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Easy Ways to Improve and Expand Your Vocabulary: Seven Tips for Learning New Words

Looking for tips for improving your vocabulary? Whether you are trying to strengthen and broaden your vocabulary for school or personal growth, the key is a commitment to regularly learning new words. Why expand your knowledge and use of words? Youll be able to communicate (speak and write) more clearly and concisely, people will understand you more easily, and you will increase the perception (and reality) that you are an intelligent person. Besides, learning new words is a fun activity and one you can even do with the people around you. Challenge a friend, family member, or roommate to learn new words with you. This article reviews seven easy ways to improve your vocabulary and learn new words. 1. Read, read, and read. The more you read especially novels and literary works, but also magazines and newspapers the more words youll be exposed to. As you read and uncover new words, use a combination of attempting to derive meaning from the context of the sentence as well as from looking up the definition in a dictionary. 2. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy. Use whatever versions you prefer in print, software, or online. When you uncover a new word, look it up in the dictionary to get both its pronunciation and its meaning(s). Next, go to the thesaurus and find similar words and phrases and their opposites (synonyms and antonyms, respectively) and learn the nuances among the words. 3. Use a journal. Its a good idea to keep a running list of the new words you discover so that you can refer back to the list and slowly build them into your everyday vocabulary. Plus, keeping a journal of all your new words can provide positive reinforcement for learning even more words especially when you can see how many new words youve already learned. 4. Learn a word a day. Using a word-a-day calendar or Website or developing your own list of words to learn is a great technique many people use to learn new words. This approach may be too rigid for some, so even if you do use this method, dont feel you must learn a new word every day. (Find some word-a-day Websites at the end of this article.) 5. Go back to your roots. One of the most powerful tools for learning new words and for deciphering the meaning of other new words is studying Latin and Greek roots. Latin and Greek elements (prefixes, roots, and suffixes) are a significant part of the English language and a great tool for learning new words. (Follow these links for the sections of this site that provide English Vocabulary Derived from Latin and English Vocabulary Derived from Greek.) 6. Play some games. Word games that challenge you and help you discover new meanings and new words are a great and fun tool in your quest for expanding your

vocabulary. Examples include crossword puzzles, anagrams, word jumble, Scrabble, and Boggle. (Find some word-game Websites at the end of this article.) 7. Engage in conversations. Simply talking with other people can help you learn discover new words. As with reading, once you hear a new word, remember to jot it down so that you can study it later and then slowly add the new word to your vocabulary. Final Thoughts You hold the key to a better vocabulary. By using the tips outlined in this article, you should be well on your way to discovering and learning new words to expand your vocabulary and strengthen your use of the English language. Finally, remember that you must practice putting your new words into your writing and speaking or risk not retaining them in your brain. Use repetition exercises when you first learn a word and consider other learning techniques, such as index cards, recording yourself reciting your words, association games, and mnemonics. by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

A very short lesson in Psychology When a person laughs too much, even on stupid things, that person is sad deep inside. When a person sleeps a lot, that person is lonely. When a person talks less and if he talks fast, that person is keeping a secret. When a person cant cry, that person is weak. When a person eats in an abnormal way, that person is in tension. When a person cries on little things, that person is softhearted. When someone asks about you although that someone is busy, he/she really loves you.

Remember to put the glass down A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected theyd be asked the half empty or half full question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: How heavy is this glass of water? Answers called out ranged from 8 g to 20 g. She replied, The absolute weight doesnt matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, its not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, Ill have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesnt change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes. She continued, The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed incapable of doing anything. Remember to put the glass down.

10 perkara yang saya tahu pasal awak 1.awak baca text ni. 2.awak manusia. 3.awak tak dapat sebut huruf 'p' kalau bibir awak tak bersentuh.. 4.awak baru saja try buat. 6.awak ketawa sendiri.. 7.awak senyum dan awak tak perasan no.5 takda. 8.awak cek kalau ada no.5.. 9.awak ketawa sendiri sambil tersenyum. 10.awak mahu share text ni supaya kawan-kawan awak kena sekali awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak awak 11. awak memang malas untuk membaca semua perkataan di atas.

12.awak tak perasan saya ada tulis awek. 13.awak terus cari perkataan awek,sebenarnya takde pon. 14.awak sudah terkena! :D 15.awak share la biar kawan-kawan pulak terkena. takkan nak terkena seorang je..

Cikgu Datang Atok : Cu, pergi menyorok cepat ,cikgu kamu datang sebab kamu tak pergi sekolah hari ni... Cucu : Atok la pergi menyorok... Atok : Awat pulak atok nak kena menyorok? Cucu : Sebab... saya bagi tau cikgu, saya tak pergi sekolah sebab atok meninggal... Atok : !!@@#$%@#

HEART TOUCHING STORY SORRY It was first day of the mid-year exams and therefore I finished school a little earlier. I called him, Hey, I finished school earlier today, would you come by and pick me up? Alright, give me five minutes. Five minutes? But my school is just beside your house. I need to get ready. Alright, make it fast then. It was 2 p.m. in the afternoon and the sun was extremely hot. I stood under a shaded tree and fanned myself. Although it doesnt make much of a difference, I felt better with something to do while I wait. After five minutes, he still hadnt shown up. I felt a little unhappy as I looked at my watch. Soon, five minutes turned to ten minutes and hes still not here. Did he meet with an accident on his way here? I started to become worried. It was fifteen minutes later when he finally showed up. Why are you so late? He wasnt even a little bothered. I was watching T.V. What?! T.V.?! Why dont you sleep, bathe and eat before you get me then?

