The New ŠKODA Octavia

Effective: March 2013

Welcome to the New Octavia
After eight years of success, the second generation Octavia is making way for the third generation, a car that pushes the boundaries of technology, safety, space and efficiency like no ŠKODA before it. More spacious and luxurious than its predecessor, new Octavia is full of clever technology to provide the most comfortable and dynamic driving experience yet and all this is packaged elegantly into the timeless angles and lines showcasing ŠKODA’s new design language. Read on to learn how Octavia can fit perfectly into your life.

Rewriting the rules, changing the game.



but especially the heart. 4 5 . the interplay of light and darkness continues throughout the exterior of the car. dynamic shoulder line is complimented by the unique flourish at the base of the window line. creating the shape of an aeroplane tail fin which hints towards the advanced technology found inside. the new Octavia’s design promises to remain timeless and elegant in years to come.“We look for the combination of light and shadow. Proudly wearing ŠKODA’s new black and chrome logo. Whilst the broad fascia brings a strong road presence.” Jozef Kaban. ŠKODA Chief Designer Design With strong lines and sharp angles. that attracts not only the brain. the streamlined coupe lines of the rear hide the cavernous space within. The strong.

Bi-Xenon lights. EXTERIOR • BI-XENON LAMPS • CORNERING FOG LIGHTS • ADAPTIVE FRONT LIGHT SYSTEM • PRECISE AND ELEGANT Clear halogen lights and broad fog lights can be upgraded to Bi-Xenon lamps with AFS (adaptive front light system).5 times the illumination of halogen headlights. Ice scraper. just a nod to the advanced technology that lies within. The two rear bands of light creating the distinctly ŠKODA “C” shape can be enhanced with optional LEDs. 6 7 . Standard on Elegance. All Octavias come with an ice scraper in the lockable fuel filler cap. The optimal illumination of the Bi-Xenon lights is enhanced by the AFS which changes the light setting depending of the car’s speed and weather conditions. Telescopic front headlight washers. Dynamic lines. optimise your front lights' range by keeping the front panels clean of dirt and debris. Bi-Xenon headlights provide 2. Octavia's unique rear window line reflects the line of an aircraft's tail fin. black cornering fog lights and LED daytime running lights.Precise and dynamic LED Lights.

some optional) such as height adjustable passenger seat. 2011. high quality leather steering wheels are standard across the Octavia range. Adjustable driver’s seat. lumbar support. with controls for the radio and telephone also available. For maximum comfort on long journeys. 9 . Height and reach adjustable. To allow you to get as safe and comfortable as possible. For an added sporty feeling and drive on models equipped with DSG.Uncompromising comfort INTERIOR • HIGH QUALITY SEATING • LEATHER STEERING WHEELS • AIR CONDITIONING • INNOVATIVE STORAGE The average Brit spends 3 years of their life in their car†. a 3 spoke steering wheel with paddles can be ordered. your Octavia will have a height adjustable driver’s seat. Depending on trim. Octavia's high quality interior and ergonomic design will let you focus on the drive and enjoy the journey. both front and rear armrests are available*. Steering wheels. Don't compromise on comfort. Dual-zone allows the driver and front seat passenger to set different temperatures for optimal comfort whilst the humidity sensor directs the airflow as required to keep the windscreen fog free. your Octavia will either be equipped with air conditioning or dual-zone air conditioning with humidity control. allowing you to control both entertainment and gear shift. whilst the rear armrest features adjustable cup holders and also load-through access into the boot. The different trim levels then have additional features (some standard. * Standard on Elegance. The adjustable front armrest is combined with a handy storage box. electric adjustments and materials ranging from durable cloth through to sumptuous leather. 8 Air conditioning. optional on SE. † Source The Telegraph.

a number of nets and fixings are available. As ŠKODA drivers have come to expect. To help secure your cargo in this vast boot. Octavia is full of Simply Clever storage areas and designs to offer you solutions that fit your life. With a wheelbase 108mm longer than the previous generation. Those with an active family are sure to appreciate the waste bin that slots in the door panel. passenger space has been further maximised. expanding to 1. all easily accessible through the large hatch boot opening. Leg room. or the reversible boot floor offering a carpeted side and a waterproof non-slip side. ensuring your rear-seat passengers have more knee room than in any other car in the same segment – a perfect environment for business associates or growing families! Simply Clever options. *Volume is 20 litres less when a spare wheel is fitted.Class leading space SPACE • MORE LEG ROOM • CLEVER STORAGE SOLUTIONS • CLASS LEADING LUGGAGE SPACE • LONGER WHEELBASE Within Octavia’s sleek design is hidden a class leading 590 litres* of luggage space. This phenomenal space becomes cavernous with the rear seats folded down.580 litres*. Innovative storage solutions. 10 11 .

The all-new infotainment systems on Octavia are a significant step forward in the field of multimedia systems. A number of trip computer options are available in the Octavia range. assistant system or navigation data. See page 38 for further technical information on the available systems. navigation system and trip computer are no longer standalone devices. Maxi DOT with its larger display provides additional information such the oil temperature and details of the vehicle’s status as well as the ability to display phone. Bluetooth®+ is available. audio.000 contacts for each phone. colour displays. For those who want an upgraded reception or struggle with battery life. For those who love their music. ‘Columbus’ Sound system. with up to 5 numbers for each contact – ensuring your social life really is at your fingertips. Elegance trim further enhances this with a colour Maxi DOT showing clearer. average speed and distance until the fuel tank is empty can be enhanced to Maxi DOT in the SE trim.INFOTAINMENT • CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREENS • USB CONNECTION • PROXIMITY SENSORS • SOUND SYSTEMS • BLUETOOTH®+ • TRIP COMPUTERS Bluetooth® connectivity to make hands-free calls and stream music is standard across Octavia.1 surround sound. Unlike the previous generations this Bluetooth® system is capable of remembering up to 20 Bluetooth® devices that have been previously paired including 4 phones. The comprehensive trip computer on S trim which details fuel consumption. whilst intuitive swiping and pinching movements allow the user to scroll menus and zoom into maps easily. All Octavias come with a USB and aux-in socket so you can play music from your mp3 player through the car’s speakers. The internal phone book can store 2. 12 13 . the ability to play Dolby 5. the USB will allow you to control the device through the car’s touchscreen system and also to charge. you can either use Bluetooth® to stream or swap the USB and aux-in for an optional Mitsumi Apple connectivity socket. The car stereo. but are wrapped up in one system giving the driver access to the vehicle setup. Proximity sensors recognise when a hand is moving toward the touchscreen and bring up the function buttons ready to be used. the standard 8 speaker sound system on Octavia can be upgraded to a Canton sound system which adds a central speaker to the dash and a subwoofer in the boot. the signal is boosted through the car’s aerial. benefiting reception and prolonging battery life. drive assistant systems and comfort functions through a single device. ‘Bolero’ ‘Amundsen’ Trip computers. Innovative technology Device connectivity. By placing your phone in the special Bluetooth®+ compartment in front of the gear stick. vehicle noise cancellation and when added in combination with a ‘Columbus’ satellite navigation. Should you wish to control an Apple device through the touchscreen. Canton also adds a digital equaliser and sound level controls allowing spacial optimisation for all or individual occupants. With many players.

