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October, 2013 Phone/Fax No.

Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh
Vol.XXI-X Editor: S.K. Mishra Annual Sub: Rs. 50/-
Journal of the Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation
T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110 001
10 t zt rsf-=-fnrr -2015 fq nt r -rt
lz||n = a- + n ti tn +| l-a
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|+ +n-|i nt|=| - |+ l|| + n<|
+ i- ~- =|| +i ||| z| +i ~| :=
l| +| <ni ll|l- n +| +-|
t| t CCS (RSA) Rules -1993 - nt|=|
+ ln( - =||| +| -n l<| t ~| =|| n
--|-i |i <i t l+ l< -= 15 = 20 l-z|-
n<| +| =n|- |-- t|| -|i l|| n
n<| + ln( |l-+ = +| +- +|
n|+| lnn| -- l+- +| +|n +- +i
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l||i n|--| +i -n|z| :=ln( t l+ tn
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tn|i +|z|l+- l-| =a- + l<z||n+
-ti t|i n- t =-| + +-<| +| n|n
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:- -n|n ~||-|, +|--=| , lz|-||
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l- +n|l| ~| i t , =l|||i t|- +|
n-||| |-- t| | t, <| + l- n|t ---
t| | t -=n (+ tn-n <| + - n- n
+| z|l+- +| n- + l- |- + ( l+ |z|in
-| tn |- |-| t|| l+ n|n| +i (+
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n-|- -|| l-|l- t|-| -|lt( l== -=+|
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=n =n -i- l-<~| ~|n l-i-||
+-| -|lt( tn|| n- +| || -= l+--| |--
+ ln| t ~| ~ l+--| z|| t | t
:=ln( +|+n| n REPORTING +|: |-i
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:-+| nt =nn-| -|lt( + -n
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+n-|i =n| l||i -il-| +
<n| + +|| <| t|-i t --+i n-|l-
<n| | =-| <l = <|-i t ti l||
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
<n| +| - -+=|- + ~|| ~| n|-| t :=i ~--l| + +|| -|| l||i n-||||
+i ~l|-| + +|| +n-|l| +| n-| t l+ tn| =a- z||=- -+n -ti n| | t
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-<i -<i +n-|l| + i- |-| -|lt( :=i l+| + +|| |= +| nt t|-| t |=
n +ni ~|i -| =a- + l- z|+| n|- t|-i |i ~| =a- +n| t|-| ||
= Check of System ,|| -<| +- n| t l-i ~-z||=- |i |- <- | - |
t tn =+ n- n t la|-| t l+ Charity begain at home | n l< l- +| ai+ a|+
|| -ti t|-| |i - l-i ==|-| +| |i --| + i- | |
:= n +|-l-=n n ~- n- +| i -t l<z||n+ -|+ -|| -n|n ~--l|| =
=n|-- + l+|z|in nt|=| +| l-n|| + ~| lnz|- : +| +|n| -|+ +n-|l| +i
=|| z|l+- +| -| ~||n |-- +|
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l|n + ~= |i ~-|i.~|.(n.(=. >i =-|| +n| l=t l--
+i ~| = n|n| | +- t(
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
No. 6-11/2009-PE.II (Vol. III) Dated : 22-08-2013
Payment of Severance Amount and accumu-
l at i ons under Servi ce Di scharge Benef i t
Scheme (SDBS) in case of Gramin Dak Sevaks
deth while in service -REG.
It has been brought to the notice of this
Directorate that the claims of accrued severance
Amount as well as the accumulations under ser-
vice Discharge Benefit Scheme are not being
settled in favour of the nominees/ legal heirs of
deceased Gramin Dak Sevaks, by several Circles
even after their death occurred years ago. This is
a very serious lapse on part of the ering Circles/
offices inspite of the fact that relevant provisions
in the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme Regula-
tions -2011 (Provisonal), are very clear in this re-
2. The relevant " Para-12: Death while in ser-
vice " of those Regulatons is reproduced below
for information and necessary action by all con-
" 12. Death while IN SERVICE- (a) . In the event
of death of Gramin Dak Sevaks while in service,
the nominee (s) /legal heir(S) will have an option
either to receive the entire accumulations in the
late GDS's PRA till the day of death, as lump
sum, or to continue to be enrolled under the
scheme, if they so desire. In that case, he or she
( the nominee/ legal Heir) will have to subscribe to
the scheme personally from their own pocket, af-
ter following the know your Customer (KYC) pro-
cedure and the Government shall bear no respon-
sibility and / or have any libility, whatsoever, for
making further contributions, etc. to the scheme
on behalf of suc deceased Gramin Dak Sevak or
to the payment of any accumulated / exit value to
such nominee(s) / legal heir(S).
(b) The PR Account , so continued and operatd
by the nominees/ lagal heirs of the deceased
Gramin Dak Sevaks, as per sub para (1) above,
shall continue till the month by which the deceased
Gramin Dak Sevak could have attained the age of
normal discharge (65 years at present) , after which
40 per cent of the accumulated balance available
iln the PRA shall be required to be invested in an
annuity scheme and 60 percent thereof shall be
paid to the nomilnee/ legal heir(S) for utilization
as per their discretion as is done in the case of a
GDS being discharged from his engagement with
the department on completion of the normal age
of such engagement."
3. It is enjoined upon all converned that in case of
death of the GDS while in service, the provisions
of the above para should be followed strictly with-
out fall. The Circles where suc type of cases are
pending , will please have the claims / cases of
the nominees / legal heirs of the deceased GDS
settled immediately, within one month in any case
and compliance reported.
4. Kerala Circle may also furnish compliance /
Status of the case of late Shri N.J . J oseph, GDS ,
MD , Iritty P.O., Thalassery Division of their Circle
, who died on 26-9-2011 , by return post.
Receipt of this letter may kindly be ac-
knowledged to Shri Shankar Prasad, Asstt. Di-
rector General (Establishment) by return fax/post.
No.1 (1)/10/PA-Admn.I/349-371 Dt. 17-09-2013
Promotion of MTS/ Sorters to LDC and LDC to
JA under SCF quota.
I am directed to convey the approval
of the competent authority for relaxaton of the
educational qualification , as a special case,
in relaxation of recruitment rules.
(a) For promotion of MTS/ Sorter as LDC un-
der seniority-cum-fitness quota in respect of
those officials who are possessing educational
qualification of 8th pass on or before 16th
October 2010 shall be eligible for promotion
as LDC subject to the fulfilment of other terms
and conditions as prescribed in the relevant
(b) For promotion of LDC as J A under Senior-
ity -cum-fitness quota in respect of those offi-
cials who are possessing educational qualifi-
cation of Matriculatre on or before 16th Octo-
ber 2010 shall be eligible for promotion as J A,
subject to the fulfilment of other terms and
conditions as prescribed in the relevant RRs.
(C) All the officials eligible for promotion to the
cadre of LDC/J A under relaxed standards may
be considered as per RRs of 2001 as on 1-1-
2013 by convening review DPC.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
Background: Rashtriya swasthya bima Yojna (RSBY)
is a scheme formulated by Ministry of Labour & Em-
ployment it was initially formulated for BPL families
without any contribution from BPL families and
contrubuton . As the Scheme was conceived on busi-
ness model, it was possible to extend the same to
workers other than BPL families adopting the pro-
cess flow of the MOLE. Scheme currently operational
/ likely to be operationa in 490 districts out of 558
districts all over India.
2. As per available details , the Scheme covers /
likely to cover all distructs of Assam, Bihar, Chandigrh
(UT) Chhatisgarh, Delhi , Gujarat, Haryana, H.P.,
J harkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maghalaya, Mozoram,
Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tripura, U.P.
, Uttarakhand , & W.B. . The The scheme partially
covers A.P., Arunachal Pradesh, J &K, M.P.,
Maharashtra, Manipur and Pinduchary (UT) . The
Scheme does not cover Andman & Nicobar (U.T. ),
Dadar & Nagar Haveli (U.T.) Daman & Diu (U.T.) Goa,
Lakshadweep (UT) Sikkim and T.N. Ministry of Tex-
tiles is likely to work s State Nodal Agency . In all
other States/ UTs as also the uncovered districts
would be aligned with nearby/ covered districts.
3. Contribution varies from State to state and District
to Distric. Average amount of annual premium is per-
ceived as Rs. 550 per annum.
4. There are rates prescribed for each procedure by
the MoLE and based on experience, it is held that
most of the cases normally gets covered within the
rates without any additional payment from their side.
5. Scheme covers existing deceases which are not
covered under Mediclaims.
Available medical assistance to GDS
For the present , GDS are allowed assis-
tance from circle welfare fund to the extent of Rs.
5000/- in case of prolonged & serious illness/ major
surgeries . Circle and Regional Heads have been
empowered with discretionary powers to allow as-
sistance up to Rs. 10,000/- in each case. In rare and
exceptional circumstances, financil assurance
byond Rs. 10,000/- can be considered from Central
Welfare Fund. Besides they are allowed assistance
from circle welfare fund Rs. 400/- & Rs. 200/- per
month for nutritional diet in case of suffering from
tuberculosis for indoor and outdoor treatement re-
spectively . Currently GDS are not covered by CS (MA)
rules or extended CGHS facilities or any reimburse-
ment in case of hospitalization.
Recommendation made by Shri R.S. Nataraja
Murti Committee & action thereon.