I was extremely angry and kept quiet as I didnt take the helmet he handed me. I stood there and stared at him. Sorry. This was the first time he said sorry to me. He is an egotistical person and had never apologized to a girl before. I looked at him and felt my heart softened. I decided it is alright since he apologized. I took the helmet and let him sent me home. It was typical of him to avoid explanations, friction and quarrels between us. Since then, the only thing he ever does is to apologize when something is wrong. However in my opinion, some things cant be settled with an apology. Despite that, I would never pursue a matter once he apologizes. He told me that was the first time he said sorry to a girl and while I felt that it takes courage to admit mistakes, he never once corrects his mistakes. Instead, I get the impression that sorry became a word to shut me up. Tears flowed down my cheeks when he apologized to me again on the 59th time. I dropped my head and told him, Please dont bother to say sorry to me again. If you can never change your bad habits, dont let me keep giving you chances again and again, hoping and believing that you would change each time. He held me lightly and said the 60th sorry. Even with my outburst and his latest apology, he did not change for the better and there still wasnt any explanation on his mistakes whatsoever. I started to worry about the possibility that he was keeping something from me. Whats wrong with you these few days? Nothing Then why are you acting so strange? I am not. What can you say other than giving this reply? Do you know Im very worried and very insecure? Do you treat me as your girlfriend? Im sorry I dont want to hear you say sorry again. I slammed the phone down and he did not call me back. At that point of time, I felt that he didnt even care about me. Maybe we should just break up. That was the 99th time he said sorry to me. From that day onwards, I stopped calling and looking for him. Sometimes, I would get an anonymous phone call. However every time I said hello, the phone will be cut off. I think he made those calls but I wondered why he didnt speak up. After a month, I couldnt contain the feelings I still have for him anymore and went to his school to look for him. I went to his classroom and looked around, but there was no sign of him.

Excuse me, is Ron here today? Im afraid he stopped schooling. Huh? Why? When was that? He hasnt been in school for a month already. Oh erm Thanks. One month? He hasnt been in school for one month. Why is that so? I stumbled home in confusion. As soon as I got home I tried to contact him via his cell phone but all I got was, Sorry the caller is currently unavailable, please leave your message after the tone. Beep I tried calling his house instead but there was no answer. How can it be? Did his whole family migrate? It seemed as if he has disappeared off the face of the earth without leaving a single trace. I couldnt find him and just as I was feeling distraught, my friend rang me up. He was one of his brothers and also my good friend. Hey, what have you been doing? Ron is in hospital. Really? What Happened? Oh he is in the hospital, the one you stayed in previously. Ill be right there. I rushed off and when I reached the hospital, I saw that his parents were already there. I asked them for his room number and flew across the hall. He was lying on a bed looking at me. He didnt speak a word nor moved a muscle. Hey, what happened to you? Why didnt you contact me? He did not answer but stared emotionless at me. Come on answer me. Why dont you speak? A tear flowed down the side of his eye, and it looked as though he was summoning all his energy to mumble these words Im Sorry He shut his eyes after that. Hey, dont fool around alright. Why say sorry to me? Dont say sorry to me. Please wake up. Please answer me I fell down on the side of his bed and wept miserably. I pulled his shirt as I cried out Why do you have to apologize? Why dont you give me an explanation instead? I wont forgive you. Wake up! It is no use saying sorry Ill never ever forgive you in this lifetime if you dont wake up. Please, I beg you to open your eyes.. That was the 100th sorry. A group of medical staff, doctors and nurses pulled me away and tried to revive him. I didnt even have the strength to stand up. My mind was a blank. My eyes could only see a sea of darkness

He did not leave this world. I merely lost the chance to touch him. Sometimes, he will appear in my dreams and tell me how he is doing. He is still alive and accompanies me in my heart. He will still laugh at my silliness and call me his darling. Its just that he will never apologize to me anymore. After a month, his mom came to look for me and gave me a box. There were a hundred photographs inside. Everyone had a story behind them. It was the reason why he made me angry. My dear, the first time I said sorry I did not purposely arrive late to pick you up. I know this excuse is really lame but I didnt have the heart to tell you the truth then. Before I stepped out of the house, I felt a pain in my chest but I still made it a point to meet you. Can you please forgive me? My dear, the second time I said sorry I My dear, the third time I said sorry I My dear, the hundredth time I said sorry I didnt mean to leave you alone in this world. It had to be so because God did not give me the chance to say I Love You for this lifetime of mine and to put a ring on your finger You are the first girl I apologized to and also the first girl I want to be with for the rest of my life. Forgive me for not being able to bring you happiness but I will become your angel and always look out for you. I will look at you while you find your happiness. Please promise me not to shed a tear. I dont want to see you weep for me. I Love You, Ron How can I not cry? What you wanted was just impossible. The last photograph showed him in the hospital. Although he was skinny, the smile on his face was as bright as ever. His face was pale and yet he tried his best to give his last smile on the last photo, the photo for the 100th apology. At the time when he needed me the most, I wasnt with him. Im sorry. I held the photo tightly and cried for us.