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Jeremiah W.


Nixon Governu

John M. Britt Dircctor. DPS

James F. l(ealhley colDn-Dl MSHP

Van Godsey Dircctor. MIAC


The lModerlr lVtrlfitia fi/lovernent
M od c ril

Militix M ov c nrc,t:

Severdsocjal,economic,aDdPoliricaifacbrscon TheMjtirirMovenentbeganjnrhetgs0'sandreachedjrspealjnl996. Thepnmarymoljvalorforlhemovenrenlwasthefarncrjsjsofthe uibutedrorhesugeinmiliriapadiciparjoninthelg90's. Overall,llmillionAmerjcans lgs0s.whichcausedthedesrrucrionof3/4ofanillionsmalltomediunrsizefamib,lamx lost hejr iobs durjng this timeperiod
Academics contend ilat female and mirorjty empowemenl j. ihe I 970s and I 960s caused I blov' to whte male's sense of empowemerr. This,combjnedwirhasenseofdefeatfromtheVietnamWar,iDcreasedlevelsofilmigration,aDduremploynert, spawned a paramilitary culilre. This caught or in tb€ I980 s with injects slch as Tom Clancy novels. Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and movies sucl as Rambo tbat glodied combal. This culture llorjfied while males and pofrmyed thenr as moralll,upright heroes w}o rere mentally and physically tough.

It was dudng this timeframe sar many individuals and orfranizadons began to concocl corspimcy theories to explain their msfodDnes. These theodes varied bul almost always jnvolved ? globalist dictatoffhjp the'Neu,Wotid Order (NW0)", whici consPired lo exploit the working class cilizens. UnjEd Nations lroops were thought to already be operating in the Uniled States h suppon of the lwo. Much ot lhis rhetodc would be' come ant-Semilic claiming thatthe Jews cootrolled the moneiary syslem and media, and in tum tle "Zonist Occupied government (ZOG)". The Militia of Monlana (MOM) became a key organjzaiion in pushjng rightwing rhetotic and infomjng individuals on bou' to foril militia organizalions.
A seiles of incidenb in the earlj' 1990's caused a suige in mililia pdicipadon. The 1992 slandoffbelweet federal autborities and the Weaver famil)'at Rubv Ridge. ldaho became asparkforthemovemen| OnAxgusr14,lgg2,a12daysrandoffbeganthaiwouldresultinthedeathofonefederalagent andthewifeandsonofRandywealer. Tlrefollowinglebrua4"a5l-daysiegewoutdoccurattheSrancbDavidiancomlnNovemberofl993,the poDndirvaco,Texas.r€sulrinsjnthedearhor82Davidiansandfourlawenforcement0Sens. Thenrovementreached inacringoltheBradyHandgunVjolencePrevetrtionActoflgg2addirionalllfueledthemovemenr ihe US is peak in 1996 with over 850 groups believed to be operating ilithin

Nothtotth) nilid1 acdriD fron loo|

h laoo:

. .

Cenlei (SPLC), gay bas, and abortion cliflrcs. 12/18/95: A druDr ofamnonium nitrare and tuel oil is found behind the IRS building in Reno, Nevada, the device jncident failed lo explode. An anli governnent tax Prote$oris laEr anesled for the

ARA was also associaied with 22 banti robbedes belween i 994 aDd 1996.


. . . .

O1/0)/96: lzmenrbersotanArizon.n4iliraproupcrlledVrperleanrwereuestedorC0ISP!nc) Expjosiles chrrres afler thel rvert crugh dorD! suileillance on goleDrnrenr bujldings'


A1/2't/96:Abo1ib)sderoDaledarilreAtlanuOl)lnpicParlihill'n!onepersoDarliniutinsJ00.EdcRoberrRrdolph is later aDested aNl linked Io olherbonrbmgs al aborrio. cliDics and


gav bar

cords center in Wesr Vjryinja 07/04t97: Menbea al n sptnrler groul ol dre Tlird Conrinenral Congress were nresLed racks on mitimry brses The lroup rhonghl rhar Dranr military jnsrillarioDs were training sere frJnnxrf Jn rlrckilrr L.S .irrzen.

