comment except that when someone dies, he looses all contact with this world. Your prayers do not reach to them and they are totally ignorant of what you are doing. Q.5 From where Pope got Authority? Ans. 1. The Power which Jesus gave to Apostles, were restricted to them or as a perpetual gift to whosoever comes after them? 2. How are you sure that Pope in Rome is the true heir of Apostles? 3. What about the heads of other Denominations?
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- Like the Church of England? - Head of Greek Orthodox Church? - The Head of Russian Church? - The Head of Coptic Church in Egypt? And many others. Many of these do not accept the authority of Church of Rome. Just by electing someone to the high office of Pope makes him infallible? You may be aware that many Popes have been declared as Anti-Popes after their deaths. Were they also infallible during their reign as Pope? Q.6. Is second coming of Jesus boon for Jews and Christians? Ans. Second Coming of Jesus: As per my knowledge, only Christians and Muslims are looking forward to the second coming of Jesus (though for different reasons altogether). Let us analyze this issue in some details. What is the effect of second coming of Jesus on various groups: Non-Semitic People: Non-Semitic nations and religions (Hindus, Buddhists, etc) are not looking forward to the second coming of Jesus. How they will be affected is not clear. As per Islamic teachings, Islam shall be the only religion existing on the face of earth after the second coming of Jesus (Which shall be very near to the “End of Times” or the approaching Day of Judgment). So all the non-Semitic nations will enter into the fold of Islam (after seeing the Judaism and Christianity vanish from the face of earth!) Semitic People: they consist of three groups, Jews, Christians and Muslims, let us see how each will be affected: Jews: At the time of Jesus, Jews were looking for three persons, Elijah, Messiah and “The Prophet (John Ch.2). They did not recognize Elijah (John the Baptist) and killed him, they did not recognize Messiah (Jesus) and tried to kill him too, but God saved Jesus from any harm and took him to the heavens. Later when “The Prophet” (Mohammed) appeared, they rejected him also. So in fact Jews are still looking for their Messiah. Before the second coming of Jesus, a false Messiah (Termed Anti-Christ by Christians, which is a misnomer, correct word is False Christ or “Masih Dajjal” in Islamic literature.). Jews shall become the followers of this False Christ as a whole and will create much mischief on this earth (their doing in Palestine is a fair indication of what they do). Jesus Christ will descend from Heaven to kill that False Christ and since the Jews will be his followers, they shall also suffer a heavy loss. In fact Jews as a nation shall to totally annihilated (In fact one sayings of our prophet is “Even if a Jew shall be hiding behind a stone, the stone shall call out that a Jew is hiding behind me”). The amount of hatred that Jews have generated in the minds of Muslims in just 60 years of their rule in Palestine is a fair indication of things to come. So the second coming of Jesus shall be the final end of Jewish race and Jewish religion!

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Christians: They are not sure what shall be the consequence of second coming; how shall he establish Kingdom of God on this earth? Will he unite Church & state? Will he rule as a head of that Kingdom? How shall he reward Christians? As per Islamic teachings second coming of Jesus shall be an eye opener for Christians too. The present religion of Christianity (Concocted by St. Paul) has three distinct criterion that differentiate it from Semitic Religions 1. They have put the mantle of Divinity on Jesus, making him equal to God (Which is a blasphemy as per Semitic Religions) 2. They have created the idea of “Original Sin” and claimed that Jesus by dying on cross has taken away that sin. 3. They have abolished Laws and Commandments of God; and as a symbol, have permitted eating of Swine, which was banned for all Semitic People. The second coming of Jesus shall break all this myths. Jesus shall repudiate the concept of his divinity, he shall confirm that he did not die on cross, and he shall revive Laws and Commandments (One saying of our prophet is “That he shall break the cross and kill the Pig”. So Christianity as a separate religion shall cease to exist. Its followers shall either revert to Islam or shall join Jews and meet the same end! Muslims: Of all Semitic people, Muslims have a very clear concept of second coming of Jesus. He shall come down from heaven to deliver Muslims from the oppression of False Christ (whom Muslims will not be able to repel, by their own means). He shall descend as a Muslim, shall follow Islamic Laws and shall rule forty years on earth. During his regime, Islam shall spread to every nook and corner of this earth and the world shall see real peace after many centuries. After the death of Jesus and his burial in Medina, the end of the world shall be very near and people shall be gathered for their final judgment. Q.7 Are Saints real? MUQ. 1. The book of revelation is actually a dream. It cannot be explained logically. There are so many allegorical verses that it defies rational explanation. 2. The name of its author is also non known, so it cannot be taken to prove a theological point. 3. It does not say “Which Saints” were witness. It can also mean Past Prophets, not a Saint Sanctified by the Current pope of our times. 4. So this honor of Saint Hood is only symbolic and our recognition of good works done by these persons.

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Q.8 Are Christians really peaceful? Ans. Another curious thing is constant reference to Killing whenever Islam is mentioned. That by the people whose only aim in the world has been killing and robbing other nations and people, consider your own record: - They have systematically killed and destroyed the original inhabitants of North and South America (Red Indians) - They have almost exterminated Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand. - They have killed thousand of Black Africans during slave trade. During capture, during journey and during hard labor at field. Your laws against Blacks were very harsh indeed. - They killed more than 10 millions of fellow Christians during Dark Ages of Europe. - During two centuries of colonial rule in Asia and Africa, they killed and enslaved hundreds and thousands of people. Using their national resources as feedstock for your factories. God Almighty only knows actual amount of atrocities committed during this period.. - They killed More than 30 Million of your own killed during WW-1 & WW-2- You killed more than 200,000 Japanese by Atom Bomb - They have killed more than 1 million Vietnamese during Vietnam War - They have killed hundreds of Thousands during your war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They should be the last person to advise us against the horror of killing. It is your second nature. Or their memory is very short?

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Chapter-6 Dialogues With Hindus
Q.1 Who exterminated Buddhists from India? Ans. MUQ: Buddhism was a majority religion in India, at least in Northern India is testified by many sources. Read Ancient Indian History. It is illogical that a religion which spread like wildfire in China, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Sri Lanka etc, would have left India , its home base unaffected. As regards extermination of Buddhists by Muslims, read the account of all major battles in India between Muslims and Indian population. Let us know form the time of Mehmood Ghaznavi till the Time of Babar, which was fought between Muslims and Buddhists. Earlier battles at the time of Mohd. Bin Qasim did not went beyond the province of Sindh as most historians agree. What happened to all the Buddhists in Northern India is anybody’s guess. Q.2 What do Hindus believe in? Ans. 1. Seeing your “Expertise” on other religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity), let us see, what is your knowledge about your own religion. - You said, why not make a temple for all of them? Let me ask you: How many gods you Hindus have? Who fixes the numbers of god? What is the concept of god, in your religion? Did god create man or man created gods? If these gods differ with each other, who solves the problem? Which god has to give in? Some of the gods are depicted as females, how do you determine the sex of gods? Some of the gods have children, how come?. For example tell us the story of Ganesha. How come he had a Elephant head in place of human head? How do gods communicate with humans beings? Don’t take refuge in excuse that I do not believe in this and that. After All you are asking for a temple in Makkah dedicated to all gods (I hope it has enough space to accommodate all gods). Instead of mud slinging, why not engage in some honest discussions. Q.3 Why Muslim Ruled India? Ans. MUQ: My advise to you sir, is to become rational in your approach. Just because Muslims ruled a country for 1000 years does not mean that they were demons. If such was the case, no Hindu would be living in India today. See what Hindus have done to Buddhists in India. None was left till Dr. Ambedkar chose to enter into that faith. Despite such a long rule by Muslims, 70 % of India was non Muslim at the time of independence. Q.4 Were Muslims intolerant With Hindu? Ans. 1. I've refuted this nonsense already. Hindus survived because they fought Islam and they kept fighting. MUQ: There was no continuous fighting between Muslims and Hindus, that too in areas controlled by Muslims, so your assumption is all wrong. Why Muslims did not exterminate Hindus in areas they controlled and ruled? Please get the hate and bias out of your mind, only then you can think logically.
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2. And so the Koran effectively distinguishes between the followers of different religions. So much for being unbiased. MUQ: You keep on repeating the wrong thing. If Quran says that different sections of world would react differently to Islam, how it can be termed as discriminating. It is a statement of fact, nothing else and that too proven by time. Who could know that position will not change in 1400 years after it was written down? 3. After that, the DHIMMI system, combined with regular massacres and incessant pressure sufficed to force the remaining non-Muslims in Islamic occupied territory to either leave or convert. This is what Muslims consider ' the advantages and beauties of Islam,'. MUQ: DIMMI are the one protected by the state. In fact it was this system that guaranteed the freedom and protection to non Muslims. This is what kept the large population of India non Muslim, despite it being a Muslim state. You should be thankful to this rule, not criticizing it. As regards regular massacre we are witnessing in India for the past 60 years. I think similar riots were taking place in India during Muslim rules also. Have you ready made history for that too? Q.5 What is Islam? Ans. I thought that by living together for centuries, would made us more knowledgeable about each other. We would have known about each other’s religion and known each other’s strength and weaknesses. At least we, we would use civil words about each other. But it seems you have very little knowledge about Islam and Muslims. Let me tell you some thing about that: 1. Purpose of Islam: In order not be Hippocratic, let me say to start with itself that, - Islam considers itself to be the “Only True religion for all Humans That Has Been Sanctioned by The Creator of This Universe” -This is the religion that is not named after any particular man, race, country or creed. It is open for all races, nations and creeds. - It is not a new religion,. All prophets thru out ages delivered the same message of Islam. Before our prophet, each prophet was sent to its own people and for a limited time period. - The prophets brought books and revelation from God, confirming the same message. - However after the departure of prophets, their followers drifted away from the original message and corrupted the original pure message and added many of their own teachings into it. - The many religions which we see today, are the corrupted version of same religion. If we study the similarities between religions, we will find many common factors, which will answer to my observation. - To end the prophetic Missions, God Almighty sent our prophet, with the same message of Islam. His Book and his mission was to all people and not restricted to a particular location or time. - With the coming of Last Prophet, all so called “Old religions” stand cancelled and now only way acceptable in the eye of God is Islam. - This message of Islam is to be propagated to all people, and every man should receive this message. The one who accepts it will be called Muslim, the one who rejects it is called Kafir (Kafir in Arabic means the one who rejects). It is not an abuse, it is a state of believe. The
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choice is for each and every individual, so it is up to every one, He wants to be a Muslim or Kafir? - Based on this Choice, he will be judged in the hereafter. 2. Jihad : - It was expected that, the leaders of other religions, will not allow the message of Islam to be delivered to each and every individual, or to allow the conversion of their followers to Islam. - It has happened thru out that forces of False Hood will try to destroy the voice of truth and will try to stop its propagation. They will also threaten to destroy Islam itself. - In such cases, the Muslims are asked to fight, and do not let any enemy powerful enough who can threaten Islam or can create hindrance in its propagation. - This fighting shall not be to expand your kingdom, to enslave the people, or just to rule over them - When the fighting starts, how would it end? Shall we kill, every one of the enemy? The point where the fighting should stop, is the stage when your enemy surrenders and agree to pay a tribute (Jizya). This is to indicate that, they accept your superiority and will not threaten you. - Once they pay Jizya, They are free to practice their religion, their persons, property, temples, honor shall be protected by Islamic State. They do not have to pay any thing else to the state. Compared to that, Muslims have to pay Zakat and many other things to Islamic State. 3. Haughty: Yes, you may think so. - With the position given to it by God, it accepts superiority. Truth and Falsehood cannot be kept on equal footing. - Islam does not allow force conversion, it wants to break the power of enemy, so that people can make their choice freely. - Islam asks its followers not to abuse the leaders of other religions, not to abuse the followers and respect each other. If they are wrong path, they should be led to thru path with beautiful preaching and with wisdom. I gave you all this background to understand Position of Islam with respect to other religions, especially Hinduism. Now I will answer your specific points: A. Verse 9:29 is related to the payment of Jizya, and I explained it earlier. It shows when the war should stop. The peace should be given the chance, but the offer should come from the enemy. If Jizya was taken from Hindus, they were also given protection. Otherwise with 700 Years of Islamic Rule, would a single Hindu could exist in Islam. It was Islamic Tolerance indeed that after 700 years, 70 % of Indian Population is Hindu? B. Makkah as seat of Islam, has to be kept pure from all false hood. Why a temple should be constructed there for worship of man made idols? C. Ten Unclean Things: - I do not know from where this list has been obtained. Kafirs are unclean (Najis), but that unseemliness is of soul not of body. There is no sin if Muslims touch a Kafir or otherwise. - I am amazed at this comment by you, who consider 85 % of your own people as Untouchables (SC, ST & OBC etc). I think of no other religious group which behaves like that with its own people. You want me to quote something from your books, but you know themselves. - However in the eyes of God, Kafirs are most despicable (8:55, 9:28 etc), their position is that of an Outlaw, By rejecting his True Religion and His Prophet and His Book , they cease to be His loyal servants. Quran addresses Kafirs with that title. But the question is: Why you want to be Kafir and face God’s wrath? Why not become Muslim and receive His grace? D. Fighting: This has been explained earlier.
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- It is ordained to protect Islamic Society and to see that no Power is strong enough to threaten Islamic state. - When Muslims were in that state of readiness, they ruled the world, when they stopped it, they became the spent force on earth. If they want to rise again, they have to again be prepared for fight against the false hood. E. Peace of Islam: It is not the peace of graveyard. It is the peace where every one has the choice to follow the true path. Where forces of false hood are suppressed. The Laws and Commandments of God are in force and every one lives peacefully. If you can find that in a grave yard, then point it out to me. After saying all that, look at what Hindus have done to Buddhists? What they have done to their SUDRAS and Untouchables. If they did that to their own people, what would they do to Muslims, who they consider outsider? Conditions of Muslims in India is deteriorating day by day. This is another topic which requires much space. Yes Sir, It seems We know you better than you know about us!! Q.6 Deut 18:18 is for whom? Ans. Now you have laid open your cards: MUQ. 1. You will not discuss the atrocities which you Hindus perpetuated on your fellows , SUDRAS and Untouchables for thousands of years. Because it shows the real face of Hinduism. 2. You will not discuss about Vishnu and Avatar system, so that others may also learn from it!!. Because it shows the real nature of your faith. 3. However you are open game for anything where Anti Muslim hype can be generated. To be fair with you, I also will not discuss issues with a man, who is so much biased against Muslims. To carry out any discussion, you should at least have open mind. 4. However there is an issue on which I want to give some clarification, in case in your present condition of your mind you are able to think coherently on any issue. That is regarding religious prophesies about any future event or personality. There are some major points in this regard: A. No prophesy describes the actual name of the person foretold. They are mentioned in general terms and are mostly a word picture of the coming event. When the event is come to pass, people judge it and come to know about that person. B. As our prophet was to come many centuries after the Hindu Scriptures were written, that too he was to come in a different country, how his correct name could be pronounced in the original Sanskrit language? C. That is why, His name, His Parents Name , His place and other things are described in Sanskrit language and their translation tally exactly with our prophet. D. Those who have studied it, have come to conclusion that Kaliki and Narashansa refer to our prophet and have not fitted to any other personality so far. Hindus are waiting for someone to come, so are other religions also. The fact that, the persons has already come into the world is kept hidden from common people (By whom? Religious scholars with vested interests) 5. Now I come to Deut 18:18 about which you have provided the translation from Anti Islamic Site. “18: I will raise up for them (the Israelites) a prophet like you from among their
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(the Israelites) brothers; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them (the Israelites) everything I command him.” Now you see the trick played by these monsters, actual verse which you can verify in any Bible reads like this 18: I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.” There is no mention of the word “Israelites” any where, which these monsters have placed in bracket, to confuse less educated people. A. Moses is giving this message to all Israelites about the advent of a future prophet that his to come into this world. He mentions three Criterion for this prophet He will be like Moses. He will be amongst the Brethren of Israelites. God will put His words into that prophet’s mouth. These are the three major criterion, according to which any claimant to that prophesy must be judged. Now this prophesy was not fulfilled upto the time of Jesus is very evident. (Because Pharisees at the time of Jesus enquired about That Prophet John 1:19-23). Christians claim that this prophesy is about Jesus. Muslims claim that this prophesy is about Mohammad (PBUH). We should therefore check each of them with respect to three criterion. Who is Like Moses ? Jesus or Mohammad (PBUH). Who is Brethren of Israelites? Jesus or Mohammad (PBUH). Brothers of Israelites are not the Israelites themselves, but some one closely related to them. Brethren of Israelites could be Ishmaelite, or Children of Esau, or Children of KETURAH. Our prophet was from Ishmaelite tribe, so he fulfills this condition. In whose mouth God put his words? Jesus or Mohammad (PBUH). ? Once you think logically, you will come to conclusion that this prophesy is clear cut for our prophet. That is why you should have a thinking mind and not to believe in anything you read or if it supports your own Q.7 Muslims and Violence Ans. 1. First of all, it seems you do not have the decency to spell my name correctly. That is to be expected: Muslims rarely behave decently towards non-Muslims. MUQ: It is very petty for you to complain about spelling of your name. After living in Gulf you know how people spell the name. It shows your pettiness, when you make this as a Muslim trait. Your Bias is evident Sir. 2. The logic is this: if the Muslims could have wiped out the Hindus, they would have done so - just as they wiped out the polytheists in Arabia, the Zoroastrians in Persia, the Buddhists in Central Asia, etc.. The fact that they didn't is an indication that they couldn't - not that they wouldn't.
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MUQ: This is not logic, this is just your imaginations. You can imagine anything. In your view nobody changes his religion except on the point of sword. How did people became Hindu or Buddhist in the first place? Who is forcing now the Hindus to convert to Islam, which you can see every day in India? 3. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Or how about the other form of slavery - the one that M.J. Akbar mentions in the Shade of Swords: "The nobility of an Umar or a Saladin was not prevalent among all the victors when Saladin took Jerusalem. Saladin's own behaviour was exemplary, but his soldiers demanded booty, and as they had not been permitted to loot, they were hungry for slaves. Women as usual suffered the fate of concubine, while Muslim propagandists gloried in their subjugation and rape." That's Islam for you. MUQ: Why are you so silent about your SUDRAS and Untouchables. I thought you will say, it were Muslims who started this in India!! Muslims wrote MANUSMRITI !! Let us hear your comments on this issue!! 4. Pointed out that when Hsuen Tsang came to India, he found that Buddhism was not the dominant religion there. That does not mean that Buddhism did not exist in India at the time; only that it was not the religion of the majority of the people. MUQ: How could it be possible that Buddhism which originated in India, and spread to all other regions joining India, left India untouched? It is saying that Islam spread all over the world except Arabia? The weakness of your argument is evident. Buddhism first engulfed India and then spread to nearby countries. Hindus in India wiped out Buddhists so that it remained as a non Indian religion. 5. I see that you live in a fictional reality - one in which the Muslim League's demand for partition is a 'Hindu ploy', and where the genocide of Hindus and Sikhs means 'both parties were to be blamed.' This is to be expected, given that your master Allah is also a fiction. MUQ: Why don’t you read contemporary books. Most of the books blame Nehru and Patel for partition than Jinnah and Muslim League. Regarding 1947 riots, do you believe that only Hindus and Sikhs lost their lives? At least you can go thru the Newspapers of those periods if nothing else. But with your biased mind, you cannot think any thing except anti Muslim thoughts. I was more generous to blame both parties, even though I know that Muslims suffered much more than Hindus and Sikhs in those days. I also live in India, we don’t have secrets amongst us!! 6. I've read the Zoroastrian scriptures: Mohammed is not prophesied there. I've read a number of the Hindu scriptures: I can't find Mohammed there either. I know that the Christian scriptures mention someone called the Anti Christ who is to come in the future was that was a prediction of Mohammed? And no, I don't see any reference to Mohammed in Buddhist or Confucian teachings either. MUQ: Why you enter into a field in which you have no knowledge. Our prophet is prophesied in Old Testament book of Deut 18:18, In New Testament he is referred as Comforter in John 16. Anti Christ is referred to in the book of Revelation and has no match to our prophet. He is referred in Hindu Scriptures and Kaliki and Narashansa.
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Your knowledge about these scriptures seems to be very meager. By the way you did not told about who is Vishnu and what do you mean by Avatar. At least let us learn about your religion than hurling insults at each other. 7. As a Muslim, all other religions are jahliyya - i.e. ignorance - for you. Therefore you should have no interest in them anyway, just as the Arabs take pride in their complete ignorance of their polytheist ancestors, and the average Persian knows next to nothing about the Zoroastrian faith,(and just as the Central Asians are generally clueless about Buddhism). Your ignorance is your pride: I will leave you in it. MUQ: Days of Ignorance are the period of Arabia immediately preceding our Prophet. It is not applicable to all regions and whole world. Ignorance also does not mean that they knew nothing. It means that they were shut off from the divine guidance and were wandering in disbelief. We do not glorify our forefathers if they are proved to be on wrong path. Please watch Peace TV on ARABSAT, it will clear many of your doubts about Islam. Q.8 Concept of God Ans. I have gone thru the arguments , to me they seem very childish. 1. Mere repetition that multiplicity of God and religions show that God does not exist is not at all correct. Does the existence of quack doctors show any incompetence on the part of real doctors or that no doctor exist at all is wrong. 2. Second assumption that God reveals only to selected persons (named prophets) and not to each and every individual shows any defect or partiality on the part of God is also faulty. What God can do and what He has chosen to do are two different things. 3. God can make every person a millionaire, but He does not do it does not show His incompetence. The reasons that God does not do a particular thing has many reasons some of which we may deduce and some which we may not. 4. It is very wrong on our part to denounce any action of God which we do not understand or about which all the points are not clear to us. 5. Yes God is Powerful and Just, but we cannot put our own criterion of Power and Justice to God. Let us see, how can we punish in this world a man who has killed 1000 persons. Just tell me what punishment can we give to such a man in this world. 6. The fact that some religions have a father and son type of relationship between man and God, does not mean that the true relationship between creator and creation is not described in any religion. 7. So all of these 12 basic reasons to prove that God does not exist are faulty in themselves. 8. We should start with the basic question, Is it possible for a creation to exist without creator? Once we accept the presence of Creator, then we can look further evidence. Q.9 Religion , Is it necessary? Ans. It is strange that even though we are living together for centuries, we still know so little about each other. Our information about each other are so meager that we depend on Third parties to get information about each other. I respect your sincerity that is why I will cover all the points mentioned in your posting.

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1. First of all, let me tell you, the belief in religion is al old as the human civilization itself. This is natural, because a man always thinks what the purpose of this life is and what is going to happen after we die. 2. That is why, you will find that there was no age, in which majority of people on this earth did not follow any religion. The present philosophy is not more than two hundred year old, when due to any scientific reasons, a section of people have started rejecting the religions as a whole. 3. This rate is somehow increasing due to the advantages in Science and Technology and people with little knowledge think that they have solved all the mysteries of this universe and have come to know every thing about life. 4. This is a very superficial statement, and the evils of present attitude can be seen in the decreasing moral values and breakup of family is the west. It is the religion which binds people into the moral laws and does not allow them to go astray. 5. The fruits of one Godless and Religion less society (Communism) is in front of us. Disbelief in God and religion did not help them in any way and they were doomed because of inherent defect in their philosophy. Fate of current Capitalist and religion free society of west is not going to be different any more and it will also perish after showing its false glory. 6. Religions like Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have withstood the test of time and still have sizable followings. How be it, that you can trust your forefathers for their achievements in Yoga and Ayurveda, but totally reject their findings on religion. 7. Another thing is that no true religion puts restriction in the pursuit of science and Technology. If there are in any cases it is due to the actions of their leaders, who misrepresented the religious teachings and blocked the spread of science and technology. 8. Then you commented that we are more afraid of your prophet than God itself, this is a spurious comment. Our prophet is our teacher and example to follow. We respect him, we revere him and we follow him, but we do not worship him. He was a human and had no divine attributes. 9. Second comment that you have added is that prophet put in Quran things which were for his benefit and not for the benefit of mankind is also wrong. Teachings of Quran is for the whole mankind and prophet himself is bound to follow these guidelines. Some exceptions given to prophet (there are very few) were due to his special conditions and also for the benefit of his followers. you son is harmful to the natural heirs and their inheritance. 11. In the end you have advised us to be honest and do good and have love of humanity etc. I want to confirm that Islam teaches us all these qualities and much more than that. By becoming a true Muslim, you could be a better citizen also. You get double reward, successful life on this earth and successful life after death also. In the end I would like to thank you for the free and frank exchange of views on this sensitive topic. Let me see how you feel about it. Q.10 Does Islam distinguishes? Ans. MUQ: It is all very good to be biased, but at least you should not try to misinterpret the religious scriptures of other faith. This Quranic verse simply says, that all enemies of Islam are not same. Jews and Polytheists hate Islam more than Christians. And the reason is also given, because in Christianity there are men devoted to learning. In fact this is one of the
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everlasting miracle of Quran. Even after 1400 years, Jews and Polytheists remain the staunchest opponents of Islam while Christians have a comparably soft corners towards Muslim. This trend has not changed in last 1400 years. One more miracle, Learned Polytheists and Learned Jews also shall be lesser opponents to Islam and Muslims as the Quran says!! My Dear Sir, you quoted the wrong verse, now let me quote to you the right verses on this subject: “O Ye Who Believe! Stand out Firmly for Allah as witnesses to fair dealing, and not let the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from Justice. Be Just that is nearer to piety: and Fear Allah” (5: 8) “And let not the hatred of some people in (once) shutting you out of sacred mosque lead you to transgression (and hostility on your part). Help you one another in righteousness and piety but help you not one another in sin and rancor” (5:2) “If you Judge (between parties), Judge with equity between them, for Allah loves those who judge in equity” (5:42) These are the verses which tells Muslims to deal with Justice between people of different faiths. One more thing, you cannot bring any false hood from Quran, so please restrain yourself. Q.11 Sikh's Fighting with Muslims Ans. 5. When a Muslim emperor returned to the tenets of Islam,(i.e. Aurangazeb), he found himself embroiled in incessant conflict, which ultimately brought down the Moghul Occupation in the 18th century - thanks to the combined efforts Hindu Marathas, the Hindu Jats, and the Sikhs. MUQ: It is true that main purpose of Mughals and other Central Asian Rulers was the conquest and not the propagation or spread of Islam, that is why these rulers were not following Islamic principles in all of their dealings and actions. That is why Islam did not spread as fast in India as in other nations. By the time of Mughals another nation (Britain) was eying India, so very soon India came under British rule. Size of India at the time of Aurangazeb was the largest, which India may not see in near future. Kabul to Rangoon, it was one India. 6. The claim that the persistence of Hinduism and Sikhism in India is due to Islamic 'tolerance' is an outright lie, which is exposed by even a cursory look at Islam's theology, Islam's history, and Islam's current practice. Do I need to remind you what the Muslims did to Guru Tegh Bahadur? MUQ: Fight between Muslims and Sikhs was for land and not a religious fight? Beheadings of Sikh Gurus was not for their religion, but was for their opposing the Central rule. In the same logic, what Indian Army did to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindernwala and Golden Temple in 1984? If you do not use your reason and logic and ground realities, you will draw wrong conclusion
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Q12. How Hindus survived in India? After a hundred years of Muslim occupation, Polytheism was wiped out in Arabia. After a millennium of Muslim occupation, Zoroastrians were turned into an insignificantly small minority in Iran. After a dozen centuries of Muslim occupation, Buddhism was almost totally eliminated in Central Asia. After half a millennium of Muslim occupation, the only remnants of Hinduism in Indonesia are to be found in Bali. Buddhism in that country is now only found among the Chinese minority. MUQ: In your hate of Islam, your are forgetting to mention whether any large scale killing of people of other faith was involved? After the end of war when Muslim rule was established, the people of other faiths after seeing the advantages and beauties of Islam, came to the fold of Islam. You cannot point out Spain like treatment done is any Muslim country. 4. How come India was the exception? Did the Muslims suddenly forget their Koran when they invaded India? No, there's another reason. The Hindus and Sikhs resorted to the sword to resist Islam; the Buddhists did not. The latter were wiped out, whilst the former managed to survive thanks to their own efforts - not due to any charity on the part of the Muslim rulers. It was in the face of such resistance that Muslim emperors opted to limit their persecution: they did this out of prudence, not goodwill. MUQ: The reasons given to you are Childish and not supported by history. Hindus had already wiped out Buddhists from India when Muslims came into India. Sikhism is a very late phenomenon, by that time 700 years of Muslim rule had already passes in India. If Muslims could exterminate Buddhists (as per your view, which was a majority religion in India, why they left Hindus, a minority religion in India?) 3. Third, as I have stated before and as I will state again, Hindus and Sikhs survived because they fought the Muslim aggressors again and again. Their will-to-fight; their desire to defend their ancestral beliefs against Koranic terrorism; their endurance in the face of the most horrendous atrocities - was responsible for keeping India out of the slavery of Islam. And every new Indian generation has produced its heroes who have taken upon themselves the task to combat Islam in thought, word and deed. MUQ: Yes this is Neo Nazi Philosophy pursued by RSS and its Parivar. This has already resulted in the partition of India in 1947 and if left unchecked could again break India. If India has to have internal peace this type of propaganda has to stop. Instead of that you check how many similarities exist between Hinduism and Islam. Hindu Scriptures speak about advent of our prophet, he is prophesized as Kaliki Avatar and Narashansa Avatar. Read your scriptures before putting any aspiration on Quran and Islam. 4. The Mughals and other invaders were not able to spread Islam due to the resistance they faced from the Indian people. In other countries - such as Iran, Indonesia, Turkey - and indeed, Arabia itself, the resistance was not so fierce, and hence these nations have been enslaved by the cult of the Koran. India remains free - and this is its supreme achievement in the last millennium. MUQ: Whatever was the aim of Mughals they were able to achieve it. Babar defeated Rana Sanga in Panipat and established his kingdom. If propagation of Islam was his mission, he
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would have achieved it. The tales of resistance of Hindus is only a folklore to satisfy the minds of RSS and its cronies. 5. For your information, Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded because he opposed attempts by the Moghul tyrant Aurangazeb to destroy the Sikh Gurudwaras and to convert the Kashmiri Brahmins to Islam. And he was not the only Sikh hero to face the sword of Islam. MUQ: The fight between Mughals and Sikhs was only a Political struggle. Rest is your imagination. Sikhs as a religious community came very late. Even now it is debatable , if they are a separate religion or not. They do not have a complete code of conduct. It is a mix of Hindu and Muslim practice. 6. If the Indian government had behaved like Aurangazeb it would have destroyed the Golden Temple at Amritsar. Of course it did not: the Indian government is not run by Muslims after all. MUQ: Aurangazeb did not destroy the Golden Temple, it is your imagination. Indian Army certainly did damage to it. Then the true face of Hindu-Sikh Brotherhood was seen in 1984 Anti Sikh riots. The Sikhs were astonished about the Anti Sikh feelings in Hindus, Muslims were not, because we are seeing it for past 60 years. 7. So at the end of the day, you remain a slave. That's what you were, that's what you are and that's what you will always be. That's Islam. MUQ: Are you not a slave to RSS and its propaganda. Being a slave to humans is worse than being a slave to your own creator. Q.12 Was India Fighting Continuously? MUQ: You are getting very emotional and forgetting all historians record. There was no continuous fighting between Hindus and Muslims in areas under Muslim Control (Like the Anti Muslims riot we are seeing in India for past 60 years). You said Muslims could not exterminate Hindus because they could not? What is this Logic? They could at least have expelled all Hindus from their Kingdoms, they did not do it, why? You look so hypocritical when accusing Muslims, while the Treatments you gave to your own SUDRAS was inhuman. There is no other religion in the world, who has treated its own followers (that too Majority of them, SUDRAS and Untouchables make almost 80 % of Hindu Population) for thousands of years. Yes Muslims did a mistake in India, they did not give a helping hand to these downtrodden people, otherwise India would have been a predominately Muslim Country many centuries ago. You High Caste Hindus make only 15 % of Indian Population and have more than 60 % of share in everything. Majority of Indian Population has to manage with 40 %. You are raising all this Anti-Muslim Hype in India, to divert the attention from the real problem Hindus have, the Caste System and how to equate Brahmins with SUDRAS. MUQ: This may be your interpretation, which may not be binding for others. This statement of Quran has withstood the test of time, what else proofs you need it. As regards preferential treatment to Christians as compared to Jews and Polytheist you are wrong. In Quran both
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Jews and Christians are termed as “People of the Book” and are dealt as same. Mr. Arindam as I told you before, this is not your field. You need much more study before you can comment on Quran. You cannot prove any false hood from Quran. MUQ: It does not befit you to talk about slave system after having treated SHUDRAS and Untouchables like you have done. And from where you got the rule that punishment for not paying tax is killing? Just don’t make you own imaginations as laws. 80 % Indian Hindus are proof that Muslims did not use force to spread their religion, that is a fact. MUQ: You are wrong, Hsuen Tsang came to India in Sixth Century AD, Buddhism was started before Christ. What happened in those 1000 years? It shows that Muslims did not exterminate Buddhists from India. Which Muslim Army went to Indonesia and Malaysia to convert those Buddhists? 5. What a lie! You know as well as I do that it was the Muslim League that called for the partition of India - by propagating the lie that Muslims were being oppressed by Hindus. Then, when they got their state, the Muslims massacred and expelled the Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan - thus demonstrating that they were accusing their foes of exactly what they themselves intended! But that has been an old Muslim custom from the days of Mohammed himself. MUQ: Partition of India was a Hindu Ploy, in which Jinnah was trapped. Read Contemporary Indian History. Even the Name Pakistan was suggested by Hindus. What happened during partition in 1947 and both parties were to be blamed. Muslims migrating from India to Pakistan were massacred on the way by Sikhs and Hindus. Retaliation from the other side cannot be ruled out altogether, but seeing the treatments of Muslims in India for past 60 years and of Hindus in Pakistan, it is not difficult to judge as to who did most wrong. Sikhs were paid back their dues in 1984 by Hindus for their Cooperation in this massacre. Only Sikhs living in Muslim majority areas were saved from the killings. I have eye witness proof from cities like Kanpur, Allahabad and Lucknow etc. 6. If there is any religion that has similarities with Islam, it is Judaism not Hinduism. As for Muhammad being prophesied by the Hindu scriptures, he is certainly not described as the tenth avatar of Vishnu. MUQ: Mohammad (PBUH) is prophesized in all old religions, Hindu scriptures are no exception to this. Will you please tell us what is Vishnu and what do you mean by Avatar? At least let us know something of your religion also. 7. What a joke! Aurangazeb wanted to wipe out the Marathas: he failed miserably. And Humayun wanted to keep his throne: Sher Shah Suri thought otherwise. The Mughals were no more capable of imposing their will on the entire Indian people than the British. If India is not Christian today, it is certainly not due to the solicitude of London. MUQ: At the time of Aurangazeb, Marathas had no more powers than a local warlord. Sivaji & c. were no threat to Moghul rule. Real aim of Aurangazeb was to fight in Deccan and other areas. Do not read history as taught by RSS.

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8. Hardly. Not only am I not a member of the RSS, but I do not subscribe to any of their publications. I frequently find the RSS 's pronouncements too soft on the monotheist religions. Indeed, the RSS is nowhere near as radical as it should be. MUQ: May be your joining RSS would add radicalism and more hard condemnation of Monotheistic religion. As it is they are threat to Indian Unity, with guys like you joining its ranks, India shall be subjected to greater Jeopardy. 9. Being a slave to God is merely another form of being a slave to man. Any individual who submits himself to the will of God, will end up serving the interests of any man who is smart enough to disguise his will as the will of God. Such men - priests and prophets - have thus enslaved the believers. MUQ: That is why India is full with religious Gurus and gods, Like Sai Baba, Rajneesh and whole lot. Believe in one true God will free you from serving all these man-gods. If you do not worship one true God, Devil will make you bow down to every cow, tree, idol and what not and what not. What we see in India is running commentary of this statement. For you to say otherwise is very strange. One more advise to you , that as a brother and as an Indian, try to learn Sanskrit, Go Back to your scriptures, Go back to your Vedas, you will learn that God is one. That your scriptures speak against Idol Worship. What Hindus are doing in India is against their scriptures. If you cannot do that, Please watch Peace TV available on Arabsat. It will help you a lot, if you have open mind and want to learn. Just showing blame on one each other will not lead you anywhere. We know more about your religion that you know about our religion.

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Chapter-7 Homosexuality
Q.1 Children , Fruits of Homo? Ans. 1. These things are not born as a result of marriage. These are sentiments that grow out when two people live together. 2. Are you sure a “Child” will be born as a result of “Same Sex Marriage”? You are giving a new “Twist” to Darwin’s theory!! May be he did not think of that probability. 3. What could happen may be that both parents either adopt a baby or “Cheat” on their “Same sex” marriage and get the baby out of wedlock. 4. Yes we have much in common, but the difference in genitals make the sexes as “Complimentary” to each other. The shape in Genitals and other body parts, also results in change of nature of the two sexes. They find comfort and fulfillment in each other. Trying to find this with “Same Sex” approach is futile and dangerous to the moral health of the society. Q.2 Is Homo a disease? Ans. 1. Do you mean to say Homosexuality is a born defect or an inherited defect? 2. This indeed is a novel Idea, Is it not Curable Disease? 3. The people who suffer from this disease should therefore consult a physician and get cured. 4. If they contaminate other members of society then they should be punished. The way you punish a HIV Positive for having sex (without informing) with a normal person. 5. Most of these Homosexuals are carrier of HIV Virus and highly dangerous to the society. 6. They way you are glorifying these people, will have negative effect on the society and more and more people will be attracted to this abominable practice. Q.3 Is Homo Natural? Ans. 1. Irrespective of whatever stage of evaluation we are, so long as we are humans, there are some yardsticks of good and bad that do not change. 2. To speak truth, to be honest, to not cheat, to help fellow humans, and bravery shall always be the qualities that shall be liked. 3. On the other hand, telling lies, cheating, stealing, robbery, murder etc shall always be looked down in the society. 3. Sexual morality is also the quality that shall always be desired. Adultery, fornication and having illicit sexual relations shall always be looked down in the society. 4. Homosexuality is also the crime against society and against humanity, which shall be always illegal and would not provide any good to the progress of human race. It is a crime which affects at least four persons and their families (Both perpetrators, their spouses and their children). 5. If we are evolving “Beyond humans” and getting lower down than the beasts in the forest (none of them come down to the level of homosexuality), then it is a different thing. 6. If in a “City of God” Homosexuality is allowed, then you have misread the label, it is the “City of Devil”. In a “City of God” homosexuals shall not find place even in sewers.

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Q.4 How Homo harm? Ans. 3. People committing Violent Crimes directly affect the society. Their harm is evident and therefore we feel justified in punishing them. But these people are committing crime against the whole society. They received every thing from society and not paying back. It is like someone pouring acid on your building foundations so that the whole structure comes down. Both are criminals and both deserve punishment for sick patient, healthy people look sick. If you are advocating that gay people are “Natural” then it is you who is sick not me. 8. Apparently adult Homosexuals do not do any visible harm, but they are damaging the very foundation of your society. They are like slow poison, whose effect is known after many years. Have you forgotten, after how many decades we learnt about the “Harms” of Cigarette? Want to take chance again? If your Creator has decided that this practice is harmful for you, why you want to temper with that and wake up only after harm has been done? Is it Scientific Approach to any problem? First you should think about the harmful affects before approving it. Q.5 Are We suffering from Homo Phobia? Ans. So you tell me , can they cure homophobia and OCD too ? peace Out .” MUQ: There is no Homo Phobia, no body suffers from Homo Phobia, It is a term invented by these perverts to accuse their opponents. There was a story of a villager, who lost its nose in some fight. Other residents of village started taunting him by calling him “NOSELESS”. Feeling humiliated he retaliated by calling other villagers who had nose as “NOSEIES”. Due to hue and cry he made about “NOSIES” some folks in the village cut off their noses to avoid the taunts. Very soon the whole village turned into NOSELESS people. The same is happening with these Homosexuals. They call others as “Hetro-Sexual” as if they are similar terms. A man eating from mouth and a man eating from nose, could they be called as equals? Now Homos want same laws, rules and recognitions as Hetro s? Could any thing be more bizarre? Q.6 Could Home be Natural? Ans. 6. I do not deny that Homosexuality did not exist in the world. But it was never glorified and was never given the protection of law. You have put normal persons and Gays and Lesbians on the same platform. Its effect will be known only after a few generations not right now.
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7. It is your wish, that it will not become “Major Practice”. I read from US Parents that even in schools they are teaching Homosexuality there also and asking small children to feel “Natural” about it. It is bound to grow exponentially. You remember, child born to unwed parents was a rarity a few decades back, now more than 50 % children are born that way in USA. How are you sure they will not become Majority and how will you stop them then? 8. It is wrong to say that sexual orientations are inherent. You may get sexual urge towards your Daughter, Sister, Mother etc, will you not control your urge? You have to control your urge to be part of Human society as you control all other emotions also 9. Man and woman getting attracted to each other is nature and is placed by God as a means of preservation and propagation of Human race. Homosexuality is just opposite to it. It will result in extinction of Human race, that is why it should be suppressed and not glorified. Q.7 Would Homo be always? Ans. 1.Moiz: I know you are sincere, but I think you are mistaken here. Homosexuals have always been a minority in all parts of the world and always will be. As a result they will never threaten the majority of heterosexuals. MUQ: How do you know they will not become a majority, if allowed to be glorified like this? Same was said of Outside marriage sex. Now in USA more children are borne outside wedlock than in marriages. Same could happen to this gay movement also. Where is the check and balance? 2. The Orthodox of every religion vehemently condemn homosexuality - the more fundamental and zealous, the greater condemnation. For example, the Taliban have used tanks to push walls over on homosexuals, adding sadism and "humor" to the murder. MUQ: Scriptures of every religions condemn this practice. So followers of all religions should be against this practice. The problem is people become hypocrite , when asked, they say, we are Jew, We are Christian, We are Hindu, We are Muslims etc but when it comes to time of action, they shy away. If you follow any religion, you should follow it fully. Homosexuality therefore should not be allowed to exist in any country whose citizens follow any religion. Taliban’s way of punishing Homosexuals could be debatable, but the punishment for the crime should act as a deterrent for others Q.8 Is Homo Deviant? Ans. 1. Homosexuality is more than Deviant; it is a crime against the society and a crime against the humanity. In any decent society, this practice should be discouraged.
70/ 299

2. It is a Sin, in every society and in every religion. It should be rooted out. The actual punishment shall be handed out by God in the hereafter, but like any crime, we have to punish it in this world also, if we catch the culprit. Q.9 Perversion, Is it? Ans. 2. Homosexuality by its very name is against nature. It negates the very purpose of sexual sense given to humans. If it is not natural, then it is either a disease or sexual perversion. That is why it is always condemned in every religion and in every civilized society,\ What is religion? A guide to live life as liked by your creator!! Q.10 Presence in Every society? Ans. 1. I do not deny that small percentage of gay people have existed in every society. So have Sexual perverts, Peeping Toms, Child Molesters, Murderers, Thieves etc. Do you mean to say that Homosexuality in Western countries : Increasing? Decreasing? Remaining Same? 2.. First of all , there is nothing like “Natural Gay”. There is no “Natural Pervert” or “Natural Killer”. Every body may have fantasy to do such acts, but he should control that urge. If you treat them on equal par with normal people, you are trying to glorify them and others who could control them will also join them. It will “Catch on” Q.11 Why every religion is against Homo? Ans. 3. You have some misconception about religion itself. All this talk of Judeo-Christianity etc is confusing. As per me, religion is the divine guidance as to how to live your life as per the likes of your creator. All major religions have the same divine origin and are same in basic principles. I do not want to take much of your time on that, but want to say, Homosexuality was always looked down and discouraged by all religions of the world. You may ask why? Because it is counter productive. It defeats the very purpose for which the Sexual sense is created in the man. If you satisfy that urge, by Masturbation, Homosexual relation, animal sex etc, they all are equally wrong and harmful to the society at large. Q.12 Is Homo Universal? Ans. 1. To say that Homosexuality is a universal thing and is not a cultural thing is like saying “Killing, Theft, Robbery, Cheating, Raping and other criminal acts” are also universal
71/ 299

things. If they could be punished in all countries, why not the abominable crime of Homosexuality? 2. The homosexuality is nor punished because of Superstition, Ignorance or fear of populace. In all religions and in all societies this act was considered immoral and was punishable as any other crime. It was only since the growth of present “Materialistic Culture” that this practice was condoned. 3. The amount of damage which they cause to the society deserves that they should be given exemplary punishment. If some body is “Terminally Ill” is it not a “Mercy” to him to “End the Pain”. By this others will not be tempted to lure into this horrible state. Q.13 Should Homo be punished? Ans. 1. In any society, a law become a law when it gets the sanction of the state. If the law is good or bad is a point of discussions between the jurists. But the imposition of law cannot be put off. 2. No body can prove that “Homosexuality” is good for the society, that it contributes to the “Well being” of the human society. That it is needed for “The growth, preservation and survival” of human society. It is a evil practice and at best can be described as “Sickness or Illness”. 3. The society can impose punishment on this activity, if it is proven that the disease is Contagious and Harmful to other members of the society. Q.14 How Should we interact with Homo? Ans. 3. I am heterosexual, but I understand that the natural attraction I have always felt (lust) for women is no different than the attraction felt by homosexuals for members of the same sex. I didn't have to think about and "choose" to be attracted in a lustful manner, and I'm sure the same goes for homosexuals and same-sex attraction. MUQ; you are a normal person, homosexuals are really sexual perverts. We cannot give same rights to Perverts as to Normal humans. What about other perverts like “Peeping Toms” “Sexual Fetishes” “Sex with Animals” etc. They would also demand to be treated equally and be given same “rights”. I do not deny that any society is free from sexual perversion, these people are available in every society, but they should be discouraged and not protected by the normal members of society. 4. Regarding perversion, is it not perverse for heterosexuals to be constantly dwelling on sex and little else? You can't tell me Muslim men aren't lusting after women with the same intensity as Christian or Hindu men. The vast majority are. MUQ: I already answered that point. Muslims are not angels as compared to Christians and Hindus. They also have all sort of perversion, but the society and religion does not promote it, it discourages the practice, that is why the evil is contained within a very narrow limit. 5. It seems to me that what would please God would be for men to try to control their lustful desires to a much greater degree. And that goes for heterosexual and homosexual. MUQ: Marriages are made lawful to satisfy one’s sexual needs. Islam allows polygamy also to fill the needs of men in this regard. Outside marriage all forms of sexual actions are highly discouraged and punishable.

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Chapter-8 On Iraq and ongoing GWB War
Q.1 Why Iraqis hate USA? Ans. Extent of Iraqi Common Man’s Pent Up Feeling Against USA USA attacked their country in 1992 during Gulf War (Right or wrong, that is immaterial, at this stage, because according to your logic, my country is always right!), during the war they carried out carpet-bombing of Baghdad and all other major cities, causing deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent persons including Women and Children From 1992 to 2003, USA made their lives miserable, by imposing sanction on them, frequent air and missile attacks (to impose self imposed “No-Fly” zone for a country that was left with no air force) causing shortage of foods and medicines that resulted in death of thousands of innocent Women and Children. Then in 2003 USA again attacked Iraq, (falsely accusing it of having WMD, Nuclear Weapons, Missiles etc) again using missiles and carpet bombings, again killing hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children. USA Occupiers disbanded Their Army, Their Police Force, and Their Civil Service and then tried to bring up the country from scratch In this atmosphere sham elections were held up and cracks in the precariously balanced society came up, bringing the country on the doorstep of Civil War. Once they came to their country as Occupation Army, they treated themselves as Super Race and treated Iraqis (in their own country) with loathing and contempt. Under this Scenario if the common people get hold of dead American Soldier and mistreat its body (remember it is the common public, not their army, nor their police force), should this act wake up the demon in yourself and you call “Eye-for-Eye” treatment? Be careful, I am not supporting this action of Iraqi people,
What will NY citizen do to Osama Bin Laden, if he is delivered into their hands (alive or dead) and there is no police force to stop them!!! Answer this question honestly and the picture will become clear.

Q.2 Was Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait Justified? Ans. Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait was unfortunate. It had no Islamic issues in it. Atrocities and pillages by Iraqis were exaggerated by the Western Media. It was like Christian Germany attacking Christian Poland, Chez etc during WW-II… However quick western aid to Kuwait was also not due to humanitarian cause solely. It reeked with a strong smell of Crude Oil!!! Otherwise Western Might should have aided Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and other small countries when they were either attacked or occupied by their neighbors. No need to play angel now.
73/ 299

Q.3 Did US went to Iraq on Humanitarian ground? Ans. Your Humanitarian side is well demonstrated in Abu GHARIB Al Haritha and GITMO Bay. There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq to start with, whose wrist you are slapping any way? History is not what it is, History is what the coming generations would see it. As you pass judgement on Nazis & Soviet Russia, so your future generations would pass on you. By that time it will become clear that 9/11 drama was an insight job. Since 50 years you are trying to develop alternative energy sources, and you cannot leave ME, your illegitimate Child (Israel) is there!! Its safety is more important to you that your own safety. Your love of Israel is the main reason for the turmoil in ME, Cheap oil is a distant second! Q.4 Was Iraq war legal? Ans. It is heartening to see that people are able to see thru the smokescreen erected by the “Pro-War” lobby. The whole project of Iraq was based on greed and ulterior motives. First it was WMD, then democracy, then security…. I say man just leave Iraq, forget about its security, you have already caused enough damage and sorrows to its people….It will unite like Lebanon did, it has had 4000 years of history behind it….. Your continued occupation of that land is going to cost you dearly, both in Military cost as well as International Goodwill….Can you believe US president is unwelcome in most of world countries? For Iraq, at least people in USA are coming to realise that this whole war was farce and predecided. I will go a step further and talk about another war that was also unjust and predecided. Whole 9/11 drama and Afghanistan War was also a farce, and USA has to leave that country also in disgrace….probably you are heading the USSR way….the moment it was deemed invincible, was the exact moment of its fall from world leadership….any takers of this extreme view?\ Q.5 USA options there? Ans. 8. USA has to take full blame for what is happening in Iraq. During Saddam’s time there was no infighting in Iraq. He could control it, then why not you. Since USA disbanded its army, police force and Civil Administration, Anarchy started there. Same will happen in USA also, if you remove all Military, Police and Judiciary from country (Don’t you remember what happened in NY during power failure or in New Orleans during Katrina Hurricane?)

74/ 299

USA fanned ShiA Sunni divide there by conducting sham election there. The moment you leave Iraq things will again become OK. It is not lie, It is only because of USA that Al Qaeda got its foot hold in Iraq. I only say, US Army is stupid and inefficient and does not know how to deal with people of a different back ground. They are not trained for theses type of jobs. 9. Saddam was no Angel , but he had full US support during Iran Iraq war. He visited USA regularly. In fact USA gave him WMD s to be used against Iran. He was also a “Tool” in the hands of USA. He attacked Kuwait with the “Tacit Approval” of USA and then he was trapped in the web. USA seized that opportunity to trap him, all negotiations were allowed to fail at the behest of USA. Do not gloat over his misfortune, it was all USA ‘s planning Name of the countries keep on Changing over the centuries, people living there remain same (Israel is the only exception to this rule). Once all Muslims were ruled by one ruler. So do not lecture me about what is Iraq today and what is Saudi Arabia today. Q.6 Was Saddam elected? Ans. MUQ: Yes, elected according to the system prevalent in Iraq. They could also have won the election in 2005, if you would have allowed them to contest. Egypt also has single party rule for past 40 years, did you object there? China has one party government, are you going to attack China to bring democracy? Russia has one party rule; when are you going to attack Russia? All your power is used to frighten small countries. Turkey’s military twice dismissed the elected (Islamic oriented) governments, did you object there? HAMMAS won the Palestinians election in a democratic way; why you did not accept the verdict of people? What you did in Algeria by rejecting the results of election because Islamite had won there? You are the last nation to lecture any one about human rights and democracy. Lust of money and safety of Israel are your Q.7 Was Iraq a threat to USA? Ans. 1. These are just emotional outpourings. The duty of every army is to defend its country and they are being paid and trained for it. These are not volunteers that are fighting in foreign lands. 2. It is the politicians who use the military for their own agenda. The American security is not at stake. The war on Iraq was illegal and against International laws. 3. We do not criticize the soldiers but we have right to criticize the politicians who take these decisions. 4. By the way, Father/son, Mother/daughter, Husband /wife relations also exist for the poor Iraqis also, whom your army is fighting. How much misery your army has caused there over the past 15 years should also be accounted for.

75/ 299

Q.8 Why Iraqis hate USA Ans. List of your crimes in Iraq is a long one (even If we overlook the period of 1992-2001 and start after 9/11) You Falsely Accused it of Having WMD s, Having Nuclear Capability, Having Missile Technology and having links with Al Qaeda (Your top leaders knew it & Your Biased Media & Pseudo Nationalists fanned it) You attacked Iraq (with a few of your cronies) in Total Violation of International law & without approval of UNO. After Occupation, you disbanded it highly trained armed forces and police force, causing the spread of anarchy (Now YOU have to train its police & army for a country that fought ten years with Iran) You also dismantled its civil service and bureaucracy on the pretext of its alleged link with BAATH party (causing the administrative set-up of the country to collapse). Your Imposed Administrators had least idea of Iraqi Culture and its fractured society. You held sham elections in that country, first favoring one section, then another section causing the fissures to burst open When the resistance started , you did not try to solve it by addressing to the demands of the population, in your hallucinations you were seeing Al Qaeda every where. You are prolonging your stay there on the pretext of security of that country. While the real reason is to get free Iraqi Oil for USA. All your top brass belong to Oil Mafia and have link with Big Oil Corporations, the talk of democracy and rebuilding Iraq is only a smoke screen. Your contempt for Iraqi people and their culture is amply demonstrated in cases like Al GHARIB, Al Haritha and many such massacres. The culprits were either pardoned or were given a very light punishment Now you are shedding crocodile tears, that we did it by mistake, what punishment was given to Mr Bush and his cronies for their crimes and lies, should they go Scott free? If Iraqi people deserved punishment for supporting Saddam, then why American people should not be punished for supporting Bush & c. Should there be two laws for the same crime?76/ 299

Only way out for you is to leave Iraq immediately, with whatever grace is left with you, otherwise you will have to leave that country, as you left Vietnam, or as USSR left Afghanistan. This is the writing on the wall, only blinds cannot see it!! Q.9 Why Muslim countries are not helping Iraq? Ans. I’m Sorry if my quotes are too long! But you see there is so much misunderstanding in the West about Muslims and your knowledge about Islam is so meager that I have to explain everything. Despite my explanations, I see people Dogmatically sticking to their “Self Opinions”. Our exchanges with “Awad in My Pants” are in front of you. He will not answer any question logically and just talk in invectives. Now this is an interesting question you have asked, that what Muslim Nations are doing to stop the Sectarian fighting in Iraq! My Dear Sir, the fact is Muslim nations are in mortal fear of “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” You may be remembering the cry of “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” “If you are not with us, then you are against us”. We cannot be with you and we are too afraid to open our mouth; otherwise you will think we are against you, and attack us! 1. When “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” were preparing to attack Iraq; did they took the opinion of any Arab state? 2 When “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” were threatening Syria & Iran Just after fall of Baghdad, did they consult any Arab state? 3.When “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” were distributing Lucrative contracts for re-building Iraq, Did they ask any Arab and Muslim state to join in the loot? 4.When “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” were disbanding Iraqi Army, Police force, Civil Service (to cripple the whole administration); did they consult any Arab state? 5.Now, when “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” foot is caught in the Trap, they want Muslims and Arab states to come and help solve the mess? 6. Yes Arab & Muslim states will come & help the day US and UK army is out of Iraq. Killing of all innocent persons is evil, and that does not include only Suicide Bombers, but also innocent Civilians killed by US Carpet Bombing in Iraq, Civilians killed by Cruise Missiles, Door-to-door checking and all other things that US & UK have been doing in Iraq for past 15 years. Allah is all Good & He does not approve Evil or Injustice, but people only see one side of coin trying to cover their mistakes. All problems in ME are due to Creation of Israel for which US, UK and whole west is responsible.
77/ 299

Root cause of all problems in Iraq is US attack on Iraq for false charges of WMD (by the way we have not heard any public apology from “Your Haughtiness (Bush, Cheney and Blair)” on that! Q.10 What can USA do in Iraq? Ans. 1. You came to Iraq out of you own free will (To get cheap and free Iraqi Oil)!! 2. If the place is so dangerous, please get out as soon as possible, before the death toll is too large. 3. You have Airplanes, helicopters, Tanks, Missiles, Atom Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, Highly trained armed forces. 4. Iraqis are poor people, they do not have any arms except their bodies and cheap explosives! 4. It is an un-equal war, Why Complain? 5. Do we complain, how many Iraqis you have killed? We are only counting US deaths 3500 (reported deaths) and the count is increasing fast!! 6. It is still time to get out fast? 7. This is Guerilla Warfare, Man (or Woman) whosoever you are! Q.11 What are US Options in Iraq? Ans. 1. The root of all aggression was the creation of Israel in 1948. For which USA and whole of the West is responsible. Remove the root cause, the problem will be solved. 2. Just like WMD s of Iraq, the real conspiracy of 9/11 attacks will come to light sooner or later. Already there is a strong lobby in USA which believes it was an inside Job. So far nobody has been convicted for 9/11 crime. Even if you catch Osama, you have no proof against him to convict in a court of Law. 3. Considering that you were responsible for “All the good that has come in their way for past 15 years”, they are really ungrateful. - You are responsible for smashing up their country in 1990 & 2001. - You are responsible for Dismantling their Army, Police Force, Civil Administration to cause a total breakdown and anarchy in the country. - You are responsible for creating disharmony and civil war in Iraq, by conducting Sham elections there and favoring one faction over other. - As an occupying army, your role has been very insulting to them as seen in Abu Gharib and elsewhere. - You have looted the country by taking most of its oil, unaccounted. Yes Sir, Iraqis are really ungrateful, they should have kissed the ground on which George W Bush walks. 4. Yes if you have your say in affairs of Saudi Arabia, you will put one section of society against another to create civil war here also. 5. Next Election you will again vote for George W. Bush (If it were allowed in your constitution) or some of his cronies; who will once again brain wash you with slogans like -“It is not in the American Interest to leave Iraq Immediately”. -“We cannot leave our work unfinished”. -“Al Qaeda will take over Iraq once will leave”. -“What will happen to our illegitimate child (Israel), once we leave Iraq?” -“It is in Israel’s Interest that we maintain a strong presence in Iraq” This last statement will silence all the critics. Will it not?
78/ 299

Q.12 Was Iraq War Justified? Ans. 1. Yes Sir, I fully understand your feelings toward the army and the establishment. 2. What are you missing is that Iraq was no risk to USA security. It was not involved in 9/11, it had no link with Al Qaeda, it had no WMD, then what right you had to attack that country. 3. you messed up that country, created a hell out there, then you are also crying to the world, see what these Barbarians are doing with our army. How would American Public react, If Iraqi forces had captured USA? 4. The problem is that, we assume for ourselves rights, which we do not want to give to others. This is the main cause of world problem these days. 5. I fully agree with you that there are wicked individuals, who have caused much misery not only to US but to whole world. One of that Individual is however sitting in the White House of USA and the think which is most amazing that besides knowing the illegality of Iraq war, majority of US voters re-elected him for second\d term. Should they also share in his Guilt? 6. Yes Sir, this is the tragedy of Modern Democracy, by manipulation and by falsely raising the bogey of National Security, you can drum up public support. Q.13 US follies in Iraq Ans. 1. We seem to have reached a deadlock now. You are bent upon proving that it was Iraq’s and Iraqi people’s best interests that was the prime reason for USA ‘a invasion of Iraq in 2005. You will only concede some individual goof-ups by some low ranking persons. 2. You even though not a supporter of Bush are not ready to concede that he could act in a malicious way and in any way harm USA s interest. 3. Further you cannot even think that US Government Machinery could in fact act do wrong and work in violation of International law and transparent policies. But on the other hand you are ready to believe any thing regarding character and policies of Saddam and Iraqi people. 4. Dear Sir, your conduct does not surprise me. This is the result of Extreme Nationalism and trying to Justify you country in all condition. 5. I on the other hand, is convince that whole Iraqi Operation from day one was based on Bad Intentions. Bush, Cheney and his cronies had already decided to invade Iraq on any pretext. 9/11 only came at an excuse. 6. This is clear from the fact, that even though it was evident from day one that Saddam had no role either in 9/11 or Al Qaeda, Bush and his supporters went out of their way to establish a connection. Same thing they did regarding WMD s they did not accept reports of UN weapons inspectors. 7. USA did not had support either from UNO or from International country, but they were so eager to attack Iraq (a small country which could not match USA in open combat) with a few of their supporters. 8. Once they captured Iraq, they first treated is as their “Own Backyard” by deciding whatever they thought fit A country with fully trained army had to beg for USA to “Train” its army or police force as to how to carry on their day to day activities. 9. Bush and his cronies had malafied intentions and help the Oil Lobby is clear from the Lucrative contracts warded to selected firms linked with these two gentlemen. Now the US citizens are bent upon justifying US action because “The country can not do any wrong” 10. With such diverse views how can we reach a common ground? Q.14 Was Iraq War for Oil?
79/ 299

Ans. MUQ: You are right again here Sir, The real reason was to capture the source cheap or free Iraqi Oil. Another reason was to strengthen Israel. But I do not think that USA will be able to stay in Iraq for more time. Very soon the Iraqi will realize the folly of infighting when a common enemy of the country is present on its soil. USA has to abandon the folly of its presence in Iraq and will return empty handed with egg on their faces. Q.15 Leave at Once! MUQ 1. I must appreciate you for being honest and do not be hypocrite like many other correspondents on this forum. 2. You are honest to say that it is in the Strategic Interest of USA to control Iraq, because by controlling Iraq, USA can control the entire region. By having effective control on Iraq, USA can control the flow of oil from Middle East. 3. You are also honest to say that USA must be ready to pay whatever price that Control on Iraq may involve. USA should strengthen its Border Security as well as finger print every citizen. It should make carrying of ID s compulsory, so that Police can check each and every one when they feel. 4. Despite being honest , have you considered what this is going to the International Community and USA s existence in the world. First of all it washes down the drain, all your talks of being Democracy to Iraq and ME. Because no Democracy will allow USA presence on Iraqi Soil? 5. USA will continue to suffer military losses in Iraq and has to be permanently on guards at home front. You will silence all Civil Liberty and Human Right Guys in garb of National Security. You will forgo the freedom of movement you enjoy in the world. Because Muslims are every where in the world and US citizens will always be in danger, wherever they move. 6. What will happen if other nations reject or contest USA sole control on ME, it may result in a WW-3 like situation. 7. Notwithstanding that your occupation of Iraq shall always be illegal, it would cost you too much in the long term. 8. It is much simpler to roll back your so called Strategic Interest, so that you give other nations rights, which you want for yourself. Or have you totally forgotten the message which Jesus gave to you 2000 years ago. Q.16 Is there really a War on Terror? Ans. The drama of 9/11 was an insight job, within minutes of twin tower falling, the blame was squarely laid on Al Qaeda by media. Without any formal enquiry and due procedure of law, You attacked Afghanistan on the pretext of catching Bin Laden Midway to that exercise, you forgot all about Bin Laden and attacked Iraq (There was no Oil in Afghanistan & Free Iraqi Oil was a big incentive). Now when some poorly armed people have stood up against the might of America, your tail is up!
80/ 299

You will leave Iraq & Afghanistan, in same way as you left Vietnam. No doubt you will cause misery and sorrow to these people before leaving as you did in Vietnam. So please do not stand on any high moral platform and lecture the world about democracy, freedom of speech etc. (Your slip is showing by continued confinement of innocent people in GITMO Bay without trail or pressing charges)

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Chapter-9 Islam (Misc. Topics)
Q.1 Why Muslims believe in Jinn? Ans. I think Christianity believes more in Gins than Islam. See all the miracles of Christ removing bad sprits from men? Who were these sprits? If Science has not proved the existence of Gins, it has also not proven their non existence? Have you discovered what all is there to be discovered in Universe? Since when you discovered Atomic Particles (and now sub atomic particles), what about the past generations who could have laughed at the ideas of these particles. Gins are not made of Material, so they cannot be detected by the present machines
We believe them, because our books says so. It is not Irrational

Q.2 Islam. Only religion Is It? Ans. 1. I only talk about Islam and since it is the best religion (and only religion approved by God), I have to compare it with other religions if there is need. I use logic and give arguments in my favor. If you find my arguments wrong, you can contradict them with your logic. But you just brush off my remarks that it is one sided propaganda, how can I answer such remarks. 2. I only point out defects in other system and culture which are against Islam. It is not a hate campaign or smearing campaign. I always use civil language and very seldom use invective unless it is a reply back Q.3 Why Islam is growing? Ans. 1 Jews are bad and Islam is growing, is now the problem in your country itself. Despite harsh laws against Anti-Semitism (Whatever it means), the people are raising voices against Jews domination in USA and European countries. 2. Yes Numerically Islam might be at Number 3, but you see, Christianity had 600 years of head start, Buddhism had 1000 years head start. Islam is catching fast. But let me tell you, the numbers shown as Christians are only those who fill their names in Census forms. Number of Practicing Muslims are far larger than number of practicing Christians or Buddhists. 3. Yes you do not worry, if your prison inmates (whom you have given up as lost souls) come to Islam and even some of “Normal” persons also. This movement is going to gain momentum. 4. Compared to all other religions, persons who turn away from Islam is very few. Islam is a religion of common sense. The more you study, the more you are attracted towards it. Death Penalty for Apostates is not being applied any where, so where is the fear? 5. Yes you do your propaganda against Islam, we will continue our mission to educate the people. It has always been so. Forces of false hood have always tried to hinder the path of
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truth. The results have always been the same…The Falsehood has perished before the truth.. the same will happen again. 6. It is your wish that Islam shall wilt and die, its enemies from the very beginning were wishing the same thing. it has not happened in 1400 years. Let us see what future has in store for us. 7. The life in Islam is the real peace. Where the soul and body both surrender themselves to their Creator and achieve peace. While the “Peace” you achieve in your Bars, Casinos, Concerts, Gambling Dens, Peep and Live shows etc. are temporary and do not bring peace to your soul at all. The result is you do not receive inner peace. 8. Let us wait see if Islam prevails or not to master this philosophy. However we have assurance from God, “…That He will see to it that His Way of Life supersedes all other Way of Lives, howsoever the unbelievers do not like it” It is your wits against the wits of Lord and Creator of this universe. Q.4 Could Muslims co exist with West? Ans. We are so easy to generalize each other. If Palestinians are fighting Jews, so Palestinians must be bad…They are Arabs, so Arabs must be bad…Arabs are Muslims….so Muslims must be bad…Muslims follow Islam…so Islam must be bad…Muhammad is the prophet of Islam so he must be bad….and we try to find fault is each and every thing of others. Now in This World, Muslims also have to live, So Christians and Jews and Hindus, Buddhists and others.. No amount of your wish or use of power can annihilate any group. So we will have to live together in this world, till it come to each other. Another point, instead of being “Authority” on another religion, is it not proper to ask the other party to explain its position. We pass judgment on other religion, without having the least knowledge of what we are talking about.. Islam is in this world for 1400 years, its Scriptures are available to every body. Honest thing would be to prove your point by quoting from the scripture, not you so called Judeo-Christian or other theories. Qur’an is challenging the whole world to bring a book like me. Mohammad (PBUH) died 1400 years ago, nobody can change any thing now. It would be very easy to bring a book like Qur’an now, but instead of accepting this challenge openly, we are given theories to believe. Problem between Arabs and US started with the Creation and blind support given to the Zionist state of Israel. Unless US and Europe act as neutral and provide justice to both parties, the problem will not be solved.

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Q.5 Is call for Muslims to unite justified? Ans. 1. I’m not at all surprised by this genuine demand of Revival of Islamic Caliphate. It is one of the Basic teachings of Islam to remain united and do not break into parts. The Islamic Caliphate was in existence since the beginning of Islam right upto 1924, When the Turkey abolished it in 1924. It were the European nations which divided Single Islamic Nation into many parts. 2. When we see that various countries are getting united into larger groups. EEC will surely merge into a common military force. EEC is a clear group of European Christian Nations, is evident from the fact, That Turkey despite being with NATO for 50 years (and trying its best to shed its Islamic image) was unable to get EEC membership, while states like Lithuania, Spain, Hungary etc, which were with USSR till 1991, were made full members. What ever you say, no Muslim Nation will be made a member of EEC. 3. The treatment given to Muslim voice in UNO and other world forum, is surely raising the doubts in Muslim’s mind that they will not get any fair hearing unless they unite and have a common voice. 4. With 1.2 Billion Followers and more than 50 countries, Islamic Nation (under a single head) will be a powerful voice in world affairs, and will have more weight than the present divided voices. 5. Islamic Democracy is different from the modern western Democracy, where parliament is sovereign to make any law it thinks fit. In Islamic Democracy, the powers of Parliament are restricted by the limits set out by Quran and teachings of prophet. It cannot exceed this bound. This type of restrained democracy is more suited to human nature that the present western model. 6. The writer is correct, when he says that Modern Secular Democracy is the root cause of most problems in the world. This materialistic view is driving humanity to a suicidal point, where there are no morals, there is no higher law. The man is treated like an animal, to just fulfill his carnal desires and have no fear of accountability to a higher authority. Yes sir, your alarm is correct. But the voice of truth cannot be kept hidden for ever. Q.6 Why there is no Mother Teresa in Islam? ANS. Charity in Islam is not only for Muslims, it can be given to non Muslims also. Mother Teresa is a Modern Phenomenon, who was taking acre of Orphans and poor in the remaining period of History. In fact so much stress is give in Qurán on Orphan’s rights that it is amazing. To orphans restore their property, nor substitute your worthless things with their good ones… (Ch4, V 2) And do good to parents, kinsfolk, Orphans.. (Ch 4V 36) Therefore treat not the orphan with harshness (Ch 93 V 9) Did you see the one who denies the judgment? Then such is the man who repulses orphans (with harshness) ( Ch 107 V 1,2)
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In one saying our Prophet said “I and the provider for orphans shall be in heaven like this (he showed his two fingers, but kept a little gap between them) If Muslims are not doing according to this it is their fault, not Islam’s. Q.7 Should we co exist? Ans. Thank you Sir for asking me this question. Let me tell you some points to start with. Which are normally known to common man and hence lead in many confusions. A. Islam: Islam is not the name of any new religion., The name of true religion of God has always been Islam and therefore all prophets from Adam to Mohammad (may peace be upon them all) were indeed Muslims. B. All prophets of God came with the same message, i.e. worship only one God and follow his commandments. C. The message of Jesus was also the same (This is life eternal, that they should worship you the true God and Jesus to whom you had send : John 17:1) D. Jesus was the last prophet that came from the progeny of Isaac. Mohammad (PBUH) was the last prophet which came from the progeny of Ishmael , the first born son of Abraham. E. Mohammad (PBUH) also came with the same message as other prophets that came brought before him brought. His teachings are also same that worship only one God and obey his prophet (i.e. Mohammad). F. If you go thru the words that are uttered from the lips of Jesus (in all the Gospels available today), you will hardly find any contradiction with Islamic teachings. G. Mohammad (PBUH) was sent as last prophet and was sent as prophet to all nations of the world. The mission of Jesus was only for the Children of Israel as Jesus has confirmed so many times in the Gospels. H. The concept of God (or Allah) in Islam is that of a loving God, who is merciful and forgives the sin of his servants. Quranic passage are numerous in this regard, and I will quote if you show more interest in this subject. All in all, Mohammad (PBUH) was the Comforter or Holy Spirit which Jesus prophesized in John 14: 15-17. I hope that this brief posting will satisfy some of your queries. Q.8 Are Islamic Punishments Barbaric? Ans. Punishment for Crimes: Theft: Chop off the hand of thief (man or Woman) Adultery (married man or woman): Stone to death’ These may look like harsh to you and barbaric, but they produce quick result and peaceful society. Further Islam creates a society, in which the temptation for crime should be minimum, for example; It creates the system of Charity, where every rich man gives 2.5% of his wealth to poor, if some one steals after that, then he has to be punished. It stops, mingling between sexes, in open, women should cover their bodies, and even then if some one commits adultery, he or she is due for capital punishment.
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With all your modern thinking and trying to cure the thief and adulterer, the rate of crime is on increase. If you apply Islamic Shariah, you will get a peaceful society, with negligible crime rate. It is your choice! Q.9 What did Islam achieve in last 500 years? .Ans. Regarding Islam not doing any thing for past 500 years, you agree that it was doing every thing for 1000 years earlier to that. When you were burning “Heretics” , “Witches” “Sorcerers” “ Scientists like Galileo” , In Muslim world, sun was shining with full glory. In fact Muslims were performing Cataract Operation, when you probably thought, it meant a type of herb! (As one of our learned reader has pointed out). By the way which of your achievements of past 500 years were due to your faith in Christianity or guidance from Pope the Vicar of Christ? Q.10 What is meant by Islam? Ans. 1. Islam: It is a common misconception in West that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started the religion of Islam in Arabia in year ~ 600 AD. It is so illogical and so opposed to the Qur’anic teachings that it needs serious discussion. - Islam is not named after any person, land, tribe, country etc. It is a state which means “Total Surrender”. To whom, of course to the only Creator of the Universe, Called God or (Allah in Arabic). - Muslim is the Noun form of a person who has accepted Islam, i.e. has surrendered himself to the will of His Creator and sustainer. - As per Qur’an, God did not name any religion with which they are called today. Christ did not name his Religion as Christianity, Moses did not call his religion as Judaism. Buddha did not call his religion Buddhism etc. It were the people afterward that gave these names to these communities. - Qur’an teaches us that Islam (or its equivalent words in other language) was the only religion sent by God to all prophets and all nations. All prophets were therefore Muslims and their religion was Islam. - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a special role among this long list of prophets. He was the Last and Final Prophet in the chain. His advent was foretold in every scripture. Before him, the prophets were sent to individual nations and for a particular time, Muhammad (PBUH) and his Book (Al Qur’an) is valid till the very end of this world. - Muslims view point is most generous, and we respect all prophets and all (so called) religions. You on the other hand do not fear the Wrath of Almighty God, while cursing, mutilating and lampooning the name of our Prophet (PBUH). Q.11 What is Mosque? Ans. Mosque: The word in Arabic for place of worship is MASJID (i.e. the place where people prostrate themselves to God). Qur’an tells us (and Bible Confirms it), that prostrating with your face on earth, i.e. humiliating yourself before God (In Biblical language, falling yourself on face) was a common part of Worship of all prophets. We see, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David…..Jesus (PBUH) all doing this act of prostration.
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- So the place where the prayers were to be performed by a group of followers of religion was termed MASJID. How it got converted into Temple and Mosque is for linguists to decide. - It is in that sense that “Temple of Jerusalem” is described as “Far Away Masjid” in Qur’an. In Similar way Kaaba is described as “Masjid –Al- Haraam” Q.12 How is God in Islam? Ans. 1. If you find the Creator strange, you may put this question to Him, when you meet Him. He is not what you choose for Him. You are what He chose for you. To whom He gives permission to marry 20 women (even 700 women & 300 concubines to Solomon) and whom He permits to use “Strange White Horse” should be asked to Him, not to me. We believe what we are told by our prophet. 2. Where did I say, that Mohammad (PBUH), was the only one who brought the message? I said all prophets brought the same message. As seeing angels and talking to them, has been the prerogative of all prophets not Mohammad (PBUH) alone. That is why they are called prophets or messengers. 2A. If Quran is copied from Bible, why don’t you also produce some thing like Quran itself. It will silence all Muslim claims that it came from Allah. So far in 1400 years no Jew or Christian (even Arabs, with Arabic as their mother tongue since generations) took this challenge. Why you waste your time in these useless arguments. Bring a new Quran and solve this problem for ever. 3. If Mohammad (PBUH) was a liar (as you say), 1.2 Billion believe him as true. It is your words against them. 4. Words of Quran are Final law. Hadith and Jurisprudence are only the explanation of Quranic law, since Quran only provides the guidelines. 5. Quran is Word of God, though simple to understand, it needs expertise to understand the finer points. That is true for every book, why you have lawyers, doctors, parliamentarians, judges etc. Every body can practice any trade by just reading the books? The same is with Quran also. 6. Because the answer I gave to you is not acceptable to you, so I ask you a counter question, that by what name earlier prophets called their Lord and Creator? 7. Regarding God, we only say, what He said about Himself. All Titles and attributes which we assign to God are mentioned by Himself. He is not like anything in His Creation, He is Physical or Spiritual, we cannot say. He is above our understanding. We do not discuss His personality. 8. God and Creation are distinct from each other. What you mean by Infinite in your physical world, does not apply to God. How He exists and How, is not for us to fully understand. Do not analyse God’s personality with human or physical logics. All His qualities and attributes existed with Him, since before time. 9. As I told you earlier, do not apply your paradox or physical laws on the personality of God. He is Creator of Time, so Time does not apply to Him. Your paradox falls to ground on first step itself. 10. I would prefer to be “An Ignorant Fool” a man “With Limited Mind” where the discussion on God’s personality is in question. We only know and believe, what He has told to us in His book or what our prophet has told us. It is for “Brainy” people like you to indulge in this pastime and get yourself confused and full of doubts and try to confuse other.

Q.13 Are Muslims only growing thru Reproduction?
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Ans. 1. The increase in Muslim population is not only based on natural reproduction. New conversions are also making a contribution. 2. Your idea that Muslims increase their population by Polygamy is a self defeating argument. If each Muslim man, has let us say two wives, then half the Muslim men will remain bachelor, because no more women are left!! Boys and Girls are borne in almost equal proportion in Muslim society also. The same argument is used in India by Hindus, to tell them that one day Muslims will become majority community, a thing they could not achieve in 1000 years. The same argument was used by Pharaoh against Jews in Egypt 3500 years ago. This is a very emotional logic to incite majority community against the minority community. 2A. The law against Polygamy exist in most European societies, but I would like a law to be passed that prohibits any sexual relations outside the wedlock. In Islam any sexual relation outside the wedlock is punishable. But in your society, you will condone a man for having sexual relations with 20 women at a time, but will not allow him, to treat two women as his wives and support both of them and their children. 2B. This might be the reason that there are so many “free women” in your society. I will not make further comments, because it is your problem 3. How many wives Osama’s father had and how many Children he begat is not my problem. He was a wealthy man and all his children and wives are well provided off. However if he had many illegitimate children walking on the streets, you would have better approved it. 4. GWB understands your logic and you his, that is why both will become extinct soon. Q.14 Is Islam only growing in Prison? Ans. 1. The growth of Islam is more in prison no doubt. But other people are also accepting Islam. You can visit any Islamic Center in USA and find out yourself. More than 2/3rd of them are woman. 2. Who made them criminals? Your society, then you left them in prison to get corrected. They come to Islam and repent of the past conduct and become good citizens. But you will still call them “Criminal Class” This is your prejudice. 3. If you do not know that any “White Man” has converted to Islam, then it is your own ignorance. Visit or contact any Islamic Center in your country and find out. 4. Why Blacks and Women are attracted to Islam is for you to figure out. What they could not achieve in your country as Black Christians? But Islam is not a racial religions. It is for all races and for all nationalities. That is what they get here, universal brotherhood. Blacks and Whites, rich and poor, standing in the same line shoulder to shoulder…. Servants of same God… This is what attracts them… You improve your own behaviour… Treat them as your equals… Can you do it? Q.15 Is Islam growing in Prisons only? (Contd.) Ans. 1. It is not only in prison that Islam is growing, though I admit, its rate is higher there. It is only your wish that this should be a temporary phase, but it is growing to increase. 2. Here I must agree with you, though you count yourself as a Christian Nation, and fill the Census forms as Christian (the same is the case for Most of European countries), but actually you do not believe in any religion.
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3. You lack moral strength to declare your self as “Non Christian”. Your sympathies however always lie with Christians in any issue involving other faiths. 4. The Christianity has already surrendered itself to the fate and is happy to play second fiddle to the society and state. 5. It is only Islam, which is fighting against this materialistic philosophy and in fact should be supported by the Church, because it is a common cause for the two.
6. This is a fight between ideologies, and see who will win in the end. You do your efforts, we will do ours.

Q.16 Why Shia and Sunni fighting? Ans. First let us say what is the Islamic Teachings on this topic: And hold fast all together by the Rope which (stretches out for you, i.e. Qurán) and be not divided (Ch 3 V 103) Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations. (Ch 3 V 105) As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you have no part in them in the least.. (Ch. 6, V 159). If two parties among the believers fall into a quarrel , you make peace between them… (Ch 69, V 9 ) It is clear from the above that divisions into sects and fighting among them is not approved by Islam. Wrong behavior by followers cannot be taken against the religion. But even in that case, Christians have no face to talk to Muslims about infighting! Your past history is so much filled with blood, that atrocities of all other religions combined cannot equal it (Refer to Gibbons, Decline and Fall of Roman Empire and any book on the history of Church) Q.17 Why Jews Rejected Islam? Ans. MUQ: Where did I say that Jews rejected our prophet only because he said Ishmael was sacrificed in place of Isaac? In fact Jews always maintained racial hatred against Ishmael and Children of Ishmael. By the way, Why Jews Rejected Jesus? Did they also think him a false prophet? Or did they think he was a descendent of Ishmael? Regardless of the Racial Hatred, see how much the Children of Isaac and Children of Ishmael have really achieved in this world. 1. The Children of Isaac could only control s small are of Palestine for a very short duration of time. They have been kicked out from the Promised land for 2000 years, they could not return there without the help and support of their “Avowed enemies” (Christians). Their presence in Promised land depends only upon the good will of their “Enemies turned Bosom Friends”
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2. Children of Ishmael have remained independent in their original land (Arabia) for more than 5000 years. They slowly captured not only Arabia, but also Syria, Full of Palestine, Iraq, Iran, whole of Egypt and many more lands. In fact all the land which Abraham traveled during his life time has come into everlasting possession of Children of Ishmael. If the promise of God made to Abraham was true, it was fulfilled thru Isaac or thru Ishmael. 3. God works in strange way. The more racial hatred you show, the more you are humbled in the dust!! Q.18 Killing Innocent, Does Islam encourages it? Ans. MUQ: Again it shows your total ignorance of Islam and its teachings. Killing of innocent person is one of the Major Sin in Islam. Quran says that if “Any one kills any human except for killing another person and for creating mischief on the earth, it is as if he has killed the whole of humanity”. How can you say that reward of killing a non Muslim is flat 72 Virgins? Yes those that are martyred in the cause of faith shall be rewarded as you have mentioned, but these are altogether different things. Q.19 Should Church and state be separate? Ans. 1. It apparently look very tempting that Church and State should be independent and each should not interfere in each other’s matters. 2. But if you look closely, this is very wrong, because there is nor force which can ask to tech or moral values. 3. What actually happens is that state is totally incapable to enforce any moral value, and the power of Church also becomes very weak to impose any moral law. 4. What actually happens is that society is slowly driven thru atheism and lack of any moral codes. 5. What we are seeing in USA and other western countries is the running commentary of this observation. 6. In Islam, there is no separation of Church and state. State is responsible for seeing that moral codes are also followed. 7. Islamic laws are so natural and flexible that they can be used and adopted at any stage of developing society. 8. As regards Female Circumcision, it is not a Islamic Guideline at all. Islam only asks for its male members to be circumcised (same as in Bible). This female circumcision is a Tribal practice and has no Islamic Support.

