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Ahmed Mohamed Nabih

Mobile: +966-56-7544461, +966-55-1726289 Mobile: + 20-122-8410094



Profile: Male, 27, Married Date of Birth: June, 11, 1985 Nationality: Egypt Current Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Home City: Alexandria Egypt. Education: BSc. Metallurgical Engineering, June, 2007. Current Position: QA/QC Coating Engineer Company: Energya Steel Solutions. (Reporting to: QA/QC Manager)
Coating Inspector with over 5 years of work experience Initiative, Scientific and Goal-oriented.

Responsibilities and Duties include but are not limited to:

o o o o Monitoring the progress and maintaining the relevant documents. Reviewing contractors submittals. Maintaining all relevant QC documents for painting and coating. Dealing with all implemented standard, specification and codes.

NACE, ISO Standard, ASTM Standard SSPC Volume 1, 2. SAES Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards. ARAMCO SAMMS , SAIC , SATR and PIP. JERES Jubail Export Refinery Engineering Standards. QP (Qatar petroleum Specification). UHDE Coating specification. T.D.S Recommendation. Client Specifications.
Carry out daily routine painting and coating inspections at site. Review coatings specification and identify omissions and clarifications. Report processing and effectively forward to higher reviews. Resolve contractors technical queries with concurrence from structural and engineering site leads. o Oversee the preparation, tracking and completion of contractors coatings punch list. o Determine by measurement and observation that the applicator fully complies with specification requirements and that work performed matches the required standard of quality. o o o o

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Ahmed Mohamed Nabih +966-56-7544461

o Determine that all essential raw materials, especially coatings, are stored correctly and used in batches within the manufacturers recommended shelf life. o Maintain records of all work done, the conditions under which it was done, and any other appropriate report items required. o Ensure that the necessary test instruments and standards required are available at all times and that each instrument is fully functional and properly calibrated. o Scheduling of all required stream inspection activities. o Assessing paint failures and preparing repair procedure.

Courses studied
o o o o o o o Painting Inspection Grade CSWIP-BGAS 3/2. SSPC Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) Program. Corrosion & Corrosion Control Steel making industries ( EAF , LF ) Foundry industries (Continues Casting Machines (CCM), Die casting .) Welding and welding inspection (UT, RT, MT) Metal forming industries, (Rolling, Forging, Extrusion, deep, tube and wire drawing).

Training Experience
o Training in Ez flat Steel Co. in El-Ain El-Soukhna. (6 months) Jan 2007. o Training in Center Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI) August 2006. o Training in Oil pipelines Co in Cathodic Protection. August 2005. o Training in SOPC (Suez Oil Production Company) corrosion protection. August 2004.

AFFILIATIONS:o o o o Member Member Member Member of of of of NACE -- Member ID NO 300717 American Galvanization Association. Saudi Engineering Society Egyptian Engineers Syndicate since 2007.

o Working in Arab Steel Fabrication Co in galvanizing/painting plant as a quality control engineer (July 2007: Feb 2008). o Working in Sirte Oil Company (SOC) Rep. Libya-Tripoli plant as a QA/QC coating engineer (Feb 2008: Aug 2008). o Working in Overseas Delta Construction as a QA/QC coating engineer (Nov 2008: March 2009). o Since March 2009 till now: Im working in (Energya Steel Solutions) KSA as QA/QC Engineer of the blasting/painting and the galvanization plants.

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Ahmed Mohamed Nabih +966-56-7544461

Participated in
Project: Client: Project: Client: Project: Client: Project:

MARJAN Slop Tanks ARAMCO WASIT SK/ARAMCO Jubail Export Refinery (DERRICK & RISER) Zeeco/TOTAL Derrick Structures with the Davit Flare (QP)
Zeeco/Petrofac /QP

Project Client

El Safwa Cement Plant KSA. POLYSIUS (France) Agrium and EPPC (Petrochemical Project) Uhde South Steel Company 1MTPA Steel Plant at JEC STX HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD South valley cement plant Pertech & TIG Saudi Electricity Company-Steel. Saudi Electricity Company Western transformer building Western Transformer Dolomite kiln. Dolomite company KSA Princess Nora University Haramain Gate (KSA Riyadh) Many project for lighting poles & Distribution poles for Saudi Electricity Company SEC.

Client: Project: Client: Project Client Project Client Project Client Project Client Project: Client: Project Client

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Ahmed Mohamed Nabih +966-56-7544461

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 AGA Inspector NACE CIP 1 Certificate No. 28036 Internal auditor - ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. 194/IQA/KSA/10). Certificates of attendance for the American Galvanizers Associations Galvanize It! Webinars. NACE CIP 2 Certificate No. 28036

Arabic English French Native Fluent Good

Computer skills
o o o o o Maintenance: Trouble shooting, hardware & software. Microsoft windows 2003 server, XP and Vista. Internet Excellent deal with web applications. Microsoft Office. (Word, Excel, Power Point). AutoCAD 2011 -2012.

Available upon request Greet thanks for your care & attention and I hope to join your successful team

Last update at 20/08/2012

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Ahmed Mohamed Nabih +966-56-7544461

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Ahmed Mohamed Nabih +966-56-7544461

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Ahmed Mohamed Nabih +966-56-7544461

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