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ABOUT MYSELF NP: I have been named NAVINPRAKASH. Im from the family headed by my mother Mrs.

Manimegalai working as High Graded Assistant in Life Insurance Corporation of India. She is known for her dedication, will power and determination. Everybody who knows my family very well, says Im like her. I dont deny because I love and admire her. I strongly believe that Everybody is a piece of clay when they are born and they turn out to be, the way they are molded. I am no exception. All through my Life, till this day, I was molded by my family members, teachers, loving friends and well wishers. Let me put forward my personal strengths and weakness first. I regard my optimism, will power and determination as my best asset. I never let down myself especially during crisis. I thrust myself through the cloud of problems surrounding me by encouraging myself saying, I can do it and Ill do it. I decided to take software field when I entered into my higher secondary first year itself thatswhy I joined comp. sci. group in eleventh. But When I finished my 12 th standard, Information Technology field is in recession. Even then i was determined to take IT in this collage by saying myself I can shine in it and Ill. I like to quote a best example that happened in my school days to support my strengths. I lead my school football team in district and zonal matches. when I was studying 10th standard we went for a zonal league match against the school team hosted the zonal matches. at the time of verification they found that out of 15 boys six boys age were higher than the age limit for the senior category. There is nothing to do with that situation. They were discussing about canceling the match and awarding the points to the opponent team. At that time as a captain I went forward and told that well play this match with 9 boys.We planned according to that situation and we played with determination and team work, even we are sort of 3 players, whole crowd is supporting our opponents, as that was their home ground, we played a offensive game by creating opportunities to make goals rather than solely defending ourself from the opponents. Im very glad that we won that match by 1-0.its the determination and our will which actually won that day. This gave me the taste of success that came from a team work and the optimistic leadership of me. The thing I regret myself is open criticism . When I was studying 12th standard I lead my school in district football match. there was no specialized coach for football in our school. when I asked for hiring a new coach for a month from outside, our principal told us to manage with the present coach, I hotly replied us then dont expect victory in the matches.ofcourse I regret for my open criticism which is my downside of my character.There after Im showing a great care in avoiding the open criticism.Finally I won. I was the executive of the Nature club and effiectively participated in camps conducted by it. It gave me a expoture to the different kind of people and helps me to adopt to any situation.