i! the process ofplorntg a! Inited Naliols lrools ilrat

. .

groDp conspired ro bonrb federat buitdjngs

03/18/98: Members ofrhe Norih Anrerican Miliria werc rrresed on firermr chargesi proseculors clainEd that tle ir MicligaD,, relevision slation, aDd an inDrslale highwaJ'inlerchanSe. 12/05/99:Membets ofrhe California bascd San Joaquin


Militir were charged with conspiracy to bomb critical infraTbeleadersoftheory0nizationalsopleldguihJtoplotlingto

bll .

a federaljudge.

bomb energy facilities in ord€r to cause Powcr oulages jn Flo.idr ard Georgia-


Declirc of



The milida movenenr began to decline afFr the 1995 Oktahona Cily Eonbing and raids on th€ Monlana Freemen and RepDbtic ot Texas in I 996 and I 997. P oor !u blic opin ion of rhe mililia movement and increased atien tion from law enforce-



wirh the mililia for not mobilizing in r€sponse to perceiled govemment aggressions. Some of these fanatics would splin@r into smaller or underground groups adheing Io the princlPles of "leaderless resjsktrce" Many mil*ia groups began ro rally members in tie belief thar the govemmenl would collapse dDe to the Y2K scare- This tleot'claimed that rhe govemmenr would coliapse due ro compuiers not beiDg able lo hardle the transitio, from the i900's ro the 2000's. The miljtia's inaccurare assessnrent ofrhe Y2K threat badly damaged its reputation. Additionally, thoughB rlat Presidenr George W. Bush was synpathetic to their situation, and a wave ofpatriorism after 9l I would fuflher diminish the militia movemen|

Tht Militia Post Septenber 11,2041:
During this rime period the mitida had lost rhe anention of the nrains,ram media and public, but it continued to exist. The SPLC reports thar betweer the oklahoma city Bonbing il 1995 and 2005 thar roughly 60-rightwing extremisl Plots were


militia actiljty fron 2000

to 2008


0310g/OOtThefomer teader ofrhe Texas Miliiia was aresred for conspimcy to attacli the Houslon Buiiding

.03/01/01:AfomerCotoneti,irheKenluckyMiliriapepperedadeputy'scarwitlsemiaulomaticweaPonsfiredDF jng a lraffic stop.
02108/02: Two members ofa group called Prcject 7 ilere anested forplotting to kill judges and law enforcenEnl officers in order to kick offlhe rcvolution.

09/03/02: A plot by tbe ldaho MotntaiD Boys Miiitia !o murder a federal judg€ and a police officer aDd then brcak frlend out ofjail ras uncovered. 07/07/03: A Michisar Miliria nren$er killed a Michisan Stale Trooper lhar atenlpled to sene him a vanrnr



, . .

l0/25/A,l: Atxrmhltnd ir
sives in order rc coniucr


TenDesse. was aresEd Jor rnenrprii! rc SeDrili( aDd !ovenrmenr aflacks.

obuir iD!rcdietts tor silrrr :a!

and C-4 exPlc)

06/)9/l)7:sir nrembers o1 the Ahbrnril Free lailirir wdt dresred oD weapons ard cxplosive! charges An All rgent would go on kr restif,y rhal five of rhe Drer were planrin! ar attacl on MexjcaDs jt r Lown near Bi.nringhaD. l2108:NationalcuardandReservefacilrriesreceivcdtackageswithanliNeu'WorldOrderrhetoric
oocur within a weeli ofhoax antlnar nrailings ro Sratr Covernor's offjces


Itceneryeilc( of thc Mowneilt:
and mjlirifl leaderu conliruously explojL cunenl workl events in order to increase parlicjpation in then Dovemenh. Due to dre cDrent econonrical ard polirical si[alion, r )ush environment lbr miljtia aclivi['has beer created. js seen as UDemploynreDt rares are h igh, as vel I as cosr ol I iving expenses. Add i !i onal Iy, Presidenl Eleci B arack Obama righr on gun cortrol ard nrany extemists fear that be will eracl firefinrs conflscadons. White srprenucists fron iljthin the milida novenenr havs furrher becone angered due Lo dre elsctior of the firu1 Afijcan Anericn President. Many constitrF tjotralisil wjrhin the nrovenenr have clainr€d thnt Presjdenl Elecr Obama does nol meel lhe residelcy rcquiements !o hold the office oflresident, and rhercfore his election is xnconsirulional