R.S. Nataraja Murti Committee made rec-
ommendations to introduce contributory health in-
surance scheme for inpatient trreatment on the lines
of Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojna - a scheme
formumated by Ministry of Labour and Empoyment
While processing other recommendtions, Cabinet
approval was also sought for preocessing the pro-
posal and the same was accorded.
Salient features of the scheme :
* GDS {engaged on regular basis}having one year
or more service shall be covered under the scheme.
Thus, provisionally engaged and sbustitutes would
not be eligible to be covered under the scheme.
* Total five members of the family of the GDS in-
cluding GDS will get coverage.
* The scheme covers existng health problems in-
cluding those occurring subsequent to getting
* The Scheme covers all health problems requir-
ing hospitalization.
* GDS & his family members (maximum 5 in all)
shall be entitled to coverage for expenses up to
Rs. 30000 per annum.
* Tests and medicines one day prior to hospitaliza-
tion and five days after discharge from hospital in-
cluding treatement and Rs. 100 for travel expenses
shall also be payable at the time of discharge sub-
ject to a maximum of Rs. 1000/- per year. The amount
of travel expenses is inclusive in the total coverage of
Rs. 30,000/- .
* Annual premium per GDS & his family will be
contributed equally by the GDS in advance and
the Government.
* On discharge on attaining the age of 65, GDS will
be covered up till the last day of the existing policy
and for the further coverage, GDS will have the option
to avail the scheme at his own cost without any con-
tribution from the Government. In case of death they
will only be covered till the last day of the existing
policy. In case of absorption on regular posts, they
will have the option to avail either the existing scheme
or the CS (MA) Rules, 1944 /CGHS facilities.
* The inpatient treatment shall be available through
Government Hospitals and private hospitals
empanelled by the issurance company. GDS or
his / her family members can use any hospital across
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
India which is empanelled in RSBY.
* The treatment will be through using a smart card carrying details and identification of GDS and his family
members in any of the empanelled hospital at the choice of the GDS or his family member.
* The insurance company will directly make payment of the bill subject to overall limit of Rs. 30,000/- per year
for GDS and his family ( all inclusive). Ministry of Labour and Employment has fixed the amount for various
trreatments and in most of the cases, the cost on treatment does not exceed the insured amount. However,
in cases where the limit gets crossed, the amount over and abvoe this limit shall be met by the GDS out of
his pocket.
* Cost of smart card to the GDS and his family shall be borme by insurance company and will be part of the
* Cost of registration fee Rs. 30/- is paid to the SCSP (rep of insurance company), who collects in on behalf
of the State Nodal Agency, at the time of registraton and is to be borne by the GDS beneficiary over and above
the premium contribution.
Current Status : The proposal is under actie examination and is likely to be introduced after its
examination by integrated Finance Wing and approval of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure
. The proposal involves an expenditue of 7.29 crores from Government side.
No. 6-3/2002-PE-II Dated: 14-08-2013
Grant of Split Duty Allowance - for the further period of 3 years w.e.f. 01-07-2011 to 30-06-2014
on existing rate.
The matter of continuance of payment of Split Duty Allowance to Gr. C & D (now MTS)
employees of Department of Posts who are placed on split duty has been examined further in the
Directorate in consultation with Integrated Finance wing and it has been decided by the cometent
authority to continue the payment of Split Duty Allowance at existing rate of Rs. 100/- p.m. for the
further period of 3 years w.e.f. 01-07-2011 to 30-06-2014. The terms and conditions will be as follows:
(i) The break between two duty spells is not less than two hours.
(ii) The Split Duty Allowance will be admissible only for the actual period for which the official is on split
duty and when he is placed on a continuous duty, he will forfelt the right to draw the Split Duty
(iii) The Split Duty Allowance will not be admissible during the period of leave and training.
(iv ) The oficial residing beyond 5 KMs from his duty place are only eligible for this allowance.
2. This issues with the concurrence of the IFW vide their Diary No. 114/FA/13/CS dated 14-08-2013.
No. 6-2/2009-PE.II Dated: 21-08-2013
Regarding payment of arrears of substitutes of GDS who worked in leave vacancies of the
period 01-01-2006 to 09-10-2009.
I am directed to clarify the issues / points referred under C.O. letter No. Estt./GDS/TRCA/
Revisions/2013/Corr. dated 26/29-04-2013 on the above noted subject. The clarifications are furnished
below issue/point wise :-
Issues/ Points for clarification Clarification
(A) Whether the substitutes engaged in place of In the context of GDS, leave vacancy denotes the
GDS Employees ( in case of paid leave) will be authorized leave/absence during which with the
allowed in this casse or not ? approved of the appointing / recruitng authority, a
(B) Where GDS employees are ordered to GDS is permitted not to attend persunally the
officiate in place of departmental employees duties assigned to him by providing a substitue
and the vacancies arised due to efficiating of approved by the appointing recruiting authority .
GDS employees are substituted by outsides, in Thereby, the issues/ Points raised for clarification
the case whether the substitutes so engaged at (A) & (B) are already covered under the order
are allowed to draw the revised TRCA or not? issued vide letter No. 6-1/2009-PE.II dt. 30-5-2012.
(C) In case the post of GDS is vacant and there Guidellines for regulating substitute/ provisional
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
is no regular incubent for the arrangement in place of regular GDS were circulated under No. 17-
said post but the post is 115/2001-GDS dated 20-10-2012 . If a post falls vacant the guide-
substituted by oursiders , lines provide for managing the work through combination of duties
whether the revised TRCA or otherwise initiation of action to fill up the post on regular basis
for the said period is and making stop-gap arrangements pending completon of selection
appliciable or not ? process. The guidelines do not provide for placilng an outsider unl-
ess the appointment / engagement is provisional one following all
formalities prescribed for regular engagment as stipulated in para-
10 of the said order. Thus, arrangements made by engaging an out-
sider without following the due process are irregular one and such
cases are not covered by the order issued vide letter No. 6-1/2009-
PE.II dated 30-5-2012.
MACP on Hierarchy: Supreme Court dismissed the Govt. petitions against
HC Decision
The Principal CAT [OA 904/2012 dt. 26-11-2012], Delhi and the Punjab & Haryana High Court [CWP
No. 19387 of 2011 (O&M) Date of Decision: 19.10.2011] have held that MACP is to be granted on
promotional hierarchy and not on next higher Grade Pay as per the 6th Pay Commission Recom-
mendation. The SLP filed by Union of India against the P&H decision was dismissed by theSupreme
Court [CC 7467/2013]. Source:
l<-|+ l=--, : +| n-|- +n, -| n
i.~|. ( i.~|.: lt| =+n + =+- =+n ~lz|- + ~= |n ~lz|- +|
-<||- +- t( <|l+|i ( l-l-l|
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
Item No. 1 :We demand due respect and impor-
tance to strike agreement made by then Secretary
(P) on 28-06-2011 & the DOP&T guideline issued on
28-11-2011 for Extending informal meeting & others
facilities to BPEF & its affiliated Unrecognized Unions.
Item No. 2 : We demand clear cut guidelines for
circulation of amendments in constitution of BPEF &
its affiliated unions along with list of office bearers of
All India Conferences , All India General Body Meet-
ing and Federal Council.
Item No. 3 :(a) We demand an instruction that
Secretary General of BPEF with Address T-21, Atul
Grove Road, New Delhi , may be included in all Mail-
ing list of Department.
(b) In view of two unions of this Federation are now
recognized we demand Secretary General BPEF may
be included in all committees of Department as invi-
tee member to present its view in which other two
Secretary Geneals are participating in the capacity of
members of Departmental J CM.
(a) Restructuring on the basis of Para 6.1.17 of 6th
C.P.C. We demand to restructure various cadre of
various wings of department having direct recruit-
ment and constitute quota of not less than 10% in
the recruitment rule as LDCE having eligible qualifi-
cation equivalent to direct recruit.
(b) We demand that seniority cum fitness quota of
not less than 30% quota may be introduced in all
cadres from Postman/ Mail guard to Inspector cadre.
(c) We demand that MTS of postal Department be
made equivalent to Postman / Mail Guard .
(d) The grade pay of Lift operator be made Rs. 2000
at par with those of CPWD.
(e) we demand that as decided in the National J CM
and accepted by Govt. all promote employee of a
cadre not reaching to the entry level of Direct recruit
may be placed over the entry level as decided in 6th
CPC for Direct recruitment and promottee in that
cadre may be removed.
(f) As per recent orders of DOP&T allowing stepping
up in ACP scheme, we demand the similar stepping
up in TBOP/ BCR category of our Department also.
(a): We demand that the clear cut order about the
procedure for recruitment in MTS category may be
(b) It is demanded that instruction may be issued to
higher officers to camp in the regional staff selection
office and get the required dossier of selected candi-
dates so that recruitment is completed.
(c) Leave reserve vacancies may be calculated keep-
ing in mind the child care leave vacancies and extra
work of Adhar Card distribution.
(a) Anomalies arising because of misinterpreting
the provisions of MACP and its clarifications and
counting the regular services not from the promo-
tional grade but from the TBOP upgradaton.
(b) We demand for orders of special DPC for BCR
promotions to those employees completing 26 years
of services between J uly, 2008 & August, 2008.
(c) The order issued by directorate to provide TBOP/
BCR Grade pay of Rs. 1900 and 2000 respectively to
the MTS who have been promoted before 1-1-2006
in TBOP/BCR Scales is being misinterpreted at Circle
and 3% increment provided to them after implemen-
tation of para 5 of Annexure I of MACPS order is being
withdrawn thus causing recovery from theri pay. We
demand suitable clarification over the para 4 of the
communication and pay fixation method thereof.
