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On the 1st of January 2013, we had a good time praising and worshiping God together with different talent,

in our gathering themed GOD AND BASKETBALL.. We had a lot of exciting programs and presentation. Like Basketball game between 1GODalive and JCMI, Dance presentation, Gospel Hip Hop N R&B, Comedy, indoor games and many more. Anyway below are few of the photos we had...


It all started like dream and the passion grew in a great idea that change lives for GOD. I was with my friends chilling when we started talking about the creatures on fields, seeing the wonders of GOD through the leaves of the trees, knowing we can breathe but not know how it comes about. Than we give the whole glory to maker of the Man. Thank you Jesus. I spoke of his salvation to my friends and they gladly accepted Him as their lord and savior. Wow I was filled with excitement and satisfaction that I never had before. Ever since then i decided to speak of His word through our various Talents. In the "parable of the talents," we got an idea of what God expects us to do here on earth. We're all given talents, some great and some small--but whether your talent is epic or miniscule, we glorify God when we use it to further his kingdom. Matthew 25:14-30 As we began our journey of truth, you know just like every preachers of the past like Paul, Mathew and many more have faced persecution and trial so did Challenges came our way to stop Gods works.

But in the melds of all the drama God prevails.

After the accident we spend the night at the Hospital waiting for Cornelius to recover full consciousness.

But as the bible says Psalm 91:7 A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. So we worry not.

The next day we moved on with our plans leaving the devil no room for success.

My friends and I enbacked on the preparation of the venue not paying attaintion to devil and his strategy to stop our moving train.

January 1st 2013: morning. .

When everywhere was set the event began: many music and dance artist gave a wonderful presentations. Glorifying God with that which we got, everyone with his/her unique Talents. I guess nobody wanna be in Gods presences without the result he got with the talents given to him base on his ability.


The earth and everything it contains is the LORD'S. The world and all who live in it are his. Psalms 24:1 (GW) Imagine you cant even fix your own hair back once its being cut off, and yet we act as if we made ourselves. Is time for you to wake up from your sleep and take action coz if you dont see progress in your life then is your fault! In case you dont know who you are? You are the son of the high God through Christ Jesus. Once you have Christ? The reason for his dead and resurrection becomes the reason for your existence. If Jesus will have to resurrect from the dead to remind you of what youre on earth for? Then I think you should take Him seriously. Mark 16:15 EARTH IS THE ONLY PLACE MAN CAN GIVE EXCUSES. So Sickness, poverty, barrenness are not excuses. Running after your earthly future isnt an excuse. Doing what you do is not an excuse too, so stop giving one. You got talent! Use it for GOD Be part of the gospel. Who much is given, much is expected from him. 1GODalive No GOD No MAN.

Pastor Achumbe David Majiyebo of Oasis of Love, Jos

So much word of God was shared from our teachers Pastor

Achumbe David Majiyebo and Pastor Nanfa David. Teaching the youth on Talent and Evangelism. How the two can yeild result in the kingdom of God.

After the word is being shared the basketball game began, It was fun and yet clash of the titans for the game players. But in the end Only GOD is glorified.

Securties in place


To sustain our union and remain connected at all times we created a facebook page where people from all around the can join and participate in our forums. Below is the link.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. Eccl 12:13

When Jesus resurrected this was the first thing He said: Go ye into the entire world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15
Thank you