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Chapter-10 Islam, Misc. Topics
Q.1 Evidence of Abraham in Makkah Ans. Arab was for all purposes not existent to the Romans, Greek and other civilizations. A remote area on world map, totally consisting of nomad tribes and no agriculture and fixed income, will not attract the attention of world super powers. That is why so scant record of Arab history will be found in Roman and Greek Historians. There interest in Arabs rose after advent of Islam and by that time, the bias and tussle between Muslims and Jews and Christians had already started. To know the accurate history of Arabs and Arabia, you will have to look at Islamic Scholars. From the First Century of Hegira onwards, we have reliable Islamic records. What ever they say about past history of Arabs and Arabia was taken from the people living at that time. Folklore and Folk Culture is also a part of history. As regards places of Abraham and Ishmael present in Makkah, they had: 1. Well of Zamzam, in Makkah which was believed to have come from the feet of Ishmael (mentioned in Gen 21:19). There is no other such well in the world, working continuously for 4000 years and never getting dry, irrespective of amount of water being drawn from it. 2. The hill of Marwah, where Ishmael was to be sacrificed (Gen 22: 2, the name given is Moriah, which sounds very similar) 3. The foot print of Abraham (mentioned in Quran) and of course the Kaaba (which is referred in Bible as valley of Bekah, another name of Makkah is Bakakh, sounding very similar to Bekah) Now you accuse Arabs of just falsifying these evidences, so as to get some favor from Jews and Christians. These are false accusations and do not carry any weight. Q.2 Why We face towards Makkah? Ans. 5. Islam as new religion: Quran says that religion of all prophets was Islam, and they were all Muslims. We believe God’s words or yours. All prophets did not face Jerusalem during their prayers. Do Christians face towards Jerusalem? If Initially God ordered Muslims to face toward Jerusalem instead of Makkah, it was a test for Muslims, because they had high regards for Makkah. When it was seen that they obeyed God’s command, the direction was changed to Makkah for all times to come. It was also an official declaration that Jews and Christians have been formally dislodged from their leading role. Q.3 Are Animals Muslim? Ans. You are absolutely Right!!! All animal are inherently “Muslims” because they follow the wills of their Creator. They go thru life exactly as God wish them to. It is the Humans, who try to deny the path of life chosen for them and try to become ungrateful to their Creator. Those of Humans, who try to follow their Creator by becoming Muslims are superior to the Animals.
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Otherwise they are worse than these animals and all the animals must be laughing at unbeliever’s follies Q.4 What was the name of religion of old Prophets? Ans.1. The person who receives the revelation (i.e. the prophet), they only Know the truth about the things unseen. Because they see it. Our prophet was taken to heaven by a special miracle of God. When God can send his angles to his prophet , why can’t he transport his messenger to wherever He wants, by whatever means He sees fit. What is ridicules about it? 2. It is not a circular argument, I want to ask you the following: A. What was the name of religion of Noah? B. What was the name of religion of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob? C. What was the name of religion of Moses, Aaron & David etc.? D. What was the name of religion of John the Baptist and Jesus? Further what name these prophets gave to their followers. If you have any prove, then bring it. If you do not have any proof, then you have to accept what Quran says. Because it came from The Knowledgeable source. 3. Compared to all other scriptures, Quran is the most read and most understood book also. Translations and commentaries are available in most major languages. Compared to Quran, those who understand older scriptures are negligible. Old scriptures are in dead languages. They only depend upon what any one has translated it. Arabic is a living language. Every word of Quran has been debated upon and clarified. The work done by Muslims on Quran is much more than done by the followers of other religions. 4. Again I repeat the Question, By what name, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David & Jesus called their Lord. It is very similar to Arabic Word Allah than English word God or Deus etc. 5. Quran is not full of errors, scientific mistakes, arithmetic errors, contradiction etc. In fact Quran challengers the unbelievers that If This Quran Was from anyone But God, They should have found many contradictions in it. I think, you wanted to write Bible and by mistake you typed Quran!!! 6. Allah has not failed to pass on its message to the mankind. The true copy is available every where for those who need it. But if someone does not want to believe in it, how the blame can go to Allah? If Muslims fail to deliver the message or to live by it, the blame cannot go to Allah or His message. 7. Drygomb or other paradox or any other physical laws, do not apply to the personality of God. Your Basic definition that God is Conscious First Cause is itself wrong. So the whole Paradox falls to ground. - He is the Creator of all things, but He is not created. - He Created the Time, but He Himself is timeless. - Every thing else will die, But He alone shall never Die. - He provides for every one, but He does not need any provisions. So do not waste time, in analyzing the personality of God. Already Christians are in great difficulty to prove the concept of Trinity. How God can become man etc.

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Q.5 Is Islam Natural religion? Ans. 1. These multiple beings are not the creator of this universe. Yes they believe in the spirits of their ancestors and many other superstitions. I’m not defending their present religion, what I say, that belief in One True God of Universe is available in these types of societies also. 2. If you cannot find this common thread into the belief s of other religions, then it is your fault not of any other. 3. However, if you want to believe that all these religions in the present form are still “True religions” coming from God, then it is your choice. But you have to explain a lot, as to how these diverse practices contradicting each others, are sanctioned by the same God. 4. You may believe that all this is rubbish and just the imaginations of human beings, then also you need a lot of explanations as to find how these common concepts are available in all religions. If you come to think of it, my arguments have more proof than ‘The theory of Evolution” in which all scientists seem to believe in. 5. The cause of backwardness of Muslim countries is not this believe what you say. Muslims with the same believes have ruled over the world for more that 1000 years. Q.6 Apostate What Penalty? Ans. MUQ: Yes Islam imposes the penalty of death on Apostasy. This is to save the Islamic society from mischief and not a punishment for the crime of apostasy. A. Islam gives a person full choice to accept Islam after going thru its teaching and confirming that it is right path B. However when some one has accepted Islam, he looses the right to change its decision at his free will. It is lie Joining Armed forces. You enter on your free will, but you cannot exit on your free will. C. However this punishment shall be applicable only in Islamic state. D. If someone leaves Islamic state and resides in Non Islamic countries, if he renounces Islam, no death party or search party will be send to locate and kill that man. It happened in the times of prophet and his companions that some Muslims fled to Non Islamic countries and renounced Islam, they were left to their fate and no action was taken against them. Q.7 Why Apostasy is Capital Punishment? Ans. Rules for coming to a religion and leaving are different. If someone joins an army and then tries to leave it, is it equally simple? Islam gives full freedom to newcomer, to study Islam and then come into its fold voluntarily. However once he is in the fold of Islam, he is not allowed to leave it as easily. Otherwise it will cause more chaos and harm to the Society in general. That is why Death Penalty is imposed on apostate. If YOU do not like it, it is up to you!
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Q.8 What have Muslim achieved in past 300 years? Ans. Regarding Fruits of Arabs, Ask your Christian Scholars and Scientists. - When Whole of Europe was under the Dark Age, Arabs were leading the World! - It Was Muslim Civilization in Spain, that taught Europe the Basics of Science . - Manuscripts of Muslim Scholars are still available in many of Europe’s Museums, just go and look at it! - It is Customary of a decent person to acknowledge its benefactors, but we see that Christians in their pride have forgotten the Debt they owe to Arabs - Let me read to you a quotation from a Muslim Historian and Sociologist (IBN KHALDOON) in ~ 1000 AH (~ 1500 AD) he writes about the Europe:: “This weather is cloudy for on most days it is very cold. Due to extreme cold; skins of the residents became pale and eyes have become blue. Due to extreme cold their brains are frozen and they cannot understand finer points of science and Mathematics!” Strange Quote; that is how Civilizations Judge each other. Now you are saying what are the fruits of Arabs and Islam? It was the advent of Islam that started the age of reasoning!! Dogma in Islam is very little and that only which concerns the Personality and attributes of God and the things which are not in this world. On al other issues, Qur’an asks us to look into nature as a proof of his powers and bounties. There is hardly any page in Qur’an, which does not deal with nature. Qur’an is the only Scripture on this earth that does not contradict any proven scientific fact. Your problem is that you are so biased towards Islam, Muslims, Qur’an and Mohammad (PBUH) that you will not look at the Qur’an seriously. There is hardly anybody, who has studied Qur’an with an open heart and has not got convinced of its truth. (those who look at the “asses” of people or find Judeo-Christian influence are another lot) Israel may have caused the desert to bloom but they have also created darkness in most Arab Lands around them. The fruits of Israel are for their own people, whereas Arabs have shared it with whole world! And to end, Probably It was Satan, who commanded Muhammad (PBUH) :” That whenever you recite Qur’an, take refuge to Allah, from Satan, the cursed one”. Q.9 Is Islam copied from Jews and Christians? Ans. 1. You are contradicting yourself here. The Name Judaism is a much later invention. If you think about it, you will see it. Judaism is derived from the Word Judah, who was a Son of Israel. Judaism as a religion for whole Children of Israel was chosen after the State of Judea came into being after David. That is why you will not find word “Judaism” in Torah or any other scripture. The name God gave to Israel was Islam. 2. Muslims did not take anything from Jews and Christians. It is God who wished to continue certain practices till the day of Judgment, that is why they were continued. Many of the practices were discontinued, and that included observing Sabbath.
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3. Noah & Abraham were not Jews. But Noah is the forefather of all human race. Abraham as patriarch is related to Ishmael and Isaac both. It is therefore best to practice the religion of Abraham that that of Isaac and that makes sense. Religion of Abraham was Islam, So It is older than Judaism and Christianity. 4. Sabbath was a special instruction given to Children of Israel. But as Jesus said “Sabbath was made for man, man was not made for Sabbath”. So It is not of fundamental importance to other people other than Jews. 5. All days are equally holy to God, since he is creator of all days and months. It is your scholars who gave it unnecessary importance. Q.10 Death Penalty for Apostasy? Ans. Any Muslim Blaspheming name and character of our prophet deserves death punishment. This is Islamic law and we support it. Your freedom of speech and expression does not give you right to abuse the personality of our prophet. 7. It does not mean that we want every one to accept the prophet hood of Mohammad (PBUH). You have right to reject him, right to criticize him, but it should be done within moral limits. It does not give you the right to make caricature and cartoons of him. We demand respect for his personality as we respect all Jewish and Christian prophets. 7A. If you do not take your religion seriously, we do it and you should respect it. 8. Now comes the question of a Muslim renouncing his faith. Islam considers itself as God’s True, Chosen and Final religion on the face of earth. It gives freedom of choice for every one to accept it or reject it. 8A. That part is voluntary. But once you come into the fold of Islam and want to abandon it, your choice has ended. Now the question of protecting other’s faith come into being. 8B. The person rejecting Islam, will be given time to verify his doubt and give his reasons for leaving Islam. His doubts shall be clarified and if he still persists in his views, he has to forfeit his life. This is Islamic Law and I support it. 9. Laws for entering and Laws for Exit into any society could be different. You see joining army is voluntary, but you can not desert it. You have to die if you do so. 9A. Muslims are God’s army on this earth. They cannot desert the cause. This is Islamic view. If you like it, come to our army. Otherwise stay put outside. 10. I think I have covered all of your points, please point out is any thing is left out. Q.11 Why Muslims worship black stone? Ans. About Black Stone: 1. It is also a false rumor spread without any foundation. Islam is such a pure religion as for as worship is concerned, that it looks ridiculous that it will allow worship of a Black Stone, when it destroyed all other Idols in and around Ka’aba. 2. Some people accuse us, that since we go around Ka’aba, we worship it! The fact is Ka’aba was made by Prophet Abraham as a symbol of worship of Single Unique God. We go around it, only because it is expressively mentioned in Qur’an :”and circumambulate the Ancient House” (Ch. 22 V 29) and we saw our prophet doing it. 3. Black Stone is fixed in a corner of Ka’aba and it is customary to start from here and end here. It is used to count the number of rounds. 4. There are many theories as to its origin, one of that is that it is the only stone remaining from the original house made by prophet Abraham. Our prophet kissed it so we kiss it, some time we only point towards it.
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5. Caliph Omar is reported top have said” I know you are only a stone, you can neither profit us nor harm us. If I had not seen our prophet kissing you, I would not have kissed you” 5. By the way, if just by kissing, we are accused of False worship, what about you Who kiss Cross, Hands of Pope and Bishops! You bow down to statues of Mary, Saints and what not. 6. It is strange that people deep involved in Idol Worship (Hindus) and Relics Worshipper (Christians) Accuse Muslims of False Worship! Q.12 Is Islam a Devil, Cult? Ans. It simply shows that you do not know any thing about Islam. To call it a Devil cult, shows that you do not know about Devil or Cult. How could Islam, with more than one billion followers, highly organized laws and commandments, and sophisticated civilization behind it, can be called a cult? Which Devil will instruct his followers to “Take refuge with Allah against the cursed Devil” before reading his own scripture Q.13 Have DIMMI Rights? Ans.3. How can you say that, there are no rights for DIMMIS. Our books of Jurisprudence are filled with the rights of DIMMIS. They are more than what are available to Muslims in West. See the uproar in your media and (even parliament) over Muslim Girls wearing scarf on their head. I think, if they wanted to come nude, they would have got some supporters (from Women Right’s group). In Islamic State DIMMI can wear their clothes without any objection. Why don’t you quote these 165 “Sword Verse” and place side by side “sword verses” from Bible also. Let the people judge. But you wont accept challenge!! 4. Please ask a Jew what a Kosher meat is, and you will find same “Mumbo jumbo” pronounced there also. We do not say that you also eat “Halal” meat (which is more fresh by medical standards), buy why you stop others. In Islamic state, DIMMI will be allowed to eat meat of their choice!! See the difference. Q.14 Are Muslims afraid of Allah? New Commandments Ans. 4. Yes, God does not want that people should obey him by Fear (as the fear of a Criminal or Wrongdoer), That is why you find God referring to himself in Quran mostly as , Merciful, Loving, Forgiving, Cherisher, Kind etc. This is a Willing Submission as one does to one, who has done many acts of kindness to you, and you do not wish to annoy or displease him. 5. If Moses was alive to day, he would have been the first to join the band of our Prophet. Commandments as given in Old Testament and supplemented by Quran are sufficient till the day of Judgment. Now you have mentioned some, let me add some more: - You shall not create a state by displacing the original inhabitants of that land. - You shall not be biased in your attitude towards any race, nation or people, and you shall do justice between them. - You shall not use your Veto Power to provide unnecessary advantage to a nation. - You shall not try to create hate between people and religions, by lampooning the personality of its religious leaders.
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- You shall not attack any nation on suspicion of having WMD and interfere in its internal matters. - You shall not create WMD s (That include Atomic, Hydrogen, Chemical and Biological Weapons) and shall not stock pile them. - You shall not exterminate any inferior race (Red Indians, Aborigines etc) just to capture their land. In fact all these are included in the original commandments, but we only look at them selectively. Our mistakes become invisible to us and we only see the mistakes of others.

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Chapter-11 Islam: Use of Force, Hate and other topics
Q.1 Was Islam spread by Sword? Ans. This is another myth repeated and propagated by anti-Islamic media, though very few serious thinkers believe it. First let me quote to you from Quran. "Let there be no compulsion in religion: truth stands out from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy hand hold (Ch.2 V 256)" "Will you then compel mankind, against their will to believe! (Ch 10, V 99)". "You are no other than a Warner. (Ch 35, V 23)" Passages like that are numerous in Quran. Now Consider, If Islam was spread by Sword, then who compelled the first believers to accept Islam. Why Islam is growing so fast in West. Yes, Islam was spread by Sword, but it is sword of intellect, which attracts all right thinking men to it! Q.2 Why it uses force to keep its followers in check? Ans. In Islam, there is no difference between Secular & religious duties of Government. It is also the duty of state to safeguard the moral behavior of your people. Same way, you have Traffic Police, Highway Patrol, IRS , Prison’s etc, Can we say you cannot drive unless you have these forces! “MUTAWA” as you refer are unique to Saudi Arabia. Who if filling the mosques in other parts of the world? Why mosques are overflowing with devotees, while churches are empty> Q.3 Does Islam uses force for conversion? Ans. 1. No body should be forced to accept a particular faith. It should come from free will. 2. The aim of believers should be to put forward their case with wisdom and beautiful preaching. 3. Every human being should be free to choose his or her faith on his own. 4. However, if there are forces that are standing in the way of delivering the message of Islam or are trying to undermine or threaten Islamic state, then it is duty of every Muslim to take up arm and defend its faith and land and remove oppression. 5. Fighting in Islam bracketed with the clause “In the Way of Allah”. This removes the intention to just expand your kingdom and make other nations and their resources as slave to you. 6. Compare this with “It is American Interest to be a Dominant force in Middle East”…”It is in American Interest to have Nuclear Free world” etc. Why you do not complain about these “National Interests”
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7. Most Blood is spilled in this world in so called “National Interests” than “Religious Interests”. All atrocities by USA, UK , Israel, USSR and elsewhere is condoned on “National Interests” Islam removes a very large case of mischief from this world. Q.4 Did Islam Spread by force? Ans. Yes, you are right, he did not destroy Judaism and Christianity, but I said, he single handedly destroyed the logics of Judaism (Jews being Chosen Race, Chosen People and Children of Allah) and Christianity (Trinity, Atonement, Original Sin ), so they had to go back into their shells. 4A. As for your accusations of rape, murder and forced conversion, they all are false and cannot stand the test of impartial enquiry. In fact you paint your ancestors in very bad light, that they changed their religion for a very small price. Q.5 Does Islam allow freedom of religion? Ans. 1. Muslims believe that their religion is the true religion from God almighty. It is their sincere desire that all mankind come to that religion and save themselves from the wrath of God in the hereafter. What is wrong in that? However they do not want to compel any one to accept their faith.. 2. Yes, everyone has a right to think and choose his religion. We only want that true message of Islam reaches to every human being. Whether he accepts it or rejects it, it is his choice. 3. That media is biased against Islam is for every one to see. If any Muslim commits a crime, it is projected in media as if all Muslims do that. However if any Jew or Christian commits the same crime, it is treated otherwise. If any Israeli Women or Child dies, CNN, BBC and others show it non-stop. Scores of Palestinian women and Children die every day, but it is small news to them. Islam does not encourage division of sects and factions. This practice and infighting is strongly condemned by Quran and Tradition. Still if Muslims are divided into sects and are fighting the blame rests with them not Islam. Just check the ownership of all major news papers and news channels, the fact will become clear to you. 4. We do not ignore others, but want to engage them into meaningful dialog, but we often meet the persons with closed minds and pre-conceived notions. Q.6 Does Islam provide freedom of speech? Ans. Freedom Of Speech: I think you know very much, that the freedom of speech is not absolute. It is restricted and the limits are well known. In you own system, Freedom of Speech can not be used to: Making State Secrets open. Passing Information to others, that may damage nation (spying) Damaging the reputation of others, that enable him to bring suit for Libel etc. Violating Copy right or Intellectual property rights of others. In all these cases, you cannot Freedom of Speech as your defense argument.
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Now Islam adds one more point to it, That you cannot use this freedom of speech to malign the personality of our prophet or other respected authorities. We Muslims also abide by this ruling and we do not revile the personality of other religions. We are instructed (in Qur’an) to not revile the gods of Idolaters, lest they may in their ignorance revile the True God (Ch.6, V 108). However it does not mean, that we do not allow any body to question the prophet hood of our prophet and question his teachings. But this should be done with respect and should not revile his personal character. The book written by Rushdie, was neither a scholarly work, not written with any other intention than lampooning the personality of our prophet and his (respected) wives. Further As a Muslim, his crime was doubly wrong. But the way, in which Western Media and Government came to his defense was equally deploring. Q.7 What are fruits of Islam? Ans. . From 7th to 14th Century Arabic was the International language of Science and Muslims were the Top Scientists. If you do not believe it, ask your scholars and look at the thousands of Manuscripts in European Museums.. When Islam was on top, Our Civilization and Our Science were also on top. In case of Christianity, when your religion was on top, your civilization and sciences were in Dark Ages. Now, when Your science and Civilization is on top, your religion is at bottom That shows difference between Islam & Christianity. 10. You say end of prophet hood is nothing, those you have eyes on religion, think otherwise. At least now the Human Race could be united under one banner, the religion of truth, Islam. Q.8 What Muslims did in Science? Ans. There might be a few Arab Jews and Christian Scientists, as we have Muslim Scientists today. But the society was controlled by Muslims, as modern society by Westerns. Most Scholars of Highest Eminence were Muslims. Jews and Christians worked with them or under them and then transmitted the knowledge to Europe. 7A. We are at the bottom, because we have gone away from our religion. You are on top because you also have gone away from your religion. That is the basic difference between the two. Golden age of Islam was the Golden age of Islamic Science. Golden age of Christianity was Dark Ages for Science. Q.9 Does Islam Preach Hate ? Ans. For this, I can only quote the following from Quran: Nor can goodness and evil be equal, repel (evil) with what is better, then will be between whom and you was hatred become as it were your intimate friend (Ch 61, V 34) Revile not you those whom they call upon beside God, lest they out of spite revile God in ignorance (Ch 6 V 108)
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We sent you not but as a mercy for all creatures! (Ch 21 V 107) Q.10 What is His name? Ans. It seems to me that you are getting hysterical about this beautiful name of Creator and Sustainer of our universe. Now I ask you from where you got this word God? Why you spell it with “G” why not with “g”. Who authorized this use? What is meaning of these words (god, gods, goddess, Tingod, god-father, god-mother etc) The use of God to describe Supreme being is very recent. Allah is much older name for Supreme being than God. All prophets of God used to call their Lord by this name only. It is the same as ELOHIM of Old Testament. You remember last word of Jesus on cross: ELLI, ELLI, LAMA SABAQTANI. Now this word ELLI, does it sound like: -God God or - Jehovah, Jehovah My dear, it sound like Allah, Allah of Arabic or Elohi, Elohi of Hebrew. You know millions of Arab Christians, know Supreme Being by this Name Allah only. Will you swear at the also? We kill less in Name of Allah than you kill in the Name of God every day, every hour, every minute, every second. I think you are under lot of mental stress, why not take a break and have some cooling drink? Q.11 What is His name? Ans.1. The term Judaism came into being only after the state of Judea was created in Palestine. You will not find this word in Bible. It is your own concocted name. 2. Hebrew is not a race, it is a language. Abraham Spoke it, Arabic is sister language of Hebrew. I’m not arguing that these people were of Jewish race. Name of their religion was neither Judaism nor Christianity. These words are human concoction. God chose Islam as the name of religion of all His prophets. 3. ELOHIM of Hebrew is Allah of Arabic. “IM” is the plural of respect in Hebrew, so the Word is “ELOHI” or “ILAH” which sounds very similar to Allah. Ask Arab Christian or Jew by which name they call Supreme Being? The Answer will be Allah. It is not a strange word, only you are making is as such. By the way to God belongs Most Beautiful Names. So we can call Him, Allah, ELOHIM, God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful etc. No need to fight over this? 4. Some thing may good with age but some thing may become bad with age also. Wheat, Apple, Grape, clothes, Cars, Planes and all machinery become bad with age. So this is not a point of argument either. You say some thing is good, only because it is old is not a valid argument. People lied, cheated, committed Blasphemy and other crimes in old times also and in our age also.
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5. Considering Islam as Bad Apple, may be your analysis. It is growing faster than Judaism and Christianity, that is sure. And that is in spite of your propaganda and media bias. Q.12 How reliable are Human Rights Report? Ans.2. Human Rights reports are good, and made with fair intentions. However, they do not consider the customs of society about which they are reporting. Every nation should be judged according to its customs and believes, to which they adhere. Western Model is neither the best not the most practical for whole world. That is why; their reports are biased towards western civilization. Q13 Are there Human Rights in Islam? Ans. 2. Human Rights Report: The way you quote Human Rights reports against Muslim countries means that you treaty them as absolute truths. You link aid (Loan with heavy interests actually) linked with these reports. But if it criticized your country or Israel, you dismiss it as biased and not based on facts. Why this double standard? 2A. Your presence is Iraq is against International law and totally unjustified. 2B. Your attack on Taliban was also wrong, Taliban did not had any role in 9/11. they were attacked even before 9/11 was analyzed fully. 2C. You quote Israel as a symbol of religious tolerance. This itself is a biased view. With their treatment of Palestinians, they are the most biased regime. 3 Rudy and Aid: He was wrong to decline the aid from Saudi Arabia or its aid organizations because: 3A. Saudi Arabian Government had no role in 9/11. It is the same as some Americans do some crime in any country and American Government gives some humanitarian aid. 3B. The aid was for the victims, they had right to get immediate relief. 3C. By rejecting the aid, they indirectly put the blame on all Muslims and Arab countries. 3D. The crime was not fully investigated at that time and it was not clear as to who are the real culprits. It is still not fully solved and no body has been convicted in any court of law. It was apolitical trail. 3E. Main cause of instability is ME is the presence of Israel and one sided support given to it by USA and other western powers. If they correct their attitude, peace is possible in ME as was for past 1400 years there. Q14 Can Islam coexist with other faiths? Ans. Again you are trying to confuse the two issues. Islam recognizes and confirm the scriptures given to earlier prophets. Now if the Jews and Christians join together to plan against Islam itself, the religion of God, on whose side they are? Certainly not God’s Side, they are on the side of Satan, hence they are God’s enemy. So Islam recognizes itself as the true religion of God and other religions as being corrupted and distorted. It is a theological question and is also reasonable. How could you believe that there are two best paths of salvation? Don’t you say that “Salvation only comes thru the blood of Jesus”….”All those who do not believe in that are fit for eternal condemnation”
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The beauty of Islam is that, it coexists with other religions, it respects their teachers, their scriptures, does not abuse them … it gives them freedom of worship etc. But at the same it does not allow them to plot or damage the Islamic faith or Islamic state. There is perfect balance between force and reasons. Q15 Was Ishmael bad boy? Ans. 1. To call Ishmael as “Bad Boy” is haughtiness of Highest Order. God called him, son and seed of Abraham. Blessed him and promised to make him a big nation (Refer to your book of Genesis), he was First Born Son of Abraham, and you have temerity to call him “Bad Boy” Proofs and legends linking building of Kaaba by Abraham and Ishmael are much stronger than any other hypothesis. But you are so much “Brain washed “ by Jews that you cannot see in front of your eyes. The well connected with Ishmael (in Genesis) is still present in Makkah. It is indeed a unique well in the world. Working for past 4000 years and never going dry. Q16 Does Islam allows Killing Jews? Ans. According to your believes, God did record all-important things of future in your books. Advent of Prophet Mohammad had a great impact on human history. How is it possible that such an important personality was not mentioned in your books? It does not make sense. So the logic demands that we search for it in your books as proof against you. Not that we are using Jewish Bible for the practice of our religion. You say it is Con-Job, thousand and thousand of Jews and Christians are coming to the fold of Islam every day. They say your actions are a big Cover Up! So be reasonable and try to answer my questions logically and reasonably. Where does Qur’an say to kill Jews because they do not observe Sabbath? Please give the quotation, it will be my biggest surprise. In fact the Qur’an says (Say: O people of the book! You have no ground to stand upon unless you stand fast by the Law, The gospel and all the revelation that has come to you from your Lord .. Ch. 5 Verse 71) What could be more logical than this? Q17 What is Islamic Jihad? Ans. 1. Please enjoy your Ham Sandwich. But if someone sees that it is stale, expired, covered with blood or Dung on one side, should not he tell you? If even after that you keep on enjoying your Ham Sandwich; please go ahead, but you should not become enemy of that person, why he told you this. 2. In the same way, we carry out these discussions to put our own view point for our believes and point out mistakes in others. But no body is forcing any one to accept his view point. That is the freedom of choice given to each individual. 3. Muslims carrying out Islamic Jihad, need our full support and help. However every war by any Muslim is not called Jihad. So if any one is killing innocent persons in the name of
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religion, he should be condemned. But this is a two way street. You also should condemn all killings of innocent persons done by your army and your staunchest ally (Israel). You cannot make it one sided affair. 4. Which nice Muslim condoned killing of innocent people in the name of religion. What do you mean publicly. Shouting down Riyadh with “Down with Jihadis”? In fact Muslim states are killing and torturing more Jihadis than you yourself! 5. Use your intelligence and check the truth of your own believes. 6. At the same time be sure that your Ham Sandwich is safe and not contaminated! Q18 What is Islamic Jihad? I’ll Inshallah try to answer all these questions. It would be best if you asked them one at a time. Then it is easy to answer. Otherwise the issues get mixed. 1. The first is the wrong concept of Jihad amongst Muslims and Non Muslims. They think any war or fight in which one party is Muslim and another Non Muslim is Jihad per see, but it is not correct. 2. In Islam Jihad is linked with “In the cause of God”. Fighting in which the aim is to protect, preserve, remove oppression, from Islamic State come under the banner of Jihad. Fighting to save your own person, honor, property and nation also come under purview of jihad. 2A. Islamic Jihad is used to remove oppression and mischief from the earth and not to increase it. It puts great emphasis on achieving peace, but if the enemy does not accept peace terms, then he shall be repelled with all available means. 3. In light of above, Al Qaeda do not qualify to give the call for Islamic Jihad because they have no base. Prior to 9/11, no body had ever heard of Al Qaeda. Real culprits of 9/11 have not been caught yet. There is a big cover up there and the facts will come to light sooner or later. Muslims were framed in that incident that is sure. Without inside help, such an operation could never be accomplished. Q19 Does Islam only preaches Violence? Ans. 1. Where did you read that Islam teaches that only Muslims should live on the earth and every body else should be slaughtered? If that was so, why in Islam we have limits of warfare? Clear instructions as to when the fighting should stop. It gives clear instructions as to how to reason with the people of other faiths. You have got a very narrow view and knowledge about Islam, picked up from hearsay. 2. You have simplified our prophet’s life in two sentences. He preached for 13 years in Makkah, during which he and his followers were persecuted and tortured, so much so that many had to fled their homes and took refuge in a foreign land. 3. The prophet himself had to flee Makkah (in danger of his life) to Medina. Even in Medina, he was threatened by the Makkah People. He was forced to take up arms and in the ten years of fighting, he captured the whole country of Arabia. 4. What you fail to realize was that during these ten years of fighting, the total casualty (on both sides) did not reach even 1000. When he conquered Makkah, he forgave all those who had persecuted him for 13 years. 5. After the death of Prophet, the Islamic State of Arabia was threatened on two sides by the two superpowers of the time (Persian Empire in the east) and Roman empire in the north. If Muslims had not taken arms to defend themselves, they would have been exterminated. In all the battles that you have mentioned Muslims, were out numbered by their enemies in both numbers and arms.
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6. Islam’s message is that, this religion should be propagated to every one on this earth. It is the choice of that person to accept or reject it. No body will be forced to accept Islam. 7. However if any power, threatens Islamic state or tries to stop its propagation by force, then Muslims should take up arms to destroy that power. This is precisely what West is doing. What is this demand for Democracy? What is this cry for Human Rights? What is NPT, CTBT etc. Why there are superpowers, who want themselves to be so powerful that nobody can stand in their way. If you are accepting all these things why not the right of Islam to propagate itself? 8. Which ever country Muslims went, they made it at their home, not the “Colonies” like western nations did, to use them as milking cows.

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Chapter-12 Islam – Objections
Q.1 Knowledge, Derived from Roman etc? Ans. This is another of your folly. You believe that if Romans, or Greek or Byzantines do not know about any thing, it does not exist in the world. The history of Arabia was preserved in the memory of Arabs since generations. If they did not had written record, it does not men it is all wrong. They had legends to link Makkah and Kaaba with Abraham, and Ishmael. Kaaba was holy to all Arabs; they used to gather there for annual pilgrimage. It was not made for Idolatry. All the points mentioned in the Abraham’s story (as recorded in Bible) find confirmation in Arab legends. The well associated with Ishmael still exists, the place of sacrifice of Ishmael still exist there. All this local folklore cannot be dismissed as mere fairy tales. Your mistake is that you believe that Mohammad (PBUH) changed every thing in Makkah and Arabian customs. He changed only those portions which were against monotheism and Islamic believes. Rest of the things were retained as it is. Islamic sources of History are more reliable than your Roman, Greek or Byzantine ones. MUQ: Which verse was abrogated will be clear from the Islamic literature of Hadith. However, most scholars agree that very few of the verses were actually abrogated in full. The verses abrogated still are applicable if special circumstances exist, that is why they are still in Quran. Which verse is abrogated and which is not, need deep study of Quran and Hadith literature (and there is no shortage of Muslim scholars who have done this). What a Muslim does is his act, if h acts contrary to the teachings of Allah and Prophet, he will face the consequences of his acts. If he repents sincerely , Allah may forgive him. Q.2 Other faiths, Does Quran denounces other faiths? Ans. 1. Bad Christians are getting motivation from the hate generated by the Zionist controlled media. And bad Muslims are getting sympathies of masses by witnessing crimes committed against Muslims in Palestine, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq etc and the world media is keeping mum. 2. Neither does Quran demonize other religions. Its arguments are always in civil words and follow reason. Compared to the language Christians use in these forums, Quranic line of argument is very powerful. It depicts and mentions all past prophets in good light and never speaks any thing against any prophet. 3. You are trying to read Islam with a biased view. First see how many verses are in Quran. How many are devoted to the Principle of Monotheism, Prophet hood, Last Day, Social Issues, Laws and Commandments. Then see how many are devoted to Fighting in the cause of God? What is the general impression?. Instead of that if you only concentrate on verses of fighting, you will think Quran is only about fighting. That is the method adopted by you and it will lead you to the same conclusion. 4. Quran and Hadith (sayings of prophet) are the sources of Islamic religion. They do not create hatred between nations. Q.3 Penalty, Why Death Penalty? Ans. 1. It is the Law from your Creator. When your Human Rulers can make laws and force death penalty or other penalties, why can’t your own Creator? What do you want to prove. Why does your state has Police Force? To Cow you down, so you obey the state laws? Same is with the Lord and Creator of you and universe.
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2. Mohammad (PBUH) did not bring any new message. He only perfected the old religions and his message was for whole humanity and for all times till the day of Judgment. Where do you find the contradiction? If Abraham said, God is one, If Moses said God is One, if Jesus said God is one. Does it mean they all copy from each other? It is the truth that God is One, so all true prophets will say the same thing. 3. All places of worship belong to God. Whether it be Mosques, Churches, Synagogues or Temples. So they should be used only for the worship of one true God, not man made Idols or created human beings. I do not know for what purpose you have given quotations from the books of Old and New Testament? To prove what? Q.4 Does Islam restricts progress in Science? Ans. 3. Progress in Science and technology are no signs for the truth or false hood of religion. If Hindus become most advanced nation in the world, would it mean that their religion is best and true. Same religion kept them at the bottom of world for so many centuries. There are different rules for rise and fall of nations and civilizations. 4. Islam does not stop us from learning science and technology. The devices are neither Muslim or KAFIR. If you use them in good cause, they are Muslims, otherwise, they become KAFIRS. What is the value of ethics if there is no religion? Why should we be good, honest, chaste, if it all ends with this life? Religions give you a purpose of life. Otherwise it is a law of Jungle. Q.5 Science, Is Quran compatible with Modern Science? Ans. On all other issues, Qur’an asks us to look into nature as a proof of his powers and bounties. There is hardly any page in Qur’an, which does not deal with nature. Qur’an is the only Scripture on this earth that does not contradict any proven scientific fact. Your problem is that you are so biased towards Islam, Muslims, Qur’an and Mohammad (PBUH) that you will not look at the Qur’an seriously. There is hardly anybody, who has studied Qur’an with an open heart and has not got convinced of its truth. (those who look at the “asses” of people or find Judeo-Christian influence are another lot) I am sorry to say, Qur’an has answer to all of your objections! Q.6 Science and Technology, Does Islam block progress? Ans. 1. Only religion which encourages the growth of education and science and has nothing to fear is Islam. If Science and education follow their true goal, i.e. finding the truth and mechanism of the working of the universe, there will no contradiction between Science and Islam. So far Islam and Science have gone with each other, no Scientific Fact has been contradicted by Islam and Science has not contradicted any thing from Quran. In future I do not see any contradiction coming along. 1A. However Science may Contradict many models of God, believed by other religions. Islam’s model of an All Powerful, All knowledgeable, Wise, Omniscient , Omnipotent model that is unlike any of His Creation can never be contradicted by the findings of Science and Education. 1B. However the Models of God by other religions (With Four heads, eight hands, reclining on bed of Serpent in an ocean and attended by Wife, or a standing man with Tiger skin along
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his loins and Moon on his head, or a Triune God, with a Man Like Son etc would prove wrong and have much explaining to do to the Science. 1C. In Fact in Quran it is said “We will show you our signs in the Universe and in yourselves, so you shall know that it is truth…” 43:52 2. You are right, Man made writings like Bible have to fear much from advancement of Science, because their “Science” of Old days would be torn apart. But since Quran is the direct revelation from God, preserved in its original language and form, it shall never be proven wrong. After all Creator of this Universe knows about His creation than any scientist and He does not tell a lie. 3. Evolution is still a theory and it is doubt full if it ever be proven right. This is one of the Fantasies of Science and has a very non scientific base. You already start believing in something without either having any proof or logic. However the evolution may be acceptable, if it is assumed that these changes are being controlled by a knowledgeable authority and are not mere caused due to Survival of Fittest. The Ape (original species) and Man (the best evolution) are both alive, whereas in between stages (which were certainly better than the original ape) have perished. You start believing in this un-scientific theory only to deny the Religion and Creator and nothing else. Q.7 Slavery, Why it allowed? Ans. MUQ: Slavery was an Institution which existed in world before our Prophet. I think you are well aware of it. Both Old and New Testament speak of slavery and not a word of condemnation against slavery is spoken there. Slavery was rampant in Roman Empire and else where in the world. So you cannot say that Islam started this institution. In Islam slaves can be only those who are captured in the battlefield, no one else. A. Islam also did not abolish the whole system of slavery at that time, because the stage was then ready for it. However it did many things to improve the conditions of slaves and gave them many “Rights” which nobody could think in those days. B. Our prophet said “You feed your slave what you eat and clothe them with what you wear”. He asked Masters to share the heavy burden of slaves. C. Islam gave the right to slave to enter into agreement with his master to buy back his freedom. D. Freeing a slave was a very good deed in Islam and Quran asks Muslims to free as many necks as they can. E. It was due to these rights, that many slaves rose to the level of Highest Scholarship and were revered by all Muslims, many even rose to become kings of many nations. F. There is nothing in Islamic slavery for which Muslims have to apologize to any one. In Islam itself. Q.8 Slavery ,why not abolished? Ans. 5. It is easy for you to say that slavery was always wrong. Without being in the age we can always pass the judgment on others. Slavery originally started because men, women and children were captured during the war. In those days there was no system for exchange of prisoners, so the state was stuck with these people. If it set them loose, they may again join
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enemy forces and come back to fight. If it kills them all (as advised by Bible), it was inhuman, if it keep them into prison, it was extra burden on state. So it was deemed practical to distribute these amongst the people, so that they may do some job and the expenses are distributed amongst the population. It was both an economical and practical solution. Any way Islam did not started it and did not abolish it also, because it was not practical then. But it gave them may rights, which you can see in the book of Islamic Jurisprudence. Freeing a slave was an act of good deed. So many freed slaves rose to very high position in Islamic state. If you compare the treatment of Muslims and compare it with other nations, Like Romans, you will be amazed. Q.9 Society, Does it provide a successful society? Ans. This is also a strange observation, Islamic Civilization is now more than 1400 years old. It ruled major part of globe for more than 1000 years, in Spain for 800 years. Relics of Islamic Civilization in form of Books and Structures are still available throughout the world. What is then the intent of this question, I cannot make out. Q.10 Sword, Was Islam propagated by Sword? Ans. As to your second question, as to any Muslim state attacking another state to force it into accepting Islam. I have already mentioned the Islamic Principles involved. No body is to forced into accepting Islam. If there is economic reason, expanding its boundaries or any otherworldly cause, this could be a Muslim War, but not Islamic Jihad. What General Muslims think about Islamic Jihad, I cannot say. What I know that most of Western Media has so much maligned this term, that in any war, where one party is Muslim and another non-Muslim, it is termed as Jihad. It could be Jihad, but not Jihad in the cause of God! Islam being forced on the point of sword: In fact Western Thinkers are at a loss as to the rapid expansion of Islam. If they would have looked into the Character of Last Prophet and God’s plan to establish his religion in the world, they would have satisfied. But they always look for baser motives. What they could not do in 600 years, how could Islam do it in 50 Years!! Now let us look at it objectively: A. Prophet preached for 13 years in Makkah, during this time, what sword did he have? His most sincere followers came from that period. B. Even in Medina, he had to fight wars, in most of which Muslim armies well outnumbered and ill equipped. Which Sword assured Muslim Victory? Sword of Faith and Firm Believe in their Cause. Prophet’s conduct of these wars, so magnificent that total loss of both parties combine did not reach even 1000! C. During Companions times many battles were fought, in most of them Muslims armies were out numbered and ill equipped. They had sword, so had their opponents! Why Muslims sword prevailed in all these battles? It was again due to their faiths and believe in their causes, D. Orientalist of 18th and 19th Century took their cue from these incidents and started their myth that Islam spread only on the point of sword.
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E. They did not consider, that there are many countries, where Islam spread thru the traders and preachers, No Muslim army went to Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Philippine, West Coast of Africa, and many places of the world. F. Islam has indeed a sword that helps it in spread, it is the sword of Intellect, sword of reasonableness, sword of Character. It is these swords that helped it in its rapid progress in its early period and its traces are seen even today. G. Islam could boast of best brains from West coming to fold of Islam, which sword is being used on them. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West and World in general. More than 2/3rd of them are women. Which Sword is being used on them. H. What I see is that, the people who have made maximum use of sword in the spread of their religion are accusing the most peaceful of all religion to have made use of sword in spread of religion. Q.11 Sword, Afraid of Sword? Ans. Why are you so afraid of Sword? Are you Coward? Why every nation has so much stock of Arms and Ammunitions with it? Is it for Show? I Think USA has much more armaments and power than all Muslim Nations combined. Still you are afraid of Sword and Spear? What is your problem? The followers of “Turn-The-Other-Cheek” religion are now wielding Atomic Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs, Air Craft Carriers, ICBM s, Space lasers etc. etc. You should not worry about a few Muslim Swords and Spears? Why the reverse? We are not afraid of your ammunitions, why should you be of ours? Q.12 Terrorism, Is Jihad Terrorism? Ans. 1. That is the response of those who do not look at the root cause of the problem and decide only on superficial evidence. 2. Your definition of Terrorist is biased and not logical. 3. Jihad and Terrorism are two different things. They cannot be combined as one. If you are against war itself, then you owe a bigger explanation to the world regarding your past conduct 4. Considering that UK was the originator of Israel, and provided all material and political help in its creation, it is strange to say that it does not fund “Israeli Terrorists”. That is the main reason of problem you are having. Q.13 Women right, Islam Vs Bible? Ans. Regarding Women’s right, I gave you a fair solution. Let us put side by side verses from Bible and from Quran and HADITH, on every issue, then let the reader decide. Instead of doing that, you are just giving quotations from one side only. The problem is that, these do not mean, what you are trying to prove. Best comparison can be done, when we have both side of the story. - If you do not believe in Bible and are a Modern and Rationalist, then say so, So we can understand each other. Then I will ask you to quote from your laws and then compare it with Islamic Laws and teachings.

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Q.14 Women’s Rights, Does Islam degrades Women? Ans. 1. If the Catholic Priests took the vow of Celibacy, what the Holy Spirit was doing? Because they claim to have Holy Spirit in them. This fact alone destroys the belief that Holy Spirit has guided the Church and protected it from falling into error. There are hypocrites among every people, and it is they that undermine the Original message of God. 2. Second issue is regarding women’s rights in Islam. A. I want to make it very clear that Islam (and in fact no Religion) says that Man and Woman are exactly equal. It is no un-scientific to say. B. Men and Women have been created not exact equals but as complimentary to each other. They make a pair, which is the basic unit of family. C. In a family rights and duties of parties differ. D. The sphere for men and women are different. Men are made responsible to earn the living for the family and do all outside jobs. Women have to take care of the house and children. E. That women have to take care of house is not degrading their position. It is what for they have been made for. Their physiology and psychology both matches with that role. If you try to use them for some other role, they will certainly loose their feminine nature (which is so evident when we look at career women and those in political field). 3. Islam is a Natural religion, so it accords rights and duties to women in accordance with their roles. Now seen in that light, let us analyze the verses in question A. 4:34: Man beating women: This verse is used in context when there is a break up of relation between husband and wife. It may ultimately result in Divorce, which is not encouraged in Islam. So the Quran asks husband to admonish his wife, refuse sexual intercourse with her, and use small force. These are used to save the break up of message. Our prophet has clarified this verse that beating should not be heavy, it should not be on face. B. Surah 2:228,223 & 226. Men have been made in-charge over women. In a family there should be a head. Is it correct? Who should have the authority? Man or woman? Or both? How both could have equal authority? So Islam gives man more authority because they earn the living and spend their money on women. It is Logical. Women as Tills for man, does not mean that they can have sex any time they like. In fact it means otherwise. You go to your till, when there is season, you do not spoil your seed by wasting it during rainy season? It is a deep verse, don’t just past it over in haste. 3. Quran says, Allah forgives sins if the men repent of their sins. I think this is the teachings of all religions. If it were not so, the men would be directed to despotism and there will never be a chance for a sinner to repent. 4. You should search for those 27 Variants of Quran not me. It is a myth, you have created it you solve it. 5. I don’t know, if what you want to know about the book of Hadith. There are authentic collections of sayings of our prophet. Each Hadith has a chain of narrators followed by the saying of prophet. There are rules which judge the authenticity of each Hadith. 6. Quran itself is the best corroborator that it is from Allah and not the creation of Mohammad. What better proof would you get it. 7. Bible is corrupted during transmission is not my claim. It is claim of your own scholars. Difference between Manuscripts it self proves it to be so. Why should I bring the Original Manuscript for comparison. You should say that this manuscript is free from all errors and prove it, not me. 8. Aiyesha at the time of Consummation of marriage had reached the age of puberty. This age may vary from women to women and from race to race. We should not get our mind clogged for an issue, on which nobody in the society at that time disapproved.

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9. What words of wisdom our prophet uttered. You will have to look at Quran (if you claim it is his creation) and sayings of prophet. It would fill at least a small sized library just to compile the sayings of our prophet. 10. Who believes in God and who does not, is not for us to decide. Every body chooses his own course and he has to account for it. Q.15 Jihad, Inquisition and Jihad Ans. 1. Inquisition and Islamic Jihad are poles apart. Inquisition is to find out the faith of other party and force him to accept your view point. Islamic Jihad is to remove oppression from the land so that every one is free to choose whatever religion he wants. There is no comparison. 1A. It is like saying killings during war and murder are same thing, because both result in loss of human lives. 1B. Islamic Jihad ultimately results in saving of human lives, because the peace which prevails saves many lives. 2. Yes you are right, Judaism, Christianity and Islam started from Middles East (In fact all major religions started from Asia). If Jews and Christians changed their practices from original to there own, it does not mean Muslims should also do the same. 2A. It means that Jewish and Christian teachings could not go ahead with time, Islamic teachings are practical and applicable for all ages. That is why our prophet was made last prophet and his tenure extended till the end of world. 3. What you say about fanatics, may be true. In all groups fanatics are found & Muslims are no exception. The rise and fall of civilization follows another laws of nature. That a civilization is on top of the world does not mean it is right. Communism will always be wrong, even if it rules the world. 3A. However wrong philosophies do not have longer lives in this world. They do fade away. The present Atheist and Materialistic society of west is no exception. You think it is going to run for ever , no that is not the case. Q.16 Bias, Is there bias against Islam? Ans.1. It is the “Scholar” and “Unbiased Researchers” like you, who are experts in making black as white and vice versa. On one hand you create doubt on the authenticity of Quran and on the other hand you accept Bible as Authentic Word of God!! 2. Further you ascribe to Imam Bukhari, Abu Dawood and Imam Malik, the things which they never believed in. All of these respected Muslim Scholars believed in the authenticity of Quranic text. What they have written are about the unique views held by some individuals. I have done it before and I want to repeat again the whole process of Quran getting written down. Q.17 DIMMI, Who are DIMMI? Ans. 1. DIMMI is not such a derogatory term as you think. Whom our prophet excluded from general pardon, were the people who had specific record of crime and murder against them. There were six people, out of which 4 were later pardoned. 3. You will be surprised to know that total Number of Persons Killed (on Both Side) during our Prophet’s wars, do not reach even 1000. This is an all time world record for continuous
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fights lasting 10 years and resulting in winning over a country of the size of Arabia. Our figure will not reach even 10 % of your record. 4, 5 & 6. Now again the issue of DIMMI has been raised. In an Islamic state either you are Muslim or you are DIMMI. As a DIMMI you get full protection to practice your religion and your customs. You think that you treat every body as equal, but look at following: - If a Muslim Girls wants to wear Scarf in School, you stop it. - Foreign Minister of UK goes public, advising Muslim Women to remove veils. - Islamic laws of Inheritance cannot be enforced in your laws. When Muslims protest, your answer is that, if you want to live in our country, you have to abide by our laws, other wise go back to your countries. In a Islamic State, DIMMI will get freedom to do these things. Law of Land should be applicable, when one of the parties are Non Muslims, in matters involving Muslims only, they should be judged as per Islamic Laws. Similarly matters concerning with personal laws (marriage, divorce, Inheritance, Adoption ). Each religious group should be dealt with his own religion. This generates peace and not enmity between groups. If Jews can get Kosher Meat every where, why not Halal meat for Muslims? Q.18 DIMMI, Who is DIMMI? Ans.1. Nobody is “Called” infidel, they “Become” infidel. Do you call persons not believing in Christianity as Christians? You call them “Non- Christians” Is it derogatory? Similarly in Islamic State, there are rights and duties for every one. So they are given different names. The JIZYA what they pay, is actually much less than what Muslims pay to state, but that provides them security and freedom to live as per their customs. In most matters (Law and Order, Trade and Industry, Jobs etc) there is no distinction between Muslims and DIMMIS. 2. If you say so: These verses are: 21:107 (SURAH AL ANBIA), 33:21 (SURAH AL AHZAB) & 68:4 (SURAH AL QALAM) 3. Yes my dear, all the battles, against all the tribes, for all ten years, surprised? That is every one who sees it. How we generate the figures? They are recorded in our books of life of prophet. You may cross check. The figure will be less than 1000. Now you compare that with the accusation “Mass Murderer” “Blood Thirsty” “Killed every one who dared to disbelieve in him” “Terrorized non believers with Sword” etc etc. What we Muslims can do but smile at the ignorance of these accusers. Just compare these figures with battles of Old Testaments itself. You will see the difference. 4. If DIMMI do not pay JIZYA, then they are defaulters and will be dealt by our “IRS” Q.19 Friendships, Should Muslims befriend Jews and Christians? Ans. 1 I explained to you in detail, the Quranic verses dealing with how to deal with people of various faiths and believes 2. Then I also quoted to you Quranic verses telling that Muslims should not take Jews , Christians (and people of other faiths too) as their Protectors and Intimate friends. The two limits have been shown by the Quran. 3. It depends what your friend understood by your question and what response he gave you. 4. Yes, there are good people in every race, religion, culture and nation. Otherwise the earth will cease to exist.

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Q.20 Fundamentalist, Who is a Fundamentalist Ans. The Term “Fundamentalist” was first used to describe those who insisted in “Literal Interpretation” of the biblical Scriptures, even though they were in direct Contradiction with the Modern Scientific Facts. Later on “The same definition” was put to the followers of other religions (Especially Muslims, as the dictionary shows), thinking that their scriptures shall also be in contradiction to the Modern Scientific Facts. This in my view is not correct, because: Islamic Scripture (“Quran) is not contradicting any Known Scientific Fact. It is confirming these facts, and in many cases is more advanced than the Science itself (For reference please read the book “Bible Quran and Modern science by Dr. Maurice Buccaile). In Quran there are extensive references to nature and its phenomenon, which were not known at the time of prophet, only to be confirmed later. In Islam, there was never any struggle between Religion and Science, if many of top religious scholars were also the top scientists. (We had no parallel of hanging of Galileo, In fact out scientist, Ibn Sina, Ibn Hayyan, Ibn Rushd, Razi etc were highly respected persons. This is due to the fact that Quran is preserved in its original language (where as Bible had Human Revisers, which caused all the mischief. Because Knowledge of God is perfect and of Humans in imperfect). Hadith are sayings of Prophet Muhammad, and are of varying Authenticity. Most authentic are those called SAHIH. Very seldom, you will find that these sayings are contradicting established Scientific Facts. There are ways to Judge Hadith, One of that is if it is against reason, or established facts then it is not to be accepted. Qur’an and Hadith may be against Scientific Theories (Like Darwin’s Theory), but a “theory is a theory unless proven true”. The day you will be able to prove Darwin’s theory, we will see. There are so many strong objections against Darwin’s Theory, from well known scientist, that it is amazing, how it is taught as “Facts of Evaluation” instead of “Fiction of Evaluation”. From the above, it is clear that the Title of “Fundamentalist Muslim” is indeed a misnomer.

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Chapter-13 Islam, Objections- Contd.
Q.1 Hadith, Why Muslims rely on Hadith? Ans. Hadith are the saying of prophet. Both Quran and Hadith came from the lips of Muhammad, but the first was a direct revelation and the second its interpretation. Muslims have taken great care in preserving the words of its prophet, an effort which is absolutely unique in world History. Any honest researcher will testify to it. Hadith are of varying authenticity, most authentic are called SAHIH, and are recorded in well known books . Since we believe in Prophet hood of Muhammad, his words have great significance for us. Are not Jesus ’s words have same significance for you! Mohammad was no doubt a Mortal, but he was also the last prophet! Q.2 JIZYA / DIMMI, What is JIZYA? Ans. I think your mind is so obsessed with Anti-Muslim propaganda and you have read only books written by enemies of Islam, that you cannot think logically. 1. When two armies meet in battle field, any amount of blood shed is expected. Both are able bodied men and fully armed. They have assembled in the battle field to fight for a cause. Let the better party win. Only on that account, you can justify all wars of old prophets like Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon and others. On that ground you will justify your own participation in WW-I, WW-II, Vietnam, Korea, & so called war on terror etc. If you are so horrified with the loss of life of Human Kind then account for all those killings. 2. In Most of the earlier battles, Muslim Armies were always out numbered by the enemies. Check record of any battle, the ratio varies from 1:3 to 1:10. Why Muslim won against these odds, was due to help from God and their firm believe in their cause. 3. What is deplorable is the General Killing outside the battle field. Massacre of whole cities, indiscriminate killings of Old, Women, Children, burning of places of worships etc. These cases you will not find in Muslim wins. 4. After the war, when Muslim armies won, or the enemy asked for peace treaty, it was given. The terms were agreed, The enemy had to pay a reasonable amount (Called JIZYA) to get full protection of Muslim Govt. for his property and life. The amount of JIZYA was always less than what Muslims had to pay as ZAKAT to the treasury. Their Status was “DIMMI” (It means protected in Arabic). 5. To harass a DIMMI or Kill him, was a heinous crime according to Islamic law. If any one killed a DIMMI, he will be killed in retribution! Books of Islamic Law are filled with the rights and duties of DIMMI. Duty is limited to pay a small tax & rights are many. Compare this with Punishment Given to US Army for Killing Innocent Iraqis? Will you give death punishment to US soldier let us say for killing 100 Iraqis? I doubt it, this is your Justice system. 6. When Muslim armies lay a siege on Jerusalem (During Umar’s reign), they could have entered the city by force. But the people demanded that peace treaty must be signed by Umar himself. Umar traveled all the way from Medina to Jerusalem, Single man with one Servant on a Single camel to endorse the peace treaty. The terms of that treaty are a shining proof of
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Muslim Tolerance to Jews and Christians. Read the term of that treaty and your eyes shall open. There was no blood shed and no killings. 7. Compare this, with what Christian armies did to Muslims and Jews when they Captured Jerusalem during Crusade Wars. See your own books and compare that once again, what Sultan Salahuddin did when he re-captured Jerusalem in 1099. 8. My dear sir, we do not have to apologies for any of our forefathers actions, whereas your pope had to Apologize for many crimes. He Apologized to Jews, He Apologized for Galileo Killing and he must apologize for millions and millions of other killings too. The era when Church was ruling West is Termed Dark Area by your own historians. 9. Saudi Arabia is a Citadel of Islam, it holds our holy sites. According to our prophet, no other religion is to be allowed in Arabia. Your claim that Jews and Christians were living in Arabia is not true. Christians never affected Arabia in a big way during any time. There were small communities here and there. Jews were in Medina and Khaibar, about whom I have already given you explanation. 10. Calling Islam a cult shows you do not know what a cult is. A Major world Religion, with followers in every country, race and color groups, with 1400 years of history, can it be labeled as Cult? My sincere advise to you Sir, is to open your brain to get fresh air. Don’t be Dogmatic in your hate of other religions. Islam and Christianity have many things in common. I think no other religious group believes in Jesus than Christians and Muslims! Why don’t we start on this common term instead of accusing each other. Q.3 Modernization, Can Islam work in this times? Ans.1. You Claim that you are broad minded, but all your comments show that you are extremely narrow minded. Considering that your grandmother was from Riyadh, it seems you have not inherited any thing from her side of blood. 2. I feel that you are ignorant and have done very less research to study either Quran or the life of our prophet. Your comments are based on mostly one hearsay. The truth is only one, there may be more ways to look at it. No truth contradicts another truth. 3. Quran is the word of God and Mohammad (PBUH) is a true prophet of God, is evident to any one who studies the Quran with open mind. Our prophet was one of the Nicest men that ever lived in this world. Many scholars (Thomas Carlyle, George Barnard Shaw, M.K. Gandhi and many others) testify to that. Now your words are against their words. 4. The words used you have used to describe our prophet are highly offensive and we should think are you a normal person at all. Such words are not used to describe the leader of one of the world’s major religion that has more than 1 billion followers. It is persons like you, with such narrow minds, that are real cause of trouble in the world and prevent healthy discussions. You go thru again your words and see how offensive they are, and how can a true Muslim tolerate it. You will not find Muslims using such worlds against Jesus or any other prophet. We do not use such words even against our enemies. 5. Now what you have written, about errors, scientific mistakes, contradictions, grammatical mistakes, fallacies are correct, but you got confused in the name of book. You put Quran in the place of Bible. All these mistakes (in addition to interpolation, corruption of texts) are present in abundance in your Books. 6. Controlled Democracy (as proposed by Islam) is a much better solution that unchecked democracy prevalent in Western Countries. 7. Web Sites which are pornographic are usually banned in This Country and I agree with it. You want free access to these sites, it is your problem not ours. Saudi Arabian Women are
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generally more happy than their western counterparts. If you follow the commandments of your creator, you get more peace of mind than if you follow your own wishes. Q.4 Sharia, Why Muslims demand Sharia? Ans. 1. Executing Criminals (Males or Females) for committing crimes should not concern law abiding citizens. If your courts condemn any one (male or Female), you keep quiet. Why you mistrust other legal systems. 2. You believe or do nor believe in Bible is of no concern to Muslims, who believe in Quran and want their judicial system to be based on that. Don’t you see the superiority of Islamic Criminal Justice even now? Crime graph in your country is on the rise (year after year), while in Saudi Arabia it is lowest in the world. Which will be preferred by the peaceful law abiding citizens? However if you have sympathies towards criminals, who will prefer your way. 3. Once you become USA citizen, you resign yourself to the laws of USA is it not?. Same way once you become Muslim (male or female), you resign yourself to the Laws of your creator. Contrary to what you think, they are more Just and balanced that your western laws. Rights and duties to both sexes are allotted as per their nature. Only a creator knows what is best for his creation. Just compare with the rights given to women 1400 years ago by Islam and compare it with rights given to your women say 100 years back. You vacillate between two extremes. Islam is the Golden Mean Path between two extremes. 4. Yes it is a personal choice, but once you have made your choice (become Muslim), it is hypocrisy to say , that I believe in this portion and do not believe in that portion. That is why Quran asks us Muslims “Enter Into Islam Whole-heartedly” (2:205). Freedom given in Islam are more than “so called freedom” of the West. 5. Once you have made your own decision on freedom, you cannot live with it. Give the same freedom to others also. Do not think that their system is inferior to yours. Your grandmother from being Riyadh should have made you broadminded and judicious in appreciating other’s point of views. Q.5 Violence, Does Islam preach Violence? Ans. 1. I’m neither new messenger, nor do I believe that this verse has been abrogated. The scholars who are saying this are either misquotes or misunderstood. Compulsion shall not be used to convert any body to Islam. However the compulsion is needed for asking Muslims to abide by Islamic Laws. So there is no contradiction here. 2. You say, no religion calls for killing disbelievers like Islam does. Why don’t you put the verses dealing with this Issue in Quran and Bible side by side. Let the readers decide it. Just making false claims is not going to serve your purpose. 3. Islam does not want to win at any cost. It wants to win the hearts and minds of people by its logic and reason. It wants to use all mans for this purpose. Those who want to stop its progress by using force will be repelled by using force. It is both right and legal. It is not a race to failure but to free the hearts and minds from false worship. 4. Now see the comment from your admirer Q.6 Pagan, Did Islam learn from Pagans? Ans. 1What came out of the womb of Mary, was a human child, Jesus the son of Mary. Subsequently, you have raised him to the level of God or the Son of God. The very thought that God the creator of this universe, could come thru the womb of a woman is in itself revolting and beyond logic?
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2. The four gospels do not confirm what you believe as teachings of St. Paul. 3. Muslims do not worship the black stone fixed in Kaaba. It is the starting point of the TAWAF (Going around Kaaba) and nothing more than that. 4. To say that Muslims got their believes from the Christians of Egypt, is only to show your own negligence. Egypt was conquered by Muslims .after the death of prophet. How they could learn it from the Egyptians. 5. Mohammad (PBUH) retained from the practices of Pagan Arabs, only those things that were originated by prophet Abraham. All other superstitions were swept away. You ask me to study Jewish and Christian religion, but you comment on Islam as you know every thing of it, which is not correct. 6. Many popes were declared Anti-pope after their deaths. What about them? The selection of Popes is by humans and therefore not free from errors. The titles of Pope and Saints are man made titles and really have no authority or sanctions in the eyes of God. Q.7 QIBLA, Why Muslim face towards Makkah & not Jerusalem? Ans. Dear Sir, We are Muslims, We submit to the Commands of God our Creator and Sustainer, When we were Commanded to turn our face towards Jerusalem, We turned our faces towards Jerusalem (for 15 Years) and our back towards Kaaba.! When the Command was given to Turn our faces towards Kaaba (Ch. 2 V 144, 150), we turn our faces towards Kaaba and Back towards Jerusalem! We do not care if (depending on the locations) our asses are towards, Jerusalem, Washington, London, Paris, Moscow or Vatican!! You stand and watch our asses for us! Q.8 Reasonable , Why Muslims preach their religion to others? Ans The aim is not to trick the other fellow into believing what we believe, but just to open the door that he starts thinking. The fact is that very few of us analyze our own religion critically. We just believe what our parents or scholars teach us. If it was so simple a matter then why God would will send someone to eternal paradise and other to eternal fire The religion should come by own conviction, and that is what is the purpose of my efforts. Any body who thinks that out of this Jungle of religions present in the world, there is only one correct path and tries to find it, he will find it. God will not make his efforts go astray. During this research, you will find all cover-ups and excuses and apologies made by the scholars; which are not known to common public. If you are indeed a man of learning and want to tread on the path of truth, you will find it. God does not speak in Jargon language; He speaks in Simple unambiguous language so that every one can understand it. You will see this when you compare the Words of Moses, Jesus and other prophets and then compare them with words of Non-prophets like Paul etc.
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Q.9 World, Will Islam conquer World? 1. Yes Germans had this view to overtake this world and establish the rule of Superior German Aryan Race. It was a folly and the result was seen by every one. 2. Islam on the other hand is religion for the whole mankind. It is not based on any superiority based on Cast, Creed, Nationality, Language, Custom etc. It believes in Human Equality. All humans are creations of same God and come from same mother and father. Inherently they all are brothers unto each other. This concept does not establish superiority of one people over another group of people. 3. In Islam Politics is part of religion itself. What is “Religion”? relationship between Man and his Creator. What is “Politics”? Relationship between one man to another. Both are controlled by the same Creator. So there is nothing like “Political Islam” “Fundamental Islam” “ Radical Islam” etc. 4. Islam is what is taught by Quran and prophet Mohammad (PBUH). You can not finish this message by use of force. It is not like any other “Ism” that vanish with time. Q.10 Prophet , Definition, Prophets in Bible and Quran Ans. 3. You have totally misunderstood the role and position of prophets. That is the real problem with your religion. You consider them only as a mouth piece, just to relay the message of God and then their personal life is of no concern to you. A. Dear Madam, that is not so. If the prophets were only to relay the message of God, then why would God choose a particular person for this job? It could come to any one? B. The fact is, the prophets are especially chosen people of God, they not only relay the message, but also demonstrate as to how to act upon it. Otherwise, people may have excuse before God, as to how to act and interpret the revelation. C. In my view, this degradation of prophet’s office is the root cause of all your theological problems, because it opens the way for every Tom, Dick and Harry to interpret the scripture in his own way and introduce teachings that are contradictory to the message of God. D. Most of shameful acts recorded in Bible concerning prophets are forgeries into the scripture and Quran absolves these prophets of most of these crimes. Certain other acts of omission and commission are not liked by God, but they do not come into the category of sin. To appreciate the true position of prophets before God, you must study Quran. E. Prophets were sent to all people and all nations. Since Bible is the record of Jews, it mentions their prophets only. It does not imply that God did not send prophets to other nations. Other wise how these nations would be judged before God? They will be punished for not receiving the message?

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Chapter-14 Questions about Islam
Q.1 Age of Ignorance, What is it? Ans. Days of Ignorance are the period of Arabia immediately preceding our Prophet. It is not applicable to all regions and whole world. Ignorance also does not mean that they knew nothing. It means that they were shut off from the divine guidance and were wandering in disbelief. We do not glorify our forefathers if they are proved to be on wrong path. Q.2 Apostasy, Why is it punished? Ans. I want to ask the question, why did USA Banned communist party? Why did they arrest its leading members? The punishment for apostasy is death in Islam. This is done to protect the society from mischief. What is the bigger mischief than luring people away from the straight path of Islam. But the punishment case which you have cited was given in a special case. Which you have conveniently omitted from the quotation. The whole Hadith is like this “Some persons from a tribe came to Medina to embrace Islam, prophet asked them to live in a place where Camels of the state were grazing. During the night these fellows murdered the camel herders and ran away with the camels of Muslims. When it was told to prophet, he sent some Muslims to pursue them, they were captured and brought to Medina…(Then the story continues as given by you). The (supposedly) cruel punishment was given seeing the severity of their crime, not because of leaving their religion, it was combined with theft and murder also. Q.3 BARZAHK, What is concept of BARZAKH? Ans.1. As I told you as per Islamic Believes, we have no contacts with the Souls that are in BARZAKH. Claims by individuals that they have indeed contacts have to be carefully verified. Sometimes bad sprits like Satan and Jin do this to confuse a person. 2. Those that are martyred in the Cause of God, Also have a BARZAKH life. Which is superior to the other souls. They live in the presence of God and are given sustenance there. But they also have no contact with the living souls on earth. Sometimes they may appear in dreams, but such visits are not Dogmatic or to be taken to establish any belief. 3. The idea that Martyrs, and Prophets etc visit this world regularly and guide the affair, is an innovative idea and is not supported by reliable Islamic Scholars. There is a group which believes in this theory, but they don’t have clear proofs. 4. To be sure, There is much speculation about the BARZAKH life, and we do not try too much into it, because actual knowledge is much less and speculations abound. So we say in the end “Allah Knows Best”. But one thing is certain, Life on this Earth and life in BARZAKH are independent of each other. Q.4 Best Religion, Is Islam the best religion? Ans. MUQ: It is not to argue which religion is good or which is bad. First we should know, if our religion is indeed from God or from some other source. God is the source of every true religion. In the beginning every religion starts with the perfect truth, because the prophets or messengers get direct revelation from God. After the departure and death of the messengers, it is their followers who try to distort the original teaching and add and subtract into it. We should enquire how much of our religion is really from the original prophet or messenger. If you enquire, you will see that Major believes of Christian faith are from the teachings of Paul
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not from Jesus. Paul never met Jesus during his life time, how did he become such an important figure in Christianity? After knowing the source of religion, it is left to the practice of faith. Here someone may be better than the others. There may be honest followers and there may be hypocrites in every faith. However if you follow right religion, chances are that you will reach your goal. If you are on wrong path, your efforts and sincerity may not be acceptable in the eyes of God. Q.5 Christianity, Will it Exist till last day? Ans. In Quran it is addressed to Jews and Christians and Muslims to strive in good deeds (6:48) and in many places that God will judge between Muslims, Jews, Christians, Polytheists on the day of Judgment, indicates that all these groups shall exist till the day of Judgment. Bible also says that Christians shall exist till the second coming of Jesus. Q.6 Church, Is there Church in Islam? Ans. In Islam there is no Church. The only authority is the Book of God and Sayings of Prophet. Islamic laws are decreed by the Creator of Human beings, so they are just, natural and flexible for all ages. 3. It is the problem with Western World, (Especially Christians)because their scriptures do not lay down clear laws. They consider Church as the maker and Interpreter of Divine laws. So they give unnecessary powers in the hands of few. You can experience real freedom and peace only when you are in full accord with your creator. And that is True Islam (Submitting your will to the will of your creator). Q.7 Death, Does one knows truth at death time? MUQ: Everyone knows the truth at the time of his or her death, but then it is too late. We cannot correct our path then. It is to know and do good deeds when we are alive, than when we are on our death bed. That is what all religion is all about. To practice it into your lives. When the death comes, it is the payment time. We all prey for God’s mercy and grace on our souls and to forgive our sins and shortcomings done in this life. 7. See, in the end, God is everywhere and sees all and even our little words on the internet. ;)It is up to us to be worthy and decide where to expend our energies. MUQ: Very true Sir, He watches our every actions, emotions, even the secrets buried inside our heart. Nothing is hidden from Him. He is a Just and Merciful God. He is bountiful and gives to every one what is required. Q.8 Discrimination, Is there any? Ans.3. In Islam there is no discrimination between Black and white. Those who are living in Africa, majority is Muslims of African descent. There is no Arab and Black conflict there. You do not see the genocide conducted against Muslims in India, Palestine and all other places. Wherever you see that Muslims are at fault, whole world media jumps to that place.
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While I don’t support injustice on any account, but you should be pragmatic in your approach. 5. In Beirut there was civil war going on between sections. Christians also were a party to the warfare. They were supported by West and Israel. After much blood shed, they realized that peace is the only course, so they decided to live in peace. Christians are still living there and President of Lebanon is indeed a Christian Arab. The religion of Lockerbie Bomber is not material, because it was not an Islamic matter. By the way what was the religion of Pilot who dropped Atom Bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Q.9 Fatwa, Who can Issue Fatwa? Ans. 4. Any Islamic Scholar can issue Fatwa. It is a religious ruling on any matter. If Islamic Government appoints Judges and Scholars for that purpose, it is different than the Organization of Church what you have. How come Pope gets these supernatural powers? On whose authority? In Islam no body has divine right or sanction to interpret laws. 5. You have nailed all those laws to the Cross. How you quote them as your own? According to St. Paul our good deeds are like “Dirty Rags" Q.10 Fatwa, What is Fatwa authority? Ans. 1. Thank you for the appreciation. 2. I think you overreact when some one issues a Fatwa. It is not an ICBM, that once fired would have to hit the target. Fatwa in fact is a statement telling as to what is the Islamic Ruling in a particular case. 2A. Fatwa in itself has no executive power, since it is only a statement of fact. 2B. It is for the executive to put this Fatwa into practice, if they are willing. 2C. Guys like Osama have neither the religious authority nor executive powers to either issue a Fatwa or implement it. 2D. It is the Western Media which makes the mountains out of molehills. 2E. As per me, it is like any statement issued by a single individual, binding only to those who are under his own authority? Q.11 Fruits , What are fruits of Islam? Ans. Now it is left to see what were the fruits born by the teachings of our prophet Mohammad (PBUH). I mention a few: 1. Restoration of Believe in One God: This believe which got diluted under the grab of Trinity of Christians & Lord of Israel of Jews, was restored to its pristine condition of “Lord of the Universe”. In fact due to Mohammad (PBUH) every religious group had to modify its stand and pretend that they believe in one God. Even Hindu polytheists had to modify their stand. This is a standing monument of Mohammad (PBUH) ‘s teachings. 2. Establishment of Kingdom of God on Earth: Mohammad (PBUH) established the Kingdom of God on earth for which Jesus and other prophets had prayed. He removed the Difference between “Caesar and God”. The laws and commandments of God were to be enforced on earth. Remember the words of Jesus “Thy will be done on earth…” 3. Abolishment of Priesthood: Much mischief was done on earth due to hierarchical priesthood. These people acted as mediator between man and God and reserved for them many privileges, including super natural powers. Mohammad (PBUH) abolished it, now
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there was no mediator between God and His Servants. They can approach Him without the assistance or help of any third party. There are no Brahman, Levites or Pope in Islam. 4. Moderation in everything: Islam provides “Golden Mean” on every issue. If teachings of Mohammad (PBUH) are compared with teachings of other religions, you will always find that Islamic Teachings are moderate. It is applicable, in matters relating to beliefs, Society, Justice, economy or any other field. Even in dealings with people of other faiths, Islam teaches moderation. Quranic passages dealing with Jews and Christians can be given as best examples of this. 5. Beginning of Age of Reason: Quran gives highest respect to the power of reasoning. It has numerous passages dealing with natural phenomenon asking its readers to ponder on them It is this attitude, which resulted in Muslim Scientists reaching to the Pole position in their age. When Europe was engulfed in Dark Ages, Spain and other Muslim cities were blazing in full glory. It was from Spain that Europe got its initial push towards modern science. 6. End of Racism: Mohammad (PBUH) presented the concept of Universal brotherhood of humans. No race or nation has any special privileges in the sight of God, except God conscience. All humans are Children of Adam and Adam is from Dust, Mohammad (PBUH) said. In the Age of Chosen People and Chosen Race, this was a revolutionary idea. Muslims are not totally free from Racism, but compared to other religious groups, they have least racial tensions. 7. End of Prophet hood: This was another of blessings of Mohammad (PBUH). Now no more prophet is to come in the world. Thus the world was saved from any more division due to advent of new prophets. It is due to this that no major religion came into the world after Mohammad (PBUH). Sikhism, Qadiani, Bhaaism are very localized phenomenon and do not come into major world religion. These are some of the fruits of Mohammad (PBUH), which if seen by the test given by Jesus qualify Mohammad (PBUH) to be called a true prophet of God, rather than a false prophet. Q.12 God, Can one Experience God? Ans. 4. In God’s system of Prophet hood and revelation and Scriptures, Only Prophets have Direct Contact with God. All their followers have to follow the teachings of their prophets. 4A. All your claims of personal experience of God and having Holy Ghost in you are false. 4B. Every individual sect and denominations boasts of having Holy Ghost with them. Same Holy Ghost is teaching different things to different sects. 4C. We are simple people, we go by Word of God (Quran) and Teachings of our prophet (Sunnah). 5. Do you mean that 1 billion Muslims, with 1400 year old Civilization, which ruled the world for many centuries, has no “Reliable Scholars”. Just the names of our Scholars and the List of their books will require a Library of medium size. 5A. It has become a fashion to talk about Judeo / Christian as a single word. - Jews have totally different concept of God than Christians. They deny Jesus Christ and his divinity in totality. - In their concept of God, they are very close to Muslims. Allah of Muslim and ELOHIM of Jews are same entity. - Jews problem is their racism not their religion. 6. As per Jews “No body can see God and Live”. What they saw was an Angel of God and not God. - Christian’s claim of divinity for Jesus is not supported by words and actions of Jesus himself. - Jesus never said “I am God” or he said “Worship me”. - It was one of innovation of St. Paul to equate Jesus with God.
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Q.13 His Name, Was Allah derived from Pagans? Ans. Claiming that name Allah is manufactured by Magicians and Sorcerers; shows your own ignorance about the name Allah. In fact Allah is the only name for the Supreme Being known to decedents of Abraham. It is pronounced in a slightly different manner in Hebrew and Arabic (sister languages): 1. Elohim of Old Testament is nothing but Allah of Arabic. “IM” is the royal plural and ELOHI and ALLAH sound similar. 2. Last word of Jesus are supposed to be “Eli, Eli LAMA SABAQTANI”. What is this word Eli? It is same as ELOHI of Hebrew and ALLAH of Arabic. 3. Allah is the only name known to millions of Christians and Jews whose mother tongue is Arabic. They do not know the Deity by any other name. Mosaic law declared pig unclean, what you say about that? Islam continued its ban, now Christians have to prove by whose authority they started eating it? Q.14 Holy War, Is Jihad Holy War? Ans.2. Thanks for your advice to be a good Muslim. Yes we all strive to be one. There is nothing like a Holy War in Islam. It is a Christian term. Wars are either Just (in the cause of Allah) or unjust (in the cause of worldly gain, empire, oppression etc). Islamic wars are always in the cause of Allah and are always just. Q.15 Jihad, What are duties of Muslims and Islamic state? Ans. Thank you very much Sir, for asking a very pertinent and Basic Question. There is a lot of misconception on this issue. Let me put forward some points before we start our main talk. 1 Muslim: The very name means as the one who has submitted himself to the will of His creator. It is not a Title, which is achieved per see, it is a state of belief. What really matters is your inner submission to God’s decrees and willful submission to them. However what people see is the outward conduct, which may or may not be with willful obedience. In the hereafter, the man will be judged according to his intent, not the outwardly conduct. 2. As you mentioned correctly, Jihad in fact means Struggle. It is struggle against your inner self to comply with the God’s Commandments. Jihad in the nature of fighting is one side of Jihad. In one saying, our prophet has termed, Inner Struggle as “Bigger Jihad” and fighting as “Smaller Jihad”. 3. Now we come to the issue of State’s responsibilities in maintaining Islamic Laws and commandments. One of the Basic duties of each Muslim (and Islamic State also) , is that “They Enjoin what is righteous and Stop what is wrong” in Arabic it is called “AMR BILMAAROOF AND NAHEE ANIL MUNKAR” - You will appreciate that man is affected by his surroundings. If you place any pious man in the company of thieves and drunkards, very soon he will be affected by them. The chances of thieves and drunkards getting affected by the pious man will be less. - That is why, God commands us to create an atmosphere, in which it is not easy to break God’s commandments. This is done to minimize temptation in the path of those who are weak in faith.
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- That is why God asks Islamic States to Ban Alcohol , Close Gambling Dens and casinos, Stop free mixing of sexes and many other things. 4. Muslim society is not composed of angels, you will find drunkards and gamblers and Fornicators within ourselves also, but these crimes cannot be committed in open and led other Muslims to imitate them. 5. As an example, have you done vegetable gardening? In the initial stages, you take out the weed and allow the Vegetable Plant to grow fast. If you treat your vegetable and Weed equally, there will be more chances that your garden will be ruined. I hope you understand our view point. Q.16 Jihad, What is Jihad? Ans. MUQ: Arabic word Jihad means to struggle. 1. So Islamic Jihad means to struggle in the way of Islam. You should struggle with your tongue, With your pen, with your money and if required with your lives too. 2. This struggle should be in the way of God, it should not have any other motives like conquering lands, looting other nations, spread your hegemony over them etc. Impress your will on small nations etc. 3. It could be to protect your land, your property, your honor, your nation from enemies of Islam. 4. It could be used to subdue any potential power that can threaten Islamic state or any power that forcefully stops propagation of Islam in its lands. 5. Before fighting choice should be given to enemy to accept Islam or accept Islam’s superiority or get ready to fight. 6. During the fighting, old men, women, children, and hermits should be spared. Places of worships should not be targeted. General destruction like burning of crops, felling down of trees, killing all cattle should not be resorted to. 7. If at any stage, enemy sues for peace, it should be given to him. 8. This is nutshell is the purpose, methodology and main points of Islamic Jihad. Did you find any “Terrorism” there? Yes the “Terror” is there, It is in enemies heart!! Q.17 Judos Christian Influence , Was Islam influenced by Jews and Christians? Ans. Jesus was of Jewish Origin. He was the follower of Mosaic Laws and Commandments. He was a great prophet of God, his mission from beginning to end was to purify the Jewish religion and remove the extreme rituality that had set in their religious lives. This fact is so evident, that even a cursory glance over the four Gospels can provide many proofs to this. T hat his mission was only to Jews is no secret that needs many arguments. However after his “Supposed” Crucifixion, It was St. Paul, who created a separate religion now known as “Christianity”. He changed the simple religion and message of Jesus and filled it with Greek and Roman Philosophical ideas. He opened the gates to Gentiles which overwhelmed the Jewish followers of Christ. This struggle between Gentile and Jewish followers of Jesus could be seen in the book of Acts and numerous letters of Paul.

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It took at least many decades for this struggle to subside and make a separate Christian religion. However the case of Mohammad is totally different. He was born and brought up in Makkah, which was neither dominated by Jews or Christians. From the very beginning his followers were pagan Arabs. He had to explain to them the concept of Unity of God, His attributes, dangers of false worship, Concept of Prophet hood, Concept of Last Day of Judgment and many other basic articles of faith, which Jesus need not, because audience of Jesus were Jews who knew these facts. Quran of Makkan period is full with these arguments. Dealings with Jews and Christians were needed only when he migrated to Medina. Quranic passage during Medina period deal extensively with arguments with Jews and Christians, not to convert them, but to prove to them that Message of Mohammad is same as any prophets of old. Therefore from the very beginning Islam was kept separate from Judaism or Christianity. Jews and Christians were invited to join the “Pure religion of Islam, the religion of Patriarch Abraham” who was neither follower of Judaism nor of Christianity. Islam does not require proof from Jews or Christian literature, these quotations are used against Jews and Christians.

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Chapter-15 Islam- Questions (Contd.)
Q.1 KAABA, Was is a Pagan Temple? Ans. Everybody in Makkah agreed that Kaaba was built by Abraham and Ishmael for the worship of Allah, the only true God. The name Allah was known to Makkan as Creator and Cherisher of the world. It was long afterward that they placed idols in the house of God. Makkan even knew the name of person and the time when the first Idols were put into Kaaba. So Our prophet cleansed the Kaaba of the abominations that were put there and restored the house for the purpose it was originally made. Will not Jews “Cleanse” the Mosque and rebuilt the temple even after 2000 years of the site being profaned. ”By the way, a real living God doesn't need a temple or a mosque to live in. In Christianity, the "church" is not a building; it is the people itself. In spite of the grand cathedrals being so hallowed, God lives in hearts, not in man-made structures. Keep your holy sites - Allah doesn't even know of these!” MUQ: Who says that Allah lives in mosques, temples, churches or synagogues, These are buildings devoted for humankind to worship and remember Allah. Since they are dedicated to the worship of Allah, they also attain sanctity. Demolition of any such building is therefore like insulting Allah Q.2 Mosque, What shape? Ans. 1. It is a very good question indeed. Yes you are Right, Quran and Hadith do not recommend any particular shape for Mosques. And if you look at it, Mosques in different countries have different shapes. 2. What is actually needed for Mosque is a big Hall where people could stand in rows, facing Makkah. Earliest mosques were very simple in construction. Minarets were added later so that the call for prayer should reach to most of the folks. 3. Over the centuries, the mosques took standard shapes in individual lands. The main purpose was to Identify a mosque from a distance, so that every Muslim could know it from a distance. 4. I think the same can be said about Churches, there is no particular design mentioned in Gospels or other scriptures. Wherever Christians went, they made their Churches in a particular style to distinguish it from other buildings. 5. What I feel, is what is the harm, if religious places of different religions look different. In India we have Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras (Sikh place of Worship) side by side and they add to the beauty and tolerance of the people. 6. The problem could be solved amicably in your countries, if you discuss it with local Muslim leaders. There is no dogma attached to the shape of mosque. Q.3 Mosques, Why Required? MOIZ: Have to say this: Why do you think that all humankind worships your Allah in temples, churches or synagogues? THIS IS NOT SO. On the one hand you seem to recognize other religions and then you demean these other religions by stating they worship your GOD not their own. Which is it?” Ans. The original concept of God in all religion is the same as Muslims have for Allah. The name Allah however is used by the Semitic People for Creator and Cherisher of the universe.
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Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob and all Jewish Prophet called God by the name Allah. But Allah has other names also, you can call him by other names, all beautiful names. Quran says that Allah sent messengers to all nations. Quran says that Allah sent books to all nations. So in starting all major religions were teaching the same thing. However the present position is different. Followers of earlier prophets have corrupted their books. They have fallen into Idol worshipping. So we do not say that current religions in the world teach same thing. “Also, have to mention that if you can say mosques (as well as other houses of worship) attain sanctity because they are dedicated to the worship of Allah and that demolition is insulting, then why, oh why, do Muslims demolish mosques of another Islamic sect, why do Muslims use mosques as storage places for implements of war and its ramparts as platforms to shoot at their enemy, and why do Muslims destroy non-Islamic houses and destroy symbols of other religions,” MUQ: Muslims are commanded not to destroy the place of worship of other religions. By and large Muslims have adhered to this teaching of Islam. If due to political reasons or some special circumstances (The place of worship is being used as hiding place, or to store arms and ammunitions, or to have a secret place of meeting etc) some Muslims have destroyed some places of worships then it is a different thing. If any Muslim by his own act destroys place of worship of other religion, the blame goes to him not to Islam. Q.4 Muslim, Born Muslims? Ans. The man becomes Muslim, when he reaches the age of puberty. If at that time he renounces Islam, then there is no punishment for him. As I told you the punishment for Apostasy is to save the society from the harm, and it is applicable only in Islamic State. A true Muslim will never leave his faith and join other faith, which are proven to be wrong. 9. If you want to copy Muslims, then theoretically you can do it, but it will not be as per your scriptures. If you execute persons who accept Islam in your lands, then you should be ready for a bigger trouble, you are getting yourself ready for war with Islamic State. By becoming Muslim, you are a life time soldier, your commission ends the day you die and reap your due payment!! Q.5 Older religions, Did all prophets brought same religion? Ans. The purpose of these discussions is not to force any one to believe as to what I believe. We are just pointing out our views, because we think that Christians are totally misinformed about Islam and Muslims. They do not have even basic knowledge about Islam. They never read Islamic Scripture the Quran and always give wrong quotations out of the context. All prophets of God came with the same message. They are not enemies of each other. They form a long chain. Distinction of Mohammad (PBUH) is that he came as the last prophet. When you believe in Mohammad, you believe in all other prophets also. However when you reject Mohammad, you reject your own prophet also, because he was foretold in your scriptures also. These humble efforts are required, so that one does not mechanically follow the religion of his parents or society, but he selects his own religion.
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Commonality between scriptures given to Moses, Jesus and Mohammad are not to be treated as copying from each other, but rather as an indication that common source of knowledge for all prophets is from the same God. The prophets are not antagonists of each other, neither should be their followers. Q.6 Origin, Is Islam oldest religion? Ans. What I say is, that when God did not give you the name Judaism or Christianity, why you select for yourself your own names? 2. When you select your own name, you are essentially rejecting the true name given by God. 3. That is how different religious groups and different religions came into being, the fault lies with followers not with God or His prophets. God selected Islam as the name of his chosen religion (submitting your will to God) and Muslims as the name for its followers. 4. That is why we say that religion of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus And Mohammad all was Islam and all these prophets were Muslims. 5. What you have quoted Quranic reference about earlier books (Torah and Gospel) is true, but you have not presented the full truth. 6. Quran confirms the Law given to Moses (Torah), Revelation given to David (Psalms) and Revelation given to Jesus (Gospel), but it never says that First Five books of Old Testament is that Torah, neither it says that Present book of Psalms is the same as given to David. It also does not say that Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is the same as what was revealed to Jesus. 7. Quranic view is more balanced in that. It confirms old revelations but also warns that it has been corrupted during the ages. Just look at following verses: - There is amongst them a section who distort the Book with their tongue (As the read) you would think it is part of the book, but it is no part of the book; and they say “That is from God”,: But it is not from God…(3:78) - Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and they say “This is from God,” to traffic with it for a miserable price (2:79) - To you (O Mohammad) We sent the scripture in truth confirming the scripture that came before it and guarding it in safety… (5:51) - Verily this Quran does explain to the Children of Israel most of the matters in which they disagree (27:76) So the Quranic point is that it confirms the earlier scriptures, but it cautions that it has been corrupted and tampered with. Quran has to be taken as a reference to judge the earlier scriptures. If Quran confirms it, it is from God, It Quran rejects it, then that was corrupted or added into the book, If Quran is silent on a issue , we are also silent on that issue. I think this is the most reasonable attitude. We do not say this only to show our superiority, but only because Quran is the only protected and preserved scripture on the face of earth. That Bible was tampered with during all these ages, is not a secret that needs elaboration. Presence of so many different versions and so many errors and contradictions in it, only prove that it is writings of men not God.

