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--------------------Maria H. Andersen: someone with an open mic is not using a headset
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: that's where the echo is coming from
--------------------kim caise: cal's mic is active
--------------------Cal Stanley: I'm not getting that echo
--------------------Moderator: Let us start!
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: @mariaD ... are you using a headset or speakers?
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: the echo is coming from @mariaD
--------------------Cal Stanley: OK its off now
--------------------Moderator: I am using a headset
--------------------Cal Stanley: I am too
--------------------kim caise: no the echo is gone
--------------------ColleenKing: no
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: better
--------------------john rosasco: you have to use earphones and a mic
--------------------Cal Stanley: must have been mine
--------------------ihor: i hear Maria's echo. Now its gone.
--------------------Cal Stanley: no echo
--------------------kim caise: the echo is gone
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: echo is gone now

--------------------ColleenKing: Audio is good
--------------------Moderator: good
--------------------eclecticechoes: all clear - no echo
--------------------Cal Stanley: OK Maria, D all up to you, I will come in when you place the ppt on
--------------------ihor: yes!
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Maybe it would be best if we all use TEXT to share?
--------------------kim caise: kim caise, taught elem and middle school for 20 years
--------------------Moderator: Who are we and what are we doing in life about Math 2.0?
--------------------Cal Stanley: Ok John you are on
--------------------kim caise: working on my master's degree rightnow
--------------------kim caise: be sure to click off the mic to deactivate
--------------------mathfaery (Elizabeth): Elizabeth Hamman, College Math Professor at Cypress College
--------------------Moderator: Maria Droujkova in North Carolina, working on Math 2.0 studies right
now, site
--------------------Cal Stanley: John you need to deactivate your mic
--------------------ihor: can we just talk or is there something to turn on?
--------------------kim caise: we can
--------------------eclecticechoes: brb...son needs attn - working on Masters degree,
--------------------Cal Stanley: we can

Moderator: we can hear you Ihor
--------------------aforgrave: Middle school teacher, science and math background, teaching most
subjects to grade 7 students
--------------------aforgrave: We can hear you just fine
--------------------Chris Hazard: PhD student & entrepreneur working on time manipulation software for
serious gaming with pedagogical applications
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Math Prof at Muskegon Community College, blogger at, twitter @busynessgirl, author, PhD student, studying
math instructors and the conditions & barriers that affect innovation, and some
other things
--------------------ihor: turned it off!
--------------------Moderator: Let's start Cal's presentation
--------------------Cal Stanley: I am a community College professor who is very interested in
--------------------Moderator: We can do it by sharing applications
--------------------Moderator: can you see it?
--------------------Moderator: What IS math 2.0?
--------------------Tammy Moore: I see it
--------------------ColleenKing: Colleen King: math teacher, grades 6-12; designer of online math
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: You all will think this is funny, but this is the first time
I've been in elluminate as a participant!
--------------------Moderator: lol Maria
--------------------Tammy Moore: Too funny, Maria
--------------------ColleenKing: @Chris Hazard What sort of serious gaming?

--------------------kim caise: mathplayground right?
--------------------Moderator: How do you search for math equations?
--------------------ColleenKing: @TimFahlberg Welcome!
--------------------kim caise: hi tim
--------------------kim caise: hi tammy
--------------------Tammy Moore: Hi Kim
--------------------Tim Fahlberg: Hi wonderful Colleen!
--------------------kim caise: never mind@colleenking, i misread your question
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: can search with natural language for general topics
--------------------Moderator: How do you search for particular math content, e.g. a picture depicting
3*5 (let alone more complex equation)
--------------------aforgrave: Will Wolfram Alpha help to make things work?
--------------------kim caise: i came across this site recently
--------------------ColleenKing: @TimFahlberg I got both. Did you get my replies?
--------------------john rosasco: question?
--------------------Graeme MacNeil: Hi Tim!
--------------------Chris Hazard: Searching for isomorphisms is also hard... e.g. 5a = 2b^2 + c
= 2b^2 + c - 5a
--------------------kim caise: hi @graeme!
--------------------ColleenKing: Hi Graeme!