(d)We demand that if an employee gets 1st MACP on
completion 10 years of regular service from entry
grade and later on get 1st vacancy based promotion
then this promotion is to be ignored an lieu of 1st
MACPs and benefits of 3% on promotion should be
Item No. 7 :New Pension Scheme may be with-
drawn and GDS, Casual labour and Temporary
Status Gr. D. Employees recruited before 1993
may be provided with old pension scheme.
Item No. 8:
(a) Constitute 7th Pay Commission timely.
(b) 50% DA merger may be done without delay.
(c) Income Tax ceiling may be increased.
(d) OTA rates may be revised as per 6th CPC.
Item No. 9: Several GDS employees pass direct
recruitment examination of Gr. D/ Mailman and Post-
man/ Mail Guard simultaneously with in same year.
Sometimes they join the post as and when the result
came. Few of them joined Gr. D/Mailman first and
then Postman/ Mail guard later on because of delay
in declaration of its result. Now these two recruit-
ments within same year are being counted for MACPs
as a promotion which is affecting one MACP promo-
We demand tht in case of such employees,
direct recruitment in the lower cadre may be ignored
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
and direct recruitment in higher cadre may be treated
as real direct recruitment of GDS in the department
and MACP benefits may be extended accordingly.
Item No. 10:
(a) HSG-I recruitment Rules may be finalized at ear-
(b)AAO cadre recruitment Rules may be finalized at
Item No. 11: Establishment branch is taking no
pain to decide initial pay scale/ Grade pay of wireman
serving in the department for last 30 years. The pay
scale over which appointment have been done 30
years back has been revised in year 2002 by this
branch. There after recovery has been initiated for
excess pay drawn. This branch has decided ACP-I &
ACP-II pay scales but hesitating in deciding initial
pay scale. Due to this different Circles are deciding
different pay scale for them which is a very immoral
from the part of the Directorate. Therefore initial pay
scale of these Wiremen may be decided within a one
Item No. 12: (a) Despite clear cut instructions from
Directorate to hold D.P.C. of APM Accounts for promo-
tion into LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I posts, various Circles
like M.P.Circle are not holding the D.P.C. However A.P.
and Orissa Circle have promoted them notionally. It
is requested that necessary instructions may be is-
sued to M.P. and other Circles to hold D.P.C. within a
(b) As par department letter No. 137-10/96-SPB-II
dated 28-1-2003 APM Accounts LSG norms based
post should be filed strictly by Qualified Accountant
not with General line. This clarification is not being
followed in several Circles. It is demanded that in-
struction to follow the clarification may be issued.
(c) We demand that para 7 of communication No. 4-
17/2008/SPB-II dated 10-2-2011 may be abolished
and order for allowing APM Accounts to be inducted
in Postmaster grade I may be issued.
Item No. 13: (a) Revised instructions have been
issued for compassionate Appointment in GDS cat-
egories vide Department letter No. 17-17/2010-GDS
dated 1- 8-2011. In the revised provisions previous
10% ceiling for recruitment is removed. But the ne-
cessity of earning 50 merit point has been imposed
impracticable. During the Welfare Committee meet-
ing many CPMGs has accepted before Secretary (P)
that many deserving cases are not able to gather 50
Merit points despite their urgency. Therefore it is de-
manded that necessity of 50 merit points may be
removed . In case Department remains adamant to
introduce merit point in compassionate Appointment
in GDS it is should not be more than 25%.
(b) For Compassionate Appointment of dependents
of regular employees died in harness, the binding
of educational qualification of High School for wife/
husband of deceased may be withdrawn and in-
stead if she/he are he is having class 8th qualifica-
tion then he may be given appointment and after giv-
ing required training may be given regular MTS post.
(c) The ceiling to fill up 5% vacancies only through
compassionate Appointment may be removed and it
should be done100%.
Item No. 14: The pay ceiling of Rs. 3500 for pay-
ment for Bonus for 30 days may be changed and
enhanced to minimum wage of Rs. 10,000/- after 6th
Item No. 15 : Revision of wages of casual & part
time casual workers as per 6th CPC recommenda-
tions may be issued before 31st J uly, 2012 as prom-
ised over representation of BPEF submitted during
Sports & Welfare meeting dated 5-6-2012.
Item No. 16 : Recoveries for minus balance in SB
Accounts of consumer are being made abruptly from
salary of concerned employee without making
prooper enquiry lf the lapses. Necessary instructions
may be issued to inquire entire matter in compari-
son with entries in pass book and if any fault em-
ployes comes up then recovery of the lapses can be
Item No. 17: GDS related issues:
(a) Duty of 7.30 hours may be ensured to every GDS
(b) Ceiling for Bonus may be made equal to Regular
(c) Medical facilities may be made at par with regu-
lar employees
(d) Pension under social security may be provided.
(e) Point system to access B.O. may be made prac-
tical and assessment of TRCA may be made after
Item No. 18: RMS related issues:
(a) Closed RMS sorting offices may be revived
(b) Hub centre system may be taken back
(c) In view of Heavy and bigger article under Logis-
tic Post, EEP and other business activities every are
sent through RMS section therefore every should have
Mail van.
(d) Norms for Speed Post centers may be decided
and incentives may be provided for SPCC work at
RMS Offices as done in Postal Offices.
Item No. 19 :Night duty allowance, Clothing allow-
ance, Stitching Allowances and Washing Allowances
may be increased three times.
Item No. 20: Maintenance Staff Postal Operative
office may be brought under control of Civil Wing.
S.K. Mishra
Secretary General
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
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( l| +| := + +| =t- +- +i z|l+-
<|- +- t- :z = ||-| +-| t
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt to register strong protest against the clarification issued to units by estab-
lishment wing of Department that regular services for 3rd MACPS will be reckoned from date of grant
of TBOP (G.P. 2800) and not from eligible date of 2nd MACPS (G.P. 2800) to upgrade a Postal
Assistant conferred with TBOB promotion prior to 1-9-08 in contravention to Para I of Annexure I of
MACP order dated 18th September, 2009 as well as clarification No. 3 on MACPS dated 18-10-10 in
a manner and with ill conceived motive that the due and admissible benefit under the MACP scheme
has been denied to large number of employees of this service condition and placed them at disadvan-
tageous position with respect to their juniors not conferred with TBOP up-gradation prior to 1-9-08. The
Calcutta High Court judgment in OA No. 414 of 2011 dated 28-7-2013 is also appropriate to be taken for
consideration in this regard to remove the misconception..
This Federal Council registers its condemnation over the un- constitutional act of Postal
Directorate which has acted in defiant manner to undo and derecognize the orders of Central Govt.
approved by its cabinet and thereby obstruct the implementation of a scheme of Govt. of India to
We , therefore, call upon Secretary (P) to take an urgent and appropriate measure to correct
the Postal Directorate and issue order to reckon the regular services for grant of 3rd MACPS in G.P.
4200 from date of eligibility of 2nd MACPS ( G.P. 2800) and not from date of grant of TBOP up-
gradation ( G.P. 2800) i.e. date of grant of benefit of 2nd MACPS in line with para-1 of Annexure-1 of
MACPS dated 18-09-2009 & clarification 3 of order 18-10-2010.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that MACPS benefits should be granted as per cadre Hierarchy instead of
Hierarchy of Grade pay framed by 6th CPC.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter and recommend the resolution to Govt of India being the sole custodian of welfare of employees
of Department of Posts.
SCHEME ON 04-10-2012
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra) resolves to
hold and adopt to remind the Department that on the several occasion it has assured us that stepping
in the a manner similar to that allowed under ACP scheme by an order dated 04-10-2012 will be
allowed to TBOP/BCR up-gradation prior to 01-01-2006 an after 01-01-2006. .
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest being the sole custodian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt as under;
That TBOP/BCR scheme has been granted on marching saving basis by surrender of operative and
supervisory post. Accordingly TBOP/BCR scale of every basic operative cadre of Department has
always been related with next higher post in hierarchy.
We are amazed that in defiance of above basic concept of the scheme the Department has
issued orders on 18-7-2011 to revise TBOP/BCR grade pay of Gr. D now MTS cadre in new pay
structure to be effective from 1-1-2006 as 1900 & 2000 respectively. Since, no functional post in the
promotional hierarchy of MTS cadre of Department exits in grade pay of 1900, the order dated 18-7-
2011 is erroneous.
Therefore, we, call upon Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the change in the TBOP
Grade Pay of 1900 of Gr. D now MTS to Rs. 2000 i:e equivalent to Postman post. Similarly their BCR
grade pay of Rs. 2000 may be changed to Rs. 2400 equivalent to that of Postal Assistant.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that in terms of Letter No. 3 (4) /10/PA-Admn.I /475-496 dated 7-02-2013
, 3% fitment benefit at the time of fixation of pay on regular promotion to AAO cadre was allowed as
the promotion to the cadre of AAO is in hierarchy of PA by way of departmental exam. Similarly Para
1 of letter defines promotional hierarchy of PA cadre as LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I only and failed to define
hierarchy obtained to a PA after passing Inspector, PSS Group B and AAO Exam.
Therefore, the Federal Council urges upon
(1) To grant 3% benefit on promotion of PA/SA to Inspector and PSS group B cadre also as these
promotions also do not constitute promotional hierarchy of PA.