If the driver takes insufficient action to brake. ** Available June onward (please see your local retailer). This safety system works using a radar sensor located in the lower front grille which monitors the area in front of car and evaluates the distance. Please note that all assistant systems are a driver's aid and do not replace human judgement. This monitors the movement of the driver through the steering wheel and if the driver begins to display signs of tiredness. If this is detected. you can also add rear side airbags with Crew Protection Assistant. the Automatic Post Collision Braking System. Without Automatic Post Collision Braking System Octavia features 7 airbags as standard. Your Octavia will recognise when your foot has been abruptly lifted off the accelerator and anticipates that this may be followed by a sharp depression of the brake pedal. the car will audibly alert the driver with a tone and show a break recommendation alert on the Maxi DOT. reducing the risk of further crashes. will be activated. a smart element of the ESC system is the prefill feature. direction and speed of all nearby objects. Prefill. To prepare for this braking. In the event of a crash.Smart protection Front Assistant. Should you wish. the car automatically increases pressure in the brake system by “prefilling” the brake hydraulics with fluid. located at the front. standard on all Octavias. Crew Protection Assistant. Standard on Elegance trim is Front Assistant**. Using predefined algorithms it decides whether these objects pose a potential risk of collision and alerts the driver (with a tone and on the Maxi DOT initially and then a warning jolt of the brakes) if the distance to the object is insufficient. The driver must be in full control of the vehicle at all times and has full responsibility for the car. Fatigue Sensor. front side. This speeds up the braking effect for optimal stopping. uses information from the car’s braking and electronic systems to recognise when there is a high chance of a collision. please see page 42. the car will brake itself. the front seatbelts will tighten and the sunroof and windows will close (leaving a 55mm gap) to help keep the car’s occupants in the optimum position for airbag deployment and reduce items flying into the car. This system can be turned off by the driver using the touchscreen display. Standard from SE is a Driver Fatigue Sensor. For information on all the features within the ESC system. ESC Electronic Stability Control is standard in new Octavia and delivers a number of systems to help maintain the car’s stability in braking and emergency situations. curtain and driver’s knee area. Sporty drivers who prefer to desensitise the Crew Protection Assistant can change these settings on their touchscreen display. The car will brake to 6mph and also activate the hazard and brake lights. This recognises when an impact has occurred and brakes the car to prevent it being uncontrollably propelled into oncoming traffic. SAFETY • CREW PROTECTION ASSISTANT • FATIGUE SENSOR • 7 AIRBAGS • FRONT ASSISTANT • PREFILLED BRAKING SYSTEM • ESC Automatic Post Collision Braking System. It also brings the brake pads closer to the discs. With Automatic Post Collision Braking System 14 15 . all the way to a standstill if needed.

** Available June onward (please see your local retailer). Standard from SE. 16 17 . an Automatic Parking Assistant can be added to Octavia. optional on SE. This system will now also steer the car out of a line of cars from its parking space and with two presses of the same button.5m of the sensor. The car then turns on the headlights or if required. 1 < 40 km/h 2 7 km/h 10 km/h Traffic Sign Recognition**. The oncoming vehicle has left the area monitored by the Intelligent Light Assistant for more than a second. Intelligent assistance ACC Adaptive Cruise Control** can be added to Octavia to help maintain distance to the car in front. and air conditioning to suit the profile selected. Should another vehicle’s lights be spotted by the camera (either in front or moving in the opposite direction) or the light levels improve sufficiently. sport. headlight control (where AFS is fitted). the high beams. If heavier deceleration is needed. Lane assistant. Four driving modes are available. preventing drifting and potential collisions. standard on vehicles with Front Assistant. Please note that all assistant systems are a driver's aid and do not replace human judgement. the system will begin searching for a parking space in a line of cars or other obstacles. When a suitable space is found (the car’s length + 60cm is all the space needed). These are then displayed on the infotainment device and the Maxi DOT computer. Keyless Entry and Start System (KESSY) can be added to Octavia to allow the driver to lock and unlock the car and start and stop the engine without having to insert or even handle the key. the car will automatically turn down the high beams. power steering. eco and individual (allowing the driver to configure their own settings). so the Intelligent Light Assistant automatically switches to low beam. normal. so HBA switches to high beam again. The oncoming vehicle is now so close that its driver could be dazzled. Using the same camera as the Intelligent Light and the Lane Assistants. The optional Lane assistant uses the camera behind the rear view mirror to recognise lane markings and help keep the driver within the lane. accelerator sensitivity. As long as the key is within 1. To activate this function the headlight switch must be sent to “auto” and the left stalk on the steering column be moved forwards. the Front Assistant will take over and bring the car to a halt. For those wishing to make both parallel parking and bay parking easier than ever. *standard on Elegance. the Traffic Sign Recognition** (as part of the ‘Columbus’ satellite navigation system) recognises traffic signs relating to speed limits and overtaking limits on the road. Using a camera mounted behind the rear view mirror. The system can be deactivated partially or fully using the touchscreen display. the system will work and a number of clever features ensure you can check the lock. The oncoming vehicle is outside the area monitored by the Intelligent Light Assistant. the car will search for and manoeuvre into a bay parking space. Using the radar located in the front grille. With a press of a button. the car will steer itself into the space whilst the driver controls the pedals. the system can be set to your desired distance (measured in time units) and the car will brake and accelerate to maintain this distance.DRIVING ASSISTANT SYSTEMS • INTELLIGENT LIGHT ASSISTANT • ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL • PARKING ASSISTANT • LANE ASSISTANT • KESSY • TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION Intelligent Light Assistant*. Driving Mode Selection. Automatic Parking Assistant. The driver must be in full control of the vehicle at all times and has full responsibility for the car. Should the driver wish to move out of the lane. The oncoming vehicle is now in the area monitored by the Intelligent Light Assistant. with small corrections of the steering wheel. When adequate lane markings are identified the dashboard light will turn green and the car will be kept in the centre of the lane. the Intelligent Light Assistant* monitors light levels and determines what level of lighting is required. The car will then adapt the engine torque.5m/s2. Driving Mode Selection allows the driver to adapt the car’s behaviour to their preference or needs. the system will recognise the indicator and movement and allow the corrections to be overridden. but still far away enough that the high beams need not be dipped. The system will decelerate at a maximum rate of 3. prevent you from locking the key inside and stop unwanted access. even through corners. DSG transmission.

space and efficiency.A car that pushes the boundaries of technology. 18 19 . safety.