Maria H. Andersen: @MariaD Found an image (first try) using and
typing "3x5"
--------------------Graeme MacNeil: Hi Colleen & Kim
--------------------Maria H. Andersen:
--------------------Moderator: what's search-cube?
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: alternative search engine
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Can you give us a specific example of what you mean?
--------------------Moderator: Chris Hazard: Searching for isomorphisms is also hard... e.g. 5a = 2b^2
+ c vs 0 = 2b^2 + c - 5a
--------------------kim caise: pardon my ignorance, i am not sure what an isomorphism (sp?) is
--------------------Chris Hazard: isomorphism means the same "shape"
--------------------Chris Hazard: e.g., 5 a = 2 b is the same as 5/2 x = y
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: What kind of page would you be hoping to find when you look for
5a = 2b^2+c ?
--------------------aforgrave: I find it somewhat ironic that all the coding and logic that have gone
into making the Internet work will have come in no small part to the mathematics
training that folks received during their schooling, and yet the web doesn't
easily support working with math ...
--------------------kim caise: like that transitive property?
--------------------Chris Hazard: this is a good site for known solutions to equations that are
categorized (as opposed to searching), but is heavy on very advanced math:
--------------------Tammy Moore: I only have a short amount of time to particpate tonight, but I plan
on being able to attend the full session next Wednesday. I belive this group is a
fantastic idea. See you all next week.
--------------------Moderator: See you, Tammy

kim caise: bye tammy
--------------------Moderator: Thanks for coming
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: I repeat ... what kind of thing would we hope to find when
searching for a specific equation?
--------------------kim caise: see you saturday
--------------------Tammy Moore: see you next week for sure
--------------------ihor: Isn't this a bit too esoteric? I'm not really interested in this question
very much.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: I've never gone looking for a specific equation ...
--------------------Moderator: I'd like to find web pages that relate to similar equations
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: unless I was trying to "cheat" my way through the problem
--------------------kim caise: yes we do maria
--------------------kim caise: it takes a bit to load
--------------------ihor: hourglass....
--------------------kim caise: it hasnt loaded yet
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: no gray screen/hourglass
--------------------Juan: hour glass
--------------------kim caise: you might want to close out app sharing and restart it
--------------------ihor: not even an animated hourglass...
--------------------kim caise: sometimes it hangs up in elluminate
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: When I'm searching for math stuff, I find it helpful to use
image searche engines like search-cube, cooliris, or bing images.

--------------------ihor: bing is very good for images.
--------------------Cal Stanley:
--------------------kim caise: bing is supposed to a search engine that will meet the needs of what
you have mentioned tonight
--------------------ihor: what do you do to grab the mike?
--------------------kim caise: you click on the mic icon in the bottom left
--------------------Moderator: You click the mike icon in the lower left corner, or click Ctrl-F2 to
grab the mike
--------------------kim caise: where or what?
--------------------ihor: This sounds more like math 1.0 not 2.0.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Because I know visually what kind of page I'm looking for.
--------------------ihor: A bit geekish for me.
--------------------ColleenKing: @ihor What would like to discuss?
--------------------Juan: Any chance of translating MS MathEquation Editor into something web-browser
--------------------ihor: who is talking?
--------------------ihor: Got it!
--------------------kim caise: the mic turns yellow across from their name in the participant window
--------------------Moderator: Maria Andersen (her mike is highlighted in participant list)
--------------------kim caise: you can change the layout by going to view at the top and selecting a

layout or resizing the windows
--------------------ihor: Ahhh ... now I see it.
--------------------ihor: How do you grab the mike?
--------------------kim caise: good point @maria andersen
--------------------Moderator: "Cheatability" of searching for particular equation
--------------------kim caise: @ihor click on the mic button in the bottom left
--------------------kim caise: or click Ctrl and F2
--------------------Juan: The TI-89 solves equations, quadratics and some more
--------------------kim caise: that will turn your mic on
--------------------Moderator: There is a sequences searchable database I use for that topic
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Generally, though, equations have names. So we search for the
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: yes
--------------------Juan: Students who learn how to use their TI-89 can cheat easily there.
--------------------ihor: @ kim caise Thanks
--------------------Chris Hazard: also, this is an open source, free software algebra solver (like
Maple, etc.):
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: I have several blog posts about wolfram alpha.
--------------------Cal Stanley:
--------------------Cal Stanley: a wiki example
--------------------kim caise: i would think google image search is too broad