Righlwjn! cxtremisb

Newer versjons of rhe NWO corspn"cy have been concocted jn order ro empower tle movenrent. Tbe NwO is seeD as usinB law erforcenem, milita4,, natronal guard. and federal agencies jn order to cary our i( elrtist onc world governnrenL Lau' jnto FEMA enforcenenr and miljtary forces ar€ believed to be uliljzed ir order 10 confiscale firearnil and piace iDdividuals concenration camps. This scenarjo has receiv€d additjonal aitenljoD due to the US Amy NORTIICOM assigning homeland

securio,funclionsroanacrileduq,InfantryBrlgade. Themovementseesthisbrigadeastheforcethalwilltaketheirfireamr and rbailhe unjr is in violadon ofrh€ Posse Comiialus Acl. There a.e also concems thal the banking and nredia jnfra_ Thereisagreardeal stucturearcalsobeingconrrolledbytbeJewisheliteandtbattheseleadersaremembersoftheNWO. ofaDgertowards the Federal Reserve Systeil (FRS) and all foms oftax collection Addfroilal ntoiraturs Jor ntilitia acnvi4,:

Amuniiion Accounlabilih, Aci: The Amunition Accountabiliq'AcI has been up for legislation in mostsales. ThisiegjslarionwouldrequirethatanlDnilmberbeengravedontheroundofallannuni_ lion and fiis ammo colld in turn be linked ro , place ofpurchase and the purchaser' Some states have added a clause to the act making it a nisdeneanor lo possess unregistered almunilio\' Bill did not Pasr
Manl ilili!ia orsanizations Buli€t with engraved tracking number

feel that the U.s. govemment will fall due to economjc orracjal issues Tiey believ€ thal during the chaotic fall ofthe govemment. nroves wjll be made to insiall Madial Law, confiscat€ fircams, and imprisoD many cirizens. This fear has recently been hejghlened b] a repon from a Russian Economic analysl,

lgor lanarjn. Panarin predicted that the U.S. would collapse and fraction into six differ€nr regions connolled by foreign Sovernments. Panarin Soes on lo say that as early as th€ autum of2009. the economic crisis

Divided States


A Russian Professor's Prediction

Th0 ciJiforDian Ropub[( Thc funtrnl lJorlh-lmQilcan Wil I be Diil of crniil 0r Uil D! 0rft 0f (hmi (:rJd ililucr,c hde Lnil,r-r r0'

0, ucnu



of How the U"5. Will Spl,t llopublk l\tlnntk Anerica [h! ioin thP lrrcDenn UnDn







Possible Consiitutiona) Convention lgp!..199!L Curendy 32 states have
called for a Constiiulional CoDven tion (Con Con) tlar will add amendmerts to the U.S. ConilitutioD. The Con Con wili be held if two more stales reqDesl i!. The convent;on is planred sFcifically for the reason of adding a balaDced budget anendnent ro the




Moaehenr is conceJned thrt

if, Co.

Cor is


d)c lsr rnd2nd anretdneDtr will



Nolthln'ericalUDionlNAU):conspiJlc\'lheorisLsclllDrlhalthisUniotwould]in]icilnadl.TheUnjredsmles'dDd^4e} jco'TheNAUwou]dunrlyrlsnloneta.ysysleilanl|ldclhedoII,tfortheAI4ERo'Assocjaledil,iilr$jsd)eol\]jsconceln
overaNAilAsuperhighwa}.lvhichwonldf|slllac]i!,adcbelweenlhelh,tetaljonsThelejsNdditionalconcenrillatdre NAU would open up lh; border causing securjrv rislG rnd iree nrovcnreDr ior imnri:ranL!'




i:1,1::l iir:rii:?

rh;;""*I, o,,llt-

*ffi ;rux**i*$i*i#-irpt*#*
S;ar! Por!