854.854. * Recommended ‘On the Road’ prices include delivery.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF 1. DESIGN 16" ‘Ilias’ alloys with anti-theft wheel bolts (205/55 R16 91V) Body coloured door mirrors and handles Chrome finished inner door handles COMFORT & CONVENIENCE Dual-zone climate control air conditioning with humidity sensor and control Electric rear windows with child safety switch Height adjustable passenger’s seat Illuminated glove box Lumbar support for driver and front passenger Overhead sunglasses storage compartment Storage area under front passenger seat Storage pockets on rear of front seats For offers visit www. EBV. HBA.040. 16" ‘llias’ alloys SE Black SE Grey 21 .6 TDI CR 105PS DPF CO2 (g/km) 114 99 VED Band** C A Insurance Group (50) 13E 13E Recommended Basic £12.00 £21.562.135.17 £14.240.2 TSI 105PS 1. EDS.17 £14.604.390.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF DSG 2. ESBS.50 £ CR 150PS DPF DSG CO2 (g/km) 114 121 99 102 106 119 VED Band** C D A B B C Insurance Group (50) tbc 18E 13E 13E 19E 19E Recommended Basic £13.312. Individual)** Maxi DOT trip computer Voice control for phone and navigation (when added) SAFETY & SECURITY Front fog lights Car shown is not UK Standard Equipment (over S) TECHNOLOGY 8 loudspeakers (2 in each door) Bluetooth® ‘Bolero’ touchscreen infotainment system with SD slot. DVLA First registration Fee (at £55).00 £17.935.skoda.825.00 £18.83 £2.140.190. Eco.390.00 Business user information BiK P11D 2013/14 Value 14% 16% 14% 15% 16% 18% £17.00 £17. S Black A temporary steel spare wheel is available as an option for cars with 16” wheels. MKB.00 £20.112.skoda. Prefill Fuel supply cut off switch Height adjustable front and rear head restraints (three) Remote central locking with SAFE (preventing unlocking from inside) Car shown is not UK specification.17 VAT £2. driver’s knee (with front passenger deactivation switch) Automatic Post Collision Braking System Alarm with interior monitoring and tilt sensor Component theft protection Daytime running lights Driver’s seatbelt warning light Electronic engine immobiliser ESC incl ABS. curtain.83 £3.50 £3. 20 ** Not available on 1.00 £19.00 £20.475.00 £18.470. DSR.00 £19.83 £2. A temporary steel space saver spare wheel is available as an option for cars with 17” or 18” wheels. and apply to the United Kingdom only.320.354.00 £19. front side.490.425.0TDI CR 150PS DPF 2.435.00 £20.262.00 Business user information BiK P11D 2013/14 Value 14% 14% £15.50 RRP £15.335.50 £16.17 £16.50 £ TSI 105PS 1.00 £17.970. MSR.4 TSI 140PS 1.00 £18.00 £18.570.83 £3.83 RRP £16. Sport. TSA.825.00 £19.50 VAT £2.185.575. CD player & capacitive touchscreen DAB digital radio Energy recovery Gear change recommendation Rear windscreen aerial (no roof aerial) Trip computer USB and aux-in connection sockets Stop/start engine system SAFETY & SECURITY 7 airbags .085.675.625.562.00 The ŠKODA Octavia SE Hatchback 1. ASR.335.2 TSI.00 £20.912.00 £21.854.990.00 Recommended OTR* £17.The ŠKODA Octavia S Hatchback 1.17 £15.985.front. 12 months Road Fund Licence.00 Standard Equipment DESIGN 16" ‘Minoris’ alloys with anti-theft wheel bolts (205/55 R16 91V) Black door mirrors and handles Halogen projector headlights with DE module Tinted glass COMFORT & CONVENIENCE 4 spoke leather steering wheel Aero windscreen wipers with intermittent function (front and rear) Climate control air conditioning Cooled glovebox (adjustable) Electric front windows Electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors Electro-mechanical power steering Height adjustable driver’s seat Height and reach adjustable steering wheel Hill hold control Illuminated luggage compartment Interior lights with control switches ISOFIX on outer rear seats Rear mudflaps Split and folding rear seats Tyre repair kit (no spare wheel) 16" ‘Minoris’ alloys For offers visit www.00 £20.00 Recommended OTR* £ TECHNOLOGY Acoustic rear parking sensors Driver Fatigue Sensor Driving Mode Selection (Normal.

185.279. 3 spoke multi function steering wheel.675.00 £22.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF DSG 2.990.17 £ ** May contain some artificial leather.83 £17.035. ‘Columbus’ satellite navigation and KESSY.629. 23 TECHNOLOGY 4 spoke multifunction steering wheel with controls for radio.420.The ŠKODA Octavia Elegance Hatchback 1. telephone and Maxi DOT trip computer ‘Amundsen’ infotainment system and satellite navigation with European maps on SD card (including updates for 3 years).00 £23. DVLA First registration Fee (at £55).00 £21.090.4 TSI 140PS 1. CD player & capacitive touchscreen Colour Maxi DOT trip computer Cruise control Intelligent light assistant (including high beam assistant) SAFETY & SECURITY Telescopic front headlight washers Elegance Black ‘Alcantara’ Elegance Beige ‘Alcantara’ 17" ‘Teron’ alloys A temporary steel spare wheel is available as an option for cars with 16” wheels.00 £22.00 Recommended OTR* £20.00 £21.935. 12 months Road Fund Licence.17 RRP £19.00 £21.17 £3.0TDI CR 150PS DPF DSG CO2 (g/km) 121 99 102 106 119 VED Band** D A B B C Insurance Group (50) 19E 14E 14E 20E 20E Recommended Basic £16.570.00 £23.525.skoda.83 £3.779.185.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF 1.240.00 £21.00 £21.17 £3.00 Business user information BiK P11D 2013/14 Value 16% 14% 15% 16% 18% £20.240.00 £22. * Recommended ‘On the Road’ prices include delivery. 22 Image shows optional equipment: Black leather Interior.0TDI CR 150PS DPF 2. A temporary steel space saver spare wheel is available as an option for cars with 17” or 18” wheels.83 VAT £3.425.395.83 £3.83 £17.775. and apply to the United Kingdom only.340.17 £18.285.00 Standard Equipment (over SE) DESIGN 17" ‘Teron’ alloys with anti-theft wheel bolts (225/45 R17 91W) COMFORT & CONVENIENCE ‘Alcantara’ and leather upholstery** Floor mats Electrically foldable door mirrors Front centre armrest with storage area within Rear centre armrest with cup holders Load through access into the boot Net in luggage compartment Rain sensor For offers visit www.104.895. 2 SD slots.00 £21.854.00 £20.