--------------------Chris Hazard: desktop
--------------------Juan: so far the best looking equations I have seen online are in pdf documents
--------------------kim caise: a desktop application
--------------------Chris Hazard: yes, I can see your screen
--------------------mathfaery (Elizabeth): I see the sequences
--------------------kim caise: yes we can maria
--------------------Cal Stanley: yes
--------------------Juan: yes
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Okay, I just tried a clusty search on x^2+3x+6 and it was able
to determine that quadratics, expressions, and squares were all categories that
the equation fell in, so clusty might be a good search option
--------------------Maria H. Andersen:
--------------------Cal Stanley: notice the output is not how we would write it - no mathML here
--------------------john rosasco: i have a comment on wolfram
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: can't ... on satellite internet from home
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: why I don't talk much ... there's a lag
--------------------Cal Stanley: john go ahead anc grab the mike
--------------------Cal Stanley: yes go ahead
--------------------kim caise: sure go ahead and john
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: You're talking about Wolfram Demonstrations now I think, not

Wolfram Alpha
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: (but I could be wrong)
--------------------kim caise: post the link in here
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: he should be able to just share the link
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: About Wolfram Alpha:
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: and
--------------------Moderator: This is a good way to interact with one another's math, but not to
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Wolfram Demonstrations (what John is talking about) requires
the user to download and install Mathematica Player
--------------------Juan: yes
--------------------Cal Stanley: yes
--------------------Moderator: yes
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: (which is free, but just know that it requires this rather
large download)
--------------------Juan: yes
--------------------Moderator: saddle!
--------------------jdyer: My issue with Wolfram Demonstrations has been the inability to put the
software on a jumpdrive -- it requires actual installation, something I cannot
always do.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: I suspect that within a year they will all run on the web.
--------------------Juan: interesting
--------------------kim caise: i think you are right @maria

--------------------ColleenKing: Do casual website visitors take the time to download these
specialized players? This is one reason I've avoided using them.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: We have it installed on every computer on campus and it is a
required download for the students in my online calculus classes.
--------------------Tim Fahlberg: Have you all discussed student and teacher use of GeoGebra before?
--------------------Moderator: People download Wolfram's in particular
--------------------kim caise: good question colleen. someone said it was a large download
--------------------ColleenKing: I know a math professor who wouldn't evenb download Flash a few years
ago to test one of my apps!
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: gotomeeting
--------------------ihor: @Tim Fahlberg we havent talked about Geogebra.
--------------------ColleenKing: @TimFahlberg No, Geogebra has not been discussed yet.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: If you've never seen Wolfram Demonstrations, you might want to
check out the interactive materials in this map:
--------------------ColleenKing: @TimFahlberg The output is more user friendly.
--------------------Tim Fahlberg: Thanks
--------------------ColleenKing: @TimFahlberg Is Linda still working in this area?
--------------------Juan: It is pretty clear what the application can do.
--------------------Graeme MacNeil: Have to go - thanks
--------------------ihor: Linda has done some significant tutorials which Ive used to learn more about
--------------------Moderator: Thanks for visiting, Graeme

ColleenKing: @ihor I've used her tutorials quite a bit as well.
--------------------Cal Stanley:
--------------------Jennie Gibson: The Moderator can right click on a participant's name and give that
person moderator priviledges
--------------------Juan: yes?
--------------------ihor: @colleenKing: the topics were covering now I did in graduate a long time
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Just discovered Wolfram Functions ... didn't know about this
--------------------kim caise: she was asking which one, @juan
--------------------Moderator: Everybody can share everything here, I think
--------------------Juan: the Wolfram demo with parameters for ODE
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: sorry, I'm not following why they can't do equations online?
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: or use a program like vyew that has a built-in equation editor
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: I was late & apologize if I'm being redundant, but I've had luck
with students using Sitmo Latex editor, and inserting equations as an image.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: you mean like google docs
--------------------Moderator: Kate, can you link us an example or two?
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: yeah one sec
--------------------Juan: math equations are two-dimensional, instead of linear like text
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: what about a wiki that can take equations for writing the
--------------------Moderator: Randy, grab the mike if you want to talk - it's open

--------------------Kate Nowak 2: Here is a group review blog written by students:
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: i've mentioned that to the PM for wave (need for math)
--------------------kim caise: hasnt loaded yet
--------------------Juan: no
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: I'm seeing the website
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Webtour is not compatible with all computer setups
--------------------Moderator: Are you seeing Kate's example on Precalc?
--------------------Juan: Here is a general question: what the dimension of math equations would be? I
mean, as objects for browser display. Assuming plain text has dimension 1, and
image files have dimension 2
--------------------kim caise: the web tour window will always open but you may not be able to view
the contents of the window if the plugins are not installed
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Can we move on to graphs?
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: making graphs accessible?
--------------------Juan: Plain text has dimension one
--------------------Juan: can I grab the mike?
--------------------Moderator: go ahead!
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: like it only has length, not height?
--------------------kim caise: three dimensional and two dimensional objects?
--------------------Moderator: graphs next

