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Q. What is the Tentative Eligible List? A. Candidates are ranked on an eligible list according to their overall scores in the examination. The list is considered tentative until it is adopted in accordance with the Civil Service Rules. After adoption, a department may use the eligible list to hire employees. Q. How do I see where I am on the list, compared to other candidates? A. To view the tentative eligible list online from 6/3/13 - 6/6/13: - Go to - In the search field box, type in Eligible Lists, then click Go - Select San Francisco Department of Human Resources: Eligible Lists - Select 8302 Deputy Sheriff I (Entry-Level) Q. Am I required to call the analyst or go anywhere for Inspection? A. No. There is no requirement to inspect for this examination. Your list score was based on your PELLETB Total T-score and Veterans Preference points (if applicable).

Q. Why is my score different than my PELLETB T-score? A. Candidate scores have been converted to the City & County of San Francisco 700-1000 point scale. Your score did not change; it is merely a reflection of the new scale. Candidates Total Tscores were converted using a standard conversion formula that is applied equally to all scores. Q. Why are some scores over 1000? A. Additional points are added to the total scores of candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for Veterans Preference points in an examination. Q. How do I get a copy of the list? A. You should print out a copy of the list from the DHR website as soon as it is posted online. This is the only way a copy of the list will be available to you. Q. Can the exam analyst or anyone else from the Sheriffs Department send me a copy of the list? A. No; unfortunately, the department does not have the resources to issue copies of the list

(hard copy or electronic) to candidates. The list is publicly posted on the DHR website, so candidates are expected to print out and retain their own copies. Q. When will I receive my results from the PAT/Oral Interview? Candidates who did not pass the PAT did not progress to the Oral Interviews, so if you participated in an Oral Interview, you have passed the PAT. For the Oral Interviews, notifications are sent out only to those who did not pass; if you receive the tentative eligible list notice and these FAQs, you can assume that you have passed the Oral Interview component. Q. How many people will the Sheriffs Department hire from this list, and when will they be hired? A. The department is planning to hire several employees in class 8302 Deputy Sheriff I by the end of the calendar year. The number of new hires is uncertain and depends upon a variety of factors such as funding, vacancies, timing and other requirements. Future hiring plans after 2013 are unknown at this time. Q. If I have Background Investigation questions or additional information to submit, who should I contact? A. Please call the Background Investigation Unit at 415-734-2301. Do not contact the exam analyst or the Personnel Unit, as they do not handle backgrounds and will not be able to answer your inquiry. Q. What happens next? A. After the eligible list is officially adopted, the department may start hiring off of the list. When the department is ready to hire, candidates who successfully cleared background investigations may be contacted by the Sheriffs Department Personnel Unit. If you are contacted, it is in your best interest to respond immediately if you are interested in the position. Q. What should I do after the list is adopted? A. Once you complete your background investigation process, you need not do anything further until you are contacted by a representative of the Sheriffs Department. If there are openings in the future (for the duration of the eligible list), the Sheriffs Department will contact you via e-mail or telephone.

Make sure that your e-mail address and telephone number are always current in the JobAps system. Q. Who do I contact if I change my e-mail address or phone number? A. Do not contact anyone. It is your responsibility to keep all contact information updated on JobAps. If you have any updates, you must to go to the JobAps website and change your own information. To update your personal information: - Go to - Click on the blue box that says Update My Contact Info - Enter your UserID and Password - Enter your updated contact information and Save If you forgot your UserID or Password, click on the words that state Forgot your UserID/Password? and follow the instructions. The JobAps system administrator will respond to your request and provide you with the information you need.