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To say, that there are good people amongst Jews and Christians and there are people devoted to learning is true. But God will ask these Jews and Christians, by whose authority you rejected the Mission of Mohammad? Did you not read in your own books about his Advent? Instead of supporting him, you became his worst enemies. Q.7 Radical, Is there Radical Islam? Ans.1. There is only one Islam, radical and Fundamental Islam is your own imaginations and have no basis. 2. I have given here a brief sketch of Christian and Muslim Fundamentalism. May be you like it. 3. Muslim scholars have very little real power in most of Muslim states (Iran and Saudi Arabia are only exceptions). They have more sway over the population which respect their religious knowledge and authority. Q.8 Racism, Is there racism in Islam? Ans. First of all in Islam there is no racism at all. Prophet said “All humans are from Adam and Adam was made of dust, there is no superiority of Arab over Non Arab, Black over red, except for God consciousness” Quran says “O man kind, We created you from a single pair of man and women and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know each other (not despise each other) Most honored amongst you in sight of God is the one who is most God Conscious of you, And God knows every thing” (49:13). So there is no place of Racism in Islam. Every day five times every one stand shoulder to shoulder in one line to prey to Allah. White and Black, Rich and Poor, Labor and GM, Master and Slave all stand in one line. Then during Annual Pilgrimage of Hajj , Muslims from all over the world, gather at one place in same clothes to demonstrate this Universal Brotherhood of Islam. Having said all this, I cannot deny that there are persons who consider themselves superior to others on account of wealth, country, race and language etc. Such a practice is highly condemned in Islam and there is no such permission in Islam. As you mentioned, BILAL THE HABASHI, SALMAN THE PERSIAN, SUHAIB THE ROMAN, were all very close companions of our prophet and are highly respected in Islam. I hope I have clarified your doubt. Q.9 Revelation, Does God speak to every one? Ans. God does not speaks to any individual except prophets. What I say is on the Authority of Word of God, Listen to this: “ Most certainly, The religion before God is Islam (submission to His will..” (3:19) “If any one desires a religion other than Islam (submission to God) never it will be accepted of him; and in the hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost” (3:85) So Islam is the only approved religion from God for mankind!!
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2. Yes, you wait till you hear the Voice of God speaking to you. Indeed there is Voice of God inside each individual (Conscience), which points to the right path. Q.10 Revenge, Can a Muslim be killed for killing a non Muslim? ANS. I do not know from where you get the idea that a Muslim cannot be killed for killing a Non-Muslim? Islamic law is very clear on this point. Any body killing a soul has to pay with his soul. Now you have to prove, if you are willing to let any American Soldier die for killing an innocent Iraqi? I have not seen any thing so far Q.11 TAQYYA, Is there TAQAYYA in Islam? ANS. You are confused about TAQAYYA. There is no Islamic rule like it. However there is one word “TORIYAH”, which means talking in ambiguous languages. Our prophet used it sometimes during Wars. If he had to attack certain tribe, he will move in a different direction to start with, then change course on the way and reach correct destination. This is not unethical; it was used so that enemy’s spies get confused., and the bloodshed be reduced. Q.12 Un Believers, Does God love unbelievers? Ans. Unfortunately the question you put is and the answer he gave are both right. The argument he has given that God does not love un believers is also right. This thing you will find in all religious scriptures. 2. But God does not love unbelievers is in metaphysical sense. Otherwise the unbelievers are also God’s creations. He look after them, He gives them food, health, strength and cures them of sickness etc. 3. Same we should also do, We deal with them kindly, we respect their elderly, we love their children, if they are our neighbors, we give them all supports etc. 4. But the true love and friendship that reaches to the extent, where they become our protectors and our secret keepers is not allowed in Islam. I think it was the blunt way of putting it, that hurt you. Q.13 BARZAKH, Can we contact Departed Souls? Ans. Dear Madam, As per my knowledge, we do not believe that we can have any contact with departed souls after their deaths. 2. Dieing in fact is separation of Soul from the material body. The Souls is immediately collected by the Angels of Death and is placed in a place called “BARZAKH” which in English means a Barrier or a separator. 3. Human body remains on this earth which is buried. 4. The Souls without bodies shall be held in “BARZAKH” till the day of judgment. On the Last Day or Day of Judgment, all human bodies shall be resurrected and the souls shall be united once again with the bodies. Combined Soul and Body shall either go to Paradise or to Hell depending upon their deeds and God’s will. 5. In BARZAKH period, no body can contact the souls. 6. This is the Islamic position on this issue, in short.

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Q.15 Duties of state, Should State and Church be separate? Ans. All scriptures reach same thing, how can they be otherwise, if the source of revelation was the same i.e. God. 2. You are right here and appreciate your feelings. But there is a large group out there, who want to perpetuate the enmity between religions and disrupt healthy exchange of views. 3. Yes the purpose of Government is to protect the lives and faiths of all its citizens. It should not discriminate between the citizens on the basis of color, race, language or religion. - However to totally dissociating State with Religions causes another problem for the state as it gets too materialistic. It can not any action on Moral Grounds. It feels free to act in whichever way it likes (Like sanctioning Gambling Dens, legalizing Homo Sexuality and even legalizing drugs). - The state is held hostage by small pressure groups and has to yield in on many issues which affect the morality of its citizens. 4. As I told you the real test is in the man himself as to how much he saves himself from temptation, but we should not put temptation in the first place. - The Rules set by God, provide a first line of defense. It saves even those of weak or small faiths, so they could go thru the test of this life. - If you break this first line of defense, by freely allowing every thing, the evils grow faster that the good deeds (as I explained to you about the weed and Vegetables). 5. Any way, it is a choice and we should co exist and do not criticize other if they think different from us. This accommodation is sadly lacking from both side. Q.16 God’s Powers, Why Allah Guides some? Ans. The quotations you have given are all correct and the question you have posed is also very common. The first thing is that Allah’s knowledge is perfect. He knows about past, present and future events before even they happen. However the choice is given to Humans to select the right path or wrong. The human selects his course freely, But Allah knows in advance what course the man will take. It is like a teacher predicting in a class room that this student shall top, this student shall pass and this student shall fail. If it happens afterwards like the teacher said, then the students cannot say, because the teacher said I shall pass, I got passed mark. The teacher said I shall fail, so I failed. Allah’s knowledge is far superior to that of teacher and He knows what a man will do much in advance. As for Allah giving guidance to those He pleases, is to be seen in context. This was used to console our prophet why such and such did not come to fold of Islam, despite his best efforts. Allah guides those who have some quest in their hearts to look for guidance. It is not a thing forced on people. Like Jesus said “The door is opened for those, who knock” If you do not want to knock, how the door will be opened to you. Best way to receive Allah’s guidance is to prey to Him sincerely (during late night hours, when no one is seeing you), O Allah Guide me to your true path! O Allah Show me the Right Path, O Allah Guide me to the path of your prophets. If you are sincere, the path will open for you. ”My question is what the hell are we being tested for?” MUQ: You are being tested for Hell or Heaven!! It is a very serious test, if you realize.

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Q.17 Hadith, What is Hadith and SUNNA? Ans. My Dear, Your knowledge about Islam is very limited and seems to be based on hearsay! 1What is Hadith? Sayings of Prophet Muhammad, he was not only sent as a Postman to deliver the Book of God. He was also sent as its Chief Interpreter and to demonstrate in Public Life what Qur’an Teaches 2Sunnah: is name for Prophet Actions. Qur’an Hadith and Sunnah compliment each other to form a whole which is Islamic Law . They are not separable. 4. Calling peaceful Muslim society as a Violent Society shows your own ignorance. There are black sheep in every Community. You cannot Generalize it. Otherwise we can say the American is the Most Violent and Law breaking society, citing your crime data! Q.18 Jihad, What is Jihad? Ans. “There is no Compulsion in Religion…2:256” means that no body will be forced to accept Islam. It does not mean that force shall not be used to preserve and protect the Islamic society from inside and outside attacks. It is in the same way Christians interpret the instruction of Jesus “Turn the Other Cheek” 2. The rulings for Jihad as mentioned by above are correct and do not contradict the Quranic instruction on compulsion. However the Ayat al Saif, you have quoted had a specific reference to the people of Makkah from which are earlier treaties had been abolished and an open declaration of war was issued. It was a specific case and not to be used as a general principle. Both Offensive and Defensive Jihads are permissible. We should not leave any force strong enough that can threaten Islam or stops is propagation forcefully. In fact you are also doing the same; What is NPT? Why you want other nations to not have WMD? Why you are against Iran to have Nuclear Capability? It all comes down to the same. You do not want any nation to threaten your security or pose a danger to your way of life, your economy etc. We are also doing the same. What you do is right and what we do is wrong, is it not Q.19 Previous Scriptures, How much Quran confirms old Scriptures? Ans.1. We do not say that all portions of previous scriptures are lost and neither we say that all of them are Word of God. - There are Words of God in them, there are Words of Prophets in them, There are Words of Historian in them and there are some pornographic stories in them. - All these things are mixed with each other and it is very difficult now to separate truth from falsehood. - Quran being the True Word of God and preserved in its pristine form, must be taken as a criterion to judge truth from falsehood. - What Quran confirms, is the Word of God - What Quran rejects is the corruption or interpolation in the scripture. - What Quran is Silent about, we will remain silent about. - When we quote from your scripture, it is to prove to you our point, not that we need it for our own faith.
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Q.20 Revelation, Did God spoke to Muslims only? Ans. We never say, God spoke to us alone. We call refer to Jews and Christians as “People of Book”. We consider all of your prophets as Muslims. In Fact Islam is the only religion, which preaches Universal Brotherhood. It says, - all humans are from same pair of man & Woman. - God sent messengers and books to all nations thru out the ages. - All prophets preached the same simple message of Islam. That Worship one God and Follow his prophets. - Mohammad (PBUH), is the last prophet of that chain and his message is to all humanity. How logical and peaceful is this message. If you defy the God and His messenger, then you can yourself choose your position. 8. If you call this arrogance, then what is logic in your opinion? Q.21 Sharia, Are Islamic Laws Just? Ans. I asked you to Quote laws from your scriptures and then compare them with Islam. Instead of doing that, you as usual have skirted the issue and give very long quotations to confuse the reader. I ask you to list : -Laws of War - Prisoners of War - Crime and Punishment - Rights of Women - Dealings with other nations and people Quote your laws on these (From Old & New Testament Books) and then I will give Islamic laws on these. Let readers decide. In Islam nothing is hidden, every thing is open, we try to bring people to our side “With Reason, and Beautiful Preaching” not by hypocrisy and deceit. Q.21A Copying, Is Islam a copy of Jews, Christian and desert religions? Ans. That Mohammad (PBUH) created a religion based on Jews, Christians and Desert Religions is as absurd as saying that Jesus copied every thing from Old Testament and gave it a new tint just to make another religion. Answer these claims of Jews and then I will answer to your question. 2. Why do you not study Qur’an and compare it with Bible and see the truth your self. 3. Comparing Mormons with Prophet Muhammad is another folly. I do not say, that no body will claim that he is a prophet. Jesus himself said “For there shall rise many false prophets and Christ s and shall show many signs so as to deceive even the very elect” Then asked as to how to distinguish between a false prophet and a true prophet, he said “By their fruits, you shall know them, for as every good tree bears good fruit, and every bad tree beard bad fruit…” By the way Jesus did not say that he was the last prophet and no prophets shall come after him.

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4. He asked his followers to test the “Claims or Fruits” of each claimant. You Judge Muhammad (PBUH) by his fruits, otherwise when in Hereafter Jesus ask you, “Did not I say you that Judge each prophet by his teachings…On what basis you rejected Muhammad? Did you study his teachings? ….. then don’t stand there and say Lord, Lord….I only said what others were saying about him….I did not even read his Book!!! …..will that be sufficient for you. My Sincere advice to you Sir, it to buy an English Translation of Qur’an (By a Muslim Scholar) and go thru it. You will be amazed what you will find there…..Your Hate is based only on hearsay….Many staunch enemies of our Prophet (PBUH) got convinced of his truth just by reading Qur’an. Put your objections after reading Qur’an. Then they will have more weight. I hope Sir, You are a learned and reasonable man!! Q.22 Conversion, How Islam spread? Ans. Yes I know, no body accepts Islam of its own free will. Every one has to be forced to accept to Islam. Islam started with a single man and that single man has forced 1200 Millions to accept Islam. Just who is forcing Americans and Europeans to accept Islam these days. 2. Albania was 99% Muslim nation before it turned into a communist country. Bosnia is Muslim Majority state which was forcefully captured by the Serbs and removed of its identity. 3. China was never a Muslim Majority country. Yes many Muslims live in China. With such large numbers, they should be judges according to Shariah law for their internal matters. Why you get so angry about Shariah. It is a practical solution to most of your problems. Your laws are not able to solve the problem of Racism, Theft, Excess women problem,. Crimes against women> Islam and Shariah provide practical solution to all these problems. 4. You are atheist, is your choice. Do not generalize crimes of Muslims as done by Islam. There are bad examples in every religion and every people. 5. Muslims treatment of their wives is much better that other people. Cases of domestic violence is more in western society than in Islamic society. 6. My advise to you Sir, is to clear your mind from this anti Muslim bias. You should think logically not get excited. Q.23 Followers, How to judge a religion? Ans. The correct way to know about any religion is to study their teachings thru their scriptures, only then you will know the real worth of any religion. 2. If you judge any religion by the actions of their followers, then you are bound to fall into error. 3. For example, if you want to judge Christianity thru the conduct and life of Hitler, Bush , Blair etc, you will fall into error. 4. You should not judge Islam by the actions of its followers (That too those whom you see today), but by the overall impact of its teachings spread over 1400 years.

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Q.24 Revelation, Does God send Prophets? Ans. This quotation by Mr. Paine is not correct. Because God has indeed sent his revelation and Guidance to human kind. 1. The revelation of God however is not sent to every man. 2. In the plan of God, the revelation is sent only to His messengers. 3. The messengers are specially chosen human beings, whom God picks out from the generations. 4. The people recognize their messengers by their characters, their message and some times by special miracles which God gets done thru these prophets. 5. The guidance which comes thru the prophets is essential for the Test of Hereafter and human beings on their own cannot decide on these matters. The message given to messengers some times comes in the form of books, which record the Word of God reveled to these prophets. 6. Science on the other hand deals only with the physical world and cannot decide or be relied upon the matters which are not physical and not in its scope. 7. The very fact that prophets are coming regularly, the scriptures are available with almost all nations, negate what Mr. Paine has said. Otherwise it is inconceivable that such large number of people, in such diverse civilizations, have concocted such a thing as religion and it has worked for such a long period. 8. In the end God, Sent our prophet as the last prophet and sent with him His last book and selected the religion of Islam for all mankind till the day of Judgment. Now you see the forceful way, in which he has negated all revelations and all prophet hoods is only a conjecture and not based on actual knowledge. If the followers have been wrong, you cannot blame the prophets themselves. If Quacks exist in the world, it does not mean that we should condemn all medical doctors. Now Dear Sir, both points are in front of you, mine and Mr. Paine’s. You are given reason and free choice. You will be judged on the basis of what you choose? Could you say to God on the last day, It was Mr. Paine or Mr. Qidwai who mislead me Q.25 Democracy, What is Islamic Democracy? Ans. Islam & Democracy: The essence of democracy is that, The people should be ruled by their elected representatives and these reps. Only should have power to make laws. Details and modalities do vary with time and place. Now let us see what Islam Says about it: Qur’an (Our holy scripture) has two very important verses on this: Who (i.e. Muslims) conduct their affairs by Mutual Consultations; (Ch. 62 V. 38) And (O prophet) consult them in affairs (of moment) ( Ch. 3 V 159)…. These verses indicate that the affairs of Muslims should be decided by mutual consultations. Be it the matter of head of state or of making laws etc. No body has absolute authority to rule or make laws himself, ignoring the wishes of people. This negates absolute Dictator ship or Absolute Monarchy. It neither recommends any particular type of Government, nor rejects any type. The present system of Democracy (i.e. having elections every 4 or 5 years, Having two or more parties, each making (mainly false) promises to electorate, Small pressure groups
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forcing parties to agree to major concessions to their causes, Candidates trying to do each other by any means fair or foul, Always having two groups in parliament, one whose purpose is always to say yes (GOP) and the other always trying to do down the Government (Opposition), lengthy and mostly useless debates in houses (because the matter is decided by the party loyalty already), etc etc These are mainly wasting the country’s resources (and in which in your views, are ideal form of government), Even in these matters Islam in not Dogmatic and may leave the choice to individual countries. However, there is another very serious issue, Which is the Sovereignty of People, to which Islam has strong objections, let me point out Islamic View point on this also: Islam means, surrendering your will to the Will of our Creator, so the real Sovereign is God. The right of rule making is only to God, whose wish we have to follow. The laws made by God, are not biased, because He is the Lord of all Human Beings. On any matter, where God (or his prophet) has decreed a matter, no Muslim can make any law contradicting it. The power of legislative is limited to matters, where these laws are not available, or only needs implication details. No Muslim parliament can make laws, which authorize Alcohol Drinking, Enabling Interest, Authorizing Prostitution, Authorizing Sodomy or Lesbianism etc etc. Your parliament can make laws that prohibit Drinking one year then repeal it and make it legal nest year etc. Now it can be proved by logic and rezoning, that in all these matters, Islamic point of view is more just and more suited to Human nature. This Islamic Democracy is different from Theocracy, where all the law making and executive powers are given to Church (or religious scholars). It is also different from the Modern unchecked Democracy that you are following. If we have to live as Muslim, we have to be Loyal to our Creator and obey His (just and reasonable) laws, than following any law, which contradicts His laws. Q.26 Fatwa, What is Fatwa? Ans. Status of Fatwas: Fatwa, from which, Western Media is so afraid (as though they were WMD s) is no more than a statement by a religious scholar, as to what is the religious ruling in a particular matter. They have no executive powers unless authorized by a court having Jurisdiction in that case. So Fatwa against Rushdie was a religious ruling, by one scholar ,as to what Islamic Law says in this case. But the way, in which Western Media took it, was that it is going to authorize a “Killing Party” to track Rushdie and Kill him. So you see, on both sides, there was over-reaction. Q.27 Jihad, What is meant by Islamic Jihad? Ans. I am very thankful to you Sir, for asking very genuine and relevant questions. I think I should also thank you for considering me a rational Muslims, though I believe that after knowing the actual situation, you would wish that so called “Radical Muslims” should rule this world.
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First of all, let us take the topic of Jihad, which is so much misunderstood is not only west but also amongst common Muslims. The word Jihad, comes form Arabic Root word “JEHD”, which literally means “striving your best for any cause”. From this meaning it is very clear that every body is involved in some or other form of Jihad. Somebody is doing Jihad for Democracy, some for Communism, some for pornography, some for Sodomy , some for atheist causes etc. Islam always qualifies the world Jihad with the phrase “In the cause of God”. This qualification makes a very large difference between Islamic Jihad and all other parts of Jihad mentioned above. It also means that any fight or war, in which one party is Muslim and another non Muslim cannot be called Islamic Jihad, unless the Qualification “In the cause of God” is satisfied. Translation of Islamic Jihad, with Holy War is also erroneous, because no war is Holy or Unholy. It could be Just or Unjust. Further Islam uses the word Jihad sometimes with “Your Persons and your wealth” It means you should put all your efforts in the cause of your God. Jihad could be with tongue, with pen, with wealth and the last of which is to fight with arms. Islam was the first Religion to form the rules for war; it was much before Geneva Convention, Red Cross convention etc. Listen to the following: - And Fight in the cause of God, with those who fight you, but do not transgress the limits, for God does not love Transgressors. - And turn them out from where they have turned you out….(Ch.2 V 100, 101) - And let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice …(Ch 5 V 70) - Prophet directed us, to not Kill, Women, Children, Old people, Handicapped persons, Priests, Monks, Not to cut down green trees, not to demolish or damages the place of worship, Not kill animals also except for food, do not resort to general killings etc during the war. - Prisoner of Wars could be kept as slaves (as there was no agreement, on transfer of prisoners), but he give detailed instructions as to well treatment of slaves, like feed them what you eat, clothe them with what you wear, do not over burden them etc etc. The Islamic Jihad could be either defensive or offensive. Defensive Jihad is to protect your land, property, country etc from enemy attacks. Secure your boundaries, maintain your military strength, so that enemies are not tempted towards you etc. Offensive Jihad: Islam considers itself as the God’s only true religion on this world in this age. It expects its followers to deliver this message to all mankind. It gives the choice to individuals to either accept or reject this path. But if there is any power or authority which tries to stop the message of Islam being delivered or forcefully stops its citizens to accept Islam, then it becomes the duty of Muslims to fight till this hindrance is removed (Consider your efforts to bring Democracy and your civilization to whole world). But in this type of Jihad also, strict guidelines are given, the enemy has to be given three choices: - Accept Islam, and become like our own brothers. - Pay us tribute (a nominal amount agreed mutually, called JIZYA in Arabic), so we will protect you from enemies. - Let the sword decide between us.
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Now this type of Jihad may seem extremely radical and make some one to think, that Islam is being spread on the point of sword. But the sword is used, to break the forces that are not giving their citizens free will to accept Islam. Nobody is forced to accept Islam. I think you are also doing the same to force your democracy and your values to the world on gunpoint or under the threat of Economic Sanctions. Why Islam considers itself best religion is open to debates and it can be proven by reasons that it is the best middle course amongst all extremes to which other paths are going. Best Example of Jihad can be seen in our prophet’s lifetime: He fled from Makkah, in Danger of his life. But after reaching Medina, within ten years whole of Arabia became an Islamic state. - His enemies will say, he forced his religion on the point of sword. - Do you know despite so many wars, how many people lost their lives? Combined loss of Muslims and His enemies did not reach 1000!. Is there any more example of this type in the world!. With so less loss of Life with so Outstanding Results? - Arabs were no cowards; they loved to fight over small and trivial issues. - It was the planning, the sincerity and the merciful conduct of the Prophet, which changed their views. Next best example of Islamic Jihad was seen during the lifetime of prophet’s companions. Nascent Islamic state was under threat from mighty Persian and Eastern Roman Empires. - They were ill equipped, out numbered, but they subdued both these armies. - Loss of Live was more, but it was all on the battlefield. Three choices were given to enemy before each fight, if they chose for peace, if they chose war, it was accepted. - You will not see general massacre or civilian populations, burning of cities, general destructions in any of these wars. - No body was forced to accept Islam either during or after war. Many years after wars, when the populations saw the character, the justice of these Companions of prophet, they gradually came to fold of Islam. -These were the most humane wars, if wars can be considered humane in any sense. Q.28 Episcopal, Is Islam like it? Ans. To compare Islam with Episcopal itself shows that you know nothing about Islam. How can you compare a religion, that too one of the major world religion, with a magical creature? . To say that Muslims are blowing themselves up just to kill the persons of other faith is also untrue. The problem is, Muslims in the Oppressed Lands do not find any other recourse to fight the oppressors except with their own bodies Q.29 Jews, Muslims are fighting with Jews? Ans. I thought your needed lessons in Ancient and Medieval History only, Now It becomes clear that your Modern History also needs educations. As we Muslims believe that Zionists are behind all the mischief and creating hatred between Muslims and Christians, you want to put all the blame on Muslims for all the world’s problems. 1. Before the start of Zionists Movement in the West in Last years of 19th Century (~1890), Muslims did not had any large scale fight with Jews in any of the Muslims Countries. In Palestine Muslims and Jews were living peacefully for hundreds of Years.
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2. It was the start of Zionist Movement, that created rift between Muslims and Jews for the first time. Because the aim of Zionist Movement was to remove all Non Jews from Palestine and make it a Zionists only state. 3. In the beginning, this idea, did not find any support with the Western Super Powers of that time. USA at that time was not a big player in International Politics, & was only involved in its own affairs. But the Zionist Lobby in USA was very vocal & supportive of Zionists claim on Palestine. 4. I do not think that during WW-1, Jews were an issue of the war. Turkish Empire was supporting Germany, but you have to realize, there was no Nazi Party in Germany at that time. Hitler was a non entity there. So I do not think any large scale blood bath took place between Muslims and Jews in that war. 5. With the defeat of Turkey in WW-1, Britain & French got there hold in Mid East. In the beginning Britain & France did not accept the claims of Zionists. With the result that Zionists started a “Terrorist” Campaign in Palestine to force Muslims to vacate that area. Your Great “Begin” was labeled as Terrorist by Britain in that time. During that period if Muslims also made some organization to counter the killings by Zionists, then they had every right to defend them. 6. During WW-II, Zionists made a deal with US & Britain, that they will support allied forces, if they agree to their demand for “Palestine for Jews Only” Policy. In WW-II, there was no Muslim empire present, so how they took part in that war. May be they gave Moral support to Germany, so that Imperialism of UK comes to an end. If there were any killings in some local areas, then I neither defend it nor approved it. In Islam Killing of any innocent man is not allowed for whatever reason. 7. After end of WW-II, Britain lost its status as World’s Superpower, & USA & USSR took their place. Both the superpowers agreed to the creation of Zionist State of Israel in Palestine and gave all moral, material and political support to its existence and expansion. 8. Now USSR is no more, gone to the dustbin of History, USA is existing and will surely go the way of USSR, if it does not correct its course. 9. We do not hate Jews, We hate Zionists, because they took our land and are responsible for many crimes against Muslims. You on the other hand also Do not Love Jews, but under the influence of strong Zionist Lobby in US, are unable to do any thing. You are the “Tail of Zionist Dog”, it moves you wherever he wants it. Q.30 Killing, Are Muslims only killing? Ans. I’m not justifying killing with another killing. I’m just showing what sort of past you had before turning into “Angels” 2. In our killing spree we have not yet reached 10 % of your figure. That is after 1400 years. It will need another 14000 years for us to equal your record. Providing you refrain from killing any more person. But the Likes of Bush & Cheney s would certainly want to increase your toll. 3. Islam shows you own face in the mirror. If you are Devil, Islam will seem devil to you. If you are Human, Islam will look like human to you. If you are Angel, Islam will look like angel to you. 4. Making Cartoon of our holy prophet, was the work of a sick mind. Any body defending the act is also sick. The persons protesting have a legitimate right to protest. 5. Your brain is already cleansed in Bacon Fat, so you would like the same for others also.

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Q.31 Terror, WMD ? Ans. Yes you correct your wrong (Get rid of your WMD s), we will put our swords and spears in sheath. 2. Who says that “peace” can only be achieved without force. It has never happened and it shall never happen. There are people and forces in the world, that to not want to live peacefully. To correct such people you have to use force. 3. Our smile and our curses are both open. Islam does not teach us hypocrisy. This is the tactics of Western People. They talk glibly, but their hearts conceal the hatred. 4. You think my writings are not working. It is not for me to change any body’s heart. I have to keep clarifying and putting the true picture of Islam. If I have done that, my job is done.

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Islam-Question on Women and Women's Right and other issues
Q.1 Age of marriage, What is age of marriage for Muslim Woman? Ans. Age of Marriage of women: Is the age of Menstruation, which could start early in some cases as it was with Aiyesha. Permission of Women: Is mandatory, in case she is a widow or divorcee, it is to express. In case she in Virgin, her silence is her acceptance. If she is Minor and married by her guardian, she can choose when she comes to the age of puberty. What else could be more reasonable? Q.2 Clothing, What clothes can women wear? Ans. Women can wear clothes of their choice; however they should not show their beauty and personality in public. The ideal place for women is their houses. They can work if it is needed; otherwise males are burdened with all financial liabilities in Islam. It is not slavery. In fact western woman is the real slave, she has to work in office, she has to work in home and she has to make her appearance attractive to attract males. She is made an object of Sex only. You see female’s photos on every product, why? 7. In Islam, males also have to restrain themselves, Quran talks about rules of Modesty first for Males then for Females. Punishment for Rape and Adultery is very strict. You will hardly find such cases where Islamic Rules are in force. 8. Yes, after corrupting honor of your women, you will naturally look towards other nations who are not like you. Saudi Women are more happy than most of your Modern Educated Career Women. The cases of Divorce, Domestic Violence, Rapes, Murders, AIDS are much higher in your society than in Saudi Arabia. What Candle are you showing to Saudi Women? All that glitters is not Gold Q.3 Divorce, Laws of Divorce? Ans. This is a very important question and very relevant too. Considering the severity of punishments, Witness system should be fool proof. So it is as follows: 1A. Any body accusing any male or female of adultery or fornication has to bring four eye witnesses who have seen the crime being committed. These witnesses must have seen the act by their own eyes. Just assumption is not enough. (I.e. that they saw man and woman emerging from the room, which was locked from inside etc. etc.) 1B. If the quorum of witness is not complete, then the man bringing the case will receive a punishment of 80 lashes, and shall be debarred for ever as witness in any court of Law. 1C. As you have mentioned, it is very rare that you will get four eye witnesses to the act, because most of these acts are committed secretly, so in effect there will be never a case which is proven. But the punishment to the accuser, will mean that no body will talk loosely and in the society shall be saved from these type of talks. 1D. If an unmarried woman is found with child, then she shall be “per see” accused of committing the act of fornication. She shall be given the punishment of 100 lashes. 1E. However if a woman accuses a man of rape, then the court shall look for circumstantial evidences and DNA tests etc shall be done. Just because a woman accuses a man, he shall not be punished.
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2. However there is a special provision in Islamic law, in which a Husband or Wife sees his or her partner with another and cannot get four witnesses. It is in fact very rare to get four eye witness, but since Husband and wife have to live together, Islam has made the provision of LA’AAN (i.e. Cursing each other). 2A. The man will take Four Oaths in the name of Allah, that he is speaking truth. In the Fifth Oath, he shall say that “Curse of God shall be on me if I am a liar” 2B. If the woman accepts this accusation, and does not plea innocence, then she shall be punished for the crime. However if she feels her innocent, She shall also take Four Oaths in the name of Allah, that the man is liar. In the fifth oath she shall say “May the Anger of Allah be on me, if he speaks the truth”. 2C. If the two oaths are completed then the court shall annul their marriage and they shall never be able to marry with each other. If the child is born it shall be considered to be of the husband. During the time of our prophet, there was never a case which was punished as per this system. Some people themselves came forward and accepted their guilt and were punished. Now see the subtleties of this issue and how the consideration of human nature and decency is maintained. All these details are given in the beginning of Surah NOOR of Quran. Q.4 Divorce, Islamic Law on Divorce? Oh... Is it true that a man may divorce his wife by saying "I divorce you" (once/thrice)?” Ans. In Islam; male has a right to divorce his wife by saying “I Divorce You”. 1. The correct method is that man should divorce his wife once “in the period of her purity” during which the partners have not made sexual relations. If they have already done, then man should wait for “Next period of Purity”. 2. After pronouncing divorce, the man should wait for three months and should not approach his wife sexually during all this time. If they make sexual relations, the divorce is nullified. If the three months period is over, then the marriage is dissolved, but they have a right to remarry each other after the end of waiting period (3 months). 3. During three months period husband and wife shall live in the same house like normal days. Husband shall give maintenance to wife as usual. 4. If the sexual relation is made during waiting period (stpe2), first divorce is nullified and the whole procedure should then be repeated for a second time. 5. Husband has maximum right to divorce his wife three times. If he divorces his wife for the third time, then he cannot remarry her, unless she gets married to another man. If that man divorces her, then she can remarry her first husband. 6. However, if a man misuses his choices and divorces her wife three times in the beginning itself, then the marriage shall be dissolved forthwith and they cannot remarry unless the woman marries another man and he divorces her. This procedure is highly disliked and discouraged by Islamic Scholars; nevertheless divorce takes place as intended. 7. Woman can also divorce her husband, but she cannot pronounce it verbally. She has to go to Islamic court and the divorce shall be implemented from the court. These Sir are the basic guidelines for Islamic System of divorce. Regarding finer points, a Jurist should be consulted; I have no deep knowledge about these details.

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By the way our prophet said “Of all the things made lawful, nothing is more displeasing to Allah than the divorce” (But He made it lawful for the benefit of society) Q.5 Female Circumcision, Is it Islamic? Ans. Female circumcision (as some call it, you call it female genital mutilation, I don’t know why) is not an Islamic concept. 2. Certain societies have this culture (they might be Muslims also), but it has no Islamic rulings on it. 3. In many countries this practice is unknown. 4. If you feel it, that it harms females in any way, it should be banned on health ground. 5. However, if it does not harm the sexuality or the personality of women, you should not be so much tough on it also. 6. Like some women get their nose pierced, some get their ears pressed, in Some African countries, they have marks on their cheeks etc. These thing go away after they live one or two generations in a new country. Q.6 Girls Education, Why girls should have separate schools? Ans. Again I got plenty of responses, Let me answer them at one place: 1. Yes you can train your sons that is one part of job, second is not to put temptations in their path. That is why we educate them separately. 2. The problem in the west is much bigger than you think. I gave you the statistics. Most Girls get their sexual experience by the time they are in college. It may not matter for you who believe in Free Sex, but it Matters to us, Muslims, so we will take precautions. “ 1) You feel it's perfectly ok for a husband to rape his wife. 2) Women don't report being raped in your country, for fear of being thrown in prison for getting raped.” 3. We are not discussing relations between Husband and Wife here. The topic here is should we have separate college for Boys and Girls. 4. Girls education should be in Girls college and not in Co-ed schools. 5. Boys and Girls should not date,. However before marriage they can see each other. Islam prohibits free mixing of sexes. Q.7 HIJAB, Why HIJAB? Ans. In any civilized country, no man approaches any women, whom he does not know. Most population in any country is law abiding. Otherwise the society cannot exist. 2. But there are “Weirdoes” in every country and to control that we have police, courts and laws etc. 3. However in order that these “Weirdoes” do not get temptations, Islam favors that women should cover their bodies, so that they should not tempt these “weirdoes”. A woman partially exposed, would tempt them more than a women dressed modestly and fully covered. Islam in fact protects women from hungry gazes and implicit comments. 4. The crime statistics in western society indicates that “weirdoes” are on rise, despite education and guidance.

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Q.8 HIJAB, Is HIJAB required? Ans. I ask you one simple question. Suppose you are a hooligan, looking for a victim. Two women are coming towards you. Both are of same age and are equally beautiful. One of them is fully covered with a veil and no part of her body is visible. The other one is wearing mini skirt and short blouse. Who will you pick on first? The woman who is fully covered or the woman who is partially exposed? Answer this question and then you will know what I’m talking about. 1A. If nobody has misbehaved with you, is not the reason that other women have not suffered this fate. Check your statistics and you will know. Further these cases are on rise, which is also natural. The more temptations you place, the more victims you will get. 2. Any body who has said that women are jostled in Saudi Arabia, has told a lie. The sexes do not mix in Saudi Arabia. 3. It is only your assumption, that western women report more crimes. People say that only 10% of crimes against women get reported, rest 90 % do not come into light. If you do not allow free mixing between sexes and also apply harsh punishment for violators, the crimes would almost disappear. That is what you see in Saudi Arabia and any other country that want to try this path. Q.9 Lesbians, Was it started by Muslims? Ans. I just don’t know why you have developed this strong hate for Muslim women. Some of you say that she is to be pitied as Islam subjugates her and does not give her any right. You on the other hand hold a different view. Your views are extremely narrow and full of spite. 2. There is no proof that lesbianism came from Muslims and spread to the west. If it was such a horrible practice, then why you are giving it a legal protection? You must root out this abdominal practice in both east and west, I’m with you. 3. What I feel that hate mongers like you should be the first to be executed. It is the venom in your tongue and in your mind that must be spilled first. 4. If more people in west think as you think, then I can only pity that what your education has taught you. 5. How could you write such horrible things is beyond my imaginations. Q.10 Polygamy, Is Muslims growing thru Polygamy? Ans. Considering males and females are born in (almost) equal proportions, if every Muslim male has four wives, then it means 75% of Muslim Males cannot get any wife!!! (Unless of course Christians present their women to Muslims). The number of Christians coming to fold of Islam daily is a proof whether they are entering a “Stagnant Pond” or getting away from one. Q.11 Polygamy, Reasons for allowing Polygamy Ans. Yes, if agreed upon between husband and wife at the time of marriage, then such a clause can be added. 1A. You think yourself generous enough to allow your husband to see a different woman every week, but there are women who will kill their husbands for going even once. 1B. You seem to disregard as to what would be the consequences of that visiting. What if the children are borne due to these relations? What will happen to them? Who will look after them? What would they inherit from their father? What is their mistake?
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1C. My Sister, I know, it is hard for any wife to accept another women as her counter part. The ever-loving God, if He has allowed that provision, in His knowledge, it was fit, that this was a better solution, than allowing a man to roam around. 1D. Consider another situation (I do not wish it for you) if you develop some complications and is unfit for sex, what should your husband do? Divorce you to marry another woman? Or just control him? Or go to other Outlets? 1E. Consider another situation (as was after math of WW s), many males are killed in war, and more women are available in the society than men. What will be the solution for excess women? What should they do? Become nuns? Or become Public Property? 1F. In Islam God, does not say, You Must Marry more than one, He only allows this under special circumstances and form the good of society. In which every woman and child is taken care of. 1G. If you consider with cool mind, you will find that a controlled poly gamy is the real solution of many problems, which your society is facing today. All other solutions are immoral and harmful to either the woman or children. 2. I do not take a dig at any particular man or woman in west. It is a dig against the system. I know that most of Western women are not like that. May be some Muslims have wrong notion about Western women. I have visited West and my view is balanced. I can say that the women are selective, how they behave with Eastern people, may not be the same as to how they behave with the Western males. 3. You are very happy that same laws are to me made for all sections of the population. You think that by making common laws all the differences between the people will be lost. In fact this is not the solution to bring about unity. People will be more united, if they are allowed to follow their religions and feel contended to live in the country. By following common laws, did you bring Jews closer to Christians? This is a faulty logic, which crates unrest in the mind of minority community. 4. As regards circumcision of females, this is not an Islamic principle at all, it is the social custom of some societies. Islam has nothing to do with it. 5. I think it is generous of you to say that different communities should live according to their own way of life. I tell you Islam does not teach us to commit treason against a nation in which you are living. We should love our nation but at the same time, we do not Worship our Nation. At present, people are expected to Worship their Nations. This extreme nationalism has already resulted in two World Wars, and if it is not checked, it may result in Third and more WW s. Q.11 A. Polygamy, Why Islam permitted Polygamy? Ans. Dear Sister I appreciate your point of view. But if God our common Creator has allowed it, He must have done it for the overall benefit of the society. Sometime you have to accept a smaller evil to prevent a greater evil. 1A. Polygamy is not the concept started by our prophet. This practice was available since time immemorial; Islam only put a check and balance on that practice. 1B. The concept of Monogamy per see is only a Social practice of certain races and has no proof from the scriptures. 2. The problem of excess women is there in all societies. During wars it becomes more serious. If you check statistics of any western country, you will find this problem there. Regarding age of women for polygamy, it is a novel suggestion, but I know there are people who will misuse any law, howsoever you make it. 2A. The basic point is that if you want to abolish sex out of wedlock, (which Islam and all religions consider as a heinous crime) you have to allow some sort of polygamy. May be
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now you will understand why Bible also recommends death penalty for Adulterer and Adulteress. 2B. You may ask, why sex out of wedlock is a crime? In case of married women, it is crime against the honor of husband. In case of unmarried women this crime is against the honors of fathers and brothers of the girl. 2C. Unless you appreciate the seriousness of this crime. Polygamy will always look to you as unreasonable. That is why in every society, where strict monogamy is existing in law, the punishment for sex out of wedlock has been either removed or relaxed. It is natural. 3. The behavior of western women was only a suggestion from my side, where you said that Eastern men think, western women are more available. I also said may be they got the ides from your films and sitcoms etc. 4. The pressure for women to be chaste is not from men, but from their Creator also. Any man having sec out of wedlock is also punished. So it is both way street. The question why women should not have more than one husband, you should answer yourself. Q.12 Polygamy, Only in Hadith? Ans. Polygamy is mentioned in Quran. The fact is polygamy is permitted in each religion. There is no scripture on earth that bans polygamy. Monogamy is the culture of Western nations and well, they are never able to force it literally. Officially you can have only wife, but in practice you can have sex with as many women as you like, but you cannot marry them!! Q.13 Punishment, What is Islamic law for sexual crimes? Ans. Islamic Laws on Sexual Crimes are based on following basic guidelines given in Quran and Hadith: 1. If an unmarried man or women hold sexual relations outside wedlock, then each shall be punished with 100 lashes. 2. However, if any of the party be married, then the punishment for him / her is death by stoning. 3. Quorum of witness for anybody accusing any man or woman of having illicit relations is four eye witnesses. If the accuser is not able to bring four witnesses, then ha shall be punished with 80 lashes and shall be debarred for life as a witness in any court of law. 4. However if Husband or Wife accuse each other and do not have eye witnesses, then they shall take five oaths in the name of Allah before the judge. The denier shall also take five oaths. 5. Punishment for homosexual acts is also death penalty. 6. These are the basic guidelines on which Islamic Laws are based. The court shall decide in each case as to what procedure to adopt in each and individual case. 7. I’m not an authority on Islamic Jurisprudence to answer your specific questions. 8. Regarding arranged marriages in Saudi Arabia, I’m not a Saudi National so I can give you statistics. As per my knowledge and observation, most of the marriages here are arranged marriages.

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Q.14 Rape, Witness for rape? Ans. If the woman accuses or names any particular man, then she has to produce witness as per the Islamic law. 2. If she accuses the man of rape, then the circumstances have to be taken by the court in dealing with the case. If the man is found guilty, he shall be punished according to Islamic law. Q.15 Women Right, What rights Muslim Woman have? Ans. Man or women, every body enters the Islam by choice. Once they become Muslims, they have to follow the Islamic rules which God has prescribed to them. Men follow what commandments God gave to them, Woman follow what commandments God gave to them. There is no preference to either. 2. You say 99% of world would drop it, What you say about Thousands of Those who enter into fold of Islam every day? Yes you are right in a way, the rubbish that we have become, if 99% of Muslims are rejected by God, only 1% of true Muslims are needed to re-start the revival of Islam in world. 3. We Submit to Our Creator, not to any man, woman or any body else. Women also Submit to the Same Creator, where is the problem, I can’t make out? Q.16 Women Right, Do they have rights? Ans. Once again this is your own interpretation. Putting your own knowledge before God. It is correct that some flexibility is allowed in certain matters. But in matters where unambiguous instructions are given, they have to be followed. It is we that create a society that does not matches with the Quranic model and then we try to stretch Quranic laws to support that society. This is hypocrisy not sincere belief MUQ: Thank you for your beautiful sentiments. God will judge you as per how much you have lived your life according to his laws and commandments. If you recognized the truth and then stick to your own believes then you have to answer them before God. We are not here to judge or pass judgment on any body. Q.17 Women Rights, Is wife beating permitted in Islam? Ans. To say that Hijab is not mentioned in Qur’an is absurd (Ch 24, V 31 & Ch.33 V 53, Ch.33 V 59) mentions it. 3.Wife beating is not encouraged in Islam, Our prophet has given clear instructions about it. It is a sort of threatening to avoid break up of marriage tie. Q.18 Women Rights, Does Islam degrades women? Ans. Yes we do built school for Girls. In Saudi Arabia, there are separate schools for boys and Girls. In countries where there is no alternative, at least the girls should cover themselves in Hijab. 2. Yes in Western Society having sex outside marriage is normal; But Islam has objection to it. Our arguments are to Muslims not to other people. The Fatwa was for Muslims not for others.
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3. It is your assumption that rapes are not reported. Are you sure 100 % cases of rapes and abuse of women in your society get reported. Let us focus of facts not our imaginations. 4. Already answered at # 1. 5. Yes we take precaution, you trust. See the results in your society and in our society. 6. They can wear clothes of their choice and they are wearing too. The point is, their clothes and beauty are not for public display. Look back at your own society 100 years back and you will find modesty in women clothing. 7. Yes you consider working in home as worthless. That is why your houses and families are breaking. Single parent children are rising. How would they behave will be seen in a couple of decades not now. Islamic Models were in use for centuries and are well proven. The fact is Home is as Important as Office. You cannot do justice to both at the same time. In west you have selected office as your main priority, that is why your homes are suffering. 8. Woman have right to look beautiful, but not for public gazing and commenting on their beauty. Do you mean to say, Muslim Women do not try to look beautiful. However their beauty is for their Husbands. Muslim women is compared like a “Pearl well hidden” Western Woman is like a “Public Fountain, where every one gazes and comments” 9. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. In Islam Rapist gets death punishment. Four witnesses are needed if some third party brings the case. In the case of rape, woman’s testimony along with circumstantial evidence is needed to prove the guilt. Other wise any woman can say, this man has raped me and the accused would be killed? Islamic system of Justice is more advanced than your system. 10. What you call quality of life, is not the Quality. It is called Quantity of Life. If you have more cars, TV s and Internet, does not mean you have better Quality of Life. A poor man that has few possessions could have a better quality of like. 11. Yes I know that your powerful western media is affecting ME. The quality of our rulers who have already surrendered to western philosophy, is helping this propaganda. You try your best, we try our best, let us see who succeeds. Life is a test, for what? For tussle between forces of good and forces of evil. You will be rewarded based on your efforts, is it not? Q.19 Women Rights, Does Islam degrades Women? Ans. Women are not chattels in Islam, they are honored and have rights and duties as any body else. It is other religions and societies that make women as Chattels. Why the Women Rights Movement started in West, if you were treating your women Justly? 2. Women’s testimony is half in some matters not all matters. In matters involving financial dealings, their testimony is half, because they are not generally conversant with these matters. In many issues (like parenthood, custody of child, Suckling etc) their testimony is more than men or equal at the least. 3. Husbands have no blanket permission to beat their wives. There are very strict guidelines and that is when the marriage is at stake. It is one of the steps to prevent breaking the marriage. There are three more steps before beating (Admonish, separate their beds etc). Why then in West you have so many case of Domestic Violence? Picking it from Muslims? 4. Quranic Laws are from God and for all times to come. His knowledge encompasses both 7th Century as well as 25th Century. Your laws are inferior to Quranic laws and have only messed up your society. You allow Unisex(? )Marriages!!! And frown at Islamic law allowing controlled polygamy?

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Q.20 Women Rights, Women’s rights in Islam? Ans. These little details matter, because they prove that Bible did got corrupted during transmission. Its accounts have to be crosschecked before acceptance. If a document has found to be falsified at one point, its authenticity is suspect. 4. As for your remarks that Islam mistreats women, it is based on in sufficient knowledge. In fact Islam was the greatest liberator of the women 1400 years back and it is its greatest liberator even today. If you compare the rights which Islam gives to women, they far exceed what they get even the most modern of the modern societies. The only point is that Islam does not want women to do away with their feminine nature, which the modern society is bent upon taking. 5. Yes Muslims are from the family of Abraham. They are not ideals and they are not angels, but in the majority of cases which you see today, they are the oppressed parties and have to take arms in self defense. The media and TV channels are trying their best to malign the image of Islam and Muslims by all means foul or fair. Q.21 Wife beating, Why allowed? Ans. If you read this verse in Isolation, you can conclude what you like. This verse tells us what to do if the relations between husband and wife are estranged and the marriage is on the verge of breaking. The verse reads : “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one (more) strength than the other and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient and guard in (the husband’s absence) what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill conduct , admonish them (first), (next) refuse to share their beds and (lastly)beat then (lightly). But if they return to obedience seek not against them means of (annoyance) for Allah is most high and Great (above you all). A. How wrong it is to say that Islam gives blanket permission for Muslim men to beat their wives. It is the last of the means to save marriage. And Allah warns men, to be cautious that Allah is above you all and has more power on you. B. Our prophet has also deeply condemned men who beat their wives and told them only to beat their wives lightly, not on face or any place to leave mark. C. Further, why there are so many cases of domestic violence in western countries, that it is a major social issue there. Q.22 Women Rights in Islam, Does Islam discriminates against women? Ans. Well, who doesn’t! Did not you hear Ladies and Gentlemen! Ladies First! During any evacuations, ladies and Children are evacuated first! Don’t you have separate teams for men and women in all sports? Joking apart, you tell what your Scriptures say about Women’s rights! Not only that, tell me your western laws for women only two hundreds years ago? What rights they had?
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Compared to all that Islam gave women following rights 1400 years back! Right to own property, B. Inheritance in Father’s and Husband’s property C. Right to demand divorce D. Right to be given maintenance etc. There are two Chapters in Quran for women matters (Chapter Women & Chapter Divorce), There is one Chapter named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, Does Bible gives Mary such Honor? Now let me quote to you some passages from Quran on women There is a share (in inheritance) for men and there is a share for women (Ch. 4 V7) And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them (Ch. 2 V 229). Muslim men and women, Believing men and women, Devout men and women….for them God has prepared forgiveness and great rewards (Ch 33 V 35) Verses showing equal ness is sight of God are numerous. Islam however does not say that men and women are equal in every thing. Rights and duties for both are given as per their physical and psychological characters. That is why, more than 2/3rd of persons accepting Islam are women!

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Chapter-17 Israel & Jews and Related Topics
Q.1 Justice, Should Israel exist? Ans. God does not allow any injustice to be done to His creature. This state of Israel was created by deceit and by doing Injustice to the residents of this Land. To say that God sanctioned this, is blasphemy. 2. Even after its creation, it has resorted to deceit, and creating mischief on the earth and its neighbors. To accept that God sanctions its existence is another blasphemy against God. 3. The true fate of Israel is its total destructions and heavy punishment for its wrong doing. Q.2 Chosen Race, Are Jews Chosen race forever? Ans. What I meant to say, God gave a perfect religion to the Jews. They should have shared it with the world and propagated it. A. However, if they did not do it, they do not deserve to be called God’s chosen people. B. God does not choose any people or any race just for a show off. C. They have to deliver the goods otherwise they will be removed from that honor and this is what happened with the Jews after they rejected the message of Jesus. D. Their final removal from that post came after they rejected the last prophet Mohammad (PBUH). 2. The message of Jesus was for Jews only; the Christians increased the scope to include all nations. But in the course of this, they included in their religion things which were not taught by Jesus (Trinity, Original Sin, Jesus taking away the sin of world and abrogation of all Laws and Commandments (all of these innovation of St. Paul). 3. Islamic sects defer on the interpretation of Laws, but if they consider only them to be on true path and condemn all others, then they are wrong. (BAHAI, QADIANI etc are Non Muslims, after going away too far from the path). 4. There is no contradiction here. Chosen People tag is not permanent. It is action based. If you do God’s work, you are chosen. Otherwise if you stop doing His work, the tag is removed. 5. We should not hate each other, rather we should engage in healthy dialogs with each other. It is individual that should decide his course. Q.3 Name, Chosen race? Ans. I know that Jewish people are also called Israel, But the writer meant the state of Israel not the Jewish people. God does not favor any race over others. All are created by Him only. He punishes or rewards based on actions of any society. Through out Jewish history, when they obeyed God's Laws and Commandments, God favored them and when they turned away from the right path, God punished them. Present state of Israel is not at all which is acting according to God's laws and commandments. It is racist, brutal and creating mischief in the land and the source of violence in the whole Middle East.
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God does not approve of such acts. Those who are blindly supporting the present state of Israel and think it is same Israel as mentioned in Bible are certainly wrong. These people have been brainwashed by one sided propaganda in media and thru the Church pulpits. Q.4 Politics, Is Israel like any other nation? Ans. The Political names keep on changing, but the Land name remains same. It meant the land which was called “Palestine” in old days. 2. What Abbas says, may be his personal views. By the same logic, All Spanish people should vacate South America and All White People should leave North America? We are not here to restrict migration and settlement of people from one part to another. Just because some people were uprooted from a place 2000 years ago, does not give them a Right to claim back that land. 3. When anarchy starts, you cannot blame one group or another. The basic cause was the creation of Zionist state of Israel in Palestine in 1948 and all the trouble in ME started after that. 4. There will be churches, monasteries, synagogues, and Mosques, side by side in Palestine, which are many centuries old. Muslims , Christians and Jews were living peacefully is Palestine for thousands of years. It was only after 1948, that Zionists drove out the Muslims from their land. 5. Term “Chosen People” and “Chosen Race” is mentioned thru out the Old Testament books. It is frequently referred in Jewish literature. Nazis also used it to counter Racism of Jews with their own Racism. 6. USA is getting cheap or free Oil from Saudi Arabia, in garb of Military Purchases. You get cheap oil and dump, outdated, useless, Military Hardware there. That is the price you pay to have US as your ally. 7. Japanese, French and Danes, have to be supported in their own homeland. Will you also support Japanese Claim on Korea? Or French Claim on Germany or vice versa? 7A. Why you appose Chinese claim on Taiwan? They have more right on Taiwan than Jews have on Palestine? 8. Dear Sir your Logics are very biased and not according to Natural Justice. 9. What all problem you are seeing in Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere, are all linked to creation of Israel and USA ‘s blind support to it. Unless the root cause of the problem is solved, peace cannot prevail in the world. 10 We do not hate Jews because they are Jews. It is because of their actions. That is why Jesus cursed Pharisees and Seduces even though he was of the same race. Q.5 Scripture Support, Was Palestine given to Jews only? Ans. Biblical Support for Israel: Now Sir, I must also address this point. Slogan “Palestine belongs to Jews” is repeated so many times, that many believe that it is an Absolute Truth. People in West are programmed to believe that they are supporting the cause of God by supporting Israel. Let me put some initial arguments. 1. God is the Creator of all races: It is very evident, because all human are from one pair of male and female (Adam & Eve). So He cannot be biased towards any race, group or country.
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2. God does not do or tolerate injustice: God will not agree that in-justice be done or practiced is the world, that too in His own name! 3. God’s favors are based on deeds: In God’s eye, only those are close to him, who follow His teachings. 4. God does not have any special relations to any race: God is above such things; He will never consent that any particular race be favored, however corrupt or un-just it become. And another race or people be humiliated or oppressed irrespective of how good and pious they are. It does not make sense. 5. Any Promise Made by God Must be Proven By History: God does not make empty promises. If He has indeed made any promise, History must verify it, otherwise, This promise was not made by God. In light of above, let us verify the credibility of claims “Palestine belongs to Jews”. Title Deed pf Palestine: In the Book of Genesis, we find the promise of God to Abraham “That I will give to you and to your descendents after you, the land of Canaan (or land between Nile & Euphrates) for an everlasting possession”. This according to Jews is the title deed of Palestine. The same promise is repeated at many places in Genesis and other books. Scriptures speaks about Abraham’s descendents which could include Children of Ishmael, Esau, & Ketura (Abrham’s third wife). But Jews exclude all others from this promise and say it is for them only. Let us see what History (of 4000 years) says about this claim. 1. Abraham Lived 100 Years after this promise: What land he got ? Almost Nothing! 2. Isaac Lived about 150 years, what land he got? Almost nothing! 3. Jacob Lived about 120 years, what land he got? Nothing! In the end he moved to Egypt abandoning the land of promise! 4. Till the death of Moses: No land of Palestine was in hands of Jews! Is that the way God makes promise? 5. From the time of Joshua upto time of David (~500 years): Jews only got partial control of Palestine. 6. David & Solomon’s period: ~ 70 Years: Only in that period Jews could control most portion of Palestine. Only for this short period God’s promise was fulfilled in Jew’s favor. 7. After death of Solomon: The kingdom was divided into two, within two hundred years the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed, the Rival Kingdom of Judea survived for some more years, till Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it. 8. From that time, till the advent of Jesus, Jews controlled only a small portion of Palestine, and then in 70 AD, they were finally removed from Palestine altogether and till 1948 did not hold any significant part of Palestine! Do you still believe that this promise was from God? 9. If we consider other part of Abraham’s Family, we find that descendants of Ishmael, gradually captured whole of Arabia, Syria, Lebanon etc. and since more than 1400 years are controlling the whole land between Nile and River Euphrates. 10 So this promise was made to entire family of Abraham, not only to Jacob’s Family. At no period in History, Jews controlled Palestine Totally (except for ~ 100 years), whereas Arabs have ruled total area of Palestine for 1400 years at least. 11 I would like to add , that God has not given a blank check to Arabs also, If they live by the commandments of God, He will protect them. But if they go against God’s commandments God will displace them also. He is God of Justice, He is God of Truth. He is God of Mercy,

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Q.6 Support, Is USA Biased towards Israel Ans. Israel’s creation was a very wrong political act and all those who participated in it will come to realize it. How can you create a state, by importing people from all over the world and turn out the original residents? It was wrong morally and wrong politically. It was a sort of “Penance” to wash off their Guilt of the past. But it was to the disadvantage of Palestine, who did not do any thing to be uprooted from their houses, so that some “Foreigners” who were removed from these land 2000 years ago can come back? What is this Logic? Where else has it been applied? 2. US support to Israel is one sided and against all international laws. If it continues, it will also suffer along with Israel. 3. Israel is surrounded by the people that were living there since centuries. They are hostile, because their opinion was not taken when Israel was crated. If you did something wrong, you can not become right by just continue doing it. 4. Palestinians were using non-militant means for fifty years, what they got from it?. What they are demanding is their Right and they should not beg for their right. 5. USA should have been a country, made of many people, so it should have respect for culture and beliefs of all people. What is actually happening is that its Media, Press and Politicians are heavily controlled by the Jews. They only present one sided view. So its public opinion is heavily tilted towards Jews and against Arabs and Muslims in general. This has to change. Q.7 ME countries, Was creation of Israel Justified? Ans. My Dear Sir! I Must congratulate to you for putting forward a very good and genuine viewpoint. These are questions, which make me happy to know, that intelligent people are also following our argument.. Such persons are not Dogmatic, those who close their minds against any fresh ideas. I must thank you Sir, once again for giving a new dimension to our argument. It is a fact that political map of the world is not fixed. Nations come and Nations go, Areas are known today by one name, at another time by another name. The mighty names of Assyria, Phoenicia, Prussia, Roman Empire of old generations are no more. These empires are divided into different countries. In our own generation, Many New countries like Bangladesh, Eritrea, and Somalia have emerged. Countries like Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, do not exist any more. Saudi Arabia is also not more than 70 years old, before that this was known as Hejaz, Najd, Tihama etc. So what if there exists a state named Israel also? Dear Sir, there is a very great different in the changing world’s political map and the creation of Israel. Take the case of Saudi Arabia; the original residents of this country will remain same, irrespective of who comes to power. If any other Family than Al Saud capture this area, they may even change its name from Saudi Arabia to some thing else. But the people residing in the land will remain same. If the state of Israel were created; by portioning the Palestine, according to the population of Arabs and Jews (in year 1948) according to their numbers, we would had no objection. That state could live peacefully with its neighbors, as they were living together since generations.

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But Israel was created as an ideological state, on the premises that Palestine belongs to the Jews, those living there are usurpers, they must be evicted from there. Any Jew living anywhere is a citizen of Israel irrespective of which country he belongs. Jews from all over the world thronged to Israel and displaced the original residents outside their borders, and these persons are forced to live in camps since 1948. Was it Justice? Therefore it was a wrong political decision of Western Powers to create a militant state of Israel in the middle of Muslim lands and do not provide any safeguard or justice to Palestinians, the original inhabitants of the land. After West had done the mistake of creating the state of Israel, it was their moral duty to see that this state was kept under control. It should not become too powerful to become a bully in the area. Threatening not only the peace of that area but also the whole world. We are sorry to say that West has failed in their moral duty also. They give one-sided support to Israel on each and every issue. UN resolutions passed against Arab Countries are enforced, but Israel is immune to any number of UNO resolutions. USA is there to Veto any move in Security Counsel. Western Media gives one-sided reporting of the conflict. If one Israeli is killed, whole media screams, 5 or 10 Palestinians killed daily is a small news. It is this media, which is polluting the mind of West’s population against, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims at large. So we are right in saying that creation of Israel was a Political Mistake, and afterwards, West has not lived up to its moral duty to remain neutral in the conflict, and do not blindly support any one party. Israel may have caused the desert to bloom but they have also created darkness in most Arab Lands around them. The fruits of Israel are for their own people, whereas Arabs have shared it with whole world! Q.8 Violence, What is the root cause of ME Problem, Your love or Our hate? Ans. This is very interesting, let us see, what our “hate” and your “love” for Israel (read as Jews before creation of that Israel, and Zionist after the creation) have done through out the history. 1. It was your love of Israel that deported all Jews from Palestine and dispersed them though out the nations in 70 AD. 2. It was the indication of your love of Israel, that when Muslims captured Jerusalem in ~ 650 AD, there was hardly any Jew living there. One condition of surrender was that no Jew should be allowed to live in Jerusalem. 3. It was your love of Israel that resulted in their persecution through out Europe for more than a Thousand years. They were labeled as “Christ-Killer” Pogroms were organized against them and they were kept in wandering from one country to another. Peak of that love was demonstrated in Germany during WW-II. 4. After WW-II, your love for Israel took a U- turn (Now Israel is synonymous with Zionist), and you wanted to make amends to your “Thousands of Years of Real Love”. You created the state of Israel in the middle of Muslin land, a land on which you did not had any legal or moral rights. 5. As a result of your newfound “Love” of Israel, hundreds of thousands of real inhabitants of Palestine were uprooted, and were forced to live in camps. Zionists from though out the
156/ 299

world were shifted to this newfound heaven, and your “love” of Israel closed your eyes to the plight of poor Palestinians. 6. Your “Love” of Israel sanctified any crimes committed by that nation on any of its neighbours; its safety and security became your article of faith. You will use your veto power, donate money, arms, ammunitions, planes, missiles, technology, any thing your “Lover boy” asks. 7. Stones in the hands of “Palestine Children” were seen as WMD, whereas Israeli bullets and tanks were mere means of self-defense. Your “Lover boy” could attack with planes, missiles, tanks, rockets any house, city or town on filmiest pretext, causing deaths of scores of Innocent women and children. But in your “Love” of Israel, you started “Hating” the Palestinians. 8. Your Love of Israel, has made that nation so arrogant, that it cares damn for International law, It even shouts at you. You cannot reprimand it. Your “Love” of Israel forces you to ignore these insults. Love is Blind, isn’t it? You cannot see the other side of the story. 9 During Presidential Elections, each of the candidate, growl before Jewish Lobby, It is Anathema to criticize Israel or Jews during elections. Every candidate tries to outperform other by extending promises after promises for safety and security of Israel, if he is elected. How else they can show their “Love” Now See the other side of Story: 1. Our hate of Israel, did not prompt us to organize any killing spree for Jews. Jews were living in Palestine side-by-side with Muslims and Christians, without any tension for more than a thousand years. 2 Our Hate of Israel prompted us to give shelter and protection to persecuted Jews, whenever they entered our lands, during the long period of “Your real Love of Israel” In no Muslim nation was their any riots or killings of Jews (Even though our Qur’an calls them as worthy of God’s anger) 3. It was only in 1948, when Zionist came to Israel, a state created on Muslim land, By Western Powers, without Muslims permission, that the hate of Muslims for Israel started to show. 4. For more than fifty years, our hate of Israel, prompted us to knock at doors of every international forum, but “Your Love of Israel” did not give us any respite. 5. With your blind support, your “Lover Boy” became so powerful, that it was a threat to all its neighbours. Our Hate of Israel prompted us to try to solve the matter thru negotiations in UNO and other forums, again “Your Love of Israel” prevented you to force your “Lover boy” to accept any of the resolutions passed by the General Assembly. Security Council was powerless in face of “ Your Love-Veto” 6. Your Love of Israel, prompted your “Lover Boy” to occupy its neighbours land and make housings there, in clear violation of International law, Our hate of Israel, only prompted us to request to you to “Please restrain your lover boy”. 7. At last when the water was above the head, our hate of Israel, started in the form of general uprising of the people. Small children carrying stones spearheaded it, these WMD s were countered by a brutal repression with bullets, bulldozers and target killings. 8. At least our hate of Israel reached to such an instant, that we wanted to sacrifice our lives, if you are to be killed by Rockets, Bombs, and Missiles, why not take somebody with you. Suicide Bombs are acts of desperation, often seen as only course to a poorly armed people. Now your “Lover boy” claims that it will kill at least 10 or 20 Palestinians for every Israeli killed because of these attacks (Their Law says Eye-for-an-eye, Tooth for a Tooth, It should be one man for one man according to their law).
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9 The picture is before you, who is more to blame “Our Hate for Israel” or “Your Love for Israel” for the present situation? Let the readers decide. Q.9 Power, Did Israel defeat Muslims? Ans. 1. It is not the Jews or the Israel that beat Muslims. It is the Western Powers at the back of Israel those who play double role. On the face of it, they show sympathy to Arabs cause but in fact 1A. It is they who are controlling the strings. 1B. It is they that manage these Blitzing wars of pasts. 1C. They decide when to start the war, when to manage sanction for ceasefire thru UNO and when to use Veto power so that no harm should come to Israel. 1D. It is they that allow their media for one sided propaganda for Israel and picture Arabs as barbaric. 2. You are right in one respect, that Arab states are getting arms and ammunition from the same Western Countries. They would first provide the counter measures to Israel before supplying their arms to Arab states. They would also spy on Arabs and pass on all the information of Arabs ammunitions to Israel. 3. You might be aware that since 1973, Israel has not won a single war in ME, including the recent 34 days war against Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Mighty Israeli Army, which demolished the Combined Powers of Egypt, Syria, Jordan & other Arab countries in six day war of 1967, was helpless against a small enemy of the size of Hezbollah. That too despite full support of Western Countries and despite using maximum force. They could not even get their prisoners freed from Hezbollah custody. 4. I think Arabs have now become wiser. No war against Israel will now be a short term managed drama. It will be a prolonged conflict, in which Israel shall always be the loser. The fate of Mighty US army in Iraq is also an indication of the same trend. You can capture any area by Brute force, but you cannot hold on to it, if the population turns against you. 5. You have technology and ammunition on your side, we have manpower on our side, let each play according to its strength. Q.10 Power, Why Israel won 1967 war? Ans. Yes Israel won all wars till 1967 with the connivance, support and machinations of Western Allies especially USA. Since 1967, they did not win a single war in ME. They could not even defeat Hezbollah during 34 days war in 2006. It was a shame for Mighty Israeli Army and their supporters in USA. 2. With the amount of free help Israel is getting for USA and Europe, I would rate it as the most inefficient state by any standard. If this help was given to any other country, it would have reached the top of the world. What did they achieve in last 60 years? What inventions? Were they pioneer in any field? They have only mad e a record for them as the most ruthless of nation to their neighbors and this reputation will go down with them. 3. If USA continues the present course of blindly supporting Israel, then its days are also numbered. What the Mighty US Army is suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan is for every one to see. What a small nation of Vietnam did to this Mighty US army is well known to every body. Actually this pride in your invincibility is the first sign of downfall. Enjoy for a few years is the false glory. 4. Muslims can be reasoned and bargained, if you treat them as equals. They would not accept “Alms” at you hand. Suicide Bombers are our Ballistic Missiles. Be aware of them. If you are not afraid to die, there is no force on earth that can subdue you.
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There is still time for Zionists, USA and their allies to correct their course. Q.11Lebanon War of 2006, Who won it? Ans. You say, Israel did not start Lebanon war, may be you are right. Hizbollah and Israel are in the state of War perpetually. However it was Israel, which wanted to wipe out Hzibollah completely. They were planning for it for many years, and looking for the opportunity. They raised the stake on a very minor issue and made an all out war against Hizbollah. 2. They won it or lost it, is not for us to decide. They certainly did not finish Hizbollah neither they could free their captured soldiers. Since 1967, Israel has yet to win any war in ME. Its Hallow of Invincibility is shattered. Israel could not win, is in itself a big victory for Hizbollah. Q.12 US support, Why USA supports Israel? Ans. Saddam’s attack on Israel was only symbolic. It was done as a gimmick to get sympathies of Common Arabs. It did not do any real damage to Israel. 2. How else Israel could have defended itself. Its Father (USA with 50 other nations) was there to defend for him. Israel got Patriot Anti Missile system for free as a gift. What other it got for free was never disclosed. 3. This is another false logic to equate creation of Israel with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon etc. Political names and boundaries keep changing in history. But the persons living in that piece of land remain same. Residents of Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc were the same, irrespective of the name by which that country was known. Israel was a separate story altogether, were the original residents were uprooted and persons from Outside that area were established there. Don’t compare oranges with apples. 4. It does not matter which family rules Saudi Arabia. If they are dependent on your support, then they must be careful because you will ditch them when they need you most. You always ditch your friends when they need you. - You Ditched Marcos of Philippines, when he was looking to you for support.. - You ditched Shah of Iran when he needed your support - You ditched Pakistan in 1971. There is only one exception to this. You will not ditch Israel, because it is flesh of your flesh. You would rather vanish from the world than even think to abandon Israel. 4A. As for Oil, It is a natural gift from God. Why you are jealous of it? 5. US consumer did not pay anything for the first Gulf War; it was fully financed by other nations. Look at the figures which each country paid. As for second Gulf War, it was Bush’s baby. US consumers paid or continue to pay is none of our concern. If you are so gullible, then you deserve it. What matters to us is that one Dollar went into Iraq economy. All the billions were spent on your own forces and your defense contactors. This is the price you will pay for electing a Terrorists like Bush and then do the crime of reelecting him, when the whole story of Iraq was known to you. Q.13 Racism, Does God has special relation \s with Jews? Ans. Yes, you are right, he did not destroy Judaism and Christianity, but I said, he single handedly destroyed the logics of Judaism (Jews being Chosen Race, Chosen People and
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Children of Allah) and Christianity (Trinity, Atonement, Original Sin ), so they had to go back into their shells. 4A. As for your accusations of rape, murder and forced conversion, they all are false and cannot stand the test of impartial enquiry. In fact you paint your ancestors in very bad light, that they changed their religion for a very small price. Q.14 Treatment, Did Jews deserve the punishment by Christians? Ans. This confirms the Qur’anic Prediction made 1400 ago “And your Lord has decreed that I will put over them (i.e. Jews) those who will torment them till the day of Judgment; for your Lord is swift in punishment and He is also oft-forgiving and Most Merciful (Ch. 4 V 167) “…Ignominy is spread over them wherever they go except when a little respite is given from God or from men; and they walk in the wrath of God and Humility is pitched over them (like a tent), That is so because they rejected the signs of God and they killed their prophets without just cause and that is so because they disobeyed (God) and exceeded all bounds …” (Ch 3 V 112) Don’t you marvel at the accuracy of these predictions made 1400 years ago? In whichever country; Jews have gathered in a sizable numbers, they have tried to do mischief and spread misery in the land. By their Usury and other means of exploiting indigenous population, they made their life miserable. When the limit of patience was crossed; Jews had to pay the penalty for their past conduct. Coming to our times, In their brief rule of less than 60 years in Palestine, how much mischief and misery they have caused in the land; is for every one to see? The end of rope which God extended to them is going to be over soon, and then they will suffer the same fate as they were suffering for past 2000 years. Mind you, I’m not saying this against any individual Jew, there are good people amongst them, but as a race, their dealings with other races have been very bad. Q.15 Reason , Why Jews were hated in Europe? Ans. These are strong words from the originator of Protestant Movement. 2. But they are based on facts and observations. Jews as a race have been unfair to other races. No body grudges them their separate way of life, but when they indulge in unfair economic practices, to cheat the people of their money and belongings, it is wrong. 3. That has been the trait of Jews thru the ages. 4. I know, many people would not like it, Hitler (as mentioned in his book MEIN KYMPH) in the beginning was sympathetic to the Jews, but when he studied their methods and working in Germany, he became their staunch enemy. But he tried to cure the Racism of
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Jews with the Racism of Aryan race. It was an explosive mixture, it had to turn into fireball and it did to the sorrows of Jews. 5. But Jews did not learn any lessons from this, and tried to manipulate the sympathies of western world into their advantage. They do same things as Hitler did to them to the Innocent Palestinians living peacefully in Palestine. 6. West might be happy, that the problem is shifted to another part of the world, but it is not so. By their unilateral support to Jews and Israel causes, Jews have succeeded in creating mistrust between west and Islamic states. Q.16 Hitler, Why Hitler hated Jews Ans. Yes you are right. Hitler’s hatred of Jews was not only related to one factor. But he accuses them of betraying Germany during the war. He accuses them of many crimes many of which have been mentioned by other people else where. 2. It boils down to the fact that Jews have not been loyal to the countries they were living. Their sympathies were always with their “ Land of Milk and Honey” (Palestine). 3. There were always good people amongst them, those who even criticized Jews, but were overwhelmed by the Zealots. Even now you will now you will find Jews criticizing actions of Israel and violation of Human right. As usual they are gain overwhelmed by Zionists. 4. The punishment to Jews were never ending things, till suddenly West Discovered a new found love of Jews and Transported them to Palestine, so as to create permanent hatred between Arabs & Jews and Muslims and Christians. 5. It is the fruits of this action which we are witnessing these days. 6. As to Germans being more National than others, I have no comment on that. Let a German answer that. Q.17 Zionists, Do Zionists control US Media? Ans. I did not name any person in my remarks. It is you who are giving names. 2. I did not say that Jews control every thing in the world. I said most of Media, Important News papers and Financial Institutions are controlled by the Zionist lobby is US and Europe. The control could be direct or indirect thru the board of governing body. Jewish Influence can be seen, because you will seldom see any report criticizing Jews or Israel in US media. How it can be? Or they have just brainwashed you. 3. Killing innocent persons on or off TV is not correct and not approved by Islam. No body accepts that. But torturing prisoners in Abu Gharib & Guantananmo bay and desecrating Quran and using it as a Toilet Paper is equally unjustified. We condemn both. 4. Islam’s position is very clear and if any body is violating its rule, the blame goes to them not to Islam. 5. Your technique is that you take the actions of Muslims and then make an attack on Islam and its prophet. 6. If you say, these beheadings are not correct and must be stopped, I’m and whole Muslim world is with you. But you say, Since these people are doing it, Islam must be condemned. 7. Why don’t you ponder at the fact that all these started only after Zionist State was created in Palestine and after Bush Attacked Iraq on false pretense. 8. Get out of Iraq and take Israel with you and all these problems will be solved.

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Q.18 Chosen race, Are Jews indeed Chosen race? Ans. Welcome back and I see that your rest has not done you any good, you are back with the vengeance. 2. What Ishmael was and what is his position in sight of God shall not be increased or diminished by our bickering.. By abusing or insulting him you are not doing any good .to your own personality. And if you think I will be rattled by such comments, then you are wrong. At the most I will ignore your further messages. 3. The Chosen People and Chosen Race was twice banished from their Promised land and their main Temple destroyed by the unbelievers. Once in 450 BC and again in 70 CE. The Chosen Race and Chosen People have spent more time wandering in foreign lands than living peacefully in their Promised Land. 4. One opponent of the Chosen Race (Christian) are living peacefully in their lands and protecting their main places of worship (St Paul in Rome and St Peter in England) from outsiders. Another opponent of the Chosen Race (Muslims) are also living peacefully in their homelands and their main places of worship (Makkah and Medina) have never come into the hands of their opponents. 5. The Chosen Race has finally got some possession of their Promised land, only due to the help and support of one of their opponents (Christians). The day this support is withdrawn, the chosen race shall revert back to their days of ignominy. Mean while the amount of bloodshed, hatred and misery they have caused in the Promised Land, demand that God’s Punishment once again be pronounced on this Chosen Race. 6. If you still believe that Jews are Chosen people of God, then well it is a free world. . Q.19 Other races, Are Jews Racist? Ans. You can not condone one kind of racism with the other kind. Jews have racism in their blood. That is their sole purpose of existence. They are “Chosen race and Chosen People” of God. Islam does not believe in any Chosen Race or Chosen people. If you work and live according to God’s decrees He loves you. If you disobey Him, He does not like you. Fair and Simple, Isn’t It? 2. You should have just mixture of past and present. You should look at past so as not to commit the same mistake twice. But living in past means, not to act and only day dream that we did this and that in the past. By the way Jews claim on Palestine is based on any present writing? 3. Yes Racist will bring doom wherever they live. That is what Jews did to every country wherever they lived. They will sure bring doom to the country, where only they Live!

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Q.20 Mullah, Are Zionists same as Mullahs of Iran? Ans. There is a world of difference between Zionists and Mullahs of Iran. A. The Zionists are trying to poison the mind of one group of people against another group. B. They are advocating for injustice. C. Mullahs of Iran on the other hand are trying to rule their own country by the Laws of the religion to which most of the population ascribe. D. Zionists are Fascists not the Mullahs. Fascism means to organize the Majority community against a Minority. How can the definition fit on Mullahs of Iran? How can you equate the two? It is in fact the West, for whom any state based on religion is anathema. Why should they be allergic to it? Let every people be governed by the laws in which they believe. What is wrong in that? In fact it is the West’s bad experience during the Dark Ages of Europe that has turned them into enemies of any Religious authority. They should, correct this bias and come to understand that religious laws are in fact superior to man made laws, because they are free from human bias.

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Chapter-18 On Jesus, Media and Misc.
Q.1 Signs, Was Comforter Holy Spirit or a Prophet? Ans. The coming of Comforter was linked to the going of Jesus. All signs which Jesus gave were fulfilled in Mohammad (PBUH) "He will glorify me" (John 16.14). (Most certainly, Jesus the son of Mary was an apostle of God, and His Word, which he bestowed on Mary (4:171)…. O Mary! God gives you glad tidings of a Word from him: his name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary; held in honor in this world and the hereafter and of those nearest to God (3:45). There are many such passages in Quran honoring Jesus. However to exceed the limit and join him in divinity is in face insulting him and not honoring him. We should not exceed the limit.. "He will bear witness to me" (John 15.26) (That our prophet did at many places) "He will convince the world concerning sin because they do not believe in me" (John 16. 89). (Our prophet confirmed the prophet hood of Jesus to the Jews and other nationalities. A billion Muslims believe in Jesus only on the words of Mohammad (PBUH). "He will take what is mine and declare it to you" (John 16.14). (This is an ambiguous statement. But the ultimate source of knowledge of all prophets is God, and every thing issues from that) He will bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you" (John 14.26).(And remember, Jesus the son of Mary, said : “ O Children of Israel ! I am the apostle of God (sent) to you, confirming the law (which came) before me, and giving glad tidings of an Apostle to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.. (61:6)…. As said Jesus the son of Mary to the disciples, :Who will be my helpers to (the work of) God?” said the disciples “We are God’s helpers!” (61:14). 2. Yes the job of Comforter was to renew the real message of Jesus and bring humanity closer to him. That is what Mohammad (PBUH) just did. He removed the cobwebs from the personality of Real Jesus, which St. Paul and his followers had placed around him. Jesus of Islam is much more consistent and loving personality that the Half man Half God of Christian theology. 3. Comforter had to establish the Kingdom of God, which disciples of Jesus could not understand at that time. How the Humanity to be united under one banner could not be understood by those people of “Chosen race” and “God’s Children” Q.2 Quran, Does Quran confirms Divinity of Jesus Ans. Quran 3 :79-81 are in total contradiction to the claimed divinity of Jesus. It means: - No true prophet will ask his followers to worship him, other than God. So Jesus could never ask his followers to worship him in place of God Almighty. - Second is that, God took promise from all prophets to support the last prophet. Each prophet gave his followers information about the last prophet, so that they may recall it when he comes. (Moses gave that info in Deut. 18:18, Jesus in Gospel of John as Counselor). These prophets will say to God on the last day, see we had done our duty, it was our followers who disobeyed us.
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Commentaries of M. Ali and others all confirm this. What you quote from Bahallah or Mirza Ghulam Ahamed have no authority for us. These were the persons who went out of fold of Islam. You can keep on quoting them. Q.3 Bringing, Did Jesus established Kingdom of Heaven? Ans. You mean Jesus asked his followers to prey and he did not join them? Now you are putting another blame on Jesus, that his words and actions were contradicting each other. 3. Difference between ‘Caesar and Gad” was to be maintained till the Kingdom of God was to be established on Earth. If Jesus had done it, there was no need for “Another Counselor” 4. Imam, Mufti and caliph are not Hierarchical priesthood. They have no extraordinary authority on religion. These are not “Constitutional Positions “ as “Pope is the Vicar of Christ” and “Church is the interpreter of Scripture” etc. 5. On any Issue (I repeat any), You give the Law as mentioned in your scripture and then I will give the Islamic Position. Then it will be easy to judge as to which is moderate. 8. It has been explained that Jesus never claimed that he is the “Last Prophet”. He wanted to give you “Another Counselor”. He gave you tests to judge between a true and false prophet, so that you do not go astray. 9. In spite of all this a false prophet (St. Paul) mislead you, and you reject the true prophet of God Mohammad (PBUH). Q.4 Establishment, Did Jesus Established Kingdom of God? Ans. Regarding Kingdom of God, we should accept what Jesus taught, he said one of its characteristics is “Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is done in Heaven”. It means establishing God’s Law’s and Commandments on earth. That is what our prophet did. Q.5 Last Prophet, Did Jesus foretold Mohammad? Ans. Yes Jesus never said ‘That there Will Come Real Prophets”, but he did not say either “All prophets after me shall be false” . The very fact Jesus gave Test for true and false prophets, meant that he was expecting both. Many false prophets rose between Jesus and Mohammad and After Mohammad (PBUH). As per Jesus we must tesy each prophet according to their fruits (i.e. their teachings). 2. If the Kingdom of God had already come during Jesus presence, then the Lord’s prayer ha no meaning. Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world” Kingdom of God is near or is at hand is different than Kingdom has come. 3. What Kingdom of God means is explained by Jesus himself “Thy will be done on earth as is done in heaven”. It means that in Kingdom of God, His will shall be enforced on earth. Will of God includes His Laws and Commandments, which He Has ordained for His Servants. In Jesus Kingdom, “Laws and Commandments are nailed to the Cross” 4. You are putting your ideas (and those of St. Paul) in the mouth of Jesus, it is not me. I am only interpreting simple, meanings as evident by an open mind, not a per-conceived opinion. 5. Equating so called: Holy Spirit” with the personality of Counselor, is one of your fallacies. Jesus said “Another Counselor” meaning “Like Jesus” “Another Man” not a Spooky Spirit.
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6. What effects you are saying of Holy Spirit was never seen during the history of Christian Church. It is you own ides. Jesus said “He will guide you into all truth” What had Holy Spirit guided you into? 7. It is your own ides that Counselor came within one year of Jesus, more than 500 years had to elapse between the coming of Counselor and departure of Jesus. This is the language of scripture. Events that have to occur thousands of year afterward are spoken in past Tense. That is how you interpret most of Old Testament prophesies for Jesus, don’t you? Q.6 Against Muslim, Is West media biased against Muslims? Ans. By the way, I do not watch JAZEERAH TV, I do not watch BBC, CNN either! In my view these round the clock news channels are playing a major role in spreading troubles in the world. Their so-called “Experts” poison the minds of simple folks, those who are addicted to their broadcasts. They show one sided view of every news (which you dislike in JAZEERAH & we in BBC & CNN etc). I present below, crime reports in Newspapers, nature of crimes is same, but where Muslims are involved, the word Muslim is always added but when others are involved in the same crime, their religion is not mentioned. See for your self 1. Times on Line: Muslim killed daughter for the 'dishonor' of having boyfriend A Muslim father admitted yesterday killing his 16 years old daughter for the 'dishonor' she brought to the family by bringing boyfriend. Abdullah Yonus stabbed his daughter Heshu 11 times before cutting her throat with kitchen knife… 2. The Independent UK, Muslim husband killed his wife and daughter for having western ways Mohammad Riaz made every conceivable effort to prevent his wife and daughter enjoying their western lifestyle. He destroyed their clothes, modest by western standards, too tight fitting according to his own… 3. Live Leak, Canada, Devote Muslim father kills daughter Aqsa Parvez 16, who died Monday night in her Mississauga home wanted to hang out with friend instead of 5 PM curfew. She wanted to listen to Rock, Hip Hop & R&B, which her parents wont allow… Now see when others are involved 1. The Observer UK, Fathers who kill their Children

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In the week when one father murdered his four children, and another was jailed for life. Lona Martin investigates the motives and twisted minds of the men American call "Family Annihilators"…. Sarah Healey sits in the warm kitchen of her East midlands home, while her son George plays on the computer…It is almost 13 years when her husband killed her children…he strangled them with a Pajama cord… 2. NYC New York, Father Arrested for killing 13 months old daughter A mother discovered a horrible scene when she returned home Saturday from shopping. Her daughter Louis Rojas 13 month old was on the floor and unresponsive…while her husband Peter O'Keefe who was supposed to be baby sitting was nowhere…. 3. Info NIAC, Australia, Father killed his sons to make his wife suffer With the aim making his estranged wife suffer and remember Father's day thru out her life, a man killed her three sons… The Melbourne court was told that Robert Ferquharson allegedly murdered 13 years old jai, 7 years old Tyler and two years old Bailey by driving his sons into a dam…. Pittsburg tribune Review 4. Police man killed wife two young Children Orlando Maurice Sr. 38 was arrested yesterday after a 15 hours manhunt and charged with criminal homicide in the death of his estranged wife Ashley 22, their daughter Druse 2 and son Orlando Jr. 11 months old… The Star Ledger 5. Man who allegedly killed his wife at YMCA was under court restraint Police were continuing their search last night for Kenneth A. Duckett at Orange, a day after he walked into an observation area of YMCA pool and shot Monica Paul in front of their 11 years old daughter…. What is needed in audience is to have a discerning mind that separates “News” from “Views”. Mostly they are so cleverly mixed, that it is very difficult to distinguish them (for example, how the media would have reacted if Virginia Tech Killer were a Muslim, Iranian or a Palestinian? For weeks they would have lectured us on “Islamic Terrorism” and its danger to world civilization. They would have told us that our “War on Terror” is not being fought with vigour it needs. USA is again under attack, 9/11 is being repeated. This time we should finish Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and any other country that has stupidity to say that we are not with you. Fortunately the culprit was Korean and Buddhist or Christian, so the issue died down quickly.