--------------------Moderator: can't hear you Juan
--------------------kim caise: juan, the mic is activated but we are not hearing
--------------------kim caise: you
--------------------Cal Stanley: Maria A - graphs still need to be printed with a raised print
--------------------kim caise: there is an audio setup wizard under tools
--------------------Moderator: angela, go ahead and talk
--------------------kim caise: cal, what do you mean by raised print?
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Assume you've seen the "function machine"
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Thermoform Tactile sheets
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Help for working with visually impaired students:
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Jing
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Much of the work in online courses is asynchronous
--------------------kim caise: is that what you meant by accessible @maria andersen?
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: We use Jing to share graphs and annotate them in discussion
--------------------Moderator: so desktop is fine for asynchronous?
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: no
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: not accessibility
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: sure, one sec

kim caise: jing is a way of taking a screenshot and annotating the screenshot
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: I've used Graphsketch, here is a tutorial I made in Jing.
--------------------Kate Nowak 2:
--------------------kim caise:
--------------------kim caise: yes we can
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: i don't know if the audio will come through
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: sounds like no
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Tutorials for using Jing for math in discussion boards (these
can be used with students):
--------------------kim caise: no volume will come through
--------------------Moderator: is Kate's movie streaming?
--------------------Moderator: oh
--------------------Cal Stanley: Kate I think that equation editor you are using on the bottom left is
a great first start
--------------------Juan: my anti-virus update installer slowed down my whole machine, it's working
well now
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: it worked ok. it was annoying to keep having to insert an image for
every equation.
--------------------Cal Stanley: that product's output is an image, but it demonstrates the need for
what I've been talking about
--------------------Moderator: ok Juan, does your mike work now?
--------------------Juan: I guess
--------------------kim caise: fantastic tutorial

--------------------Kate Nowak 2: thanks
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: What we need is "embed" code for one of these graphing
--------------------kim caise: yes juan
--------------------Moderator: we can hear you Juan
--------------------mathfaery (Elizabeth): How would a graph be accessible in digital format?
--------------------mathfaery (Elizabeth): Besides just describing it?
--------------------Moderator: maybe like a 3d printer works?
--------------------Cal Stanley: a graph still needs to be printed
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: The hierarchy can be read to them properly using MathDaisy.
--------------------Cal Stanley: MathDaisy is new, and I have just ordered it to check it out - look
pretty good
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Aren't there now braille devices that are made up of moving
"dots" that provide text in braille form (changing as the student reads with their
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: I think we are beyond sharing this with the group, but if anyone is
interested in the tutorial for inserting a latex equation from sitmo, here's the
tutorial for that:
--------------------Cal Stanley:
--------------------Cal Stanley: for MathDaisy
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: MathDaisy demonstration here:
--------------------Cal Stanley: DAISY Digital Accessible Information SYstem
--------------------john rosasco: would the integrals be more general like Lesbegue integrals?

--------------------ColleenKing: @KateNowakThank you. I'll check that out.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Slides 38-49 in this presentation (
demonstrate use of Jing to share equations and images in discussion boards
(asynchronous collaboration)
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: Although we've done it in IM too.
--------------------Randy: who uses a mac
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: Thanks Cal
--------------------Juan: Thank you very much for sharing.
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: One more resource, virtual magnifying glass (google it)
--------------------mathfaery (Elizabeth): Thanks all!
--------------------Randy: go to meeting is better
--------------------Randy: platform
--------------------ihor: its great!
--------------------john rosasco: fine
--------------------mathfaery (Elizabeth): It was easier to follow than Twitter
--------------------Angela Vierling-Claassen: good
--------------------ihor: Are they free?
--------------------Juan: I think it is good for sharing online resources
--------------------Cal Stanley: better than twitter (LOL)
--------------------kim caise: i have created a wiki devoted to web conferencing at

--------------------Moderator: Excellent resources
--------------------Maria H. Andersen: logging off ... nice hangin with you
--------------------kim caise: with just about every type of webconferencing platform that are free
and not free so free to check that out when you have time
--------------------Cal Stanley: good night everyone
--------------------Juan: Thanks again
--------------------ColleenKing: Thank you, Maria.
--------------------Angela Vierling-Claassen: thank you! gnight
--------------------kim caise: thanks again Maria, Cal and everyone!
--------------------Chris Hazard: good night
--------------------Kate Nowak 2: bye all thank you
--------------------john rosasco: bye
--------------------Moderator: good night
--------------------Juan: bye
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