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ISO 9001 Registered Company

Established in 1988 100+ Employees Core Business Silicone Coating Paper, Polycoated Paper and Films Core Markets Hygiene and Roofing Also Serve Health Care, Envelope, PS Tape and Composites. Global Customer Base Highly Service Oriented ISO 9001:2000 Registered

Corporate Offices 580 Willow Tree Roads Leonia, NJ 07605 Ph: 800-252-2203 Fax: 201-585-9182

Tekkote was founded in 1988, in Moonachie, New Jersey. It currently operates two facilities: One in Leonia, NJ and the other Ridgefield, NJ. Corporate headquarters along with finishing and distribution operations are located in Leonia. The Ridgefield facility serves as our coating, quality and product development operation. Tekkote was established around a business strategy to manufacture specialty silicone coated release liners through the use of technical and manufacturing expertise that would ensure high quality standards and excellent service of customers needs. From its inception, Tekkote has built a reputation for developing solutions for customers that meet needs not previously satisfied by other suppliers. As a result, Tekkote has expanded its market share within the specific industries served. In 1999 Tekkote was acquired by Jen-Coat, Inc, Westfield, MA. Jen-Coat is an industry leader in the manufacture of specialty extrusion coated products. In 2009 Tekkote successfully completed a management buy-out, once again becoming an independent company. Today Tekkote continues the strategy it started back in 1988, bringing leading edge technical solutions, unparalleled service, and a low cost business model to the market place. 2

Facility 1: Ridgefield, New Jersey

Manufacturing Highlights
40,000 sq ft Facility 4 Silicone Coating Lines Solventless Silicone Technology Chemistry: 100% Solids Catalyzation: Platinum Cure: Thermal 1 & 2 Color Flexo Capabilities

Coating Equipment
71 Inch; 5-Roll Solventless Silicone Coater 65 Inch; 3-Roll Solventless Silicone Coater 45 Inch; 3-Roll Gravure Coater 45 Inch; 3-Roll Gravure Coater In-Line Printing / In-Line Remoisturization

Water Based Ink Technology Ongoing Capital Expenditures Equipment Upgrades Capacity Expansion

Facility 1: Ridgefield, New Jersey

Quality Department
Fully Equipped Laboratory ASTM / TAPPI / PSTC Protocols Incoming Raw Material Conformity Full Lot Traceability Back to Raw Material Supplier Certificate of Compliance / Analysis Reporting ISO 9001 Registered Company
Key Analytical Equipment
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AA) Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) Colorimeter X-Ray Fluorescence Densitometer Instron Tensile / Taber Tear / Gurley Porosity TLMI/Chemsultants Release Testers

Facility 1: Ridgefield, New Jersey

Product Development Group
Integrated with Sales Group Solution Oriented Approach by Market support market leadership goals by Customer custom tailored solutions Key Initiatives Cost Control both internal and external Process Development Silicone Optimization Productivity Increases Alternative Substrates Films / Recycled Papers Source Reduction

Facility 2: Leonia, New Jersey

Finishing Department
Typical Packaging Formats - Palletized and Stretch Wrapped - Suspended Rolls - Boxed 24 Hour / 7 Day Operations

65,000 sq ft Facility 8 Slitters Narrow Web Slitting Experts Finished web widths starting at 0.5 inches and up to 72 inches Roll Diameters up to 52 inches
(Narrow Web up to 42 inches)

Custom Labeling - Lot Traceable Labeling Information - Bar-coding


Facility 2: Leonia, New Jersey

Warehousing & Distribution

Ample Storage Capacity for: - Raw Materials - Work In Process Rolls (WIP) - Finished Goods Loading Docks for Truck or Containers Global Distribution Conveniently Located Near NY/NJ Sshipping Ports

Tekkote or Customer Specified Carriers 24 Hour / 7 Day Operations

Key Individuals

Lawrence Goldman President and CEO Matthew Cain Vice President, Manufacturing Irwin Kowal Vice President, Sales Eric Kusche Sales Manager Christopher Powell Quality Assurance Manager

Ken Nieradka Product Development Manager Kathleen Schneider Senior Account Manager Joe Reilly Senior Account Manager Debbie Knoebel Customer Service Jacinta Parker Customer Service, Logistics

Release Liner Substrates

Substrate Overview - Paper

Densified Kraft (North American SCK)
Opaque, Highly Densified MF paper for die cutting applications. Available in 42# up to 100# (3,000 SF Basis Weights). 60#, 80# and 100# are typical for Industrial Die Cutting Applications.
- Subject to web breaks compare to film. - Subject to adhesive bleed. - High caliper needed for demanding applications. - Reverse print only. - Typically cost favorable versus similarly performing papers.

Machine Glazed (MG) & Machine Finished (MF)

- Light basis weight down to 18# paper (30 GSM). - Back-side COF good for high speed label applications. - Good Lay-flat. - Good for die-cutting. - Back-side printable.


Substrate Overview - Paper

Clay Coated Kraft
Opaque, Clay Coated MF and MG papers Available in 40# up to 100# / 3,000SF Basis Weights.
Lower Physical Properties versus Densified Kraft. High caliper may needed for demanding applications. 2-side Clay available for excellent lay-flat Reverse Print only. Clay coating reduces surface irregularities.

Polycoated Kraft
C1S or C2S polycoated MF or MG papers Polypropylene resins available for higher heat applications. 44# to 95# typical range of available total basis weights.
Bleached or Natural available. Base paper sourced for specific applications to control cost. Less subject to web breaks versus plain paper. Less subject to adhesive bleed into die strikes versus plain paper. Reverse Print available under the PE/PP resin on C2S versions. Best lay-flat for high moisture environments. 11

Substrate Overview - Film

Available in 48 Ga. to 500 Ga. (12 to 125 micron)
Dimensionally stable in elevated temperature environments. Chemical resistance. Excellent flatness.

Polyethylene (HDPE)
Available 1.8 mil and higher (45 micron +).
Available in Natural (cloudy), White or Custom colors. Lower heat resistance. High elongation properties. Coex blends available.


BOPP, MOPP, CPP, OPP, & Coex grades available.

Available in a wide range of thicknesses Available in Clear, White or Custom colors. Good strength characteristics. 12

Doing Business with TEKKOTE !

 Customer Focused
 We create innovative custom tailored solutions.  Our people are available when you need them.

 Commodity Oriented Business Model

 We provide cost efficient products and competitive pricing.

 Lean Organization
 We support your business with a team approach.  Senior Management is part of the team.

 High Level of Service

 Our lead-times are less than industry standards.  Our systems support, not drive our operations  Our flexible operations help get the job done!

Please call or email us to obtain more information on the release liner products that we offer.
580 Willow Tree Road Leonia, NJ 07605 (201) 585-8875 (800) 252-2203