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Q.7 Against Muslim, Do Zionists control US Media? Ans. I am very happy to see your balanced views on this topic. I agree with you that we should judge each people or nation according to its acts. We should neither be Pro-Semite or Anti-Semite. We should be Neutro-Semite. By the way Arabs are as Semite as any Pureblooded Jew could be. In USA and other western countries, the people are programmed from the childhood, that Jews are Chosen People of God. God gave Palestine to them for an everlasting possession. It is Jew’s right to occupy that land, any body else occupying that land is usurper and has to be evicted. If they help Jews, they are acting according to wish of God. They are also told, that any nation or government, going against Jews will perish. They give example of Roman Empire, Turkish Empire, Germany, British Empire, USSR etc. This creates a fear among the simple folks. In fact all of these claims are myths; each can be repudiated by history and logic. Nations rise and perish not because of Love or Hate of Jews; Their rise is due to their hard work, moral uprightness and firm believe in their ideology. The fall of nations is usually due to their oppression, when it exceeds the limit set by God Almighty, they fall and perish. Zionists control the press, media, TV Channels, as well as most of banks and financial institutions in most of the Western Countries especially USA. No other single community or group has so much clout. They use these means, for non-stop propaganda and shout down any opposing views. Their influence is most pronounced in USA, where they have made it as almost an article of faith to support Israel. This is more evident during USA presidential elections, wherein each candidate growl and tie himself into knots in front of Jewish and Israeli Lobby. They have so-programmed their minds, that they do not see that “All Powerful Israel” is the sole cause of enmity between West and Muslim world. They see Israeli planes bombard civilian area, destroying property, killing innocent Men, Women and Children, on the filmiest premises (hitting the “so-assumed” camps of HAMAS or PLO on any other entity they think fit. Al the sole Superpower of world and self-assumed policeman and guardian of world moral, was it not the duty of USA to restrain and punish these acts? Did you not see the USA ‘s role in the brutal war of Lebanon: they prolonged it, till there was any hope of Israeli victory, when it vanished, they had to impose cease-fire. I know general public in USA doers not support such acts. In first case they even do not know it. Their media shows only one side of story. Then they have ample faith in their politicians. I know in Israel also, there are large numbers of Honest Jews (Torah Jews), who do not support Zionists. But this movement has to grow till it gets the support needed for a change in West’s policy towards Israel and Zionists.
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Q.8 AL JAZIRAH, Why denounce it? Ans. Why are you so critical of Al JAZERAH, when 100 s of your channels are round the clock busy in Anti Muslim and Anti Islamic propaganda. You have no heart to hear the other side of story. Or every story has one dimension, the one which your media shows. As for me personally, I do not watch AL JAZEERAH or any of the News Channel. I surf on Internet sites to get update on news. My popular in Yahoo News. So you cannot put that remark for me. Q.9 Jews, Is media biased Ans. See your reaction when someone criticizes Israel and Jews? We have to endure the same type of Mails regarding Islam & Muslims. I wanted to show you the other side of coin also. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. 2. Yes I would like to remove the hatred. But hate messages from your side keep on coming. 3. Jews are the first reason of Conflict in ME because; they occupied the Palestinian land and drove out the original inhabitants from their homes. Q.10 Propaganda, Is media Biased? Ans. Propaganda can be for good cause or for evil cause. It depends what are you doing it for. If it is for a good cause, then it is a blessing for the world, otherwise a curse. I feel Western media’s propaganda against Islam and Muslims is for an evil cause. Its main reason is their “Un-natural and Excessive Love” for Israel and Zionists. I do not know about North Korean Propaganda, but if it is for spreading Communism, then I am against it. Because according to my knowledge, Communism is a false doctrine, against human nature and can only be maintained by force. The moment force is removed it shall collapse. Q.11 Bias, Is Western Media Biased? Ans. When you decide before listening to other that your religion is fake, your scripture is forgery and your prophet is imposter, that is what a say is a person with closed mind. 2. I meant major US & European media and newspapers being under the control of Jews, not entire world TV channels and Newspapers.. 2A. News agencies like Reuter & AP are also Jewish Controlled, so most of the world gets only the one-sided view. 2B. Al Jazeerah TV is trying to be independent voice, that is why it is so much disliked by you? We feel he same way about CNN & BBC reporting. 2C. You would lap up CNN & BBC analysis, but not Al Jazeerah’s Why? 3. By meaningful dialog I mean, to listen to Muslim viewpoint and answer it logically. Not to start and end with invectives. Accepting Islam or rejecting is a personal message. If you like our message, please come and Join it, it will be beneficial to you in the hereafter. Otherwise stick to your faith and leave the path for others to accept.

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Q.12 Animal food, Is it allowed? Oh boy, you really missed my point (or ignored it). Not killing something versus killing something quite plainly IS more humane, any way you look at it. I don't know how you could argue that it isn't. Ans. It may look humane to you, but the life on this planet is regulated by someone who is the creature of all. You cannot avoid killing animals, if you want to survive on this earth. Your shoes are made of their skin. Winter clothing use their furs, their blood, in fact every part of their body is used for humans in some form or the other. We also use their meat for our food. Human race could not have survived if it had not depended on animals. That is why almost all major world religions allow eating of meat. If you do not like it, you do not eat it. But you cannot propagate your views that killing animals for food in in-humane. 2.And the whole plant argument... if you guys are really serious that its just as cruel to kill plants as it is to kill animals, that makes you look nuttier than you're trying to make us look. Plants do not feel fear, loneliness, or pain as animals indisputably do. MUQ: Who says plant do not feel pain or loneliness. As per modern research plants also feel pain, sadness, and other emotions that animals feel. Only we normally do not see that. 3. I also specifically mentioned that I was making this decision because I am able to take advantage of the advances in modern society. I have no need to kill anything when I can go to the grocery store and easily figure out how to eat a healthy diet along with my doctor. Granted, not everyone can, but I can... that's where my statement about "personal choice" came into play. MUQ: I do not want to put any hindrance in your choice. You choose what you like, let others eat what they like. If any food is made Lawful in any scripture or society, we should not object to it. For example, we do not eat mice or snake or monkey, but they are eaten in China, Korea, Japan etc. I will not eat them, but I cannot criticize them also for eating it. 4. In certain parts of the world I can see where this wouldn't be practical yet, I addressed this when I said that likely wouldn't be people like you and I who spend our leisure time bogging on the internet. MUQ: This is another fact. People living in very cold climate or desert have to depend on animal food for survival. So for a Global model, you have to take into account needs of everyone. Not only your own country and city. 5. The funny thing though is that you completely ignored my point about this article in particular... as much as I hear the argument that hunting of whatever kind is for the greater good of the species itself, to avoid overpopulation, disease, or starvation due to adequate food sources... trophy hunters are not culling the population, they're removing the largest and strongest from the gene pool of that species leaving only the weaker ones to reproduce. MUQ: I told you that killing animals is allowed only for food or any of the other benefits as mentioned in my letter. Killing them for show or as a sporting activity (I gave example of Bull Fighting in Spain) is not allowed. So if they are killing sharks only for show business, then it is not OK, but as I heard, the shark shall be used as food after the event, it will not go as waste.
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5. By the way, I'm a registered Republican and am NOT against guns, I have my own Sig and use it all the time for fun. I just don't do any hunting myself.) MUQ: It is your choice how you use your gun. If you use it for Hunting also (provided you use it for food) then also there is no Sin or Stigma attached to you. Q.13 Gratitude, Who to appreciate Ans. Thank you very much for your beautiful mail. 2. I really appreciate that people behaving in this way. 3. The religions are sent to spread peace between people. 4. We should give the right to people to believe in what they like. 5. We should not spread hate against any group of people by generalizing the conducts of certain individuals. 6. There are many hundreds of such Iraqi families with children with missing parts. I prey to God for there welfare also. Q.14 Rest Room, Does God goes to Rest Room? Ans. Allah does not go to rest room, we are told that He never sleeps and even no slumber comes to Him. Allah in Islam is much more Powerful and Respected than your Triune God. What are you saying is a blasphemy against the personality of God, and you should be very careful to utter such words, even in jest. Q.15 Americans, Are Americans Boastful? Ans. You are not the only one that complain on their attitude. It is a general complaint. Americans behave as they have last world on all matters. They would not answer any question logically. Instead of that, they will try to shut you down by invectives. It is very seldom that you will find any one with whom you can have meaningful discussion. Hold your peace; it takes every type to make this world.

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Chapter-19 On Muslims
Q.1 WAHABI, Who are WAHABIA Ans. The so called “Wahabism” is not a new phenomenon. It is more than 200 years old, Why only now it has become a “Threat” to US and not before. You are just polluting the minds of your people to prepare for an undefined “War-on-Terror” or a “War against Wahabi Muslims”. You will continue to suffer losses (as seen in Afghanistan & Iraq) till you come to senses or go down to dustbin of History as USSR has gone. Islam has continued to live for 1400 years now, & due to your tactics, more and more Muslims (and Christians) will be coming toward “Real Islam” which you may call “Radical Islam” See due to your war in Iraq on the pretext of WMD, has resulted in Al Qaeda putting its base there! We should say “Thank You, USA, because of you we are uniting” Q.2 Foreigners, Are Muslim Racist? .If Ii remember correctly the Muslims have spent many years throughout their history kicking out foreign invaders in their lands, The Greeks, Russians, British, etc. Ans. Again you are showing your ignorance of the history. What Muslims were fighting to repulse others was their armies and conquer of their land by foreigners. The gates were open for traders and artesian, scholars, travelers and others. 2. And when the white Europeans want to do the same to the occupying foreigners in their lands, they get called "racists and scum". MUQ: While whom you are kicking out, are the people who entered your countries by your own permission as Immigrants. Now when they grow to a sizable amount, you want to oppress them. Your role is same as Pharaoh did to the Children of Israel in Egypt. First inviting them to their country then oppressing them once they become more. This is pure racism Q.3 Animal, Are we better than animals? Just showing you animal nature. Ans. Like I said, If you disobey God, you are worse than any animal. However, if you do obey God, then you are superior to all other animals. It seems you have chosen the path, so that every animal shall laugh and pity at your misfortune in the hereafter. That includes even your pet God and Cats. Q.4 European, Who was killing? Ans. You have also missed the point. It is not 300-400 years since you stopped fighting. You went on fighting in Europe, then in your colonies in Asia, Australia, South and North America all the way upto WW-1 & WW-2. Even after that great war, you were not satisfied and went to Korean and Vietnam for fighting. During cold war, you amassed so much ammunition so as to destroy the whole planet many times. Even now Christians possess the
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most deadly conventional, Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons. You mean to say all these are for show? Or to be used against Muslims only? These are for your own destruction. You are the last people on earth to lecture any one on peace and tranquility Then you wrongly implicated Islam and Increased the period to 1500 years. Your fighting has stopped only during last few decades and then you are a party to any dispute. Favoring one party and then other party at times. Selling arms and ammunitions to each. Q.5 Jihad, Is every Muslim Terrorist? Ans. It is a very wrong statement to say that every one becomes a terrorist the moment he becomes a Muslim. 2. I have explained Islamic stand on Jihad very clearly. If any Muslim does not follow it, the blame lies with him, not Islam. 3. The example you have given does not prove anything. Many examples can be given from any religious community. If some one goes astray the blame lies with him. 4. You have right to criticize individual Muslims , but you should not take that example to malign Islam or its prophet. 5. And that is what precisely you are doing. Q.6 Killing, Does Islam teaches Violence? Ans. Human life is very sacred in Islam and killing innocent life, is counted as one of the biggest of Big Sins. Punishment in this earth is Killing the Killer, punishment is the hereafter will be in the hand of God. 2. Those who say, Killing of any American and Jew is pleasing to Allah, are definitely telling a lie against Allah. But if you kill a American or Jew who is fighting with you or has occupied your land forcefully or has violated your honor, in theater of war, then it is not only allowed but desired. There is a big difference between the two. 3. Islam also does not call for destruction of Jews and Christians. It wants to co=exist with them and wants to have a peaceful relation with them. But it the Jews and Christians who are plotting against Islam. They have written more than 60000 books against Islam and Its prophet. The fighting which you are seeing today is mostly imposed upon Muslims. 4. Sane Muslims are always opposing killings of innocent people. But problem is that Jews and Christians are only seeing their bodies, they have least regard for the innocent Muslims they have killed themselves. This one sided behavior is not allowing the killings to stop. 5. Pope, as ahead of Roman Catholic Church , should know more and should be concerned as to what his unwanted criticism of Islam and its prophet will cause. The position, which he is holding, should make him more guarded in his approach toward Islam. Do you think his remarks were made to bring peace and understanding between Muslims and Christians? Q.7 Right, Right to own WMD? Ans. Every country has to arm itself for its defense and we do not grudge USA for arming itself. But you are wrong that US arms are to be used against Dictators, Tyrants etc. Your record shows that you have always supported Dictators and Tyrants (Marcos, Shah of Iran, Generals in Pakistan and many others) as long as your interests were served. Your arms and Might is mostly used to frighten other nations to comply with your demands.
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So get down from that Moral High horse. Q.8 WMD, Right? Ans. What would they do with WMD s is not relevant at this stage, because it is only a theoretical question. One thing is certain, every Imperialistic power will think many times before engaging them into warfare. Unless you have fear of getting hit back, you behave like a tyrant. Did not you see your attitude towards Russia when USSR was there and after its breakup? Q.9 Jesus, Are Muslim better Christians? Ans. We do not want to take the choice from you, but at the same time you should be ready to give the choice to us also. - You say you believe in Jesus, therefore cannot believe in Mohammad (PBUH), we on the other hand believe in Both Jesus and Mohammad (PBUH). - That is the beauty of Islam, you believe in all the prophets. By becoming Muslims you become the real Follower of Jesus. -Present day Christianity starts with the death of Jesus. His life on this earth is of no value to them. We follow the life of Jesus while he was on earth. 3. You say Mohammad (PBUH) was a mess, I don’t know what you call a mess. Q.10 Media, Muslims demand for Sharia? Ans. Now see your unjustified view on the justifiable demands of Muslims living in your country. 2. This type of attitude, will only result to increase the hatred between the communities. 3. What is wrong, if Muslims are given permission to be governed by their own laws in matters involving themselves. 4. You depict Muslims as intolerant to other faiths; Islam gives permission to people of other faiths living in Muslim lands to practice their own laws. 5. Who is more intolerant; Muslims or you? Q.11 Media, Is there bias against Muslims? Ans. Muslims came to your countries not as illegal residents. They fulfilled all criterions of Visa and gone thru the citizen ship process. They would have thought that you will practice what you will preach. You will give them freedom of speech, freedom of practicing and propagating their faith, for which your society stands for. 4A. I want to ask you, why all these problems have come suddenly after the fall of USSR? After the fall of soviet union, your politicians and think tanks (including your media) decided to make Islam and Muslims as your next target of hate. It is only after that date, we have seen a marked change in the mood and working of the media and governments. You have to have a enemy to survive the Nationalism. When there was no Soviets, you replaced them with Muslims. 5. This is another common plea of extreme right groups in every country. They project themselves as second class citizens and moan at the protections given to minority community. We are witnessing in India, where the extreme right (RSS & BJP) accuse that
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Muslims are treated as Royals and Hindus are second class citizens. That is despite the fact that Muslims are getting marginalized day by day. The same tactics you are also applying. Q.12 Media, Is Media biased? Ans. I do not know in which world you are living. Your media 24 hours broadcasts about War Against terror. Every country is stockpiling deadliest of weapons and there is a race to develop the most deadliest. The amount of money world spends on so called defense is enormous. However whenever, We call or justify a war in the cause of God, you all react as the word itself is Taboo. 2. Islam is a religion of peace, it preaches peace, it stands for truth and Justice. But is a practical world, you cannot preach the truth and peace. There are, there have been and there will be forces of evil, who will hinder your path. What should be done in this case? 3. Some will advise to sit idle or croon to these forces, till they realize their follies. But it has not happened and it will not happen today and it will never happen in the future that you can talk around the people to change their evil ways. 4. In such cases Islam (or any Just society) will sanction the use of force and bring the evil forces to their knees. This is what Islamic Jihad is. 5. You hurl insult against our prophet, who was the most peaceful of prophets. Compared to Prophet Joshua and Prophet David, he seems to have no blood on his hand. And what a permanent impression he has made on the people. 6. Yes if there are plenty of people determined to stop the path of Islam, then the fight shall continue, till they come to their senses. Q.13 Nuclear Weapons, Why Muslims want it? Ans. With your this attitude, you will see that all nations in the world shall have nuclear weapons. 2. The irresponsible way, in which you talk of your options and actions, show that you have a sick mind. Sicker than OBL, whom you accuse of Terrorism 3. Such threats of Terror, will only strengthen your enemies, who will double their efforts to acquire Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons. 4. You say, Americans will not do such things? Have you proof? If a geek like you is given the button, it is more than possible. It is a certainty. Q.14 USA strength?, Is USA really a Super Power? Ans. First the criminals of 9/11 attacks have to be convicted in a “Court of Law” before being condemned. Due process of Law has not taken place. 2. If you Carpet Bomb a country for weeks, you can calculate yourselves the number of persons killed. USA has to take responsibility for all killings done in Iraq, because they are the main cause for breaking the Law and Order Situation there. 3. Muslims invaded the holy land, because the Roman Empire was posing a serous threat to the Islamic state. Two wars (MOUTTA & TABUK) already had taken place. So the danger had to be removed. Muslims took both Super Powers (Persian Empire & Byzantine Empire ) at the same time! They caught Two bulls by the horn and subdued them both. Muslims have God Given right to propagate His Mission thru out the world and any power which stops them in that act has to be subdued. Whole world is our playing field.. 4. You preach about “Other Cheek” not we, It is you who are complaining, not we. Kill as many terrorists as you can. But if you want peace, you have to remove the root cause of unrest, Remove Zionist state of Israel from Palestine.
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5. I think you have wrong opinion of USA strength; - Germany and its allies were hugely outnumbered both in WW-1 & WW-2. - During both these wars Britain was the superpower not USA. - Germany could have defeated you, during one to one fight in both WW s. - When you look at the size of Germany, and size of its enemies, Britain, France, Russia, USA and many others, you amaze at the fighting spirit of Germans. - Your Atomic and Space program needed too much support from German Scientists and Engineers. - Any wars which you fought singly (Korea and Vietnam), you could not win against small nations. - You always gather your bunch of cronies around you before going to war against even small nations. (1990 Gulf war and Afghanistan War for example), Iraq war you started with few supporters and you will loose it and return empty handed with eggs on your face. 7. As Most Indebted Country in the world (Foreign debt exceeding 3 Trillion Dollars), what you have to give as financial aid to other countries? This is money of other nations stored in your country!!. If it was not for your defense sales, your economy will shrink to the level of any third world country. - As to your haughtiness to annex all land and put USA flag there, subject them all to US laws, tell it to Mr. Paul Barmer (ex- Supreme of Iraq) who had to run from there one day earlier. Why not run for US president post. May be you could prove that George W Bush was your younger brother! 8. You loose, what you should have kept, Admiration and Applause from Right Thinking people of world. Still there is time to improve, keep away from Zionists, you may get some respite Q.15 West, Why Muslims hate West Ans. You did it in Afghanistan and heavily bombarded populated cities of Iraq for many weeks. What else is carpet bombing? Since you dismantled their military, police force, civil servants, forced election on a fractured society without any ground work, and took upon yourself the task of guarding the country, you should take responsibility if things did not work out. You would have taken all credit for “Forcing Democracy” in a Muslim Country? 3. Byzantine empire is referred as Roman Empire in Islamic books, because it was the inheritor of that empire. 4. Tabuk was not under Byzantine empire, but it was close to their borders. It was populated by Arabian Tribes under roman authorities. Muslims Do Have God Given Right to Subdue Any Power That Endangers Their Security Or Places Hindrance In Its Propagation” 5. I say root cause of problem between USA and Muslims is the Creation and Blind support to it. Unless that problem is solved, no peace is possible. 6. You are giving so called Aid from other’s people money. If you are a debtor nation; what can you give. Do not say that you take bread from lips of your children and give it to others. Saudi Arabia always contribute freely on such disasters. The difference is “Your aid has strings attached to it” where as “Saudi aid is free” 7. You said in your comment, that you will annex all lands won by US army and subject them to US laws. It was my reply to that comment. If you say Muslims hate USA, we also do not see any signs of love from your side also. See love and hate are mutual phenomenon. In the days, when you were hating Jews, all your media and talks were concentrated on negative points of Jews. Now since you love them, you try to ignore their negative points. After the end of Communism; you have picked on Islam and Muslims.
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8. Muslims are not trying to take over the world. The message of Islam will itself find root in right thinking men. Zionists have tried to check its progress, by creating enmity between Muslims and USA. This stage lasts how long, it is not clear. But the truth will come out one day that is sure. Q.16 West, Are Muslims hated in West? Ans. You are advocating civil war in Britain to give offer “Bullet or Boat” to 2 Million Muslims living there. Who is Extremist? You or Muslims? Don’t you remember your Hitler also wanted the same thing to be done for Jews in Germany? What was the result of Hitler and his Nazi party? It is hate mongers like you that are creating the rift in society. 2. Who is talking spread Islam by force? Not Muslims, it is their opponents which are accusing us. Muslims always deny this charge. Yes we know that there are 5 Billions non Muslims in the world against 1.2 Billion Muslims. We will continue to spread our faith by peaceful means and it will continue to grow as it has been growing steadily for past 1400 years. 3. Saudi Arabia’s population is 100 % Muslims, since generations. It is vanguard of Islam. Non Muslims come to that country only for work. If they do not like the restrictions, they may refuse to go there. No body is forced to go to Saudi Arabia. If you declare your country as SINGLE RELIGION country, try to do so and then Muslims will not go to that country. But you already have millions of Muslims as your citizens; you cannot implement this rule from back date? Can you? 4. If you are an atheist, why should you care if Muslims or Christians or Buddhists are thriving? You should loath all religious people, why you anger is only against Muslims? 5. I think you are living in past. India is an independent country since 1947. It is the Muslims that are being persecuted there. Hundred of Thousands have been killed during riots in past 60 years. It is no doubt Muslims ruled India for 700 years. If Muslims wanted to kill or convert all Hindus during these long years they could have done it. But they did not use force, that is why 70% of India’s population remained non Muslims even after 700 years rule. It speaks fro Islamic Tolerance or Islamic Un Tolerance? 6. This is another of your ploy, if anything happens where Muslims are at fault; it is displayed as genocide. However if thousands of Muslims are killed; you keep mum. You call killing of Buddhist in Thailand as genocide, but what about Muslims killed in Bosnia, Palestine etc. In Gujarat India, more that 3000 Muslims were killed in 2005. Did you take any notice. Atheist in you is only sympathetic to Anti- Islamic causes. 7. You calling Blair Muslim is your internal matter. He would hardly be a Muslim if he participated in action in Afghanistan and Iraq. 8. It is childish to believe that it was Blair, who is the sole cause of Muslim presence in Britain. Muslims have been in Britain and growing even before Blair’s grandfather was borne. 9. Considering your extreme views, I think BNP is following Nazi Policy. Your fate would also be like Nazis. You might remember that they also won majority is Parliament. You can not run your nation on hate. Things are not only black or white. Most of things are grey

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Q.17 Jesus, Are Muslims better Christians? Ans. If Christianly means following the commandments of Jesus, then Muslims are more Christians than the Christians themselves, I want to give some examples: A. Greetings: Jesus ‘s greeting was SHAM O LAIKUM (peace be with you). Muslims greet each other with SALAM ALAILKUM (Peace be with you). Christians greet each other with Good Morning, Good Evening etc. From where they got it? B. Circumcision: Jesus was Circumcised, so are Muslims, Christians are not required to do it C. Eating Pork or Wine: Jesus did not eat pork, nor drank wine. These are prohibited for Muslims also. Christians are free to eat or drink, there is no restriction on them. D. Growing Beard: Jesus had beard, Muslims are exhorted to grow beard, there is no such directions for Christians. E. Washing before Prayers: Jesus used to wash his hands and feet before prayers. Muslims also wash hand, feet and face before their prayers. There is no such direction for Christians. F. Putting Face on Ground: Jesus used to put his face on ground and used to prey (Luke 22:39 etc), Muslims also do the same. Christians do not put their face on ground and prey. G. Fasting: Jesus used to fast so do Muslims, but Christians are not compelled to do any fasting. There are many such examples from the life of Jesus which Muslims follow, Christians have only taken the name of Jesus and forgot all his teachings. That is why I say, If Christianity means following the commandments of Jesus, then we are better Christians than the Christians themselves. Q.18 Colonization, Did Muslims Colonize the world? Ans. Spain Colonized South America, Portugal Colonized Brazil, How come Britain reached there to share in the Loot? They Colonized North America and after kicking out Spanish and French got them the whole territory. They did to Red Indians in North America what Spain did to them in South America. I am not singling out nations. All of you were Christians, Followers of the Prophet of Peace, and Lover of all man kind, full up to the brim with Holy Spirit etc. 2. Muslims ruled India, they made it as their country, they did not exterminated Hindus, Yes many Hindus saw the good in Islam and accepted Islamic faith. Even after 700 years of Muslim rule, 70% of India’s population was still Hindu. What is the percentage of Red Indians in Christian ruled North and South America. 3. Arabs did not colonize North Africa; they conquered the land and allowed the people to live in peace. The population slowly got converted to Islam after seeing its benefits. Still a large number of Christians and Jews are living there since generations. Egypt itself boasts of 20 Million Coptic Christians. Muslims do not need lessons of Tolerance from any other society. 4. It is another ploy, to exaggerate any issue, in which Muslims are seen as aggressor. Forgetting the Genocide of Bosnia, Chechnya, Palestine, In India (Gujarat Riots of 2004, Bombay riots of 1992 etc), You focus on the incidents of East Timor and Sudan. If any one has killed any innocent man there I do not support it, but you should apply the same yard stick every where.

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Q.19 US, Is US Democracy best? Ans. I mean 100 % what I’m saying. Your system of Democracy (Elected president, only two parties, electoral college, candidate winning a whole state etc) is not in use in UK, India, Japan, Most of Europe, Canada, Australia, Whole of South America. Are you living in a dream world? “ MUQ: I did not say Democracy, I said You System of Forced Democracy. That has failed. Your system of democracy has many flaws and not suited to the world.

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Chapter 20- On Muslims- Contd.
Q.1 Dialog, Why should we have dialog? Ans. Yes, we should have dialogue, to understand each other’s point of view: We should be honest and be courteous in our language. The aim should be to respect and accept the truth in each other arguments. We may not agree, but it does not mean, we hurl insults and invectives at each other. It applies for Leaders of our faiths also, we should take their name with respect. I will give following Quotations from my Holy Book, the Qur’an on this topic: Invite (all) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for your Lord knows best, who have strayed from his path, and who receive guidance. (Ch. 16, V 125) And do not dispute with the people of Book (i.e. Jews and Christians) except with means better (than mere disputations), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say, “We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you: our God and your God is one: and it is to Him that we bow (In Islam) (Ch. 29 V 46) Say (O prophet) : “ O people of the book (i.e. Jews and Christians)! Come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but God, that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not, from ourselves lords and patrons other than God” (Ch 3 V 64) Not all of them (i.e. Jews and Christians) are alike: of the people of the book is a portion that stand (for the right): they rehearse the signs of God all night and they prostrate themselves in adoration. They believe in God and the Last day: they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong and they hasten in (all) good works (Ch. 3 V 113-114) English translation cannot reproduce, the grace, the eloquence and the economy of words of the original Arabic text, but you will appreciate, how balanced and reasonable is Qur’an ’s view is in these matters and how it teaches its followers to respect other people. If we maintain decencies of debate, we may learn much from each other! Q.2 West, Is west to blame for Muslim Violence? Ans. These are noble sentiments, but the realities on the ground speak otherwise. 2. It were the Christian Scholars, who started writing books against Islam. For past 150 years they have written more than 60,000 books against Islam and its prophet. This trend has not stopped yet and you find new books coming every now and then. 3. West has hurt feelings of Millions of Muslims by maligning the personal character of our holy prophet. They have made cartoons and caricature of our prophet on the pretext of freedom of expression. 4. No Muslim scholar casts doubt or lampoons any of the Jewish or Christian prophets. We quote from their scriptures either to confirm our point or repudiate their claim. But it is done in the spirit of fairness and within bound of decencies. 5. We are not trying t kill Jews and Christians because they are Jews and Christians, but because they have wronged us, drove us from our homeland and forcefully occupy it. 6. Muslims have restored the sanctity of Jerusalem for past 1400 years, which the Christians armies had violated. Don’t you remember that when Muslim armies captured Jerusalem, there was no Jewish temple there? Christians had razed it to ground and did not allow it to
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re-built. Muslims made the mosque at that place and for what purpose? To held daily prayer to Allah Almighty, common Lord and God of Muslims, Jews and Christians. 7. Now Jews want to raze that mosque and on this have full sympathies of Christians on that? Why Christians did not allowed Jews to Construct Jewish Temple, when they ruled that land from 300-650 AD? 8. You say, west understand these points, may be the common folk, but your political leaders and religious leaders do not. Q.3 People of Book, Why Not friendship? Ans. Would you trust a Japanese or Chinese national with USA army secrets? Or Will you enroll Japanese and Chinese Citizens in US Army? However do you hate all Chinese or Japanese nationals? The same is case with Islam also. We are allowed to have trade and human relations with them, but when it comes to taking them as our protectors and sharing state secrets with them, Islam prohibits it. 2. It is not paranoid, but realistic and practical approach taken by Islam to deal with NonMuslims. The trust could for trade and industry and financial matters, but not where the security of state is involved. And I think the same principle is used by all nations and all religious groups. Q.4 Failure, Muslims failed in Europe India? Ans. Muslims ruled Spain for more than 700 years. Ottoman Empire had some success in eastern Europe. Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and many regions have large Muslim population. It was the western Europe which remained impregnable to Muslims until very recently. MUQ: Muslims ruled India for about 1000 years. Moguls came very late, before them 500 years of Muslim rule had already passed. Yes despite 1000 Years of Muslim rule, only 30% of Indian Population was Muslim at the time of partition of India in 1947. This also speaks of religious tolerance of Muslims, that they did not used force to convert Hindus, otherwise India could have become 100% Muslim country. Q.5 Bias, Why Muslims hate USA? Ans. Would not yours too, if your trade balance figure turn to Positive. Or when your media reports that they have killed so many Al Qaeda suspects (who turn out to be innocent Women and Children). Money and power are temporary, they come and they go, Don’t you see what is the position of once mighty USSR these days. You may reach to top, but to keep your feet on ground at that time is a real task. Your role as World’s only super power has been very decimal so far. You are picking on small nations, that do not have means to fight back, and are basking in fake glory. Vietnam was a lesson, but you did not learn from it, May be Afghanistan and Iraq will teach you a better lesson.

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Q.6 Jews, If there were no Jews? Ans. If there were no Jews in the world, there would not be any Christianity either!! (Remember Jesus was of Jewish stock!). 2. In the plan of God, thee is place for every creature. 3. I am not a Jew hater, I do not hate Jews, only because they are Jews. Our hate for Jews is based on their actions. The Jews hate is racial, they look down upon Ishmael and his progeny only because his mother was a slave. What slavery has to do with a person being good or bad? 4. In Quran, we do not find general condemnation of Jews, there is always an exception. 5. There has always been and there is always a group of right thinking men in Jews, who have adhered to God’s Laws and commandments, and have stood up for justice. 6. That is why, God sent so many prophets to them to deliver His messages to mankind. 7. Our hate is for the Jews of Zionists lobby, who have committed innumerable crime in Palestine against Muslims and Arabs. Our hate is against those Jews who are carrying out hate campaign against, Islam, Muslims and Prophet of Islam. 8. Jews have lived peacefully in Muslim lands and in Palestine for many centuries until the Zionists came and created these problems. 9. We are as Semite as any Jew, so we cannot be called as Anti-Semite (The word itself is a misnomer) Q.7 Media, Is it biased? Ans. The FACT is what you KNOW. It is only your GUESS that the supposed terrorists were indeed FLYING the planes. You have no PROOF. That is what I am saying. The FACT that once airborne , HOW the terrorists were SURE that planes would not be detected out curse itself blows all your hypothesis. They could not have left this important matter to CHANCE or LUCK. Why were they sure that no US Air force plane will intercept them? There HAS to be somebody on ground watching the whole operation. Who is that person or persons? Q.8 West, Why Muslims hate West & USA? Ans. “Why we hate West”? I Start with what we like in West! We like and admire the progress they have made in Science, Technology, Medicine, Space Exploration, and many other fields. We like their way of management, their organizational and presentation skills, their discipline, observation of government laws and their commitment to humanitarian causes. We also like, the freedom of speech, personal freedom and many good things that their society possesses and which we try to emulate with the best of our abilities. With all these good points, we have a strong feeling that their civilization is going astray, it is becoming too much materialistic and is by and large Godless. Reason for this is that Modern Western Civilization started as a reaction against Church and its Oppressive regime that had closed all doors for rational and scientific thinking
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The three pillars of Western Civilization (Secularism, Nationalism, and Democracy) did start with good intention, but without a restraining hand of religion have been taken to extremes. Extreme of Secularism resulted in total avoidance of God, from their active life; Extreme of Nationalism resulted in WW-1 & WW-2 and future wars. Extreme of Democracy resulted in Un-restrained sovereignty of Parliament. We feel that all of these pillars are not correct, in their current form, but it is their choice and they have to face its consequences. The problem started when they tried to force these doctrines on other civilizations. Any country or nation not matching with their standards of Secularism, Nationalism or Democracy was treated as backward and had to be corrected. With your horrible experience with Church & Christianity, they decided that all other religions will have to be worse than their own religion. Islam was the only Philosophy that stood in their path and it became the prime target of their hate. They wrote books against Islam, Maligned its prophet, Lampooned its Holy Qur’an etc. If any argument comes from Islamic side or from Qur’an or Prophet’s saying, it had to be rejected outright. Their Press, TV and Films played major part in it. With their own standards of freedom of speech and expression, they disregarded the sentiments of Muslim in any of the issues that involved hurting the feelings of common Muslims. While professing and swearing by Democracy, they repeatedly violated it by ignoring the voices of Hundred of Millions of Muslims against single voices of skeptics like Rushdie, Talsima & c. Not because they like it, but only because it maligns Islam Worst of all, on Political Front, they created Israel right in the middle of Muslim world, with out having legal or moral right to do it. Not only that, their one-sided support to Israel on any atrocities committed by it, is a continuous source of anger in Muslim world. Only if you look at the record of US veto in UNO, you will find that is was mostly used in favor of Israel . For the past six years, 9/11 opened the floodgate of Muslim hatred in West, they attacked Afghanistan Illegally (Taliban had no role in 9/11), they attacked Iraq Illegally (on pretext of WMD) they are threatening Iran daily (even after knowing Israel has atomic weapons), they threaten Syria, Libya, , Pakistan and any Muslim country they like to choose. In light of above, please think, who is more to blame for the Muslim hatred for the West and its political system. Q.8A West, Why Muslims hate USA? Ans. First of all why should you have enemies.? I think the root cause of Extreme Nationalism is that it cannot live without any enemy. The Day USSR came, down, US media started picking on Muslims as the new enemies for US. Why should Muslims be enemy of US? When did they become enemy of US? Why US is not doing any thing to remove this enemy ship? In my Logic, No Muslim Country or Group has any historical or ideological enmity with US. It is the US own mingling into their affairs and US blind support to The Zionist Lobby in Israel that is the root cause of Muslim anger. Unless this problem is solved, peace cannot prevail in the world.
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Instead of solving the route cause of the problem, these so called “Think Tanks” (Mostly controlled and financed by the Zionist Lobby) are giving new perspectives to increase US hatred against Muslim. As a biggest hoarder of WMD, Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and other Horror weapons , What right has US to ask other countries to make them. Should they always be “Yes-Man” to US and bow down before it in each and every issue. If this is your goal, then it will never happen. It has never happened in History that only a single nation has controlled the whole world. So first of all, US should abandon that high platform and come to ground level as any other nation. Q.9 West, Do Muslims hate west? Ans. Muslims do not hate western culture. They only oppose those things which are against teachings of Islam. Many of the good qualities of western culture are appreciated by Muslims and Islam. 1A. Unfortunately the media and common folk concentrate on the differences and it is shown as the Muslims totally reject western way of life. 2. Now see your own comments regarding Muslims, the way you have generalized all Muslims, if we also do in the same way, you will also feel offended. 3. My dear sir, we both have to exist on the same planet, side by side. It is for our own good that we respect each other and take only the good things from each other. Q.10 West, Why Are they there? Ans. Who allowed these migrations in the first place? After WW-2, your countries needed cheap labor since they had shortage of manpower, so they allowed immigration of Cheap labor from all over the world. Once you allowed them into your country, what right you have to ask them to go back or change their identities? Instead of hating them, you should try to live in Multicultural societies. Those who all illegal immigrants, those should be deported. 2.And I’m pretty damn sure if millions of Africans and Europeans suddenly flocked into the Middle East to take peoples jobs and etc, all hell would break loose. MUQ: You do not know it,, millions of expatriates are indeed living and working in almost all the ME countries. There is no hatred there, as they have been allowed to come and work here. It is you, whose hearts are not open to people of other races. Q.11 West, Why Muslims should be kicked out? Ans. I have mentioned it before and here also, why you so much hate other people who are non white. I do not hate White people, I do not say kill all white people. However if any one occupies my country by force, I fight with him, irrespective of whether be he, White, Black or any other race. Where is the Racism there?

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If your stupid Government allowed Muslims to settle in their countries, you should fight with your governments and not Muslims. Further once they have been given Citizenship, they are your nationals, you cannot drive them back. You are very late in lamenting. You may say for yourself that you will not embrace Islam, but your country folks are coming in droves to the fold of Islam. How can you speak for every one in your country? I asked you are you really British (from 10 generations at least) you did not answer that. I have a hunch that you are of mixed parentage. British do not write and talk like that. They control their emotions. You cannot control your tongue or emotions. I do not hate Americans, Only those who have done wrong to our countries and our people. It is not racism. I do not hate every American, just because he is American. Who would like to manipulate a hateful person like you. You say Islam has no place in Britain, already 10 % of Britain’s population is Muslim and increasing with each passing day. I really feel sorry for you Mr. Chris, Oh how would you be writhing in hate seeing so many Muslims , every one has to bear his cross. So would you, but take care you do not get Heart Attack or seizure in a fit of hate. Q12 Shia and Sunni, Why Shia and Sunni are fighting? Ans. Yes, I agree with you it is really disgraceful that Muslim Sects fight with each other and kill each other. 6. But this is not the fault of Islam, which never encourages Dividing Muslims into Sects and fighting with each other. 7. The blame rests with the Religious Leaders of each sect. 8. You are right here, Muslims are going far away from the teachings of Qur’an and Non Muslims are coming closure to Islam. This is God’s will. He told in Qur’an “If you turn back (From the Path), He will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you!” (Ch. 67, V 38) Q13 Taliban, Why Destroy Buddha Idols?, like the Taliban did in Afghanistan when they destroyed 1,000 year huge statues of Buddha? I ask all this in a spirit of friendly dialogue not arrogance, as you earlier implied, or disrespect.” Ans.: Taliban did not destroy the statue of Buddha to hurt the feelings of Buddhists. Firstly there are no Buddhists living in Afghanistan. So it was not done to harass any Minority community. Secondly no body was using that place as place of worship or place of pilgrimage. So there was no insult to any community. Only thing is that they destroyed a cultural heritage, that is why many Muslims scholars did not like it, But keeping in view the Islam’s aversion to Idol worship, probably they did a right thing to save their future generations from the dangers of worshipping their “Cultural Heritage”

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Speaking of destroying cultural heritage, in 1992 Hindus in broad day light demolished a 450 years old Mosque in North India. We did not find the same condemnation from World Media as we find on Buddha statues in Afghanistan. Zionists are vowing to demolish 1200 old mosque in Jerusalem and build their temple there. This move has found favor with most Jews and Christians. Are you following double standards? Q14 Jesus, Why Muslims not follow Jesus Ans.: Yes your wish is also expressed in Quran “Jews and Christians shall never be happy with you until you follow their brand of religion…” (2:120), so if you think you are going to say “Amen” that shall not happen. But Muslims and Christians shall continue to live on the same earth, side-by-side in many countries, howsoever we do not like it. Q15 Jews, Did Muslim Killed Jews of Europe? Ans. How Muslims could exterminate the Jews of Europe when they were under Christian Lands and under their protection ? 2. Do you think Hitler was a Muslim? All the pogroms against Jews were done by the Muslims? 3. My dear, you amaze me!! 4. Till the creation of Zionist state of Israel, there was no case of mass scale rioting and killings of Jews in any Muslim country. 5. I think, you are confused, in joining Muslims with Christians. 6. In-fighting between Muslims is deplorable, but the blame goes to the Muslims not Islam. It does not teach to fight with your brothers and kill them on false pretext. 7. But even in that, Christians record is worse than Muslims (Read the book Decline and Fall of Roman empire by Gibbons to get some idea of what I’m talking about) Q16 Jews, Are we brethren? Ans. Yes we should love everybody. All humans are from same pair of male and female. This is Islamic teaching. Islam was the one to preach the message of Universal Brotherhood. Listen to this message from Quran 1400 Years back “O Mankind, We created you from s single pair of man and woman, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know each other (and not despise each other), Most certainly the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) most Righteous of you” (49:13). Could any thing be more realistic and Just for mankind?

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Q17 In Fighting, Why In fighting? Ans. In fighting between Muslim sects is deplorable and not approved by Islam. Islam never preaches in fighting. It is bad for Muslims to fight amongst themselves, and this is the major problem, why they are not a force in the world. 3. I am not going to deny that there is infighting amongst Muslims, It is deplorable, but the blame lies with Muslims and not with Islam. 4. I do not deny that violence is going on in these places. Take the case of Algeria, the Islamic Party won the General Election, but due to the pressure of West, they were denied power. Then the blood shed started, so West has to accept blame for Algerian Bloodshed. In Iraq also, US has to accept some blame for the anarchy there. In Pakistan also USA is pressurizing the Government to fight in the Tribal areas. In Addition to that, Muslims also have hate mongers who are preaching violence against each other. Q18 Jews, Did Muslims treated Jews badly? Ans. This is another strange Logic that Jews were thrown out from Muslims / Arab countries. When Muslims conquered Palestine, there were hardly any Jews there. It were Christians that had dispersed them thru out Europe. Then they were repeatedly expelled from one European Country to another. Please read your own history and many postings on this web page. 2. Why Jews were discriminated, I cannot say for sure. Some blame lies with them, for being extremely racist themselves and their dealings with indigenous populations. 3. Many Jews could have converted to Christianity to save their lives and honor, it is a possibility. Those that apposed were expelled or killed. 4. Yes no body feels comfortable in West for criticizing Jews. I agree with you. And what free pass are you talking about?

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Chapter-21 On Muslims (Contd.)- Sharia and other issues
Q.1 Shariah, Why Muslims are demanding Shariah? Ans. Muslims are not agitating for Imposition of Shariah in Western Countries. Their only demand is that, they should be allowed to practice their personal laws. In their internal disputes they should be dealt according to their own system. - This was the facility which was extended to all DIMMIS. Now see the difference, how we dealt with “Our Second Class Citizens” and how you deal with “Your First Class Citizens of a Different Religious Back ground” 5A. If somebody does not accept Islam, he should live like a DIMMI. 6. In matters relating to our religion, we will submit to authority so long as it does not violate our religious teachings. This is fair? 8. TAQAIYA is no Islamic Concept or Rule. Mohammad (PBUH) did not break any promise made to any body. He did not violate any treaty made with any one. It was always broken by the other party. 9. My sincere advice to you Sir, is to study the Life of our prophet Mohammad (PBUH), but it should be written either by a Muslim or by an un-biased person. Once you finish one or two books on this subject, then you could read the books written by his opponents. Only then you can compare the truth against the false hood. Just by reading one-sided versions cloud your views. - Many have changed their views by reading his unbiased life history and many more by sincerely reading his Greatest Miracle (The Holy Quran). Don’t look for controversial subjects or refer to check the correctness of quotations, Whole book from cover to cover, that’s all. But with open mind, no pre-bias. Q2 Shariah, Why Shariah in non Muslim countries? Ans. I agree with you sir, that people see the same thing from different angle. But they should not willfully distort what they see or think to see. It would remove many of mutual distrusts. 2. It is not practicable to have a ONE FAITH state, except where it already exists. I mean Muslims have populated Saudi Arabia by generations only. Regarding other nations, people of different faiths live there, so it is not feasible to uproot people of other faiths or force them to accept a single faith. - A better way, is to allow, the majority law for whole nation, and allowing other people to act according to their own faith in their personal matters. In case of any disputes between the same faith people, it could be decided according to their own rules and customs. It would create more peace and harmony in society that otherwise.. 3. This may be true what you say, but the laws are made taking into account the overall benefits of the society. - You do not take a child near to a cliffhanger and then teach him to walk. You first ensure that the earth is level and there are no potholes or slippery material nearby. Then you watch his progress with care and ready to intervene at any time. - Don’t you see warnings on medicines “Keep Away From Children” or “Plastic Bags are not toys, keep away from Children” etc. - Once they get stronger, and bigger, they can be left on their own. In the same way, God puts minimum temptation in the path of his servants, so the society stays crime free and items of temptation are away from the reach of every one. But there are people of stronger faiths, they can go to any place and will not be affected.
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5. Generally people avoid discussing religion with each other, often do not having even basic knowledge about other faiths. They should discuss and learn from each other instead of accusing each other over issues they do not know anything. Q3 Shariah, Why Muslims demands Shariah? Ans. Yes Sir, the choice of religion should be given to individual, and state should not discriminate on the basis of religion, race or color. This is different from the concept of Secular States or Modern Democratic States, which remove the religion altogether from working of government. 2. If 95% population of one country follows one religion, why the state should not accept their wishes and govern according to the religions they like? Is it OK according to democratic principals? 3. The minorities should be given their rights to practice their religions and customs and should not be forced to follow the religious rites of the majority community. 4. Theocracy is different from Islamic Government. In Islamic State, all even heads of state are governed by the same laws and there is no exception given to any one. Basic guidelines are provided by the Book of Allah & Prophetic Sayings. The Parliament makes the rules under the limits set by these authorities. 5. Iran or Saudi Arabia are not Ideal Islamic States. At least, On paper they accept the superiority of Quran & Sayings of prophet. They do not implement Islamic laws on themselves that is why you see, problems there. 6. West’s past experience with Church prevent them from sympathetically consider that Religious Laws Could Be Superior to The Man Made Laws, but that is another extreme view point. Q4 Shia, Why sects? Ans. Shia and Sunnis: Before commenting on Muslims, let us see what Quran teaches on this Subject. It says - “And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you) and be not divided amongst yourselves” (3:103) - “Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving clear signs” (3: 105) - “As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you have no part in them in the least” (6:159) -“And fall into no disputes, lest you lose heart and your power depart” (8:46) These verses show clearly what are the Quranic teachings are on this topic. So we can say that Quran, Prophet and Islam all are totally against Muslims getting divided into sects and fight amongst each other. So the blame of division into sects cannot be laid at the doors of either of them. After saying all this, I acknowledge that Muslims, did indeed fell into error and got them divided into sects and also fought against each other. It is unfortunate and no Muslim is happy with the situation except those with narrow minds. But Muslims are not alone in this, there is no religion, which is not touched by this calamity. In a way it is natural also, because when men discuss matters, there are bound to be differences. However to go to extreme is not liked by anyone.
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Q5 Successor, Why dispute? Ans. Disagreement to Choose Successor: This is a fact that Prophet did not any one expressively as his successor. Since he was a prophet and head of state, and an example for his followers, if he would have named anyone as his successor, this practice would have become part of Islamic law. May be that is reason that he did not appoint any one his successor. But he had trained his followers and he knew to whom they will choose, but he did not disclose this wish to his followers. Immediately after the death of Prophet, the question arose of his successor. The original inhabitants of Medina wanted the man to be from them, while the people who had migrated wanted the man to be from them. After some discussion (not taking more than an hour at most) they agreed on the Name of Abu Bakr and he was appointed as successor. This not only demonstrated the true spirit of Democracy in Islam, but the amount of training which prophet had instilled into his followers. Q6 Muslims, Achievements, What did they achieve? Ans. What Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, achieved crumbled to dust in front of their eyes. What prophets achieve is for generations and centuries to come. That is the basic difference between prophets and Social reformers and National Leaders. 2. Wherever in the world you find unanimity of opinion. On every issue the experts differ. There are more sects and denominations in other religions than in Islam. We have simple guidelines, follow the book of Allah and sayings of prophet. Those who differ cannot change the basic message of Islam. Book of Allah and Sayings of Prophet are preserved. It is as easy today to know exactly what the prophet taught. 3. The rise and fall of nations are based on some rules, if Western Science is on top today, it does not mean it was always. Check your own history 500 years back and you will know the truth. The present downfall of Muslims is not due to their religion, Islam never prohibits study of science and technology. In fact the Age of Science and Age of Reasoning started with the advent of our prophet. 4. Sense, Logic and Reason have a limit, after that they need Divine Guidance. You should use your Senses, Logic and Reasons within its set limits and life will be peaceful in this life and in the hereafter. 5. Quran is a Word of God is proven that it has challenged “Say, if whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together and try to bring a Book like this (Quran); they will not be able to do it, even if they all help each other”. This challenge is un-answered for 1400 years, why don’t you have a go at it and bring a book like Quran. This is falsification test. 6. I don’t know, if you are a Jew or Christian, because they believe in God and all His qualities. They believe in Prophets and Books. If you are not, then you need basic education on these matters. The remarks of RAZI are taken out of context, he is speaking about false prophets not the true prophets. 7. You are making accusation, so the proof is on you not me. I told you that whosoever has studied the life and works of our prophet (I gave you the names of highly respected scholars also), have testified to his noble character and highest qualities. The line of his distracters is usually composed of those, who are either pre-biased or have not studied his life at all. To me you satisfy both these conditions.
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Q7 Propagation, Call, How to invite others? Ans. No this man is not correct if he says , he hates you even as a human being. We are told to argue with the People of Books (Jews and Christians) in the most beautiful and respected manners. I will present here three quotations from Quran on this subject, so you can realize what Quran teaches Muslims: “And invite (everyone) to the path of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and do not argue with them except with the means which are best; for your Lord knows who is strayed away from the right path and who is the one that is guided” (16: 125) “And do not argue with the people of book (Jews and Christians) except with the means that are best; excepting those that are transgressors amongst them; and say we believe in what is revealed to us and what is revealed to us; our Lord in one and to Him (only) we submit” (30:46) “ Say (O Mohammad) O people of the Book (Jews and Christians), let us to come to common terms as between you and us; That we worship none but Allah, and do not associate any one with Him; …” (3:64) MUQ: You are absolutely right. You can not win the hearts and faith of people by spreading hate. If you forgive me for saying so, I have seen many Christians posting extremely offensive postings, which are downright filthy and uncouth regarding Islam and our prophet. These persons also should be condemned equally. Q8 Bible, Do Muslims have right to interpret Bible? Ans. First let me know; if you are you a Jew or a Christian? 1. If you are a Jew; what do you say about the Christians that use your Jewish scriptures to prove that Jesus is prophesized in your books? Do you understand your scriptures better or do they? 2. If on the other hand you are Christian; you see many clear prophecies about Jesus mentioned in Old Testament books; but somehow most Jewish Scholars are not able to see it. What you say about these Jewish Scholars? Do they better understand their scriptures or do you? 3. Using the same logic, I say that Mohammad also is prophesized in both Old and New Testament books. The Jews and Christians Scholars are not able to see it because they have closed their minds and it affects their vested interests. 4. I quoted to you in plain language the wordings of scripture and asked you to explain to whom it refers. 5. Correct course for you was to analyze yourself and give convincing answers of the questions I asked. 6. Instead of that you are just going round in the circles and giving confusing answers. 7. Do not think that only you have brains and logic reasoning and all other people in the world are dumb.

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Q9 Marriage, Should Imam marry? Ans. Yes Imams can, should and must marry, to set example before other people. In Islam living as a Bachelor is highly discouraged. Because Islam is the Natural religion and follows the natural path. I would like to clarify, In Islam there is no Hierarchical Priesthood, So the Title Imam has no religious significance. It is used for Leaders, Religious Scholars, and the one who leads the prayers. But they are like ordinary Muslims in the eye of law and have no privileges. Q10 Past Rule, Records in Europe Ans. There could be difference between Umayyads and Berber rule, it always happens. But what I would like to insist is that despite 700 years of Muslim rule, Spain was not converted to 100 % Muslim country. However within 50 years after wards it became 100 % Christian Country. Who used the force for conversion, Muslims or Christians? 2. India is not surrounded in West by Muslim country. In fact it is India which is enclosing the small state of Bangladesh from all sides!! 3. There could be local customs for individual nations, but as a whole all Muslims follow the same guidelines. Same Quran and Prophet and they gather annually in Makkah to learn from each other and refresh their religious knowledge. Bosnia and Albania are as part of Islamic Brotherhood as Arabia and Iraq and India. 4. Yes many prophesized, but you see which is being fulfilled. Since its humble beginnings Islam is growing day by day. Not only by Biological growth, but it is winning converts in all parts of the world. 5. So all forces that do not like to see the spread of Islam, should be on perpetual guard. But can you guard against the Spoken Truth? Except of course by force. Q11 People of Book, Could we Live together? Ans.: By living together I did not mean that believing in each other believes, but as responsible human beings and as neighbors, why not? By the way, We also believe that Jesus was the truth and life and way to God. Every prophet is truth, life and way to God during his ministry. After the coming of our prophet, he became the truth, life and way to God, no body reaches to God now but thru him. Q12 Muslims are lagging Behind, Who to blame? Ans. I do not blame Jews and West that Muslims are lagging in Science and Technology. I only blame them for having extreme hate against Islam and Muslims and for creating Israel in the middle of our land, which is the source of all trouble in ME and whole world. 4. As I told you, Science and Technology is not the test for judging any religion or system. Or tell me What Christianity did in first 1600 Years of its existence. What were its achievement? Compare that with first 1000 Years of Islamic Civilization and you will see the difference

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Q13 Science, Contribution, What was ? Ans. Yes it is true, Zero was invented in India, But Muslims perfected the concept and propagated it to most of the world. To show ingratitude to Muslims for that is uncalled for. Same way we can say that whatever Newton or Einstein did, men would have done that sooner or later. 2. All people irrespective of their religion were treated good by Muslims. Because Islam does not distinguish between religions, treats them equally. In the battlefield, all forces of enemy are treated equal, however after the battle is won and peace is established, then the terms of peace treaties are strictly enforced. Persons of other religion are given their total freedom to practice their religion and customs. India is a prime example of that. Despite 1000 years of Muslim rule, 70 % of India was Non-Muslim at the time of partition. 3. I think the writer is anti Islam to the hilt. He does not want to give any credit at all to Islam and its contribution in the development of human knowledge. Where was Byzantine Empire at the time of renascence? Spain was the gate thru which the knowledge spread to Europe. You just have top look at the books of Muslims in those times. Manuscript sections of Most European libraries is still filled with them. You will find every branch of science and math dealt with.. If you just close your eyes to all this, you can reach the conclusion what this author has reached. 4. This a very bad comparison. Yes prior to Islam, Persia and Byzantine were more advanced culturally than Arabia. But after coming under the fold of Islam, their culture advanced many fold and they were at the helm of every scientific advances. In fact every nation took its part in the advancement of Islamic science and civilization. It was one Muslim nation for most part of Islamic rule. When the decline of Islamic sciences came in 17th and 18thn century, all parts of Muslim world equally lagged behind. It is very unfair comparison. In same way we can ridicule contributions of all past generations. India, China , Egypt etc. 5. My conclusion is that the writer is heavily biased against Islam, He does not even want to give credit to Islam where it is genuinely due. Such one sided criticism shall not be conducive for the promotion of peace and goodwill amongst different religions. Q14 Science, Not a test for religion Ans. This is not a way to Judge about any faith. Rise and Fall of nations is a phenomenon that takes place over time. Islam was leading the world in Science and Technology for many centuries. Muslims had tiled bath, when Europeans believed that taking bath is injurious to your health. Muslims were using soap sticks when Europeans believed that washing your face is against Christianity. Now Muslims are lagging behind, it is no fault of Islam. Islam never prohibits studies in Science and Technology as Church did in Dark ages of Europe. When Muslims were on top, our religion was also on top. Now You are on top, but your religion is on bottom. That is the difference between Islam and Christianity.
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Q15 Taliban Why they destroyed statue? Ans. You did not look at my answer. I precisely said that they did destroy it to protect their children from falling into false worship. If you believe that Idol Worship and worship of one true God is same, then either you are telling lie or you are being hypocrite. What Quran says that Only Religion Acceptable in the Eyes of God in the hereafter is Islam, and those who will come there with any other religion, it shall not be accepted from them. Where is the hatred of Jews and Christians there. Should the Quran say that it is immaterial what ever faith you have all are OK and make no difference to the God? Q16 In Fighting, Why Muslims are fighting everywhere? Ans. What you are saying is also not true. Islamic laws on war and peace are very clear and well defined. 1. What you say Muslim Fascists, Terrorists, Fundamentalists are your own terminology. And have nothing to do with Islam. If anybody or group is violating Islamic principles then the blame goes to him, not to Islam. 2. Now coming to the actual facts, what violence you see in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir etc. you will find that Muslims were oppressed there and were victims of outside violence first. When no “Profounder of Human Rights” came to their help, they were forced to take up arms and defend themselves. Most of these crises are decades old. In every issue where Muslims are the victims, UNO, USA, EU seem to develop cold feet. 3. When your planes, bombs and Missiles kill hundred and thousands of innocent Men, Women and Children, it is OK, because it is the Muslim’s blood which is shed, however when some one retaliates by Suicide Bombing, it is word news and every one feels aghast. 4. You use what ammunition you have and they use what ammunition they have, their bodies. 5. Islam is religion of peace, but it will not let it followers to be slaughtered like sheep and Goats . 6. It is strange that Countries and nations with largest and most powerful armies and with maximum stock of WMD s are accusing and stopping other nations to arm and defend themselves. 7. If by keeping quiet I’m supporting Islamic Fascists, so are you by keeping quiet and seeing innocent Muslims being murdered in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and else where. 8. Peace is a two sided weapon, one-sided it leads to cowardice. Q17 In Fighting, Other religions have modernized? Ans.. I am not here to defend the crimes, and mistakes of each and every Muslim. I only defend Islam, because Islam is neither the reason nor the force behind these violence. It is same that during infighting between Christian Sects, It was the fault of Religious Leaders and not the fault of Christianity 6. You say Christianity has modernized, I say people have left Christianity altogether. They are only Christians in Name and not a practicing Christians. None of the Law or Saying of Jesus carries any weight in any of your government. What type of modernization is that. 7. Islam has the flexibility to adopt with time and it is adopting. It is very strange to say that Quran still carries the verses to kill unbelievers. First thing is that Quran never says kill every unbeliever. It is wrong interpretation.
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Second thing is that, have you removed “War Verses” from Bible also? Quran and its teachings are to remain intact till the end of world. You want that we should also become Hypocritical Muslim like you are Hypocritical Christians? Q18 Killing, Why Muslims are plotting to kill everywhere? Ans. This also is a false charge. In most places Muslims were on the receiving end for many years, Be It Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan, India, Philippine etc. When no help is coming from any other source, they have to take up arms in self defense. Media reporting is so biased, that atrocities on Muslims are never reported , but their reaction is put in Big Banner headlights. This one sided media reporting is believed by most westerners, because they do not think themselves. Q19 Killing, Have other religions renounced fighting? Ans. At least you accept that you were not very good in the past. So at least we will not hear the crap that Muslims did the entire killing in the past. 2.It is not correct to say that other religions have given up the path of Violence. What about Israel, who from day-1 is behaving like a bully? My examples regarding Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are from the modern time. And prey what are your stockpiles of Atomic, Hydrogen, Chemical and Biological bombs for? As a show piece for Smithsonian Institute? With these arms you bully the world and smaller nations to toe your line. 3. To say that Muslims started the slave trade is tampering with the truth. Why then in no Muslim state we find so much atrocities against slaves? There are no signs of slave trade in any Muslim country, where as you are still discriminating humans on account of their color & race. 4. Iraqi invasion of Kuwait & subsequent duping of Arab world was one of your tricks. You have done that in past, to put one country against other and this was no exception. 5. Muslims are not afraid of Islamic Laws, it is you western countries who are frightened with it. Since all of you are immersed in Usury, Drinking, Sodomy, Lesbianism, Adultery, Fornication, Incest , Murder and Theft. Islamic Rule will remove all these evils at one stroke. So you are making all this propaganda against Islamic Laws and Islamic Shariah. 6. Who is honest and who is dishonest, is known only to God, Who knows secret of hearts. We are not here to judge anyone.

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Q20 Killing, Have other people renounced violence? .Ans. 1. To say that all nations have taken the path of non-violence is not true. 3. See the Jews, from day-1 they are militants and use only the language of force. 3. I gave you example of Iraq & Afghanistan; you can also include Bosnia, Chechnya and other places. You will find militancy there. 4. I want to ask, why you have stockpiled all these Atom Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs, Chemical and Biological Bombs? As a show piece? These are used as bullying smaller nations. And at any time some crazy person (like Bush, Cheney etc) may feel to use them. 5. What violence you see from Muslims is because they do not strong armies and strong political backing. 6. So Called Muslim countries are ruled by leaders who are in mortal fear of western nations. They do not represent the feelings of general public. So the people have taken the law in their own hand. 7. Before US invasion of Iraq, did you hear ant fighting between Shia & Sunni in Iraq? It was USA, who without having the least idea of the country or its social problems, established western style democracy there. Now they are putting all blame on Iraqis!! 8. Islamic Law might look like horror to two, but to true Muslims it is the way of life. The more Islamic Law is applied in any sphere, the more benefits will be seen. 9. Taliban banished the trade of Opium growing in Afghanistan during their brief rule. Instead of appreciating it, you condemned them to death. Now you are spending hundred of millions of Dollars to Lure the formers not to grow Opium, but you will fail. Some time Iron Fist is needed. Western Society also uses Iron Fist, but mostly on wrong issues (like protecting Rushdie etc) Q21 Killings, Why are Muslims killing ? Ans. It is up to you to agree or disagree. That is freedom of choice. 2.It is very strange to say that there are no good Muslims. Out of 1 Billion Muslims, how many you have come in contact with? It is this generalization that is also cause for the present conflict. In every group there are good and bad people. 3. You do not know who your enemies are, so you resort to indiscriminate killings. If civilians are killed, you say that our enemies are taking cover of civilian. It is your excuse for killing innocent civilians. 4. You say Muslim started this war, but the facts speak otherwise. It was the creation of Israel and undue support to it that is the root cause of the present problem between Christian and Muslims. And it is West which is responsible for it. 4A. Both parties are killing Innocent Children and Women. But Israeli and American kill more by their Bombs, planes and Missiles than Muslims by suicide bombers. Continue this war, but since no war solved any problem, you will have to swallow your pride and will have to quit both Iraq and Afghanistan with disgrace and humility. Your illegitimate child (Israel) will also suffer the same punishment (Inshallah) Q22 Killings, Muslims VS Christians Ans.. So according to your figures, Total Casualties in which Muslims were not involved come to 116 Millions. This figure does not include: - Number of Heretics killed during initial years of Christianity (100 – 600 AD) - Persons Killed during Dark ages of Europe. - Persons killed during infighting within European Countries. - Red Indians and Aborigines killed in North & South America and Australia.
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- Slaves killed during transportation and on farms. - Natives killed during two centuries of establishing and maintaining Colonial Rule. (In Algeria itself, France Killed 1 Million Muslims during freedom struggle), if all colonies are combined, the figure would exceed twenty times that amount. - Killed during Crusade Wars. You have blamed it on Muslims. The war was initiated by Christians to free Holy Places from Muslims. How many Muslims were slaughtered in Jerusalem itself, should be checked from your own books. With all this record, you want me to give the figure that was killed by Muslims? It will not even reach 10 % of your record set by you. In order to show the difference, Muslims (accused but yet to be proven in a court of Law) killed 2500 Innocent USA citizens, WTC bombings, in Retaliation USA killed more than 250,000 Innocent Citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your ratio is still 10 :1 and it has remained so thru out the history. But your religion is “ A Religion of Peace, whose founder asked to offer the other cheek when some one slaps you on one check” and ours is a “Religion of Hate, whose founder says, And Fight in The Cause of Allah, but do not exceed the bounds, for Allah does not love those who exceed bounds” I can only say, you are nation of extremists. Your love and your hate knows no bounds. 2. Neither Muslims, nor Christians nor Meek . But “Righteous Servants of God shall inherit the Earth”. We have to prove, do we qualify for this. Labels are nothing in the eyes of God. 3. Yes, if you could, you will destroy every one else from the earth to rule it single handedly. What for you have that much stock pile of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological arms for? But you cannot do it, because there is someone above you, who is watching and controlling the destiny of mankind and nations. 4. Meekness may not mean Weakness, But the statement of Quran “My Righteous Servants shall inherit the Earth” has more grace and truth than the Psalm’ “Meek shall inherit the earth”. Ask any reasonable and un-biased linguist. Q23 Retaliation, Should we also retaliate Ans. The way you do not justify Abu Ghraib & Guantanemo bay, same way we also do not justify Mutilation of dead bodies of American Soldiers and their parade in open! Our prophet has prohibited it vehemently. In the battle of UHAD, the enemies mutilated the dead bodies of Muslims including the prophet’s uncle HAMZA. The prophet was both sad and angry and said: “Left to my self, I would have mutilated the bodies of our enemies, but My Lord prohibits it” In your anger Sir, you suggested retaliating in similar manner, then what Sir, shall be difference between them and you! This Eye for Eye mentality, created such mischief during WW-1 & 2, that Geneva Convention was agreed upon, so that civilized nations unilaterally agreed to follow these guidelines. Image of American Army would have increased many folds had they behaved with restraints. The way they desecrated the Holy Qur’an in Guantenamo Bay is a lasting shame on their moral bring up! Just by seeing a few of their comrades dead, does not justify for them to behave as they did or doing. Now see the other side of coin also!
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Q24 Suicide Bombings, Is it Islamic? Ans. Any body killing innocent persons is condemned by Quran. Committing suicide is condemned in Islam, but that Suicide should be to get rid of sorrow of this world or on the pretext that I have had enough. However to use your body as a weapon and to gain advantage during war is allowed in special circumstances. Suicide Bombing per see is not wrong. It could be used in certain stages of war. By the way, what you say about hundred and thousands of innocent Palestinians killed by Israel and its cronies? Q25 Terrorism, Why Muslims using Suicide Bombings? Ans.. Dear Sir, It was not Muslims that invented the idea of Suicide Bombings. It was originated by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. They killed many persons including ex- prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. It was picked up by Palestinian youths in their fight against Israel. The problem is that you are only seeing one side of the story. These peoples are being persecuted for more than 60 years now. They all ill armed and their enemy is heavily armed. They will use any arms they have. They are using their bodies as arms. I want to ask you if you see ant difference between the two: - As Israeli Plane or Missile hitting a Palestinian Locality and Killing 100 innocent men. Women and Children - A Palestinian boy blowing himself, killing 30 innocent men, women and Children To me, both acts are equally horrible; But the West media condones the first act and only condemns the second act. In fact, the root cause of all problems is the creation of Israel in Palestine. Till that problem is solved, peace cannot prevail in Middle East. Israel has killed many more innocent men, women and children in Palestine than Palestinian have killed Jews. The rise of Militancy in Muslim states is only because of Israel and Unjustified support of US to Zionist lobby. 2. Where are the peace times now? Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq are war zones. Pakistan being so close to Afghanistan is caught in cross fire. USA and UK are directly involved in these wars. In the garb of “War against Terrorism” western media has opened a campaign to malign Islam and its teaching. Is spite of all this, Muslims are projected as Terrorists. Repeated denials of Muslim Scholars against terrorism are not taken as ample proof. 3. The Persons who did bombing in London are certainly not right. But the problem is that, for the acts of few persons, whole Muslim Population in UK is made suspect. There are extremists in every group. You are seeing postings in this columns calling Islam Evil, Its prophet with every bad name. But the extremists will not get a chance if something is done to mitigate the problem. Muslims see no action from the west on Palestine and extremists are able to exploit the situation. 4. If you hear daily criticism of Islam and Muslims and not even once any body criticizing Jews or Israel, If you see USA using its veto 50 times in support of Israel and not even once in support of Palestinian, it is not difficult to judge if it is one sided or not. 6. Yes what you say is right, but when you see injustice committed and prolonged, then it is very difficult to control the masses. But you should also realize the root cause of mistrust between Muslims and West is the State of Israel and its policies towards Arabs and Palestinians.

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Chapter-22 On Muslims- Women and Women Rights
Q1 Women Rights, Does Islam discriminates? Ans. Again easy for you to generalize. Might is Right if it suits you. The way your country twists the arms of smaller nations, the way is forces them into submission are OK. In Islam, men and women are complimentary to each other and not exact equal. How can they be exact equal when, Biologically, Psychologically and Physically and emotionally they are different. Islamic family law is based on nature. You very happily quote the verse where husbands are allowed to use force against their wives, but you ignore many other, which ask husbands to treat their wives with respect. You may be “Expert” in beating women, so you can say because of your experience. I have no experience in this regard, so I am keeping quite. 7. Why are there so many cases of Domestic Violence in your countries if the punishment is severe? It means that it is second nature of your men to beat their women? Rape is no crime in your countries , but in our countries it has the highest punishment. Islamic nations have the lowest rate of domestic violence and other crimes against women.

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Chapter-23 Palestine
Q1 Al AQSA Mosque, Existence, Where is Mosque? Ans. Since when you have become better interpreters of Quran that Muslims. In the eyes of God, once a mosque is made, it remains a mosque till eternity. Kaaba shall remain a mosque, even if no physical structure remains there or not. Same way prophets mosque in Medina shall always be the mosque, even if the building is destroyed. Same is true for Jerusalem Mosque also. MUQ: As a Muslim, I believe verbatim all sayings of our prophet. If Moses could turn a rod into serpent, if Moses could rent asunder the Ocean, If Jesus could heal those born blind and Deaf, If Jesus could call back dead, If Jesus could ascent to heaven with human body, then Our Prophet could also ascent to Heavens and come back. These are special miracles of God, which take place at the hands of prophets. When God could sent his Angels to the Prophet every day, Why cant He call the prophet to come to heavens for one night? MUQ: Why should not I tell that Muhammad (PBUH) went there during night journey. This is confirmed from Quran. When you believe all those miracles performed by Jesus based on single testimony of Gospel writers, why cant we believe in this miracle of our prophet. As to the fact that there was no physical mosque, when our prophet visited there, well it could have been a place, Only God knows what happened there on that night, we cannot speculate. In the eyes of God, once a mosque is made, it remains a mosque till eternity. Kaaba shall remain a mosque, even if no physical structure remains there or not. Same way prophets mosque in Medina shall always be the mosque, even if the building is destroyed. Same is true for Jerusalem Mosque also. MUQ: You believe it is a myth, we believe it is true. After all you believe in Trinity and we call it myth. We cannot judge on each other believes. As to the actual reason for our prophet visiting there, God may know the real reason. But it was a momentous occasion, the Leadership of World was being changed from Children of Isaac to Children of Ishmael. It was such an important occasion that God gathered all prophets in that sacred spot on that night. Q2 Jews, Did Jews Controlled Palestine? Ans. How could you say that? Who was ruling Jerusalem form 650 CE upto 1967? Except for a brief duration of 99 years (when crusaders, captured Jerusalem), it was under Muslim Control. May be you think Ottoman Empire was not Muslim? Which ever Muslim rulers ruled Palestine, Jerusalem had a distinct Arab Character. Same way you can say Makkah and Medina have been under Arab rule for less than 100 years, before that they were under Ottoman Empire, Egyptian Rule, Syrian Rule etc. Q3 Jews, Was Palestine given to Jews forever? Ans. In light of scripture. let us verify the credibility of claims “Palestine belongs to Jews”. Title Deed of Palestine: In the Book of Genesis, we find the promise of God to Abraham “That I will give to you and to your descendents after you, the land of Canaan (or land between Nile & Euphrates) for an everlasting possession”. This according to Jews is the title deed of Palestine. The same promise is repeated at many places in Genesis and other books.
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Scriptures speaks about Abraham’s descendents which could include Children of Ishmael, Esau, & Ketura (Abraham's third wife). But Jews exclude all others from this promise and say it is for them only. Let us see what History (of 4000 years) says about this claim. 1. Abraham Lived 100 Years after this promise: What land he got ? Almost Nothing! 2. Isaac Lived about 150 years, what land he got? Almost nothing! 3. Jacob Lived about 120 years, what land he got? Nothing! In the end he moved to Egypt abandoning the land of promise! 4. Till the death of Moses: No land of Palestine was in hands of Jews! Is that the way God makes promise? 5. From the time of Joshua upto time of David (~500 years): Jews only got partial control of Palestine. 6. David & Solomon’s period: ~ 70 Years: Only in that period Jews could control most portion of Palestine. Only for this short period God’s promise was fulfilled in Jew’s favor. 7. After death of Solomon: The kingdom was divided into two, within two hundred years the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed, the Rival Kingdom of Judea survived for some more years, till Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it. 8. From that time, till the advent of Jesus, Jews controlled only a small portion of Palestine, and then in 70 AD, they were finally removed from Palestine altogether and till 1948 did not hold any significant part of Palestine! Do you still believe that this promise was from God? 9. If we consider other part of Abraham’s Family, we find that descendants of Ishmael, gradually captured whole of Arabia, Syria, Lebanon etc. and since more than 1400 years are controlling the whole land between Nile and River Euphrates. 10 So this promise was made to entire family of Abraham, not only to Jacob’s Family. At no period in History, Jews controlled Palestine Totally (except for ~ 100 years), whereas Arabs have ruled total area of Palestine for 1400 years at least. 11 I would like to add , that God has not given a blank check to Arabs also, If they live by the commandments of God, He will protect them. But if they go against God’s commandments God will displace them also. He is God of Justice, He is God of Truth. He is God of Mercy, Q4 Jews, Was it given to Jews alone? Ans. Mr. Gorky: I have read your comments with care; I feel you do not read the Old Testament Books that are included in the Christian Bible. I assumed that portion is common to both Jews and Christians. As regards the Title deed of Palestine, God’s promise to Abraham is the proof, God swore to Abraham “ I will give to you and to your defendants after you, the whole land of Canaan, where you are an alien as an everlasting possession, and I will be their God” (Gen 17:8). I ask you, could any thing be more specific and stronger worded than that. This is an express promise of God to Abraham, that Abraham and his descendants after him shall get everlasting possession of the whole land of Canaan. Now tell me: 1. Was this a real promise of God? Was this promise fulfilled at any time? 2. What is the Whole Land of Canaan? 3. Did Abraham get full possession of whole land of Canaan during his lifetime? (Buying a small piece of land for tomb is not full and everlasting possession) 4. Did Isaac, Esau, and there children received whole possession of land of Canaan during their lifetimes? 5. Did Jacob or his descendants received full possession of land of Canaan at any time?
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6. Just living in the land of Canaan or sharing it with others does not come into the Category of “Full Possession for everlasting Duration”. The small autonomy given to Jews by Romans, Greeks and others or having small Jewish communities here and there also does not fulfill the magnitude of “Promise” made by God to Abraham. 7. Just give me figures from any source of the total number of years, when Descendants of Isaac, Esau and Jacob had Full possession of the Whole Land of Canaan. I doubt if your figures shall be very much different from what I had given. 8. Now coming to Muslims, Just by becoming Muslim, you join with the religion of Abraham and become his progeny. That is what Allah says in Quran “You are (same as) the ummah of your father Abraham…”(22:78). So if Muslims are controlling land of Canaan, it is same as descendants of Abraham are controlling it thru Ishmael. 9. I did not say that Jews have no right to the land of Canaan (I think it includes Palestine and other areas too), but they do not have exclusive right to that land. They must share it with the Children of Ishmael, Esau and Keturah. 10. History has proved that the promise of God to give the whole land of Canaan for everlasting possession was not fulfilled thru Isaac and his progeny. 11. However, Descendents of Ishmael, over the period of time have conquered the Whole of Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and all other places for more than 1200 years. It covers the entire land that Abraham traveled during his life time! 11A. Small communities of Christians and Jews living there do not negate the control of Muslims on that land. So history proves that if the promise was made to Abraham by God, It was fulfilled more thru the descendants of Ishmael than the other branch of Abraham’s lineage. 12. Will you negate History Mr. Gorky? Q5 Jews, Do Muslims have Claims? Ans. I am not laying any ground to justify Muslim’s claim on Palestine. What Muslims had was de-facto control of Palestine for last 1200 years. We did not go and occupied Palestine because Bible or Quran says that Palestine belongs to Children of Ishmael. 1. I was just answering to the claims of Jews who say that “God Gave Us the land of Palestine for everlasting possession” It is this argument that I am countering that God did not make any such promise to Jews. 2. The Promise made to Abraham in Gen 17:21 or at other places was never fulfilled, because at no place of time Jews got the Total Control of Palestine for a considerable time period. Either they shared it with others or were living like a minority or under limited autonomy of other powers. So the promise made by God to Abraham and Isaac was in-fact a wrong thing attributed to God. 3. Even if we believe that God made any such promise to Abraham, Then Ishmael and his descendents are also included in the promise as Isaac and his descendents are included. There were many covenants made between God and Abraham, It does not mean that Ishmael was removed from all such covenants or the earlier were cancelled. 4. What I said was that Muslims were de-facto rulers of all lands which Abraham traveled in his life time. So the promise of God (if indeed it was made) was more fulfilled for Muslims than Jews as per Historical Records. 5. Time difference of 3000 years separating Ishmael and Muhammad (PBUH) is immaterial, because Arabs during all that time were living in Arabia , including Iraq, Syria etc. and were not much involved with the world politics. They did not had any other prophet except Ishmael. Now Arabs of our prophet time were sure that they came from the family of
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Ishmael and this cannot be challenged because they have many proofs linking them with Abraham and Ishmael. 6. Do not think that Muslims believe that God did not give Palestine to Jews. We believe that it was not for everlasting possession and it was not exclusive. It was based on their adherence to God’s Laws and Commandments. So long as they adhered to it, they got it. When they went astray, God took back this gift from them. History has proved both these points. 7. Now for past 60 years what they are doing to their neighbors, demands that they should once again be removed from that land. They cannot live peacefully with their neighbors and are more adopted to live under the yoke of foreign powers. Q6 Jews, Did Jews control Palestine? Ans. Now we have to come to the correct issue at the hand. Jews have got control of Some portion of Palestine thru the manipulation of Western Powers in 1948. And they have captured Jerusalem by force in 1967. 2. So now Muslims will try to win it back by force as they had lost the control of it. There is no moral issue involved. 3. That the last control of Jews was 2000 years back and since 560 CE until 1948 Muslims had control. Of Palestine. The promise of God to Abraham or to Isaac or to Jacob or to Moses did not materialize on ground. So this promise could not be from God, as He does not make any false promise. 4. Israel is 1% or 10% is not important. Will USA or UK or any other country give 1% or 10 % of their land to any other people to form their nation? It is the Might is Right now, so stop talking about Birth right or God’s Gift to Jews. 5. Enjoy as much as you can while the good time lasts. Wish you best of luck. Q7 Justification, Is Israel justified? Ans. If the Jews were to be given a place for their country (due to Magnanimity of the West) , why it should not have been a piece of land in the West itself? (Charity begins at home!!) Why the Jewish state was created in the middle of Muslim Lands, without consent and approval of the inhabitants of the land (Palestinians). Why this (tiny) state has a map of Greater Israel (showing most of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, including a portion of Medina) on its parliament building?. Is this the characteristic of a peaceful nation? 4. Why the rights of Palestinians are ignored in favor of this small state? Why this small state has been made most powerful of all its neighbors, mainly due to help and free aid from West? The Zionist state of Israel commits innumerable crimes against humanity, and gets away due to blind support by West and Veto by USA? Why USA had to use its Veto power so many time in favor of Israel? It means the actions of Israel were against world opinion.