(2) To grant 3% benefit on promotion of a Postman / Mail guard to PA/SA cadre as these promotions
also do not constitute promotional hierarchy of Postman as defined in para 1 of aforesaid letter.
(3) To grant 3% benefit on promotion of LDC/J unior, Senior Accountant to AAO cadre also as these
promotions also constitute hierarchy by of exam to these employees.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that very spirit of agreement between union & Department to switch over to
MACP scheme from TBOP/BCR scheme has been dudified on account of postal Directorate becom-
ing reluctant towards the genuine and appropriate service condition to grant due benefit by manipulat-
ing the MACP provisions issued by DOP & T on 19-5-09 through their arbitrary and unrestrained
exercise of authority as under
(1) In respect of BCR promotion several court decision are available directing the Government to
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
allow benefit of BCR promotion after completion of 26 years from the date of review which happens to
be J an. & J uly of the year.
The problems arose when in J anuary 2009, review DPC for the BCR promotion could not be
held as the scheme was withdrawn from 1-9-2008. This denied the BCR promotion to the few employ-
ees completing 26 years of service in the month of J uly to August 2008.
TBOP/BCR up-gradation running parallel with ACP scheme of DOP&T. After implementation
of VI th CPC it felt that if provision of stepping up is not allowed then it will place seniors in disadvan-
tageous position w.r.t juniors and, therefore, allowed a change in the original scheme. The whole
exercise was done after withdrawal of scheme.
But the Department of Post could not move in the direction to allow DPC to held on 31-8-08
to make BCR promotion to eligible employees completing 26 years of service in the month of J uly &
August 2008 feasible and allowed seniors to be placed at disadvantageous position.
This Federal council urgently calls upon Secretary (P) to take steps to modify the BCR
Scheme appropriately to hold DPC on 31-8-2008 so that BCR Promotion to those completing 26 years
in the month of july and august 2008 can be provided.
(2) It was in vogue that the erstwhile Gr. D now MTS becoming eligible for Departmental Exam. of
Postman/ Mailguard and PA/SA both and used to write both Exams. in same calendar year.
In case PM/MG result declared prior to PA/SA result,some successful employee used to join
PM/MG post . But after few months, some of them becoming successful in PA/SA Exam. also , shifts
to join the PA/SA post .
Now after the implementation of MACPS, some units, while counting number of promotion in
a career of an employee in order to provide MACP benefit counts this horizontal shifting from PM/MG,
to PA/SA as promotion and consequently deny one of the MACPS benefit without considering the fact
that these employee on the basis of eligibility condition of Gr. D were promoted in PA/SA cadre and
not on the basis of Exam. from PM/MG cadre to PA/SA cadre so that joining in PA/SA in this way
cannot be considered as promotion from PM/MG cadre to PA/SA cadre.
Thus Federal Council demand that in such cases the shifting from Postman/ Mailguard
to PA/SA should not be counted as promotion for MACPS purposes.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt as under.
1. Tribal Area Allowance may be allowed as per Gazette notification No. 180 Dated 11-4-2007.
2. Post attached quarter
(i) The power to de-quarterisation may be delegated to Regional P.M.G.
(ii) The power of suspension of quarter beyond 90 days may also be delegated to Regional PMG.
(iii) The additional HRA to the SPM who have not been provided with post attached quarter shall be
drawn at the revised rate of license fee.
3. Special pay to single handed and double handed SPM for handling / custody of cash may be
provided without hesitation.
4. Split duty allowance to Gr. C for break in duty spell of not less than 2 hrs. may be paid as under
(a) It may be revised to Rs. 200 instead of Rs. 100/-
(b) The compulsion to reside within 5 KM may be relaxed.
(c) It should increase to 25% as the DA increases by 50%.
(5) Caretaking allowance equal to 10% of pay plus G.P. to system Administrator ,Marketing Executive
and Postmaster Cadre on account of work of similar nature for the office as that of caretaker of
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
(6) The provision of SR 25 in DTE letter No. 1/02/2011 PAP dated 17-1-2012 may be removed and TA
for utilizing own vehicle on account of emergent call from sub unit to Attend the fault as being done in
case of all inspecting officers ay be allowed to system administrater.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest being the sole custodian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that
(1) Revision of pay scales of Packers is light of Delhi High Court verdict in Foreign Post Office spe-
cially Bombay & Tamilnadu .
Despite clear cut orders issued on 17-08-2012 and clarification dated 03-09-2012 by Director-
ate, the pay arrears are not being paid from 1-1-1986. It is to remind that they have been allowed pay
scale of Rs. 950-1500 w.e.f. 01-01-1986 , Rs.3050-4590 w.e.f. 01-01-1996 and G.P. of Rs. 1900 w.e.f.
01-01-06. It has been already clarified that previous promotion will be ignored and will be provided with
fixation benefit on grant of MACPS from 01-09-2008.
(2) Stepping up between directly recruited and promottee employees
Since the gradation list of MTS and Postman is being maintained at Division on account of
recruitment process, the stepping up between employees may be decided on the basis of gradation
list at Division.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest being the sole custodian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts and issue
necessary instructions in this regard.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that as per recent clarification issued by Directorate,special pay has been
extended to MACP official who are working as Accountant. The order is effective from the date of its
issue. Hence many MACP officials who have been continuously working on the accountant post are
depressed for the benefit from the date they are working as Accountant.
On the same line as for MACP employee,TBOP/BCR being mere upgradation instead of
vacancy based promotion ,above benefit should be extended to TBOP / BCR employees also.
Hence necessary clarification may be issued.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that vide letter No. 6-12/2010 SPB dated 07-03-2011 , it has been provided
that the post of LSG in Account line in PO & RMS offices will be filled by PA/SA who have 10 years
of regular service in the grade and have passed PO & RMS Accountant Exam. The last para of order
insists to maintain seniority of passed Accountant as per seniority list of PA/SA cadre which is
contrary to its first para as mentioned above.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
Thus it is requested to review the order and modify the position that eligibility shall be deter-
mined from the date of qualifying the PO & RMS Accountant Exam.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that the Postmaster Cadre has been carved out from LSG /HSG-II/ HSG-I
and initial induction to these cadre are being made through Departmental Exam.
The units while granting MACP benefits are counting this induction in PM cadre as promo-
tion which is an act to undo & derecognize the provision of cadre restructuring and treatment after-
wards thus, obstructing the implementation of MACP scheme in correct manner to these employees.
This Federal council urgently calls upon Secretary (P) to take appropriate measure to direct
units not to consider this induction in Postmaster cadre as promotion for MACPS purposes.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that in terms of para 4 of 1/20/2008 PCC (Pt.) dated 18-7-2011, G.P. of
1900 on 1-1-06 has been allowed to ACP- I / TBOP group D now MTS in lieu of previous same
upgradation. Unfortunately the Communication remained silent over manner of pay fixation of these
employees on 01-01-2006.
Subsequent to issue of above provisions by Department, the DOP&T has issued clarification
27(III) in form of FAQ and Deptt. of Post vide No. 4-7/MACPS/2009-PCC dated 07-02-2013 has ac-
cepted the concept of grant of fresh ACP to employees on completion of 12 years of service after
ignoring the previous promotions / ACP up-gradations in merged grades prior to 1-1-2006 . Thus, pay
fixation benefit to these employees in new pay structure on promotion / ACPup-gradation on 1-1-06
has been allowed.
Unfortunately the Deptt. of post still remained silent over the modification in provisions over matter of
ignoring the TBOP up-gradation granted in merged grade of Gr; D prior of 1-1-06 and allowing pay
fixation benefit to them on 01-01-2006 on account of grant of fresh TBOPupgradation .
We call upon Secretary (P) to issue necessary instructions so that no discrimination and
pay difference is caused between two sets of employees i.e Group D now MTS conferred with TBOP
up-gradation and other conferred with ACP I up-gradation prior to 1-1-06 on account of not grantingpay
fixation benefit on 1-1-06 after ignoring pervious promotion.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that
(1) before redesigning of first class mail offices, the staff side was assured that more L-1 ofices will be
opened by conversion from L-2 offices to avoid unnecessary back routing .
We call upon Secretary (P) to issue necessary instructions so that L-1 offices can be doubled
at least.
(2) Plastic bags are creating health hazard to employees from the environmental point of view. It is
requested to introduce canvas bag by withdrawing plastic bag.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
(3) A separate RMS Division with Headquarter at Dehradun may be formed. in Uttarakhnad Circle.
(4) Full bogie /SLR coach accommodation may be provided to every RMS section.
(5) OTA rate has to be revised as per 6th CPC recommendations pay realities..In fact if an employee
is assigned OTA duties in RMS he has to work for entire 8 hours. Thus that employee has to be
remunerated one day pay instead of OTA.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest being the sole custodian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra) resolves to
hold and adopt as under
(1) In previous RR of PM /MG cadre, 50% vacancies of Postman /MG vacancies were earmarked for
GDS ( 25% S.C.F. & 25% merit ) But in New RR entire 50% is through open market. Similarly,
previous RR provided that unfilled Group D promotion quota vacancies are to be filled up through
GDS but in new RR it has been provided to fill it from open market.
It may be reviewed to remove open market element from RR
(2) GDS (MM) has been declared a dying cadre. The Temporary Casual Labour are also not available
in RMS Units. These provisions are creating acute shortage of MTS staff.
On account of no substitute arrangement in place of MTS in all Circles and not filling up of these
post since long, the regular employees are facing lot of problem to perform operative duties.
