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Groundbreaking book delivers a powerful manifesto for freedom

In Freedom from Religion, author Noel McGivern boldly presents a well argued case for why walking away from religion would be beneficial to individuals and society.
ENGLAND Author Noel McGivern publishes a groundbreaking work that he explains is a manifesto for freedom, titled Freedom from Religion. He declares that this is a human right often forgotten by those who only defend freedom of religion. The claims of religion are presented and then forensically dissected by a powerful prosecution case. However, this is not simply an account of religion from the outside. The author draws on his own religious and spiritual experiences and explains why he rejected them. This book brings an original perspective on why religions cannot escape responsibility for the violent acts carried out in their name. It explains how the religious identities that fuel such conflicts are often fostered by religious teaching in early childhood or result from a later desire to assert that identity and why the refusal of religions to acknowledge this is so dangerous to the world. With knowledge of one worst of the predators, he examines the moral bankruptcy of the Catholic Church over child abuse. This case for the bankruptcy of religion is furthered by a compelling case for why the Catholic Church and Christianity in general are responsible for creating the circumstances that allowed the Holocaust. Through the use of a source in Saudi Arabia, he shows how the treatment of women in Islam demonstrates how religious claims are used to justify abuse. There is also a sense of fun when we are told what a dog can teach us about human religious belief and how whats behind wallpaper shows the absurdity of believing that everything is meant to be. The ridiculousness of the Noahs ark story is explored in detail, down to calculations of much food would be needed for the lions. Starting from the simplest of examples McGivern builds a case that shows how nonsensical the case for treating Creationism and Intelligent design as sciences is. Not just beliefs and practices but the logic at the heart of religious beliefs is exposed. Why the idea of God and belief without evidence make no sense is skillfully explained. The case of the MMR, measles, mumps and rubella, scandal where belief was put before evidence, at the cost of childrens health, is given as an example of how religious thinking infects a wider society. Freedom from Religion will arm those who argue against religion with powerful arguments and will challenge anyone who claims books like the Bible and Quran deserve to be treated as sacred. This may be the most challenging book many believers have ever read. It sets a penetrating gaze on the harm of religion in order to proclaim one simple principle: The right to walk away from religion. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to About the Author Noel McGivern was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1962, and left at the age of 19 for a degree in politics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. A major reason for leaving Belfast was his desire to be free from the religious identities imposed by that divided society. He spent many years seeking the truth at the heart of religion and spirituality, eventually reaching the conclusion that such beliefs are often barriers to human and political progress. He embarked on a study of how religion affects individuals and society. This book, sometimes funny, and at others deeply serious, is the outcome of that. Freedom from Religion * by Noel McGivern

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