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It is very clear from above, that due to strong influence of Zionist Lobby in USA, Israel has become a threat to the World Piece. Unless this en-equality in treatment is corrected, the problem in ME and the world will not prevail Q8 Islam, Is Jerusalem Holy to Muslims? Ans. Right from the time of prophet, it has been a holy place to Muslims. Our prophet offered prayers facing Jerusalem right upto second year of Hegira. His Night journey to Jerusalem is mentioned in Quran. Dome of rock was created in 100 AH (which is 1200 years old). Mosque of Omar is also more than 1200 old. Muslims had been regularly going to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. It is a Jewish propaganda to deny Muslim’s link to this city, which is equally holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims. MUQ: Jerusalem is Holy City equally to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. To Jews because they had Solomon’s Temple there. To Christians because Jesus walked in that city and to Muslims because our prophet visited there during the “Night Journey from Makkah to Jerusalem”. All the three groups have devoted their time and energies in beautifying the city. From the day Muslims got control of Jerusalem from Christians in ~ 650 CE, they have left no effort to protect and beautify the place. It is wrong to say that Jerusalem did not had any importance during Ottoman Empire or during Jordan rule. It was the Third Most Sacred Sight or Muslims (After Makkah and Medina). Mosques , Churches and Synagogues have existed side by side in Jerusalem for many centuries. All this have changed after Zionists occupation in 1967, now they want to deny Muslims and Christians any right on the city. MUQ: Yes Jerusalem was to be the center of Judaism, but unfortunately Jews were not found worthy of that great trust. Twice their temple was trampled upon and destroyed by their enemies. It was God’s punishment to them for going astray. Total Control of Jews on Jerusalem does not exceed even 500 years. Muslims have unbroken control of the spot for more than 1200 years. You decide who has more right to the land. Q9 Al AQSA Mosque, Why Jews want to destroy it? MOIZ: YOU ARE RIGHT. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORLD CONDEMNATION. AS FOR THE ZIONISTS, YOU KNOW YOUR STATEMENT IS NOT TRUE. YES FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND THERE ARE SOME SPLINTER GROUPS OF CHRISTAINS AND JEWS VOWING TO DEMOLISH THE AL AQSA MOSQUE, BUT THESE DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY OF BOTH RELIGIOUS BODIES NOR OF THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT WHO TURNED CONTROL OVER THE TEMPLE MOUNT TO THE WADF WHEN ISRAEL REGAINED CONTROL IN 1967.” Ans.: That was no exception, it is always the case, when Muslims get killed or prosecuted, it is no news, however if Muslims are found to be wrong, even if in the least, it becomes World News and Islam and Muslims are blamed in General. As regards Al Aqsa Mosque, the intentions of Israeli Government are not clear. They are issuing conflicting statements. There are extreme right groups in the Government who have their own agenda to destroy the Mosque and build temple there. There are Zionists carrying out propaganda thru out the world for mosque destruction, there are Church Groups supporting the reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple in place of mosque. They believe that second coming of Jesus can only take place, when the temple is standing there. In faces of all these confusing statements how can Muslims trust the intentions of Israeli Government,
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which allowed the visit of Terrorist like Sharon to the mosque complex resulting in much blood shed. Q10 Anti Semitism, What is Anti-Semitism? Ans. So at least we agree that term Anti-Semitism is a Misnomer. If a term is itself wrong, then why prolong its use? If it means “Jew-hating”, then also it is wrong. We should not hate any group as a whole. At the same time, we should not love also a group so much, as to ignore its crimes and wrongs. We should deal every group on merit, if they do well, support them, otherwise try to correct them. We see lack of this balance in West’s attitude towards Israel and Palestinians. It is not the Jews we hate, But it is the Zionists and the Zionist Lobby, which has got undue influence in USA and other western countries, that is the real target of our hate. Jews were living peacefully in Muslim countries for thousands of years. You see yourself , how you are generalizing Arabs for your hate? Are any of your accusations true for all Arabs? I do not say, Arabs are angels, there are good people and there are bad people also amongst them. Those who know them more, will say that proportion of good people among Arabs are higher than many other communities. Q11 Chosen, Does God always protect Israel? Ans. Book of Isaiah was written in 4th or 5th Century BC. After that book, Israel was destroyed two times (once by Nebuchadnezzar in 5th century BC and then in 70 AD by Titus), why God did not save Israel then. Why God did not save Israel from the crutches of Hitler? Just by naming any country Israel does not make it a favorite of God. Is God unjust and will allow Jews to do mischief on this earth? 2. You are mistaken, if you think the present state of Israel is God’s favorite. Why it could not defeat Egyptians in 1973 war, Why it could not defeat HIZBOLLAH in war last year? These are just your fancies. 3. Yes you sit back and enjoy the destruction of Israel. God is not unjust and He makes no distinction between Israel and other nations if they do mischief. 4. While taking all support from America it is very appropriate for you to say that. You are like dogs that bite the hand which feeds it. After gobbling up billions and billions of dollars of US aid and after getting arms and ammunitions of latest make and after US used more than 72 veto for you in UN, you sit back and show him your finger. A typical Jewish attitude. 5. You should always be on the side of truth and justice, even if be it against your own fellow nation. On the day of Judgment you have to give your individual account, Israel will not come and defend you there.

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Q12 Control, Did Jews control Palestine for 5000 years? “Jews have had a continuous presence in Israel for thousands of years. Arab Moslems didn't invade until the 7th century. Curiously,” Ans: I think you have very little knowledge of actual history. Jews were kicked out of Palestine in 70 CE by the Roman General Titus. They were dispersed thru out Roman lands since that date. They were living like Nomads in most of European countries since then. Muslims are ruling Palestine since 630 right upto 1948. The length of Muslim rule in Palestine far surpasses the Jewish rule in Palestine. “Jerusalem has only been under Arab domination for no more than 20 years out of the last 5000” MUQ: Muslims have held Jerusalem for 1300 years compared to 500 years (only 100 years as absolute masters, rest only as a subordinate to other powers) during last 5000 years. Muslims claim on Jerusalem is much stronger than Jews. ”Also of interest is Mohamed's re-writing of the Torah to elevate Ishmael's position while simultaneously claiming that the "Jews" are the ones who have distorted the Torah.” MUQ: How could Mohammad (PBUH) rewrite Torah, considering he was an illiterate man, not knowing how to read or write? The position of Ishmael was neither upgraded nor degraded. His position in Islam is what his position actually is. First Born and Elder son of Abraham. Builder of Kaabah along with his father, nothing more nothing less. “No wonder his new religion was rejected by both Christians and Jews who occupied the land prior to the invention of Islam” MUQ: If Jews rejected Islam because it glorified Ishmael, they prey why they rejected the message of Jesus who was from Isaac? The answer which you will give shall suffice as to why both Jews and Christians rejected our prophet. Q13 Misconception, Barren land, Was Palestine Barren till 1948? Ans. This is another myth created by Zionists propaganda that Palestine before Jews coming there was a waste land and only vagrants Arabs were living there. Palestine since last 1400 years was a very populated place and Arabs were living there since generations. 1A. Al AQSA Mosque was built around 1300 years ago and was one of the holiest shrine for Muslims. People were going there for praying in that mosque. 1B. Prosperity for the region was as per the general standard of the Arab world then. 1C. The Zionists started their propaganda “Jews without Nation & Palestine without Population”. This propaganda has caught on the minds of western media since then. 2. Any truth, query , or information about Islam are welcome. But by the standards of your writings it seems you have very little knowledge about Islam. 3. Yes, we know that. In Fact Jesus himself was from Jewish Tribe. He came to perfect the Laws of Prophets. His message was “Only to the Lost sheep of the House of Israel”. It was St. Paul and his followers who opened the gate for Non Jews to enter the new faith. But as your centuries old hate was not correct, so is your new found love of Jews and Zionists. You are vacillating between extremes. Islam shows you the middle path.

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3A. Regarding your dream of Bombing Makkah, may be you wake up from your idiocy soon enough. These are the remarks, which show that Every Country in The World Should have Nuclear Arsenal. This defeats your purpose of NPT &c. Q14 Palestine Waste Land, Was Palestine a Barren Land before 1948? Ans. Are you living in a dream world. Do you think pre-1948 Palestine was a barren land inhibited by a few nomads? It was a well populated areas where Muslims, Jews and Christians were living peacefully for many centuries. It all changed when Britain got control of Palestine after WW-1. They supported the cause of creating a Zionist State there and then all trouble started there. 2. Yes as per logic given for creation of Israel, all people should go back to their original countries. Why you support only the claim of Jews and not of Red Indians or Eskimos? 3. As explained above, trouble started in Palestine, once British went there. Do not change the topic. Restrict your self to the issue of Israel. We can discuss that issue afterwards. 4. Peace means you accept your ruler, who gives you freedom to live, practice your religion and does not interfere with your religion. If you violate that peace, you will face the consequence. Muslims were ruling Palestine and Jews and Christians were living peacefully there for many centuries. Yearly slaughtering of Jews was a Christian habit and has nothing to do with Muslims or Islam. Q15 Israel, Is there a simple solution? Ans. About Israel? First of all, the settlers have been like a festering boil on the behinds of both the Israelis and the Palestinian people... they are no better than any other religious extremists (with the exception of murderers on both sides)! Personally, I think going back to the 1948 "original" borders should be out of the question. Doing so would be unthinkable for the sake of Israel's long termed security. MUQ: Why you are so concerned about Israel’s Security? How does it has any special significance to you? What other country’s security is as dear to you? 4.I do, however, believe that Israel should pull back to the 1967 borders and that Jerusalem should be "fairly" divided. But ONLY after the new borders are TOTALLY AND HEAVILY SECURED by the Israelis! MUQ: What is FAIR DIVISION of Jerusalem according to you? Who will ensure TOTAL and HEAVY Security of the Borders? Why cant you shift your forces from Iraq and put it on Israeli borders? 5. But in the end, that too will have to be decided by minds greater than mine... and, perhaps, even yours. Then, could you please put in a good word for us about lowering the price of crude? LOL! MUQ: As I told you Smarter Minds cannot think of Simple Solutions that are fair to every one. They use all their Smartness to Favor One Party without Looking as if they are favoring it. That is why simple and practical solutions do not appeal to them!! As for Oil, Ask Bush to attack Iran, the prices may shoot up to $ 110 a Barrel. What has Bush brought to USA except disaster and misery and terrorism and bigotry and…..

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Q16 Jews, Is there simple solution Ans. I really appreciate your sincerity and frankness regarding Israel considering that you have Jewish background. But you see the irony, Jewish People who suffered so much from Hitler are using the same tactics (Deception, intrigue and plotting) against the Palestinians ? 5. What was the crime of Palestinians that Hitler punished and killed so many Jews? Why their land should be taken away and given to another people? 6. What these people are suffering for last 60 years is unimaginable. No body is listening to their pleas. 7,. The fact is Jews are divided into two groups (Law abiding Jews and Zionists). It is the Zionists who are the real trouble mongers. Normal Jew is law abiding and has no problem to live peacefully with their neighbors. Unfortunately Jews are in the grip of Zionist Lobby. With the support of like minded Christians, they are carrying out their plans with out least resistance from any one. I really thank you for your honest posting and prey that we may live to see the reign of peace in ME as we are seeing t he reign of terror. Q17 Solution, Did Muslims treated Jews Badly? Ans. Dear Sir, I think you are getting angry. My reply was in response to a comment which some one made that “Since Muslims Conquered Palestine 2000 years ago, they should return the land to Jews” In that reply I said, you also captured South America, North America, Australia and New Zealand by force, you also return it. 2. Muslims, Jews and Christians were living in harmony for centuries in Palestine, before the Zionists state was established in 1948. 3. For 50 years , the Palestinians were suffering the hardships of exiles and torture at the hand of Zionists, and no body came to help them. Look at the number of Security Council resolutions which USA vetoed. 4. How long can they suffer, they started their movement to get the freedom. Is it illegal? It was peaceful demonstration to start with? Zionists retaliated with bullets. There were daily killings of innocent boys and youths. World took no notice of it. 5. Your media and press is controlled by Zionists, which only present negative picture of Islam and Muslims. 6. Problem between USA and Muslims are mainly due to USA one sided support to the Zionists in Israel. Solve that problem and most of your problem will vanish. 7. Use of force and war is not going to solve any problem. 8. For your info I was born in India and I’m an Indian National. How my DNA reached there is for some genealogists to find out. Q18 Reason , What is reason? Ans. What violence you are seeing today, is a cumulative result of 60 years of injustice committed by Israel and West against poor Muslims. When they did not get help from any side, people have become desperate and have taken the matter into their hand. Solve the root cause of problem and the problem will be solved.

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Q19 Root Cause, Was Creation of Israel Justified? Ans. If it is none of your business, then it is none of mine too. 2. What I mean creation of Israel in 1948, was not achieved in one day. It started in 1918 when Britain gained control of Palestine after WW-1. Initial trouble started only after that. Prior to that date, you will not find violence in Palestine. 3. Jews have no right to displace Palestinians from Palestine and reserve it for themselves. That is right and you should support it. 4. Your memory is very short. You are forgetting Israeli’s atrocities on Palestinians from 1948 upto 2000. During that period how many Security Counsel resolutions have been vetoed by USA. You left no chance for any peaceful solution to function. What are you seeing today are the desperate attempts by individuals to fight a mighty army. When Israel can kill any Palestinian, Can Destroy any House, Can arrest any one, So let its citizens also feel what is the taste of violence. It is a law of reaction, what you sow, so that you shall reap. 5. Yes freedom only to Zionists not to Palestinians. What about the freedom to Palestinians. You will not even accept results of Free Elections in Palestine! 6. Try Criticizing Jews or Israel on your News Channel, then you will see the result. Your Presidential Candidates are growling before Jewish Lobby. Each trying to out do other in loyalty and promises. Is that what you call fair approach 6. You are free to be ruled by any system you like. You have no right to criticize others. Why don’t you criticize Britain for being ruled by Queen? 7. Yes, we are telling it to our brother and any one else, who care to listen.

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Chapter-23 Prophet of Islam- Criticism
Q1 Character, What is difference between old & new enemies of prophet? Ans. They would love to talk in “Jargon language” endlessly, on any and every obscure topic, but when questioned directly, they prefer to keep a “discreet Silence”. Well I’m not surprised, because it is their tactics, they want to create “doubts” in the minds of their audiences. Instead of open attacks, they prefer “Tangent Attacks”. This is not a new technique. In fact the enemies of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be on him) of his times and of present times have many things in common. 1. His enemies of his times were as perplexed as his modern day critics, as to the source of the message of Qur’an. If they accept Muhammad (May peace be on him)’s simple and logical explanation that “This is revelation given to me by Allah Almighty” all their doubts and confusions could be solved. But they do not want to accept it, because, it will lead to next stage, follow his teachings!! Which they do not want to do!! So they are in market for any and every “straw” that can help them. The problem is “Truth” cannot be negated by a “Falsehood”!!! So with each explanation given, ten additional problems rise up! 2. The Opponents of Prophet’s time called him, Poet, Liar, Be-witched, Sorcerer, lying against God, copying stories of old, getting coached in the night, we can also do it etc. The modern critics (Muir, Margoliuth, Montgomery and others) follow the same technique. 3. However, there is one area, where the modern enemies have gone too far, than the enemies of prophet’s time could go. Enemies of prophet’s time dare not attack his personal character and his personal life. 4. They had seen his noble birth, they knew his family, they had seen his youth, his adolescence, his youth, his manhood, in fact his life of forty years was like an open book to them. They knew, how much and how far he has traveled, whom he had contacts with etc. In fact till the age of forty years, he was their finest example of an ideal personality, which they could boast of! 5. They were practicing Polygamy, and they also knew the prophet’s marriages and their motives. That is why; you will not find them attacking prophet with the possession of “Lust” or other baser motives. 6. It is his modern day critics that have gone to the extreme in casting doubt’s on the prophet’s personal character!! Since they are far removed from the prophet’s age, so the honest course for them was to rely on the reports of prophet’s time as regards, his personal character is concerned. But in their dishonesty and mischief, they crossed this border and wrote self-imagined, self-invented and highly questionable passages on this topic. 7. Muslim’s love to their prophet is well known. We do not have his pictures hung in our homes and mosques (as you see the crucified images of Jesus, whose photo is actually on the image is any body’s guess, it certainly could not be of Jesus himself, that is certain), but his personality resides in our hearts. His image is so minutely described that only the fear of falling into Idolatry prevented us from drawing his picture or making his image. 8. This love of Muslims boils over, when they see the character of their prophet ridiculed in open. When we protest, they call us Fanatics and backwards. Is it allowed in any religion to ridicule the leaders of other faiths? 9. In this light, you will see, that it is fact, these ill-advised acts of West, that create perpetual problem between Muslims and Western society. 10. We do not want West to accept, his prophet hood (though we wish it, because it is for their own good in this world and in the hereafter), we want them to argue, discuss, put their point of view and even criticize his teachings. But this should be done keeping the decencies of debate and respecting the feeling of each other.
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11. Let us dwell on what we have in common, rather than on what we differ. . Q2 Punishment, Would prophet have changed them? Ans.: What laws were given by Mohammad (PBUH), would certainly limit the crimes of rape to bare minimum. But in our “Modern” society we consider them “Barbaric”. Rape is Barbaric, but the punishment should be “Civilized”. This has lead us to the present condition where cases of rapes are increasing with each passing day. And you are not correct that in the prophet’s time, raping a woman was very difficult, the Arabian society of this time did not consider it as any offence at all. It was prevalent in the society as was drinking of Alcohol. Both are interrelated, most rapes are done in the intoxicated condition. Q3 Jews, Why Prophet killed and banished Jews of Medina? Ans. To say that Medina was a Jewish city, shows your superficial knowledge of history. When our Prophet (PBUH) reached Medina (after Flight from Makkah), it was inhabited by two Big Arabian Tribes (AUS & KHAZRAJ), and three smaller Jewish tribes (BANU QAINUQA, BANU NADHHER & BANU QURAIZA). At that time, Arabs lived is a tribal society. Each man was linked to his tribe. So the three smaller Jewish Tribes had alliances with the Two Major Arab Tribes. Medina at the time of Prophet’s (PBUH) arrival was therefore an Arabian Village (most of them were converted to Islam by that time), with a smallish Jewish community. 2. One of the first act done by prophet (PBUH) on arrival to Medina, was to have a formal treaty endorsed between Muslims & Jews. This was the World’s First Written Constitution!. It described the rights and duties of each party. Jews were given freedom to follow their religion, have their own courts for matter relating between them & join in the defense of Medina against foreign aggression. These were the most reasonable terms that could be offered by any dominant group to its minority. 3. From the day one of prophet’s (PBUH) arrival, the Jews started to hate him and to do any thing to get his mission derailed. Why they hated our prophet (PBUH), I can explain, but first you have to explain to me why they hated Jesus (PBUH) and John the Baptist (PBUH). All these reasons apply in case of our prophet (PBUH) also, with added racial hatred because he was from Children of Ishmael! 4. Now our Prophet (PBUH) was not sent as a Lamb to Take away the sins of the World, He was entrusted a bigger target, to establish Kingdom of God on earth, for which Jesus had so much prayed (Thy Kingdom come., thy wish be done on earth as it is done in heavens). How our prophet (PBUH) established Kingdom Of God on Earth, with minimum blood shed is an achievement for which there is no parallel in history. But I will restrict my reply to Jews only. 5. Whole Arabia was prophet’s enemy, he had to fight on two fronts, on external from against Pagan Arabs, on internal fronts against the cunnings of Jews and Hypocrites. You are aware internal peace is even more important than external peace. Let us see what happened to the three Jewish Tribes: BANU QAINUQAH: 1. They lived inside the city of Medina, were mostly goldsmiths and traders and were deemed as Fighters of the group. 2 When Prophet (PBUH), defeated the Army of Makkah in Badr (2AH), the Jews felt most grief. Their grief boiled over, when they maltreated a Muslim woman in their market, when Prophet asked them to come to reason , they told him “Do not think, that we are like Makkah people, when the time comes, you will see the might of our arms”.
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3 This was a clear violation of the treaty, so prophet (PBUH) garrisoned them, within a short time, they came to know of their folly. They appealed to Prophet’s (PBUH) mercy. They were allowed to leave Medina, with all their arms and property. There was hardly any bloodshed. Will you called it massacre of Jews in Medina? BANU NADHEER: Ans. After the battle of Badr, two of their leaders, went to Makkah and read Lamentations about each of their dead. They exhorted them to come and attack Median and take revenge for the losses in Badr. In fact they were instrumental for the Battle of Uhad (3AH). 2. As per the treaty, they were supposed to cooperate with Muslims for the Joint defense, but they did not participate, their sympathies were with the Makkan Army. Muslims suffered heavy loss of life at Uhad, to the delight of these Jews. 3. Their treachery reached above head level, when they tried to assassinate the prophet (PBUH), when he had gone there to settle some blood feud. This was high treason, so prophet sent them notice but they took no notice of it. 4. They were garrisoned, and after ten days, their resistance gave way. They again appealed to the Mercy of Prophet (PBUH), and after discussion, were asked to leave Median. They were allowed to take away one Camel load for each person, excluding arms. They demolished their houses (so Muslims could not use it) and left Medina and settled in Khaibar (~ 300 Km from median). There was no blood shed. Do you any Jewish Massacre in this whole episode? BANU QURAIDAH: 1. Jews from the tribe of Nadheer, who settled in Khaibar, were seething with revenge and humiliation. They made one last effort, and tried to gather a Massive army to invade Medina and finish the matter once and for all. It was mainly due to their efforts that an army of 12 – 15 thousands (very big for Arabia of those days) came to attack Medina (5 AH). 2. As prophet (PBUH) could not defend Medina, from such a large army, he was forced to dig a trench around Median, so that enemy could not cross it. Geography of Medina was such, that it had natural protection on three sides, and on fourth side the trench was dug. 3. All Muslims males, were busy in defending the trench day and night. It was a very critical situation for the Muslim state. 4. Muslim Women and Children, were left in Medina, very close to the Jewish Residences. It was at this critical Juncture, that the Jews of QURAIDAH, broke their treaty with Muslims and became a very real danger to the Muslim state. 5. Due to divisions between the enemy and a hurricane, Makkan army had to leave at once. Now the time had come to punish the Jewish tribe for their treachery. They themselves appointed an arbiter from their old Arabian Tribe. (If they would have appealed to prophet’s (PBUH) mercy, may be they would have got a lesser punishment). The Arbiter imposed the Punishment from their own book (Deut. Ch 30 V10 ) against them. Their males were killed and women and children were made slaves. This was the biggest bloodshed of Jews in Medina. But the blame first goes to Jews for their own treachery at such critical juncture and second on their choice of Arbiter! Jews of Khaibar: 1. This city was approx 300 Km from Median. Jews there were mainly farmers. With the arrival of Jews from Qainqah & Nadheer from Medina, it became a center for conspiracy against Muslim nation.
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2. Prophet had to secure this area, because it was close to the Roman Empire. He garrisoned this area in (6AH), but Jews agreed for a peace treaty with prophet (PBUH), there was not much bloodshed and Muslim Nation had a notion of security from the treachery of Jews. 3. If you see in prospective, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his leadership managed to subdue the Jews with such a minimum amount of bloodshed that cannot be imagined. 4. Compare the amount of Blood shed of Prophet Joshua (PBUH) and Prophet David (PBUH), compared to them, does not Mohammad (PBUH) deserves the title of Mercy for the mankind. 5. With Less than loss of 1000 lives (on both side), he established the Kingdom of God in a country of the size of Arabia in less than 10 years! Compare this with the loss of Human lives in conquer of a Tiny piece of land like Palestine by the Mighty Jewish Prophets. Muslims Killing Jews during Conquer of Palestine in ~ 650 AD: Dear Sir, here you have ventured on another matter on which your knowledge of History is Limited. 1. In 70 AD, the Roman Army of Titus had totally destroyed the temple of Jerusalem. Jews living there were massacred. Remaining Jews were removed from the land of Palestine and dispersed thru out the lands. 2. There were hardly any Jews, when Muslims conquered Palestine in 650 AD. No history shows any battle between Muslims and Jews in Palestine. 3. In Fact when Christians surrendered Jerusalem to Caliph Umar, one condition of the peace treaty was that no Jews shall be allowed to live in Jerusalem. Such was then your love for Jews, whom you now love more than your brothers. 4. During more that 1000-year of Muslim Rule in Palestine, there were no mass killings of Jews, as was common sight in Christian countries. 5. In all these years Jews got peace whenever they came to Muslims Lands. 6. It was the creation of Zionist state of Israel in 1948 that sowed the seeds of Blood shed between Muslims and Zionists. With the blind and one-sided support of USA and West, Israel is behaving like a real bully in this area. Q4 Jews , Did he killed Jews for their land? Ans. Mohammad (PBUH) did not kill Jews to take over their land. They broke the treaty and fought against the state and were punished accordingly. Will you say Bush killed thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq to take over their land and oil? You have to look at evidence and decide. Do not give one sided judgments Q5 Cartoons, Was Muslim reaction justified? Ans. The attitude taken by the European states and the media to defend the publication of carton was very wrong. A small local issue was blown into a “Full fledged Media War” by the press and media. News appears in several countries reprinted the cartoons to show their support to the cartoonists. This was bound to create a furor and it did. When a mob is energized, it gets out of control. If you look some of the postings in these “Peaceful Columns” (Including you own ending), you can imagine what could happen if a mob is disturbed. Burning of flags and shouting “Death” & “Down With” has become a normal mode in any public demonstration and every one is doing it. I do not support it, but you should also not overreact.

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2. You say the western media is biased towards Muslims? It was the media which was the cause, the Tool and the instigator of the whole episode. If the Police showed restraint during their dealings, it is an indication that they thought it to be peaceful. 3. If the counter demonstration by BNP was not peaceful, police will act. It is they who have to maintain Law and Order. Q6 Old Prophets, Did Mohammad glorified earlier prophets? Ans. Mohammad (PBUH) did not mix truth with falsehood. He was prophet of God, he received instructions from God, he removed many defects in Bible. For example he said: - Your Bible Says Adam & Eve repented after eating form the tree. God forgave them (You say they did not, which seems more logical) - Your Bible Says Noah drank and lay naked in his tent, then he Cursed Canaan (Not Ham the real Culprit, Mohammad (PBUH) said this is fabrication, Noah did not do such things. - Your Bible Says Abraham & Isaac Lied about their Wives to save their own lives, Mohammad (PBUH) said this is lie against Great prophets of God - Your Bible Says Lot Committed adultery with his two daughters, Mohammad (PBUH) said this is lie. - Your Bible Says David had sex with Uriah’s Wife and then Got him killed, Mohammad (PBUH) says no he did not do it - Your Bible Says Solomon worshipped false gods and made temples for them, Mohammad (PBUH) says this is lie against a prophet. - Your Bible Says Aaron made Golden calf and worshipped it, Mohammad (PBUH) says this is Lie, Prophet of God do not do such things. In each of these cases, you tell me which is closer to reason and logic. But you would like to stay in the mud and would not like anyone to remove it from you. In fact Quran corrected many defects of The Old and New Testament and provides solution to most of your in fighting 2. Muslims are not Fanatical. Islam is based on most common sense. It is always the “Golden Mean” between two extremes. The more you study Islam, the more you will be fascinated by it, But most people do not do it. 3. He was an Ideal prophet, and his character and teachings could be compared with any prophet of old. Q7 Sincerity, Was Mohammad a role model? Ans. Mohammad’s critics forget that he was an unlettered man. He could not read or write. He had no known teacher is the world. With these deficiencies you would expect many contradictions in his efforts. But the results are outstanding. He did not copy any of the defects or a contradiction present is Bible. Those who criticize him, have not even read his book! His claim to be the Last Prophet in the long list of prophet is supported by the Bible itself. Those who deny it, are doing it purposely. 2. To say that Mohammad (PBUH) was devoid of human feeling it to say a thing without any base. How could he gather such an ardent supporters from Makkan? Any body who met him, was touched by his sincerity. To say such a person is loved by Millions of people thru out ages is absurd. How many lovers of Hitler, Genghis Khan or Alexander you can count today?
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3. He married no woman under the age of puberty. What is the age for individual girls is up to experts in these matters not you. Nobody of his time complained of this marriage, not even his staunchest enemies. It was left to our modern day experts. 4. A warrior who captured entire Arabia, in leas than ten years with a loss of life less than 1000 (on both sides) is really a blood thirsty tyrant. He did not kill any one because they will not accept him as prophet. The persons killed were those who chose to fight him out in the battle field. Is any thing wrong there. 5. Yes something in life never changes. Criterion for Good and Evil Never changes. Jews claim on Palestine did not change after 2000 years. 6. Despite your best efforts, Islam will continue to propagate and will capture the heart and minds of right thinking people. The present fighting are mostly imposed on Muslims. Q8 Character, Was Prophet a Caravan Robber? Ans. This is your personal view (and may be shared by guys like Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Jerry Falwell, Dosh Mac Dowald and Cartoonist of Jellen Posten). It only shows your own ignorance. However, those who have studied the life of prophet Mohammad hold a different view, for example: Thomas Carlyle Chose him as his Ideal Prophet in 1840. Michel H. Hart Chose him as no1 in Top 100, list of most influential men in History George Bernard Shaw called him Savior of Mankind, a man able to solve all the current world’s problem, should he come to power. MK Gandhi, Annie Beasant and the list of his admirers is unending. It is your own bad luck, that you want to be in the company of Rushdie &c. Q9 Character, Why he fraught when Jesus did not? Ans. Only reason did not fight was because, time oh his ministry was too short (max. three tears) and he did not get enough followers. Our prophet also did not fight for 13 years while in Makkah due to similar reason. - Our Prophet married Aiyesha only when she reached the age of Menstruation. The age may vary from nation to nation. He was not a sex maniac (God Forbid) as his opponents claim. Till the age of 53 he was married to a woman who was 15 years older than him. - In Arab, when you marry a girl, the relations between the two tribes are cemented. Most marriages of our prophet came for the purpose of cementing relations. None of his wives (except Aiyesha) were virgins. - Yes he pardoned some of his enemies (who were otherwise condemned to death) to be set free if they accept Islam. This was an act of mercy not of forceful conversion. The person was already condemned for crimes against the state.

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Q10 Force, Superseded other religions? Ans. Yes, you are right, he did not destroy Judaism and Christianity, but I said, he single handedly destroyed the logics of Judaism (Jews being Chosen Race, Chosen People and Children of Allah) and Christianity (Trinity, Atonement, Original Sin ), so they had to go back into their shells. 4A. As for your accusations of rape, murder and forced conversion, they all are false and cannot stand the test of impartial enquiry. In fact you paint your ancestors in very bad light, that they changed their religion for a very small price. Q11 Greatness, Is he comparable to other men? Ans. If it was not for History Books, no body would have even heard of your “Alexander the Great”. What he achieved in his life, crumbled within decades after him. What is his legacy? A city name Alexandria in Egypt? Or a few statues here and there? 2. Whoever heard of “Your NOSTRADAMUS” ? I think real place for persons like you is on some “Head Shirker’s Couch”!! Q12 HUDNA, Is HUDNA in Islam? Ans. Your mind is stuck on HUDNA. You Ignore whatever explanation I give. I’m at a loss to how to answer you. 2. I told you HUDAIBIYAH is the name of a place, where a famous treaty was stuck between our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Pagans of Makkah. 3. The treaty was agreed in the year 6 AH. It was agreed that the parties would hold a peace for ten years and would not assist any group, which is aligned with either party. 4. Two years after the peace treaty, Pagans of Makkah broke the key provision of peace treaty by actually supporting a tribe that has fought with a Muslim ally. 5. Once Pagans broke the treaty, it got null and void. Then Mohammad (PBUH) was free to take any action he thought fit. 6. Mohammad (PBUH) conquered the Makkah in year 8 AH, as there was no treaty between the two parties. Now what is this HUDNA thing? It only tells you that if someone has broken the treaty unilaterally, you are free to take any action. Is it not recognized International Law? What did Mohammad (PBUH) do to trick the opponents? You can say, He attacked Makkah, seeing that he was now powerful. That was true, but it is always a practice of International Law. You use your cards to the best of your advantage. By attacking Makkah with a very large force Mohammad (PBUH) , avoided much blood shed in Makkah, that was inevitable if he would have attacked with any lesser army. It was an act of mercy to Makkan or an act of treachery? Q13 Jews, Why Jews hated the prophet? Ans. This is a false allegation! Qur’an was not revealed in one day. It took 23 years to complete its revelation. Depending upon the situation, prophet received instructions from Allah. 1. In the beginning, his audiences were mainly Pagan Arabs, so the teachings regarding Oneness of Allah, Regarding Day of Judgment, Prophet hood and other articles of faith were
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revealed. 2. There were not many Jews and Christians living in Makkah and surroundings, so we do not find much mention of them in these early revelations. 3. However when some Muslims Migrated to Abyssinia, (an area ruled by a Christian King), verses related to Jesus’ Birth (Chapter Mary) were revealed, so as to converse with Christians. 4. When Prophet Migrated to Medina, he came in actual contacts with Jews. He did hope that as “People of Book” they will see the truth of his teachings. Yes, he was human, the same way; he wished that if Leaders of His Tribe became Muslim, the faith will spread fast. Guidance is in the hand of Allah, even prophet cannot give it. But Jews (for reason of Racial Hatred and opposing any truth brought to them) became his enemy. 5. It was in that period that Verses relating to Jews and Christians were revealed. 6. Change of Direction of Prayer from Jerusalem to Ka’aba also took place at that time. 7. In no way, Jerusalem was the oldest Mosque, Ka’aba built by Abraham & Ishmael is the Oldest mosque in the world. To say that Jews and Christians believe in One God is based on a flimsy ground: -In Fact Christians really worship Jesus, a human, they associate him with God, Their prayers are addressed to Jesus, Mary and innumerable saints, seldom to God Almighty alone. - God of Jews is a Racial God, It is referred as Lord God of Israel. Only for them. Having special relation with their race. All others seem to be excluded from His Grace - God of Islam, is God of this universe. No where in Qur’an you will find him called as God of Arabs or God of Muslims! Calling Mohammad a false prophet shows your own ignorance. The fact is when you go astray, every good thing look bad to you, and every bad thing look good to you. Without any proof from Jesus own words, you accepted all innovations of Paul, who totally changed the pure religion of Jesus, and A True Prophet of God (Mohammad) calling you to the path of Jesus and you call him false! By the way, you did not answer my questions about Deut. 18:18 as to whom it refers? To Jesus? Answer my questions 1-5 logically Q14 Jews, Was prophet cruel to Jews of KHAIBAR? Ans. It is true that Khaibar was a Jewish Colony, some distance from Medina. It is also true that these people were plotting against the state of Medina, exiles from BANU NADHEER which settled there were causing many troubles. It was necessary to break this strong hold of enemy so close to Medina. 1A. Prophet therefore laid siege to that place in around 6-7 AH. After a brief encounter the enemy agreed to peace treaty. As per the treaty, they had to share all their wealth with Muslims and pay annual tribute.
217/ 299

1B. A particular Jew, hide some part of the treasure, of which prophet was informed. He asked the case to be investigated. If some force was used to get the truth out from the culprit I do not deny it. Don’t you use force to get truth out of your detainees in Abu Gharib and Guantanamo Bay? Why to make so much hue and cry? 1C. Found Guilty he was condemned to death. The crime deserved punishment. As Usual your sympathies lie with Criminals than Justice. 7. Current advance in science have nothing to do with Christianity. Any country which is more Christian (in Europe) is that much behind in Science and Technology. Examples are Ireland, Spain, Portugal etc. What does it Prove? 8. It is for you to prove how a man has Holy Ghost in him. We never feel Allah inside us, it is His Blessings and His Bounties that are reward for our good deeds. Q15 Jews, Jews of BANI QUREZAH? Ans: Jews of Bani Quraydha: As you mentioned they were treacherous. They broke the treaty with Muslims, when Median was surrounded on all three sides by enemy forces. Jews were at the back of Muslim army and Muslim women and Children were at the mercy of these Jews. News of their Treachery caused much anxiety with Muslim army which was engaged in he defense of Medina from a Pagan Army 4 times its size. The pagan army had to retreat and Muslims then surrounded the Jews of Bani Quraizah. What then happened was this. A. After a siege of ten to fifteen days, Jews surrendered on the condition that their fate shall be as decided by Saad Ibn Maaz, (leader of Khazraj tribe). They did not surrender to prophet and did not leave their fate in his hand. It was their first folly. Any action which Saad decided for them cannot be directly attributed to the prophet. B. Saad then decided that all the males to be killed and women and children to be made slave. This sentence was executed on the Jews. The figure of those killed is varying, 300 to 400 being the more realistic figure. C. You say it is cruel; let us say What Bible teaches in such cases Read Deuteronomy Chapter 20 Verses 10-20 . It says God commands Moses, in any city near the promised land which does not agree to become a vassal state of the Israelites, to kill all the males and take the women and children as slaves and the animals as booty, but in any city in the promised land the Israelites are to kill every living thing, sparing no one (Deut 20:10-17). D. If you judge any nation based on its own religious laws, what is wrong in that. E. Is it not strange that when your missiles kill hundreds and thousands in carpet bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan, you do not find any fault in it and consider it a Normal Action of any war, but the punishment given to at treacherous tribe as per their own scripture is made as a basis of truth or false hood of a faith. Q16 Jews, BANI QUREZA? Ans. As Muslim leader, he accepted the decision of the arbitrator. He could have asked for leniency, but seeing the circumstances of the situation, he did not do it. The punishment was just and was as per their own books, so Jews did not object to it. 2. Wars and peace are collective decisions. And it was a small village of 300-400 people not a Metropolitan City. Women and Children were made slaves and survived. This was the law
218/ 299

of those days. I feel you have too much sympathy for women and Children and I will comment on that when we will discuss modern warfare. Q17 Killing, Is killing against prophet hood? Ans. This is a strange Logic that you have given, that to be a true prophet, you should not have blood on your hand. I think you believe Moses is a true prophet of God? Then look at him: - He killed the Egyptian and hid his body in sand, so that no body should find it (Exodus 2:12) - He allowed 3000 Jews to be killed in his presence for Worshipping Golden Calf (Ex. 32:28) - He killed a Blasphemer and a Jews caught working on Sabbath day (Lev. 25:13) - He destroyed the Kingdom of ARAD, Shohon & Og (Num 21& Deut. 3) - There are detailed laws on War (Deut.20) which you can go thru. - Following these Laws, Joshua killed hundred of Thousands in the land on Canaan. - David (another prophet of God and His First Born), killed many as you can see in the books of Samuel. Fighting and killing in the path of God and in accordance with laws and Commandments is no disqualification for a prophet. What is not required is unjustified killing and destruction. Our prophet fought with the permission and within the utmost care. Total fatalities (on both side) during ten years do not reach even 1000. If you compare it with the figures given in Bible, you will be amazed. Why Jesus did not resort to take up arm, was because, he did not get enough time and followers. His mission lasted less than three years and he could make 12 disciples and 70 assistants. 2. Jesus comment that “Meek shall inherit the earth” was not his own, he borrowed it from the Book of Psalms. But Jesus did not tell from where it is taken! In Quran the same is mentioned as “We had mentioned it in Psalms, which came after Remembrance (i.e. Torah) that our Righteous Servants shall Inherit the earth”. You can compare the two statements, which has more grace and truth. “Meek” could include both Believers and Unbelievers, whereas “Righteous Servants” could include only Believers. “Meekness” in itself is not a worthy quality. Problem with you is that you are looking him thru a biased mind. I want to ask you “How many persons were killed in WW-1 and WW-2?” On what cause they died? Cause of Nationalism and Show off? Compare that figure with all the persons killed in war with Muslims, you will be amazed. You have different rules to judge different people. 4. By becoming DIMMI You stop your resistance to the propagation of Islam, You come in the protection of Islamic state. Your life is secured, your possession is secured, Your religious places are secured. You get freedom to practice your religion and you do not pay any thing else to Islamic State, except the tribute agreed at the time of treaty. Could any thing be fare? - However, if you choose to fight, then it is a fair fight. We die and you die, what is there to complain? 5. Muslims should not settle in any country, where they cannot practice their religion freely. If you put Muslims from practicing their religion in your countries, they would leave it. However the Natives of your country, who have accepted Islam, will take up the fight for their rights. - Yes Islam does not believe in Geographical Boundaries, Color, race or Language to divide Human race. These are the things, on which you have no control. Islam divides human race
219/ 299

on what they choose. You submit yourself to the creator, you become Muslim, You reject his message, you become Unbeliever (Kaffir, which is not an abusive word in Arabic) - You are dealt with, what you choose, not what you get by accident of Birth. 7. Islam is not the Problem but the Solution for all problems of Mankind. Due to false propaganda and limited knowledge people have about Islam is the main reason for this behavior. Q18 Makkah, Was Makkah before prophet? Ans. Yes Makkah was inhabited since 4000 years, when Prophet Abraham & Ishmael Built the Kaaba there;, that is what I said. I did not said that Mohammad (PBUH) built the Kaaba . After Mohammad (PBUH) the Grace of Kaaba was increased manifold. - If you know Prophet Abraham, you will relies that he did not built the Kaaba for idol worship. It was made as a Symbol of Monotheism. It was profaned, when somebody put Idols in it. - After Mohammad (PBUH) Opening of Makkah, it was restored to its original position. - It is not a tourist place, it is a place of Worship. Muslims from all over the world gather here not to enjoy, but to complete the rites of Hajj and prey to Allah for the Guidance and the Grace they have received. 2. Yes, you feel jealousy and squirm at the wealth of Oil, which God has given to Saudi Arabia. Your jealousy and swearing will not harm us, but only increase your blood pressure, chances of Heart attack and premature death!! 3. Islam is the Oldest and true religion of God, present since very beginning. Ask any Hindu, from where he got the Word Hindu & Hinduism. Who named it? In their scriptures there is no word like Hinduism. Nothing becomes right if it is old or new. Truth remains truth, if told today or a thousand year before. - Mohammad (PBUH) only distinction is that he is the Last Prophet in the long chain of Prophet hood. He did not invent any new religion. He never claimed it. He Just Copied “All the Good Points of all the religions existing before him” and he canceled “All the corruptions, interpolations and human elements” that were introduced into them. 4. Yes Those who reject the faith (KAFIR) are more in numbers, We have not done our job better and propagated our faith to them. But we are catching on. Numbers of Muslims are increasing every day. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today, that is even after all the negative propaganda that you are doing against it!!

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Chapter-25 On Prophet- Continued
Q1 Marriage with AIYESHA, Did prophet marriage a Child? Ans. I know your record is stuck on the marriage of Aiyesha with prophet. Consider the following: - Aiyesha was the daughter of closest companion of the prophet (Abu Bakr). Will he, his sons or any body from his tribe, not have objected to it? - Medina was populated with Jews and Hypocrites, who were always looking to scandalize the personal life of prophet. (In fact they brought a calumny against Aiyesha, and scandalized the marriage of ZAINAB with the prophet), even they did not object to this marriage. - None of the Muslim Scholars, accuse the prophet with the title you have tried to put on him. They recorded them ,as a proof of, start of the age of puberty for women. In some cases it could be lower. - To use such words about our prophet, who was having only one wife (15 years older than him), till he reached the age of fifty three, is highly offensive. Why should he not be given the benefit of doubt, considering the fact that nobody in his society objected to it. My Dear Sir, It will not help you in any way to malign the personality of our prophet. It may only harm you, as you are yourself testifying against you, by such writings. Q2 Personality, Was he a True Prophet? Ans. Thank you Sir for your sarcasms and your sense of humor. Yes there are many who think as you think (And mostly those are the ones who have not studied his life and only believe on hearsay). But there are millions, who see in his life the fulfillment of God’s highest example for the mankind. List of his admirers include: Thomas Carlyle, George Bernard Shaw, Michel H. Hart, Mahatma Gandhi, and many others of highest eminence. List of his rabid enemies include: Abu LAHAB (His Uncle), Salman Rushdie, TASLIMA Nasreen and such dregs of society. I feel pity that you have selected for yourself the society of such dregs. You are showing indeed your own links (May you meet real Osama Bin Laden – in one of his bad moods) Q3 Polygamy, Why prophet had so many wives? Ans. I think your mind is stuck with the married life of our prophet. So let us discuss some basic points, before the answer is given: A. Prophets of God are only subject to Laws and Commandments sent down by God. Customs and traditions of particular nation or society have no relevance to them.
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B. Now where in Old Testament or New Testament it is written that a man should have only one wife? When we see the lives of past prophets, we find that many of them had more than one wife (Abraham had three, Jacob had four, Moses had three, David had many (God promised him more) , Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines etc.). C. So having more than one wife, was no sin under any laws and commandments of God in any age, so our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did not break any law of God or commit a sin, by marrying more than one wife. D. In Arabian Society at the time of our prophet a person having more than one wife was very common. In fact there was no restriction on the number of wives a person could have. It was Islam which restricted this number to four, and also put a condition to do justice between them. Other wise it asked its followers to marry only one. QURAN IS THE ONLY SCRIPTURE ON THE FACE OF EARTH WHICH SAYS MARRY ONLY ONE. This is a challenge. E. However, God gave a special permission to our prophet to exceed the limit of four. There might be many reasons for it. We may know it or we may not know it. We cannot judge him by our man made rules. F. As for number of wives, he married eleven women, however at any one time he had nine wives living with him. All his wives (except Aiyesha) were widows or divorcees. Many had issues from earlier marriages also. Their names were 1. KHADIJA (First wife and only wife till the prophets age of 53 years, Died in his life time) 2. SAWDAH 3. AIYEASHA (Daughter of Abu Bakr) 4. UMME- SALMAH (HER NAME WAS HIND) 5. HAFSAH (Daughter of Omar) 6. ZAINAB BINT KHOZAIMAH (Died during his life time). 7. ZAINAB BINT JAHSH 8. SAFIA 9. JUWAIRIAIH 10. MAIMUNAH 11. RAMLA (ALSO KNOWN AS UMME-HABIABH) (Daughter of Abu SUFIAN). You have confused many names (as is expected out of you, having only superficial knowledge of our faith). Our prophet used to do justice between his wives, till the very illness in which he died. G. Maria was his slave girl which was presented to him by Egyptian ruler. Regarding REHANA, it is not certain, whether prophet had sex with her. H. Other women who had given themselves to the prophet (allowed as per God’s command), our prophet did not use this privilege. (Even if had used it, it was no sin, as explained above). 3. As to prophet marrying so many women, that so during his stay at Medina, the reasons could be many: A. To support many women whose husbands had died during war. B. To cement relations between tribes and individuals. C. To provide more and more women to learn the rules and commands on religious affairs, as it would have been difficult for women to obtain all knowledge from one source. How many religious matters were solved by the wives of prophet is an indication. D. To have a healthy sex life, which is no crime and puts no blame on him? 4. Considering his life style and his worldly means, over indulgence in sexual matters was not the prime reason of his numerous marriages. 5. Your objections are more ridiculous, when we see that they come from a society, where adultery and fornication is no crime. More than 50 % of children are born out of wedlock.
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Sodomy and Lesbianism is legally allowed. Most people cheat on their wives. You demand free sex and so on and so on. A. The church’s vow of celibacy is only a sham, every day we see scandals from the priests involving both sexes. B. For you to criticize our prophet, you should see own face in the mirror. Q4 Source of Information, From whom prophet derived his knowledge? Ans. How Mohammad got his knowledge, was as intriguing to his opponents as it is to the Modern Day Orientalist. They also claimed that so and so person is coaching the prophet, unable to prove it, so are our modern day “Super minds” His opponents also kept on changing their stand every now and then, so are the modern day researchers. Every researcher gives a different theory. It explains one fact then leaves ten un -answered, so somebody comes with a different angle. Most of these allegations are mentioned in Quran itself, and reply to them is always the same, look at the book and bring something like it! Neither his opponents at his times nor of today, believe what he himself told as the sole reason “That this message is revealed to me from Allah the Almighty” - If you accept this one claim, all of your problems are solved in one instant. Now I ask you simple questions, try to answer them honestly, and let us argue on that, instead of this and that so called studies, which do not mean any thing. Do You Believe That God Sends His Revelation to His Prophets? Is the message delivered to the prophets in this way is free from human errors? What are the Criterion for a True Prophet, to distinguish him from a false prophet. With your referred Criterion, why Muhammad should not be regarded as a True Prophet? When we regard him as true prophet, what right we have to question his teachings? How a false prophet could have pupils like (Omar the Statesman, Ali the Jurist, Khalid the General, Abu Bakr the Sincere and a hundred thousands others)?. Qur’an from the day one has been in the open. It was recited in regular prayers, it was so easy to memorize, so unique in its style that it is incomparable to any other work of men.
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In the face of these facts, you tell that word HURI is derived from here, word Qur’an from there and so on… what do they prove? If an Unlettered man with imperfect help from some slaves, could produce a book like Qur’an, why not you with your Millions of Dollars and all the modern facilities at your disposal could do better. Arabic is not a dead language, there are millions of Arabic Speaking Christians since generation, why can’t they do it? Look at your Arabic Bible, compare its language with Quran… try to improve it till it matches the eloquence of Quran…. Then you have some thing to stand on! This falsification test, alone could blow his claim of prophet hood at once. But neither his opponents at his times nor you would take the Challenge. If God combines both of you as one gang, will He be called Unjust? I feel your crime is worse, because you have hindsight of 1400 years, with they did not Q5 Success, Was prophet a failure? Ans. If you had really studied the life of Mohammad (PBUH), you will not say it. In Quran, Allah says - “ Verily, in the conduct of the Prophet, there is a role model for those who have faith in God and in the hereafter” - “We have not sent you (O Mohammad) but as a mercy to the whole Universe” - “Verily You (O Mohammad) are on the Best course of conduct” - As per Encyclopedia Britannica “He was the Most Successful of all religious personalities” - Michel H. Hart rated him “As the Most Powerful and Influential Man that ever lived” - Thomas Carlyle chose him “ As his Hero Prophet” . - The list of his admirers include the best brains and honorable personalities of this earth. 4. Consider his life without any bias, He started his mission “As a single man, with no outside support” At the time of his death, he had Full Arabia under his control and more than 140,000 of his dedicated followers, who were ready to die for him. Could he achieve all this with a SWORD in his hand. It was Sword of Love, It was Sword of reasoning. - He died peacefully, having full faith that his followers would carry on his mission. His Last Words were “O God, to the highest of Companionship” 5. We should not compare prophets like that, but since you have raised the issue, Look at what Jesus achieved in His life: - He was killed on Cross like a common criminal, there was no one to support his cause. - All his chosen disciples left him and fled at the very onset of danger. - His Last words were “ ELI ELI LAMA SABAQTANI, My God, My God, why you have forsaken me” - After his death, his simple and pure message was hijacked by St. Paul and got filled with Roman and Greek Philosophy. Whose life was mess and whose was successful, let you decide yourself. In the end, we say, this is the God’s Grace, He Gives to whomsoever He Wills.
224/ 299

Q6 Truth, Was Prophet Truthful? Ans. What happened to our prophet after the first visit of Angel Gabriel is the living testimony of his truth full ness. It blows away all tales of careful planning and conspiracy theory. It was so sudden and unexpected that he was taken aback. He did not say Jinn had visited him, he said “I fear for my life” . What happened to Moses around the Bush, read that story again and see how was he affected. The starting of revelation to prophets begins like that. May be you had a different experience meeting with your Living God, why not share with us? 6. What I know is that, Islam is the religion of all prophets and all prophets gave the same teachings as our prophet gave. If these things are similar, it confirms the common source of scripture. Our prophet could not read or write, how did he plagiarized from other scriptures. Further if you look at the two books carefully, you find significant differences between the two narratives. The Quranic version is more comprehensive, and gives much detail than passing references given in Bible. 7. Yes, we have no assurances, when we appear before God on the day of judgment. We feel that He will deal mercifully with us and accept whatever good deeds we have done and forgives our sins. We are humble people. But, you who have assurances (and your sins are already forgiven by your priest in this world) and are puffed in pride, would find a rude awakening, when your Savior (whom we call ISA) refuses to intercede on your behalf, because you have committed the Highest Blasphemy (that amounts to High Treason in this world), by equating ISA with God Himself. Q7 Marriage with ZAINAB, Was it Justified? Ans. After that you have put three objections on Islam and Muslim, with the challenge that I have no answer for them: I will try to answer all of them: A. His Marriage with his Step Son’s Wife: You are wrong at the first step itself. Prophet had no Step Son. There is nothing like step son in Islam. Zaid was his slave and servant, which his wife KHADIJA had given to prophet at the time of their marriage. The prophet was so pleased with Zaid, that he Adopted him as a son. In Arabian Custom of those days, when you Adopt a son, he was treated like a real son. This practice of “Making” someone as you son is harmful to the natural heirs and their inheritance. God wanted to completely nullify this practice, that is why, He ordered prophet to marry the wife of Zaid, after Zaid had divorced her. This lady was indeed a First cousin of prophet and Prophet himself had arranged the marriage of that lady with Zaid. There is nothing objectionable in this marriage and from that day concept of Adopted Son has been removed from Islamic law and society. Q8 Trust, Did Prophet broke all treaties with Jews? Ans. These are you empty words without any proof whatsoever. In fact one of the Title given to our prophet by Pagan Arabs was “ AL SADIQ, AL AMMEN” i.e. Truthful and trustworthy. Those who knew him gave that title, you without knowing him have got all right to say whatever you like.
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2. Treaty in Arabic is either “SULH” which means “Peace” or “AQD” which means, “Contract”. Re-load is your own translation, which West uses to gain more time and prepare for attack. 3. Mohammad (PBUH) is role model “You have indeed in the Apostle of God a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in God and the Final Day, and who engages much in the praise of God” (Ch. 33 V 21) List of Muhammad (PBUH) admirers is very long. You only hate him, because you do not know him! It is said of our prophet “That who knew him best, loved him most and were his best followers”. Why not pick a Biography of Muhammad or Qur’an (His Real Biography) and find out for yourself, instead of relying on second hand knowledge. Suicide Bombers are dying to kiss you, why not give them a chance and visit Iraq! Q9 Mission, Are prophet special? Ans. Forget for some time, what is happening in the world. Remove all bias from your mind. - Read the biography of our Prophet, seeing as to how a righteous prophet of God would have behaved in a certain situation. - The office of Prophet hood is a serious one. He is receiving direct instruction from God. Look at different tribulations and challenges he had to face and how he overcomes it. - Look how he behaved in adversity and in victory. How he managed his personal affairs. - How did he get converts from his enemies? Once you read his biography from Muslim sources, then you can see how his enemies have distorted his personality and what is the value of allegations against him, most of which have been taken from Muslim books and then presented in a different light. Q10 Bible, Is Jesus or Mohammad foretold in Deut 18:18 Ans. Deut. 18:18 is a very important Prophecy about a great prophet that will rise after Moses. Importance of this prophecy can be seen by the mere fact that the “Prophet like Moses” was well known in Jewish Religious Circle simply as “That Prophet”. This prophecy is very clear and gives clear clues about the prophet. For sake of completeness, let us consider three periods A. Between Moses and Jesus: That no prophet conforming to Deut. 18:18 arose in this period, is clear from the Gospel of John Ch.2. It clearly shows that Jews asked three very clear questions from John the Baptist. Are you Elijah? Are You Christ? And Are You “That Prophet”? “That Prophet” implied “Prophet Like Moses foretold in Deut. 18:18”. When John replied to all three questions in negative, they further asked “Then Why you Baptize, when you are Not Elijah, Not Christ and not That Prophet?” Somehow our Christians friends see only Two Questions in this episode, they have combined “Christ” and “That Prophet “ into one! We will see the futility of this claim. B. Between Jesus and Present Time: During this period Mohammad is the only candidate for this prophecy. After Mohammad, no great religion arose in the world. Phenomenon like Sikhism, BAHAISM, QADIANI, Mormonism etc are very localized and do not come close to qualify for this honor of “Prophet Like Moses”. Let us analyze, various clauses of this prophecy and verify the two candidates as to who
226/ 299

fulfills all conditions of this prophecy. Prophet Like Moses: Lives of Jesus and Moses are so different that it does not benefit to compare them, whereas Lives of Moses and Mohammad have many common factors: 1. On Theological Level: Jesus is supposed to be God Incarnate and Second Person of Trinity, whereas both Moses and Mohammad claim themselves to be mere Human and Prophets. Therefore Jesus is Not Like Moses; But Mohammad is like Moses (TJINLMBMILM). Jesus Took the Sins of The World, but neither Moses nor Mohammad took the sins of the world (TJINLMBMILM). 2. Birth: Both Moses & Mohammad had normal birth, involving both father and mother, whereas Jesus was created by a special miracle (TJINLMBMILM). 3. Death: Both Moses and Mohammad Died Natural Death, whereas Jesus had an un-natural death. (TJINLMBMILM). 4. Family Life: Both Moses and Mohammad married more than one woman and had children; Jesus on the other hand never married. (TJINLMBMILM) 5. Acceptance Level: Both Moses and Mohammad before their death, were accepted by their people, whereas Jesus was rejected by the majority of his people and till date Jews deny his mission (TJINLMBMILM) 6. New Laws: Both Moses and Mohammad brought new laws for their followers obliterating old laws, whereas Jesus confirmed that he had not come to abolish the laws and prophet, but only to fulfill them (TJINLMBMILM) 7 Power of Life and Death: Both Moses and Mohammad had power to implement death penalty on Law Breakers, whereas Jesus had no such authority (TJINLMBMILM) 8. Successful in their Missions: Despite hardships and trials, both Moses and Mohammad were successful in their mission. Jesus on the other hand was unsuccessful, as his enemies succeeded in killing him (TJINLMBMILM) Many more criterion can be quoted, where the lives of Moses and Mohammad are alike and that of Jesus is different. So Jesus does not qualify for the Criterion of “Prophet Like Moses” whereas Mohammad qualifies all such criterion. “From amongst Their Brethren”: The Prophecy says that this new prophet will be from the Brethren of Jews. Jesus was born in a Jewish family, therefore he does not qualify this clause. Mohammad on the other hand was from Children of Ishmael, who are brethren of Jews. So Mohammad qualifies this part of prophecy also, whereas Jesus does not. Some may argue, that Brethren of Jews also include, Children of Esau and Children of Keturah (third wife of Prophet Abraham). No doubt they also qualify for this part, but no “Prophet Like Moses” arose from them so far. “I will Put My Word into His Mouth”: Jesus as God Incarnate and Second Person of Trinity is not a candidate for this clause. He is supposed to be Logos (reason) in Human form, so God cannot put His Words into the mouth of Jesus. Mohammad on the other hand claims only to reproduce what message The Archangel Gabriel brought to him. In his first encounter with the Angel in the Cave of HIRA, he was told “IQRA” (i.e. Read), he told “I am not able to read” on second and third command, Angel read to him the verses of Qur’an and Mohammad faithfully read after him. Whole Qur’an was dictated like that. This is clear fulfillment of this prophecy “ I will put my words into his mouth” “He shall not speak of Himself, but wag\whatever he shall hear, he shall speak” This clause also does not apply to Jesus, whereas in the case of Mohammad, there is a clear verse in
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Qur’an “Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) desire, it is no less than inspiration sent down to him’ (Ch. 63 V 3 & 4) . See how easily Mohammad qualifies each part of this prophecy, we do not have to turn and twist the words to reach at the meaning, it is so clear for everyone with common sense! “And Whosoever Shall not heed to the words of that Prophet, which he shall speak in my name” : In whose name Mohammad is speaking, there are 114 chapters in Qur’an, 113 of which start with the famous formula of Islam “In the name of God, most gracious most Merciful”. We are reminded again and again, that Mohammad is speaking in the name of God. No Book or Chapter of Old or New Testament start with the name of God! To say that Mohammad made all that up to just qualify for this prophecy is absurd. How an un-lettered man could plan so meticulously to qualify for each and every clause of this prophecy is just not possible. A Word of Warning: God in this prophecy gives a word of warning to those people who may think that this prophecy is of no importance. Once we have Jesus or Moses as our Prophets, we should not look further. God says, “ That I shall require of him” i.e. if any one rejects that prophet or shall not act according to his teachings (which shall be from God), God will take revenge against that person. In light of above I request my Christians and Jewish friends to rethink about this prophecy and be ready to answer God Almighty, when He will ask “On What Ground You Rejected My Prophet Mohammad, about whom I had foretold you?” Q11 Jesus, Was Jesus Last Prophet? Ans. Thank you very much sir, for quoting these beautiful words of Jesus. I’ll add a few more of his sayings and then we will see: - If you love me, you will obey what I command. And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever… (John 14:15-16) -When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the sprit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me. (John 15:26) - But I tell you the truth; It is for your own good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you. (John 16-5-6) - I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the sprit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will only speak what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come, He will bring glory top me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you (John 16:12-14) - Father, Hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Luke 11:2-3) From the above quotations (and what you have given in your comment) it is clear that: - Jesus never said that he is the last prophet. - Jesus warned against false prophets, which will arise after him, but also gave us a test to judge between true and False prophets. - Jesus did not establish the Kingdom of God on earth. He only prayed for it. He left this job to the one who will come after him. - He gave us a sign as to what is the sign of Kingdom of God (You will be done on earth as it is done in heaven).
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- It means that it shall be a kingdom, which will have power and force to implement God’s Laws and Commandments. Jesus could not get that force. - Showing Miracles and Signs are no proof for a real prophet. Because he said “On that day many shall come to me; Lord, Lord, did not we prophesy is your name, did not we cast out devil in your name? I will say, get away from me, I do not even know you”. This will be said to Christians, not to Muslims or Jews. - Finally he gave a test for a real prophet: “By their fruits you shall know them…as every good tree bears good fruit and every bad tree bears bad fruit. .By their fruits you shall know them” Considering the fact that more than 500 years shall separate between Jesus and “Another Counselor, the spirit of truth” this precaution was necessary. It happens whenever any great prophets come into the world, many try to imitate him, it happened in case of Jesus, it happened in case of our prophet also. Immediately after his death, many false prophets arose in Arabia. Q12 Qualities, Who are prophets? Ans. The prophets are Chosen by God, it is not a position that can be achieved by hard work good deeds, or knowledge alone. Prophets are sent as communicators between man and God. They receive the message thru revelation and pass it on to their followers. Prophets by their conducts demonstrate and explain the message of God. If you see the number of Prophets, compared to numbers of human beings, the ratio could well be one to 100 millions or more! They have to be a perfect model of God’s laws (or as perfect as a human being can be). In fact they are the Lighthouses, by which their followers receive guidance and inspiration. The Prophets have no moral defects in them, they do not tell lies, they do not steal, they do not commit adultery, they do not cheat, they do not break their promises. They have all good qualities that can be desired in any role model (that is one purpose of sending them). If they commit any minor mistakes (due to human nature), they are immediately warned by God, so that their mistakes should not become a model for their followers. Message delivered by prophets, in written or oral form is without any error. However after the demise of prophet, it is their followers or followers after them who distort the message to gain some material benefits for themselves. That is why you find so much interpolation and additions in so called “Books of God” There is only one book, which has escaped these types of mistakes, only because it was God’s intention to keep His message available to all mankind, because Muhammad (May peace be on him) is the last of messengers and no prophet or messenger will come after him! Such is the bounty of God, which He bestows on whom He Will: and God is the Lord of highest bounties (Qur’an Ch. 92 V 4)

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Q13 True & False prophet, How to distinguish a true prophet from false prophet? Ans. Your First point is that, both God and Satan speak to prophets is partially correct. The correct answer is that some prophets may be from God (True prophets) and some may be deceived by Satan (False Prophets). It is yes or no answer, no in between. As Jesus Christ (PBUH) said” “There shall arise many false prophets… they will show signs and miracles so as to deceive even the very elect” When asked as to how to distinguish them, He said ” By their fruits you shall know them, for every good tree bears good fruit and every bad trees bears bad fruits…” So we shall have to Judge any claim of any so called prophet based on his fruits. I will give two “Hypothetical” examples from our History. I will not mention names, but they are very evident to every one. On candidate says, that I’m a prophet of God, and he teaches that: There is only one unique Creator of this whole universe. He is unique in His attributes, there is no one like Him, He is Absolute, Eternal, All Knowledgeable and having all good attributes in the most superlative degree. That he is Lord of whole human kind, all humans are from same parent, and have no superiority over each other except in good deeds. That this life is a test for hereafter, when every soul has to give the accounts of his deeds before the Creator. Those whose good deeds are more than their bad deeds will go to heaven and whose bad deeds are more will go to hell fire (May Allah save us all from Hell Fire and enter us into heaven –Amen). He says, that this is not a new message which I have brought. In fact, the same message is delivered, by all prophets through out history. Some prophets he mentions by name, others in general. Further he says that God has been sending revelation to all prophets, some in the form of books, many books he mentions by name and others he mentions in general. He teaches his followers Regular Prayers, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage. Bans Idol Worship, Killing Innocent persons, Wine, Gambling, Fortune telling and all evils. He further says, that I have been sent for whole mankind. He also says that I am prophesized by other prophets of old also (Suddenly “I’ll raise them up a prophet….Deut 18-18, “Lord came from Sinai, shown from SHAER full glory shown from PARAN….Deut “Burden on Arabia”…Isaiah ”I have yet many things to say, but you cannot bear them now, howbeit when…. Stone which the builder rejected suddenly become corner stone…. etc all start making perfect sense) Now there is another candidate (Contemporary of Jesus (pbuh)), who never met Jesus(pbuh), nor was amongst his selected disciples, and in-fact was a staunch enemy of his followers. Suddenly he hears a voice calling him….. and the man’s life changes completely. Is it not possible that he may have heard wrong voice? His further actions are more curious:

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Instead of going to the Jesus’(pbuh) selected disciples (so as to learn articles of faith and Jesus’(pbuh) teaching from them), he proclaims “I’m getting direct guidance from Jesus(pbuh)”. He claims himself superior to all other disciples His teachings are so different from those of Jesus(pbuh) that no one can imagine that both of them could be from same source. Hear O Israel our Lord, Our God is One…of Jesus(pbuh) is transformed into a TRIUNE god (a term Jesus(pbuh) never heard). Jesus(pbuh) is associated with God, having equal power, Co- eternal, Co-existing, Be-Gotten Son etc.. a third mysterious being is also joined with God. Laws and Commandments so dear to Jesus(pbuh) (For whoever breaks one of these least commandment shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven) are at one stroke “nailed to the cross” …. “Our good deeds are like dirty rags”. The new prophet says Concept of Original Sin is initiated, which was nowhere to be seen in the teachings of old prophets in so many words. Idea of Jesus(pbuh) taking away all the sins of the world is proposed. Command of Jesus(pbuh) “ I have not been sent but to the lost sheep of house of Israel” is flouted by flood opening the gate to all other people. Original Disciples of Jesus (pbuh) fight tooth and nail against these innovations, but are overwhelmed in the end. Their activities are not recorded but for a very short duration, nevertheless fight continues between warring factions till after 300 years or so, when a “Pagan Emperor” is made judge and the matter is decided by “Popular Vote” as to which party is right. Q14 Jews, Why Jews Rejected ? Ans.: Tell me why they rejected Jesus. Probably they did not thought him a worthy successor to Moses or other Jewish prophets. Or may be they did not want to believe in a Triune God. May be they thought God should not have a Son? These are theological questions, we do not complain why they rejected our prophet. Every one in the world does not believe in Jesus, Moses, Mohammad or Ram or Krishna, Buddha etc. That is why we have so many religions in the world. Q15 QURAISH, Who are QURAISH? Ans. Having reasonable attitude in other matters, does not make the man reasonable on all matters. If you are biased against any group, religion or personality, you will never find any good things in them. This is a general rule and we all suffer from them. But the words he used in criticizing our prophet were highly offensive and speak of his pre-bias. 3. QURAISH is the name of a Tribe in Makkah. Our Prophet was also from the same tribe. Quran was revealed to our prophet in the language he spoke and that was the language of QURAISH tribe. It was not influenced by anyone, as it was the Word of God revealed to His Prophet.

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Q16 True of False, Was Mohammad a true prophet? Ans. Thank you Sir once again, And this time I will comment on your memo point-by-point. 1. Prophets of God are more than Wise-Men. They are Chosen by God to deliver His message to mankind. At the same time they are the highest example of a Upright Man. They are “The Best Examples” for their people to copy their conduct. 2. His life story does not mention that he used to have discussions with “Wise Men” over matters of religion. It happened all of a sudden. One moment he was a recluse in the cave of HIRA, next moment he was made a prophet of God. Afterwards for next 23 years, he had either followers or enemies. None of Wise Men would advise him. They were his enemies. 3. This is answer to those that he got knowledge from Jews and Christians. In absence of regular teacher, his source of knowledge could only be hearsay what he heard from pupil. 4. First of all how would he learn about the true story. Look at the story of Joseph. A story with so many twists and bends could be committed to memory and then modified without any edition or correction, does not make sense. 5. Neither Makkah was a source of learning, neither the science was as advanced. Strange fact is that Mohammad (PBUH) , never highlighted on the Scientific side of Quran neither his followers. It was only when Science advanced so much and people took a close look at Quranic Verses, they discovered that it is in full compliance with modern science. In old commentaries you will not find emphasis on modern science. By example Old & New Testament books (or books written afterwards, even Newton was proven wrong after few hundred years) 6. I think you place too much emphasis on Makkan Society of that time. It was back water of civilization. People who could read or write were numbered. It was only after advent of Islam, that Arabs came in contact with civilization. It were the teachings of Mohammad (PBUH) which transformed Arabs not the otherwise. 7. This is your assumption now, that he spoke a space alien. He was last prophet, because the prophets were coming to world every now and then. With his coming God completed that series. If you do not believe in God, then we are wasting our time in this discussion, we have to discuss the Existence of God first. You give your arguments against the existence of God and then I will reply to it. 8.He had to take all precautions to preserve the God’s message. H trusted his followers, but he knew of human nature and what was done to earlier scriptures by the followers. 9. You can place any title on him as you like. In fact every one of his critics put a different label on him. By calling him or putting different labels on him, you are insinuating that he did not speak the truth. He said I am the prophet of God to Humanity, these words are not mine, these are revealed to me. Who wants to believe it , will be rewarded in the next life, one who rejects it will be the loser. The explanation what you have given, have remote possibility of happening, but much more probable is the assumption that what Mohammad (PBUH) was saying is true: - One Universe - One Creator. - One Prophet. Mohammad (PBUH) - One religion (Islam) - One brotherhood.(Muslim) - One Constitution (Quran)

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Q17 Signs, What are signs of a true prophet? Ans. The first thing we do, is to check the integrity and honesty of our prophet. Once we are convinced on that, then we accept all his teachings, without any further comment. You on the other hand behave in a very illogical way, you will accept someone as prophet then not follow him. 3. Arabic word is UMMI, which means, unlettered, not with previous scripture, not knowing how to read and write, not taught by anyone. All these meanings are applicable to our prophet and Arab society. In some case Quran use this word for our prophet, in another place for Makkan people. 4. He did marry Aiyesha when she was 6 years old and the marriage was consummated when she had reached the age of puberty. Can you explain, the three tears waiting period? 4A. He married 11 women, nine wives were with him, the day he died. It was no sin, Polygamy was approved by God. Show your scripture, where Polygamy is banned? 4B. How many wives he could visit in one night, I cannot comment. The matters between husband and wives should be private, should it not? 4. Quran is reveled in Pure Arabic of Makkah people. Any language receives and absorbs words of foreign languages and Arabic of Prophet’s time is no exception. All the foreign words were pronounced in equivalent Arabic pronunciation. 5. The actual signs of a real prophet is his character and teachings. Those who were closest to our prophet, knew his outright character. They knew he does not lie, they knew he did not deceive. Then the best proof of a prophet is his teachings, belief and Worship of One God, Prayer, fasting, Charity, Being kind to parents, Enjoining of all good deeds and Prohibition of all un lawful things etc distinguish a true prophets from a false prophet. Our prophet had all these qualities to the maximum extent. 5A. Some people say, that a prophet should show some miracle. The greatest and living miracle of our prophet is Quran. While the miracles of past prophets lay buried in books, Miracle of our prophet is for every one to see. Besides he showed many miracles and made predictions which were 100 % fulfilled. 5B. Some say, that any great prophet should also be prophesized in earlier books. Considering our prophet was the Last Prophet, he was prophesized in almost all earlier scriptures. “That Prophet” of Deut. 18:18, “Another Comforter” of John 14 are a few examples. 6. John the Baptists said many things about Jesus, but if you mean “The one who is coming after me is more powerful than me…I baptize you with water,…but he shall baptize you with Holy Spirit and Fire” Matthew 3:11, this verse does not refer to Jesus, because: 6A. John and Jesus were contemporaries , for such closeness, prophets generally do not use the words “The one coming after me…” there should be some time gap between the two 6B. Jesus also baptized with water only. Baptizing with fire usually means either a new code of law or fighting in the cause of God. None of these were applicable to Jesus. 7. Why Jews wanted to stone Jesus? One scene I remember, when he said himself to be Son of God. As per Jews this was a blasphemy against God and it is indeed a blasphemy if used in literal sense. However in language of Jews it meant a godly person or a prophet and there is no harm if used in that sense. Yes integrity of a prophet is very important.

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Q18 Knowledge, Did he learn from others? Ans.: How could he have benefited from the advances of sciences and technology? He did not know how to read or write? He did not study under any one. Makkah was not a great centre of learning in his times (Even now it is not!!). He did not travel very often, only two journeys are recorded in life, once when he was a lad of 13 or 14 years, again when he was about 23 or 24 years of age. All were for brief durations to Syria for trade. Despite all these handicaps, the message he brought was revolutionary for his times as well as for all times. When He claims that this message is delivered to me by Angel of God, why should we reject it and give our own interpretation. Q19 Killing, Is it against prophet hood? MUQ: If by killing and making persons slave is contrary to prophet hood, please tell us what will you say about Moses, Joshua and David etc. Were they not prophets? Did they not took persons as slaves? And what are the teachings of Bible in respect to slave girls? First you read your own scriptures and then comment on others. Jews of BANI QURAIZAH were judged according to their own book, by the person whom they themselves chose as arbitrator. Why you did not read that bit in Hadith? If you catch hundreds of Muslims Thieves and chop off their hands, no Muslim can object to it. If you catch hundreds of Muslim Rapist and kill them, no Muslims can object to it. B. Muslims have fought many battles and captured many cities since the time of Prophet, but this penalty was never exposed to any of them. Which tells us that this was an exceptional crime. The Treachery of Jewish Tribe could derail the whole Islamic state of Medina that is why they deserved this punishment. If Muslims had GITMO Bay, they would have shifted the Jews there. They would have given Torah to them and then would have urinated on them and flushed it in Toilet as USA soldiers have done with Quran? C. It is your bias and hate that is not allowing you to think logically. Q20 Prophet hood, Is it necessary? MUQ: Thank you for believing that God is one (It denies the concept of Trinity). As for infallibility of prophet, you are wrong to compare them with the like of Popes. Prophets are specially chosen by God to deliver the message and they are also sent as a role model for their followers. Any defect in the character of prophet would create havoc with their followers. That is why prophets are specially monitored by God , if they commit any errors due to their human nature, they are immediately corrected by God. 8. I do not believe in the dietary restrictions imposed by any religion because I believe God intended them all as protection against contamination. Mohammed would not have been able to understand the nature of trichinosis so expediently God phrased it in recognizable terms. Science has made advances that make this prohibition unnecessary. MUQ: This is your own views and liable for contention. When we have established the office of prophet hood, we have to accept his teachings and do not put our own believes in his mouth. God ahs prohibited certain foods and allowed certain foods, we must stop at that. If science could prove that Pig’s meat is essential for the health of humans then it was nother matter. 8. Most religious rules appear to be consistent with avoiding behaviors, which interfere with justice, goodwill, safety, and the teaching of values such as honor, loyalty, helping the sick. MUQ: Yes most religions do that, But Islam provides a way in which these goals are to be achieved. It just does not list some beautiful preaching without showing the way as to how to reach there. That is the major difference between Islam and other “Religions”
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Q21 Human Nature, What are limits of prophets human nature? Ans. Now I will answer about the Personality and Human hood of Our Prophet (PBUH) 1. The Basic concept of Qur’an is that Prophets are not only the medium thru which God speaks to Humankind; they are also the role models for their followers. 2. The position of prophet hood is not obtained by one’s own efforts, it is a special selection by God himself as to whom the prophet hood should be given (Sir, on each and every of these I can give quotation from Qur’an, but the article will become too large) 3. All prophets are therefore “as perfect a model of Ideal Human hood as is possible”. We do not distinguish between prophets on this account. All prophets, which are mentioned by name in Qur’an and others not mentioned by name (they came in all ages and to all people) were free from moral deficiencies. 4. In fact Qur’an does not record any one of the sins attributed to the prophets in the Bible (another miracle of Qur’an). Prophets is Bible and in Qur’an seem to have only names in common; their personalities are totally different (I wish to write another article on this topic). 5. So we respect all prophets, we revere them, we absolve them of all accusations,. We do not distinguish between our prophet and other prophets on this account. 6. At the same time, we do not go to extreme, we still say, Mohammad (PBUH) was human. He was not God, He was not the Son of God, He was not God incarnate. He had human weakness, he used to eat, drink, had sexual desires, he felt anger, fear like any other human being. 7. But his whole life was lived, as God would permit, he never exceeded the bounds set by God. He married more than once because it was allowed by the decrees of God (As God told to Prophet David in Bible). None of his wives was coerced into marriage, none complained of any ill treatment. In fact it was thru these numerous marriages, that so many domestic issues were clarified, for his followers. 8. He loved Aiyesha more, not only because she was virgin, young and beautiful, but also because of her faith, innocence, and her power of memory. She lived more than 50 years after prophet and gave rulings on many matters. In fact she was one of the most learned of the prophet’s companions. 9. He was human, but we do not pry to look into his weaknesses, we do not assign any baser motives from our side. His personal character was above blemish (As Qur’an itself testifies). We do not look into every nook and corner to discredit his high character. 10. Yes Sir, We love him, we revere him, we follow him, we try to imitate him, he is more to us than our fathers, mothers, children combined! But at the same time, We Do Not Worship Him. His most liked Title was “Abdullah i.e. Servant of Allah”. He told us “Do not exaggerate my personality as Christians have done for Son of Mary (PBUH)” He said “ Do not say that I am even superior to prophet Jonah”. He taught us respect of all prophets and to take their name with reverence. Sir, he was indeed human, but could you produce a better example of a perfect human? Q22 Perfection, Are Prophets perfect? Prophets are not perfect. If a prophet kills for his own desire, do you think we should speak out against it (like Muslims?) Should we "follow" them? God never say prophets are perfect. None except Jesus. Ans. Prophets are Chosen by God, None of the prophet did commit any sin involving moral turpitude. It is Bible which sullies the names of all Prophet. In Islam, every prophet of God is sinless and best example of Human kind. There is no difference between Jesus and any other prophet. Jesus was created without a male intervention, that is his specialty.
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Chapter-25 On Quran, its authenticity and its preservation
Q1 Abrogation, Limits, Verses Abrogated in Quran Ans. This is a large subject and cannot be discussed in these pages. As an example verse 2: 184 tells that if someone finds difficulty is keeping fast, he should feed one poor as a recompense… This was a concession given when the fasting was initially started. In verse 2: 184 it says that “Any one witnessing the month of Ramadan should fast the whole month…” so the relaxation given in 2:183 is revoked by this verse. The commentators say that verse 2:183 is abrogated, but it is not true, for very old persons who cannot fast verse 2:183 is still applied. From this you can understand the issue of abrogated verses. All these verses relate to issues of Jurisprudence and the gradual way in which Islamic laws were implemented. There is no contradictions of confusions if you know background. Q2 Authenticity, Preservation, How was Quran written down and how is it preserved? Ans. I said that Qur’an was written in the Arabic Script of Prophet’s time. It was written within 2 years of his death. Further copies were made by Caliph Othman in ~ 20 years of prophet’s death, and two copies of that Qur’an survive till today. It was not a translation of Prophet’s words. Qur’an was recited by the prophet every day (in five daily prayers). He used to prolong the recitation during early morning prayers. So they is no justification in claims that Qur’anic text was in any other language that people of Makkah spoke. All scribes of Prophet were from Makkah. The Arabic script of those days was written without any punctuation marks (as present days languages like Urdu, Persian or even day-to-day Arabic) are written without punctuation marks. Further there were letters with same shape, which could not be distinguished by a non-Arab. So when large numbers of non-Arabs embraced Islam, there was a difficulty for them how to recite Qur’an. Qur’an had to be recited in Arabic Language during prayers, so the punctuation marks and distinguishing marks were added by the Islamic Scholars of those days. Out of various proposals two gained popularity, one, which is seen in most part of the world and the second which was in Africa and Andalusia (Now Spain, thank to our infighting and not delivering the message to Europe!). During this work the original script was not touched and it still remains as it is. There were some variant readings, all of which are well documented and have to match the original texts. With that I said, what ever care was humanly possible was taken to ensure the purity of Qur’an. Skeptics can be found everywhere; there are people who believe earth is flat even today. Another phenomenon which is unique to Qur’an is that it is memorized from end to end by large number of people in every age. You get one HAFIZ (who has memorized Qur’an completely) from China, one from India, one from Africa and one from Arabia. Ask them to recite, you will not find any difference between them. If all written copies of Qur’an were to disappear one day (God forbid) from earth, it could be exactly re-written from the hearts of hundred of thousands of persons.
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Nowhere I said, that any body fully comprehends the whole message of God. In fact the more science is progressing, more hidden treasures from Qur’an are coming to light. It will continue till the last day (so our prophet told us) If somebody is trying to understand the meaning of God’s Word, in order to follow His teaching, then this effort is most welcome. However if the intention is merely to gain knowledge or to create doubts, then it is not welcome. Only God knows the inner secrets of hearts. Q3 Quran Preservation, Why Quran and not Bible? Ans. Dear sir, The verse which you looking for is in SURAH 50 (QAF ) Verse 38 “We did create heavens and earth is six days, but no fatigue even touched Us” 2. Second point which you made is true in principle. The source of all scripture is God, who is the Creator of this universe. He will always speak the truth. What is science but to seek the truth and find out the principles behind working of nature? 3. Since God speaks the truth and Science seeks the truth, there will always be perfect match between the two. Truths always support each other. 4. Now we come to the Problem, How come we find Scientific errors and contradictions in Bible and Not in Quran. Did God not spoke the truth in Bible and did it in Quran? 5. Answer to this problem lies in the fact that Words of God have not been preserved verbatim in Bible. The books were Translated into different languages, comments and notes were added to them. Some words were modified to prove a particular theological debate. All this human words are intermixed in the text of Bible books and now it is almost impossible to separate truth from false hood. 6. You will appreciate that any translation of text into foreign language cannot convey the exact meaning of original language. Translators interpret the text according to their own time and understanding. This is the problem with Biblical Text, not being preserved in its original tongue and not free from corruption and interpolation. 7. Quran on the other hand is preserved in its original language, with an unbroken chain of written and oral recitation. That is the reason; we find it in full harmony with Established Modern Science. It may go against Scientific theories, but you know theories keep on changing from time to time. 8. Just because a book is 3500 years old or 1400 old is not important in itself. A truth Like “There is no deity to worship except One True God” is as true today as it was 10000 or more years ago. I think Sir, I have made my point? Q4 Quran Preservation, Did Othman Burned other Quran? Ans. There is nothing hidden regarding our book. The Book (Quran) we have is the same which was revealed to our prophet. There is no change no corruption and no interpolation in it. Muslims have single text of Quran through out the world. Not like different Versions of your Bible. 8. Othman did not burn any originals of Quran.. Full text of Quran was compiled within two years of our Prophets Death. Zaid was the man trusted for the job. - During reign of Caliph Othman (~ 20 years after prophet’s death), need arose to have an authentic copy of Quran to be kept at different places.
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- Othman ordered same Zaid to again compile the Quran (re verify the old text) and then made copies for every region. - He asked persons to have other copies to burn them, so that Muslims have only one text. -Some might not have been complete and some copies were in dialect of different tribes, Othman selected the Dialect of Quraish tribe, from whom the prophet came. 9. Please quote me 160 Sword Verses from Quran. But First check what your Book says on this subject. Let us put both verses side by side and say, which promote peace and which promote hate. Q5 Quran Preservation, How did prophet preserved Quran? Ans. Yes our prophet was illiterate, he received the message from Angel Gabriel, but he did following things immediately after he received it: - He memorized the message himself. - He called his scribe and ask him to right it down. Then he asked the scribe to read it, to ensure that he wrote it correctly. - Then he would recite these verses to his followers who were present there. Many of his followers also memorized these verses. Some also wrote it down for personal use. - Recitation of Quranic verses was a compulsory act of regular prayers. During early morning prayers, prophet used to recite long portion of Quran, which was heard by many and also memorized. Prophet allowed his followers to recite Quran in the dialect of their own tribe, however He and his Makkan followers restricted themselves to the Dialect of Quraish Tribe, from whom the prophet came. - It took almost 23 years for full Quran to come down. During this period many of his companions memorized Quran completely - Within two years of Prophet’s Death, His Companions (Most of them were alive) committed the full text of Quran to be collected and put down in a book, after checking and cross checking written text with the memorized version. This was committed to the custody of First caliph of Islam (ABU BAKAR, who was with prophet from day-1. - Twenty years after death of Prophet, during the reign of Third caliph Othman, who was also with the prophet from very early stage, need rose to sent an authentic text to important cities of Islamic Empire. Othman asked Zaid (A Companion of Prophet, who had complied the earlier version) to recheck and produce six copies of Quran. - This was done accordingly, and two of these original manuscripts still exist in the world today. Othman then asked that those who have other copies of Quran, let them burn it, so no dispute should arise in the book of God. - From that day onwards, there exists no other text of Quran, except the authentic one produced by Othman. All copies of Quran are exact copy of this text. Compare this Authenticity of Quran with the Manuscripts of Bible and you will see the difference between day and light. Also compare the off hand way, in which you have commented on the original manuscript of Quran. Quran has no Versions, But Bible has many versions, each differing in content, wordings and even number of books.