00 £320.00 £125. Allows Apple music devices to be controlled through the car's touchscreen system.67 £441.00 £300.00 £62.00 £495.Factory Fitted Optional Equipment Options Wheels and suspension 17” ‘Denom’ alloy wheels 7J x 17” with 225/45 R17 91W tyres and anti-theft wheel bolts 18” ‘Golus’ alloy wheels (upgrade from 16”) 7. Includes front.00 ࠗ ⅷ Not available Option Standard E छ * Not available with Canton sound system.33 £125.000 miles छ 2 year warranty extension.00 £166.5 x 18” with 225/40 R18 92Y tyres and anti-theft wheel bolts 18” ‘Golus’ alloy wheels (upgrade from 17”) 7.00 £50. unlocked and started with a button as long as the sensors detect the key is with the driver Sunroof Telescopic front headlight washers Winter pack.00 £20.50 £255. rear and side parking sensors.00 £150.00 £800.00 £550.00 £100.33 £30. Heated washer nozzles.00 £150.00 7X1 8T2 PWH ࠗ ࠗ ⅷ ࠗ ⅷ ⅷ ࠗ £250.67 £500.67 £125.00 £180.00 £1.00 £200. 24 25 .190.00 £41.00 £530.00 £30.67 £350.00 £1.33 £1.Keyless entry and start system. Total 4 years or 80.00 £412.00 £180. This replaces the USB and aux-in port. Additional connection cable is required.00 £16.00 PWE + PWH 8G1 7X5 - ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ £383.67 £108.00 £75.050.67 £583.00 £200. front windscreen and front seats PH5 + 9T1 + PW0 Service and Warranty 1 year warranty extension.00 £625.67 £166.00 £458.33 £150.00 £25.350.67 £300.00 £700.00 £250.67 £50.33 £366.67 £125. Total 5 years or 100.000 miles छ EA5 EA6 ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ £212.00 PK9 + PW9 + PWE PK9 +PW9 PW2 PW2 8SK ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ £991.00 £150.125.00 £208.33 £125.00 £440.33 £125. Allows the car to be locked.00 £700. Comfort and Convenience Heated windscreen washer nozzles KESSY .50 £1.67 £83.67 £125.00 £150.50 £437.67 £583.50 £141.00 £266.00 PJG PJJ PJJ PKX PJA PJB PKZ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ £291.00 £350.00 £130. AFS and LED daytime running lights.00 £400. A front mounted camera detects clear road markings and prevents the car from creeping out of the centre of the lane with small steering interventions Lane assistant with light assistant (inc rain sensor).50 £62.00 £666.33 £291.5 x 18” with 225/40 R18 92Y tyres and anti-theft wheel bolts Sports suspension Temporary space saver spare wheel (for 17” or 18” wheels) Temporary steel spare wheel (for 16” wheels) Towbar preparation (not available on 1.00 £250. black cornering fog lights & light assistant (inc rain sensor) Bi-Xenon. available through your retailer Safety and Security Crew protection assistant and rear side airbags.33 £83.00 £333.00 £525.00 £100.00 £750.33 £66.00 £200.00 £150.00 £170. Parks the car in parallel or bay spaces. Senses when an impact is imminent and closes windows and sunroof to protect passengers from objects entering the car as well as tightening the front seatbelts ensuring occupants are in safest position Tyre pressure monitoring system Driver Assistance Acoustic rear parking sensors Cruise control Lane assistant.00 £400.00 £600.00 £166.00 PR # S SE Elegance Basic RRP Factory Fitted Optional Equipment (continued) Options Entertainment and Communication 3 spoke leather MFSW with DSG paddles and controls for radio and telephone (upgrade from no MFSW) 3 spoke leather MFSW with DSG paddles and controls for radio and telephone (upgrade from 4 spoke MFSW) 4 spoke leather MFSW with controls for radio and telephone ‘Amundsen’ touchscreen satellite navigation system Bluetooth®+ wireless aerial connection to boost signal and prolong battery life ‘Canton’ soundsystem. Includes digital equaliser and 10 speakers including subwoofer in boot ‘Columbus’ sat nav (upgrade from ‘Bolero’) ‘Columbus’ sat nav (upgrade from ‘Amundsen’ nav) Maxi DOT trip computer Colour Maxi DOT computer Mitsumi Apple device connection.00 £150. AFS and LED daytime running lights & black cornering fog lights Cornering front fog lights (upgrade from no fog lights) Cornering front fog lights (upgrade from fog lights) LED rear lights Metallic paint Interior Boot net programme Electrically adjustable front seats Includes auto dimming driver's door mirror with memory function Front armrest Heated front seats Leather upholstery and heated front seats (contains some artificial leather) Boot storage fixing* Rear armrest with 2 cupholders and load-through provision Smoker's pack (front ashtray and lighter) Textile floor mat set Wood décor 6M3 PWD + PW5 6E3 PW0 PLB + PW0 3N9 3NU 9JD 0TD 5MB ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ⅷ ࠗ ࠗ ⅷ ⅷ ࠗ ⅷ ࠗ £41.67 £460. For terms and conditions please see page 43.4 TSI) Exterior Bi-Xenon.00 PR # S SE Elegance Basic RRP 7W1 + PE4 7K9 ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ⅷ ࠗ ⅷ £333.00 £75.00 9T1 PDD PH9 PK5 ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ £25.33 £300.00 £150. Lane assistant along with rain sensor which automatically turns on and controls the speed of the windscreen wipers and dusk sensors which turns on the headlights in low lighting Intelligent light assistant with high beam control (inc rain sensor) Intelligent parking assistant.00 £150.00 £80.00 £358.00 £430.00 PLX PLX PLR PNC PT1 RA3 PNE PNE 9S5 9S6 UE9 ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ⅷ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ⅷ ⅷ ࠗ ࠗ ࠗ ⅷ ࠗ £250.67 £875.

Corrida Red 8T8T 3. Brilliant Silver metallic 8E8E 5. Pacific Blue Z5Z5 16" ‘Minoris’ alloys S Black xx Octavia SE Standard Option Metallic and pearl effect colours 4. Candy White 9P9P 2. Your ŠKODA retailer will be pleased to advise you. Petrol Blue metallic 0F0F Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Steel Grey metallic 2G2G 9. Black Magic pearl Effect 1Z1Z 16" 'Ilias' alloys SE Black SE Grey 17" 'Denom' alloys 18" 'Golus' alloys Octavia Elegance Standard Option 7. Because of errors which may occur in the print.The ŠKODA Octavia colours Octavia S Standard Option The ŠKODA Octavia colours Solid colours Available on all models Temporary steel spare wheel 1. Please visit your local retailer for further information. Race Blue metallic 8X8X 11. Cappuccino Beige metallic 4K4K 17" ‘Teron’ alloys Black ‘Alcantara’ and leather* Beige ‘Alcantara’ and leather* 18" ‘Golus’ alloys Black leather* Beige leather* 10. Topaz Brown metallic 4L4L 12. Denim Blue metallic G0G0 8. 27 . the colours illustrated here may differ from the actual finishes themselves. 26 * May contain some artificial leather. Rosso Brunello metallic X7X7 6.

