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Proposed Broadway Safety Improvements 46th Ward – Ald.

Janet Attarian, Complete Streets Director Mike Amsden, Project Manager July 31, 2013

Project Corridor
Foster Ave

Ainslie St


• 1.05 miles in length • Parallels CTA Red Line • Uptown Entertainment District • Montrose to Ainslie in the 46th Ward • Two distinct segments • Montrose to Wilson • Wilson to Foster

Montrose Ave

Complete Streets
Citywide policy to create safer and more comfortable streets for all users – pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists – and particularly for the most vulnerable – children, the elderly and persons with disabilities. • Reduce Crashes • Calm traffic • Increase cycling, walking and transit trips

• Improved traffic safety

Why Now?

• 909 crashes within project limits between 2006 and 2010 • 1 fatal and 47 injury pedestrian crashes (73 total pedestrian crashes) • 23 injury bicycle crashes (34 total bicycle crashes) • 802 motor vehicle crashes, including 43 injury crashes • Each injury crash costs $53,000 on average, and each fatality costs $3,800,000

• Increase in transportation choices
• 62.5% of residents in and around the 46th Ward do not drive to work • 4 CTA stations within ¼ mile of proposed projects

• Improved public health
• 25% of Chicago children aged 3 – 13 are obese

• Better economic vitality
• Increased walking, transit and cycling leads to vibrant commercial districts

Montrose Ave

Existing Conditions
Wilson Ave

Existing Conditions
Wilson Ave Foster Ave


Existing Conditions - Pedestrians

• Poorly marked crosswalks • 4-5 lanes of motor vehicle traffic to cross • Minimal refuge space • Frequent crossing movements

Existing Conditions - Pedestrians

• Poorly marked crosswalks • 4-5 lanes of motor vehicle traffic to cross • Minimal refuge islands • Frequent crossing movements

Existing Conditions - Bicyclists

• No on-street accommodations • Sidewalk riding is common • Narrow space to ride between parked cars and moving traffic • Crosstown Bike Route in the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020

Existing Conditions - Motorists

• 4-5 lanes, under capacity most of the day • Weaving and passing on the right • 16% rate of speeding • On-street parking throughout, demand varies

Existing Conditions - Motorists

• No left turn lanes at many intersections • Motorists exit parked cars into travel lane • Many driveways, alleys, cross-streets • Complex intersections with poor sight lines

Existing Conditions – Viaduct at Leland

Existing Conditions – South of Lawrence

Proposed “Road Diet”
Road diets removes unnecessary travel lanes to make space for other uses and create a complete street. Cities around the country have successfully installed road diets on roadways with up to 20,000 - 25,000 cars/day without impacting motor vehicle travel.

Wabash Ave - After

Wabash Ave - Before

11,000 -13,000 motorists use Broadway on an average day

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Road Diet Benefits

29% crash reduction Reduces motor vehicle speeds Predictable movements Shorter crossing distances High visibility crosswalks and signage Refuge space Room for protected bike lanes Reduces dooring crashes Clearer turn lanes and easier turns Reduces dangerous driving Easier to cross the street Easier to get in and out of parked cars
Barrier Protected Bike Lane


Bicyclists: Motorists:

High Visibility Crosswalk & Ped Refuge Space

• • •

Road Diet Benefits

• Creating a welcoming environment for people can improve retail sales
Vancouver, WA: retail sales after a road diet out performed similar corridors by 13 to 28% NYC: 9th Avenue saw a 49% increase in sales after a road diet (compared with 3% for Manhattan as a whole) Portland: Customers who arrive by bike/foot spend 24% more per month than those who arrive by car

Broadway – Montrose to Wilson

Broadway – Wilson to Foster

Proposed Changes at Leland
• Prohibit left turns off of Broadway onto Leland • Continental crosswalks on all legs of the intersection • “Right Turn Only Lanes” outside of the pillars

Proposed Changes South of Lawrence
• • • • Providing bike lanes through curve Removing one lane in each direction and providing guidance through curve Introducing legal parking on the west side of the street Extending left turn lanes

• Net loss of 4 spaces • Parking removal required for visibility at driveways and intersections

Parking Impacts

Montrose - Sunnyside = 2 Spots Gained

Sunnyside - Wilson = 8 Spots Lost

Wilson – Leland = 2 Spots Gained Leland – Lawrence = No Change Lawrence – Ainslie = No Change

• Construction on Broadway estimated to start Spring 2014 • Completion in 2016 • All in-road pillars removed from Broadway

Wilson Station Reconstruction

Next Steps
• Installation in 2013 • Collect after data • Traffic counts • Crash data • Evaluate and modify (if necessary) • Continue build-out of the bike network in the 46th Ward

Upcoming 46th Ward Projects
• Participatory Budgeting
• Leland neighborhood greenway • Kenmore/Winthrop bike lanes • Irving Park bike lanes

• Late ‘13 / early ‘14 planning/design/outreach • 2014 or 2015 construction


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