are seen as the hub of thc North American Union

UnivcrsalservjceProglam:statenrentsmadebyPresidenlE]ectobamaand}xsch]efoistaffhlve]edexrenxstslofear be forced to D"f.nse Force. Thjs $e;ry requires all citizens betweeD the ag€ of I8 and 25 to
three months of mandalory training. Tbere is a fear ihal the government wjll enforce nrass RFID jr possible lor the govemment to co'tirually know the


huilan implantations. locationsof all citizens



Members of the


jd€ology of other righfwing extenist movements such asl nrovenenl ofter subscrjbe lo the eF

.Lost idbei of lsrael " Many consi der J ews to scent can be l.acej bacji io the pen!, whjle non whites are "mud People" c,?ated beforc Adanr and Eae

cht.istianldcniit]':Re]igiousjdeo]ogypopulaljnexhen]elighGwingcirc]es'Adhelensb€]jevethatwhiteso' b e the salanic offsprin8 of Eve and lhc


whiteNationalisLMlnywhitesupfemacists,Naliona]socialists..Neo-Nazi,,,aDdskinheadsaredrawntothenrolenrenl and i6 anti gorernnent, Seililic, ,nd atrj-imnigration rheloric SovereiguCilizeDIlnrlivjduaktlralseetheffsejlesassovereigncitiz€nsquestionthe]egilinrac)'ofthefederalgo\,ernnlent lalid. These grouPs rre Thel arlue thar the governmenr has gotteD awal fiom fte inteDr of rhe coNtirurion and is rhus nor UNCLASSIFIED//LAW ENIORCEMENT SENSITIVE (U//LDS)


$uoni stares rjShI advociles. bur see dre Counr] Shsrillri de hi-lhesr posrLion o/ rudrori0 The* groDt! and rtdrvrduils ar. wetJ kno$r jor ldilur. ro regisrei lehicles drd dfl!iil! wirhoui ulid liceDses SoreJeisr CirizeD\ lrr!e heen loowt r(i istteil oslr licensc phres rtrd drilers licenses and r rssues sunnnotr lo apPear jn 'ConrDror Lar' courts

A4itirant Aborlionr Anri AboflioilNI tav€ beer linonD
responsible for the Adnilta Olynrpic

I'aili Bonlbin!


h Lalte np aiDs ir soppofl olfiejr belie[!. Eric RudolPl who rborriol cljnics wrs rt rrilr !bortioDisl
dtply () them


laxllesjsklrs: Thisnrovemenijssnongll'nroppositjorrcrhe.olleclioroffodcraliDconreLaxes.
menr Scnemll)/ believe thar jrcome ldxes ar€ invaLd or the tar hws do nor


Antilnnrigraiion: Sonrenrilitiror:anizarionslflvebee!fomredsolel),forlhcpunoseoiconnterjngthethrealolillegal immg'atjon. Exuemiss wiI rrguc $ar rnmigrans ar€ taliir! rheJobs ofU.S. Cirizens durjn! tines othigl rnenplovnrent
Addirionalt),, iJtegal imrigranrs art scen as suchng up:overnmeDr resources wirhour the border xr order tu $albguard agr;nsl .hug smu:!lers, grngs, orviolerl immigrants

payjr! taxes Sonre nrilitiil units Patrol

nrcnrbers have been atteDdin! Military Slmulalion (MILSIM) evetls in order to increase rheir cornbrl readiness. MILSIM js a realislic conrbar sfofl in whjch two forces, so$e limes uf to the plabon level, utilize paintball, Atrsofr. or MILES gear to conducr realisti. wr grmes Tle desirc to increase the realisnr of the MILSIM has drawn nrembers to seelr and conducl militarl'leader$hip planning communications, nari:ations and tnctics baininS'

L,tjlization oI MILSIM: M;lilir

Militia ,nd Survival Trrining evenlsr RegjoDal trajDrn-! evenls are bejng held wiilr tle irtent ofteachjrg indivjduals hoq'to esrablish miljli, orgarizations. These elenh usualiy focus on indjvidual soidier skiljs, land navigation, and marksmanslip. Some evens lav€ been set u! in order 1o prepare forjoinl operations
belween nilitia organjzarjons. Comilnications: The xse of short ilave rave rudios for connrunicrrioi and broadcasts is comon among mo$ mililia Erorps. These goups comrunicate througn forums, yahoo Soups, blogs. and socjal neMorlcng sites. Websiles and orline lalk shows have been establjshed to pilsh $eloric, Dsually a siewed vereion ofcuneni