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Q6 Quran Preservation, Did Othman edited Quran? Ans. Teachings of Moses are there for more than 3500 years, Of Jesus for more than 2000 years and of Mohammad (PBUH) for more than 1400 years. They do not die natural deaths. It may be your wish, but your wish is no command to the Creator of this universe. 2. Considering the “FACT” that Othman died 25 Years after the death of Mohammad (PBUH), your claim of Quran being written down 200 years after the prophet’s death is amazing. May be you were thinking of Einstein Theory of Relativity, See the reliability of your knowledge about Islam. -Othman only compiled the Quran, which was fully written down during the life time of Prophet itself, Compiled into book form, within two years of Prophet’s death. It was also memorized fully by many Muslims (as you can see even today). To doubt in Quran ’s authenticity, is like doubting, if the day comes after night. Be at peace, one who spoke to Moses, David, Jesus and other prophets, also spoke to Mohammad (PBUH). What are Yemeni Fragments you are referring to? A drowning man clutches at straws. And that too by people who “Believe Bible (66 or 73 book) is The Word of God” Amazing, 5. What Dante and Shakespeare achieved in the world? A few applauses and big reviews from critics. Quran has revolutionized the lives of nations. Challenge of Quran is not without purpose. Try to meet this challenge and get the help of 20 Million Arab Christians. Q7 Quran Preservation, How Authentic is Quran? Ans. This may be your wish. The names of gods you mentioned have been forgotten long back. You wish the same with Allah, but Your Wishes Are Not His Commands. So you will continue to feel daily pain that the Followers of Allah are Increasing with each passing day. 2. The beauty of you “So Called Intellectuals” is that you want to live in perpetual doubt and want that others also should remain so. Your remarks about authenticity of Quran are of same nature. - Another habit of yours is that you take the Material from Islamic Sources, then cut and paste according to your own wish and give it the shape you like. - The fact is “There are no manuscripts of Quran in existence that are different from each other”. Instead of admiring this fact, you want to create doubts in your mind as well as in others by clutching at straws. - Quran was revealed to our prophet, who could not read & write. After he received the revelation, he used to call his scribes and ask them to write it down, he will then ask the scribe to read what he had written, to check the writing. He used to recite the latest revelation to his companions, who also used to memorize the verses revealed. - Slowly in 23 years, the revelation of Quran was completed, by that time, it was not only memorized by many of his companions, but it was also committed to writing. - Preservation of a book, does not only depend on it being written down (as you have 23000 manuscripts of Bible, each differing with each other), it also requires it to be memorized. For Quran, both the things were being done since very beginning. - Within a year after death of prophet, The First Caliph (Abu Baker) , asked the same Zaid bin THABIT to gather all the portions of Quran in one volume. It was not a casual work, it was done with utmost care and comparing written pieces and cross checking it with oral recitation. This book was given to the First Caliph, who passed it on to the second caliph (Omar).
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- During the time of third caliph (Othman), the need arose to send an authentic copy of Quran to important cities of Islamic Empire. For this work Othman again asked same Zaid Bin THABIT, to make six (or 7) authentic copies of Quran from the first text. Zaid instead of just coping from the same book, once again verified the authenticity of written material and cross checked once again with oral recitation and produced authentic copies. - Once again, it was not a casual work, delegated to some low ranking person. All companions of prophet helped in the task. However Othman instructed Zaid to record the Quran in the Dialect of the Tribe of Quraish, from whom the prophet came, and in which it was originally revealed. - Othman then sent the Authentic Copy of Quran to major cities and also deputed one Official Reciter to read the Quran to people. - From that time onward, there is unbroken chain of both Written and Oral authenticity of Quranic text. There is no period in history when both these things did not exist. 3. Some differences between companions as to particular verses are of no consequence in view of the overwhelming majority. That is why it is ignored by Islamic Scholars. But the critics try to make mountains of these molehills. 4. In view of this evidence, how wrong it is to say that Quran is creation of Zaid or Othman. We are lead to believe that two copies of Original Manuscript do exist today. But we are not dogmatic about it. If it is proven beyond doubt (Not by Orientalist, but by Islamic Scholars of repute, the name you have mentioned is unheard of) that these are not original copies, then also it will not harm our cause. Even if all written manuscripts of Quran vanish from the face of earth, it can be recomposed from the hearts of Muslims. 5. Regarding the literary beauty of Quran, it is useless for an Englishman or American to talk about it. Since its beginning, it has been retained as the Highest Example of Arabic Literature. It is the Final Proof concerning any linguistic dispute. Its authority is even acknowledged by Arab Christians (who number more than 20 Millions today). - The logic used by Quran is the Best in any argument. - The way it deals with equal ease, and switches between matters of Spirituality, Criminal Laws, Inheritance, Interfaith Dialogues, Scientific Matters is amazing. - To smell a rose, you should have a healthy nose, if your nose is used to smell of Gutter, you will not appreciate the smell of rose. First remove this bias from your mind and then see, what Quran teaches you. For beginners, read chapter 34:50 from the Book of Genesis (Regarding Story of Joseph) and see its condensation in Chapter YOUSUF of Quran. Q8 Quran Preservation, How Quran was written down? Ans. It is acknowledged universally that the prophet could not read or write himself. Whenever he received any revelation, he used to call his scribes (the names were many) to come and write down what was revealed to him. After writing, he used to ask the scribes to read, what he has written, to verify the writing. He then used to recite the revelation to his companions. 4. Quran had a very prominent place in the new religion, its effect was almost mesmerizing on the new converts. It was the chief source to get new converts and another thing; earlier Muslims were no less FANATIC than their present counter parts. Many of the companions used to memorize the Quran as it was getting revealed. Reciting Quran was a compulsory portion of Muslim prayers. Prophet himself used to recite Quran in prayers, new converts were asked to learn Quran from the other Muslims. 5. It took 23 years for the Quran to be completed, by that time, many of the companions memorized the complete Quran. The prophet did not compile the Quran himself, because during his life time, there was always a chance that new revelation will come.
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6. At the time of his Death in 11AH, Islam was fully established as state religion, the prophet had more than 100,000 of devoted followers and there was no fear either to Muslims or Islamic Scriptures from any source. 7. Immediately after the death of prophet, many false prophet stood up in Arabia and Muslims had to fight with them. In one such battle held in YAMAMAH (~6 months after the death of prophet) many of memorizers of Quran died. This caused a fear among some Muslims, that if this trend continued, some portions of Quran may be lost. They petitioned the first Caliph (Abu Bakr) to get the whole Quran Compiled as a book. 8. The Caliph himself was memorizer of Quran, he could have got it dictated himself, but in order to have a transparency, he made a committee, led by Zaid bin THABIT and the committee, checked the written portion of Quran and cross checked it with the people who had memorized it and produced a copy which was given to Abu Bakr. After Abu Bakr died in 13 AH, the copy was given to Second Caliph Omar. After the death of Omar in 24 AH, the copy was left with his daughter HAFSAH (who was also the wife of the prophet) 9. Do not imagine that even for one day the Muslims were without any Quran. It was recited in Quran and during the month of Ramadan, whole Quran was recited from memory by the imams (a practice continuing even now). The Quranic text was secured but the people of different tribe used to recite it in the dialect of their own tribes. This was a concession given by the prophet to the tribes, so as to make the Quran memorization easier for them. 10. However, during the reign of Third Caliph Othman (in ~ 30 AH), differences rose as to the pronunciation of Quran, because new generations of Non Arab converts could not distinguish between the dialects of different tribes. The matter was referred to Othman, who once again appointed a committee headed by the same Zaid bin THABIT (and assisted by some senior companions) to make 7 or 8 copies of authentic Quranic text in the dialect of Quraish tribe (From whom the prophet came). 11. The committee once again, instead of just making the copy of first text, once again went thru the exercise of verifying the Quranic text and compared it once again with the memorized version and produced authentic texts. Othman then sent these copies to major Islamic cities ands also appointed an Official Reciter for people to check their pronunciation. 12 Against these heavily supported facts, we have some reports of certain companions having some reservation about certain verses, or reports of Aiyesha and HAFSA to add some commentaries to certain verses. These reports are not taken into account due to their strange logic and because they contradict heavily supported official view. Scholars like you construct your high rise buildings on these weak foundations, which fall down at the smallest shaking. Still you call them as Scientific Research. 13. What is strange, that the same standard, you do not apply for Bible and despite differences, errors and contradictions have temerity to say, that it is preserved Word of God. Q9 Script of Quran, How Quran was Written Down? Ans. The Basic Script of Othman’s Qurán is exactly as per today’s Arabic. However, there are a few differences, In those days, Arabic was written without punctuation marks (as Urdu & Persian and common Arabic of today) and there were letters with similar shapes (Like BA, THA, YA and JEEM, HA, KHA etc) without distinguishing marks. Arabs of those days could read this script without these accessories, as it was their mother tongue. However, with the rapid expansion of Islam and other races (Persian, African etc) coming to the fold of Islam, there was a problem; as they could not read without punctuation marks (and this could change the meaning) and how to distinguish between the common letters!

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This matter was referred to the Islamic scholars of those days, and they came up with the current idea of putting Punctuation Marks and also putting dots on common letters to distinguish between them. However during this exercise, the Original Script of Quran was not touched. All the changes were done outside the main script. If you compare the original Manuscript in Turkey, with the current copies, you will find script same, with punctuation marks and the dots. There is another aspect of this matter, Quran is not only preserved in writings but also in the hearts of people and this is unique to Quran, not any scripture! From day one, Quran was preserved on both these Medias. So along with the written copy, Othman sent the Authentic Reader also. All the punctuations and word changes were confirmed with the oral recitation also. It left to some variants readings which are well documented and are traceable to their original source. Well, from the above, it is clear that all care which is humanly possible was taken to safeguard the purity of the text of Quran. Q10 Scriptures, Quran Vs Other Scriptures Ans. The biggest weapon Islam has is Truth and you have cheek to say that by Truth Islam can be defeated!! Now see the examples you have given: 1A. You say Jewish Bible is 3300 Years old. Bible is collection of 37 or 46 books. Were All the books written at the same time? So your first statement itself is wrong. Have you any manuscript 3300 years old o prove your point? It is just your assumption. You have no manuscript before 400 AD. So your statement is FALSE. 1B. Christian Bible is 2007 years old is also not true. Jesus Died in 30 AD. All the books were not written at the same time. You have no manuscript before 400 AD. So your statement is FALSE. 1C. You say Quran is 700 Years old, We have Manuscript dated at least 1300 years old. So your this statement is also FALSE. Based on these FALSE statements, you want to root out TRUTH of Islam? I fully concur with your views that readers should read all three to find which is more vulgar, No less than 18 cases of Incest are mentioned in Bible, not one of them is copied in Quran. 2 Who Wrote the Quran: You say Saudi Government. Considering Saudi Government is less than 100 years old, while Quran is 1400 years old, I think; you should take Basic Course in Mathematics. Q11 Prophet, Did he write Quran? Ans.: Why should we reject Mohammad (PBUH) ‘s own assertion that it was the direct revelation from God Almighty? When a man never tells a lie in his own life, why should he put up such a great lie about God? , that he writes a book himself and then tells others that it is from God. There have been prophets in the past before Mohammad (PBUH) and there have come books of God into the world before him. The very fact that no body has ever brought any book even comparable to Quran is itself a proof that it has divine origin. MUQ: There are many places in Quran where God has confirmed that the Quran is free from corruption and distortions. One Such Verse is “It is We that has brought down this Remembrance and it is for Us to protect it” (Ch15 V9). Other places are 42 : 42, 25:210-211
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and many other places where God confirms that it is revelation from Himself and Satan or Devils have no share in it. MUQ: Every thing is possible, but considering the fact that Mohammad (PBUH) left hundred of thousands of disciples at the time of his death and many were with him from very beginning . The books of prophetic traditions (Hadith) are filled with these information. And finally we have confirmation from God Almighty that the message is complete “This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen Islam as your religion” (5:5). This verse was revealed on the eve of last pilgrimage of our prophet and he did not leave not more that 90 days after revelation of this verse. So this discounts your assumption of any part of message getting lost. Q12 Evolution, Does Quran support Evolution? Ans. Please tell us what a scientific theory is. What is the difference between theory and law? Theory is the intermediate stage when you do not have enough proof to make it into law. It is stipulated to satisfy maximum of the known observation. 2. The purpose of evolution theory is to explain the diversity of living life without the need of a Creator. Otherwise the different stages a human embryo takes in mother’s womb is also evolution. The things do not come into being by their own. It is a preplanned thing. 3. That there was a common ancestor for ape and man is ridicules. That ancestor changed into man and another branch turned into ape is also ridiculous. The proofs are very scanty and mostly assumptions and generalization made from a few bones and remains. 4. Quran does not say how Old the world is. It leaves this question to scientists. It only says, God created this universe and He is sustaining it. 5. Life could evolve from any form as God wishes. What is not acceptable is the belief that this universe came without any Creator or Designer behind it. Once you believe in Creator, rest of the things are simple. Quran does not contradict any scientific observation or experiment. 6. If you believe in God, you must believe in His Guidance also. There are things that humans have no means to verify. Like life after death. And the day of Judgment, it is on these things that your failure or success depend on. If you just believe in a vague idea of God, without any regards to your actions, then such belief will not help you in next life. This is the topic of religion and is totally outside the scope of science. There is no conflict between science and religion, seen in that light. Q13 Guidance, Interpretation, Who to receive Guidance from Quran? Ans. By your opening statement itself, you show your bias. How can an honest discussion take place, when you start your argument like this. A. What Quran says is that, its message is simple to understand. It does not mean, people will not try to misinterpret it? You yourself drive messages from Quran, which are totally contradictory to its teaching. Want examples; see how Quran glorifies the personality of our prophet and how you degrade it. B. TAFSIRS and Jurisprudence of Quranic verses are left to individuals understanding and there may be difference as is expected in any issue left to human reasoning. C. You tell me one thing on which every human being or scholars agree? D. If you want to study Quran with a sick mind, your sickness will certainly increase. People with unbiased and open mind only can receive the guidance from Quran. I’m happy to say that the number of these persons is increasing daily; as Islam is the fastest growing religion in the west.
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Q14 Modern Science, Human Creation, How accurate is Quranic version of human creation? Ans. I had thought from your lengthy quotations that I will have to spend a lot of time to answer these. But the points you have raised are so childish, that it becomes clear, your bent of mind. You and all your “Authorities” on Quran, seem only to split hair. This is very evident from the way, you have dealt with creation of human beings as mentioned in Quran. 2. In fact this description is unmistakable proof that Quran is the word of God. Science of embryology is very recent one. The exact way in which it is referred in Quran, leaves no doubt that its source of information is Allah the creator of universe. 3. Please refer to the book by Prof. Keith Moore on this subject. Prof Moore is a recognized authority on human embryology, and he says that “I have no doubt that Quran is the Word of God, How else Mohammad (PBUH), could know the facts which were unknown to science fairly recently” 4. Now let us come to specific doubts or contradictions that you have mentioned. That man is created from dust, from clay, from sperm, from UNTFAH…which one is wrong? All of these are true and denote different phases in human creation. If one is mentioned at one place and another at another place, will it be called error or contradiction? In fact Quran gradually leads us from the mere dust (from which the creation began to the male sperm which is the final stage). 5. Quran says “That from water we created every living thing” I think this is the best scientific statement you will find in any scripture. In which ever way science interprets it, it will be true. Water is the maximum ingredient of every living cell. Life originated is water. Water is necessary for life. 6. The time you have spent is explaining “ALAQA” MUDHGHA” etc are not needed. See old commentators might not have got it right. Because science was not that advanced. You look at the Arabic meaning of “ALAQAH” it means some thing “which clings” and that denotes the earliest stage of embryo. “MUDGHA” denotes a “lump of flesh” to which human embryo resembles after a few week. 7. In fact Quran is much ahead of science. And it is only because it is preserved in its original language. Any Translation or commentary gets out dated. That is your problem, your books are translated copies of original revelation. They might be “Up-to-Date” or “Most Scientific” at the time of translation. But now they have become out of date. And you do not have access to the original message. 8. My dear Sir, you are just trying to confuse these audiences many of which might not be knowledgeable. There is a Book by Dr. Maurice Buccail “Bible Quran and Modern Sciences”. It explains in detail what are you talking about. Now Sir, I want to propose another alternative. See we can carry out endless discussions on this topic and do not reach any conclusion, because we have pre-conceived opinions. To break the deadlock, why not come to the solution proposed by God himself. Let me show some thing on that: 1. These differences shall not end till the end of time: Quran Says “Verily those Believe (Muslims), those who became Jew, Sabian, Christians, Magi, and Polytheists, God will judge between them on the day of Judgment, Most certainly God is witness over all things” (22:17) 2. Let every one race forward in good deeds: As Quran says :”For every one We have made a law and path, if God so willed, He would have made you as a single group, but he wants to test for whatever He has given you, so let each one of you race towards good deeds, you all shall return to me, then I will tell you about which you differed. 3. Let each group implement what he has:
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- Then let People of Gospel (Christians) judge on the basis of what God has revealed to them, but if anyone fail to judge by what God has sent down, then he shall be rebellious.(5 :47) - Say: O people of Book (Jews and Christians), you stand on nothing, unless you stand by Torah, Gospel and whatever was sent to you from your Lord… (5:68) And Finally: 4 Let us talk on Commonality: Say ! O people of Book (Jews and Christians) let us come to common terms between you and us; That we worship none but Allah (the true God), that we associate no partners with Him and we do not take between ourselves protectors other than Allah, but if they turn away from this; say Bear Witness that we are Muslims (we submit ourselves to the will of Allah). Dear sir, could any thing be more judicious? Q15 Quran Authorship, It is written by one man? Ans. This is a strange observation. If Moses alone could write first five books of Old Testament, and St. Paul 14 books of new Testament, what is your objection of Muhammad writing one book? Did you not see the condition of Bible after so many councils confirming it, is still full of contradictions and mistakes! However Qur’an is not written by Muhammad, it was revealed to him from God Almighty! See following Quotations The revelation of this book is from God, The Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom (Ch. 29, Verse1). The revelation pf this book in which there is no doubt,- from the Lord of the Worlds (Ch. 32, Verse 1) We have without doubt, sent down the message and We will assuredly guard it (from Corruption) (Ch. 15, Verse 9). Since God in Islam is One, so one prophet is sufficient, however if it was a Triune God, then may be it needed three prophets! Q16 Authorship, Did Mohammad wrote Quran? Ans. It only indicates that you have not read Quran at all. You are just saying what you hear other people speak. In these pages itself I have placed side-by-side Biblical passage and Quranic passages on various issues like Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham etc. How it is possible for an un-lettered man to compile so much just by listening to a few Jews and Christians and then also to avoid all mistakes and scientific errors into which the writers of Biblical books have fallen is simply incredible. You may not care what are my believes, but I will continue to point out what is the right way.
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When things are contradicting each other, it is not possible that both will be true. You will have to choose the right path and show it to others also. Q17 Quran Fabrication, Was Quran fabricated? Ans. Now it is clear what were your objection and what is the truth. To Claim that Quran is a complete fabrication is not new, it is even reported in Qurán itself! All enemies of Prophet say the same thing But there is a simple challenge in Quran for such persons, if Mohammad can do it, why not you can also do it? There is a challenge in Quran to bring ten chapters like it, then it was lowered to one chapter like it, then it was lowered to bring something like it. No body could do it, despite being millions of Arabic speaking Christians! Give me your e-mail address, I will forward to you the story of Prophet Joseph as told in Bible (Genesis 37-50) and Quran Chapter YOUSUF. Both are kept side by side, you decide, how an unlettered man, not able to read or write, with no (known) teacher, could do it . Don’t you think the world will be a better place if “Fundamentalist Muslims” Would rule it according to laws of God Almighty Q18 Killing Verses, Are they really? When Islamic terrorists point to Sura 9:5, Sura 9:29, Sura 2:193, Sura 8:12, etc, Moiz will be in a no-win situation when debating them. By recognizing peaceful Moiz is the correct one, it follows that Quran is the defective one. Ans. The word Islamic Terrorist itself is a misnomer. Islam and Terrorism are not related to each other. You can call them Muslim Terrorist if you like, but then other terrorists also have to be named as Hindu Terrorist, Buddhist Terrorist, Christian Terrorist etc. You can draw any conclusion by misquoting any scripture. For 9:5, you should also read 9:6 (which gives the correct position) For 9: 29, you should know when the war is to end and peace process to start. For 2:193 you should also read verses 190:194 For 8:12 , there is no objection whatsoever, it is the instructions to the angels. Q19 Language, What is Arabic? Ans. The Language of Ishmael (Prophet’s great - great grand father) was no doubt Hebrew or any language spoken by the patriarch Abraham. How over the time, that language took the shape of Arabic can be the task of linguists, but has no relevance on the prophet hood of Muhammad.
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Qur’anic Arabic was spoken in Makkah at the time of prophet, is evident from the fact that prophet conveyed this message to them in their own tongue. How a typical Arabic word is having its roots in Hebrew or Syrian or Aramaic is immaterial, because if the opponents of Muhammad could not understand it, they would have objected to it, as he was talking in an unfamiliar language. Q20 Quran Punishment, Are they harsh? “As for those who reject Our Signs, We will roast them in a Fire. Every time their skins are burned off, We will replace them with new skins so that they can taste the punishment. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise. Do you really believe in a God that is doing that to the great majority of your ancestors for all eternity??” Ans. No body will be punished for more than what he has done. The warning is given before hand. Instead of arguing whether it is just or not, it would be more prudent to avoid punishment, will it be not? Your discussions are not going to change the reality. As for the time period is concerned, you know time is relative. We consider 100 years is a long time, because our life span is 60-80 years. In the hereafter, there will be no concept of death, your life will be permanent, so the rewards and punishment shall also be permanent. Ever heard of “Life Imprisonment” in your court system? For a small (?) crime you spend you whole life in Jail. If you think you are “Just” why cant be your Creator.

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Chapter-26 On Quran (Continued)
Q1 Quotation, Why Muslims quote from Quran and not from Bible? Ans. I quote from Quran, because it is the Word of God and has best reasoning power than all human efforts put together. That is why it Challenges all unbelievers to bring a Chapter like it. This challenge has remained un-answered for 1400 years. May be men of your learning will take up this challenge. A simple word of truth (Like There is no one worthy to Worship except Allah and Mohammad is His messenger) is more precious that books upon book of Jargon language that teach you one is three and three is one. Q2 Satan, Was Mohammad deceived by Satan? Ans. And to end, Probably It was Satan, who commanded Muhammad (PBUH) : "That whenever you recite Qur’an, take refuge to Allah, from Satan, the cursed one”. Q3 Violence, Killer Verses? The Qur'an also says the following: Ans. MUQ: This happens when you have one sided and biased study of any scripture. By quoting single verses out of context, you can derive any meaning. Just tell me, what is your holy book, I will give more quotations than what you have given from Quran. However I will provide clarification on all these verses. “Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle” MUQ: This is God’s comment after the famous battle of Badr, in which a small and ill armed Muslim army of 313 defeated more than 1000 of heavily armed Pagan army. The help of God was evident and God says that He put the terror in the hearts of enemy, so that they got frightened. It says that numbers and arms are not the only things that are sufficient for winning. It is the condition of heart, the courage. ”Qur’an 9:29 “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.” MUQ: This is an indication as to when to stop fighting. If the war starts, when it is to stop? If the enemy surrenders and sues for peace, then the fighting should stop. ”Qur’an 7:3 “Little do you remember My warning. How many towns have We destroyed as a

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raid by night? Our punishment took them suddenly while they slept for their afternoon rest. Our terror came to them; Our punishment overtook them.” MUQ: This is the tales of past generations. The cities which rejected their prophets and God’s punishment overtook them. This is the admonishment given to the people who try to stop the message of Islam and its prophet. Any body putting hindrance in the path of truth shall face the homily and punishment. ”Qur’an 9:5 “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” MUQ: And the next verse says “And if any of the unbeliever takes shelter with you, give him shelter and give him time so that he hears the God’s words, then give him passage to a place of security (9:6).The first verse is for the time when the fighting is going on and the second verse shows the humane side of war. “Qur’an 4:94 “Believers, when you go abroad to fight wars in Allah’s Cause, investigate carefully, and say not to anyone who greets you :‘You are not a believer!’ Coveting the chance profits of this life (so that you may despoil him). With Allah are plenteous spoils and booty.” MUQ: What is the objectionable point here? It instructs Muslims to check that they do not attack another Muslim by mistake. If some one comes to them as a Muslim, we should treat him as Muslim. ”Qur’an 47:4 “When you clash with the unbelieving Infidels in battle (fighting Jihad in Allah’s Cause), smite their necks until you overpower them, killing and wounding many of them. At length, when you have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly, making (them) captives. Thereafter either generosity or ransom (them based upon what benefits Islam) until the war lays down its burdens. Thus are you commanded by Allah to continue carrying out Jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam.” MUQ: This is the instruction given to Muslims when fight is going on. What a general will say to his troops when the two armies are facing each other. Just make up a speech and then compare it with the instructions given in Quran. ”Qur’an 8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”

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MUQ: This is the ultimate of Jihad, to remove oppression and tumulation from the earth. Qur’an 8:39 “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).” MUQ: You have wrongly translated Fitnah. It does not mean the end of unbelievers, but the end of oppression and tumulation. See how you have translated the same verse in two different ways. ”Qur’an 9:112 “The Believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.” MUQ: This is statement of fact. What is wrong in it? In a practical world, there will be periods of peace and wars. Quran gives instructions for both periods. If Quran does not give instructions for war, then Muslims could act according to their will and may exceed the bounds. ”Qur’an 9:19 “Do you make the giving of drink to pilgrims, or the maintenance of the Mosque, equal to those who fight in the Cause of Allah? They are not comparable in the sight of Allah. Those who believe, and left their homes, striving with might, fighting in Allah’s Cause with their goods and their lives, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah.” MUQ: Yes striving in the path of God has very high valve in the eyes of God. Jihads does not only mean fighting. It means striving, you strive with your tongue, with your pen, with your property and if the time comes then with your lives also. ”There are dozens more verses of the Qur'an that teach war, violence and terror.” MUQ: Quran teaches every aspect of Muslim’s life. War and fight are also a reality of the world. Unless you are living in an imaginary world, you may not think of war. However this fighting in the cause of God is totally different from Terrorism. Can you tell me; what caused WW-1 & WW-2? What was the cold war about? Why every country in the world is armed to teeth with arms and ammunitions? Q4 Violence in Quran Ans. First thing that you get wrong is that 9:5 is specific to the Pagans of Makkah who had a treaty with the Prophet. That treaty was dissolved and the Pagans were given four month’s notice. The state of war was then to commence after the end of four year period. 9:5 gives instruction to Muslims for that war, 9:6 indicates that if any non Muslims wanders into Muslim land, he has to be escorted back to the area of safety. This shows that there is no instruction to kill each and every non Muslim, only those who are fighting in the battlefield are exempted and surely this is a general practice of war.
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B. When Allah wants to get terror into the unbelievers, who are we to object? Do you want to place right and wrong on the same platform? Would you consider US Army and Taliban in the same group? Where is your sense of Logic? C. You say you find 100 Problematic verses in Quran. It is strange, have you not read Deuteronomy , Numbers, Joshua, Judges and Samuels. Have you not read accounts of Battles of Moses, Joshua, David and other Israeli Prophets? It is strange that hundreds upon hundreds of these verses look very normal to you, but the clear cut and concise instructions given in Quran, as to how to conduct a war, seem problematic to you. Is it not bias? Q5 Quran Completeness, Was some portion of Quran was lost? Ans. Please refer to below, which was replied to another gentleman on the same topic. 2. It is true that paper was not available in Makkah during the time of our prophet. The revelation was written down on Bones, Palm leaves, Bark of trees and clothes etc. But what you are missing is that Quran was also being memorized slowly and steadily as it was revealed. It was therefore getting preserved in both written and oral forms. 3. Why Prophet did not compiled Quran in his life time, is already explained, before he was not sure when revelation will stop coming, so he left the job for his successors. However fro every revelation, he saw to it that it was committed to writing and memory. 4. No portion of Quran was lost in YAMAMA war. However many companions of prophet who had memorized the full Quran died in that battle. This created doubt in minds of some companion to get the Quran compiled for fear that is will not be lost. 5. There are reports regarding verses, which were annulled by Allah, there are unusual reports, but since Quran was in public domain, some special reports are not uncalled for. The Quran was not memorized or written down by any one companion, so there could be curious incidents. 6. However after Othman generated the authentic copy, he requested all people to destroy whatever other texts they have, so that the nation at large may not get confused. This official text had overwhelming support of Companions of prophet alive at that stage, and it is not possible for such a large majority of people to agree on whims and fancies of one person, Zaid or Othman. 7. Reports of persons differing from the official text are weak in authority and single opinions, which are not taken into account in view of overwhelming majority view. Q6 Lost, Was some Quran Lost? Ans. Any variations in Quranic Recitation is well documented. Original Quran as written down during Caliph Othman’s time is also available in the word. Oldest manuscripts you have of Bible is from the 4th Century. There is no comparison between the authenticity of Quran and Bible. No two Manuscripts of Bible are Identical, whereas no Two Copies of Quran Differ!!! Even today RC Bible has 73 Books, Protestants Bible has 66 Books. Each new Translation leaves and adds some portion. Compare KJV with RSV. Compare RSV 1952 Edition with RSV 1972 Edition, Ascension of Jesus removed in 1952 is RESTORED in 1972. Your Scholars are playing hide and seek with the public

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Q7 Makkah and Medina Surah, What is the difference in Makkah and Medina Surah? Ans. Dear Sir, I also thank you for appreciating comment. The points you have raised need some elaboration. 1. Makkah period (it is used now in place of Mecca, for better pronunciation) and Medina period refer to the two important phases in the prophet hood of Mohammad (PBUH). First 53 years of his earthly life were spent in Makkah and 10 in Medina. First 13 years of his prophetic life were in Makkah and 10 in Medina. 2. Yes it is correct to divide Quran in Makkan and Medina periods. In fact 2/3 rd of Chapters in Quran were revealed in Makkah and rest is Medina. 3. That Quran was revealed successively is also beyond question. Pagan Arabs did not have any idea of God, or his attributes, dangers of false and Idol worship concept prophet hood, Concept of day of Judgment, Concept of Angels, Heaven, Hell and revelation etc. 4. Early Makkan surah dealt with these issues in detail and sometimes exclusively with these issues only. 5. Earlier prophets and earlier people were referred to as an example of good and bad. If a particular nation rejected its prophet, how were they punished. You will find very few verses dealing with the theological differences with Jews and Christians, it was not needed at that time. 6. Mohammad (PBUH) suffered many hardships at the hands of Pagan Arabs, but the message of Islam kept spreading and slowly but surely it gained strength. The resistance from Pagans also grew. 7. Without going into much detail Mohammad (PBUH) had to fled to Medina along with his followers, In Medina an Islamic state was established, and necessary instructions for establishment of Islamic society were given. So we find Medina surah dealing with these issues more than that. 8.But one thing is sure, Makkah or Medina, there is no contradiction is the message. If it is expressed in a few words at one place, additional details were provided later on and vice versa. Actual cases of abrogation are very few and could be explained on case-by-case basis. 9. Now we come to the relation with Jews and Christians. It was expected that These people with their knowledge of scripture will be the first to realize the truth of Mohammad (PBUH)’ message. Because it was conforming to their own scripture. 10. But it so happens, that the knowledge becomes a stumbling block to accept the truth. First Jews and then Christians rejected the prophet hood of Mohammad and started misleading others also. It is in this context that we find verses debating on theological issues with Jews and Christians, and should be seen in that light. 11. It happens in human history, that people whom you think will follow you will be the first to reject you. It happened with Jesus also. In spite of all his miracles and arguments, Jews as a whole rejected his message. No Pharisee or Sadducee accepted him. It were poor folks of Jew ( and later Gentiles ) that accepted him. 12. Same thing happened with Mohammad also, Pagan Arab at last believed in him, but learned Jews and Christians did not believe in him and are creating road blocks to stop others from accepting his message. 13. It is Quranic claim that Mohammad (PBUH) is mentioned in the Scriptures of Jews and Christians (That Prophet of Deut 18:18, Lord Coming from Mount Paran of Deut 31:1, Another Comforter of John etc) all prove to the personality of Mohammad (PBUH). That is why Quran says that People of Book recognize Mohammad (PBUH) as they recognize their own children. 14. As compared to the earlier prophets, It was claimed by Mohammad (PBUH) that they all form one brother hood. There is no difference between the message of one prophet and
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another. They all follow the same religion, whose name is Islam (submitting your will to the will of God). All other names being used or chosen by each group are of their own creation and were neither given by God nor supported by their own scriptures. Judaism and Christianity are self-given name and God is not a party to it. 15. With all this said, Islam respects other religion (though is considers them false), it respects the religious personalities of all religion, it gives individual choice to choose its faith. However it want to reserve its right to preach its message to all human kind. These are a few of my observation. Let us see if you follow them or need additional info. Q8 Jerusalem, Is it mentioned in Quran? Ans. The word mentioned in Quran is “Masjid Al Aqsa” (The distant mosque). But the interpretation of “Distant Mosque” is given as Jerusalem in the Book of Hadith (Saying of prophet). There are innumerable sayings of prophet that equate Distant Mosques with Jerusalem. ”Whereas, miracles performed by GOD from Moses through Jesus were mentioned/discussed in several places in both Bibles.” MUQ: Whether they are mentioned at one place or many places does not make any difference. Quran and Hadith books have better authenticity than most of Old and New Testament books combined. The List of narrators for each Hadith, in itself is a unique thing which Muslims devised to verify each and every statement assigned to our prophet. The rules are much tougher than accepted for any historical book in the world. Q9 Surahs, What is difference between Makkah and Medina Surah? Ans. People are confused about Makkan and Medina period. God’s planning from the very beginning was to establish His Kingdom on earth thru Mohammad. But like any thing else in the word, the job has to be done in a phased manner. When you plant a tree, you just do not get fruit from next day onwards, you have to wait. So the Makkan period was to get a sizable followings and get a foothold to establish the Kingdom of God. When these were obtained in Medina, the next phase was started. But the message and purpose was very clear from the day one. Q10 Contradiction, Does Quran Contradict Science? Ans. If there is a clear cut contradiction between Science and Quran, then it will mean that Science has not reached to that level on that particular topic, it needs to learn more. The Word of God cannot be wrong. To give you an example, In Quran it is mentioned that Sun, Moon, and Stars are all “Swimming” in their heavens. At that time, Science “Believed” that Sun is stationary and not moving, they objected to Quran as being against science. After some time they “Discovered” that Sun is also moving, so the contradiction was removed. If you look at Quran from this angle, it will solve many of your current dilemmas also. This is the power of revelation.

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Q11 Quranic Errors, Are there any? Ans. Does it say that Sun Sets in Muddy Water? It seemed to ZULQARNAIN that the sun is setting in muddy water. This piece of information is for the help of historians and geographies, those who want to pinpoint the course of his voyage. In fact this statement of Quran is used by all scholars who try to identify the Historical ZULQARNAIN. In no way it casts any doubt on Quranic narration. In fact Quran is the only religious scripture which is totally free from Scientific errors. For details you can refer to the book “Quran Bible and Modern Sciences by Dr Maurice Buccaile, A French Medical Doctor” Q12 Knowledge, Quran and Science? Ans. The information that was “known” was contained in the first five verses of Bible. Then how did our prophet had knowledge for all this ancient Greek stuff. He was unlettered, could not read or write, had no known teacher. And then who was this teacher who remained unknown to human eyes for ever? Further let us see what other information given in Quran was known to ancient Greeks: 1. That the heavens and Earth were joined together , then God rent them asunder 21:31 (Hinting at Bing Bang) 2. That all living things are made of water (21:31, &21:45). 3. That all planets including sun are moving in orbits 21:33 (Very recently “Scientists” believed that sun was stationary). 4. That Sun’s light is its own and Moon’s light is secondary 25:61 5. Accurate description of water cycle, (24:43 & 30:48) and at many other places. 6. That Mountains have roots, 78:7 and that there purpose is to stabilize the earth 21:31 and at many other places. 7. That earth is rotating (38:5) (Coming of day and night is depicted as winding a turban, indicating circular motion). 8. That every thing is created in pairs (36:36) all living things and things that we do not know now! 9. That sleep and deaths have very close relation to each other (dieing in sleep) (39:42). 10. That a very small amount of semen is needed for Human Creations (NUTFAH, SULALAH etc) (23: 11) and at other places. There are many such verses in this Holy Book. You have to prove how many were known to Ancient Greeks and How much was “Pure Guess Work” of this unlettered man. To Guess accurately each of this 1500 years ago is in itself a miracle. “It appears it is YOU who doesn't know much about what is going on in the engineering world. Ever been at MIT? You may want to go there one day, and ask what artificial systems they are developing and have developed. Much of it surpasses the human abilities. “ MUQ: If you really ask these super inventions, they are indeed childish as compared to Human system. Engineers at MIT itself will tell you that. If in any category they exceed human performance, as an overall design, they are much inferior. Further how many Human brains have contributed to these designs and what is their reliability and repeatability and how much care and maintenance they require, will make the comparison even more childish. You must be naïve to even suggest that. “Of course, many animals also easily out compete humans in terms of eyesight and hearing...”
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MUQ: Yes those are made by the “Creator” you see. He gives to each species what they really need. Humans have been given less facilities but have been compensated by giving them brain. So they can try to acquire the extra requirements. Animals have no such powers, so they have been given their needs at one stroke. He is a Wise Designer, you see. “It is quite simple: biologists consider the blind spot a clear flaw in ocular design, especially since a superior design IS known in nature. You are criticizing them. I guess you are the primary class student here...” MUQ: If Biologists say this thing, then I only say, That they are talking thru their hats. The only one who can say is the one who designs a Human body in a better shape and better features, not like couch potatoes. Biologists may say Death is also basic flaw in the Human Design. What you say about that? Q13 Translations, Are Translations Quran? Ans. Quran is the one which is in Arabic Language. It has not changed and cannot been changed. 2. What you are talking about may be the Hebrew Translation. The Translation of Scripture cannot be taken as Scripture. 3. Translations may reflect the view and bias of Translator. 4. Without knowing more facts, I cannot comment on the media report, which many times do not know what they are talking about, especially if it concern Islam and Muslims. Q14 Fabrication, Did Prophet fabricated Quran? Ans. My argument was only to people who say Mohammad (PBUH) copied his stories from Bible. No where Quran mentions that Noah’s flood was Universal and was spread though out the world. It is only mentioned in connection with Noah’s people. 2. This Idea of Universal flood is given in Bible and is subject to scientific scrutiny. Further Quran does not mention and date for the flood, which Bible does and is therefore subject to verification of geological data. 2A However Quran mentions that all mankind are the descendants of those who were in Noah’s Ark. And that included Noah’s family and those who believed in him. 2B It is interpreted by some, that it refers to the period when all human race was living at one place and had not spread out. It is both logical and Scientific. 2C. Because if all humans are children of one Parent (Adam & Eve), there must be a time, when they shared a common habitat. 3. You do injustice to Mohammad (PBUH) honesty, when you say he selected only those portions which showed prophets in good light. He was an illiterate man, with no access to theses books. How could he ponder as what to take and what to leave? His claim was that this message is revealed to me from Allah. 4. This makes sense also; the prophets are chosen by God and serve as an example of righteousness before their people. How they could have such serious moral shortcomings as depicted in Bible? It were the people who wrote these tales so as to find a justification of their own moral degradation. 5. Quran was transmitted orally to Mohammad (PBUH) , but he got it written down in his own presence. He would call his scribes and ask him to write down the portion that was transmitted to him. Then he would ask scribe to read it to him, to verify that he wrote it correctly.
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6. Quran is not a poetry and it is not a prose. It has its own style which is unique in the world. It could be compared somewhat to sermons delivered by a person. It was transmitted both in writing and orally. Within two years of his death, whole Quran was written down and preserved. 7. Sir, I do not know much about Seventh Day Adventists, so I cannot comment on that, you can educate me on that. 8. In Quran some foods are prohibited these are: - Dead Meat (It includes those animals , who die because of strangulation, falling from height, gored to death and eaten by predators etc), - Blood - Swine’s meat - All food on which is dedicated to any one besides Allah. Then our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) prohibited to us all predatory animals and birds and some others. With these exceptions all other types of food are harmful. Islam’s view point is that, it mentions a very small list, which are prohibited and then allows the rest, instead of giving a long list that this is allowed and this is not allowed. 9. Why Muslims do not drink? Sir you will not find Alcohol mentioned in the list of banned food, it does not mean that it is allowed. It is banned separately, because Alcohol is not a food item! The story of its banning is very interesting and needs to be told in some detail. - Before Mohammad (PBUH) Arabs were very much addicted to Alcohol. It was their favorite drink. Their poetry revolved around it. They had more than 70 words for this one drink. - When Islam came, it was not easy to prohibit it at once, so its prohibition was done in stages. The First verse in this regard read: -O Ye who believe! Do not come near to prayer while you are intoxicated, unless you know what you are saying (in your prayers)..(4:43). The more prudent among Muslims knew the intention and stopped drinking it. The came the following verse: -They ask you (O Mohammad) regarding Alcohol and Gambling, say in them there is grave sin and some benefits for the mankind, but the sin is more than their benefits…. (2:219 This made the intention further clear. Finally this verse came which banned it completely: -O Ye who believe! Most certainly Intoxicants, Gambling, Divination and Fortune telling and False Altars are the handiworks of Satan, keep away from them so you may prosper. This verse and saying of our prophet that “All Intoxicants are banned .. and if a large quantity of anything causes intoxication, even a small amount of that is prohibited” Removed this evil thing from Islamic society forever. It did not leave any room for a small sip or nibble of Intoxicants. That is why Sir, we Muslims (at least those who follow Islamic Teachings) do not drink. But there are black sheep in every society and we are no exceptions. But as a whole Muslims are the world’s biggest society of Teetotalers.

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Q15 Non Muslim, How to study Quran? Ans. However, I have to respond on your comment that you started study of Quran, then left it because you found it too full of contradictions, this is strange because Quran itself says: Have they not pondered on Quran (with care); had it been from any one else beside Allah, they would have found much contradiction and discrepancy there in” (4: 82). There is no discrepancy, contradiction or error in Quran. 4A. But Quran is not the book in the normal sense of Book. It is not divided into chapters like ordinary books, so that what you want to learn, just open the chapter. 4B. Best way to study Quran (for a non Muslim) is to pick up translation from a reliable Muslim scholar, then either study thru index, or go once from end to end. Whatever doubts or objections you have, note it down with reference to chapter and verse number. You will surely find the answer at some other place in Quran. 4C. May be you studied Quran, by just comparing the quotations given by Islam’s enemies. If you find the quotation correct, you believed in it. This is wrong way to study any scripture. You have to read it at least once from cover to cover and then make your choice. 4D. I will give you one example, suppose you believe that killing animals for food is against mercy. Now when you open Quran and see that it approves slaughter of animals, you conclude that Quran does not preach mercy. This is a wrong approach. You should not have any pre bias before you study Quran. Killing animals for food is mercy or against mercy is another point and you will find answer for that in Quran at some other place. So my dear friend, I would request you to be not quick in passing judgment on Quran based on simple and casual glances; after all it is most holy book for 1000 Millions Muslims in the world. No other book has received so much human attention that this book.. Q16 Non Muslims, How Non Muslims should study Quran? Ans. First you go thru the Quran, from end to end. Noting down your objections. More than 90 % of the answers will come from Quran itself (at some other place). Balance you can ask with any Muslim Scholar who will be pleased to answer your queries. You have started your objections without even completing Quran, this attitude will lead you nowhere, but misquoting and misunderstanding Quran. Just see how Quran argues with Jews and Christians first. How it invites them to the common grounds of faith. Fighting and killings come after that, not before. Why you start with that? 9B. Similarly you may study the biography of our prophet write by a Muslim Scholar first. You will see the practical Quran is his life.

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Q17 Violence, Does Quran teaches Violence? Ans. In fact all your quotations are taken out of context, even though the meanings may be correct. 1. Qur’an 8-12 refers to the instructions given in the battlefield. There are two armies, one following in the Cause of God (God’s party) and the other opposing it (Satan’s party). To which side your sympathies lie? Obviously God is supporting his party; you have any problem with that (I will harden Pharaoh’s heart. so he shall not believe in you (Exodus 6:2811:9. 2 Qur’an 9:29, Yes God wants his Party to be successful and dominant in the world. The opponents should feel humbled and lie low. You have any problem with that? What else you western are doing in this world? Enforcing your values everywhere, those who do not accept these are treated as second class citizens. 3. Qur’an 7:3 (or 7:4) , what is wrong in that? God is expressing its universal law for rise and fall of nations and civilizations. These are the criterion according to which God judges the people in this world. 4. Qur’an 9:5, this is one of the most ill quoted verses of the Qur’an. The wordings seem very forceful; but these are instructions given for the battlefield. What would a modern day General instruct to his troops, when he sees the enemy forces assembled in front of him? (I think he should say; Be polite, say good morning to them, share with them your ration!) The beauty is that no body quotes the next verse 9:6, which takes the air out of the balloon! “If one amongst the Pagans ask for asylum, grant it to him; so that he may hear the Word of God; and then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge” Can you find any thing more humane than this? These two verses are side-byside, why you left this? It does not support your hypothesis? 5. Qur’an 4:94; again what is wrong in that? The words in bracket are your own and have nothing to do with Qur’an. The instructions are given to Muslims to be careful while judging the people. Accept people on their words, if they say “We are Muslims” do not treat them as non-Muslims unless you investigate. 6. Qur’an 47:4; These instructions are for battlefield, when the two armies meet. What else instructions should be given. Have you not gone thru your own books of Joshua, Judges and others to see, what instructions were given to Jewish prophets to deal with their enemies? Compared to them; these instructions seem like most liberal! 7 Qur’an 8:39, this verse shows the purpose of Islamic War, we are not fighting because we want to establish our kingdom, or to make other people our slaves. The purpose is to fight till the oppression is removed from the are and peace prevails. What fault you find with it? (The word in bracket are your own interpretation and have no connection with Qur’anic teachings) 8. Qur’an 9:112, what is wrong with that? Muslims fight in the cause of God, they kill and get killed. God is watching their actions, their sacrifices shall not go in vain. This is a statement of fact
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9. Qur’an 9:19, I don’t see any problem with this verse. In this word God is saying that mere rituals or acts that look good have no reward in God’s justice unless they are backed by the true belief and acting on God’s commandments. Same you will find in Jesus’ repudiation to the Jewish formalism of his time. Please give dozens or hundreds of such Qur’anic verses. None of these will prove that Islam wants to create mischief on this earth. It will only say that Islam is the true religion of God and has right to be dealt as such. Any force opposing it; should be broken up, till they are not standing in the path of God’s religion. However Conversion to the faith of Islam is left to individuals. No body should be forced to accept Islam. I think you westerns are doing the same. Propagating your Democracy and your values on the throat of people by force (Iraq is best example for that) Compare these verses with Deut 20:10-17, Exodus 23:23, Ex 34:12, Num 33:51 & 55 Deut 7:1-5, Ex. 4:21, Ex 12 35-36 Sam1 37:8-9, Sam 2 8:2-3 and dozens of similar verses? I want to place them side by side with above Qur’anic verses and see the difference? Is pot calling Kettle Black? Q18 Basic and Allegorical Verses, Does Quran contain two types of verses? Ans. It is mentioned in Qur’an that it contains verses of Basic and Fundamental as well as of allegorical nature: Let me quote the verse, “It is He Who has sent down to you this book: In it are verses Basic or Fundamental (of established meaning); they are the foundations of the book: others are allegorical. But those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part thereof that is allegorical, seeking discord, and searching for its hidden meaning, but no one knows its hidden meaning except God. And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: “We believe in the book; the whole of it is from our Lord: and none will grasp the message except men of understanding (Ch-3 V 7) This verse clearly shows that Qur’an contains verses of both types, men of understanding concentrate on verses of Basic or Fundamental nature and others on allegorical nature looking for hidden meaning and causing discord. Now let us see what are these two types of verses are: Fundamental verses deal with laws and commandments, article of faiths, and all things connected with this world. Which covers all basic teachings of Islam. DO s and DON’T s. Allegorical verses on the other hand, deal with things that are not of this world, and are described in our language because that is the best in which we can understand it, for example: When we say, that God Hears; we do not employ that he has ears like us, which converts acoustical waves to electrical signals and passes it on to brain, God hears in a way it justifies His Majesty, similar is the case when we say, God Sees, Has Hands, Face etc. We do not investigate into any of these, our lack of knowledge does not make us “Ignorant” but in fact saves us from falling into errors, in which we will fall if we go deep into it. For our reason cannot comprehend it fully.
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Same is about the scenes of hereafter: We are told: There is a tree growing in hell fire (Which skeptics may see is impossible, because trees cannot grow in fire!), We go over these verses, assuming that hell punishment (May Allah save all of us from it) shall be very severe. Similar is the case when Qur’an says that in Heaven (May Allah let all of us enter into it), Believers will be provided with all types of fruits, wines, Ornaments, Beautiful Companions called Huris (now this is understood to mean beautiful women with big eyes). We do not enquire into them either, because no sample for these women is available in this world! Our total ignorance of Huri, will not diminish our faith, nor have any affects on our actions, whereas if we keep on researching on word Huri and understand it fully, our knowledge will be in vain So now, what you call difficult passages of Qur’an are all of these categories. We try our best to get a general idea of the words. Our scholars also follow the same path. Whereas skeptics of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be on him), concentrate all their efforts on these allegorical verses. If the purpose was to have better knowledge of Qur’an, it could have been excusable, but the intention is to discredit his prophet hood. That is why; we are very suspicious of such efforts. I think Sir, now we have clarified our stand. Let me know, if you follow me. Q19 Non Muslims, How Non Muslims should study Quran? Ans. Same thing about studying Quran, get a Translation from a Muslim Scholar (Abdullah Yousuf Ali’s is best for his foot notes). Go thru it, remember it is not like ordinary human book, that has chapters devoted to a particular topic. - This is a revelation From God to the Whole Mankind. - Its aim is to provide guidance so that humanity would be saved from the Hell Fire. - Yes, you will find numerous references to the Hell fire, But do you think is it a non important subject. - The issue of Last Day and its details as given in Quran are not to be found in other scriptures. - Once you have gone thru once, you will get some ides of its message. - One more advise, which some scholars give, is to note down your objections (which come into your mind while reading it), you will find the answers in Quran itself at a different place. If you are sincere in your efforts, I expect that after a few months, you will ask me: “ Mr. Qidwai, Your Quran says this and Muslims behave like this, why it is so?” or “ Your prophet said this and you behave like this, why it is so?” Then I will know, you are on the right path, criticizing Muslims, not Islam or our Prophet. Then you will realize, why we Muslims, never criticize Jesus, but only Christians. We criticize Jews and Zionists but never Moses or David. We talk about St. Paul and never about other chosen disciples of Jesus That may be the beginning of making a bridge between Muslims and Christians, Islam and Christianity

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Q20 Quran Simple, Can Quran not misunderstood? Ans. Please do write straightforward and Clear teachings for every one to follow. You also set an example for putting them into practice. If you succeed in creating a working society, may be you are the next prophet of the world. But mere claims are nothing, try to do it. As for different interpretation, any text can be misinterpreted, you write two lines and give it to ten persons and see what they make out of it. Guidance from Quran is straight forward and there is no ambiguity there. Shall I list you a few of them: - God is the sole Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of this whole Universe - Only God needs to be worshipped and no partners should share in the worship. - Prophet Mohammad is the messenger of God for all mankind. He should be followed in all aspects of Life. - The day of Judgment is coming, on which every soul has to give its account in from of God. No body shall be able to protect any soul from wrath of God, unless he has true believe and have acted good deeds.

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Chapter-27 On Religion and Saudi Arabia
Q1 Atheism, Atheism is Growing Faster? Ans. So USA is shifting from a Christian dominated country to a Godless country? May be, now we will see a shift in their blind support to Jews and Jewish Lobby. Godless society is the natural outcome of current materialistic philosophy in vogue there. If you think it is good news, check what the total disbelief in any religion did to Communist Countries? You want to come to the same fate? MUQ: Once again congratulation. You are happy that growth in Hinduism and Buddhism is more than Islam. May be your propagandists should now concentrate on these religions and leave Islam alone. The census would not have kept record as to how many Hindus and Buddhists migrated to USA and how many new converts they got from USA. The same figures should be published for Islam also. As a Muslim I do not complain, if some one chooses Hinduism or Buddhism over Islam. MUQ: Yes your observation is correct, that people are shedding religion faster than becoming more religious. And that is due to the materialistic approach they see in the society. As to your observation that rise of Militant Islam has so me thing to do with the negative growth of Muslims in USA, feedback from Islamic Centers in USA is just opposite. More people are converting to Islam since 9/11 because of negative propaganda against Islam. The negative propaganda makes people more curious to know about real Islam and they try to study it to know the truth. May be more Hindus and Buddhists migrated to USA than Muslims could get converts from USA. This is a continuous struggle; let us see till next census. Q2 Need, Is there any need for religion? Ans. This is your superficial knowledge about religion. Can you tell me any one issue over which all the experts are united? 2. Religion defines the purpose of life. Without religion you are just an animal passing thru this life, without any aim. 3. It is religion, which brings man into contact with the Creator of this Universe. Do you think that all this universe and so much creation came out of nowhere? 4. It is religion, which explains that there is a creator of this universe. He had created mankind with a purpose. Life on this earth is a test and depending upon what you do, you will be either rewarded or punished. 5. The issue of religion therefore is a serious one and should be taken as such. 6. After saying all this, I must accept, that there is so much discord amongst the Scholars of different religions. It is these discords, which confuse simple persons like you, and you want to get rid of religion altogether. 7. However, if you devote some time (as you must do an any serious issue of life), you will find that much of this discord is actually the creation of Religious Scholars themselves. 8. The pure religion which came from God, has been broken down into different sects as per the interpretation of these Scholars, who want to keep their flocks under there control. 9. A little research will allow to find the simple and pure religion which was sent by God Almighty. 10. Yes, common people have not seen heaven or hell. But many prophets have seen the glimpses of heaven and hell and told us about it. If you did nor see it, it does not mean it does not exist. There are many planet and galaxies, whom we have not seen and will never be able to see, It does not mean they do not exist?
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10. Now I ask you, are you ready to take up this research? But first you will have to become objective and remove all Racial, National, Linguistic Bias and accept any truth you find, how opposed to your own views it look like. Q3 Religion & Science, Can they Coexist? Ans. Now Sir regarding your comments about Science and religion. They are thought provoking and are really commendable. It is my firm belief that there is really no conflict between the Science and religion. Both work in different spheres and ideally speaking there should have been no conflict between the two. The sphere of science is to find out the laws and principles governing the natural phenomenon. Its deals itself with cause and effect and its sphere is materialistic world Religion on the other hand deals with spiritual world and deals with what is the purpose of life. As you have mentioned as what man SHOULD do. The only point where there could be a conflict between Science and religion is about the presence of God. Since scie3nce does not deal with non-materialistic or spiritual world, It cannot either prove or disprove the existence of God. A true scientist should remain neutral in this debate about God. However the very existence of this highly organized and complex universe, gives more weight to the belief that there should be a powerful Creator of this universe. That is why all Great Scientists have been the believers in God. Present conflict between science and religion is due to actions of zealots from both sides. I think the blame should go to Church for opposing the spread of science and persecuting scientists for which they did not have any right. In Islam science and religions have gone hand in hand. All great Muslim Scientists were also devout Muslims. In Quran, Muslims are asked at many places to ponder on the nature of things and natural phenomenon to feel the power of Almighty God. True revelation from God cannot have any contradiction with true scientific facts since both are truth. And no truth ever contradicts another truth. They always support each other. I think it is great tragedy of our times that Science and Religion have taken a collision course. Each thinks that by exterminating the other party it can survive. However if they work with each other it shall be greatly beneficial for the human society. A God fearing society is infinitely superior to a Godless society in each and every respect.

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Q4 Science, Morals, Can science decide? Ans. I beg to say that Science is exceeding its limit, if it enters into this field. Moral Laws and Moral values are a subject which is not in the scope of science. Science deals with the Material World and if it enters into meta world then it is bound to be wrong. 5. If Science can decide what Moral values causes harm and what does not causes harm, then I will be very pleased to know the foundation of these decisions. It is the Guidance from the Creator of humans which only can decide what is harmful for the society. Wherever Science has taken this task in its hand it has failed. Q5 West, Why Muslims adhere to religion? Ans. If you do not care about any religion, it does not mean that others should not. All faiths are blind in religion or I modern day science. Every one believes in the words of others. 2. Now it is always believed that people change their religion only under compulsion. The whole of Europe was once Pagan, how they got converted into Christianity? People change their religion willingly also, when they see some thing better. Why people are accepting Islam in the west today? From where the compulsion is coming from? 3. It is not therefore correct to say that spreads of Islam in Europe was only by force. The very fact that majority of the population stick to their old religion is a proof that force was not used for conversion. 4. You keep on changing stand very often. If Islam oppresses women and other religions give her freedom, then why more that 2/3rd of new converts to Islam are women. Ask Yvonne Ridley, why she accepted Islam? 5. More cases of Domestic violence are coming in light from the western homes than from Muslim homes. Q6 Saudi Arabia, American Soldiers, Why they are not welcome? I mean the Arabs don't even like it when a 100,000 Americans invade the region. Not to mention their hostility towards Arab women who want to marry a white man, or is that not even allowed? Ans. American Soldiers came to Saudi Arabia with a sense of superiority and with a sense to Boss the local population. Nobody likes that, otherwise thousands of Americans and Europeans are still working in many companies here and enjoying life here. They are in fact treated and provided security and facility not available to their own nationals. Islam prohibits marriage of Muslim woman to Non Muslim man. Color or race is no bar here. You become a Muslim and then you can marry a Muslim woman Arab or Non Arab.

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Q7 Saudi Arabia, Bible, Why banned? Ans. Now it is very strange for you to say, that why Bibles are not given in Saudi Arabia. You were instructed in Islam, because of your need to deal with Muslims in your country and outside. The reason was earthly, not to learn about Islam for its sake. Saudi Students do not need to learn Bible at that stage. Those who want to specialize in Inter faith Dialogues or those going abroad may need it and are told about it. As per your own statement, you learned about Islam, how can you Q8 Saudi Arabia, Freedom, Bias, Is Saudi Society free? Ans. Yes we are slave according to your logic. 2. But I have not seen any of “Your Free thinking Americans or British Citizens” running down Riyadh streets with Slogans condemning king and MUTAWWA either. 3. I see you not wearing any shorts on the streets or your women uncovering their faces in public places. 4. May be you also learn some rules of slavery? Or the Lust of money is stronger than your freedom? Or we just follow the laws of Land? Just fit whatever comes to your mind. 5. As many Westerners are not willing to work in Saudi Arabia at any price, similar might be the case for other people also. It is Individual Choice. Q9 Saudi Arabia, Freedom, Religion, Why is there no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia? Ans. Yes it is strange indeed; that there is at least one area in the world which is free from all falsehood and where the true religion can be found and practiced. We appreciate your efforts to corrupt this land also with you “Man-Gods” and “God-man” theories. 1 in 3 and 3 in one confusions that have cost millions of human lives. Truth and falsehood cannot remain together. After the truth of Islam; nobody should be allowed to fall back into the false hood of their “Man Made religions” Q10 Saudi Arabia, Freedom, Religion, Is Society free? Ans. People coming to Saudi Arabia on contract are subject to the terms and conditions, which they sign at the time of coming to the country. If any body violates these conditions, then he is guilty; be is Saudi National. Saudi Government or Worker himself. 2. By the way, If the laws are so harsh here, why we see, loads of westerners standing in Queue to be sent to Saudi Arabia. 3. Walking down the street shouting slogan, is no indication of real freedom. It might be in your society, but not in others. You do not have a right to implement your standards on others. Q11 Saudi Arabia, Human Right, Media, Are Human rights in KSA? Ans. Human Rights reports are generally biased against Muslim countries. Each society should be judged according to its own customs and rules. Western standards are not applicable to each country. You also reject Human right reports when they criticize Israel or your army in Iraq, Afghanistan and Cuba.
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2. Bin Laden was originally trained by USA & CIA. He was Ok till he was fighting against Soviets. When he turned against you, he became Terrorist? What you sow so shall you reap is applicable to you. Q12 Human Rights, Bias, Does KSA has Human Rights? Ans. While Saudi Arabia is not a country populated by Angels. It has the lowest crime rate in the world. Normal crimes as well as crimes against women. The crime rate has started going up, from the time, that Saudi Governments has relaxed the imposition of Islamic Criminal Justice under the pressure of so called Human Rights Organization. That is the problem of the west; their sympathies are always towards the criminal. They would live with theft, robbery, rapes and murder, but will not see a criminal punished as per Islamic law, to root out the crime. 2. Regarding Human Rights Reports; these are treated as Gospels when they accuse other countries, but are dismissed the moment they criticize Israel, or Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan and GITMO etc. I do not support crimes committed by Saudi men or any one else; but you should not generalize. Based on statistics USA should be the worst nation in the world for crime against women. Will you call all Americans as rapists or murderers? 3. If Rudi Giuliani turned down genuine Saudi Help for 9/11 victims, it was his folly. You want to make him hero? Elect him as your next president. May be he will achieve what George Bush could not in Iraq and Afghanistan. Q13 Human Rights, Women, Do women have rights? Ans. I think you treat Human Rights Reports as Gospels: But you dismiss them as biased, one sided, without any proof, when ever they: - Criticize your soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, GITMO bay. Arrest of Innocent Muslims under false suspicion etc. - Criticize Israel for their treatment of Palestinians. 2A. Mind you Saudi Arabia is not an Ideal Islamic State. But compared to other Muslim states it is more Islamic. And I’m not here to justify each and every action of Saudi Government. 3. Due to enforcement of Islamic Criminal Justice, Saudi Arabia had the lowest crime rate in the world. Now thanks to pressure from your side, they are getting lax and the crime graph is on the rise. - If they totally abandon it, their crime rates will become equal to you. (Then you may consider them as your equals) Q14 Intolerance, Religious Police, Is Saudi Religious Police Intolerant? Ans. You will take one case and try to discredit the whole faith? What about US army’s conduct in Abu GHARIB? Should we condemn US army and Christian faith based on that? 2. If some one commits a crime, he has to pay for it. Saudi Organization for Prevention of Evil is not made of angels. They are also human and will be punished, if they have exceeded their limits. 3. If you compare crimes of Racial Hatred and Crimes Against Women in your own country, they would be 100 times more than those committed by MUTAWWA, but you ignore them and satisfy your conscience. 4. Can you explain, why against all these propagandas against Islam, it is still the highest growing religion in West? And more women are attracted to Islam than men. Many of Priest and preachers have accepted Islam after studying it.
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5. You cannot judge the soundness of a faith by the actions of its followers. Do not Judge Islam by the conducts of Muslims, but do otherwise. If Muslims were adhering fully to Islam, the world by now would be a unipolar society consisting of only Muslims! Q15 Laws, MUTAWWA, Why Religious force? Ans. Saudi Arabia may not be the idealistic Islamic State, but it is still the best as for as lowest crime rate is concerned. It is the duty of Islamic state to see that the Prayers are held according to their timetable and Muslims participate in it. No body can see inside the heart of any one, so they are only looking for outward compliance. The same way you have Traffic Police. To you this seems logical; otherwise the traffic system would become standstill, why? Your citizens are all law abiding, why have Traffic Police at all? You cannot see Islamic Point of View, because you are biased against it. You only seek defects in it. Any thing which does not match with your standards is treated as defect. First remove your mind from this bias and then may be you can discuss the beauties of Islamic Rules and laws. Q16 Makkah, Church, Why no Church in Makkah? Ans. There is no twist, convert or die. If you want to visit Makkah (not obligatory according to your religion) then obtain the visa. Satisfy the conditions of visa and you are welcome. For visiting USA , we have to satisfy the visa condition that we have no link to Al Qaeda and other organization, don’t we? 2. Non Muslims are not allowed in Makkah because they don’t have visa to go there. Fulfill visa condition and you are most welcome. 3. What is Church? Place of worship of True God, is it not? We have biggest place on earth for worship of only True God of Universe. That is why I said, we have BIGGEST CHURCH IN MAKKAH. 4. When as it is Israel and USA are on death bed, why should I waste my time and energy wishing them death. With some more presidents like GWB, nobody would be left is USA any how. 5. Yes Islam is the enemy of all oppression any where in the world. All oppressors are naturally frightened of Islam. Q17 Makkah, Non Muslims, Why Non Muslims are not allowed in Makkah? Ans. Chapter 12 Verse 12 in Quran is regarding the story of Joseph. What you say is not material at all. Your bias against our prophet means that you have neither studied his life, nor his sayings. You are saying these things our of mere ignorance. 2. Chapter 13 Verse 13 of Quran also does not say for what you mean. 2A There is already BIGGEST CHURCH in MAKKAH, dedicated to the praises of Almighty God of the Universe!!. The entry is open to every one in the world, 24 hours a day absolutely free!!! 2B. However you have to obtain VISA to go there. And the VISA is, you declare with your lips “LA ILAHA ILL-AL-LAH MUHAMMD UL-RASOOL –AL –LLAH” meaning “There is no deity worthy of worship except God and Muhammad is His messenger” . It is that simple. 2B. The true uncorrupted and unadulterated Bible is already available in every hand in this BIGGEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD. It is called Quran.
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3. I know the pain and suffering gnawing in your heart seeing the message of Islam spreading steadily in the world. It has been the fate of Islam’s enemies since 1400 years. I have full sympathy with you, but you are helpless, your fight is against the God; Creator and Sustainer of this universe. You are bound to fail, as many before you. Q18 Saudi Schools, Hate, Saudi Schools teaching hate? “OK, I see it is senseless talking to you because you refuse to be honest.” Ans. You are very “Honest” to decide beforehand, so what is there to discuss?. ”Saudi schools certainly teach that Jews are pigs and monkeys and drink the blood of Arabs.” MUQ: What is the source of your information? What Saudi school teaches is mentioned in Quran and Hadith. It is mentioned that some of the Jews were transformed into apes and pigs when they violated the God’s command on Sabbath. Where does it imply that all Jews are Pigs, and monkeys? Jews are spilling innocent Arab blood daily is Palestine is as clear as the rising of Sun. What is there to teach in schools, you open any newspaper, listen to any radio or news channel, this item will always be there. ”Rich Saudis financed the terror attacks on 9/11 and are still financing terrorism around the world, especially in Africa” MUQ: What is the real story behind 9/11 has not come to light yet. No body has yet been convicted of master minding 9/11. All evidence point it to be an inside job and cover-ups. ”It is not un Islamic to teach hatred of Jews because your prophet also wrote about his hatred of Jews.” MUQ: Hatred of Jews is more pronounced in Gospels than in Quran and Hadith. Jesus has at many places cursed the Jews. If Gospels spread “Love for Jews” then why you single out Quran and Hadith. Over the period of History Jews have suffered mare at the hands of Christians than Muslims. Who arranged Pogroms for them? Who evicted them from one country to another country in Europe? Where did Holocaust took place. All these ages Jews found peace in Muslim lands, now they are paying back for the courtesy shown by Muslims. ”these are well known FACTS” MUQ: Yes facts for those, who keep their eyes and ear closed and listen to their one sided media bombardments.

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Q19 Saudi Women, Car Driving, Why not allowed? Ans. Women’s driving a car is not an Islamic issue at all. The issue is related to Saudi Arabian culture. 2. As per Islamic Law, women should not go alone on a journey, without a close male relative. 3. Further as per Islamic law, they have to cover their bodies and faces in public. 4. May be because of these restrictions, Saudi Authorities have not allowed their women to drive the cars. 5. What the government decides regarding this issue, will be as per their customs and practice and is not directly related to any Islamic issue. Women were driving and riding on camels in the days of our prophet. Q20 Saudi Women, Driving, Why Denied? Ans. Women driving is not a Islamic matter , it is only a local Saudi Custom problem,. It the days of prophet, women used to ride camel on their own. As for women going alone on Travel, then Islamic law want them to travel with a close relative. We value our women and always protect them. We don’t leave them unattended as in your society 2. Saudi women have all rights which Islam gives them. They have even more rights than you give them. For thousands of years you did not give them any right, that was one extreme and now made them as exact equal to man, that is the other extreme. Islam is the middle path. It give women rights and duties that are as per their feminine nature. Days are not far away, when you will pitch man and women in a free style Wresting Match, to be enjoyed by the public.

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Chapter-28 Terrorism, War on Terror and 9/11 and Leftovers
Q1 National, Is National Terrorism allowed? Ans. It is a strange logic; Terrorism on National Ground is Ok, but not OK on religious grounds. 2. So Called Terrorists might be Muslims, why you call them Islamists? Considering that Islam does not sanction Terrorism. 3. Maltreatment of all Muslims on account of few, will further generate the support for the Terrorists, so what will be the end result? 4. If Zionists can get funds from YOUR country to Terrorize Palestinians, then why you whine at us? Q2 Moral ground, Is USA Imperialistic? Ans. Both WW-I & WW-II were not fought with any high moral issues involved. It was for Greed and World Domination. Parties won, because they were more in numbers and better organized. Winner can impose his own justice on the vanquished and the same had happened. If the other party had won, condition of the world would not have been any different, except that German would have been the Dominant world language!! USA has excuse of being “Sucked into” WW-1 & WW-2, because it was an European matter and USA got involved because of UK, its ally. Indirect involvement in WW-2 changed to direct involvement due to Pearl Harbour attack. The losses suffered were expected, because the enemy was also armed and organized, and could hit back. After WW-2, USA assumed the haughtiness of UK and started to behave like an Imperial Power. A , which did not had any enemy in the world, started to mingle in internal affair of every country. Top mistake, the creation of Israel, causing a source of permanent unrest in mid east. Since then, every war that USA was involved into, shows the signs of Imperialism or gaining political mileage in winning elections. Korean War & Vietnam war are examples. Vietnam conflict was a very small engagement, till Johnson converted into a big scale war, just to win 1964 Presidential Elections. 1992 Gulf war, was only because of Cheap ME oil. Many countries and regions were in the similar conditions, being occupied by foreign forces. But Kuwait became No-1 priority not because of Humanitarian issues, but because of Oil!! Smokescreen created was Liberation of a small country!!!

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Come 2001, enter LORD Bush (Secret agenda, to attack Iraq on any context), 9 /11 drama is staged, even without completion of legal enquiry, Afghanistan is attacked on the filmiest pretext. Aim is to catch Bin Laden, but in midway another important assignment comes on and the search for Laden is left to local police force. Attack on Iraq is more illegal than that on Afghanistan, UNO and world opinion is tramped under foot, the country is balkanised, its military, police, Civil Service are dissolved, Inexperienced administrators are sent from White House to run the country as serfdom. When the resistance builds up, false excuses are given and the occupation is prolonged till next General Election. Gullible USA voters come to the help of their “Poor” armed forces in Iraq and Bush gets re-elected. Free Iraqi Oil continues to flow from Iraq to USA. So called Hundreds of Billion of US Dollars in War Cost are gobbled by the Military and Defence contractors, hardly any money going into Iraqi economy. Yes we feel sorrow on loss of ‘Brave Highly Armed and Trained Mighty US Soldiers” at the hands of a few (Al Qaeda trained) Insurgents. They were only following orders. Many of them were in age bracket of 19-25. Should there not be an enquiry into, how these young and un-experienced soldiers were sent into such a dangerous area. By the way do you also feel similar sorrow when your planes and missiles attack killing innocent civilians including women and Children in Iraq and Afghanistan? We are lucky if we get a “Sorry, By Mistake” message from your top military brass. Q3 Justification, What is this War on Terror? Ans. Dear Sir, did you ever convict any body with 9/11 crimes yet. There are strong reasons that this was an insight job. Many experts believe that WTC towers could not crash the way they did, just by the impact of Jetliners and burning of Jet Fuels. USA attacked Afghanistan, without proving the guilt of Al Qaeda in the above attacks. Just to please the nation, they had to do something and they attacked Afghanistan, why did not they finish the Job and catch Bin Laden and bring him to Justice. Out of many detainees in Cuba, how many have been convicted of any crime. Your suspicion alone is not sufficient. 9/11 Commission report is one of the most teeth less report any one has seen so far. It was a system failure and no one is to blame. If your four planes were hijacked in one day from any other country (say Pakistan or Saudi Arabia), what would have been you reaction. No body lost his job, only a few handlers.

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You keep on fighting and spending your tax dollars, but you will not achieve peace, unless you remove the main cause of Muslim Hatred against USA, that is your Blind, Unreasonable and Immoral support to Zionists (That is Israel) in all their crimes. Zionists control your media and press, you are fighting a proxy was for them. Try to act justly between Zionists and Palestinians; most of your problems will be solved. But you will not take this easy and just course, and keep fighting against “Un-Known enemies” Q4 Justification, Was USA right to attack Afghanistan? Ans. 9/11 and Attack on Afghanistan: This is a sensitive issue, and I hope that I will not be misunderstood. I’m not going to defend any body, nor I have any sympathy for those, who commit such crimes. But at the same time, I do not want that innocent persons be harried and persecuted on mere suspicion. Basic rule of Natural Justice is that every man/women/group accused of any crime shall be treated as innocent, until proven guilty according to due process of law. Without due process of law, even a judge cannot punish any body, even if he sees with his own eyes the crime being committed. In International law, the states are treated as individuals and equals, and their disputes should be decided either in UNO or its bodies like International Court of Justice. Politicians and executive (Police, Army) etc are often vary of this long delay, and would like to take matters in their own hand and dispense quick justice. Indication of a civilized country is as to how much it follows due process of law, irrespective of the provocation. Punishments given after due process of law have much more effect than extra judicial killings. In light of above, let us see 9/11 attacks and its aftermath. The attacks were so sensational and so dramatic, that they galvanized the whole world’s attention. US had the sympathy of whole world and everybody wished that the criminals behind these attacks should be punished. What happened afterward was not according to due process of law. Within minutes after attacks, whole media “confirmed” that it is done by Al Qaeda Terrorists. They said “No other can do such acts”. No Confirmation came from Al Qaeda leadership, but media had already given its verdict. Whole nation was aghast and the Politicians had to do something. In haste to alleviate the public anger, proofs were hastily gathered, and an operation once so steeped in secrecy, was found to have so stupid planning, as to leave all their proofs in open. As if they thought, that after their death, the matter will finish. If someone was directing their operations from a remote site, he shall be more careful to leave no evidence behind. It does not make sense. We all know, how reliable are the government’s proofs (WMD s and Nuclear Arms etc for Iraq is a prime example).
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So the correct course for US Government was to present their evidence in any US court and get a conviction order against al Qaeda. US started preparation for war against Al Qaeda (so called “War on Terror”). Congress approval does not have legal sanctions. But there was a problem. Al Qaeda was in Afghanistan and Taliban controlled Afghanistan. So according to International Law, US should have gone to UNO or ICJ to solve the matter. Taliban asked US to give their proofs against Al Qaeda (as a Sovereign state, they had every right to it, what would be US position, if Taliban asked US to handover any criminal they wanted, who was in US). But there are different laws for Strong nations and weak nations, so US in its might thought it below their dignity to give proofs to Taliban and went ahead with war preparation. During war and afterward, Taliban and Al Qaeda were treated as “Co-equal, Co-existing and Co-eternal”. They were inseparable Crimes of one were put on other and vice versa. The purpose of War was to capture Bin Laden, but somewhere after fall of Kabul this became of secondary priority and now US was thinking of another theatre of war. 9/11 Commission of enquiry report came two years after the war was over, it was another Politician Court and what else could have been the result, when the “justice” had already been administered. Criminals or suspects arrested are still longing in “Prison Camp”, where they are treated like animals, their holy book is mutilated, washed with urine in front of their eyes. They have apparently no friend in this world. They are probably waiting for a Higher Court of appeal, where judgment is not given according to color, race or language but only according to one’s deeds. I neither belong to Taliban, nor to Al Qaeda, but I feel that somewhere in whole episode, miscarriage of justice is evident. Q5 Justification, Was Attack on Afghanistan Justified? Ans. Afghanistan had no role in 9/11. It is your media that have clubbed Al Qaeda and Taliban together, to make them as inseparable identities. If you count Individual and Mass killings by Jews and Zionists, they would be many times more than figure cited by you. 3. Yes, your terror is justified, not from the other party. It is War imposed by you, then why complain and face consequences. 4. What you say is not based on actual knowledge of Islam. It is from hearsay. Can you give references from Islamic Scripture? 5. They are retaliating against one sided US propaganda. You also call them “Axis of Evil” and what not. Be prepared for reply also. 6. Your so called Human Rights are only for your citizens. Other nations and people count as dust. That is why you see cases like Abu GARIB, GITMO Bay and elsewhere and turn your face other way. These human rights are only as a show piece. Things that really matter is “American Interests”, if they are met by cooperating with worst dictators and tyrants, it is
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OK. However a democratically elected government (HAMAS, Algeria, Egypt and other place) is not OK with you. It is hypocrisy not Human Rights Q6 Existence, Does al Qaeda really exist? Ans. Al Qaeda is in your imagination. Any thing, which is against your pre-determined opinion, you put a label to it. I understood that Al Qaeda was an organization, which was controlled by Bin-Laden from the hidden caves of Afghanistan. They had such high tech. Equipments and means to convey their message at will though out the world. No borders could stop them, no police could catch them. Billions of Dollars spent by you on CIA, FBI, NSA were as waste, since you could not catch the big boss , and could not convict any body whom you caught as suspect, that I developed a hidden admiration for that Super Organization that is more powerful and organized than the great USA army. Now with your comments, I feel that this name is of your own creation, and it is in fact an Ideology that confronts you at all fronts. Q7 Existence, Does Al Qaeda really exist? Ans. I never heard of AL Qaeda, till USA blamed it solely for 9/11 disasters. An organization which was so secretive, till the second plane crash into WTC, was also so stupid, as to leave Drawings of WTC on their PC s, manuals of Boeing 747 (in Arabic) in their cars etc It does not make sense. If by Al Qaeda, you mean an organization working from hidden caves in TORA BORA and beating FBI, CIA and all other agencies of the world combined! Then I have no link with it. However, if by Al Qaeda, you mean a thinking that criticizes USA for Unlawful wars on Afghanistan & Iraq, then yes I am for it. Q8 Iraq, Afghanistan, US Options? Ans. You have spoken some truth about Iraq. But what is surprising Majority of US voters reelected Bush after knowing about his follies in Iraq. As for Simple solution, Just leave Iraq Lock, Stock and Barrel. Leave it to its fate. You have already done enough damage and suffering for that unfortunate nation. Any fixation by you remaining there is not possible. Smarter minds cannot think of Simple Solutions!! 3. About Afghanistan? We should stay there until we wipe from the face of the earth every single member of Al Qaeda (especially Bin Laden) and every single slimy, evil, UNGODLY member of The Taliban! MUQ: If this was indeed your priority or goal, you would not have abandoned Afghanistan and shifted to Iraq. If this is your goal than accept my congratulations. You have decided to stay in Afghanistan till eternity!! Q9 Iraq, US Options, Get out fast! Ans. I really appreciate you point and the Dilemma you are on Iraq. But you see the US media is so much in control of lobbies that they can tilt public opinion in any way they like.
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2. They did so during Bush Re-Election campaign, that we cannot leave the job unfinished and we must complete what we started.. 3. The same logic is continuing even today. Don’t you see the Media Hype to go for Iran. Now the case is building up that Iran must not have nuclear capabilities. What is the logic? It should be that none of the ME nations should have nuclear weapons. When Israel has it, then other states also should have it. It should be deterrent on both sides. But media pressure is building for USA to attack Iran and by the time Bush leaves office, he will do it. Then all of your peace loving people will say we were against it. What sort of democracy is this Q10 Al Qaeda, Who was responsible for 9/11? Ans. I answered your questions about Jihad and Islamic view point, but you are sticking to your one point agenda. 2.Who attacked your trade centers, is still not proven in courts. No body has been convicted yet. There are suspects only. Like all other mysteries, this also would probably remain a mystery. 3. You keep on harping upon innocent people being killed. USA and its allies have killed many more innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq. What is your remedy for them. I think you only count your own innocent persons. I do not know, how any body who voted for Bush and Blair for a second term could be called innocent? They knew they lied about Iraq war and WMD, still they chose them as their leader? 4. Al Qaeda was never in power before of after Bush. Taliban were legitimate rulers of Afghanistan at that time. In fighting within Afghanistan was their internal matter and you should keep out of it. 5. If you are a true intellectual, I would be more than happy to be labeled as “False Intellectual” 6. First you complained that nobody answers your question. When I answered it, you again came back to your old line. Q11 Responsibility, Osama Responsible? Ans. Is Trial by Media is a new type of Judicial System? The only problem is which media report to believe? 1A. The Same Jazeerah TV published Osama’s denial when 9/11 took place. Suddenly after two years, Osama had a “Relapse” of memory and “Discovered” that he had planned whole 9/11 operation? 1B. I Think “Confessions” are not acceptable in court of Law, you have to prove the man guilty. Osama is alive or dead that also is not certain 1C. And since when Al Jazeerah report have become credible? I think you considered it a Terrorist Channel? 1D. After Capturing so many “Planners” how many you have put on trial and convicted in a court of law? If you arrested them and they “Confessed” of their crime, what is the need of trial? 2. Who is going to punish Bush for the Illegal war on Iraq and causing innumerable sufferings? At least he will skip punishment in this life. Should there be a court to punish him after the end of this life? Or his crimes will go unpunished. In USA history his photo will be hung in White House as USA ‘s “Most Hated” president. Is that enough?