Works well in conjunction with the standard fit rear mudflaps. £60 Connecting cable for Mitsumi MDI Play music and charge your Apple device via this useful cable. 29 . This custom design is moulded to fit snugly into the contours of the wheel arches. making the front view of your vehicle even more attractive. helping to ensure your paintwork stays tip-top. £175 Door sill covers (Alu silver) . £145 These products are ŠKODA Genuine Accessories. £80 Price includes fitting. £185 Decorative strip for front bumper . You can also find information on the complete assortment of accessories at your authorised ŠKODA retailer.Your car's exterior colour is not the only way to express your individuality.This practical 3-piece netting system for the boot of the car will help to stop items from moving around in the vast boot.Personalisation with ŠKODA Genuine Accessories Rubber boot mat . This boot liner is waterproof. £50 Netting system (red) . making the rear view of your vehicle even more attractive.(black matt) Alloy wheels are a simple way of making an individual style statement that speaks volumes about gloss adds an element of  style to your vehicle and this trim is no exception.Mudflaps aren’t just about cleanliness.This heavy duty rubber load liner fits perfectly into the boot of the Octavia providing a protective layer to the boot. 28 Front mud flaps . These decals add a finishing flourish for a sporty vibe. easy to clean and quick to install or remove.Not only do these sill guards protect your Octavia from scuffs whilst getting in and out of the vehicle. £50 Colorpaket foils (hatch) . They prevent stones. Invaluable for keeping shopping in place or separating lighter and heavier items. they also add an extra touch of style. £50 Chrome boot strip (hatch) A touch of chrome always says “quality” and this trim is no exception. grit and road spray from ruining your precious bodywork. £95 Roof Bars (hatch) – Roof bars to increase your carrying capacity or to add a bike carrier. £45 Alloy rim 18" Torini .

Power transmission Clutch Hydraulically-activated single-plate dry clutch with diaphragm spring.74.3 (3.6) 80.3) CO2 Range .000 56.7 (4.4 TSI 0.5 EU 5 16.5 x 80.165 166 .6) 68.395 74.4) 68. Drag coefficient 1. internal cooling and single-piston floating calliper.500-2.185 186 . electro-hydraulically operated.4 105 / 3. The driving style. .5 105 / 3.85. The consumption calculation according to 1999/100/EC is based on the actual unladen weight of the vehicle. electro-hydraulically operated. To convert from metric to imperial horsepower.6).140 141 . 1 First year vehicle licence rates for petrol and diesel cars purchased on or after 1st April 2012.1) 62.7 (3.255 Over 255 First 12 Months1 £0 £0 £0 £0 £120 £135 £170 £275 £325 £460 £600 £815 £1.968 81 x 91.2 TSI 0.5 EU 5 16.130 131 .3 (5. less the Road Fund Licence (RFL) and First Registration Fee (FRF).500-4.2 TSI. 121-99 g/km * Official fuel consumption according to EU Directive 99/94.400-4.200 201 .8). VED bands may change on 1st April 2013. † Using low-octane fuel may affect engine performance. divide the PS figure by 1. Steering Direct rack and pinion steering with electromechanical power steering. fully galvanized body.0 TDI CR 0. asbestos-free coating.9 (5.500 175 / 1. Body type Five-door.000-4. Please confirm figures with your ŠKODA retailer.0:1 1.297 Official fuel consumption for the Octavia range in mpg (litres/100km): urban 43.2:1 2.0:1 2.6 TDI CR Chassis Front axle MacPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabiliser Rear axle Compound link crank-axle. 2 Rate reverts to the Government’s applicable Standard VED rate in subsequent years.6) 53. torque (Nm/rpm) Fuel consumption mpg (l/100km) Urban* Extra Urban* Combined* CO2 emissions g/km* 122 (196)Ⅺ 9.5:1 Diesel Engines Trim level Engine type Gearbox type Transverse-mounted Fuel injection type Cubic capacity cc Bore x stroke mm Air pollution regulation Compression ratio Hatchback Performance Max speed mph (km/h) Acceleration 0–62mph Max.500-4.5) extra urban 61. Please note: With all manual gear boxes the clutch needs to be depressed to start the engine. Number of gears 5 Speed Manual 1. Company car tax is based on your cars carbon dioxide emissions. 6 spd DSG transmission . five-seat.4 (4.The ŠKODA Octavia Engine Specifications Petrol Engines Trim level Engine type Gearbox type Transverse-mounted Fuel injection type Cubic capacity cc Bore x stroke mm Air pollution regulation Compression ratio Hatchback Performance Max speed mph (km/h) Acceleration 0–62mph Max.000 320 / 1.500 43.5 x 80 EU 5 10. Suspension Telescopic shock absorbers with coil springs.3) 74.6 (4. double-space steel bodywork. with hollow discs. When a company car is made available for private use a ‘Benefit in Kind’ value is calculated for tax purposes.4 TSI. vacuum assisted dual rate brake booster.2 150 / 3.0 TDI CR 6 Speed DSG 2.301 1. Manual transmission Fully synchronised five or six speed manual transmission. Front brakes Disc brakes.500-2.4 Tank Fuel tank content (litres) 50 Fuel Lead-free petrol with RON 95 or Lead-free petrol with RON 91†. Band A B C D E F G H I J K L M CO2 (g/km) Up to 100 101 .4 TSI 140PS SE/Elegance 4-cylinder in-line engine 6 speed manual Yes Direct fuel injection 1.5 (6.750-3.288 2. VAT is calculated at 20%. Rear brakes Disc brakes with full discs and single-piston floating callipers.197 71 x 75.9 (4.3) 121 1. performance (PS/rpm) Max. Due to changes in vehicle emissions data.9 105 / 4.000 250 / 1. DVLA First registration Fee (at £55). the higher its tax liability. Handbrake Mechanical handbrake operating on rear wheels.000-4.750 61.4) 57.225 226 . 2.two coaxial dry multiple-disc clutch.6 (3.5 (6. 30 31 . . which is the metric equivalent of bhp.000 47.5 (3.968 81 x 95.8) 99 121 (195)Ⅺ 10.5 EU 5 16.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF S/SE/Elegance 4-cylinder in-line engine 5 speed manual Yes High pressure direct injection 1.4 (4. the VED figures in this brochure may be out of date after 1st April 2013.0) 78. Due to printing timescales. The VED bands are shown in the table opposite.000 52.2 TSI 105PS S/SE 4-cylinder in-line engine 6 speed manual Yes Direct fuel injection 1. performance (PS/rpm) Max.9) 64.9) 102 135 (217)Ⅺ 8.9 (4. CO2 figures may differ on these vehicles if taken from current ŠKODA UK stock. torque (Nm/rpm) Fuel consumption mpg (l/100km) Urban* Extra Urban* Combined* CO2 emissions g/km* 121 (195)Ⅺ 10.5) 119 1.4 (4.290 1.3 150 / 3.0 TDI CR 7 Speed DSG 1.2 (4.2:1 Ⅺ Where law permits.1 140 / 4. To help you work out your tax liability please refer to page 43.750 61.5:1 1.500-6. The higher the car’s emissions. 1.0139.8 (4.5 x 80.110 111 .175 176 .5) 61.0 TDI CR 150PS DPF SE/Elegance 4-cylinder in-line engine 6 speed manual Yes High pressure direct injection 1.6 EU 5 10. Edition: UK 1st April 2012. Turning circle (m) 10. and apply to the United Kingdom only.3).000 250 / 1. Diesel CZ 49.4 (4. environmental influences and vehicle condition can in practice lead to consumption figures which may differ from those calculated in this standard. We measure the maximum power output figures of our engines in PS or Pferdestärke (horse strength in German).1) 106 134 (216)Ⅺ 8. BIK (Benefit in Kind) The BiK percentage value is based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle for the tax year 2013/2014.9) 114 134 (216)Ⅺ 8. 12 months Road Fund Licence.500-3. VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) ** All vehicles will be subject to Vehicle Excise Duty based on the fuel type of the vehicle and its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions level.4 (4.5 EU 5 16.000 320 / 1.598 79.0 TDI CR 150PS DPF DSG SE/Elegance 4-cylinder in-line engine 6 speed DSG Yes High pressure direct injection 1. road and traffic conditions. 7 spd DSG transmission .61.598 79.4 (3.6 TDI CR 0. measured in grams per kilometre (g/km).120 121 .3 (5.000 250 / 1. Braking system Hydraulic dual circuit brake system with diagonal interconnection.6 TDI CR 6 Speed Manual 1.750-3. Ⅺ Where law permits.150 151 .500-5.3 (3. in the rear outside the springs. Additional specifications can lead to a higher weight class and hence to consumption figures of this higher weight class.two coaxial wet multiple-disc clutch.030 Standard VED2 £0 £20 £30 £100 £120 £135 £170 £195 £215 £250 £270 £460 £475 OTR (Recommended On The Road) * Recommended ‘On the Road’ prices include delivery. First year rate or ‘showroom tax’ applies to new car purchases only.5) 72.5 (5.6) combined 53.6) 85.3 (5.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF DSG S/SE/Elegance 4-cylinder in-line engine 7 speed DSG Yes High pressure direct injection 1. P11D (Expenses and Benefits) The P11D value is calculated by taking the On The Road (OTR) price for the vehicle.