Recruihent: Militias are recniling members and sxppoders through the following forunr, websites, social nelwokins siles. and infomal so_ cial networks Additiorally, mililia rccruirnent mny be done at evcnb or meetings held by organizalions that share ldeolosies with lhe njliria.
means: gun shows. onlin€

These organlzarions hold t"ining evens thal are open lo the public and geremlly lecruil publicly. These groups desjre to aid the Counry Sherjfi or covemo. in errergencies such as a nalural disasler. lt is Dot uncommon for these groups to be seen ln publ;c dohg conmuni4'serrlce related wotd Public groups are less likely ro Publicly push tralicious rheruic, anri have a iraalional mjljrary sryle chain ofcomffand and leaderchip $rucfte. These groups have been known lo fom underground unis and proride training nnd guidance to new ot fonrung orgaDizations

Pubiic Groups

unalergfoDDrl Groups These grcups primaril), adh en !o the pdnciples of Louis B eam's Philosopiry of i eaderl ess resi slance This phjlosophy advoca@s small autononrous cells driven by ideology rather than b), tbe direclion of leaders. T|ese SfouPs

ais or "lone wolves" hal€ also been known to adherc Lo the principles ofleadcrless rcsistarce jr odei ro perform orpiol


Comitlees of Safett'(CoS) Organization established lo lobby govemnenl officials and confiont corrupt;on These groxps clainr to be a voic€ oftbe people and usualiy conrol or associate with militia organizaliors ln their reglon. Tfiese organjzalions are targered ar the counD'level bul are also formiDg sale and national level organizations.
I ]N



were ar esinlaLed ejghr ot lhese conilnuD'lies idenlified rcr


dr€ couDtr-\ '

A4jiiti|associaiionsTheseorgrrrzilionsatrenplLorerworlivariousnllliliaslhrotrgtthelnLeruetnreelinst,oreven6 (RNEM) croups ,ucl ns thc A',erican iorsrinnional 14iirrirL Nilwork (AquAtl,0lllr]{lfii#l9f"Alif[fdtrEFqtlP],\llli$ acLi!e oilrr€ connnuDicnrions sires tor niljtn nrenrbdr and dla']t?fllltYtr! D!errl (JrTxl
lnrplicrr ops lor Lau, Eiltorceirenl





ir dre I 990's.

Nco Cor'Ps aliows oP towed ior tie establishn,enr ola srong Non Comnli;ioned offrceJ corPs (NCol within groups An slnulrrneouslvl "Con| erarions ro b€ rur ar rhe firc Lcan nnd iquad size. This eDables uDi6 Lo conducr nrulliple operations to fomr and trai' iLeir own oryanizations plex aftads". ]'his lrainn! will also enable individuals
youarctlrcDneml]The']iliti,subscribcstoananti-go}ernnlenlan.lNwonrjndset,whlchcleaEsathrcaltol2weD. will confiscaie lhen fireforcemenl officers. They vieu, lhc njtirar'. Natjonal G;ard, anri law enforcenrett as a {orcc thar


ams ard phce them jn FEMA concentradon camps

InpIcations for lvlissopri Infiasiruciure ai risk in Missouri: Delcntia]Cenlers:Rjgitwjnsexlre'fstsbe]ievethatthercarcatleasttheeFEMAconcentrailoncampsinthestateofMis.

. . .