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3. What would have happened if Germany and Japan had won the WW-2, would prove painful for Western Europe and Americans. But for nations of South America, Asia, Africa and Middle East, it would have been a bliss rather that a curse. 4. I’m not making you responsible for non-inclusion of Albania and Bosnia into EU. I only said there is a strong Christian Bias in EU. They do not want any Muslim nation there. That is fair man ship. 5. You have misconception about Islamic law that it pries into the bedrooms to find guilty. Islamic laws of witness is much tougher that Western law. It requires four eye witnesses before any claim of sex related crimes However if the case comes before the court, the punishment is very strict. 5A. That is why in Islamic society, If Islamic Laws are faithfully observed, rate of crimes go down dramatically. If one man is punished, Thousands of others take heed and stop. Example of Saudi Arabia is an example of this. 5B. But the problem is that in Western System, the sympathy of law is towards the criminal. They think criminal as “sick” people and try to “Cure” them. The results of this curing process is that the rate of crime goes on increasing and it is the society at large which suffers. Q12 Killing Innocent, Who is doing it? Ans. This is a strange answer! When you bombard from the planes into a heavily build up area, whom you think will be most likely to be killed. When you fire rocket or missiles into any locality, are they programmed to kill only Able Bodied Men? This is just a propaganda to wash off your guilt for killing scores of innocent women and children. This is what Media Brain washing have done to you. You are not moved even after seeing the pathetic scenes. Every one of your man killed was a picture of Bravery and every other man killed was a Coward. You remove this bias and may be then you will see things in their right prospective. Q13 Osama , Hero, Who used Osama? Ans. The way you get your news from your media, I get the info from my side of the world. If you want to know the truth, you should listen to both side of story. Then you should have an enquiring mind and do not think that other group is pure evil. With some practice, you will look thru the smoke screen of deceit. 2. Yes you have spoken the truth. You used them as your agent or as tool as you said. But unfortunately he was more sincere and not a hypocrite like you. He fell for the smooth talk that you used and believed that you are truly his friends. This game has backfired on you now. 3. He might not be a hero, but at least he saw thru your game and became a headache for you. Same game you played with Saddam also during his war with Iran. Both these backfired on you. 4. Life and death are not in your hand otherwise you can claim Divinity. You tried your best to kill Osama, but were not successful. 5. No body is without mistake, but to not recognize your mistake is the bigger mistake. Your biggest mistake was the Creation and full support which you gave to Israel. That has opened the door to all problem in ME and Muslims anger with US. Unless you correct that mistake, none of your efforts for peace will bear any fruit. You have already accepted your mistake for second Iraqi Invasion. I will add to that your attack on Taliban also. They had no role in 9/11. Attack of Afghanistan was also illegal and wrong.
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Only option for you is to leave Iraq immediately. You don’t care about Vacuum there, it is not your problem, otherwise you will add to your and Iraq’s problem. 6. You voted for Bush or not is immaterial, majority of US voters elected him. Instead of standing Criminal Trial for misleading the country to an illegal war, he was rewarded with second term. Is it not a collective crime for which each US citizen should accept responsibility. If he attacks Iran also, he will get full backing from US citizens, what type of Democracy system you have there? Q14 Osama, Initiation, Who trained Osama? Ans. There is nothing great about OBL. It is you and your media, who have made him great, his every word and tape is given world wide publicity. He is projected as “Terrorist is Chief” sitting in a cave in Afghanistan and directing his activities thru out the world. 1A. The very fact that the man is located in such a remote area that does not has any modern or reliable mode of communications, is always on the hunt by “The Greatest” USA and “The Great” NATO. Does not has any office in any part of the world, has no bank account, no correspondence address. Any body “Suspected” of having any link with him is immediately arrested. Despite all these shortcomings, he is like a King, issuing addicts to His subjects every where in the world. It is you, who have given him this publicity, it is your media which has made him “Great” not me. 1B. Any body can issue any statement in any part of the world in the name of Al Qaeda and your whole media accepts it. You are therefore suffering from OBL phobia. It is not certain if OBL is dead or alive even. 2. I’m not an OBL supporter, or even do not know, what are his teachings. I cannot depend on your media reports as to what he stands for, because much of it is speculation. Some one says that it was USA itself, which trained OBL to fight against USSR. The point is that, you considered it a political ploy to defeat USSR, the poor OBL thought that he was fighting for some ideological cause. After the end of USSR, he continued his ideological fight and both you and he discovered that now you were his greatest enemies. 3. OBL is coward or not History will tell. “The Greatest and Most Powerful Nation the World Has Ever Witnessed” could not capture or kill him, for past 7 years, gives some proof. GBW may also be a coward, who cannot move a foot outside White House, without his Guards!! Q15 Quran Desecrating, Did USA do it? Ans. American Soldiers desecrating Holy Quran in GITMO Bay was widely reported in World press, for Which American President rendered a personal Apology to Muslims. Would you believe that GWB would do it, unless the evidence was overwhelming. If you have any doubt, just loot at the hate and Anti Islamic, Anti Muslim and Anti Quranic Hate messages posted in these columns. If some of these writers were get their hand on Holy Quran, have you any doubt, what will they do to it?

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Q16 Responsibility, Muslims, Who Did it? Ans. 9/11 was not done by Muslims as a community. First of all it is still not proved in a court of law who did it. No body is yet convicted of the crime. As per you Al Qaeda did it and you have banned the organization, any body belonging to that organization is arrested. Even though he did not take part in 9/11 planning or execution. Is it not a collective punishment? They were Saudi or Egyptian does not mean that their countries were part of the conspiracy. If you attack these countries, it will be a bigger crime. 4. Yes when it comes to your warfare, the civilians are killed accidentally. When you bomb a heavily populated area, when you bomb a Madarsa, when you bomb a marriage procession and kill scores of innocent women and children it is unavoidable and by mistake. If Human Life is so sacred to you, then you must take precautionary measures. You must be very sure (you have latest technology) that innocent persons are not in the area. But As I said, the life of others has really no value to you. Q17 Responsibility, Taliban, Were Taliban involved in 9/11? Ans. Blaming Taliban for 9/11 was another miscarriage of Justice. They were legitimate rulers of Afghanistan and should have been given their due regard by International Community. It was media which clubbed Al Qaeda and Taliban together. Most of actions of Taliban were as per Islamic law. They banned the production of Opium in Afghanistan without asking any help from West. Now they are spending hundred of Millions of Dollars without getting any where. This one act of Taliban was sufficient to wipe out all their shortcomings (if you had eyes and years) 5. Killing Innocent persons is not allowed in Islam and is universally condemned. The problem comes only when, you do not admit that your planes, bombs, missiles and soldiers are also killing innocent persons. Muslim killings mostly come in retaliation. But as I say, we do not support killing of innocents in any form. Q18 Legality, Bias, Is war Justified? Ans. Yes Sir, I agree with you. This so called “War on Terror” is without any purpose and is no war at all. If you remember, it was started against Al Qaeda, who were holed up in Afghanistan. The main aim was to Capture Osama Bin Laden and others responsible for 9/11 attacks. But immediately after fall of Taliban Regime, the interest in capture of Osama shifted altogether. - The powers would now started concentrating on Iraq, which had no links with either Al Qaeda or 9/11 attacks. It was a premeditated war; first the excuse was WMD and other weapons available with Saddam Hussain. After fall of Baghdad, Iraq’s Military, Police force and Civil Administration was disbanded on the pretext of cleansing the country from Saddam supporters. - Unable to find WMD s, the aim was changed to bring democracy in Iraq. Elections in Iraq (which would be nullified by USA had any one else conducted it) led to the break up of society, which we are seeing today. 2. In such a situation, when the enemy is not known, how a war can be conducted? If it is against an ideology, it has to be fought on ideological ground. This type of military action has led to, total ineffectiveness of UNO, Isolation of USA from the world nations and multifold increase in Terrorism. The so called war is therefore failure on all fronts. Its enemies are stronger and getting more support.

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3. War mongers of War on Terror are trying to increase the theater of war, to include Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria. Judging by Iraq, what would be the effect is for every one to see. Q19 Arms, Do Arms win wars? Ans. Were you less armed on the eve of 9/11 than you are today? Or were you less armed on the eve of Pearl Harbor than afterwards. It is not the arms that win wars. Arms only win Battles, to win War; you must have courage, resolve and most important Justice on your side. Unfortunately you lack on all these fronts. Ever Hear of MUQ? Q20 Colonization, Acts, What they did? Ans. Colonial Powers used their colonies mainly as a source of raw material supply and ready market for their finished products. They shifted all the wealth of these poor nations to their base countries. There were benefits also, but the racial superiority displayed by Colonial Rulers lead ultimately to their down fall. They have not learned to deal with other people on Equal terms. That is why they did not earn any goodwill of native populations. But they were able to establish their culture in one way or other on others. Q21 Freedom, Real, Is freedom real? Ans. Yes the present Godless western society claims to give freedom to every one. It is a false claim, the freedom is only given about moral values. In all other respect your lives are highly regulated. People have to work very hard to make ends meet, they have to pay taxes, Insurances etc. What Church did to persecute was a bad example and has left a permanent hatred in western people against any religious system or laws. They think all must be same, it is not so in Islam. Q22 Wars, Korea Vietnam, Always fighting? Ans. My Comment was for Western Countries Generally and not only to USA. The same way you combine all Muslims together in your postings. Wars in Europe and Colonies, Australia, South America etc were the follies of European Christians not USA Christians.
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Koran War was fought as your Crusade against the spread of Communism, not on Humanitarian Ground. USA was then leading Anti Communist Crusade as it is leading now War Against Terror Crusade. Vietnam War was the consequence of same Philosophy. It was a minor conflict until President Johnson converted it into a full scale war; just to win Presidential Election. Same as JWB prolonged Iraq war to win re-election. Q23 Trinity Objection, Understanding, Is Trinity Understood? Ans. Mohammad (PBUH) had no need to learn or understand the meaning of a man made doctrine of Trinity. As prophet of God, his mission was to propagate the message he received from God. He gave best advice to Christians, asking them to “Keep away from this word, do not use it,” It is not mentioned in your scripture, why you make it as an article of faith? 1A. You say all denominations agree on Trinity? My dear Sir, it is not correct. There is a Unitarian Church, does it also believe in Holy Trinity? Most of your early churches were declared heretical only because of the confusion about Trinity. 2. If Jesus prayed in private, it does not mean he did not prey in public too. You are creating doubts on his character that he taught to his followers what he did not do himself. 3A. Role of Counselor you gave and as per my reply our prophet fulfils most of those criterions. Your Holy Ghost does not fulfill any of them. Who will decide who has Holy Ghost or who Does not? It leaves the gate open. All of your Heretical Churches claimed to have Holy Ghost in them. 8. I have clarified that our prophet satisfies most of the characteristics mentioned for the Counselor. You Holy Ghost does not satisfy any of them. It is your imagination that a spooky sprit, which no one can see or feel taught you all truth (about which your Initial Church Fathers differed so much). 10. In Quran our prophet is called “As Seal of Prophets”. He himself says “I’m the last prophet and no prophet will come after me”. 11. Every prophet is way to life and truth in his time. Moses was they way in his time. No body came to God except thru him. Jesus was in his time. And Our prophet is the way of Life and Truth from 603 AD till the day of judgment. Nobody comes to God now except thru him. We are yet to have a St. Paul amongst us. We stick to our prophet rather than a “Self Appointed Super Apostle, who never met the Master in his Life, but became his biggest evangelist and official spokesperson afterwards. In Paul’s books you will hardly find any quotation from Jesus, and whenever he quotes from Jesus, we do not find it in present Gospels” Q24 USA, Equality, Is US equal towards Muslims and Jews? Ans. would like to correct your mistake in which you have made Arabs and Jews equal as for as US help is concerned. First let me put the US help to Arab nations. 1A. US help to Arab Nations (which you term as aid) is nothing but a loan lend to them on Interest. It is not free money. It is an investment like any other commercial investment. USA is getting back their money with interest, what is there to complain about?
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1B. USA s involvement in Rich Arab State (Gulf states) is to get cheap oil as well sell its outdated and surplus military hardware. They are earning billions of Dollars every year, from these sales. 1C. USA is also earning billions of Dollars from ME from trade of their Cars and other products. In no way USA is at financial loss in dealing with Arab countries. 2. You talk of spending billions on the reconstruction of Iraq. I feel that hardly any amount spent on Iraq comes from US taxpayers. US is getting the payback in the form of cheap or free Iraqi Oil. Iraq does not need dole from USA at any time. Other Billions of Dollars which they spent on US army in Iraq is spent on US citizens (Its army personnel, defense contractors, arms, ammunitions, pay back for those killed or injured etc). Not a single Dollar is put into Iraqi economy or helping Iraqi poorest. 3. On the other hand Billions of Dollars (4.2 from US Govt. this year alone) given as aid to Israel is free money given to that country. Besides Govt. aid, much more money is sent to Israel from public donations. Over the years you have poured trillions of dollars as free aid to the Jewish nation. The free money which you give to Israel is used in Terrorizing Palestinian and other Arab countries and that fuels the Hatred and Militancy against USA in these countries. So in fact you yourself are responsible for growth of Terrorism in the world. If you want to complain about that free money and how much it is costing to US taxpayers, I am with you. Is any body strong enough in USA to verify, how much free money was given to Israel since its inception and how much was repaid? Q25 Violence, Monopoly of Muslims, Is Violence Monopoly of Muslims? Ans. It gives us a means to view both side of the coin at the same time. I feel that people in West are shown only one side of the coin, we on the other hand see both side (our side is known to us and your side, we are bombarded with CNN, BBC & NBC etc). You, on the other hand seldom see our side of the coin! See, it was equally wrong for USSR to invade, Chez, Hungary, Poland & Afghanistan. The first 3 of which did not capture world attention, but in Afghanistan, the population arose against them and it got worldwide support. Those fighters against USSR, were dubbed as Terrorists by USSR but as “MUJAHIDEEN (freedom fighters)” by the rest of world! Same action getting opposite titles from two parties. Now when the same people did not follow your line, you started dubbing them again as “Terrorists” Saddam Hussein was accused of using WMD s against Iran during Iran-Iraq war, but it did not get much attention, because Iran was your enemy. After that war, WMD s became the most important issue, causing USA invasion of Iraq in 2003. See the double standards. During Lebanon war of 2006, Israeli children, were seen as writing the message “Die in Peace- from Children of Israel to Palestinian Children” on Missile Warheads. In my view it was a horrendous act, not befitting the children. But your media, laughed it off. But when in Afghanistan, a boy was seen stabbing a criminal (convicted by the court of
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Taliban), the whole world felt aghast. I ask, which of the two acts was more callous. A missile may destroy any locality and kill many Innocent persons, but killing a condemned man is a single well-defined act. May be the right path is a mean between the two extremes. If we continue talking, we may come near to it. Q26 Trinity Objection, Is Trinity reasonable? Ans. It is not the trouble with Mohammad (PBUH), tell me any single man who has understood it fully? - It is Church’s opinion that These are Mysteries. - In fact most of your sects had to separate only on the explanation of Trinity. This is the single most popular reason, why Christians renounce Christianity and join Islam. Never Quran says that Trinity include Mary, It says “Don’t Say Trinity! Abstain from it, it shall be Good for you…”. It says “Certainly those are unbelievers who sag God is Third of the Three..” In fact some of Christian sects believe that “the Mother of God” to be in Trinity. 7. From 7th to 14th Century Arabic was the International language of Science and Muslims were the Top Scientists. If you do not believe it, ask your scholars and look at the thousands of Manuscripts in European Museums.. When Islam was on top, Our Civilization and Our Science were also on top. In case of Christianity, when your religion was on top, your civilization and sciences were in Dark Ages. Now, when Your science and Civilization is on top, your religion is at bottom That shows difference between Islam & Christianity. 10. You say end of prophet hood is nothing, those you have eyes on religion, think otherwise. At least now the Human Race could be united under one banner, the religion of truth, Islam.

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Democracy, What is Islamic Democracy? Dialog, Why should we have dialog? DIMMI, Have DIMMI Rights? DIMMI, Who are DIMMI? DIMMI, Who is DIMMI? Discrimination, Does Islam distinguish? Discrimination, Is there any? Divorce, Islamic Law on Divorce? Divorce, Laws of Divorce? Doubts, Creative and Destructive Doubts? Duties of state, Should State and Church be separate? Episcopal, Is Islam like it? European, Who was killing? Evolution, Does Quran support Evolution? Evolution, How scientific is Evolution / Professor example Fabrication, Did Prophet fabricated Quran? Failure, Muslims failed in Europe India? Fatwa, What is Fatwa authority? Fatwa, What is Fatwa? Fatwa, Who can Issue Fatwa? Female Circumcision, Is it Islamic? Followers, How to judge a religion? Force, Did Islam Spread by force? Force, Does Islam uses force for conversion? Force, Superseded other religions? Force, Why it uses force to keep its followers in check? Foreigners, Are Muslim Racist? Freedom, Real, Is freedom real? Friendships, Should Muslims befriend Jews and Christians? Fruits, What are fruits of Islam? Fruits, What are fruits of Islam?

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Fundamentalist, Who is a Fundamentalist Girls Education, Why girls should have separate schools? God, Can one Experience God? God, Concept of God God, Does God Knows everything in Advance? God, Does not Nature prove Creator? God, From Creator to Allah God, How is God in Islam? God, Is Believe in God Unscientific? God, Is it scientific to believe in God God, Is there God? God, Is there God? (Contd.) God, Is there indeed a Creator? God, More dialogues on God's existence God, Proof of Creator from Astronomy God, Proof of God from Earth God, Proof of God's existence God, What is His name? God, What is His name? God’s Powers, Why Allah Guides some? Gospels, Are Gospels INJEEL? Gratitude, Who to appreciate Greatness, Is he comparable to other men? Growth, Are Muslims only growing thru Reproduction? Growth, Is Islam growing in Prisons only? (Contd.) Growth, Is Islam only growing in Prison? Growth, Why Islam is growing? Guidance, Interpretation, Who to receive Guidance from Quran? Hadith, What are Hadith and SUNNA? Hadith, Why Muslims rely on Hadith? Hate, Does Islam Preach Hate?

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Hate, Why Iraqis hate USA? HIJAB, Is HIJAB required? HIJAB, Why HIJAB? Hindus, What do Hindus believe in? Hitler, Why Hitler hated Jews Holy War, Is Jihad Holy War? Homo, Are We suffering from Homo Phobia? Homo, Could Homo be Natural? Homo, How Homo harm Homo, How Should we interact with Homo? Homo, Is Homo a disease? Homo, Is Homo Deviant Homo, Is Homo Natural? Homo, Is Homo Universal? Homo, Perversion, Is it? Homo, Presence in Every society? Homo, Should Homo be punished? Homo, Why every religion is against Homo? Homo, Would Homo be always? How reliable are Human Rights Report? HUDNA, Is HUDNA in Islam? Human Nature, What are limits of prophet's human nature? Human Rights, Are there Human Rights in Islam? Human Rights, Bias, Does KSA has Human Rights? Human Rights, Women, Do women have rights? In Fighting, Other religions have modernized? In Fighting, Why In fighting? In Fighting, Why Muslims are fighting everywhere? India, Why Muslim Ruled India? Injustice, Why we see injustice in this world? Intolerance, Religious Police, Is Saudi Religious Police Intolerant? 287/ 299

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Intolerance, Were Muslims intolerant With Hindu? Intolerance, Why Shia and Sunni fighting? Iraq, Afghanistan, US Options? Iraq, Did US go to Iraq on Humanitarian ground? Iraq, Leave Iraq at Once! Iraq, Moral ground, Is USA Imperialistic? Iraq, US follies in Iraq Iraq, US Options, Get out fast! Iraq, USA options there? Iraq, Was Iraq a threat to USA? Iraq, Was Iraq war legal? Iraq, What are US Options in Iraq? Iraq, What can USA do in Iraq? Iraq, Why Iraqis hate USA Iraq, Why Muslim countries are not helping Iraq? Ishmael : Biblical VS Quranic Version Ishmael, How Hagar & Ishmael were treated? Ishmael, Was Ishmael bad boy? Ishmael, Was Ishmael treated Justly? Islam, Devil Cult, Is Islam a Devil Cult? Islam, Does it provide a successful society? Islam, Is Islam copied from Jews and Christians? Islam, Is Jerusalem Holy to Muslims? Islam, What is Islam? Islam, What is meant by Islam? Islam. Only religion Is It? Israel, Is Israel like any other nation? Israel, Is there a simple solution? Israel, Was Creation of Israel Justified? Jerusalem, Is it mentioned in Quran? Jesus, Are Muslim better Christians?

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Jesus, Are Muslims better Christians? Jesus, Did Jesus preach Trinity? Jesus, Did Jesus preach Trinity? (Contd.) Jesus, Is Jesus God? Jesus, Is second coming of Jesus boon for Jews and Christians? Jesus, Was Jesus God? Jesus, Was Jesus Last Prophet? Jesus, What Joseph has to with Jesus' genealogy? Jesus, Why Muslims not follow Jesus Jews Name, Chosen race? Jews, Are we brethren? Jews, Did Jews control Palestine for 5000 years? Jews, Did Jews control Palestine? Jews, Did Jews Controlled Palestine? Jews, Did Jews Controlled Palestine? Jews, Did Muslim Killed Jews of Europe? Jews, Did Muslims treat Jews badly? Jews, Did prophet kill Jews for their land? Jews, Do Muslims have Claims? Jews, If there were no Jews? Jews, Is media biased Jews, Is there simple solution Jews, Jews of BANI QUREZAH? Jews, Muslims are fighting with Jews? Jews, Was it given to Jews alone? Jews, Was prophet cruel to Jews of KHAIBAR? Jews, Why Jews hated the prophet? Jews, Why Jews Rejected Islam? Jews, Why Jews Rejected? Jews, Why Prophet killed and banished Jews of Medina? Jihad, Inquisition and Jihad

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Jihad, Is every Muslim Terrorist? Jihad, What are duties of Muslims and Islamic state? Jihad, What is Islamic Jihad? Jihad, What is Islamic Jihad? Jihad, What is Jihad? Jihad, What is Jihad? Jihad, What is meant by Islamic Jihad? Jinn, Why Muslims believe in Jinn? JIZYA / DIMMI, What is JIZYA? Judos Christian Influence, Was Islam influenced by them? Justice, Should Israel exist? Justification, Is Israel justified? Justification, Was Attack on Afghanistan Justified? Justification, Was USA right to attack Afghanistan? Justification, What is this War on Terror? Kaaba, Do Muslims worship black stone? KAABA, Was it a Pagan Temple? Kaaba, Why We face towards Makkah? Killing Innocent, Does Islam encourage it? Killing Innocent, Who is doing it? Killing Verses, Are they really? Killing, Are Muslims only killing? Killing, Does Islam teach Violence? Killing, Have other people renounced violence? Killing, Have other religions renounced fighting? Killing, Is it against prophet hood? Killing, Is killing against prophet hood? Killings, Muslims VS Christians Killings, Why are Muslims killing? Kingdom of God, , Did Jesus Established Kingdom of God? Kingdom of God, Did Jesus established Kingdom of Heaven?

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Kingdom, Did Jesus established Kingdom of God? Knowledge, Derived from Roman etc? Knowledge, Did prophet learn from others? Knowledge, Quran and Science? Kuwait, Was Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait Justified? Language, What is Arabic? Last prophet, Deut 18:18 is for whom? Last Prophet, Did Jesus foretold Mohammad? Last prophet, Was Jesus Last Prophet? Laws, Are Islamic Punishments Barbaric? Laws, Did the laws create themselves? Lebanon War of 2006, Who won it? Legality, Bias, Is war Justified? Lesbians, Was it started by Muslims? Lost, Was some Quran Lost? Lot, Prophet Lot and Bible? Makkah and Medina Surah, What is the difference? Makkah, Evidence of Abraham in Makkah Makkah, Was Makkah before prophet? Makkah, Why no Church in Makkah? Makkah, Why Non Muslims are not allowed in Makkah? Marriage with AIYESHA, Did prophet marriage a Child? Marriage with ZAINAB, Was it Justified? Marriage, Should Imam marry? ME countries, Was creation of Israel Justified? Media, Is it biased? Media, Is Media biased? Media, Is there bias against Muslims? Media, Muslims demand for Sharia? Mission, Are prophet special? Modern Science, How accurate is Quranic version of human creation? 291/ 299

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Modernization, Can Islam work in these times? Mohammad, Why Bible is Silent about Mohammad? Mosque, What is Mosque? Mosque, What shape? Mosques, Why Required? Mullah, Are Zionists same as Mullahs of Iran? Muslim, Born Muslims? Muslims, Achievements, What did they achieve? Natural religion, Is Islam Natural religion? Nature, Who Created Laws of nature Noah, Does Bible degrade Noah? Nuclear Weapons, Why Muslims want it? Oil, Was Iraq War for Oil? Old Prophets, Did Mohammad glorify earlier prophets? Older religions, Did all prophets bring same religion? Origin, Is Islam oldest religion? Osama, Hero, Who used Osama? Osama, Initiation, Who trained Osama? Other faiths, Does Quran denounce other faiths? Other races, Are Jews Racist? Pagan, Did Islam learn from Pagans? Palestine, Barren land, Was Palestine Barren till 1948? Palestine, Was Palestine a Barren Land before 1948? Past Rule, Records in Europe Paul, Did Paul change Christianity? Paul, From Whom Paul got Authority? Paul, Is Jesus or Paul the real founder of Christianity? Paul, Jesus or Paul? Paul, What is the position of Paul? Paul, Who is Founder of Christianity Jesus or Paul? Penalty, Why Death Penalty?

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People of Book, Could we Live together? People of Book, Why Not friendship? Perfection, Are Prophets perfect? Personality, Was he a True Prophet? Polygamy, Are Muslims growing thru Polygamy? Polygamy, Is Polygamy Banned in Bible? Polygamy, Only in Hadith? Polygamy, Reasons for allowing Polygamy Polygamy, Why prophet had so many wives? Pope, Are Popes Special? Pope, From where Pope got Authority? Pope, Was pope Justified (in criticizing Islam)? Power, Did Israel defeat Muslims? Power, Why Israel won 1967 war? Previous Scriptures, How much Quran confirms old Scriptures? Propaganda, Is media Biased? Propagation, Call, How to invite others? Prophet , Definition, Prophets in Bible and Quran Prophet Character, Was Prophet a Caravan Robber? Prophet Character, Why he fraught when Jesus did not? Prophet Character, Why he fraught when Jesus did not? Prophet enemies, What is difference between old & new enemies of prophet? Prophet hood, Is it necessary? Prophet, Did he write Quran? Punishment, Did Jesus punish guilty? Punishment, What is Islamic law for sexual crimes? Punishment, Would prophet have changed them? QIBLA, Why Muslim face towards Makkah & not Jerusalem? Qualities, Who are prophets? Quotation, Why Muslims quote from Quran and not from Bible? QURAISH, Who are QURAISH?

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Quran Authorship, It is written by one man? Quran Completeness, Was some portion of Quran was lost? Quran Desecrating, Did USA do it? Quran Fabrication, Was Quran fabricated? Quran Preservation, Did Othman Burn other Quran? Quran Preservation, Did Othman edited Quran? Quran Preservation, How Authentic is Quran? Quran Preservation, How prophet preserved Quran? Quran Preservation, How Quran was written down? Quran Preservation, Why Quran and not Bible? Quran Punishment, Are they harsh? Quran Simple, Can Quran not misunderstood? Quran, Basic and Allegorical Verses? Quran, Does Quran confirms Divinity of Jesus Quran, How Non Muslims should study Quran? Quran, How Non Muslims should study Quran? Quran, Non Muslim, How to study Quran? Quran, Quran or Bible? Quranic Errors, Are there any? Racism, Does God have special relations with Jews? Racism, Is there racism in Islam? Radical, Is there Radical Islam? Rape, Witness for rape? Reason, What is reason? Reason, Why Jews were hated in Europe? Reasonable, Why Muslims preach their religion to others? Religion & Science, Can they Coexist? Religion, Is it necessary? Religion, Is there any need for religion? Religion, Name, What was the name of religion of old Prophets? Religion, Should Parents educate their Children about religion?

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Religion, What was the religion of Jesus? Repentance, Did Adam repent according to Bible? Responsibility, Muslims, Who Did 9/11? Responsibility, Osama Responsible? Responsibility, Taliban, Were Taliban involved in 9/11? Rest Room, Does God goes to Rest Room? Retaliation, Should we also retaliate Revelation, Did God spoke to Muslims only? Revelation, Does God send Prophets? Revelation, Does God speak to every one? Revenge, Can a Muslim be killed for killing a non Muslim? Rome, Is Roman Church Special? Saddam, Was Saddam elected? Saints, Are Saints real? Salvation, Is belief in Trinity required for Salvation? Satan, Was Mohammad deceived by Satan? Saudi Arabia, American Soldiers, Why they are not welcome? Saudi Arabia, Bible, Why banned? Saudi Arabia, Freedom, Bias, Is Saudi Society free? Saudi Arabia, Freedom, Religion, Is Society free? Saudi Arabia, Freedom, Religion, Why is there no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia, Human Right, Media, Are Human rights in KSA? Saudi Laws, MUTAWWA, Why Religious force? Saudi Schools, Hate, Saudi Schools teaching hate? Saudi Women, Car Driving, Why not allowed? Saudi Women, Driving, Why Denied? Science and Technology, Does Islam block progress? Science, Does Islam restrict progress in Science? Science, Is Quran compatible with Modern Science? Science, Morals, Can science decide? Science, Muslim Contribution?

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Science, Muslims are lagging Behind, Who to blame? Science, Not a test for religion Science, What Muslims did in Science? Scientist, Can a true Scientist reject Creator? Script of Quran, How Quran was Written Down? Scripture Support, Was Palestine given to Jews only? Scriptures, Quran Vs Other Scriptures Secularism, Should Church and state be separate? Sharia, Are Islamic Laws Just? Sharia, Why Muslims demand Sharia? Shariah, Why Muslims are demanding Shariah? Shariah, Why Muslims demands Shariah? Shariah, Why Shariah in non Muslim countries? Shia and Sunni, Why Shia and Sunni are fighting? Shia, Why sects? Signs, Was Comforter Holy Spirit or a Prophet? Signs, What are signs of a true prophet? Sikh's Fighting with Muslims Sincerity, Was Mohammad a role model? Slavery, Why it allowed? Slavery, why not abolished? Solution, Did Muslims treat Jews Badly? Source of Information, From whom prophet derived his knowledge? Success, Was prophet a failure? Successor, Why dispute? Suicide Bombings, Is it Islamic? Support, Is USA Biased towards Israel Surahs, What is difference between Makkah and Medina Surah? Sword, Afraid of Sword? Sword, Was Islam propagated by Sword? Sword, Was Islam spread by Sword?

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Taliban, Why Destroy Buddha Idols? Taliban, Why they destroyed statue? TAQYYA, Is there TAQAYYA in Islam? Terror, Is there really a War on Terror? Terror, WMD ? Terrorism, Is Jihad Terrorism? Terrorism, Is National Terrorism allowed? Terrorism, Why Muslims using Suicide Bombings? Tolerance, Can Islam coexist with other faiths? Tolerance, Could Muslims co-exist with West? Tolerance, Does Islam allow freedom of religion? Tolerance, Does Islam allows Killing Jews? Tolerance, Does Islam provide freedom of speech? Tolerance, Should we co exist? Translations, Are Translations Quran? Treatment, Did Jews deserve the punishment by Christians? Trinity Objection, Is Trinity reasonable? Trinity Objection, Understanding, Is Trinity Understood? Trinity, Did Jesus Preached Trinity? Trinity, Is Trinity like Water, ice & Vapor? Trinity, Is Trinity Understood clearly? Trinity, Is Trinity Understood? Trinity, Was Trinity taught by OT prophets? Trinity, Why Use the word Trinity? True & False prophet, How to distinguish? True Christians, Are Muslims True Christians? True of False, Was Mohammad a true prophet? Trust, Did Prophet broke all treaties with Jews? Truth, Was Prophet Truthful? Un Believers, Does God love unbelievers? Unity, Is call for Muslims to unite justified?

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Universe, Is Universe by Chance? Universe, Is Universe Chaotic? US support, Why USA supports Israel? US, Is US Democracy best? USA strength?, Is USA really a Super Power? USA, Equality, Is US equal towards Muslims and Jews? Versions, What are versions of Bible Violence in Quran Violence, Are Christians Really peaceful? Violence, Are Christians really peaceful? Violence, Are Christians really that peaceful? Violence, Does Islam only preach Violence? Violence, Does Islam preach Violence? Violence, Does Quran teaches Violence? Violence, Killer Verses? Violence, Monopoly of Muslims, Is Violence Monopoly of Muslims? Violence, Muslims and Violence Violence, Violence in Bible? Violence, Was India Fighting Continuously? Violence, What is the root cause of ME Problem, love or hate? Violence, Who exterminated Buddhists from India? WAHABI, Who are WAHABIA War, Was Iraq War Justified? Wars, Korea Vietnam, Always fighting? West, Are Muslims hated in West? West, Do Muslims hate west? West, Is west to blame for Muslim Violence? West, Why Are they there? West, Why Muslims adhere to religion? West, Why Muslims hate West West, Why Muslims hate West & USA?

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West, Why Muslims should be kicked out? Wife beating, Why allowed? WMD, Right to own WMD? WMD, Right? Women Right, Do they have rights? Women right, Islam Vs Bible? Women Right, What rights Muslim Woman has? Women Rights, Does Islam degrade women? Women Rights, Does Islam degrade Women? Women Rights, Does Islam discriminate against women? Women Rights, Does Islam discriminate? Women Rights, Is wife beating permitted in Islam? Women Rights, Women’s rights in Islam? Women’s Rights, Does Islam degrade Women? World, Will Islam conquer World? Zionist, Do Zionists control US Media? Zionists, Do Zionists control US Media?

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Dialog With Non Muslims- Vol-2

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Christianity, Trinity




Evolution, Hindus Islam Islam- Jihad Islam-Women’s Rights Israel, Jews and Palestine Muslims and Misc. Prophet of Islam Religion, War on Terror

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Preface Praise be to Allah and His Blessings be on His Last prophet Mohammad, his family, companions and his true followers. After wards, Here is the second Volume of the Dialogs that I had with Non Muslims on threads of www.topix.net. This was earlier published as List-2 of FAQ about Islam. The pattern is same as was followed in Volume-1. I have not edited my answers and there could be many repetitions as the same questions are asked many times. But the replies are slightly different from each other as the background and context were different each time. As usual there is complete alphabetical index at the end. Some unusual questions in this collection would be. 1. Should Christians thank Jews? 2. If I become Pope!! 3. Is Arabic Superior to other languages? 5. If Virginia Tech Killer was a Muslim? Ch4. Q109 Ch.1 Q8 Ch.4 Q57 Ch7. Q 119 ` Page 109 Page 11 Page 62 Page 118

Chapter-1 Christianity , Bible and Trinity
Q1 Ishmael, Inheritance, What is the record of Ishmael Progeny? Ans. You have asked me about the record of progeny of Ishmael. Pardon me if my reply is a little longer. I will try myself to be as objective as I was to the other branch. 1. As per Quran (And Bible too) Ishmael was born when Abraham prayed to God for a Son. His attribute in Quran is “GHULAM HALEEM” i.e. a boy ready to suffer and forbear. We can amply see it in Ishmael when he was settled in Makkah and when he agreed for the sacrifice. 2. Ishmael made a peace with other Arab tribes who came to Makkah in search of water. The city of Makkah grew and Abraham and Ishmael constructed the House of God (Kaaba) there, which exists to this day. Ishmael and his progeny were not racist; they easily formed alliance with the other tribes living in Arabia and became peaceful owners of their land of inheritance. 3. They took to trading and as early as in times of Jacob had extended their trade as far as Egypt (As Story of Joseph tells us). Slowly and surely they became owners of the whole land of Arabia. They were living as traders and as nomads and were very very jealous about their independence. No foreign force could ever rule over them 4. In many centuries separating Ishmael and the time of our prophet. Progeny of Ishmael guarded their Inheritance and never abandoned it even for a day. They perfected Arabic language, had all the qualities that are necessary for desert life. Bravery, Honesty, Treating guests with honor and a very sharp memory. 5. Yes, They fell to the evil of Idolatry and other evils some time before the advent of our prophet. But it was more as the result of ignorance than will full disobedience. Other evils present in Makkan society could also be explained on the basis of ignorance or absence of guidance.. However they faithfully adhered to which ever practices they had inherited from Ishmael, like taking care of Kaaba and performing Hajj etc. 6. When Prophet Mohammad was sent to them, they initially rejected him, but after 20 or so years of preaching and warfare were convinced of the truth of his message. They whole heartedly entered into the faith. This entering into the faith was forever; they never doubted or deserted the faith.

7. They took the message of Islam to all neighboring lands and invited every one to enter their faith. If someone stopped their path with force, he was dealt with force. In a very short period of 25-50 years, Islam spread to all portions of the civilized world. 8. There have been many conquerors in the past and since, but no one like the Companions of the prophet. Every country they acquired accepted their faith, without coercion 8A. Once the fighting stopped the reign of peace dwelt in. Muslims took to the study of Science, Mathematics Technology, Philosophy, literature and all other branches of knowledge. It was an era of peace and prosperity for major portion for the world. Muslims became the teacher of the world. 9. One more thing, which they did, was that they guarded their Holy Scriptures with care and dedication that is unparalleled in the world. Quran and sayings of the prophet remain intact today as they were revealed. 10. In the end, their worldly power ended and they lost much of their earlier glory. But even in their defeat they retained their qualities of forebear ness. They are not boastful and not bitter. They are not racist and keep the doors open to every one even today. 11 So in the end I can say that Progeny of Ishmael defended their inheritance in letter and in spirit. They did not abandon it even for a day and therefore are rightful owners of their inheritance. . Now coming to the question of God’s Covenant with Abraham. From Bible it seems that all of a sudden God picked Abraham from the lot and made a covenant with him. While God has full power to do as He pleases, He is also a just and Wise God. His actions have far reaching reasons behind them. The trials of Abraham are not mentioned in Bible, you should look to Quran whenever you face a dilemma in any situation. As per Quran, Abraham was tested and tried more than any other human of his time. Quran says “ And remember that Abraham was tried by the Lord with certain commands, which he fulfilled, He (God) said I will make you a Leader to the nations” He (Abraham) pleaded “And also leaders from my offspring!” He( God) answered “But my promise is not within the reach of evil doers” 2:125

So the covenant with Abraham was made after he had passed the trials. The promise was not a general promise. Evildoers were exempted from it. Trials which Abraham undergone were many: a. As an early age, he was confronted with his idol maker father and his tribe. b. He suffered at their hands, he was even cast into fire, from which God saved him. c. He had to abandon the land of his fathers and had to settle in a strange land. d. When he was given a child (Ishmael) in his old age, he was asked to send his wife Hagar and infant child in the distant land of Makkah e. When the Child becomes ten to twelve years, he was asked to sacrifice his only child to God. f. When Abraham passed all these tests only then he was made a leader of Nations So it is logical that progeny of Abraham have to show good deeds in front of God to claim their inheritance, a mere birth link is not sufficient in the eyes of God. In the parable OF prodigal son, The Son repents of his misdeeds and only then the father forgives him. We have not seen any repentance from the Progeny of Isaac, but only their boasting and their pride and their racism. They have turned the land of Palestine into the land of weeping and the land of sorrow for its original inhabitants. The period I am talking about is from 70 CE till 1948 when Jews were banished from Palestine. It does not matter if you vacate your claim willingly or unwillingly. After passage of such long time you loose all rights to your property. If you do not follow this principle, then you have to settle many more claims in the world!!.

Q2 Creator, Proofs, Why Creator not bound by laws? Ans. What is so strange about it? The Creator and Creation are two different classes altogether. How should they be governed by the same laws? In fact it is your (and Pseudo Scientists like you) biggest folly that you equate Creator with the Creation and try to look materialistic proofs for His existence. If materialistic laws were applicable to the Creator, then it was all the reason that He was not Creator but a result of some one else's Creation. Q3. Scientists, God, Why Scientists don’t want to believe in God? Ans. The only reason I can think of is, that once you recognize the presence of God, next step would be the demand to regulate your life in accordance with His Laws and Commandments. That is the step which they do not like, so the best course is to deny His very presence. 2. Otherwise, I cannot think that so intelligent and reasonable people will try to prove that this entire Universe and specially the powers which humans are given have no purpose. Just live like an Animal and die and that’s all. 3. The fear of Church and its persecution is another thing which Scientists do not want to fall back into. They don’t seem to realize that there are other systems much better to Christianity where they can perform both functions with maximum freedom. Q4. Laws, Temporary, Are Bible laws temporary? Ans. That God meant these laws to be of temporary nature is clear from the prophesy about That Prophet in Deut 18:18. God told all followers of Biblical Prophets to "Listen to that prophet, what he says in the name of God". So the God's advice to Moses and other prophets to write down these laws and abide by them, was not incorrect. It was only in God's knowledge that how many centuries shall separate between Moses and That Prophet. The law of Moses was to be in force for close to 2500 years before an updated version was to replace it. Therefore there is no contradiction or discrepancy in the instruction of God to Moses.

Q5. Bible, Permanency, Are Moses laws for ever? Ans. I had thought that you will have some reasonable mind and would try to understand real meaning of my post. But it seems that you act in a very biased manner. If you are so much insisting on the word FOREVER, then let me ask you to prove that any of the manuscripts of books that you have of Bible was written by any prophet at all. Most of the books are by anonymous writers, the names of prophets have been added to give them some authenticity. The new law which came by the last prophet did not abrogate the original laws of Moses. Most of its provisions were still retained and very few were replaced with some thing better. I was really amazed by that quotation of Isaiah which I quote in your own words “Isaiah speaks of a time when the laws, as Moses handed them down, will be written upon men's hearts so that they will know them all and be able to follow them all without having to study them.” Now who are the people that have laws of Moses written down on their hearts? I did not see any tendency amongst either Jews or Christians to memorize their scriptures. It is Muslims who have memorized the Word of God by thousands!!! The law of God is written on their hearts and they do not need any paper or book to study it!!! Could there be any clearer prophesy that that about Quran? Deut 13:1 refers to the Jews for preserving their books till the last prophet came…..But did Jews completed that commission? They added and they subtracted and they changed and they modified…. Deut 13:6 refers to the false prophets and not to a true prophet of God like Our prophet. Deut 18:18-18: Specifically mention a new prophet who will come after Moses. Christians say that Jesus is referred here and Muslims say that our prophet is mentioned here….what are your views on this? For Ever in prophetic language sometime could not really mean FOREVER!!! Because the world will end one day and there will be no need for any Laws. Laws in the hereafter would not be based on Moses Laws!!!

From you general writing you seem a man with no religion….then you some time take a pro Jewish stand. I am at a loss to know what is your real stand. Q6. Bible, Authenticity, RSV and Woman in act of Adultery? Ans. I quote you verbatim from Matthew 5:18 Do not think that I have come to remove the Law and the Prophets. I have not come to remove but to fulfill them, I tell you this: as long as heavens and earth last, not the smallest letter or stroke of the law will change unless it is fulfilled. So then , whosoever breaks the least important of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be least in the kingdom of heaven, on the other hand whosoever obeys them and teaches others to do the same will be great in the kingdom of heaven (Christian Community Bible) 2A. Now where it mentions Ten Commandments? It says Laws and Prophets. Laws in Jewish term mean Torah and prophets mean other instruction as mentioned by any prophet. From where you got Ten Commandments. And from those ten commandments, you have removed Sabbath. 2B. When Jesus did not abolish any law, what right Paul had to do so? Student being greater than Teacher? 3. RSV (1952 edition) does not has John 8:1-11, the way your scholars are playing hide and seek with the Book of God, it s no wonder that they have reintroduced it. The same they did with Ascension of Jesus as given in Mark and Luke. First they removed it and then they reintroduced it Such things are going on since very beginning with your scripture. If a passage was removed then re –introduced it makes the whole issue very suspicious. 3A. You just look at older version of RSV and compare it with latest version and then ask your scholars about it. 4. The attributes given to God in Quran are from God Himself. We do not give any Attribute to Him, except what He gives Himself. We only explain that it is never taken in any bad sense. 5. Just look at your own Bible and see how many times the decision of God has been changed. Want some help from me? Or you can find yourself? But if your book is written by men, then it can do anything!! 6. No where it is written in your Bible, that these are man made laws. In fact in the Book of Deuteronomy and others, it is written than God

commanded Moses to do such and such. How could these become man made laws. 7. Yes we all free to worship what we want as per our free choice. In the hereafter God will call us to account for what we did. Let us all prepare for that. 8. Yes Miracles by Millions are happening in the lives of Christians by the power of Jesus. That is why we are saying all Christian Countries going away and away from the teachings of Jesus. Unisex marriages might also have sanction of Jesus or are they one of his Miracles? Q7. David, King, Was David only King? Ans. If you say that David was only a king, then why his Psalms are included in Bible as Word of God? Does Bible contain words of other than prophets? 2. David was a Prophet as well as King. Sp was Solomon. Both are revered prophets of God. It concerns us very much, when we hear dirty story about these are recorded in Bible and what is more astonishing is that you people defend these tails. 3. For you the infallibility of your book is more important that the honor of Prophets of God. For us the Honors of Prophets is more important than the book. That is why we reject these dirty tails. It happened 1000 years or 3000 years is immaterial. You are bandying his character for past 3000 years and we are trying to clear their names. Who are their true friend, you or us?

Q8. Fantasy, Pope, If I become Pope! Ans. If you nominate as Pope, you are in for big surprise. Because I will start my mission with a call to all my Christian Followers to believe only in the Words and Actions of Jesus and all practices that Jesus did and which he approved. That would result in: 1. Dismantling of all statues of Jesus, Mary and other Saints from All Churches starting with Vatican. 2. Removal of Crosses from all churches and Christian necks., starting with Vatican. 3. Re-introduction of Moses Laws and Commandments (except those which Jesus modified) and exhorting Christians to believe in them. 4. Issue an edict that I am confirmed that Comforter to which our Lord has spoken, was no other than Prophet Mohammad, so now he will guide us unto all truth!! 5. With that I will call all Christians to follow the true religion of God, the religion of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Jesus and finally Mohammad. The religion of Islam. 6. After that I shall resign my Papacy and return back to Saudi Arabia or India (If I am allowed) or will be killed on the steps of St. Peter (And mine will not be the only blood which so called Christians have shed to protect the Religion of Paul, the religion of Trinity.) Think once again Sir, before taking that fatal step. And you know what, That is what Jesus Christ shall do when he comes to the world in his second coming!!

Q9. Jesus , Crucifixion, Islamic Position Ans. The Verse "ELI ELI LAMA SABAQTANI" gave "Conclusive Proof" to some one that it was Jesus who was crucified, while to others it seems otherwise!!! Let me put Islamic position on the Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension and Second coming of Jesus: Crucifixion: Quran categorically denies that Jesus was killed or crucified by the Jews. It says that "It appeared to them so", meaning there was some confusion. That there was some confusion is evident by the varying accounts of same event in the four gospels. The varying accounts only indicate that none of the gospel writer was an eye witness to the event. Neither Quran, nor any authentic saying of Prophet tell that Judas Iscariot was crucified in place of Jesus. Some Muslim writers have said so, based on information gathered from some of Christian sects. This could be true or not, but Quran and Prophet are not to be credited with either stand. However when we see the sudden end of Judas (as mentioned in Mark) and varying account of his death (as mentioned in Mark and Acts), it seems that his death was also a mystery. It is Gospel of Barnabas which says that Judas was crucified in place of Jesus. Resurrection: Since there was no Crucifixion, so there was no resurrection. Islamic position is very clear on that. Ascension: Quran and Prophetic sayings are specific that God "Lifted Him Up". So Jesus ascended to heaven in his physical body and is still living in heavens. Second Coming of Jesus: Prophetic sayings are very specific that near the End of Time, Jesus will come back to earth for second time. His main object would be to kill "False Messiah" or Anti-Christ and to solve perplexity of Christians regarding his personality. Therefore

This in short is the Islamic position on this matter. Now let me give my reasons why this statement is unlikely to be uttered by "Real Jesus" as his last words. A. The verse itself is borrowed from the book of Psalms. There is no reason why Jesus should use this verse as his last words. B. Jesus knew that by his death, he is doing a great service to humankind, by removing the stink of Original Sin. He knew that he would face death by crucifixion, then why should he complain to God as to why He has left him? C. Then if Jesus was God (as per Trinitarian beliefs) why should he appeal to another. D. Just before arrest, Jesus has beseeched God to "remove this cup", but apparently he "Had" to drink that cup. By this last statement it seems as if Jesus is not willing to accept this situation. E. If some one says that these words came from him due to extreme pain he was feeling, then he was not alone in that situation. So many criminals and innocent people have faced that type of death, no body made those as his last words. It shows lack of patience. F. Other Apostles like Paul, Peter, Andrew etc were also crucified (no doubt as innocent people, not committed any crime), but none used these last words. John the Baptist was also killed innocently, we do not know that he used this verse as his last words. So in my view it was not befitting a prophet of God, or God incarnate, to say these words as his last words. More so when he knew before hand what was going to happen and what great sacrifice he was making for human kind for giving his life to remove the stink of sin committed by Adam and Eve. This does not make sense to me, but as I said, this is a strange world and people draw opposite conclusions from the same event!!!

Q10. Jesus, Divinity, Is it established so well? Ans. I thank you, that you liked my little “piece” on Jesus dieing like a God, but I also say that you forgot my another “Piece” that you cannot fit a Square in a Circle and vice verse. Both of these together could have helped you is reaching the right conclusion. The Idea of Jesus dieing as God came before verifying that Jesus was indeed God. (Let us forget for the time being that Idea of God dieing in itself is a contradiction. The one that dies cannot be God, because God and death cannot be together). So first this idea that Jesus died for our sin came, and was established, then they wanted to prove that Jesus was indeed a God according to four Gospels. And that is why you find so much contradictions and problems in proving this from Gospel. You have to constantly switch your stand, this verse Jesus spoke as God, this as human and so on. In the end, who died was only human Jesus and not God Jesus, so where is the endless atonement of sin? This is the dilemma of Christianity, in which brighter brains that yours and mines, been working since many centuries, but it remains where it was when it started. To simple minded persons like us, they tell us to only believe that we get salvation thru the blood of Jesus and we just believe it, without thinking or analyzing, if it is true or false. If you only look at words of Jesus as recorded in Gospels, most certainly you will see thru the smokescreen. But the Church asks you to see these wordings thru the filter of St. Paul and others and you see a different color altogether. I like your sincerity and have told it many times. I wish that you will analyze the statements you make and ask for proofs from the lips of Jesus and not from others.

Q11. Jesus, Divinity, Why is it degrading to say that God became man? Ans. Why We say that Becoming Man is Degrading to God: Joe let me first put a few opening remarks, before we come to this question: 1 God s personality and His attributes are beyond our comprehension. We have no right to say that God can do this thing and God can no do this thing. We only say what God Himself says about Him. 2 It is wrong to say that God Can do Any thing. We have no right to say that. In fact God does what He wishes and due to His exalted position, He wishes only highest things. 3 For example, we cannot say that God can lie, or God can Cheat, or God can commit mistakes, or God can die etc. 3A. In Quran God says, God only speaks Truth, God does not do any injustice, God never forgets and God is ever living. Therefore any actions which contradict these cannot be attributed to God. After these statements, you can see why it is degrading to God , to say that He became man, A. God is infinite and man is finite, how can one be finite and infinite at the same time? B God is immortal and man is mortal, how can one be mortal or immortal at the same time? C God never eats and never needs to go to toilet, where as man has both these needs, how can one do both at the same time? D God is not born and never dies, whereas man is born and man dies, how can one do both these things at the same time. There are so many problems which arise, when we assume that God became man, some of them are: a. Was He God before and then became man and then changed back into God? How any one who changes be God.

b. When He became man, who was running the Universe? Can Universe run without God? Or was he running the universe, while He became man? Then why no one noticed that he was running the universe? c. God s knowledge of both past present and future is perfect and He never forgets any thing, did He renounced those powers when He became man? If He retained those powers, then all actions and talks which He did as a man were mere dramas? There are so many questions which pop up into mind, when you say that God became man. And that is why we say it is degrading to say that God becomes man. And this whole ides of Jesus being God, is not so well established as you think it is. This is stated by others, and not Jesus himself. So why we accept all these contradictions and absurdities, just to fulfill some statements made by some people and not Jesus. Q12. Jesus , Divinity, Is Jesus God? Ans. Yes there is an instruction in Quran for Muslims, not to ask too many questions from the prophet. It does not say however that you will become unbeliever. It says that people before you asked too many questions and then they turned unbelievers. Because if you ask too many questions, then you restrict options for you, in the result it becomes very difficult to follow the right path. If you see OT books, you will find that Jews asked too many questions from their prophets and that is what Allah is warning us about. Now coming to the point of Divinity of Jesus, you have laid a very emotional outburst, without actually quoting from the scripture. You have given only one example that Jesus asked his disciples to Baptize whole world in the "Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit". Where does it says that Jesus is God? Take one example, when any one faith that I believe Allah as God because Allah and Mohammad 's Muslim, means that Mohammad is becomes Muslim, he has to announce his and Mohammad as his messenger. Just names are taken for any one to become God.

Then if you look closely, this instruction was supposed to have been given when Jesus was about to ascent to heavens. There is a contradiction, thru

out his life, Jesus never preached to non Jews. Then why on ascending to heavens he placed a burden on his disciples which he himself did not do? No good teacher, Master or right man would do it. For your information the formula "Baptizing in the names of Father, Son and Holy Spirit" did not originate at the time of Jesus. It was added by Church much later. So apparently this verse is added to Gospel of Matthew at a later date. I know it is very hard to digest something which is against your life long beliefs, but to convince others, you have to be emotionally stable. I do not condemn you Joe, I know you are sincere person. You are just repeating what was taught by your priests and preachers over many years. Divinity of Jesus is not so easy to prove from gospels, to prove Trinity is almost impossible. That is why Trinity has never been explained in plain language. It is only a belief, which you must have, if you want salvation. That is not a reasonable approach. Q12A. Jesus, Divinity, Is Jesus s divinity so Clear? Ans. I think it is right idea to sort one issue at a time. So let us discuss about the Divinity of Jesus Christ. You would agree that it is not every now and then that God comes to us in human form. As per you it happened only once in the history of mankind. Since it was such a big moment for humanity, it was very clear for Jesus to express it in no uncertain terms, so that his followers are not in any doubt about this issue. But what he does, he never clearly states that he is God in human form. He uses the words in such a way, that they can be interpreted in both the ways. You said, that it is Gospel that My and Father are one. If that is conclusive proof of his divinity, then in the same Gospel he says, I and my disciples, we all are one. You cannot take different meanings for the same word in the same context. Then ha also said,

1. My father is greater than me, My Father is greater than all 2. I of my own self can do nothing; it is by the finger of God that I cast out devil. 3. His disciples address his as Rabbi meaning teacher, he is called Son of Man in Gospels more number of times than Son of God. So we have to interpret scriptures in the way that makes sense and they all are supporting each other. To say that God takes human form is the belief of not Semitic people, but of the pagans Romans, Egyptians and Hindus etc. In their system God takes human forms in innumerable times. Christians have reduced only to one time that is all. To explain that God can do anything is not a reasonable answer. God cannot do illogical things. God cannot make 1 plus 1 plus 1 as 1. It will always be three. God only does what He wishes. Taking human form is not one of that. For guidance of humans He send prophets for that. Regarding Holy Spirit, as per Jesus, He should abide by and live in every Christian. If not always, then at least with those who formed all these churches and denominations. Now which Church is the true Church, how one can find out? Than all this idea of getting free from sin etc can wait, till we are over with Divinity issue of Jesus. Q13. Jesus, Existence, Did Jesus really existed? Ans. You are right in a way, if it would not had been for Quran, it was never possible to prove that Jesus existed at all. In their zeal to market Resurrected Christ, Christians have made all efforts to erase the existence of human Jesus on this earth. You are sure that based on four Gospels and the physical evidence available, there is not enough proof that Jesus existed at all. It is as case every where, Quran comes to the rescue!! It confirms Jesus as a human being and one of the greatest messengers of God, a man gifted by God, who came to reform the religion of Jews. He was a Jew, his message was for Jews.

As you can believe in so many Jewish prophets, why not one more...the last of Jewish prophets? It was a good question, I must say. Q14. Jesus, Existence, Did real Jesus Existed? Ans. Is Josephus such an authority that the whole existence of a major world religion depends on his writings one way or other? How are your sure that Josephus writings are really intact and available with us? While empty tomb and other stories may not be what really happened there, personality and existence of Jesus cannot be doubted. If all Christians reject Jesus, there will still be 1200 Millions of Muslims in world, who will be believing in Jesus as a righteous prophet of God, a Prophet born without father, the promised Messiah. Muslims will support Christians against any calumny which Jews and their supporters bring against him or his mother. There was a historical Jesus and there came a mythical Jesus.

Historical Jesus was a Prophet of God, born without any male intervention, he was a righteous prophet of God, Sent to Jews. His aim was to renovate the religious sprits of Jews and do a major overhaul of their religion. Get rid of superstitions and excessive formalism. Historical Jesus carried out his mission, for upto three years and made some inroads into the Jewish population. Somehow or the other, his mission did not reach to the level of success, one expected and he had to vanish from the scene. Out of this image of Historical Jesus, rose a mythical Jesus due to machination of Paul. This Mythical Jesus, Was Son of God, God in Human Form, Second Person of Trinity, Came to take away the sin of human kind by dying on the cross and then resurrecting on the third day. It is clear that Mythical Jesus cannot co-exist with the historical Jesus. So the followers of mythical Jesus (Christians of Pauline faith) did every thing to remove the traces of Historical Jesus.

What traces of Historical Jesus we still find are in some odd passages of Gospels here and there, where we can see a righteous prophet of God speaking. When your own followers are bent upon to remove your personality, how can you preserve it. This is the Dilemma of Christianity. They want to prove the existence of Mythical Jesus after removing all evidences of Historical Jesus. Many Gospels were burned, any writings against teachings of Church and Paul were systematically destroyed and now they are looking to insignificant writers like Josephus to prove that Jesus really existed!!! In fact it is Quran which preserves the pristine purity of Historical Jesus till this day. If it was not for Muslims, People would have decided that Jesus did not exist at all (as no mythical creature ever exists) Q15. Jesus, Genealogy, Contradictions between Matthew and Luke? Ans. To know about Jesus’ mission you must read only the four Gospels and book of acts where Chosen Disciples acts are mentioned. 1A. You must not be biased by the letters of Paul, because he should have no authority in Christianity at all. 1B. At least not teaching anything which goes against the teaching of Jesus. He must not be rated above the Chosen Disciples. 2. Yes I have read every letter of New Testament (including Paul’s letters), that is why I can say with confidence that Paul’s teachings are totally against the teachings of Jesus. 2A. You can either follow Jesus or Paul, not both. whom you want to follow. It is for you to chose

3. Mark or Luke were either writing under the instructions of Holy Spirit or they were writing of their own. You decide which is true, if they were writing of their own, then it is not Scripture. If Holy Spirit was guiding them, then they should be free from errors and contradictions.

4. What explanation you provide about Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew and Luke is pure hypothesis. There is not an Iota of proof that Matthew traced Jesus’ genealogy thru Son of Law and Luke thru Mary is also pure imagination. There is no mention of Mary at all in both the genealogies, wheras it was the Mary who should be mentioned in both genealogies!! 4A. Joseph the Carpenter had nothing to do with the Birth of Jesus. Jesus was indeed the son of Mary, because no male intervention was there in his creation. 4B. Prove to me that it was Jewish practice to treat son in law as real son. Is there any more such a genealogy in OT or NT? 5. In a way you are right, Mathew wrote separately and Luke wrote separately. Otherwise how Luke, a non disciple, could contradict Matthew, a chosen disciple of Jesus? Just because there was no collaboration amongst writers, does not prove any thing. It only proves these are unreliable records, having no involvement of Holy Spirit. 6. No need to tracing upto Adam, it is the problem in tracing upto David, that is the real issue. If you repeat a lie a million time, it will not become truth!! 6A. There is a clear contradiction there and best brains of Christianity are unable to solve it. 6B. By the way, is it also a miracle that Matthew’s list contains only 26 names (upto David) and Luke’s list 42 Names. A generation gap of 16 steps looks very unscientific. All the males in Matthew’s List married late or how else can you explain this. 7. First let us finish the clear contradictions in Gospels, then we will discuss supposed contradictions in Quran. Q16. Jesus, Jew, Did Jesus preach to Non Jews? Ans. With all due respect to you, Jesus was born in a Jewish Family; he was raised as a Jew. He preached his message to Jews and for your information, never preached nor allowed any of his disciples to preach to any one else but Jews. That was all during his life time. It was later when he died that His "Self Appointed 13th Apostle" opened the gate to Non Jews i.e. gentiles.

What was done in the name of Jesus after he left this earth, he is not responsible for that. If you know your Bible, you will appreciate what I have written. For your information, Muslims also had no problems with Jews for much of last 1400 years. It was only since 1948 that we have started problems with them, when they came to our lands, turned out people who were living there for past 1200 years and became a bully in the region. On the other hand, Jews and Christians have been at each other's throat for past 2000 years. It was only after WW-2, that Christians developed a new found love and friendship with Jews. So your love relationship with Jews is very new. And that is because you have shifted your problems to Arabs and Muslim Lands!!! By the way Jews have totally neutralized Christianity in the west. There is no Christian Church who can argue and win against Jews. They are still busy is apologizing to Jews for what they have done to them in past 2000 years. A lot of dirty linen still has to be washed. Pope will issue Apology after Apology to Jews for every act of crime and omission which Christians have done and in reply, he will never receive any Apology from Jews for what they did to Jesus and those Early Christians!!! It is heads I win and tale you loose situation between Jews and Christians of our modern times. I really have sympathies with Christians in the hole they have put themselves into. Q17. Jesus, Kingdom of God, Will Jesus establish it in his second coming? Ans. I agree that Jesus did not establish the kingdom of God on earth. He did not had enough followers to start with. Then what ever he had left him and fled at the first sight of danger (according to your scripture). What else could he say at the time of his trial? You are right, in Islam, there is no separate Church and no separate State. They are one and the same. It is Christians who have separated them and therefore there is not a Single Truly Christian Nation on the face of this earth. (There never was, how could followers achieve what the master could not).

By the way, we Muslims believe in Jesus and also in his second coming. But we think that he will not come to establish the Kingdom of Earth, it is already established by his fellow prophet. He would descent to save it from mortal danger of Anti Christ. Q18. Jesus, Non Jews, Did Jesus preached to Non Jews? ANS. Thank you for reminding me about Matthew 28 19-20, but you see this was after Jesus had dies and supposed to have resurrected. I said during his earthly life, he did not preach to Non Jews and did not allow his disciples to preach to non Jews. How this policy suddenly changed after his death, I cannot say. But if you look carefully the verse is a latter addition for the formula of Baptizing In the Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit started much later in Christian Church and not at the time of Jesus. I did not mean that every Christian persecuted these Jews. What I said was about the general conditions. There would be and there should be many good Christians who would have given protection to innocent Jews. If such persons are not there, there is no hope for humanity's survival. But when such statements are made, they are based on majority action. When we see white people in USA persecuted Black Slaves, it does not mean that every white man did that, there could be exceptions and there were exceptions. Same holds good for this case also. Whosoever does a good deed would be rewarded in the hereafter, that is what we also believe. Q19. Jesus, Preaching, Did Jesus preach to all people? ANS. Now coming to the point that Jesus preached to all, whosoever came to him and you mentioned the case of Samaritan women, if you check the incident as recorded in scriptures, Jesus was initially reluctant to teach that women. It was only her persistence that won the day for her to say. On the other hand, we have such clear cut statements from the lips of Jesus

1. I have not been sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and he gave instructions to his disciples. 2. Do not enter into the cities of Gentiles or Samaritans, but go into the cities of Israel. These show clearly the intent of Jesus. Teaching some woman here and some slave there does not change the whole purpose of his mission. As regards Trinity, I do not know what you mean that it is not needed for salvation. As per Church teachings, if you do not believe in Trinity, you will burn in hell for ever. Further salvation thru the blood of Jesus itself implies that Jesus must be God, otherwise his blood as a human or a mere prophet is not enough to carry the sins of whole world. It is glad we are discussing this subject and I am pleased with you. May peace of God be on you. Q20, Images, Are statues and Cross permitted in Christianity? ANS. Granted that Bible allowed you to make images of Cherubim and other objects. You say just kissing them is not an act of worship, which is debatable but I will let it go. 2. Making a statue of a living person and making the statue of a religious person are totally different. With time the love and awe of the religious person gives way to worship. To prey to any soul is per see the act of worship. That is what Christians specially Catholics do, they prey to mother Mary and Saints to grant their wishes. This is an act of worship and is prohibited by the First Commandment. 3. Coming to the statue of Jesus, you quoted Paul in support of Jesus as image of living God. Paul is a disputed personality, so I will not accept any quotation from Paul as proof. It is Paul who has really misled Christians, into worshipping Jesus Christ. So if Jesus permitted you to make his pictures and statues and then worship them, then please quote it. 4. Now coming to the Cross, when it became the symbol of Christianity and who authorized it? I did not find that even Paul used Cross as symbol of Christianity?

5. Now you are the same person, who are accusing Muslims that Black Stone, which is only a stone and has no shape or form, is a Graven Image and when Muslims kiss it, they really worship it, on the other hand millions of Christians hang crosses from their necks and kiss it, but neither the cross is Graven Image nor the kissing is worship!! 6. Can I ask sir, why this double standard? 7. Once I receive your reply, I will let you to ask your next question to me. Q21, Preaching Universal, Did God meant Bible for all World? ANS. Let me say you that you are wrong. Nowhere in the old testament it is mentioned that Jews have to spread their message to whole of the world. They were only to be confined within the land of Palestine. Now coming to Jesus, during his life time, he did not spread his religion to non Jews. If someone came to him, then that was another thing. But he did not go out of the way to preach to non Jews. His alleged statement (after crucifixion) to his disciples to preach this Gospel to whole world contradicts his actions and sayings when he was living. Most probably it was a latter addition and the proof is the sentence “baptize them in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost”. That phrase was not known at the time of Jesus and his disciples. Now coming to Gen 15:18, Gen 22:18, 26:4 , & 21;12 where God promises that all nations would be blessed thru the progeny of Abraham,. That w as fulfilled thru the mission of our prophet, whose mission was for all nations and for all ages. Therefore there is no contradiction in Gen, but you are interpreting it wrong by justifying it on the mission of Jesus.

Q22, Trinity, Holy Spirit, Is Jesus Divinity not an issue? ANS. I think you are not right in saying that Jesus per see was accepted as God by His Chosen disciples and all of early Christians. There is nothing in the four Gospels where Jesus says in clear unambiguous terms that I am God or where he says Worship me. In the absence of such statements, how can you say that Divinity of Jesus was never a point? Jesus behavior thru out his missionary life was nothing but as an Ideal Servant of God. He preyed to God, He asked God for help and did every other thing which a true servant does to his Lord. Then I think that You are trying to circumspect the issue regarding Holy Spirit. If I know your scripture correctly, Jesus promised that Holy Spirit shall abide by each Christian for ever (I think it is how you interpret the Issue of Comforter any way). When Holy Spirit is inside every Christian, how the Satan can mislead them. I am not talking about common people, I am talking about highest learned Christian priests and bishops and popes and Archbishops etc. Those that are heading these sects and denominations. How come Holy Spirit did not prevent them from errors of judgment and understanding? The answer is the logical one, which I gave that Holy Spirit is indeed an angel of God, which descends only on prophets of God and to no one else. That is why only prophets of God are protected from errors and sins. That is why Trinity since the very beginning has been an issue of which Christians have always been divided and no one is able to explain it logically and in plain words so that a common man can understand it. You can try your hand at it. May peace be with you. Q23, Trinity, Holy Spirit, Did Jesus teach Trinity? ANS. The nature of Jesus was the issue…when he was raised to the level of God (after bitter opposition from early Christians)…a sort of Duality in the god-head was assumed… which later changed into Trinity. Trinity took its shape after 300 or so years after Jesus, that is fact. If you say that Trinity is derived from some statement of Jesus…. Then it shows that it cannot be the central pillar of your religion. The basis of your faith

must be based on clear cut and unambiguous statement of Jesus and not Paul or other Apostles. As for Holy Spirit to come to me, after seeing the effects it has on Christians, I would certainly ask protection from God to send that type of Holy Spirit to me!!! Every Christian Church and denomination is supposed to be guided by Holy Spirit. It is pulling them in different directions. Can you tell me, which of these thousands Church and Denominations is guided by the Holy Spirit. If you want to know the truth, Holy Spirit is an Angel of God, who comes only to the prophets of God and to no one else. It came to Moses…..It came to Jesus…and it came to our prophet. That is the end. Now it will come to no other person till the day of judgment. All those who claim to have Holy Spirit inside them or being actually guided by it are faking it. This is another plain speaking for you. May God have Mercy on you and guide you to His Path. Q24, Trinity, Logical, Is Trinity easy to understand? ANS. What you say that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit is not only illogical but is also against the teachings of all Jewish prophets including Jesus. This is a Church Dogma which is a mixture of Greek and Roman Philosophy and a free interpretation of allegorical Biblical verses, which were never to be taken in their literal sense. This dogma was reached after a bitter struggle of over four hundred years, during which most of the Original and Oldest Christians and their sects were declared heretical. It is the most unintelligible and illogical of all Church Dogmas. That is why it has caused maximum problem in Christian History. How can you explain such things, Father is God, Son is God and Holy Spirit is God….but they are not three Gods but one God!!! Father is a person, Son is

a person, Holy Spirit is a person…..but they are not three persons but one Person!!! Father is Almighty, Son is Almighty, Holy Spirit is Almighty…but these are not three Almighty but one Almighty!!! Can any one who speaks plain English understand this? As for your comments, what happens if Muslims start sharing beliefs of Christians? This could happen but they would not remain Muslims any more. Our scripture is preserved and there is no chance of it getting corrupted or misinterpreted, like the Christian scriptures suffered. Further there is no chance that some character like St. Paul could rise in Islam and hijack the pure monotheistic teachings of Quran and our prophet. It is too late for that any how. I do not mean to dishearten you. I have respect for you, but the question you have posed seemed a bit naïve. I hope you will not mind my straight answer. Q25. Trinity, Proof, Proof thru infinity? ANS. As for your proving Trinity by infinity + infinity + infinity = infinity is the stupidity itself. It seems you are not familiar with basic principle of Mathematics. If you use that logic, then why limit at Trinity, you can also prove by that logic 1+1+1+1 =1 & (4=1) & 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 1 (6=1) and for any number of digits. Then one more stupidity in your logic is that one of that Infinity became Finite and appeared in Human form. When it became Finite, it was no more infinity. The more you think, the more illogical this Trinity becomes. But for your Pauline Christian nothing matters. The Holy Spirit which you speak so highly is (claimed to be) present in every Church and Denominations and the Same Holy Spirit is taking these into different directions. Who has it and who does not has it, will be decided by whom? Another Holy Spirit? In the end I told you as before you are welcome to “Relish in the meat and blood of Sacrificial Lamb”. You do the inequities and he pays for it. You

have the headache and he takes the medicine. You have pain in your hernia and he is operated upon.!!

Chapter-2 On Evolution and Dialog With Hindus
Q26. Creator, Civilization, Is human progress dependent on God? Ans. Regarding my observation that it is God given power to humans which has resulted in development of human civilization, Ask any scientist or any inventor as to how that idea came into his mind for the first time? He will only tell you, that it just occurred to his mind or he just thought about it. The idea came to him suddenly and words of that effect. Why out of thousands of scientists and engineers, this idea came to only his mind? You cannot analyze it or provide justifications. At the most you will say that it was A RANDOM or CHANCE occurrence that the idea came to only him. That is the same way as you say that evolution takes place RANDOMLY!!! Q27. Creator, Existence, Why God did not reveal Himself? Ans. It is not because of God’s weakness that He did not reveal Himself. It is because of our incapability that we can not see any thing which is not material. The same is the problem with Science and its instruments. When God is not made of Material, how could Scientific instruments detect him. This inability of Science and its instruments does not imply that God does not exist at all. It is not God which is held up Muslims form progress, it is the Muslims who by turning away from ways of God have turned away from the path of progress. And no not think that scientific progress in any way means that you are fulfilling purpose of your life. If scientists were true to their field…they would have said that we do not know how these Mutations take place and how the species really change from one to another…..instead of speaking the truth, they tried to misguide public by claiming that they have found the key to whole problem….It is Random Mutation and Natural Selection…..which they are not. Whatever progress scientists have made…it is all because of that God given gift of reason and logic. And to be honest…all new ideas are breathed into human mind by some invisible force….In fact it is with the help of God only

that new ideas come into human minds….ideas that did not come into some one else’s mind. It is a complex subject but at no time humans are away from the Power and Grip of their Creator. They even have no defense against Natural calamities. So their boasting are in fact nothing in reality. Q28. Creator, Proof, Why we cant see God? Ans. No I am not saying that God is incapable of showing Himself to humans. I am saying that humans are incapable of seeing God, because of their inabilities. Humans and all their scientific instruments can only see or detect material things and God is not of this Material. It is as absurd for you to say that God should change into material thing (so that humans could see Him). If humans believe in God after seeing Him with their eyes, then where is the test? Humans have to recognize and deduce the presence of God by reflecting on the innumerable signs that are dispersed in the nature. Our prophet did not see God with physical eyes; he received revelation of God thru Arch angel Gabriel. The same way all other prophets before him received the revelation. There was no time. No space, no matter, no energy before Big Bang makes all the sense to you, but that Creator to be Eternal and not material does not make any sense. I only pity at the standard of your sense!!! Q29. Creator, Proofs, Physical proofs for Creator Ans. Proof for existence of Creator are different from any thing else in the universe. So demanding physical proofs are as absurd as asking where was space and time before Big Bang. Thanks again for your work on Luria-Delbruck experiment. However I am sorry to say, it does not prove any Random Mutations. The Randomness is only in your head and not on laws governing Mutations. No true religion asks you to ignore facts, it only asks you to refrain away from baseless generalization of these facts. True religion makes you a true

scientist, to appreciate the works of Powerful Creator and see your own limitations in really creating anything!!! If you cannot predict movement of single gas molecule in a chamber, what right you have to say that Creator of that gas molecule also does not know its precise location? This is where you go out of your scientific realm and start theorizing, about a thing you KNOW nothing. The Creator not only KNOWS the movements of each gas molecule but also SEES the movement of each Electron inside each atom. Mind boggling!!! For you may be but not for The Creator!!! Q30. Creator, Voting, Should be decide Creator by Vote? Ans. As I told you that I am not against evolution and how it is achieved. It is your explanation that it is happening at Random, which is the most objectionable thing. If you are unable to decode the hidden logic behind these mutations, then it is your own limitations. We cannot involve Creator also in this Vicious Mutation Cycle!!! I told you that even if 100 % Scientists, Engineers and Philosophers agree that there is no God and there is no Creator, then also it will not change the reality that God and Creator do exist!! We do not need human votes to prove God. But what I really think that most Scientists and Engineers reject the traditional model of God (i.e. that given by Judeo Christian writings). If they would have been fed with the Islamic concept of God and Creator, many would have voted for Him!!! Yes you will find out about the existence of Creator and life after death, immediately your eyes will close for the final time. But that knowledge will not help you in the least, because you have failed in your life's mission and would now be ready to face the consequences of those who fail in their mission!!! The time to know God….to know the purpose of your life…and to strive towards it is now…when you are alive and not when you are dead!!!

Q31. Mutation, Random, Knowledge of Creator is Perfect Ans. Whatever theory you give about DNA mutations, if to you it is not clear, then you cannot say that to Creator also it is not clear as to which particular DNA that cosmic ray will hit. Let me ask you a question, how much water is there in all the oceans? How many fishes are present in all the oceans? How many gain of sand are in the beaches and how many leafs are present in all the trees? Now no scientists can answer these questions. He has no tools and no means to check and be sure. At the most he will make guesses based on the available data. These could be right or wrong, but we cannot say that Creator also does not know answer to these questions. We cannot superimpose our ignorance to the Creator. In the same way what you call Random Mutations and Natural Selections (which are non scientific and non defined terms), does not mean that for Creator also these should be Random acts. This Universe is designed of facts and laws and design and not some Random phenomenon. This is the basic fault of all you who claim to have found the secrets of this Universe. Q32. Proof, Religion, Do Evolutionists have proofs? Ans. I think you have really reversed your question. It is the Evolutionists who are asking Religionists for the proofs and not the vice versa. What is all the most amazing that Evolutionists are asking from the Religionists the Physical and Materialistic proofs for the existence of Creator!!! How come the Creator which is Non Material can be proven by the Materialistic proofs? So all the proof of Creator has to come from Non materialistic side, that is by logic and reason and common sense. And it is the mere stupidity of Evolutionists that they shy from these type of discussions. This Universe and every thing in there is a living proof for existence of Creator and His absolute Power, Wisdom and Mercy. But they deny all this by their obstinate demand for physical proofs. Any one looking at the proliferation of life forms on this earth would be filled with the Wisdom of the Creator. But these evolutionists close their eyes to

all the beauty of creation by their idiotic ideas of life forms changing from one into each other, only guided by the blind principles of Random Mutation and Natural Selection. If changing of one specie into another was to be only guided by Random Mutation, there would have been millions of intermediate species between one and another. There would have been Millions of “Misfits” between one specie and another. But none of the fossil records show these “Misfits”, we have only records of fully formed species. But due to din and noise made by these Evolutionists, their unreasonable and unscientific theories are treated as “Science”? What else could be more ironic? Q33. Religion, Lie, Are Evolutionists telling truth? Ans. You only pretend to tell a lie, by saying that evolutionist do not deny the presence of God. It is not necessary that you dent His presence expressively, it is the matter in which you describe your theory that makes the presence or absence of God an unnecessary question. For all practical purposes, His presence or His absence has nothing to do in way this world exists or should exist or would exist. The thing which you refer to As Random Mutation and Natural Selection are nothing but the acts of God, that direct these changes. You try to circumvent His presence and His involvement in the evolution process by inventing terms which really have no existence in the real world. And this is what I call deception and lies by the scientific community. They try to hide their inabilities by hiding behind the words of scientific jargon. They think that they have reached their pinnacle of intelligence by asking that who created God or from where He came. But when I ask who caused Big bang and what was before Big Bang, they think that these questions are superfluous, because Time, Space., Matter. Energy, and thought process all came after Big bang. But when we say that God is Uncreated and was present before the beginning….they think it is an absurd statement.!!

Q34, Hindu, Non Violence, Are Hindus non violent? Ans. Yes, to keep you up to date on Indian Non-violence. There is an Organization known as RSS in India. That is the extreme right group so to all. It and its political arm BJP , and so many specialized groups, VHP, BAJRANG DAL etc is what is known in India as SANGH PARIVAR. Their only aim is to create Anti Muslim Hatred in India. 1A. They take part in most of communal riots in India, in which thousands of Muslims are killed every year. Gujarat genocide of 2002 & Bombay Genocide of 1992 are very well known even to outside world. 1B. Many times, members of these organizations were called making home made bombs. When raided police found false beards, Muslim caps and other items from those houses. 1C. Many times they phone to police with False Muslim names to give false news of explosives being planted at public places. But these reports are always suppressed. 1D. They have killed, raped and hurt many nuns, priests and other Christian Missionaries. They damaged many Churches and mosques etc. 1E. As for as International scenes, LTTE a Hindu Tamil organization, is very active in Sri Lanka and is very well known. It was LTTE, which started the cult of suicide bombings in Sri Lanka. How many persons LTTE has killed is only known to God. LTTE has good support in Indian Tamil Nadu This should be enough to establish Non Violence concept as applicable to Modern India. Q35. Hindu Dialog, Why Indian Muslims support Saudis? Ans. Thank you brother for you thought provoking mail. First of all you are under delusion that you are being generous to give rights to Muslims in India. India is a country which is populated by citizens of every religion and groups. We are Indian citizens by birth and since many generations. We have as much right on India as Hindus have. If India has to survive, it has to behave in a secular way. As for your saying that Hindus are not Fanatic or not biased, I do not accept it. Yes most of Hindus are not fanatic and peace loving. But there are groups in India (RSS and Shiv Sena etc) whose only aim is to cause hatred for Muslims in the minds of Hindus.

You are aware of many rights that take place in India every year, in which hundreds of Muslims are killed. Police and Para military forces always acts against Muslims. Gujarat and Bombay riots are in our recent memory. Despite all its shortcomings, India is the best country to live in,. I am proud of my country and will not do any thing to lower its image. All regards Saudi Arabia, I do not defend the policies or practices of Saudi People and its governments This land has special significance for Islam and Muslims. It holds the two Holy Harams. It can not have any religion except Islam. Before the Oil boom, no body wished to come to this land, except Muslims for pilgrimage. Now due to Oil wealth, they had to invite people of other faiths also, some people object to it, but Govt. feels it is necessary for fast development of the country. So they are in Dilemma, as to how to maintain the two requirement. That is why they do not allow any other place of worship, but nobody forces you as to how to prey in your homes. You can prey in your house the way you like. Kafir is not a derogatory term in Islam. In means a Non Muslim. If you reject the message of Islam, then you become a non Muslim, another term for that is Kafir in Islam. Like in India what you call Muslims in religious terms (Maleichh?). Yes I know the Saudi people and say that many do not present the correct picture of Islam and its teachings. But I am not defending Saudi Arabia, I only try to remove the misunderstanding about Islam not against Saudi Arabia bias and

I go to India every year on vacations and looking forward to settle there when I go back from here. India for me is the best country to live for guys like me. If it would not have been for fanatic Hindu organizations, India could have progressed much faster and much earlier.

Q36. Hindu Dialog, Race Relations, What is interpretation of Racism? Ans. Yes my brother all humans are from the same parent, so per see there is no superiority of any nation, race or language over any other. The divisions of race, color, language and nations came as a result of growth of human population and their settlement in different parts of the world. The spoken language of all humans must have been one the written part came latter and every people chose their own way of writing. It would indeed be a wonderful research to go thru the history and analyze how one common language changed into so many languages. Then it is also a fact that people did migrate from one portion of the earth to another due to one reason or another. This process has not stopped even now; millions of Indians did migrate to all parts of the world since independence. In past it could have been like an army invading another country. The civilizations came into being and were succeeded by new civilizations. Every civilization did its best to add to the collective knowledge of human race and every country contributed to the growth of this. If we see in this light, then there is no conflict in human race’s growth and we should not be biased to put our own ideologies to the past event, so as to show superiority of one over other. Like wise, we should not degrade or over praise the contribution of any particular people or particular race. The same broad attitude is required, when we deal on such issues as between nation versus nation and race versus race. When I said that in India, we can find thee distinct races, it is based on facts and history and not a mere fiction. I do not believe that any race is or was superior per see to any other. It can happen that at a particular time in history, contribution of some race might be more than the other. That is the basis of survival of civilizations. If any civilization becomes a burden on human growth, it perishes. I am sure that I am not bigot, I do not condemn any race, culture or language as a whole and I also do not raise any culture, race or language to superhuman level.

Every one loves his culture, language and his race and his nation. ridicule one another, it will not be good for the society.

If we

After all, we all are children of same parent and our Real Creator is also one and to Him only we will return in the end. I did not specifically mentioned religion here because as per my logic, religion is based on the Divine Guidance. When our Creator is one, it is illogical to say that He sent different religions at different times. The essence of all revealed religions is same. It is the followers who themselves gave different names to religion of God and not God himself. This is an issue on which we could have a separate discussion. These are some of my thoughts on this topic. Nice to had an exchange with you. Q37. Hindu Dialog, RSS, What is bodes for India? Ans. Thank you brother for your post. When I say, that BJP and RSS are Anti Muslim, it is because the nub of their policies is to appose Muslims and malign them. If they are trying to work for the welfare for Hindus they should not work against any other community. and demonize the other community for the sake of community. To incite majority community against comes under the category of Nazism and Fascism. (which is nothing bad), They want to degrade improving the majority a minority community

If you look at the early history of RSS, you will find that they were much influenced by the Nazis and Fascists. The end of this philosophy ultimately results in the breakup of the country and its disintegration. You have given specific cases of Bombay Blasts, but have forgotten the earlier Bombay riots which were the main cause of those blasts. It is this selected memory which results in much of the mischief in the society (like wise USA starts its history with 9/11, as if there was nothing before 9/11 and nothing after 9/11). Then you linked Godhra case for justification of Gujarat riots. First of all, it is debatable as to whether the coaches were set on fire by Muslims. The media and the Chief Minister hastened to blame Muslims without conducting

any enquiry. The whole carnage was pre-planned. How the fire originated in that coach is still the subject of enquiry. Then in the end, you have tried to equate the issues of Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura with the Muslim holy places of Makkah, Medina and Jerusalem. This parallel is uncalled for. First of all Muslims do not accept that the mosques in these places were constructed after destroying any temples there. They are even saying that if any one can bring any evidence that the mosque was constructed after destroying any temple there, Muslims will themselves demolish the mosque and hand it over to Hindus. In case of any dispute, the other party should bring the proof. Without giving any tangible proof in a court of law, You are accepting per see that Muslims are responsible for destroying these temples; this in itself is against natural justice. The converting of Babri Mosque into virtual temple and then its destruction, will be a bad dot on the face of Hindutva forces for many years. Whether Babri Masjid was created after destroying Ram Temple is still a debatable question, but everyone in India saw the destruction of Babri Masjid in broad day light. You may consider it a small victory, but its effect will be far reaching. Worldly power available to any country and people is a temporary phenomenon, these ups and downs come in the history of every people, but we should always be guarded our values in every situation, that is the sign of greatness. RSS and its affiliates are busy day and night in inciting majority community against minority community, this is a highly questionable practice, and unless the sober people intervene and control it, the results could be very dangerous indeed.

Chapter-3 On Islam
Q38. Arabs, Paganism, Was Paganism original religion of Arabs? Ans. You said that I was wrong in saying that Islam always being the only religion in Arabia, you pointed that prior to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), 1400 back, Arabs were pagans and worshipping idols. I also must say that you are right. When I meant Always, it was for past 1400 years of history. Prior to that Arabs did fall into paganism for some time. If you know ancient history, let me tell you, that paganism was not the original religion of Arabs. They trace their descent thru prophet Abraham and prophet Ishmael, who were both icons of Monotheism. Kaaba was originally built for the worship of one True God of Universe. Arabs continued in monotheism for centuries after the death of Ishmael. It was only a few centuries before the birth of our prophet that Makkan fell into idol worship and transformed Kaaba into a sanctuary for idols. Arabs in fact knew the person also who brought idols to Makkah for the first time. Now can you find fault in my statement that Islam was always the only religion for Arabs!! I thank you for your frank posts and calling spade a spade. Q39. Belief, Fundamentals, What are the Fundamentals of Islam? Ans. See , you yourself are behaving like the “Doctors” I told in my second fable. You are acting like a “Fundamentalist” yourself, by denying without proof or trial that a “Wonder Medicine” could exist that can cure “All illness”. What is the difference between Your Fundamentalism and Our Fundamentalism? We believe that such a “Wonder Medicine” exists and you deny it. We at least have proof with us and you have only your personal opinion. Now coming to the question of Fundamentalism, it is not a bad word and not an abuse. For every branch of Science, Technology, Trade, there are certain Fundamentals. You have to follow them, if you want to be successful in that field.