0 TDI CR 150PS DPF DSG 1. luggage space is reduced by 20 litres) 590 1. 32 33 .686 4.814 1.3° 14° 1 549 1.659 1. *Kerb weight is the mass of the vehicle with body work in running order. unless otherwise stated 9 80 1.659 1.814 886 6 2.017 1.2 TSI 105PS 1.4 TSI 140PS 1.880 625 75 660 1.900 75 All measurements and weights are correct at time of going to print but may be subject to change and may vary according to passengers and load in vehicle.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF DSG 1.549 1.300 75 1.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF 1.245 1.275 1.900 625 75 670 1.255 1.855 75 1.084 12.870 625 75 650 1.855 625 75 650 1.805 625 75 620 1.454 1.686 2.880 75 2.180 1. **Payload includes driver (at 75kg) & equipment.800 75 1.549 2. 1.Measurements and Weights The ŠKODA Octavia Hatchback Interior dimensions (mm) Width of front seats Width of rear seats Headroom in front seats Headroom in rear seats 1.580 Exterior dimensions (mm) Length Width Height (at kerb weight) Wheel base Clearance (at kerb weight) Height of the loading sill (at kerb weight) Track front Track rear 4.686 139 699 1.449 983 980 Luggage storage space (litres) With rear seat upright With rear seat down (With spare wheel.780 625 75 600 1.087 Petrol Weight Kerb weight* kg Total weight kg Payload** kg Max roof load kg Towing unbraked max kg Towing braked max kg Nose weight max kg Diesel Weight Kerb weight* kg Total weight kg Payload** kg Max roof load kg Towing unbraked max kg Towing braked max kg Nose weight max kg 1.461 983 590 l 1.230 1.520 .520 All figures are in mm.155 1.461 2.870 75 2.0 TDI CR 150PS DPF 1.

1 Part-exchange the car for a new ŠKODA on a new Solutions contract. Both organisations are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Speak to your ŠKODA retailer for your personalised quotation today. They will then tax your car and you can drive it away. ever heard of a bank being so imaginative? Solutions is totally flexible. Surrey GU1 1DB). competitive fixed-rate plan designed around you and your budget. giving you significantly lower monthly repayments than if you’d taken out a loan. Have a safe trip. For details of our full range of insurance products visit www. an appointed representative of Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited. underwritten and administered by Allianz Insurance plc. registered in England number: 84638 (registered office: 57 Ladymead. Brunswick Court. Milton Keynes MK14 or call 0845 606 1234. whose registration numbers are 311988 and 121849 respectively. provide us with a few details. Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 9pm and Saturday 9am – 5pm. ŠKODA Insurance. Yeomans Drive. You get to choose the size of your deposit (from as little as one monthly payment). Yeomans Drive.ŠKODA Finance. 2 Pay the optional final payment so that you own the car. 34 35 . Available to over 18’s in the UK only. DEPOSIT As little as one repayment BALANCE A flexible repayment period (18-42 months) OPTIONAL FINAL PAYMENT 3 choices at the end of the agreement ŠKODA Insurance is a trading name of Volkswagen Insurance Service (Great Britain) Limited. It’s what we You can get an annual car insurance quote for your ŠKODA and buy it online too.. Subject to ŠKODA Solutions is all about you. Call free on 0800 316 7895. and a repayment period which suits you and at the end of the term you have 3 options to choose from. ŠKODA Insurance motor insurance is sold. Your journey. Guildford. registered in England number: 2835230 (registered office: Brunswick Court. *Subject to payment of the option to purchase fee. Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited and Allianz Insurance plc are not part of the same corporate group. Registered in England number 2835230... and we’ll send a cover note to your retailer. Blakelands. ŠKODA Finance. We want you to start enjoying your new car from day one and thanks to ŠKODA Insurance complimentary seven day cover you can. a flexible. Solutions is different because you defer a proportion of the car’s value until the end of the agreement. indemnities may be required. putting you firmly in the Rapid driving seat. that’s why for many years we’ve specialised in providing simple and convenient funding options for ŠKODA drivers.* 3 Or return the car to us (subject to terms and conditions). ŠKODA Finance also offers: • Hire purchase • Contract hire • Service plans • Insurance ŠKODA Finance is a trading name of Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) your choice. ŠKODA Finance like to do things a little differently.insurewithskoda. Milton Keynes MK14 5LR). Blakelands. An offer of finance depends on certain conditions. Authorisation details can be checked on the FSA’s register at fsa.

