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STUDENT NAME: Kimhour San DATE: Semester One Reflection and Goal Setting

Consistently Sometimes

The IB Learner Profile

Copy and paste a tick () in one of the columns beside each statement


As a learner I strive to be:

An inquirer who loves learning who always tries to develop my research skills and ability to work independently A thinker who shows initiative and creativity when solving problems A risk-taker who tries new experiences and makes informed/thoughtful decisions who defends what I believe is important A balanced person who understands that it is important to study, exercise, sleep, eat well who enjoys life with friends and family Principled I am honest and fair I am respectful of others I take responsibility for my own actions and their consequences Knowledgeable I explore ideas and issues that have local and global importance I try to develop my knowledge and understanding in all subjects Open-minded I understand, respect and appreciate my own culture and that of others I am open to different ideas, values and traditions Caring I show respect towards the environment and the needs and feelings of others I try to make a positive difference through my actions. Reflective I think about my own learning and experience I am able to understand my strengths and areas where I could improve, and set goals for myself. A communicator I try to understand and express ideas in different ways I try to work well with others in groups I am trying to develop my language skills in all the languages I am studying




I use organization skills I use time effectively (time-management) I come to class prepared and ready to learn I use collaboration skills I work well in groups I demonstrate teamwork and accept others I use communication skills I can read and understand a variety of texts I stay informed and help to inform others I use information literacy skills I find information from a variety of sources using many different methods I choose and organize information, including identifying viewpoints biases and make connections I use reflection skills I demonstrate self awareness I practice self-evaluation I use thinking skills effectively to generate ideas, plan and Inquire to apply knowledge and ideas including logical arguments to identify problems to create new ideas I use transfer skills to make connections including knowledge, understanding and skills across subjects to create products or solutions to apply skills and knowledge in unfamiliar situations to use different points of view to develop various perspectives

What is one LP attribute or ATL skill trait that you are particularly proud of? Explain using a specific example.

Im proud of being a caring learner as I respect everyone surrounded me with respect. Im very careful with others feeling by not being rude or unethical when I act. I listen to other while they talk and I try to be positive with their opinions through my action.

What is one LP attribute or ATL skill that you would like to focus on for improvement? Explain using a specific example.

I would like to improve on being a reflective learner because sometime I dont understand my weakness or strength. When I do work, I dont usually set a goal to achieve which I rarely demonstrate self-awareness to reflect back about my own learning or understanding.


Copy and paste a tick () in one of the columns beside each statement


Approaches to Learning Skills

SMART Goal Setting

Goal Statement In the box below, write a SMART Goal statement that addresses the LP attribute or ATL skill that you would like to focus on for improvement. Complete this Goal Statement at the first Student-Led Conference with the help of your parents and HR teacher. My goal is to be reflective upon the work that Ive done. I want to reflect back to understand my strength and weakness.

Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-Bound

Is your goal clear and focused? Can you measure or monitor your goal quantitatively? Is this a realistic goal for you? Is your goal appropriately challenging? Is it clear when your goal should be achieved?

How will you make sure you are making progress towards your goal? When Im free from studying I must take 5 to 10 minutes to reflect back about my study or school, as I should understand the knowledge I gain from that day. Before I start working on any assessment I should set a goal for my self to try my hardest to achieve that specific goal. By reflecting back on my learning I should understand my strength and weakness. I will write a journal once per week base on the reflection of myself in school and at home. How can your parent and HR teacher help you to achieve this goal? They can support my learning or when I dont know my strength or weakness I can go ask the HR teacher to help reflect back upon my knowledge.

Homeroom Teacher



Copy and paste a tick () in each column when your goal has been SMART checked by you, your parent and your HR Teacher