We call upon Secretary (P) to issue necessary instructions so that vacancies in MTS cadre
can be raised on account of GDS MM and temporary casual labour vacancies and thereafter fill up all
vacancies in MTS cadre urgently.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that The retail price of those commodities which go into the making of
minimum wage structure of eployees have risen by 160% from 1-1-06 to 1-1-2011 whereas DA com-
pensation to central Govt. employees has been just 51%.
The suggestion of merger of DA with basic pay in order to compensate the erosion in real
wages was first rooted by Gadget Committee in Post 2nd C.P.C. The 3rd CPC has recommended
such merger when living index crossed over 272 point by 72 point over & above base index adopted for
the pay revision. In other words the recommendations of 3rd CPC was to merge DA when it crossed
36%. The 4th CPC set up afterwards, merged whole of DA with pay .The 5th C.P.C. has merged 98%
of DA.
It is therefore, necessary that Govt. should take up steps to merge DA with pay to compens-
able erosion in the real value of wages immediately.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that The New Pension scheme is a defined contribution based Pension
scheme launched by Govt. effective from 1-1-2004. Recently it has passed a bill in Lok Sabha to open
26% FDI in Pension fund.
In this regard it is pertinent to mention that, the thrust of world Bank report was not to tackle
the crisis faced by the elderly employees in their old age but to resolve the crisis of pension pay out
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
burden of the Government world over.
At the time of exit, it is mandates for the employees to invest 40% of pension wealth to
purchase an annuity to provide life time pension for the employees and his depended parent and
souse. Remaining 60% pension wealth will be paid in lumsum . The PIRDA will regulate and develop
the pension fund market. Section 20 of the NPS provides there shall not be any implicit or explicit
assurance of benefit except market based guarantee mechanism purchased by subscriber. The scheme
also provides that NPS is mandatory for New recruit in the Central Govt.
It is, therefore, demanded that the Government should abolish New Pension Scheme and make Old
Pension Scheme mandatory to all Govt. employee
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra) resolves to
hold and adopt as under
(1) Suitable time factor of Data entry work in workload of Postman may be evolved.
(2) Regular payment of Speed Post incentive may be ensured.
(3) Scientific measurement by foot meter and cyclometer may be used to measure the exact area
of the beat traversed by a PM during duty hour in the interest of rationalization of beat area for better
delivery of mail.
(4) Combination of beat should be avoided.
(5) Coolie charges for delivery of heavy particle may be revised.
(6) Mode of conveyance with rate of each may be decided for EPP article.
(7) Better quality of uniform may be supplied.
(8) Revision in syllabus of LGO exam by considering the fact that this exam is only method through
which a PM/MG is appointed as PA/SA. It should be of so standard that all the vacancies can be filled
up timely.
(9) Promotion quota on seniority cum fitness quota to the tune of 50% vacancies of PA/SA cadre may
be introduced.
(10) Review of postman delivery norms by setting up a Work Study Unit may be performed.
(11) Cycle Maintenance Allowance ay be allowed to MTS Staff without imposing any condition.
(12) The post of Mail/cash overseer& sorting Postman were treated in the past as promotional post
and allowances were paid. Now nothing is paid except responsibility. Therefore it is demanded that
they should be allowed to perform postman duties only.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest being the sole custodian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that Vide O.M. No. 49014/18/84 Estt. ( C) dated 7-5-85 one time relaxation
was given to absorb casual labour against regular Group D vacancies even though they were not
recruited through Employment Exchange with condition that in future casual labour will come through
employment exchange only.
Vide No 65-24/88-SBP dated 17-5-89 the Department named all Mazdoor ,Casual labour,
contingent paid staff, daily wages, Daily rated Mazdoor and outsider as casual labour. Those working
for eight or more hours were named full time casual labour whereas those working for less than eight
hour were named Part-Time casual labour .
Vide No. 1-3/97-PAP dated 03-11-1998 the Department has reviewed the rates of remunera-
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
tion paid to FTCL & others in consultation with DOP&T and decided that remuneration will be on pro
rata basis with reference to the minimum of pay scale of group D as per CCS (RP) Rules 1997 plus
admissible DA thereon only.
We, therefore demand that review in remuneration in light of minimum of pay of Gr. D now
MTS as per VIth CPC may be carried out at earliest.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that Bonus Act was issued on provided minimum bonus
8.33% of pay and maximum 20% of pay . In Department of post the bonus as productivity linked bonus
was paid to employee. Later on , Adhoc Bonus was extended to all Central Employees .
Historically, Bombay High Court in year 1942 uttered judgement in case of General motors company
that It is an almost universally accepted principle now that profit are made possible by contribution of
both capital and labour made in a particular Industry and I think it is also a considered view that labor
has right a share in the increased profit. The distribution among the worker is better achieved by giving
Annual Bonus to them than by a further rise in wages. Similarly in 1950 full Bench formula was also
based on (1) Both labour and capital contribute to the profit of an establishment and workman should
be allowed a reasonable share in the profit.
Since the profit of an institution is dependent on active participation of labor hence in the profit of
Department of post the participation of GDS cannot be ignored
We,therefore,demand that
(1) There should not be any pay ceiling with regard to bonus.
(2) If any bonus ceiling is to exist then that of GDS may also be enhanced to Rs.3500 and they
also be allowed PLB bonus instead of adhoc bonus..
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra)
resolves to hold and adopt that despite the fact that it was assured not to penalize the officials without
initiating any action to recover the minus balance from the depositors, the Divisional Heads are recov-
ering the amount from the innocent official by hook or crook and by misusing the contributory negli-
gence factor. The BPEP has sent a detailed note earlier about the cause, effect and remedy in
settlement of minus balance for which no action seems to have been initiated.
It is therefore requested to kindly ensure not to recover any amount of minus balance from
the innocent officials without resorting action to recover the amount from the depositors concerned.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest being the sole custodian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra) resolves to
hold and adopt as under
(1) Immediately constitute re-structuring committee as decided in the meeting dated 19-02-2013.
(2) Recruitment process in MTS, WC grade I &II and J E cadre may be started at earliest.
(3) Recovery from pay of wireman of Postal Building Maintenance Staff may be stopped and ACP-I &
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
II pay scale/GP may be provided as per order dated 12 -08-2012
(4) 100% compassionate appointment of wards of deceased civil wing employees may be ensured
(5) Tool bag may be provided to all maintenance staff.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest being the sole custodian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra) resolves to
hold and adopt that J A & SA cadre presently existing in Postal Accounts Organizations as feeder and
promotional cadre respectively and were framed on 01-04-1987 as a way of improving promotional
aspects of J A and for relieving stagnations in it are , in the conditions of 6th CPC which has reduced
number of pay grades, not justified as two separate entities on the basis of functional needs.
Historically, on 05-05-1979, J A of Postal Accounts were granted special pay of Rs.35/ to the tune
of 10% of posts to attend work of more complex and important nature. Afterwards, NFSG in pay scale
of 425-700 was granted to these Senior Accountant. After implementation of 4th CPC recommendation
this NFSG has been withdrawn and from 01-04-1987, 80% of post of J A was upgraded to functional
promotional post of SA with pay scale of 1400-2600 and with a functional content higher than that of its
feeder cadre J A in revised scale of 1200-2040.
From the era of 4th CPC to 6th CPC it has been emphasized that standards of recruitment should
not be diluted merely to open up promotion avenues.
Thus if 20% employees in J A cadre has to perform similar duties and responsibilities as that of
80% of J A cadre and the fact that these 80% were upgraded from 20%J A cadre on account of func-
tional needs then time has come to mix these 20% posts with SA cadre and recruitment in mix cadre
be made from SSC along with Assistants of CSS with grade pay of 4600. Certainly no recruitment in
present J A cadre is required to be made.
Thus, we demand for a rational cadre structure so that career progression should be consistent
with functional needs and requirements of the organization. The mix grade be upgraded to grade pay of
4600 taking into account the complex and important duties & responsibilities of that cadre.
The 10th Federal Council of BPEF held on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2013 at Nasik, (Maharashtra) resolves to
hold and adopt that GDS employees working in Department of Post may be given status of regular
Govt. employee covered under article 309 &311 of constitution of India for the following reasons
(1) The recruitment in GDS cadre is made through codified RR and through open market
(2) The RR of GDS post can be challenged in court of law, if required, in the similar way as the statutory
RR of regular posts
(3) The compulsion to have parental property and earning to GDS recruit has been relaxed. Now he can
serve anywhere in India.
(4) The residency period for a GDS has been codified for their seniority cum fitness promotion in MTS
cadre as being provided for regular employees in a cadre.
(5) Compassionate appointment on the similar terms and conditions as for regular employees are
being provided for wards of deceased GDS employee.
(6) The strength as well as Profit earned by GDS employee is counted for providing PLB to regular
(7) The targets to earn in various business activity are being imposed over them without bothering
about his limited duty hours and obstruction in earning livelihood.
(8) The conduct rules provide protection under article 2311 of constitution.
