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Variant Configuration can be a very complex process depending upon the kind of product involved.

In many industries such as Aerospace, Elevators, Automobiles and Electronics the variant configuration can involve multiple level of BOM, s and dependencies.

However today we will try to create a material with a very basic level of variant configuration involved and without introducing any BOM. This is relevant for many industries where a base product is offered with additional level of selection available to customers with an extra charge.

Please feel free to provide any comments suggestions etc.

Lets take an example where a Molded Plastic Storage Box manufacturer offers a very basic level of Storage box at a base price but the customer has an option of going for Additional Colors and Box Thickness by paying an additional cost for it. We will start by creating the required characteristics (CT04) 1. Create Characteristic ZACOLOR as shown below:

Maintain the values as shown in the example below:

Now maintain the applicable surcharge linkage by creating an additional characteristic ZACOLORSURCH. Provide the description and then go to tab Addnl data and maintain the Table name and field name as shown below:

Click OK when you get the following message

Now go back to the original characteristic ZACOLOR in a change mode. Go to the values tab select the first value and then >> ExtrasObject Dependency Editor. Select the dependency type Procedure when the pop-up window appears. Insert the code as shown below in line 000010

Repeat the process similarly for the other value of this characteristics. Similarly create the Characteristic for the Box Thickness and Box Thickness surcharge and maintain the dependency as described above. Now create a Class for Storage Box with type 300 and assign these four characteristics to it.

Go to the Characteristic Tab and assign the characteristics you created in the previous step:

Now create a material (MM01) for storage box with material type KMAT and assign the class to the material in the classification view. For details with the relevant screenshots please refer to my article on Creating a Material Master Record for VC Maintain the Configuration profile (CU41) of the material as shown below:

Select the button profile details and maintain the entries as shown below:

Select the button Class Assignment and maintain the allowed values for each characteristic by checking the box against each value:

Similarly select the allowed values for each characteristic assigned to the class.

Now before we create a Test sales order with the Variant Material we just created, lets maintain the Variant Values in VK30 Go to VK30 transaction, select new entries and maintain the values you have created under each characteristic e.g. GOLDEN, SILVER etc. in our example.

Now we need to maintain the condition records for the base material JMSTORAGEBOX . Go to transaction VK11 and maintain the condition record for the base price for your material as shown in the example below:

We will also need to maintain the additional price to be applied for each variant as selected while creating the sales order. This will be done by maintaining the condition record for Condition Type VA00. Please ensure that the pricing procedure used by you uses the condition types PR00 and VA00. (These are standard SAP Condition types and should be present in the standard SAP pricing procedure RVA001) Maintain the condition records for the variants under VA00 as shown in the example below:

Now lets create a sales order (VA01)to see how the values we have maintained so far flow into it: When we create a sales order a pop up screen will come up asking to confirm the value of the variants under each characteristics:

You will need to select the value for each characteristic based on which the system will create the sales order and calculate the gross price. Click F8 to go to the next screen. Now if we take a look at the Item pricing we see that the system has automatically calculated the final order value based on the variants selected in the previous screen:

In case if you want to change the variants selected from the main screen than select the particular line item than Extras Configuration. Here you can change the value of the variant and system will price it accordingly.