The ŠKODA Customer Promise is a commitment from our retailers to offer: > Care and consideration for you and your car > A flexible and convenient service > Expertise and attention to detail > A clear explanation of our work Roadside Assistance A three year. ŠKODA customer service is officially Call: 08457 745 745 Email: customerservices@skoda. backed up our dedicated Customer Service Centre. They’ll even help you if you fill up with the wrong fuel.skoda. fun.30pm 36 37 .000 miles. We have been voted Number 1 in the 2012 Driver Power survey for the fourth year running.000 mile manufacturer's warranty. You can even extend your warranty to four or five years. see the option page for prices and page 43 for further details. Warranty cover from new First 3 years 3 years or 60. there’s a team of specially trained Technicians carrying the right diagnostic equipment and parts to get you back on the road as quickly as possible in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. or can be ordered within 24 hours. There's no mileage limit on the warranty in the first two years and for additional peace of mind there's a 12 year body protection warranty. European-wide.Owning a ŠKODA We make sure it’s you’ll be happy to know that most are held in Open 8.30am . you will be looked after by your retailer from the moment you walk through the door and throughout the life of your ŠKODA. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Your new Octavia will be serviced and maintained to the highest standards by specially trained ŠKODA technicians. whichever is sooner 4-5 years Optional Extended Warranty Up to 12 years Body Protection Warranty Further information You can find lots of additional information about owning a ŠKODA on our website at First 2 years Unlimited mileage Warranty When you buy your new ŠKODA through our authorised retailer network. Network capability You can enjoy our award-winning customer service through our network of around 165 Authorised Repairers. Our retailers are always happy to help with any questions. Provided through the RAC. lose your car keys. it is automatically covered by a three year. unlimited mileage ŠKODA Assistance policy comes free of charge with every new ŠKODA provided by the RAC through a dedicated team.5. or get a puncture. As a ŠKODA customer. and stress-free. 60. And when you need a spare part.

5.6 mm. BMP. MP3. but are wrapped up in an infotainment or multimedia information system (MIB).5 D “bird’s eye perspective”. Xvid 2D. DivX. proximity sensor Tuner AM/FM/DAB Speakers Aux-in. colour. image viewer. 3D City model for selected cities. 4 rear) Aux-in’ USB input. GIF MPEG. TFT. ‘Bolero’ ‘Amundsen’ ‘Columbus’ Capacitive touch screen supporting “Multitouch”. the rest is reserved for navigation data and the Gracenotes database) Media library (internal memory file management). While the car radio and navigation components continue to form the core of the multimedia system. This system gives the driver access to the vehicle setup. TFT. navigation system and trip computer are no longer standalone devices. OGG. 2. CD-DA.5D (birds eye) navigation Map data stored on SD card with free updates for 3 years Internal memory Other features Car menu Power output 38 39 . The car stereo.8" screen. 800 x 480 pixel resolution (WVGA). JPEG. CD drive. real intersection display when crossing. drive assists and comfort functions via a single device. CD drive. WMV. PNG.4 mm. proximity sensor Display Capacitive touch screen supporting “Multitouch”. size 175 x 105. Gracenotes database Car function and display settings Car comfort function display and settings 4 x 20W ⅷ ࠗ - Standard Optional Not available Navigation and map data 2D or 2. 400 x 240 pixel resolution (WQVGA). spoken street names in manoeuvres. voice control. low fuel alerts – option of navigating to the nearest/a selected petrol station Map data stored in device’s internal memory with free updates for 3 years 64 GB (12 GB freely accessible to users. colour. 1 x SD slot Bluetooth® audiostream 8 speakers (4 front. size 127 x 76. USB input. WMA.Infotainment devices The new Octavia delivers a significant step forward in the field of multimedia systems. video player. FLAC Inputs and media Audio formats supported Image formats supported Video formats supported S DAB Digital radio ‘Bolero’ ‘Amundsen’ sat nav ‘Columbus’ sat nav ⅷ ⅷ - SE ⅷ ⅷ ࠗ - Elegance ⅷ ⅷ ࠗ JPG. 2 x SD slot Bluetooth® audiostream. 8" screen. AAC. it is now much more interconnected with the car itself.

Octavia Estate offers unrivalled space. functionality. visit skoda. For further information on Octavia See skoda. Never before has the Octavia Estate been so dynamic. 40 41 .uk or your local open for ordering now. but with even more room.The New Octavia for details The New Octavia Estate is available to order now Showcasing the same high levels of equipment and technology as the hatch variant. comfort systems and fuel efficiency at exceptional value for money. innovative safety. sophisticated and confident on the road.