It is our earnest hope and belief that Honble Secretary (P) would kindly like to consider the
matter at earliest and will not hesitate to provide due rights to GDS employees being the sole custo-
dian of welfare of employees of Department of Posts.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
" Vande Mataram"
+rrtat zr nrtt nrr=rr
z=t =rrt ftrrz
trr . zr. art rrtrr =+rrnr,
nnrt rr- rfrr - (nrrtrr
fzr . 01-10-2013 = 02-10-2013
nrrnrt faz
t-21, a nr trz ; fzrt -110 001
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
No. BPEF/10th F.C.2013 Dated: 01-08-2013
Under the provision as contained un-
der Article 18 read with Article 14 ( C) of the
Constitution of Federation, it is hereby noti-
fied that the 10th Federal Council of the
Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation will
be held at Dr. Kurtkoty Shankarachar Nayas,
Old Gangapur Naka , Nasik- 422 005
(Maharashtra) from 1st October, 2013 to 2nd
October, 2013. Shri Man Mohan Sharma,
President, of the BPEF will preside over the
Federal Council meeting.
The following shall be the agenda:
1. Homage to the martyrs-condolences to
the departed leaders.
2. Adoption of Annual Report of the Federa-
3. Adoption of Annual Accounts of the Fed-
4. To Discuss Mission 2015.
5. Organizational review-union wise.
6. To Discuss the increasing / loosing mem-
bership on the base divisional membership
list of union of J uly, 2013.
7. Review of the Financial Position.
8. Amendment in Constitution if any.
9. Resolution on staff problems relating to
General matters.
10. Policy and Programme resolution.
11. To discuss the 6th Central Pay Commis-
sion anomalies including GDS issues.
12. Election of office bearers of the Federa-
13. Venue of the next Federal Council.
14. Any other item with the permission of the
(S.K. Mishra)
Secretary General.
Copy to:
1. All office bearers of the BPEF.
2. All General Secretaries of affiliated Unions.
3. All Circle Secretaries through their Gen-
eral Secretaries.
4.The Secretary, Deptt. of Posts, Dak
Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001 .With request
to issue instructions to Head of Circles for
grant of special casual leave to the Federal
councilors of our recognized as well as due
leave to un-recognized union.
5. Shri B.N. Rai J i , General Secretary , BMS
(Central) Dattopant Thangdi Bhawan, 27
D.D.U. Marg, Raous Avenue, New Delhi- 110
002 .
6. Shri B.K. Rai ji , Prabhari , (Postal) Indus-
trial Unit of BMS.
7.Shri V.G. Pendharkar, Convener, Reception
Committee, 10th Federal council of BPEF ,
11 Samrudhi Appartment , Chhitranjan Hous-
ing Society , Shankar Nagar, Nasik- 422 013
.Mob. No. 09423555504.
(S.K. Mishra)
Secretary General.
nrrnrt faz
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~l-l|| , n =t|i <|l+|i|,||-i
n< =| + n|<z|+ <|l+|i|, nt|=|
= =-, =|i l--| + l nt|=l- (
~-|, <z| + =< <z|| = ~| =||-
lnni nni =l-| -|| l-l-l
~| ( t-|
l| |<|i + -<n = l| ||-
lz| + |-+z -|n+ -|l-ln = ~-lt-
(n -n|n |-|~| = ||-i =+l- n l--
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-|lz|+ -i + | +-+|i z|+|-| =||t
+ || n =--- t|- | t ||-i |+
+n-|i nt|=| + <z|n |i ~lz|- n
~| =|i | ln| +| ~l|--<- +- n
~| t| +| ~-| t| t| t
:= nt|=| - , ||-i n< =| +i
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
(+ n| ~||l+ :+|: + n , ~-
n<| + | n + | +|, |i (
~--|i -| + ~|<|n-| + ~= -l--
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t =|| ti n l+-- = nt|=| + =|i
=<| +| |i -|< <-| -|t-| t l-+
~|+ l>n ( =t| = t nt|=| ~|
l-- =|| n (+ -|+- -+ -| t|
+-<i +| =lnl- := l-<- +| (+
~l|n| + n -- + ti t nn ~|z||
ti -ti | lz|= t l+ t =<- := l-<-
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~|z|| +-| t l+ |- ~-|- n l< +|: |l
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l-t| - = |i +|| +| ~- i- =
-|<| nt l<|, -n- +- t( >,|ln ~l-
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>i |n +|z| ln>, la <|l+|i (n
l---+,||-i n< =|, -: l<-ni, >i =-<
<|=, nt|n|i ||-i n |+ =| =|
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n-:, >i i(- l|, |n- (|- |
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||- n|-| +i =| +- |n =|i |-| +| |
tn= l t -- =+| t nt|=| >,|ln
~l- +-| t
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l| , -| | , l-<|| (n| n :
~| :: ~- : +| >i (n + |-|+
+i ~-|-| n =--- t~| || := l|< +
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l-<z|+ ||-i n< =|, | := ~=
>i = =: , |- nt|n|i =+|i +n-|i
|i l=| , =>i ~-=:| =|=< (|-=|||,
>i ||n i || n|i |ni| l+|= (
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-l|- |i <z| + =< +|-| = ~| n|
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-|-| >i -- l=t |, nn
~|l= |n-| (||
nt|n |i >i lz||+|-- ln>, =il-
(+|--- i(i n|--
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
n |i >i ~-iz| ln>, (=(
-: l<-ni =|l li-
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=il- (+|--- |+|-
-: l<-ni
=a- n|i >in-i ||- -||, |n|
|<| (| |-
=a- n|i >i =-|| +n| l=t, (=(
'~|' li- n|-- RMS
=a- n|i >i (n(= -<n , (+|---
l-<|| H.O. (M.P.)
=a- n|i >i ~| -||- |ni , (=(
l|-i RMS (T.N.)
=a- n|i >i ~|(- -|, |n|
|| <i P.O. (Maharashtra)
3. +rrtat zr n rtt nrr= rr = na
:= nt|=| + =|| ~|a l-- =-, t
3.1 +rrtat zr nrtt q=rfrrq= n
=t := =| +| ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- : =
~+ : +| | (|-| n t~| || l=n >i
~| --<+|z| (T.N.) (|i ~-| -|| >i
ii |< (U.P. ) -|| : z||< ( z| | (Gujarat)
-|:- -n =+i -- | := =| +| ~n|
~lz|- : = -i :: +| ~tn<||< n t|-|
-|l- t
3.2 +rrtat zr n rtt q=r frrq=
rtn q qntq= := =| +| ~l|n
||-i ~lz|- :: = : ~n : +| -n|
|- nz||n| t<||< (~|-<z|| n t~| ||
l=n >i -- l=t | (Rajasthan) |i
~-| -|| n| -n|||- (A.P. ) -n =+ i
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f (tztq= .:= =| +| ~l|n
||-i ~lz|- = - : +| nt||-i n|n
+ ii +|n n|n ln| |-| (-|
n t~| || l=n >i |n|--< l-|i (U.P. ) |i
~-| -|| >i =-i +n| ln> (W.B. ) -n
=+i -- |
3.4 +rrtat rtqnq= q qnqnq=
nrtt f n -
:= =| +| ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- :: =
: ~- : +| +| = + n ~| | (- |
n t ~| || l=n >i = -| | + n| l= t (U.P. ) |i
~-| -|| >i ~-iz| ln> (Delhi ) -n =+i
- - | := = | +| ~l z|- n|t l<=- :
n =--- t|-| -|l- t
3.5 +rrtat rtqnq= q qnqnq=
nrtt f nnrz q n zt
:= =| +| ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- :: = :
~- : +| +| =+ n ~|| (-|
n t ~| || l=n >i i + n| (T.N.. ) |i ~-|
-|| >i i+ l-|i (U.P.) -n =+i --
| := =| +| ~lz|- n|t l<=- :
n =--- t|-| -|l- t
3.6 +rrtat zr =rr rr nrtt
= rr
:= =| +| ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- = l<=-
: +| n-|- +n -| (lt| | n t~| ||
l=n >i =i(n l-n: (Kerala ) |i ~-|
-|| >i = +n| l=-t| (Bihar) -n =+i
-- |
3.7 +rrtat zr rrr=f rr
nrtt f
:= =| +| ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- = ~n
: +| <i n|n nz||n| ~ni-||< n|--
(- | n t~| || l=n >i ~|i z|n|
(M.P.) |i ~-| -|| >i |+z| --< >i|-
(U.P. ) -n =+i -- |
3.8 +rrtat zr f=f fn trfra
nrtt f
:= =| +| ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- : = ::
~- : +| || +i l|, -| | l<||
(n| n t~| || l=n >i -i|n (U.P.) |i
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
~-| -|| >i n|n | (Bihar) -n =+i
-- | := =| +| ~n| ~lz|- -|l=+ n
=--- t| t| t
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z|- +||n i:, ~-n | | -: l<-ni n
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t: |i = -| t|n- ai+ t + n-n- +i -
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z|- +i n|:=-= i , lni |-i +i <-<|i
-|<| t := | n =|i l--| + nt|nl|| +|
l-- |: l+= l-- +| l+--| =| <-| t t
ln|| | t tn --ni< t -< = -< =|i l--
~- lt= +| =| z|- n < <
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=rr a arr nrrnrt r r= .
nt|n|i - ||-i n< =| +i +-<i +|+|l|i
+i a+| n || ln| | := +| t
. l=-- : tni
:. -i : l||
. : i : n|
:. :: ~- : -|
. i :: l|-i
. :::: l=-- :: ---
. n|- : ~n-=
. :: ~- : |-z
nrrnrt r =nar-n rr fq r=
q ntfn .
