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Research and Development

For the year 2009, MIS-Health received information on research from the National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine (NIPSOM) done by the students as part of their academic requirements. We also received information on research done by the Institute of Mother and Child Health (ICMH). In this chapter, a list of the research is provided.

Assessment of nutritional status and related behavioral risk factors among government high official. Maternal nutrition and nutritional status of breast fed children attending in a selected health centre. Nutritional status of street adolescents in some selected shelter home in Dhaka city.

Research of NIPSOM students (2009)

Research by M. Phil (Preventive and Social Medicine) students Health related quality of life in patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Factors affecting maternal mortality in selected rural area of Bangladesh. Factors associated with infant mortality in selected rural area of Bangladesh Selected indoor air Pollutants and respiratory Problems among Dhaka city dwellers.

Research by MPH (Maternal and Child Health) students Blood transfusion status among emergency obstetric patients in comprehensive EMOC centre. Risk factors for bacterial vaginosis during first trimester of pregnancy in a selected union of Bangladesh. Tetanus-toxoid immunization status among unmarried female College students in rural area of Bangladesh. Knowledge about HIV/ AIDS among female floating sex workers in Dhaka city. Gender role on contraceptive use among affluent and poor society. Knowledge on NSB among the copies attending a selected MCH- HP centre. Reasons of relapse of drug dependency among the drug dependent individuals of rehabilitation centers. Teachers and students views regarding the Reproductive and child Health related contents in Community Medicine at

Research by MPH (Nutrition) students Life style and food habit of the over weight children attending in a health centre of Dhaka city. Nutritional status of under five (<5) children in a rural community. Nutritional status of the infertile patients attending at the Infertility outdoor of a Tertiary care hospital.

1 | Research and Development

undergraduate Bangladesh.




Reasons For repeated menstrual regulation (MR) among the clients attending NGO clinics. Patterns of climacteric symptoms and its severity among the rural menopausal women Awareness of the community stakeholders towards the barriers to access safe Delivery care in a selected rural area. Maternal anemia and pregnancy out come in a maternity hospital. Cost of maternal care among the mothers attending a non government selected MCH-FP centre. Mother awareness on tuberculosis (TB) of under-5 children. Reasons of drop out of tetanus-toxoid vaccination in a selected urban area. Pattern of accidents among the under five children and working status of their mother.

Knowledge about inhaler use among the chronic asthma patients in a selected hospital. Health Education intervention on hand washing after defecation in a selected slum area Oral health status among 10 years old school children Status of anemia among under five children in anemia reduction program in a Rohinga refugee camp Knowledge and practice of senior staff nurses about post operative infection control Maternal characteristics and birth weight of the newborn Oral hygiene practice of school children exposed and non exposed to pepsodent oral hygiene awareness program Periodontal Status among gestational Diabetic women. Nutritional status and dietary pattern of non-primary school going children Knowledge regarding Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection among secondary school students. Nutritional status of pulmonary TB patient attending Shaymoli TB clinic, Dhaka. Knowledge of Senior Staff Nurses regarding bedsores and its preventions. Pattern of Tobacco consumption among household members in a selected Upazilla Smoking habit among secondary school students.

Research by MPH (Health promotion and Health Education) students Educational intervention on dental caries among the primary school children Health care cost of patients attending Out Patient Department of public hospital and private chamber. Food habit and dental caries among secondary school students Effects of community intervention program on HIV/AIDS prevention in Nigeria

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Oral Health condition among tobacco users and non-users Food habit and Oral hygiene Status among under five children. Knowledge and practice of Physical Exercise among Diabetes Mellitus patients Obesity status among the Diabetes mellitus patients Nutritional Knowledge among lactating mothers exposed and non-exposed to nutrition education. Educational Intervention on Sexually Transmitted Infections among secondary school students. Tetanus toxoid Vaccine Coverage among Girls Students in a Rural College Educational intervention about importance of dental check- up during pregnancy Knowledge on Oral cancer Medical Internee doctors. among

Management of patients in Surgical inPatient Department at Rangpur Medical College Hospital. Satisfactions of indoor patients in a selected secondary level government Hospital. Hospital preparedness for emergency in a selected hospital in Dhaka City. Infection Control Practices of Dental Surgeons in Some Selected Dental Clinic of Dhaka City, Job Satisfaction of Dental Surgeons Working in Some Selected Upazila Health Complexes of Bangladesh. Practices of Patients Safety Care in Dhaka Dental College and Hospital. Oral Hygiene Practices among the Students of Selected Secondary School in Dhaka City. Management Status of Radiological Services in Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka Level of Satisfaction of patients attending in some selected private dental clinics in Dhaka City. Low Back Pain (LBP) its Management and Patients Satisfaction at the OPD of BSSMU. and

Oral health status and practice among the pregnant women Knowledge on adverse effect of Tobacco among the User in a community.

Research by MPH (Hospital Management) students Management of neuro-surgical Emergencies in Bangladesh Shekikh Mujib Medical University Factors of tooth extraction among adult patients attending in endodontics department 0f Dhaka Dental College & Hospital Oral health status of the street children of Dhaka Metropolitan City.

Research by MPH (Occupation Environmental Health) students

Leptospirosis among sewage cleaners in Dhaka city Corporation Effluents from selected industries and surface water quality. Occupational Health problems among the brickfield workers.

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Respiratory Problems among the shout based cotton industry workers. Awareness, practice and toxicity symptoms associated with pesticide use among farmer in a selected area of Bangladesh. Health problems of Jhum cultivators in a selected area of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Work related health problem & personal protective equipment use among the workers of a glass industry Occupational Health problems among foundry workers Voice problems in primary school teachers of some selected school in Bangladesh. Occupational Health problem among the workers in silk industries Clinico-histopathological characteristics of skin lesions among arsenicosis patients. State of arsenicosis patients in an Arsenic endemic area. Water use and sanitation status among the tribal in Chittagong Hill tracts. Occupational health problems and salary measures among the workers of poultry Health problems among Fertilizer Factory workers. Health problems workers. among (Public the urea

Occupational Health problems and safety measures among female garment workers. Body mass index and menopause related quality of life among the menopausal women. A study on clinical status & socio demographic pattern of Beta thalassemia in Bangladesh. Nutritional status and life style of old hypertensive patients ( 60 years and above) The role of public health in mental health promotion. Barrier to adherence of Tuberculosis treatment at selected DOTS centre in Dhaka city. Perceptions of adolescents on health and gender issues. Lipid Profile of Gestational Diabetic mellitus patients. Key factors determining the motivation and retention of intern doctors in rural area. Knowledge and attitude about maintenance of personal hygiene among the cleaners of some clinics in Dhaka city. Nutritional status of chronic Arsenic exposed women in a selected area of Bangladesh. Gender Discrimination and care seeking behavior of tuberculosis patients attending the selected DOTS centre. Perception of University students regarding smoking in public place. Tobacco use and body mass index among rural population.

handloom Health

Research by MPH Administration) students

Preference of Contraceptive methods among women attending the Family Planning services in selected hospital in Dhaka.

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Research of ICMH (Year Research completed: 119)

Major areas of basic research Lead and Pregnancy Zinc and Pregnancy


Nutrition Measles Neurodisability

Major areas of health system research Maternal and Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality Emergency Obstetric Care Physical abuse and Pregnancy Menopausal women School Health Health Seeking Behavior of patients Injury Behavior Change Communication

Serum level of measles IgG in infants Glucose sensors and diabetes mellitus

Major areas of clinical research Asthma Arsenic Bronchiolitis Complementary Feeding Rickets

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