Fomer Richards-Gebau AFB in Grandview, MO itood. MO Camp Crowdernr Neosho, MO
The Ft. Leorard

.,snan Port'' wlxch is a hub for fasl tracked trade md djstrjbution between Nollh Aille|ican Union (NAU): The Kansas cjo' AshippinSanddistdbulioncenterisunderwayjnthe theu.s.andMexicoisseenastheHubofrheN;ilhAmerjcanunjon. fomelR]chard.GebaulAFBilGrandvjew.Mo'Thisfaci]jt]isseenasbothaFEMAconcenfalioncenterandafaciljtJ'fol the NAU.
Resente Banks. Memberu of the mititia novement are $rongly agains tire FRS and see iI as a mechanisn otthe elitislNew World Order' In N;vemberEnd the FED prcEsB were held nationwide al Federal Resene Banks in oppostrion to the FRS. Many rightswing extemi$s oppos€ the FRS banks anct propoie a syscnr tnat would be backed bv gold Federal Reserve nay also drau, asenlion fron anli bail oul Proteslors and activists


National Gilad Faciliies National Guard arnories aDd facilitles arc seen as potcndal slaging areas foi NWO rooPs Addi!ionalll, there are fears that the Naljonal Guard will be forced to confiscate weapons and enforce marshal iaw' Some individuals h the nolenenl have argued thal Natioral Guard soldiers jnto Do ancl uni6 have had their weaPons confiscated, hnve beel transfomred conrbal units such as supp)l, ransportrtion, or medical elements, or arc being deploye.l overseas in order to weake! the def€nse oflh€
Stale againsr the NWO.

Fcdent Bnilditg!


.facililizrr WjthiD

anger lowards tire federai govennrent

th€ movemenl there js a distusl aDd iuarilJ' towards the IRs' ATF' FBI


Conrnon Militia Svmbols: rnd ArtLGovernmeni Rheioricl

Poliricrl Prrapbernalia: MiliLir nEnrb€rs mosr connronly associare wjil 3rd pdrlt.poliricrl group! ir is Dor unconrnron for miliria menber! ro display Consrirurjonal Patry. Canrpaisn for Liber[. o] malerial The$e nreilbers are usually supponers of foriler Pres;denrjal Candidate: Ron laul. ChucI Baldu'D. and Bob Ban. AnticovernnreDl PropagaDda: 14ililia menrbers conrDonly displa) picture. cafrooDs. bunper suciers tbrr conlnir rnu povenrnenr r|etoric. Most ofthis materiai wjll depicr lhe FRS. IRS. FBl. ATF. CIA. UN. Laq EnforoeDent, and "The New world Order" ir a derogato4, manor. Additio'ally. Racial, anti-imnri:ratjon, atrd anti-aborrion, Daterirl nuy be displayed

iljlitia nEnbeN.


popular Michigan based
that has a presence and

IlutareeMilitia:Patchofa miliria inflDence

ldBN/3rdBDEMOMititia pabh: Unilparch displayed by

Mililia Members.

in many staEs,


citLen: Flags usuatly displayed by soverergn ciuzens in sovereign "comon taw"jurisdiction.


order !o


Molon Labe:

Greek phrase tha! translates Io "come and take

tbenl'' or " Over nl'dead body"
phrase originated during the SPal tan and Persian battle at ThermoPYlae and was recently made

upside down

us FIag: The nili_

Nine stripes of the sons ot

rio, in


erty: Sonsoflibertywasasecret
sociely ofpalriots during the Anerican Revolulionary war Many militia membetr clain the
Sons ofLibeny as Pan hernage.



NavJ' Jack: Cortilental NaayflaS,whichisalso,displayed with a stebhed out rattle_ ssake and the inscription "Don't Tread on Me"

Literarur€ and Media Comion io the Milida



Moviei An!


Reserve Systeil


Amcrica: Ireedom i0 cism: Anl;income tar


Th. Tnrner Diariesr Novel



d€picis the vjolent rcvolution of the United Shtes Covernnenl ard a war that leaves on]),a wlite popularion. Thjs boolr was Pro noted by Timothl Mcvei€.h and said to be the ilolivation behind the Ol(lahoilr Cj4, BombiDg.

Comments on previous MIAC $rabgjc aleds Greg.hur



for research on future strategic products should be nade to

MffiBsswwm& ffimffimwmmm&Ewm &mmHwsEs
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Phone: 579-751-6422 TollFrce:866-362-6422 ,'.',,|,,"''.^*""'",'*'";;";,;:,:iiiL|,,i;;a"ngntpaqilu"

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