To be a good mathematician, you must follow strictly the fundamentals of Mathematics. To be a good doctor, you must follow the fundamentals of Medicine and so on…..To be a good pickpocket; you must follow the fundamentals of Pick Pocketing!! Now it only depends on the fundamentals, if they are good for the society, then that Fundamentalism is good, otherwise if the fundamentals are bad, it is bad for the society. Now as you have said, you know very little about Islam (May be you know Islam from only from reports in media and internet), let me put down some Fundamentals of Islam and then let us discuss which one is bad for the society: 1. First Fundamental of Islam is that God (we call him Allah) is the sole Creator, Planner and Cherisher of the whole Universe. He has absolute authority on every thing in Universe. He is All Powerful, All Knowledgeable and All Mighty and does not require or need the help of any one. ‘ 2. Second Fundamental of Islam is that God alone must be worshipped and we should not worship any one else or join any one else in the worship of true God. 3. Third fundamental of Islam is that all humans are crated from the same pair (Adam and Eve) and no human has inherent superiority over each other. No race, color, nation or language is per see superior to any one else. 4. Fourth fundamental of Islam is that Humans have been given choice to choose their path. If they choose right path, they will be rewarded, if they choose the wrong path, they will be punished. Every man shall be accountable for his or her deed. No on else will bear the burden of any one else. 5. Fifth fundamental of Islam is that for the guidance of humans, God has sent the Messengers and prophets and has sent books. These prophets and books were sent to all nations and in different languages. All the prophets and books gave the same teachings.

6. Sixth Fundamental of Islam is that the Last Prophet in the long chain of prophets is Mohammad (PBUH) and the last book in the long chain on books is Quran. However both these events were prophesized in other books also and by other prophets. So Quran is the book of Guidance and Mohammad (PBUH) is the prophet till the end of world. So we should follow the teachings of Quran and Prophet to the best of our abilities. 7. Seventh Fundamental of Islam is that there will be a Day of Judgment, on which every human will be resurrected and will give its account of deeds before the God. Those who did good deeds will be rewarded, and those who did bad deeds will be punished. 8. Eighth Fundamental of Islam is that this message should be preached to others, but no one should be forced or coerced to accept this message. The free choice should be given to every one to accept or reject this message. I could add some more points, but let us hear your views on these (As for rights and duties for Muslim Women, we could discuss it afterwards, they are no second class citizens) Q40. Christianity, Should Muslims and Christians coexist? Ans. Yes I know it is a free thread and any one can post whatever he or she likes. That is why I ignore most of the post. I only answer those, who answer me back or to some post, which I think need some clarification. But I think after 1400 years of co-existence, we should have been pass the stage of calling each other names. Trying to prove that our prophet was a false prophet. Islam and Christianity are two major religions on this world. Both of them believe in God and prophets. It was the time that instead of doing down each other, they should go to the majority of world population, who still does not know any thing about God. Our book says, that as to who was right and who was wrong, will only bed decided in the hereafter by God. In the present world, we should each strive and compete with each other in doing good. That should be the criterion in which we should compete, not in proving that one is demonic and one is angelic. These are a few of my thoughts which I want to share with you. good day. Have a

Q41. Civilization, Role of Islam, What role Islam played in growth of Islamic Civilization? Ans. Perhaps the following will help you understand this topic, about which your knowledge seems to be limited. Condition of Arabs before the Advent of Prophet: 1. Arabs had no civilization to speak of before the advent of prophet. Except for a powerful Arabic language and few qualities, which are part of Bedouin society, they had not much by the way of civilization, as we know of. Very few amongst them even knew how to read or write. 2. In these conditions, our prophet started receiving the divine revelations. Do you know the first word of the divine revelation? It was IQRA !! meaning read or recite!! To an unlettered man the first command is given is to Read!! The same revelation (Ch 95: 1-5) speaks of pen and God giving knowledge to men which they knew not!! Can you see the importance given in Islam to knowledge and pen from the very beginning? 3. Perhaps it was because of these divine guidelines, that prophet gave very much importance to reading and writing. He asked his companions who could learn reading and writing to do so. Quran in many places commended those persons who have knowledge. 4. It was because of these teachings of Quran and Prophet that Muslims from the very beginning were devoted to learning and knowing things. Quran pointed to many natural phenomenon thereby exhorting Muslims to take up the study of nature. By the end of life of our prophet many of his companions had learned the use of pen. 5. Yes the true knowledge in those days was Quran and teachings of prophet, but Muslims in general had no aversion to learn any thing from other civilization. Growth of Arab Civilization was the result of Islam and Quran and not otherwise. 6. That is why, when Islam and Muslims expanded in the world, they took with them the thirst of knowledge everywhere they went. They extensively translated the books of Romans and Greeks into Arabic and undertook the study of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and other branches of natural sciences. They became pioneers in many fields. 7. Every Muslim of refined taste in those days, had its own private library. There were public libraries also. In those days where there was no printing

press, the interest and devotion of Muslims to books is really a thing to be appreciated. 8. Since in Islam there is no separation between State and Church, so at no stage Muslim scientists faced any problem from the state, In fact many of the greatest Muslim Scientists were also the religious scholars. 9. So in case of Islam, the growth of civilization and growth of science was going on simultaneously. If you have any doubt, just go to any big library in any big European city and look at the list of Islamic Manuscripts preserved there. You will be amazed at the variety of topics and the depth of knowledge of Muslims of those bygone days. Growth of Christian Civilization: 1. As I told you earlier, Jesus grew amongst Jewish people, who had a civilization spanning at least 2000 years. The Romans also had a highly developed civilization. So the Early Christians at least had the base work to built their civilization on. 2. But what they did, for first 325 Years, they had no worldly power, so there was no question of any Christian Civilization. They were a disjointed bunch of warring sects. 3. When in 325 AD, Roman Empire became Christian Empire, the majesty of Roman Civilization and sciences were inherited by the Christians, without doing any hard work. Did the Christians build on this civilization? 4. No Sir, by basing their religion on Dogma, which had no rational basis (Trinity, Divinity of Christ and Vicarious Redemption) and which cannot be explained rationally, Christians became the enemy of knowledge and reason itself. 4A. In addition to that they started the concept of Monastery, whereby the man has to renounce this world to gain in the next world. The vow of Celibacy (totally against nature) did not helped the things either. Any Civilization based on Celibacy and Renouncing the world will only produce negative results. 5. The combined result was that Christian World fell deep into the age of ignorance and superstition. This whole period of 1500 years is referred to as Dark ages and Medieval Ages. It is full of Church atrocities and ignorance.

6. So the contribution of Christian Religion in the Growth of Christian Civilization was negative. Growth of Modern European Civilization: 1. The period of Church atrocities was going to be over. By 1500 there was a general uprising against the power of Church. Then slowly and slowly, Church’s Power was curtailed and European nations really became independent and were able to devote their energies on the study of science and technology. 2. Since they already had bitter experience of Church Power, so the new Civilization was based on Secular concepts. Church had no say in day to day matters of state. It was confined within the four walls of Church. 3. In no way, we cam call the Modern European Civilization as Christian Civilization. The population is Christian, but they are only in names. The laws are not based on God given directions. 4. That is why the more Western Civilization is progressing, the Christianity is on decline. Muslims Decline in Modern Times: 1. Every civilization has its ups and downs. It happened with Muslims also. When they lost the yearning for acquiring more and more knowledge, which their religion had demanded from them, their decline started. 2. Fortunately or unfortunately the period of Islamic decline coincided with the growth of European civilization. The use of steam power and industrialization left the Muslims behind. This resulted in colonization of .Muslim countries by European nations, from which they have got freedom only recently. 3. From the above the decline of Muslims cannot be blamed on either defect in Islamic beliefs or Islamic system of education. If Muslims only try to copy the west, they can never catch them. What is needed is for them to revive the Islamic Spirit and gain their self confidences.

Separation of Church and State: 1. It is misunderstood that the separation of Church and state is the magic formula which guarantees growth and modernization. This is a wrong belief and is typical of Christian faith. 2. In the absence of any detailed instructions given by Jesus, Christians started acting on the advice of Church. The Church teachings were based on human reasoning, therefore lacked the balance and wisdom which is the hall mark of Divine laws. So the Church was holding the progress of science and technology in West. 3. This is not the case with Islam, which has capacity to move with time. If the separation of Church and state was the magic formula, how you account for the fact, that same European countries and people which came under Communism were left behind? The Communism system was totally against religion, but it did not help the same European race to progress and they are most backwards of nations in Europe. 4. Please spreading this false notion, that the day Muslims separated their religion from state they will start progressing. Progress comes from hard work and firm belief in goals and objectives. Islam provides both. Q42. Creator, Universal, Do all religions worship same God? Ans. It is a fact that most religions believe in One God and One Creator, whom they call be different names like YHWH, GOD, Allah or ISHWAR etc. Somehow they think that they are worshipping different God and Creator each one is really different from other. This is a folly and we need more dialogs to realize that we indeed believe in same God and Creator. You cannot remove the differences of color, race and language from human society…so therefore we should understand each other in a peaceful and reasonable manner. Killing each other on minor difference or because of ignorance is really a sad thing in present society.

Q43. Criminal Justice, Punishment,. Are Islamic punishment Barbaric? Ans. It is very easy to say that Islamic Justice system is Barbaric, but you have to being any thing which is as effective in combating crime as it. So far your western system has failed to cut down Crime rate in any country. If you are able to bring any thing better, then you a right to criticize Islamic system Yes in Islamic system, the thief is given medical help and he is still a member of Islamic society. There is no blame on him afterwards. It is your folly to claim that many western nations have very low crime rates, because of your Criminal Justice system. If they have, it is not because of Criminal System, but there could be other causes. If it was due to the Criminal System, then it would have proved equally effective in all countries. Introduction of Islamic Justice system would bring down crime rate in EVERY country, irrespective of whether it is Islamic country or not!!! Just imposing capital punishment for murder is not Islamic law. There are so many provisions also, including the witness system and other things. You have to impose complete system and not one or two provision. The Western Criminal Justice system is based on "Sympathy towards the Criminal". All protections are loop holes are available to the Criminal. In Islamic system the sympathy of law is towards the affected party and society and not for the criminal. That is why the two systems are opposite of each other. And that is why Crime rate is always on the rise in Western System and is next to nothing in True Islamic System. I did not say that Islamic system will ELIMINATE the crime from the face of earth, but it would be at its lowest possible level. Q44. Criminal Laws, System, Means and Goals Ans. Both means and goals should be correct in a good system and Islam provides both. I see that you are harping only on women, that stoning women for adultery is Barbaric, why did you not mention men here. In Islamic law (as in Biblical Law) both adulterer and adulteresses have to be given the same punishment and be stoned to death. But you are writing as if Islam leaves the men and punishes only the women!!!

AIDS is a disease and no one is to be stoned to death because of having any diseases in Islamic Justice system (or in any Justice System to my knowledge), However major causes for spread of AIDS (homosexuality, drugs and prostitution etc.) are banned in Islam so it would not spread as fast as it is doing in Western System. It is interesting for you to say that "Free" society will have high criminal rate. So you cannot reduce crime rates in your western "Free" society and the "More Freer" a society would be, the higher would be its crime rate (according to your logic). So you have surrendered to Crime and Criminals!! them? (Without curbing "Freedom"). The best way would be to legalize it, so it would be no crime at all!!! Then you could legalize, theft, murder, robbery and rape (as you have legalized, homosexuality and adultery), so there would be no crime at all!!! I never said that Islamic system would exterminate crime from the land; I said that it would reduce it to its minimum level. There are people for whom no punishment shall suffice, so that they would break any laws. Who told you that in Islamic system, there is no proportional punishment? Who told you that there is only one punishment for all crimes? I think you have no knowledge about Sharia laws at all, and your information is mostly hearsay. Laws of good and bad remain same in Stone age, copper age, Iron age, plastic age and any other age. Islamic Criminal Justice system holds well for all ages and for all societies and for all nations. So let us hear more from you what is "Seriously Wrong" with Sharia system. What I see "Seriously Wrong" in it, Is that it provides a safe society, with minimum crime rates, in which the sympathy of public is not with the criminals but with the law abiding citizens, whose rights have been violated (and that is the "Biggest Crime" for your "Criminal loving Free Society")!!!

Q45. Criminal System, Effective ness, Are Shariah laws brutal? Ans. In order to judge the suitability of any criminal system, you have to compare its practicality / affectivity / and its long term effect on society. It is very easy to say that this system is barbaric or punishment is too tough. Before you compare Sharia system with your Modern Criminal justice system, you will have to see the practicality / affectivity and its long term affects. In whichever country Islamic Justice system is imposed, the crime rates and the rates of adultery drops sharply and the society is free from all crimes. Whereas your system, does not reduce the crime rate neither in short term nor in long term. Then how you have a face to come forward with objections on Shariah law, without comparing it with a viable alternative. If you really look at the statistics, you would not find so many people in any Islamic countries whose hands have been chopped off because of theft, or those who have been punished for adultery. A few cases here and there removes these ills from society. Whereas in your countries, jails are overflowing, courts are full to the brim, but the cases of theft, robbery and adultery are always on the rise. Only a Bigot will say that modern criminal system is better in fighting crime rate than Islamic Shariah. Regarding Misha'al bint Fahd al Saud's case, I am not in possession of full facts of the case, so I cannot comment on that. But this is again we are discussing administration of Justice and not the Law itself. As usual your sympathies are always with the criminal and not the society. That is the basic fact which you have to consider when discussing Criminal system.

Q46. Last Prophet, Who is the prophet mentioned in Deut 18:18 Ans. I agree with you that there could be lots of misunderstanding when two people of different faiths discuss with each other on such sensitive topics. What is needed in such cases is restraint and will to understand each other’s point of view. Then the arguments should be conducted in a civil manner maintaining all decencies of debate. Having said all these, I quite agree with your view point that most people agree that one Great Person to appear in this World (whom we can call The Messiah or better Messiah of All Messiahs!!!). Such a person shall be appointed (or anointed by God Himself, in literal or allegorical sense that is immaterial). Most prophets have taken pledges from their followers to heed to that Messiah, any one not doing that would be punished by God. Therefore the search and identity of that Messiah is very important for all people who have any religious bent at all. There are only three contenders for that High Position, Jesus (according to Christians), Prophet Mohammad (according to Muslims) or a Messiah that would come in future (according to orthodox Jews). It is not possible to comment on Jews claim, because it relates to an event in future. So let is examine Christians and Muslims claims. Is there any way in which we can unravel this mystery. First Clue of this puzzle is what we see in Deut 18:18 where God (thru Moses) promises to send a Prophet Like Moses into the world. This prophesy was not fulfilled from the time of Moses till the time of Jesus (John 1: 19-26 confirms that), now before we proceed any further, let us verify that if Jesus indeed fulfilled the conditions mentioned in that prophesy. If we read Deut 18: 18 we find following qualities of “That Prophet” 1. He shall be a prophet like Moses 2. He shall be raised amongst the brothers of Jews. 3. God would put His words into the prophet’s mouth 4. The prophet shall not speak from himself, he will only speak what God will ask him to say.

5. If any one will not heed to the words of that prophet, which he shall speak in the name of God, then God Himself will take account of that person. These were the most important points of this prophesy. Let us examine if Jesus satisfies these conditions. If Jesus does not satisfy these conditions, then it means that Deut 18:18 has not been fulfilled and we should look upon some one else to come after Jesus. So I would need inputs from you, to verify Jesus’ fulfillment of this prophesy. I hope that you will agree with this step-by-step approach instead of raising many issues at one time. In the end I thank you once again for the posts you have written to me. I hope that we would have a fruitful discussion on this important topic. Q47. Last Prophet, Who is the prophet mentioned in Deut 18:18 Ans. Jews of those days put three clear cut questions before John the Baptist 1. Are you Elijah? (To which he replied in negative). 2. Are you the Messiah (To which he again replied in negative) and finally 3. Are you “That Prophet” (To which for the third time he replied in negative) then they asked him 4. Why then you baptize, if you are neither Elijah, nor Messiah and Nor That Prophet. Now when we ask any Christian, how many questions Jews asked John the Baptist, they say only two!!! Somehow they seem to think Messiah and That Prophet are one and the same. If that was the case, then why Jews put three very specific questions? It would have been waste of time if Messiah and That Prophet were one and same person. Now let me say one more thing, Those Jews knew their scripture better than present day Christians!!! They put the personalities in question in a Chronological Order also i.e.

A. First Elijah will come (Conformed by Jesus also that Elijah would come before Messiah) B. Then Messiah will come and in the last C. That Prophet would come. This is a food of thought for you. Now before I comment on similarity or dissimilarity between Jesus (whom you correctly write as Yeshua, but whom I will write as Jesus for other people to understand), and Moses, first we have to establish the status of Jesus. 1. The prophesy says He Shall be a Prophet Now Jesus according to most Christians is God, Begotten Son of God and One in a Trinity. How can one be God and Prophet at the same time? 2. It is not correct to switch status of Jesus from God to Prophet whenever it suits the situation. 3. So before we proceed any further, we must clarify this situation. If you think that Jesus was God, then he cannot be a prophet. If however he was a prophet then he was not God. You can choose what you want for Jesus. 4. Moses was a prophet and nothing but a prophet. He is still considered as a mighty prophet by Jews, they have not raised him to the level of God. So I request you to decide on this issue, before I comment any thing further on your post. I once again thank you for a very well written post and may peace and mercy of God be on you.

Q48. Democracy, What is Islamic Democracy? Ans. I am glad you asked me this question, and I beg you to show some patience if my answer is a little longer. I am for real democracy and that democracy is provided in Islam and in Shariah. So I am not a hypocrite. Now coming to what Democracy means, you will agree that there is no universal definition for this term. The famous quote of Abraham Lincoln “By the people, of the people for the people” is very vague. Coming to practical form of Democracy, there are more than 11 types of democratic systems working in West itself. is USA is different, UK is different, France is different and so are the other countries. So we cannot define any particular model as truly democratic and other not. As to me the true spirit of Democracy is that government of the country should be chosen by the will of people. If the majority of people agree on some name, he will be considered their representative. This choice should be freely given and should not be enforced on the people. This drama of elections being conducted every 4, 5 or 7 years is not the definition of democracy. People could have their own methods. So I am not the real supporter of this Western Model of democracy. But I do not reject is also. It is my view that in the Western Democratic System , the candidates have to tell lies in order to get their votes, they are unnecessarily influenced by the Lobbying groups, so in the end they have to compromise on every issue. You can see that in US elections which are going on. None of the presidential candidate can say any thing against Jews, Zionists, Israel and even other minor groups, because otherwise they will loose their votes. Once elected, they will be free to say anything, That is true hypocrisy!! The thing which I am really against is the power of legislature in the Western Democratic System. It is treated as Sovereign and Supreme and is free to make any law without having any limitations on its power. In my view, giving this extreme power to Parliament or assembly is uncalled for. In Islamic democratic system, the ruler or legislature is elected by the consent of people. Its power is limited. It cannot make any law which goes against the Laws already laid down by God and His Prophet. So in Islamic democratic system Quran and Sunnah are the Supreme Law and the laws of Parliament are valid as long as they do not violate Shariah laws. In all matters where Shariah laws are not available, Parliament and Legislatures can make their laws.

By declaring ourselves as Muslims, we agree in advance that we will abide by laws laid down by our Creator. If we accept any laws made by our own parliament which goes against God’s Laws, then we are real hypocrite. By the way, don’t think that Shariah Laws are unreasonable or illogical. These laws are made by the Wisdom of God and are better than human laws. So in reality I am in favor of Checked Democracy, which is prescribed in Islam. What I point out to these supporters of unchecked democracy, is that you call yourself a democracy, yet you stop the majority of people from doing what they want. This democracy is only a smokescreen, it is only used to force the views of a small minority over the large majority. Now you decide , who is hypocrite?

Q49. God Names, What are God’s 99 names? Ans. These names are mentioned in Quran and are revealed by God Himself. These are His attributes and not taken as separate entities to be made into gods. That was the practice of Polytheists (Hindus being the foremost) who made a separate image for each of God’s attribute and started worshipping them. Islam has very strict rules against idols and their worshipping. I am sorry to say that Christians have also fallen into that error by making (imaginary) statues of Jesus and Mary and worshipping them. Yes any one memorizing these beautiful names and then preying God with these names has high chances to get his prayers answered. But it is not De-Facto ticket to heaven. A man goes to heaven by God’s mercy only. How he achieves it differs from case to case. Now coming to your questions: 1. Most of these names are mentioned in Quran itself or are derived from it. So God Himself revealed these names to prophet. 2. There is no dogma attached to these names. There is no officially certified list of God’s names. And they are not limited to 99 either. Allah says, All Beautiful Names belong to him. In Arabic there could be 99, if you combine in all the world’s languages, it could be even in thousands!! My Dear Sir, Islam teaches us to use common sense and reason, not a belief in non-understandable Dogma like Trinity. Father is God, Son is God, Holy Ghost is God, but these are not three Gods but one God!! Q50. Hereafter Punishment, Is Eternal Punishment Justified? Ans. I will only touch on the Eternal Punishment for Hitler. First of all I don’t know what Punishment will be given to Hitler. What I pointed out in the things of seemingly illogical things in this world that many crimes cannot be adequately punished in this world. I mentioned some examples, including Hitler, that he cannot be punished in this world for all crimes he committed. Same is the cases with other people who carried out genocide and created false beliefs and sects, that mislead millions.

5. So the logic demands, that there should be another court, where these criminals could be punished as per the quantum of their crimes. In that court, there will be no death to lighten the feeling of pain which is the case in this world. The Supreme Judge will see that no one is wrongly punished and gets his just dues. 6. The Question of Time is a very relative term, we think 1000 years as very large, because our lives are only 60-70 years. If out lives were 1 million years, we will think 1000 years as nothing. So in the hereafter, time will be on a totally different scale than in this world. So I cannot comment on the time factor. 7. What the creator has done, that He has warned humankind (thru prophets), that hereafter is a very serious matter. Not to be taken lightly. If by restraining your lives for a few years you could get unlimited rewards and by ignoring it liable for a very grievous penalty. We can argue here about the reasonability of this reward or punishment, but at least we cannot say to our Creator, that we were not forewarned. Q51. Holy War, Jihad, Is Jihad same as Holy War? Ans. Holy War is a western concept and is never to be found in Islamic Literature. Islamic war is called Jihad, which is neither holy nor unholy. If it is the cause of God then it is acceptable, if it is in any other cause then it is not acceptable. 2. Muslims never translated Jihad as Holy War. This is a Church concept to justify the Crusades. 3. Jihad means to strive and struggle against injustice, it can be against your own baser motives, against unbelievers, and against Non Muslims also. You have to strive with your tongue, with your pen, with your wealth and finally with your body. All these different shades are covered under Islamic concept of Jihad. It is not just fighting. At least Muslims do not need a Non Muslim to explain us what a Islamic term means!! 4. You are misquoting Quran 8:60. It is instructions for Muslims to keep their armies and ammunitions always ready, so that Non Muslims are terrified to attack Muslim lands. 5. It is not a general command for every Muslim to brandish their arms so as to terrorize every Non-Muslim on the earth. This is quoting this verse out of context.

6. I want to ask you, why USA and other countries have developed, Super Sonic Planes, Missiles, Atom Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs, Air Craft Carriers and Millions of armed soldiers? To waste money? Or to create Terror in the hearts of enemies so as not to think of attacking America. If this is terrorism, then USA is the Biggest Terrorist nation in the world!! 7. Or your arms are for peaceful purposes and your enemies arms are to create Terror? Q52. Compare growth of Islamic and European Civilizations Ans. The way you have explained growth of European civilizations is also a oversimplification. I want to ask you, When Romans became Christians, were they having a highly developed civilization or not? 2. After becoming Christians, their civilization should have progressed or not? When it started declining, then what was the factor which resulted in declining of civilization? The faith and practices of Christianity? 3. In case of Islam, Arabs had no civilization to speak of. After becoming Muslim, their civilization started increasing by leaps and bounds. What was the contributing factor for this rise? Belief in Islam and its laws what else? 4. So long as the Church teachings reigned supreme, Europe did not come out of its down ward trend. It was only after separating Church from state, they started re-building on their civilization and reached to the present level. So we can say in the case of Europe Church’s influence on growth and progress of civilization was negative, which was not the case with Islam. 5. Now I will touch the real things which really helped in growth of European Civilization: A. Rational approach to every thing connected with Matter. This resulted in growth of science and technology. B. Hard work and sincerity in the acquirement of knowledge, which resulted in spread of knowledge and education thru out the continent. C. Free trade and freedom to acquire wealth and spend it in on worldly pleasure. Which resulted in the growth of trade and industry. D. Respect of labor and hard work, which resulted in dignity of human kind and reduced class distinction. E. Freedom of speech and expression and end of religious prosecution, which was the characteristic of Church. This resulted in contribution of all sections of society in the national development.

These are the factors which really helped in the growth of European Civilization and its spread in the world. The negative effect of extreme nationalism and colonization, were helpful in quick results, but not the cause of growth of European Civilization. 6. Now I will give the wrong reasons which some feel are also the basic reason of Growth of European Civilization. A. Birth Control: It was never the cause of growth of European civilization and if followed to the extreme would result in its ultimate demise. B. Equality of Sexes: It was never the main reason of rise of European civilization. And the apparent equality, which is seen on the outside, can never be achieved 100%. C. Sexual Immorality: It was never the positive reason for growth of European Civilization. We are seeing the negative effect of this is the form of break up of Family system and growth of homosexuality and extreme nudity. This will result ultimately in the demise of Civilization. No civilization can survive with these fatal defects. D. Material Approach to every thing: Extreme materialism, results in total collapse of religious believes, which in the end will result in spiritual void and increase violence and intolerance. 7. So if Muslims have to improve themselves, they should take the positive things of Europeans and keep away from the negative things. But what is happening is that we are forced to copy the negative things first, so that we will never reach the positive part. This is the tragedy of Muslim world, they want to progress but are being led on the wrong direction. Q53. Jesus Depreciation, Does Islam depreciate Jesus? Ans. I do not know what you mean by depreciation of any one. Let us take one example, if X has been a president of USA and Y has been only a Senator, and people generally say that Y is also President of USA, then: A. Do we depreciate Y, if we say that he was only a Senator and never became President of USA? D. Do we not depreciate X, if we say that he became Senator of USA? Therefore increasing the stature of some one is really depreciating it and any one telling the proper place of him, is really appreciating it.

Having said so, let us see what Quran says on the subject of Jesus "O people of Book (Jews and Christian) commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of God aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) a messenger of God, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him…." (4: 171) Where do you find any thing depreciating in it? This and on other places, Quran tells us that a. Jesus was one of the Mightiest messengers of God. b. That he was the Messiah. c. That he was born miraculously without a father. d. That he showed many miracles, including bringing to life who were dead by God's permission. e. That he was not crucified and God saved him from that inglorious death and took him bodily into heaven. f. That he will come back to earth before the final day to restore peace and justice in the world. Tell me where we depreciate him? If calling him Son of Mary is depreciating him, then calling him son of Joseph (Luke and Mark) is much more depreciating. If saying that he was not God is depreciating him, then let me say we "Depreciate" all prophets of God from Adam to Our Prophet, we do not say that they were God or God in human form. But let me say, you people depreciate our prophet. You put baseless accusations on him, his personal character and his personal life.

Q54. Jews Hate, Do Muslim hate all Jews? Ans. No need to worry about our Wahabi Police!! It is our Quran which says some good things about Jews as well. After describing the majority of them as rebels to god and exceeding all bounds....it has the following verse to describe good people amongst them "Not all of them are alike: of the people of book are a portion that stand (for the right); they rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long. and they prostrate themselves in adoration" "They believe in Allah and the Last Day: they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong, and they hasten in good works: they are in the ranks of the righteous" Ch3 V 113-114 Tolerance and broadmindedness is the hall mark of Islam and Quran. We only condemn those Jews and Christians who do wrong to us. Not Jews only because they are Jews

Chapter-4 On Islam- Jihad and others
Q55. Jihad , Levels, What are levels of Jihad? Ans. As for Islamic Jihad, it is struggle against oppression and injustice in the world. You have to struggle against the oppression with every thing you have. It has different levels: 1. The first Jihad is against your own self. You struggle against your own baser self , so that you can follow laws and commandments of God. 2. The second Jihad is with your tongue. You speak openly and admonish tyrants and oppressors. 3. Third Jihad is with your pen, you use it to expose the tyrants and oppressors. 4. Fourth Jihad is with your possessions. You use your money to support those who are trying to remove injustice and oppression in the world. 5. And the fifth Jihad is that you use your body and physical power to root out injustice and oppression in the world. Now I want to ask you, which of this Islamic Jihad is against reason, logic and against humanity? Unless you are biased and do not see Israeli brutalities as injustice and oppression Q56. Jihad, Types, What is Personal Jihad? Ans. In Islam there is a continuous Jihad against the baser self of one's own being, which you termed as "Personal Jihad". This is the highest for of Jihad and unless one is successful in this Jihad, other form of Jihad may not be that helpful to him. Islamic beliefs, arrangement of prayers, fasting, charity, pilgrimage and all other good acts are meant to help one win in that "Internal Jihad". But Islam does not want man to renounce the world totally and become a hermit. This is a negative trait and not liked by Islam. We have to live in this world and act in it. We are not to leave any section uncovered.

Q57. Arabic Language, Is Arabic Superior to other language? Ans. About language, you have misunderstood my post. I was not going to establish superiority of any language over other. No language per see has superiority over any other language. All languages are from God and all are beautiful. I said that God’s original revolution in any age was nothing but absolute truth. It would be true in every age and irrespective of Scientific Progress. However if you translate the message into another language, or insert your own commentaries with the Word of God, it can no longer be future proof. Since Quran is preserved in its original language and in original condition, that is why it never goes out of date with the progress of modern science. If Quran is translated into any other language, it looses the status of Word of God. It is Word of God Translated and in case of any conflict we have to go back to Arabic Text to get the exact meaning. This is unfortunately missing for both OT and NT books, because they were not preserved in their original tongue and have suffered during transmission. And this is well known to any one who has studied Bible and its history in any detail. The Quranic Arabic is very much understood in Saudi Arabia today , all religious sermons are delivered in the same style. In fact Arabic is perhaps the only language in the world, which has changed so little in past 1400 years and you know the main reason for it? It is Quran which has Arabic in its vice like grip and does not allow it to wander too far away!! Q58. Language Superiority, Is God Partial in using single language? Ans. I think all your post is based on false logic. message to Jews in Hebrew? Did God not sent His message to Jesus in Aramaic? Why was God partial to send this revelation in only one language? If you translate this message into thousands of other language, then it is your action and not the action of God. None of your translations can take the place of original revealed word of God. Did God not sent his

God’s final revelation came in Arabic Language. We Muslims preserved it in its original language as well as translating it in other language. But we never give any translation the place of Word of God. So we read the Word of God as it was revealed and then understand the meaning of it thru translation. Where then is the accusations which you place as God being partial to any one language? I know Christians and the Holy Spirit which is present inside each and every Christian. The same holy spirit is taking each sect and denomination in different directions!!! Q59. Old Prophets, Were all prophets Muslims? Ans. Now that you have seen response from the Learned Lady, I want you to consider the other side of the story also. First of all any one who told you that Jews and Christians, stole Torah and Gospel from heaven and then re-wrote is obviously wrong. The second claim that all earlier prophets, From Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and down upto Jesus were Muslims is correct. The confusion comes from the meaning of Arabic word Islam. It seems that all prophets spoke Arabic language and were residents of Arabia!! Most people also believe that Islam is a new religion started by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in ~ 600 CE. This is false claim and is not supported by Quran or Prophetic Sayings. The Arabic word Islam, is not named after any person, language, race or nation. It shows a state of believe. It means to surrender oneself to commands of your Creator. In that sense every thing in this universe is Muslim. Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth and every other creation are Muslims, because they act only according to the Will and Command of their Creator. Only humans are exempt, because they have freedom to choose between right and wrong path. When God created first human being (Adam), He also gave him guidance as to how to live his life. This guidance given by God to Adam (or the religion of Adam) was nothing but Islam (i.e. submit you will to the will of your Creator).

When the message of Adam was lost and corrupted by his progeny, God sent Noah to revive the same message. So Noah preached the same message of Adam and he was also a Muslim. After Noah’s time, humanity spread to various parts of the world, each following the teachings of Noah. Over the period of time, different people got divided into different nations they spoke different languages. However when ever these people got deviated from the original teachings. God sent prophets to these lands. Each preaching the same old message of Islam. It could have been known by equivalent Arabic names of the nations. The same is true for Abraham. He also preached the same message to his people and he was also a Muslim. Bible only records the history of Abraham and his progeny in more details, However all the prophets from Isaac downwards, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon and John the Baptists were all Muslims. Jesus was the last prophet who was sent in the Israelite branch of Abraham’s family. He also preached the same message and he was also Muslim (submitting his will to Almighty) The last prophet of the chain was Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), who was born in ~ 571 CE as you wrote. He also came to review the old religion of Adam and he properly established the Islam in its full glory. He was the messenger to all nations and for all times. If you want to confirm my statement, I will only say, that all these names, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc are human creation. None of the prophet called his follower by those names. Since Mohammad (PBUH) was the last prophet and his teachings were to be intact till the last day, that is why God took special care that this book be preserved in its pristine form till the last day. Quran the “Mein Kemph” of Muslims: It is very erroneous to equate Quran with Mein Kemph. Quran is a revealed word of God, whereas Mein Kemph is a book written by a man, that too a man who is not a prophet. If you want to compare it with any book, you can say, it is Torah, Psalms and Gospel combined into one book. Quran is preserved in its original language and is still read in its original language. No translation of Quran is called Quran. There is only single

version of Arabic Quran available in world since 1400 years. It is preserved in books and also preserved in the hearts of people. There never was a time, since last 1400 years when there was any shortage of people who had memorized Quran by heart. Other Scriptures (Torah and Gospel etc) Despite what our Learned Lady had told, None of the other scriptures in the world are preserved verbatim, in the form they were revealed. OT & NT are not available in the language in which they were revealed. We only have their translation in Greek form Then none of the two old manuscripts match exactly. If you want to check that, see “Variants readings” and “Errata” under most verses. It can be safely said that these books have been tampered with. It does not mean, however that these books are totally changed and do not contain any word of God. These books do contain Word of God, but also Words of Prophets, word of historians and also words of hearsay. All scientific errors, and contradictions in these books are therefore referred to scribes and copiers and not to God. Islamic position therefore for old scriptures is very clear. We acknowledge that these books were originally revealed by God, but the followers did not preserve them in original form and added or subtracted something. The evidence by Dead Sea scrolls and other such finds are not conclusive. We can discuss each of this topic separately. position of Islam in these matters. But now you can see the

Q60. Criminal Laws, Is Crime rate high in Muslim society? Ans. My Dear Sir, We are not in a Wrestling Match, where you just force the other guy to submission. Second thing is that How sound and reasonable your arguments may be, they require a proof, the proof whether any argument is right or wrong come from the Scripture (If it concerns religion). We are not trying here the conducts of Muslims or Muslim countries. issue here is Islam and its social and Criminal Justice system. The

In Islam, there is no exception for any one, it may be head of state (Like Bill Clinton) or a pauper, if he commits any crime the punishment is same. See in this light, If Islamic laws on Criminal Justice were to be imposed impartially, and the Islamic laws on Sexual Immorality were to be imposed

impartially, will the rate of crime come down or not. This is point on which you must answer. However, if your western system of Criminal Justice and Sexual immorality was better, the rate of crime in your country would be falling down. But this is not the case. So in theory and practice your Criminal Justice system and your sexual moral laws are deficient. Now to counter that argument, you say that Muslim countries are also doing this and this. What Muslim countries are doing may not be what Islam teaches and their action is not a ground for passing Judgment on Islamic Laws. I know for sure that there is no True Islamic Country in the world today. Afghanistan under Taliban was trying to be one, but in garb of 9/11, you silenced it. Saudi Arabia is supposed to be the most Islamic country, but they are also following only 50% Islam. Islamic Economical System and Islamic Political System are not in force there. Turkey is a Western Country (or trying to impersonate it), Islamic laws are not having any significance there. So the example of turkey is a reflection of Western System. It means that in West also 80 % Husbands would be beating their wives. Pakistan in no way is a Islamic state, It is Muslim state, yes, but not Islamic. One thing which I must accept, yes there may be many Bigots in our religious groups also. Those who say something and act differently. This is same in every system. In your system also , you have dishonest Cops, Judges who sell Justice, Army officers who are traitors, and Church Priests who are Child Molesters.. If similar characters exist in Muslim countries also, then it is natural Muslims are no angel. What we are saying, is that Islamic laws on Criminal and Sexual Immorality on theoretical and practical ground provide much better results than your Western System. You can apply Islamic Laws (Without even being Muslim) and you will reap the benefits. You will get a Crime free and Sexually Sound society. But you have to watch out for Bigots and give them Double the Punishment for ordinary Criminal.

I don’t know whether I won the argument or not (My aim by the way was not to shut you down). Let the referee decide!. Q61. Origin, Was Islam religion of all prophets? Ans. I think it is the word Islam to which you are allergic, if you think with cool mind, does it not look illogical to you that if Creator of all human kind is one, why should He send different religions at different times and cause humanity to be divided and fight with each other over their religions? 5. That problem is that it is Humans who give different names to their religions and then start fighting over it. In God’s eye the religion is one and that is the same throughout the ages. The prophets only come to correct the deviations that humans have made into it. 6. Seeing in this light all prophets are like brothers unto each other and not contradicting each others. If you closely look at the basics of each religion you will find much commonality in them than differences!!. Let us take a look at the fundamentals of religions. 7. Articles of Faith: Basic believes of all Revealed religions are same viz: A. One ness of God; That they worship only one God and do not associate any partners with Him. B. Belief in prophet hood: That God selects prophets from Humans and sends His message thru them. People have to listen to prophets and follow their teachings B. Believe in Books: That God sends His message thru books which are revealed to the prophets. D. Believe in Angels: That God has created many angels, who do their duties as commanded by God.. E. Believe in The Day of Judgment: That every human being has to give his or her account on the last day to God. Those who pass will go to heaven, those who fail will go to hell. 8. Articles of Worship: These are also common in all Revealed religions viz: A. Regular Prayers: That humans should prey at regular intervals. B. Charity: That humans should spend from their wealth on less fortunate and poor in the society.

C. Fasting: That humans should fast to gain self restraint and control their urges. D. Pilgrimage: That humans should gather at some central place to do combined worship and exchange their views on religious matters. These things you will find common in all revealed religions. Only the modes and frequencies shall be different, but the principles shall remain same. 9. Differences: What we find differences in revealed religions are the differences in dietary laws and other things. These may vary from nation to nation and from race to race as per the particular conditions of the situations. Compared to the commonalities, these differences are very minor. Further God called the name of this religion as Islam, which is not named after any individual, or race or language. It might be translated into other languages to signify the same sense. If Hebrew means the same sense, then I have no objection, but it is confusing because Hebrew is the name of a language, as well as of a race. The followers of individual prophet got themselves divided into different sects, they chose for themselves other names which God has not given and then started disputing and fighting and thus laying the blame on God instead of on themselves. These Sir are my reasons on this subject. Let us hear from you as to why God would reveal different Q62. National Unity, Should Muslim Nations Unite? Ans. It is strange that you are so much against the unity of Muslim nations, when for most part of their history they were one nation!! You see with your eyes, Christians are joining together under different names, NATO, EU etc. Turkey is only nominal member in these alliances. Even in the modern (So called) Secular World, they are able to hide their true intentions. The real reason that Turkey is not made a full EU member (despite its 60 years of blind following) is only because bulk of its population is Muslim.

If you do not want to believe that, then it is your choice. nations be ever taken as hostages by other countries? Q63. Marriage Aiyesha, Was it a Child Marriage?

Should Muslim

Ans. You can mention the facts, but should not put your own conclusions also. The marriage was never treated as Child abuse by contemporary society and that should suffice for you. If a Girl is married after she has reached puberty, there is no stigma or crime or shame in any way. If Lady Aiyesha reached puberty at an early age, it is not for us to put the blame on any party. Why should I give documentary proof, for an event that was not at mountains out of molehills. To prove that Islam is the Middle Path, requires that you compare the teachings of two religions that are at extreme ends. On every Issue, you give me the teachings of Judaism on one hand (extreme in the literal sense of law) and Christianity or Buddhism (extreme in the Spiritual teachings), and I will give the teachings of Islam. It would become clear to any one that Islam is indeed the Golden Mean Path between the two extremes. If any one is not following and not the fault of Islam. group or any individual. teachings, not teachings of Islam or misusing its name, it is his or her fault I am not here to defend actions of any individual I am only defending Islamic laws and Islamic any particular country, sect or ethnic group.

Q64. Alcohol, Is banning Alcohol good for society? Ans. Yes you are side stepping the issue of Alcohol and Gambling. You are hiding the real price that your western society is paying for these two evils. Let us first talk of some statistics, According to Mr. Jimmy Swaggart (Well known Tele Evangelist of USA) there were 22 Million Alcoholics and 44 Millions Heavy Drinkers in USA (That was in 1990, the present figure must be much higher). And he saw no difference between these two groups. So 66 Million people in USA alone are addicted to this Alcohol.

Then if you consider social crimes, like Rape, Incest, Homosexuality, Murder, Robbery, Traffic Accidents, you will find that in most cases Alcohol is the root cause. Then how much money is spent on curing diseases related with Alcohol, the amount is mind boggling. It is certainly in Trillions of Dollars, if you combine the figures for whole of Christendom it would be really huge. And you jest glossed over this evil by saying that it could have some benefit for some people of the society. The harms are much larger than the benefits for a few people and its overall effect on society is a big negative. That is why Islam banned it totally and did not allow even a simple sip or tot. What you said about Underground Network in Iran and other Muslim countries could be true. There will be people, who would drink Alcohol, irrespective of what you do, but this would be limited to only few people and society at large would be saved from this evil. That is the beauty of Islam, because it bans all those things which are harmful to the society at large. Your society on the other hand struggles to educate people about negative points of Alcohol…the result being number of Alcoholics are always on the rise in your society. The reason US attempts to enforce Prohibition failed in 1920 s was only because they wanted to stop it by force. The best way to stop any social evil is to ban it from religion. Unfortunately Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism all fail in this regard. It is only Islam which has banned it totally and Muslims are still the biggest society on earth, who do not drink. But for you Islam basher, this great service to humanity is a negative point of Islam. What I said about Alcohol also holds true for Gambling….this “Fun” of few makes “Sorrow” of multitude. Only one who benefits by Gambling is the Owner of Den!!! Rest all are the looser in the long run. How much crime, hatred and harm is caused by this Gambling is for every one to see. But you would advocate to “Overlook” this harm….in favor of “a li’lle fun”!!! By banning all sorts of Gambling, fortune telling and sorcery, Islam has done a great favor to the humanity at large and for simple folks, but you with “Sharp Minds” cannot appreciate that. What would life mean without Alcohol and Gambling? Where will be the “Fun”?

Now what are your views about another social evil, Homosexuality or Sodomy? Should it be encouraged or discouraged by society? Q65. Allah's Will, Is Allah's will unpredictable? Q : All are under capricious mercy of Allah who may or amy not let them into his abode, even if they lived right as a Muslim. In other words there is no certainty of anything other than Allah's unpredictable will MUQ: Allah's will is very predictable and stated clearly in His book. Those who willfully reject the message of Allah and teach and exhort others also to do so, would feel the wrath of Allah. Those who do mistakes or commit errors due to weakness of human body and soul and would repent would be forgiven by Him. In the end, Allah will be the sole judge as to how a man lived his or her whole life. Q66. Bible, Why Muslims are against publication of Bible? Q : How come Muslim Countries and Muslims in the West violently resist publication of Bible or any non- Muslim work of art or cartoon or literature? MUQ: No Muslim country protest publication of Bible by Christians. What they protest is preaching Christianity in Muslim countries to Muslims. To lure away people who are already on right path to perdition. To take away Muslims those who worship True God and Creator of this Universe, into worshipping a Created being. Those who publish cartoon of our prophet are only lampooning the character of our prophet. This acts is not only wrong but shows extreme disregard to the feeling of billions of Muslims. Those who do such act and those who support them are in fact guilty of crime against humanity and should be tried and punished by ICJ. Q67. Born Muslims, Is very child born is Muslim? Q :. all children are born Muslims MUQ: Muslim in this case means as per pure human nature. Every child is born pure and unblemished and innocent. It is the parents who teach him Trinity and Vicarious atonement and God becoming human etc. If left to

himself the child would worship one God and not any stone or tree or sun etc. That is what is meant by prophetic saying that "Every child is born according to true human nature (which is another word for Islam" Q68. Communal Violence, Why this Shia Sunni Violence? Q Communal massacres (Sunnis vs. Shia or vice versa); MUQ: Islam does not teach, recommends or allows infighting between Muslims. Those who are doing these acts, are themselves to blame and Islam is free from their inequities. Q69. Double Standards, Does God uses Double Standards? Ans. However, I would address only one point of your post, that Islam uses Double Standards to judge Muslims and those whom you call infidels. Now I would ask you, if there is any place in the world where Double standards are not used, let me give you a few example. 1. Will US Government award Bravery awards to its own army personnel for acts of bravery and also to Al Qaeda or Taliban Fighters? 2. Are Tax payers and tax evaders given same respect by Government agencies? 3. If someone in USA declared an area out of bound for US Government or declares that they do not recognize US Government, US constitutions, US courts, US Tax laws etc, how would US Government treat those people? Would they be given same respect as given to law abiding US citizens? Then we have many existing double standards in front of us, let me point out a few to you. a. Jews consider them as superior to other races. They have different sets of rules for them and different for other people. b. Not very long ago Double standards were in place for White people and black people and Red Indians. c. Still there is wide ranging double standards the way whites are treated and the way other ethnic groups are treated in most countries.

Therefore Double Standards are in fact existing in the world in one form or another. But most human formed double standards are based on criterion which are not in human control. No one can change his skin color, or his racial background or his linguistic back ground. Islam also uses Double Standard, but this is entirely under human control. Islam does not call any one infidel, in fact it is people who become infidel. They willfully reject the message of Islam which is universal for all humans. Let me give some examples by which you make yourself infidel and not Islam which makes you one. A. Allah says I am Only True God, but you say there is no God. B. Allah says, I created this Universe, but you say it just came by itself as a result of Big Bang and there is no Creator. C. Allah says, I created humans, you say that humans evolved themselves thru Random Mutations and Natural Selection. D. Allah says, this is my Book, you say, it is a fake book. E. Allah says, obey My prophet, you call him most unspeakable names. F. Allah says, I will judge you on the last day, you ridicule the idea. G. Allah says observe regular prayer, fasting and charity, you say I have more important things to do. H. Allah says do not eat Pork, you say I cannot live without it. I. Allah says do not drink Alcohol, you say what is life without Alcohol. J. Allah says, let there be no free mixing of sexes, you say, It is stone age practice. K. Allah says shun Homosexuality, You say, it is as natural as anything else. The list can go on and on. In each of these cases, It is you who by rejecting commands of Allah make yourself infidel. It is not Allah or Islam which makes you infidel. Now if there is any sense of Justice in the world, how the two groups of people, one who accepts every command of Allah and one who rejects each

can be treated as equals and they should have same position and reward in the eyes of Allah. Having said so, there are many types of infidels. 1. One who are ignorant of commands of Allah, since they have not received the message. 2. Those who deny these commands because of poor knowledge or some sort of misunderstanding. 3. Those who only reject the message of Allah themselves and do no other things. 4. Those who go one step further and ridicule the message, the personality of prophet and Laws of God. 5. Those who try to mislead others and create doubts in their minds, so that they may also reject Allah s message. 6. Those who use force to destroy Allah s message and Muslims and try every means to stop it from spreading. These all are infidels, but they have different grades. I do not know in which grade you want to place yourself. On the day of judgment each of these infidels would have different level of punishment. Allah is Merciful and Loving, but He is also Just and sees the contrast between His faithful servants and Willful rejecters. In the same way, every one who believes in Allah s message is not on the same platform, they also have grades and shades. 1. Those who sincerely believe in the message and try their utmost to live their lives in accordance with the message and invite other also to the same path. 2. Those whose believe only in their hearts, but do not follow the guidance fully. 3. Those whose most of actions are against the message of Allah.

4. Those who have Muslim sounding names, but in their hearts they do not believe in the message. All of these will not be placed or treated equally on the day of judgment. Their rewards and punishment would also be different. In the end, there is Double Standards, but it is in human s own hand which level he or she wants to be into. It is not based on something on which humans have no control

Chapter-5 On Islam (Contd.): Women Rights, Tolerance and others.
Q70. Global Islamization, Why Muslims want to dominate the world? Q. Global Islamization by peace, and by force if need be, MUQ: Islam is a missionary religion. It demands its right to be preached to every human on the earth. But this ends only at delivering the message of Islam. No force is to be used to convert any one to Islam. However, if there are forces that would use force to stop preaching of Islam or to force their people not to accept Islam, then these forces should be stopped by force. That is the whole concept of Islamic Jihad. Q71. Heaven, Muslims will not go to heaven Q: You DO NOT have to do anything to go to HELL, just show up on planet Earth. You CANNOT do anything to go to HEAVEN, ….. MUQ: That is not you or Jesus who is speaking…it is St. Paul who is speaking and you are parroting his views. Who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell is known only to God. We are humble and we try our best to please God and live our lives as best as possible in His ways. We are hopeful of receiving His mercy in the hereafter, however you are very CERTAIN of going to heaven. Let us each wait and see what happens after we both die and appear before God Q72. Israel, Why Muslims want to destroy Israel? Q: Destruction of the UN mandated Sovereign, State of Israel, MUQ: UN resolution to create Israel was a fraud on Arabs and Palestinians. There is no one to ask Israel about hundreds of UN resolution which it has rejected. What you have to say about its recent bombing of UN HO in Gaza. would you say, if Israel did that to UN HO in New York? What

Q73. Martyrs, Why only Islamic Martyrs go to heavens? Q : Only Islamic martyrs for Allah's religion can have any certainty of a heavenly reward. MUQ: Will USA award bravery award to Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters for their heroic acts in Afghanistan and Iraq? Answer this question and you will get answer to your question!!!

Q74. Reformation, Why no reformation in Islam? Q : How come people such as you organize no REFORMATION movement against such un-Islamic and Non-Koranic practices and beliefs? Of course, you may be burnt at the stakes for doing that? … MUQ: Islam has built in provision for reformation. It has all the safeguards built into it, so as to remain current with changing times. Christianity needs all the reforms it can get, because it is imperfect, man made and is the plaything of priests and popes for ages. They modify its teachings and dogmas as they think fit. Islam is the perfect religion for mankind till the last day. By the way, burning at stake is the hall mark of Christians. In Islam it is strictly prohibited to kill anyone by burning at stakes. Q75. Reformation, Is it need of hour? Q :If what is happening around the Muslim world and Muslim communities are Un-Koranic or Un-Islamic, it is high time that a REFORMATION be started in the Islamic world by Clerics and the faithful alike!!! MUQ: There is a strong movement in almost all Muslim countries, for Muslims to come back to their original teachings. That is the best reformation movement that can be thought off. But it is west which is against this reformation and wants to stop it by any means hook or crook. They call these reformists as Fundamentalists, as Extremists and as Terrorists. Q76. Reformation, Why it is not started? Q : Why not an ISLAMIC REFORMATION? MUQ: If by Islamic Reformation, you mean like one which St. Paul did to Christianity? Sorry that type of reformation is not possible in Islam. St. Paul distorted pure and simple teachings of Jesus to an un-intelligible mix of Greek and Roman Philosophy that one is never able to understand. Q77. Self Destructive, Islamic principles are self destructive Q : In general this forum is given to understand that Islamic Principles are very self-destructive: MUQ: That is the view of those who are either ignorant or bent upon distorting teachings of Islam. It can be proven that all these views are wrong and based on insufficient study of Islam.

Q78. Suicide Bombers, Why don’t you condemn them? Q . Suicide-bombs (woman, children!); MUQ: Those who use their bodies as weapons to kill enemy soldiers (when they are overwhelmed in number and ammunition) do the right thing. Those who blow themselves to kill innocent men, women and children do the wrong thing which has nothing to do with Islam. So before deciding on any suicide bomber, we must see the circumstances and the background. There is no universal approval or condemnation of such activities. Q79. Un Islamic acts, Why these are heroes of Islam? Q: MUQ wrote: " I do not commit individual actions of Any Muslim or any Christian". …How come those who commit these acts are hailed as heroes of Islam? MUQ: No one who does anything which are against teachings of Islam can be called an Islamic Hero. Islamic rules and principles are very clear and specific on such issues. If some one violates it, it is his or her problem and Islam is not responsible for this. Q80. Women Right, Islam subjugates women? Q. Subjugation of women and non-Muslim minorities, MUQ: In Islam every section of society is given due rights. Women are given right and duties which are in conformation with their feminine nature. Islam does not say that men and women are equal…it says they are complimentary to each other. Together they form a pair, which is the basic building bock of the society. Men have rights and duties and women have rights and duties, each balanced beautifully. Minorities also have rights and duties in Islamic state, much more than allowed by any other system or religion in the world. Further Islamic rights to minorities are 1400 years old. While other systems are only a couple of decades old and are mostly on paper.

Q81. Other faiths, Relations , What is Islam’s stand on this? Ans. Thank you once again for your probing question. I will try to explain the concept of religion as described in Quran and our prophet’s teachings. Islam believes that God sent Adam and Eve with the true religion. It showed them the way as to how to live their lives in accordance with the God’s wish. The name of that religion was Islam (or some other word meaning the same thing in the language spoken by Adam). Children of Adam lived by this religion, till after a few generation, they fell into error. God sent Noah to revive the true religion of Adam. Those who obeyed Noah were saved and all others perished in the Flood. After Noah’s time, humans spread into various parts of the world. They were practicing the same true religion of Adam and Noah. Slowly and slowly they also fell into error. So God sent different prophets in different nations to revive the same true religion. The message of all these prophets was same, but they spoke different languages and were sent to different nations. God also sent (revealed) books thru these prophets for guidance of the people. The actual number of prophets and the actual number of books is only known to God. However all these prophets preached the same basic message (Islam or equivalent term). But it were he followers who gave different names to their religion. If you look, all these variant names Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc all are man made. None of the prophet called their followers by these names. Such was the case, when 1400 years ago, God Sent Prophet Mohammad as the last of these prophets. He also sent with him the last book Quran. Prophet Mohammad was sent for all mankind and his book was for all time. In this book, God sent and reviewed the same old religion of Islam, the religion of all past prophets. So if you follow Islam, you in fact follow all past prophets. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses , Jesus etc. God took care that Quran and Teaching of Prophet Mohammad, be preserved till the last day, so that any one wanting to seek guidance should find them ready. This in brief is the stand of Islam on past religions and prophets. You said that I criticize Christianity. If you look thru my posts, you will find that I only criticize those human changes which were done by St. Paul and others into the true teachings of Jesus. I never say any word against the personality or character of Jesus or any other prophet.

Regarding my position on Israel, it is a long topic, but I will condense it into few words. It was a wrong, political, moral and unjust decision to create the state of Israel in the Middle of Arab lands. It was a unique decision of modern history to import the population of a country from elsewhere and chuck-out the original inhabitants of the land. The whole area if filled with sorrow and misery and violation of human rights since the creation of Israel. What is more amazing is the blind support which Western nations and media give to Israel and the Zionist lobby. Q82. Perfection, Way of Life, This day, I have perfected your religion? Ans. You asked me two sincere questions and I hope that you will be patient with me, even if my answers are a little long. 1 What is the meaning of Quranic Verse, This day I have perfected your religion 2 Why Muslims say that it is Degrading to God, that He should come down as a man Now the first Question. This day I have perfected your religion. This is part of Quranic verse in Ch.5 Verse 3 and is one of the last few verses revealed to our prophet. In fact it was revealed exactly on the eve of last pilgrimage at Mount Arafat and our prophet lived only for 90 days after this revelation. Many people translate Arabic word DEEN as religion, whereas correct meaning of Arabic Word DEEN is way of life. So Allah says that This day, I have perfected your way of life for you. It can have several shades of meaning: 1 The instructions which were being given are now complete and no new Instruction would come now, which was correct, because no new do s and don’t s came after this verse. 2 Islam as a way of life is now complete and perfect till the last day. Both these answers are correct and both are intended. The questions that come into minds of other groups (Jews and Christians amongst them), then what about our religion and our way of life and our prophets? If you look at the Quranic argument in this regard, God tells us that:

1 Each prophet of God, from Adam to Mohammad, Peace be on them all, preached the same message. There is no difference in the message which Adam preached at his time and what Mohammad preached at his time. 2. Due to problems of movements, interactions and human civilizations being in infancy, earlier prophets were sent to a particular group and to meet the needs of that particular time. 2A When the human civilization reached to maturity and means of interaction were available, there was need now to unite these different ways of life into one. 3 It was in God s original plan to send a Universal Prophet at the end of all prophets and thru him do this job. All previous prophets told to their followers about the coming of this last prophet. 4. Now when the mission of our prophet was fulfilled and he was established thru him, the Kingdom of God on earth, God announced thru this verse that now this great job is completed and from now on, teachings of our prophet shall be applicable till the last day. That was in short answer for you first question and I would be happy to provide any clarifications should you need it and now let me come to your second question Q83. Progress, Birth Control, Is Birth control main reason of backwardness? Ans. Are you controlling the World Population? Is it for in our hands to increase the World’s population? When there was no concept of Birth Control why the World population was not increasing in Geometric proportion? 2. Ask people who despite best efforts cannot produce children. They are forced to adopt a child. 3. How are you sure that there will not be natural calamites and wars etc to check population. 4. There is also a Creator of this earth and Humans and every one. Whatever the world population would become, there will always be enough food for them. There is a natural check and balance on growth of every species. Who controls the numbers of fishes, ants, insects and other species. If you only count the number of eggs laid by each fish or the

number of seeds generated by each plant, whole oceans could be full of one type of fish and whole world full with one kind of plant. Did it ever happen. 5. So just do not sit with a calculator and start imagining situations where World population will become 10 times or 100 times. How many people have been killed in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan in past 20 Years? How are you sure another Hitler will not rise in Europe and start WW-3? 6. My advise to you is to stop imagining these hypothetical situation and concentrate on you job. 7. One more thing, whenever scientists have made prediction for anything they have proven wrong. In 1750 they said ,that Britain has coal reserves for only 30 years. Is coal finished in Britain. In 1981 they predicted that Saudi Arabia has Oil for only 30 years. 26 Years have passed and there is no end of Saudi Oil. B realistic and have faith in God. China and India will ultimately emerge as word’s Superpowers, one of the reason is their Human Resources. Humans are also your resources not always a burden. Q84. Last Prophet, Are Muslims waiting for a prophet? Ans. We have to be content with what we have, because no new prophet is going to appear. God does not sends prophet, because someone is not satisfied with what they have. He has his Own reasons and in His reasoning, there is no need of any more prophets. If you are content with the teachings of old prophets, then it will not suffice with you, because your scriptures do tell you that one more prophet is to come into the world. We Muslims are also waiting for one man to come before the end of the world. But that man will be no other than Jesus Christ, who was taken up into heavens and did not die, his natural death. So he will come down and have a natural death on this earth. So we are very clear for what we are waiting for, But are you sure that you should be searching for that prophet mentioned in your scriptures?

Q85. Prophet hood, Is there any Islamic Tree of Life? Ans. It was a really interesting question and twist to our discussions.!! The fact is, there is no Islamic Tree of life and there is no lower or upper branches. There is a chronology of events in every thing. In God’s plan, the chain of Prophethood was already decided. Someone came as First prophet and someone was to come as Last Prophet. Being First and Last does not elevate or lower the dignity of any prophet. They get prophet’s rewards from God Al Mighty. In God’s plan, every prophet was sent for a particular nation and for a particular period. The Last Prophet was destined to be for all nations and for all times till the day of judgment. It was God’s decision, as to whom He should send as Last Prophet. He chose our prophet as Last Prophet. It is a Gift of God and we are thankful to Him. As for Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, etc, they will not feel jealous of the Last Prophet. They all were righteous servants of God and Muslims (they submitted their wills to the wills of Almighty). So all this talk to tree of Prophethood with lower and top branches is useless indeed. 1” Say! We believe in God, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes and that given to Moses and Jesus and that given to (all) prophets from their Lord: we make no difference between one and another of them, and we bow to God (In Islam) 2: 136 & 3::84 2” Those who deny God and His Apostles and (those who) wish to separate God from His Apostles, saying “We believe in some but reject others” and (those who) wish to take a course midway- they are in truth (equally) unbelievers 4: 150-151 3. “That was the reasoning about Us, which we gave to Abraham (to use) against his people, We raise whom We will degree after degree….We gave him Isaac and Jacob: all (three) We guided: and before him We guided Noah, and among his progeny, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph , Moses and Aaron, thus do We reward those who do good. And Zechariah, and John,

and Jesus and Elias: all in the ranks of righteous: And Ishmael and Elisa and Jonas and Lot: and to all We gave favor above the nations.” 6:83-86 Look for the tree and branches in these verses. You would rather believe in an imaginary tree , than the true explanation or verses of Quran. Q86. Prophet hood , Test, Should we believe in every new prophet? Ans. If you understand by my post, that any one coming along and saying, Hey I am prophet of God, follow me and then whole mankind should stop every thing and start following that man, then you misunderstood my message. I had posted my reply for those who are familiar with the religious history of the world. I was speaking to Jews and Christians particularly. Of course, there are false prophets and there are true prophets. If you are misled by false prophets and follow them, you will be the looses. If you reject the true prophet of God, then also you are looser. Now you can appreciate the mercy of God, who ended the prophetic cycle by sending the Last prophet into the world. Any one claiming prophet hood after the last prophet is indeed a liar and no one should listen to their claims. But your objection is valid as to why people should accept the claim of our prophet that he is the last prophet and every one should follow him. This is a big topic, but I will outlines a few points for testing the claims of any prophet. 1. First and foremost thing about a true prophet is that, he invites people to the worship of one true God. Now this is a thing which no false prophet can do, because he is deluded by Devil and his teachings must be take people away from the worship of One True God. 2. Then we should see the Character of that prophet and his life style. How was he judged by those who saw him and those that became his followers and also those enemies who were his contemporaries. Best judge about a character of any prophet are the people who saw him. 3. Then we should see the effect which that prophet s teachings brought into his followers and the environment around him. This is what Jesus described

as By their fruits should you know them. Every good tree brings good fruits and every bad tree brings bad fruits. 4. Then for people who have previous scriptures, there is always mention of that Last Prophet that will come into the world. So by these standards, prophet hood of our prophet hood is established. Now coming to Bahai religion, if someone is satisfied of his claims and is certain that past prophesies refer to him, then he can become its followers. But by my standards you will find that any prophet coming after the last prophet is a liar and should be dealt as such. Q87. Punishment, Criminal Law, Is Islamic punishments Sadistic? Ans. It is only your assumption that certain parts of Sharia are sadistic and not reasonable. The success of any Criminal Justice system is to be verified by its practicality and its affectivity. If by using Modern criminal Justice system, rates of crime would have come down in any country, then you could have said that this system is better and more practical. But when we say that rate of crimes is for ever on the rise in almost every modern country, then it proves that this system has some inherent defects. Islamic Criminal Justice system was affective in all ages. It provided quick results when it was introduced in 7th Century CE and it provides quick and effective, when it is applied in 21st Century. No other system has been as effective in containing crime rates as Sharia system. By calling it sadistic, you are taking the side of criminals. Your lie with the criminals and not with the innocent people whose violated by these criminals. That is the basic difference between Western Justice System. You are on the side of Criminals and the side of Innocent people. sympathies rights were Islamic and Islam is on

If some one rapes your daughter or your mother, you would wish that he be given death punishment, but if some one else’s daughter, mother, wife or sister is involved, you are full with the milk of Humanity.!!!

Q88. Pillars, What are five pillars of Islam? Q : Would you elaborate beyond the "five pillars of Islam"? MUQ: Do not underestimate the importance of Five Pillars of Islam. A building is as strong as its foundation is. That is why Islam gives much importance to these five pillars which are its fundamentals. First of this is belief in Allah as the Only God of this universe and belief in the prophet hood of Mohammad. This is the central pillar, without this the structure will fall down. The second pillar is offering regular prayers, which are five times daily. If one does not prey, then his declaration of faith is only a lip service to Islam. Third pillar is fasting during the month of Ramadan, which helps in self control and to know first hand what hunger feels like. It helps is purifying the soul and overpower one's baser instincts. Fourth pillar is payment of Zakat or Charity to those who are poor and are in need. This is a social security scheme for the needy. It diminishes the excessive love of money and greediness and helps in better relations between have and have not s. Fifth pillar is Pilgrimage to Makkah (at least once in life time) for those who can afford it. This helps closer ties between Muslims from different parts of world and exchange of religious, cultural and economical ties. It makes International Brotherhood of Muslims. None of these pillars can be proven to have any bad effect for society or personality of any Muslim Q89. Quran Authenticity, Did Othman Changed Quran text? Ans. I would only comment on that portion which deals with Othman ’s involvement in the Quranic Text we have today. It seems that you only have a superficial knowledge on this subject. A. Quranic Text During Prophet’s life time. You know our prophet did not know how to read or how to write. So whenever he would receive any new revelation from Archangel Gabriel, he would call one of his scribes and ask him to write it down. Then he would ask him to read, to make sure that it was recorded correctly.

Then he would recite the newly revealed verses to his companions and many would commit them to memory. Then prophet would recite long portions of Quran in prayers and those who stand behind him would listen to it (exactly as it is done in every mosque). So Quran was being preserved in the hearts of Muslims as well as in the written form. It took 23 years for whole Quran to be revealed and by that time many of the companions memorized it fully. By the same time, each and every verse was also written down. But prophet did not compile whole Quran in book form (may be, because there was no certainty that new verses would not come down) B. Quranic Text during the life time of First Caliph (0-2 years). After the death of Prophet, during the reign of First Caliph, it was decided to compile whole Quran in a book form, so that it would not depend only on memorizers. First Caliph asked Zaid bin Thabit, a Companion of prophet, to gather the Quran from those who had written it during prophet’s time and have at least two witness to prove it. In this way whole Quran was compiled in a book form and was kept with the Caliph. C. Quranic Text during the second Caliph (2-12 Years). During the reign of Omar, the second Caliph, things remained same as were. He got the Quran from first Caliph and kept with him,. When he died the Quran was kept with his daughter Hafsa, one of the wives of prophet. During the time of prophet and upto second Caliph, people recited Quran in their own tribal dialect, which would differ in pronunciation, but would means same in the dialect. Since by that time Islam had spread only in Arab lands, so there was no problem (Contd.) D. Quranic text during the Third (Othman) Caliph (13-24 Years). During the reign of Othman, Islam spread far and wide and many non Arabs people accepted Islam. There was some problem in people reciting Quran in different dialect, so Othman decided to standardize the text of Quran in the dialect of QURAISH, the tribe of prophet himself.

So he formed a committee under the chairman of same Zaid, who made the first copy of Quran. He got the original copy from Hafsa, and once again verified the records available with other companions of the prophet. This time Quran was written down according to the dialect of QURAISH Tribe and Othman had no real role to play in its recording, except to decide on dictation where committee members disagreed. When the Quran was written down, Othman asked Zaid to make seven or eight copies of it. Othman then sent one copy to each major province along with an official recite. Othman then asked every Muslim to burn down any other copy of full or partial Quran that he had, so as there would be no confusion in future. Two of the copies of that Quran still exist today and every one can see them and compare with what Quran is available today. E. Quranic Text that we have today Modern Quran is exact copy of that Othman text, only punctuation marks and reading aids have been added to help non Arabs read Quran properly. Now you yourself decide as to what you have written that Othman included what he wanted and removed what he wanted. Q90. Quran , Challenge, Plato’s dialogues, Newton’s Principia are comparable to Quran? Ans. You have placed Plato's Dialogues, Newton's Principia, and Darwin's Origin of the Species as just three examples as equal to Quran. This shows your extreme ignorance. None of these books have any literal merit. Many of the theories mentioned there have been proven wrong and discarded by their fellow scientists. Majority of world population cannot understand any of these and their scope is extremely limited. They deal with only one subject. Still you have audacity to compare them with Quran. I can only say that you lack any sense of decency.

Q91. Women Rights, Why Islam discriminates against Women Ans. I said that in general Quran treat men and women equally. If there is discrimination is based on reason and logic and circumstances. It is good that you have mentioned some of these cases. If you read my answer with open mind, you will find a glimpse of God’s wisdom: Inheritance: First you should see what are the financial responsibilities of men and women in Islam. Men have to maintain their wives, their children, their parents, and their sisters (if unmarried) and other poor members of the family. Women on the other hand, have to maintain no one!! There is no financial burden on women at all. When there is difference in responsibilities, why should they get equal share with men? In fact it was Quran which gave inheritance rights to women. Check thru world history and tell, in which society women were given inheritance. In India, even in this age, women do not get any share in land, house and other immovable properties.

Wife beating: This is a happy topic for all Non Muslims, did you see what other options Quran proposed to solve domestic matters? Did it sanctioned only one method? There are guidance as to limits of this use of force described in Prophetic sayings. If Islam sanctions wife beating, then why there are so many cases of Domestic violence in your society? Which scripture are they following? Polygamy: This is also one of the happy topic for non Muslims to criticize Islam. I want to ask you, where in Bible is written that Polygamy is banned? Just show me one place. While in Quran we find the words “..Marry only one” This verse is not found in any world scripture. Islam limited the unlimited Polygamy of Arabs and other religions (Count the number of wives of David, Solomon and Jacob) and restricted it to four. Islam further put a condition that you should justice between the wives, otherwise you be content with one. In west, Monogamy is only in name. You can have any numbers of girl friends outside marriage bond. No doubt the number of marriages in your society decreasing and Bastard Children are now more than 50% of all new babies borne. Evidence in Financial matters: Two women are needed in place on one man. And this refers only to financial matters, where women do not deal often. In other matters, evidence of women is same as men. And in many cases the evidence of women only are acceptable. This is a concession given to women, that they can corroborate their evidence with their friends. Quran does not say, if one women is biased then other will remind her. It says if one women errs, the other will remind her. There is a world of difference in the two translations. It is very tolerant for you to separate west from Christians. While on the other hand, you use the actions of Muslims as binding on Islam. I agree most of Muslims today are ignorant of teachings of Islam. As to your advise that I should read Bible, to be more honest, I say that I have indeed studied Bible and that too not with the jaundice eye.

Whatever is Good in Bible is confirmed in Quran. But there are many passages in Quran which come under the scope of Pornography and bad human taste, what you say about them: (If you know your Bible, you will know where to locate them) - Noah cursing Canaan for the mistake of Ham - Lot committing incest with his two daughters - Abraham and Isaac lying to say that their wives are their sisters. - Judah committing incest with her daughter in law Tamar. - David committing adultery with Uriah’s wife -Rehoboam committing incest with his father’s wives -Incest between brother and sister (Amnon and Tamar) These passages of Bible should be expunged, if it claims to be the word of God Q92. Women Rights , Does Islam discriminates? Ans. If you can show me any society where there is no discrimination, then I will accept your words. Even in the most modern and free society (Western society of today), why there are separate races and games for men and women? Why men and women do not compete in same race? Boxing? Wresting? Tennis? Football? Base ball? Is it not discrimination? Why have we qualification and experience barrier for every job? discrimination? Is it not

There has to be discrimination in society, but there is a justifiable discrimination and there is unjustifiable discrimination. Where Quran puts less financial burden on women, it takes due care of their physical and psychological conditions. It gives them duties and responsibilities that match with their feminine nature. The duties of women in Islam have not changed since its inception. It is the western system which puts more burden on women, that is why we are

seeing its ill effects, in the break up of family system. Ever decreasing standards of social morality, and increasing crime rates against women. These are the fruits of modern civilization, which we gloss over in the name of ever increasing progress? Only future will decide if the price we are paying for this progress was justified or not. Q93. Women Rights , Women’s Right in Islam Ans. Before asking this question, you should have enquired what were the rights of women in other religions and in ancient societies. What rights were given to women in Judaism?, in Christianity?, in Greek and Roman society? and then in ancient Indian, Egyptian and Chinese societies?. In fact it was Islam, which for the first time gave rights to women. It gave them rights in inheritance and in ancestral properties. It gave them rights to own property and to conduct business. It even gave them right to demand divorce. Before Islam such rights were unthinkable. Islam gave women rights and duties which are in accordance with their feminine nature. In Islam man and women are complimentary to each other and they make a family, which is the building block of any society. Islamic punishment for adultery is same for man and women, there is no difference in punishment for the same crime. Islam considers man to be the head of family, because it is the man who is entrusted with the duty to bring livelihood for the family. Women is responsible for inside house affairs and this in no way degrades the position of Islam Quran says that if there be any dispute between husband and wife, then it should be first solved with mutual discussions. If things go beyond that level, then man should refuse to share the bed with wife. This is ample warning to her that the matter is serious. If things go beyond this level, then man can use minor force. But this right is not absolute and men have no absolute right to beat or ill treat women. At number of places Quran asks men to treat their wives in a good manner. All these precautions and ways are given ion Islam to save the marriage from breaking. Because divorce is not encouraged in Islam, as solution to every family problem.

Q94. Women Rights, What is women’s age of marriage in Islam? Ans. Natural age for marriage for both boy and girl are puberty. Early marriage is encouraged in Islam to save the society from sexual immorality, but it is not necessary to marry boy and girl immediately they reach the age of puberty. If some one does, then there is no blame also. Q95. Women Rights, Should husband not protect his wife? Ans. I just did not understand your question properly. From where you got this idea that a Muslim man will be a mute spectator when some one attacks the personality or honor of his wife!!! In Islam both man and women are allowed to act in self defense and protect their body, property and honor from outside attacks. What is meant by Islamic Family system is that women are not entrusted with responsibility to earn the livelihood for the family. That is the job of man. But it does not totally stop women from working. Women can work if required, but they have to dress modestly and do not mix freely with apposite sex. In fact Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all other religions ask women to dress modestly and do not expose their bodies. It is only the Modern Culture which is extremely lax in this regard and gives women too much freedom. The result of this freedom is seen in the increasing number of crimes committed against honor of women. Islam wants to reduce chances of temptation for both men and women, that Satan would be able to lead them astray. Q96. Sexual Crimes, Criminal Justice, Punishment for sexual crimes Ans. You may think that "Sharia" is eager to punish every male and female to be stoned to death, but let us look at the protections it has taken, so that only the rarest of the rare will have to face this punishment. I will point them one by one: A. It has ordained that both men and women should dress modestly. So the attractive sexual parts are hidden even when males and females come together.

B. It has asked both men and women to lower their gazes when they meet opposite sexes, so that they are not attracted to each other. C. It has restricted free mixing of males and females unnecessary. would lower the chances of getting attracted by each other. This

D. It has banned Alcohol, Narcotics and other drugs that cause intoxication. This removes the most important tool that is prime cause of crimes against women. Most of rapes and violent crimes are committed under the effect of intoxication. Even prophets like Noah and Lot were affected by this wine, the former lay naked in his tent and the latter committed incest with his daughters (as per Bible and not as per Quran mind you). So banning Alcohol removes one of the major cause of Adultery and rape. E. Then it has made both marriage and divorce compulsion for parties to "force to live together" each other. Many people do not know this, But "Right to Ask for Divorce". So if a woman does husband, she will not be forced to do it. simple. So there is no even if they do not like Islam given women also not like to live with her

F. Then Islam allows controlled polygamy, to satisfy the sexual need of some people. In polygamy, man has more than one wife, but he is responsible to maintain both and take care of children born from both the marriages. G. Even after all this if some one commits illicit sexual acts, then Sharia demands strict punishment for the crime, the punishment (many of you do not know this) is not same for all illicit sexual relations, it has many shades: 1. If both man and woman or one of them are unmarried, then the punishment is 100 lashes for committing illicit sexual act. 2. If both man and woman or one of them is married at the time of illicit sexual act, then the punishment is death by stoning. 3. However, if the woman is forced against her will, then there is no punishment on her all, only the rapist shall be punished. H. Witness System of Sharia: It would seem strange to you (because it is not highlighted in biased western media and Anti Islamic sites) that Sharia puts a very strict witness system before condemning any one to death by stoning, let me tell you that in brief: 1. There should be at least four eye witnesses, who must have seen the act with their own eyes. There is no scope for circumstantial evidence in this

case. Can you think that any right minded man or woman shall do this act in full view of four witnesses? It is only the hardened criminals or highly intoxicated person that shall do such thing. 2. If the four witnesses are not brought, then the remaining eye witnesses shall be guilty of "Perjury" and each will be punished with 80 lashes and would be permanently debarred from giving witness in any court of law. The purpose of this punishment is that people should hold their tongues and do not engage in sullying names and characters of men and women. 3. However if the woman claims rape, then separate investigations shall take place and rapist shall be put to death. 4. Voluntary Confession by Man and Woman before the Judge is permissible in Sharia and if some one comes forward and claims that he has done such an act, then only he shall be punished and not the opposite party, unless he is able to provide four eye witnesses. I. Now you can see, how much care Sharia has taken that no innocent lives be lost. And it is not the aim or purpose to condemn each and every one on slightest suspicion and put them to death. J. There is one rule which in inviolable, If the Crime is proved, then there is only one punishment, 100 Lashes if the parties are unmarried and stoning to death if one or either of them are already married. There is no power for Judges to change this punishment. K. Then Sharia says that "This Punishment should be in open in front of people, (so that every one learns a lesson)" and it says that let no one think that he is more Merciful than the Creator by condoning the crime or the punishment. This is in short Islamic Sharia system relating to illicit sexual relations. I could do the same for other crimes if you have any intention to listen and appreciate the truth and not just to lay blames. Q97. Thief, Criminal Law, There would be lots of one handed men in Islamic countries? Ans. It does not matter if majority of human think and vote for a wrong thing. The truth will not change just because most people think it is falsehood, You have raised a very pertinent point that if Islamic system is to be implemented, there would be lots of one-handed people in Muslim countries.

But here lies the practicality of the law…if hand of one man is chopped off…. thousands of other would be thieves shiver to even think of committing theft. That is why at no point of Islamic History, you would find many one handed people in any Muslim country. Compared to that prisons of all Modern countries are filled with thieves and many more are roaming in the streets. Islamic witness system requires two witnesses to convict any one to the crime of theft. But in Islamic system, there is no choice to adjust the dose of punishment. It is a single punishment if the crime is proved. That is what it makes it so effective. In Islamic system also a person is proven innocent unless proven guilty (in fact modern laws borrowed this principle from Islam). Islamic Criminal justice system in most effective in combating crime in the land as God has said “In the Law of Equality (Retribution), there is indeed life (for the society), O You men of Understanding”!!! By branding Islamic Justice system as Barbaric and harsh, the West has done itself a great harm and their society is forever infested with criminals. Q98. Tolerance, Why Muslims say that it is the Only true faith? Ans. I am really pleased to read your mail, which is very balanced and broadminded. What I am surprised is that despite so many close contacts with Muslims, you have such misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. Let me begin by reiterating your sentiments that people should have freedom to choose their religions. There should not be any compulsion or fraud or trick to lure others to one’s faith. Then I also endorse your views (which by the way is also mentioned in Quran) is that God will gather every soul and in the hereafter, He will judge between the people and between faiths as to which was right and which was wrong and the different shade of divergence from the right path. In this world we cannot judge between faiths. Then I also accept your statement that many Muslims are not presenting themselves as true picture of Islam and what a true Muslim should be. Having said all this, I feel that most people do not really understand what Islam is and what its teachings are. There are people who spread lies about

Islam so common folks have wrong conceptions about Muslims. Many of your observations are also based on misunderstanding. It is not possible to fully answer all your doubts in one post, but I would try to answer some of the most important. What is Islam: Islam is a state of belief and it is not named after any person, nation, race or language. It means Willful submission to one’s will to its Creator. By this definition, it was the belief of all past prophets. Therefore we say that Islam was the religion of all past prophets. The names by which various religions are known as (Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism etc) are people’s own choosing and none of the prophets called their followers by these names. In this context all the present religions are the distorted versions of the same original religion of all prophets which is called Islam. Who is Allah: You think that Muslims believe in some strange Deity called Allah. Allah of Arabic is no different than God of English, Elohim of Hebrew and Ishwar of Sanskrit. So Muslims believe in same Unique Creator which other people know by different names. In fact attributes and names of Allah mentioned in Quran are more superior than what we find in other scriptures. Status of prophet Mohammad, Jesus and other in Islam: Islam believes that God sent his prophet to all nations for their guidance. All prophets preached the same message of Islam. Most of Jewish prophets mentioned in Bible are also mentioned in Quran. We believe in all these prophets. Jesus was also one of the great prophets of God. He was born miraculously without male intervention and showed many signs and wonders. But despite all these he was still a Human and not a begotten Son of God or God in human form. Prophet Mohammad was the last prophet in the long chains of prophet and after him no other prophet will come into the world. So we believe in all prophets and make no difference between one and another.

Past Scriptures: We also believe that God sent His message to past nations in the form of revelations. These books are therefore from God. Though they have suffered during transmission but still they contain most of original message. Quran is the last book which was revealed to the last prophet and this book is preserved in its original condition and in its original tongue. Therefore by becoming Muslim and accepting Islam you believe in One God, all of the past prophets and all of the revealed books. You get best of all the religions. This was the short introduction about Islam and its most important beliefs. We do not force you to accept it, but you will see that these beliefs are not unreasonable or are meant to bring discord into the world. I would be glad to continue this dialog and answer some of your queries, if you raise them in a reasonable way. But I am impressed by the tone of your post and balanced views. Q100. Tolerance, Other faiths, How to co-exist? Ans. If you think that those books were written to drive intellectual pleasures and for leisure readings then you are wrong. Those were the action codes for their followers. It is very true that you found that there is no quarrel in the scriptures. That is what Islam teaches in nutshell!! It says that God sent many books thru His messenger and they taught the same message. It is the followers of these books which got divided into themselves. Islam wants all humans to come back to the same true path, that was preached by all the religious scriptures. If not that, then al least , Quran asks the different groups to agree to common terms. The Terms which are common in all religious scriptures, that all worship only one God, do not associate any partners with him, and do not give any power that will equate him with God. Did your research found other result? In Islam God, is described as the Lord of whole universe. All humans are children of same pair (Adam and Eve). All prophets are true prophets of

God. All books are books of God. In fact Islam opens its hearts to other faiths which is unmatched in religious history. Then Islam wants to use and logic and reason to argue with other faiths. It does not criticize or revile their religious personalities or their deities. It wants peace in the world. But its enemies always present Islam as intolerant and biased religion that wants to force others into the faith of Islam. Nothing could be farther than the truth. I appreciate your thoughts and feel that goodwill and understanding between the people of different faiths is what is needed most at this juncture. Q101. Tolerance, Secularism, Is Secularism protects minorities better than Islam? Ans. Well your new post is having a different tone than Islam Bashing, which was your hall mark for very near future. You have raised certain pertinent points, which I can summarize as: 1. That “In a multi-cultural, multi religious world which we live in today, the basis of law cannot be particular religious rules”. 2. That “The basis of morality in a non-religious parliament has to be the basis of prevention of harm - tangible harm, to property or person, of citizens..” And by that you want to employ that in a Islamic state these goals cannot be met. While on the face of it, what you say makes sense, but when you look for proofs, the reality is otherwise. Religious Versus Secular State: I think you will agree that in the eyes of World, India is the biggest and working Secular democracy of the world. Its constitution is one of the most modern, which was written by 500+ highly educated persons after deliberation of many years (It has been amended more than 60 times in past 60 years is another issue). In the Constitution it is declared that India shall be a Secular, Democratic and Socialistic state. Its citizens shall have freedom of life, expression and religion. The state shall not distinguish between its citizens based on caste, religion, language and ethnic grounds. Etc. etc.

Great sounding words, are they not? But let us see that in same India: 1. There are laws banning Cow Slaughter for most Indian states. Most of Official ceremonies start with chanting of hymn, breaking coconut and Land Worship….all trade marks of a particular religion. 2. There are laws in many states that ban conversion of one’s religion (It is to be understood from Hinduism to Islam not vice versa). 3. That an Old