5 times the light of standard Halogen lights with 35% less energy consumption. These include.hmrc. steering geometry adjustments and wheel balancing are excluded. simply take the P11D value.000 and 20. the system brakes the wheel affected until uniform rpm of all drive wheels is restored. wiper blades. AFS: Adaptive front light system is a feature of Bi-Xenons and allows the light beam to adapt to the car's speed. Please note if your employer provides you with free fuel. a process known as regeneration.6 TDI CR 105PS DPF P11D value Company Car BiK tax based on CO2 emission level Taxable BiK (for 2013/2014 tax year): 14% of £17. operating it is simplicity itself. current fuel consumption. then multiply this figure by the BiK percentage. The beam will also adjust according to car load. Motability People in receipt of the Higher Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance receive special help from ŠKODA. • EDS: the electronic differential lock continually compares the rpm of the drive wheels.90 Monthly company car tax (2013/14) 20% Income Tax: £503. Routine maintenance and servicing is not covered by the warranty. A multifunction touch key enables you to call up all relevant data on the easy-to-read display.517. This does not always suit customers who make frequent short journeys or experience stop/start driving or drive within inner-city or urban areas. time. • MSR: the engine torque control system recognises when the wheels are subject to too much slippage and regulates the power supply by intervening in the engine management system. This involves elevated exhaust system temperatures. more refined in their operation and consume less fuel.16 £17. the new engines are much quieter. whichever is soonest. light bulbs and shock absorbers.58 divide by 12 months 40% income Tax: £1.517.985 14% £2. Damage (including but not limited to the following) is excluded: > Damage caused by your failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent mechanical damage from occurring. Trip Computer: the trip computer not only features an impressive range of data displays. compared to the Pump Duse engines available previously and significantly reduce emissions. The ESC constantly compares the actual movement of the vehicle with predetermined values and according to the situation ESC reacts by braking each wheel individually (according to direction of slip) and automatically adjusting the engine’s output. wider beam whilst faster driving emits a longer beam. Cornering function sees the beam turn up to 15 degrees in direction of the steering wheel's turn. Elements of ESC system:• ASR: anti-slip regulation traction control ensures the Octavia’s stability when pulling away or accelerating. Extended warranty Exclusions and limitations Wear and tear components will only be considered under the terms of the warranty for the first of six months or 6. The DPF catches soot particles emitted in the exhaust gas and it works in conjunction with the catalytic converter. A light indicates whether the ASR system is on. up to 24 months (whichever comes first). Preferential prices on low cost Contract Hire are available through your local approved Motability retailer. where a constant vehicle speed above 37 mph must be maintained. neglect or use of the vehicle for motor sports activities. bonnets and sunroof. loss of personal effects or income are not recoverable under the terms of the warranty. miles driven and average speed. batteries for key fobs and alarms. average fuel consumption. Fixed regime: Service every 10. When braking.500 miles. spark plugs. Your retailer will help you decide which regime suits how your car will be driven.93 43 £503. Calculating your tax liability To find out how much tax you will pay.97 £83. direction and the weather conditions. It ensures ideal co-ordination between systems and reduces the amount of wiring needed in the car. for example. > Damage to paintwork or chrome caused by external influences. DPF: diesel particulate filter is part of the exhaust system responsible for cleaning the engine exhaust gases before they enter the atmosphere.000 miles or one year (whichever comes first). such as climatic.Octavia S 1. this is treated as an additional taxable benefit. A driving style is required during regeneration. > Damage or defects caused by not having the vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The diesel engines have a high-pressure common rail direct injection fuel system and four-valve technology. As a result. • DSR: Driver Steering Recommendation – in a crisis situation it helps the driver stabilize a skid by making a slight intervention in the steering. ignition adjustment.90 . CR: All Octavia's diesel engines are built on a system of Common-Rail fuel injection. Service Intervals When you order your Octavia. > Damage or defects caused by improper use of the vehicle. car hire. Urban driving emits a shorter. The engine brake torque control regulates the power supply by intervening with the engine management system. and if it identifies a difference between them which could lead to an individual wheel spinning. CAN Bus: the CAN Bus is an electronic data bus which links the various different electronic control systems in the car.007. Incidental or consequential costs such as hotel charges. Elements of the ABS System :• Dual Rate Vacuum Brake Boosters: increases brake effort under emergency braking conditions. > Damage caused by an accident. enabling your car to stay in the best possible shape. engine torque is automatically reduced until optimum road holding returns. Mechanical adjustments including but not limited to adjustments to doors. thus preventing wheelspin. Then simply multiply this figure by 20% or 40% depending on the level of income tax that you pay. seat and backrest covers. The DPF must periodically be emptied of the soot particles. Fuel cut-out: should one or more of the airbags inflate after an accident.58 £1. It also compensates for loaded and unloaded vehicles therefore doing away with the need for a Load Sensing Valve on the rear axle. drive mostly in towns or cities and/or > High vehicle loading/towing and frequent hill climbs and/or > Heavy accelerating and braking. ESC: Electronic Stability Control is designed to stabilise the dynamic handling response of the vehicle by counteracting any tendency towards oversteer or understeer. It can be manually switched off. The flexible service regime is recommended for vehicles with a daily mileage of more than 25 miles where the vehicle is driven regularly and mainly at a constant speed with minimum vehicle and engine loading. wheel speed sensors measure the road wheel speed and should one or more wheels start to lock the system reduces brake pressure to that wheel. floor coverings. • EBC: Electronic brake control. You will be informed of this by a service light which will show at any point between 9.985 Annual company car tax (2013/14) 20% Income Tax: 20% of £2. which reduces the amount of harmful gases entering the atmosphere. contact your retailer. thus shortening the braking distance. > Damage resulting from the use of non-original replacement parts. boot lids. MSR is a constituent part of the ASR system.Technical glossary ABS: the anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking during heavy or emergency braking. tyres. chemical or industrial • ESBS: Electronic Stability Brake System – targeted interventions in the braking process improve the handling of a car as it brakes when passing round a bend and keeps it from veering. This prevents wheelspin 42 BiK calculation example . brake adjustment. clutch pressure plates and centre plates. For full details. for example on a slippery road surface.007. using high revs Flexible regime: Sensors in the engine detect when a service is needed.000 miles per annum and/or > Mainly short journeys.000 miles. clutch release bearings. this system automatically cuts out the fuel supply.517. headlight adjustment. • HBA: Hydraulic brake assistant increases the optimal build-up of brake power. you can choose whether your car is on a fixed or a flexible service regime. enabling the vehicle to remain steerable. For more information on company car taxation please visit the HM revenue and customs website www. flaps. This is recommended if the vehicle is likely to be used in the following way: > Driven fewer than 10. thus preventing subsequent leakage of the diesel or petrol. minimal towing and driven in an economical manner. If the engine power or torque being transmitted to the drive wheels is too great. changing down on a smooth or wet road surface.90 40% income Tax: 40% of £2. v belt adjustment. for example if the two wheels are on different types of surface or accelerating on wet leaves. acceleration and wet weather to prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles. • EBD (aka EBV): Electronic Brake Distribution automatically distributes different pressures to the front and rear brakes to stop the rear wheels from locking up under heavy braking. but are not limited to brake linings and disc pads.16 divide by 12 months £41. Bi-Xenon lights: Bi-Xenon lights produce about 2. It ensures complete use of the brake system potential. clutch adjustment. Features include external temperature.

Edition: UK 3/13 Information: 08457 745 745 Internet: www.The information in this brochure referring to specification.skoda. Some illustrations in this brochure depict left hand drive models. Whilst every effort is made to ensure its accuracy. Please confirm exact the information in this brochure is not binding and is subject to alteration. prices and colour availability with your ŠKODA retailer who will be notified of any specification changes as they occur. design. material and external appearance relates to the time at which this brochure was printed. with both standard and optional equipment Welcome to your ŠKODA retailer 490 3/13 .uk E-mail: customerservices@skoda.

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