l<-|+ : ~+ : +| ||-i |+ +n-|i
+ | (|-| n t( ~l|n ||-i ~l
z|- n || ln|
l<-|+ : -- : +| |+ |- n ||l+i
l+|= ~| nn ~|-in|:z|- t: a+ n ||
l<-|+ : l<=- : +| |n|| (+n| |
=+n n t( =+- =+n ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-| + : l<=- : +| - --: (-lnn-| |
n ii ( ii : +i t: =+-
+-<i +|+|l|i n || ln|
l<-|+ i : +| t<||< n ii
+ ~|-<z| =+n ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ : i : +| ||-i n< =| +
n| n t( ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ ::: ~n : +| ||-i |+ +n-|i
=| |n- ( (ni(= + t<||< (~|-
<z||n t( ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ : - : +| |+ |- n |n |
+ =|| t: :-|nn nil n || ln| l=n
nt|=| + ~-| -|| =-, =|i l--| + -n
=+i ( ~-| n|< |
l<-|+ n|: : +| |+ |- n |+ n||
= +i -a- =lnl- +i a+ n || ln|
l=n (ni=i +i :: t:
l<-|+ l<=- : +| ||-i |+ n||
+||n +n-|i =| + -| (lt| | n =--
t( ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ n|- :: +| t<||< ((i| n
t: nt|=| +i n (+=i+l a+ n ||
l<-|+ ~n :: +| ~n-= (|| n
ii, ii: ( ii(= +i t: =+-
li-n ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ : n: :: +| t<||< n+-n|
|~|l= n =--- t: ii: + ~|-<z|
=+n ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ n: :: +| |+ |- n t: |n
n | +i nil n || ln|
l<-|+ n|: :: +| -| n i~| (
i~|: + =+- +-z|- n || ln|
l<-|+ ~+ :: +| |+ |- n -z|-n
|ln=i :: t: a+ n || ln|
l<-|+ ~+ :: +| n|-- n t(
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
~|= ( l--- lz|l n || ln|
l<-|+ l<=- :: +| z|- ~|l=
n =-- nt|=| +i n (+=i+l a+ n
|| ln|
l<-|+ : l<=- :: +| |+ |- n |+ n||
+||n l-- +i |nn nil n || ln|
l<-|+ i : +| |+ |- n ||-i
l=ln l l-- +i t: |nn nil n n ||
l<-|+ n|- : -+ | <z| ~n-= n
||-i n< =| +i +-<i +|+|l|i +i a+
n || ln|
l<-|+ n|- : +| | =+n + -i
|n| -n = t: nil n || ln|
l<-|+ n|- : +| |||- =+n n
ii , ii : ( ii(= + =+-
=+n ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ n|- : +| +-|+ =+n n
ii , ii : ( ii(= + =+-
=+n ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ ~n : +| ||-i z||=l-+
+||n =| + |i ~lz|- ( ii (
ii : - =+n + =+- =+n ~lz|- n
|| ln|
l<-|+ : n: : +| | =+n ~n-= n
ii , ii : ( ii(= + =+-
=+n ~lz|- n || ln|
l<-|+ - : -+ n|n (|-|| n
|ni| |+ =+ + t( ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- n
|| ln|
l<-|+ : - : +| tl||| =+n ~-|n|
n ||-i |+ n|| l-- + t( =+n ~lz|-
n || ln|
l<-|+ ::: - : -+ -nci (n | n
nt|=| +i n (+=i+l nil n || ln|
l<-|+ : - : +| ||-i n< =| +
+||n t| n i:(-=i +i t: nil n
|| ln|
l<-|+ : n|: : +| ||-i n< =| n
<z| + +||n |||n n i:(-=i +i t:
nil n || ln|
l<-|+ :: ~- : -+ -i=| <z|
|-z n ||-i n< =| +i +-<i +|+|l|i
+i a+ n || ln|
l<-|+ : l=-- : -+ lt| =+n -|
n i~| ( i ~| : =+- =+n ~l
z|- n || ln|
6. tt;q rtr tr zrr q
fzr 25-3-2011 r zrr =+rt = rz
rtr t tr
||-i |+ +n-|i nt|=| = =-, =|i
l--| - ~-i n|| +| n+ =+n + =|i
t+| -| l<| | | t- ti =n -|
fzr 3-5-2011 r zr +r ; fzrt
t q fz=t tr
||-i |+ +n-|i nt|=| = =-, =|i l--| -
~-i n|| +| n+ |+ |- -: l<-ni -|
l<| ||i ln=n -|| z||=- + =- -||
+i + |< =t = ti +n-|l| +i
||i |i - |+ |- -: l<-ni + n- +| |
+ -| l<| |i +i l- - l<|| l<| l+ --|
+ i- z||=- +i -il-| i -t ~n|+l ~|
ln t ~| -n|-= - := || +| ai- +-
+| =+- ln| := - +| ||-i n< =| +
|i nt|n|i >i -|| | -|| - +n| i
||i l<-ni <z| , ||-i --| |i + +-| (
=|=< >i +|z| |+ -|| >i lz|+ =|< i
=|=< |-=|| - |i =-|l- l+| ~| ~| +i
n|: n ==< = n+ =+ -+ =|| <- +| |<|
fzr 6-7-2011 = ffra rt rzar
ii:( ,|| l<-|+ n|: : = ~l-lz--
+|ni- t-|n +| -|l= l|| +| l<| |
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
ii:( + <|l+|l| ,|| <z| +| <||
l+| | n|t|n t-|n +| - | || nl+-
(-(i: ~| ((-i~| <|-| z|-| -
n|: : = --+i -|l- ~l-lz-- +|ni-
t-|n +| -| l<- tn n|: : +| |=
n ln| --+ ||| <- + +|| ii:( +|
|i ~-i t-|n |= n-i i
fzr 28-02-2012 r =+rt z fr
rtr q fz=t rn rzar
||-i n< =| + -- n =|i +-<i
l--| + ~||t- l<-|+ :::: +| (+
l<=i t -|n t : |i ||-| n t -|n + l<-
|+ l|| n |+ =| -|| ~- l||| n +|n
+| i -t < t| t ~|n t-|n i -t
=n ti ~| =+| +| +n-|l| +i n||
l-| +- n + l<|
fzr 7-10-2012 = 8-10-2012 r =rs
n +rrtat zr nrtt nrr=rr rtr frrorr
n q f-a frrft
l<-|+ ( ~+ :: +| | =|< nn|ln
t|n n|-- n ii:( = =-, =|i l--|
+| <| l<=i ~|= ( l--- lz|l =---
t~| =+n| = n| ni := lz|-||
( l--- lz|l n -l|- t( =|i n|| n :=
lz|-|| = (+ -: -| +| =-| t~| lz|-||
n ~| =|i =<| - +t|, := +| + +|+n
=|i =+n| n t|- -|lt( lz|-|| +| - +
-i |n| -n +-n >i +nnz| --<| i (
|+ >i =l-- l+z|| , |-l-+ -|| = >i
+n| ln> l||+ ||| n|--, ( >i
l<-z| --< z|n| nt|| n|-- - |i lz|-|| (
l--- lz|l +| =-|l- l+|
fzr 24 tt 2013 r +rrtat zr
nrtt nrr=rr = =r =+rt fr rtr
zrr =+rt fztr t q fz=t r
. t r rnrn .
l<-|+ :: -i : +| ii:( = =-,
=|i l--| ,|| <z| + =|i li-| n +|n -/
-| +| ||n t~| -|| =|i li-n =+l| -
~- ~- li-n t +| nn|-n l<| t
||n t- ti =n t|
fzr 4 trttt 2013 r +rrtat zr
nrtt nrr=rr = =r =+rt fr rtr
zrr =+rt = rz rtr t q fz=t
tr .
l<-|+ : i : +| ii:( =
=-, =|i l--| ,|| <z| + =|i =+n t
+|| (+ l<=i - +| ||n t~| -||
=|i =+n =+l| - ~- ~- =+n t +|
nn|-n l<| t ||n |i t- =n t|
fzr 15 trttt 2013 r +rrtat zr
nrtt nrr=rr = =r =+rt fr rtr
zr +r t q fz=t tr.-
l<-|+ i : +| ii:( = =-,
=|i l--| ,|| |+ |- -: l<-ni (+
l<=i - +| ||n ||l- || nl+- |+
l|| +i =+ i nt|<| + lnl|- ~|z|=- + |<
l+ + =n <il( tn ~|+i n|| + | n z|i|
ti + + --+ := ~|z|=- + |< nt|=| -
:= - +| |l- +- +| =n| ln|
fzr 20-21 ttt 2013 r =+rt z
fr rtr zr fz=t rn rzar
|||-i n< =| + -- n =|i +-<i
l--| + ~||t- l<-|+ : ( : i :
+| <| l<=i t-|n t: +|l+ n|i=nt + =|| t:
a+ n +|: l-||+ =nn|-| -ti t| =+| :=ln(
=+| +| +|| +| -+=|- -a||-| | :=
t-|n n ||-i |+ +n-|i nt|=| = =-, =|i
l--| ,|| (+-| + =|| =|i =+n| n t-|n
+i i ||-| n =|i l||| n <| l<- -ni
t-|n i -t =n ti nl+- |< n t: :
i :l- n +|-= n |-n|i >i n-n|t- l=t
- (+ |- l<| l+ l--| ,|| <| l<=i
t-|n n | n| |i i |i --+ | n =+|
-< ti + +i
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
=nar-n frrr t nfa
i : + =<-| - =|- +
|< --- ll|-i n n|--| |-- l--|
+ -< n c|-i + ln( l-<z||n = l-|
+| l-<z| |i +- +| l-| +|| t|n ti
n - < +- =--i -|| - -| ln + =+ n z|-
Clarification |i +- +i n|l|+ =tnl-
l|| - <i t
+: lnn| n ~-i l--| +| ~|-|l+
nil <i | ti t n| =|i lnn| n
~-i l-- +i l-ll| ci t -|| --+i
l|-i n + - + l, t| ti t
l-<z||n - t-|n +i -|l=| |+
=l- ,|| ~-|-|l+ a+ +| -| ~|| t
n|- : n -+|ni- |+ =l- >in-i
|l+| <|: |ni + =|| (l-t|l=+ a+ t:
l=n +: l||n l-+n
MACPS =-t frrr n nfa
~- -n|n l-<-| = (t=|= l<n|| l+ t
MACP + l-n| ~| -l-n| +i =ti ||
-ti + t| t =
(1) +|: MTS PM/MG < + ln( -|| PA/
SA < + ln( -=i | i-|| <-| t ~| t
PM/MG < + ln( tn =n ||l|- t|-
l-+- t|-| t -|| -< nti-| |< PA/SA i-||
n |i =n ||l|- t|- l-+- t|-| t -|
PM/MG < |+ PA/SA < l-+- t|-
n|z|- -| n|-| |
(2) PA + = l-+|n+ -| Post-
master Cader n |-| +|: n|z|- -| n|-|
(3) |--l- PA/SA +i -i=i MACP + ln(
=|~| +i l--i <=i MACP ~||- PA/SA
+ n | z-|- = +i | -| l+
TBOP |- + =n =
(Clarification No. 3 dated 18-10-2010)
(4) MACP n|z|- n t|-| -| l+ a
-- ~|| ,|| l-ln- c- n t|
(l<-ni + + l-| =in +| ,|| l||
+i SLP ||l t|-|
(5) l||i i-||~| +| n|z|- -| n|-| |
( | + +| l-| |
(6) 1 n|: 2008 -|| 31 n|: 2008 + i-
26 | | +- BCR n|z|- Special
DPC ,|| +-|
(7) '<' + =|i |-| +n| + ln +
<-|- =|i n|z|-| -|| -- ----| +| Ig-
nore ++ 1-1-2006 +| - ii~|i
+| | ACP n|z|- <|- +-| ---|-i t
l+ DOP&T - ~-i ACP |-| n (=| ti
l+| t nl+- l|| ~-i TBOP |-| n
(=| +- = lt-l+-| t| t
zt . =r frr n nfa
(1) Postal Accounts -|| Civil Wing + <|
+ ln( =tnl- - i t ~- z||||~| + <|
+ ln( tn|| n- t l+ <| +| =|- :=
+| t| l+ --n i-| + ~|| n|z|-
lnn -|| + MTS +| |i 5400 +i
lnn =+ (+ +n-|i +| n|z|- lnn |
(2) l|| + =|i <| i-| + ~||
l-z|- n|z|- =l-z-- t| l|| - tn=
=n| n| t
(3) +: <| +i z|l-|+ |-| c|: i t :=
||- +| n| t|- +i l-l| = |- +n-|l|
n| - t|
(4) l|| ,|| =n l-+- l+| -| -|n
t|- ~+= l+| --+i -n =in| + |<
-|n t|-i t ~- l= | +i Vacancy t| -=i
| +| ~| =in| |-- +- +| | n|-| |
(5) MTS +i TBOP, 2000/- t|-| -|| BCR ,
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


October -2013
2400/- t|-| +|l+ TBOP ~| BCR |-|~|
+| n| +- n n|z|- <| +i +|-i +i i
t -|| n TBOP -|| BCR n|| <| = ti
|+ l< |- t t a -- ~|| - |i
|+ =t|+| -|| |n- + n TBOP -||
BCR n|| <| = ti |+ <|- l+ t
nrntr zr = (;zt = =rf-a
(1) ii(= + ln( |-= +i =iln :
= +- + ln( Finace Ministry -
|+ l|| = |i i |:n +| +ni +
l<| t ~| +l- n ni + ln( -| |
t~| t | ~|i -+ +l- n ni + ln(
l- t
(2) |+ l|| - ~- ~|<z| =| 19-31/
2012-WL/Sport l<-| + 17-09-2013 ,|| |ni|
|+ =+| + ln( lnni +-|| l-l
-|- +| ~|<z| l+| t l=+| l--|+ -i
|n| -n t||
:= +-|| l-l + ~-- - +
|ni| |+ =+ = l-n|t :/ +|
~z|<|- ln| || <n n := +-|| l-l
= |ni| |+ =+| +| --+i ~|z+-|-=|
~|l|+ =t|-| 5% |
+ -|| =|l-- + =n n| - +|
(+ nz- |-|- l+| ||
(3) ii(= + +|n +| =n 7.30 | t|
nt|=| - := =- n n|--i =-| n|i +|
| ln|| t
(4) ii(= +| ||i +n-|i n|-| ||
t n<<| =+|i +n-|i |i l=| -
~- n| | n n|-| = || t i:(-=i
+i l<=- : +| -- n-- lz||n
ni t|i
(5) |ni| |+ =+| +| |i |i |
in| |-| +| n|| lnn =+ := -|
l- n||n +| || | -+| t
f+rrn n rta +rrrrt
nt|=| +i tnz|| n| ti t |+ l|| n
|-- ||-| , | l||i ~l+|l| +i z|t
-n t t, +i -|l+ |- ,|| ti < +|
< ~| |-i +| |-i t| =+-| t t |- t
l+ l|| ||- =+| +i ll|-- ~|l|+
+in| +niz|- +|n +-| t := |
|< + ln( -=+| :- +in| + |||n|
=- +<n -a|-| -|lt( -ti -| l|| +|i |i
|l- n|| -ti |-- + =+| ~| ||-|i
~l+|i / +n-|i n- n- t ~| l||
-|| :n|-<| -|| :n|-<| +n-|i tnz|| -|-|
+ lz|+| t| +|: a|= +<n - t|- = |
+n-|i :- ||-|| +| =|n- n|-| t -= -t
-t = -|l- l+| |-| t
s= rrt.
t =| t l+ -n|n (= l-< t| l- :=
l-<- + n|n = l-| -ti t| =+| t -||
t |i =| t l+ |- ~-|- n- t|- +
-|- nn= +|: |l t| i t|i :- =+ ln(
n =<- n -l|- nt|-|||| = ~-|| +-| t
l+ nn -|n| <|- + nt|=| + --n
|l +i +|n-| +- t( n := l-<- +|
=n|-- +-| t
- +rrta nrar t -
frrrr-a fnv
||-i |+ +n-|i nt|=|
-: l<-ni
Pri nted & Publ i shed by Sh. S.K. Mishra, on
behalf of Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation
T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi- 110 001 Printed
at Sonu Printing Press , C-585, Munirka, Newe
Delhi- 110 067.
October, 2013, Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh R.N.I. No.53636/91
rnrt trrt fz=
f=art trrt vn fz= (+rnr frnr -at|
: t =nt=ar fz= (v anzt t fafr|
: fz=rt tzrrt fz= (r nr t fzr fz=|
: nr =r =nrzt n fz= (vt nrrr rrt furrt fzr fz=|
: r; trrr fz= (+rrtat nzt =rr trrr fz=|
: nta rtr fz= (nar zt fzr fz= |
nrar fq
n|--| + ln( -|| +i l+| |- |n tn
z||l|-, il-, <ln- -| +|, || -|- |n tn
tn ~- >n =i+ = -= n | -| <
++ | =n-n +, +|| n n l|n| <
=-- l>n = ~- t, | n|- |n tn
z||l|-, il-, <ln- -| +|, || -|- |n tn
~- l+=i + nt +i |i , t-| ~-| +|n -ti ,
~- ~l+| |+ , + =+- ~||n -ti
~- lt- ~|| + lt- +| , nn lnn|- |n tn
z||l|-, il-, <ln- -| +|, || -|- |n tn
|i , +| , n+|- , lz|-|| , ~|z+-| i- +i,
l+- ~| l| =|i t| , -|i nl+- t|-i =--i
t=- t=- |+| n , z|l+- n|- |n tn
z||l|-, il-, <ln- -| +|, || -|- |n tn
||- n|-| +| =| | , ||| = |i -|| t
= n|- lt- +-|, z||z- n tn|| t
i- z|l+- -=i n|-| +i, | -c|- |n tn,
z||l|-, il-, <ln- -| +|, || -|- |n tn
rr fnt t faar
~|~| lnn+ + l-a|, ||- + =-n|- +i
l = | t| <l-| n, t| lt-<-|- +i
tn ||- + ||- ~-|, ||- +i =--|- tn
:= = + ~| + <,~-| i- -- n- -
-ti t +|: :== -|<|, +in- ~ ==| +i
l = | t| <l-| n, t| lt-<-|- +i
(+ | +| | | tn, ~-| i- |
||- n| +i ni<i , ~-| z|iz| --|
| + = + ~| n| <, |i ~- || +i
l = | t| <l-| n, t| lt-<-|- +i
l-n||| +i <| n tn =, ~-| nn -ti |n
i- n l-|| t tn, ~=n= n - nn
~| -ti t, ~ +-i t l+| l-n|| +i
l = | t| <l-| n, t| lt-<-|- +i
(+ n| +| | + tn, =| z|l+- +n|
lnn+ |n (+ =|| =, ||- +i
~|| n< + -ti =t, t|n- ~ ~|n- +i
l = | t| <l-| n, t| lt-<-|- +i

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