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Make Her Orgasm Hard from Sex in 8 Minutes or Less by Chase Amante Friday, 17 Ma y 2013 I've had men

ask me to write about my methods on how to make a girl orgas m since 2007, when I first mentioned the results I get with sex online... and I' ve always declined to write them. I didn't mind sharing what I did to pick up a girl. That's just a process. But sex... that's an experience. And I've somewhat jealously guarded how to create the kind of experience I like creating for women through sex. My goals with sex were the same as my goals with seduction: sex to me should be 1. Powerfully effective, 2. Efficient to execute, and 3. Easy to do Once I start ed working on getting sex down as a skill, I was able to give girls relatively h ard orgasms within 10 or 15 minutes, on average. I gradually cut this down to ab out 5 to 10 minutes or so. And right away, I was stacking powerful multiple orga sms from penetrative vaginal sex, one after another - the holy grail of sex perf ormance for most men. All those other guys out there were talking about giving g irls orgasms with their hands or mouths... I laughed at that. I was giving them orgasms with ME. And I didn't want to talk about it... because sex is the great differentiator. If everybody else knows how to do what I know how to do in the s ack, well, all those rip-roaring orgasms I just gave her aren't really anything all that special... she can go get that from anybody. But what I've realized ove r the years is, no matter how clear you make something for someone, no matter ho w simply you present it to him... if it requires even a little bit of work, most men are unlikely to ever use it. If you use these techniques with the women you sleep with, it will change sex, women, and relationships for you forever. But m ost men are never going to bother. So, fears of getting out-competed by men usin g my own techniques against me set aside, I'm going to share with you how you ca n make girls orgasm hard, fast, and multiple times, using nothing but your membe r - and a little bit of work. I usually like to start off articles like this with some theory, so that you und erstand a) WHY we're doing things a certain way, and not another way, and b) how to improve on them yourself, and how to change courses and improvise on the fly when you find yourself in novel situations I haven't discussed in an article. W ith a good grasp of the theory, you wind up not needing a whole lot else. So her e's what you need to understand about sex that virtually nobody tells you (becau se virtually nobody is aware) and that makes all the difference between being ok ay at sex and being rock star good in bed. Sex Fundamentals Just like attractive ness and seduction have certain underlying fundamentals that - if you're hitting these notes right - make these things a breeze, so too does sex. Most of the se x fundamentals I learned as a teenager without ever having sex. At the time, I w as trapped by my own social phobia without friends and without girlfriends or lo vers, and I figured if I ever got a girl I really liked, then I REALLY wanted to make sure she didn't ever want to leave. One of the keys to this, I knew, was s ex. More specifically, giving a girl orgasms. Lots of orgasms. I heard a lot of things growing up, about how sex is something you're supposed to work through or talk about with your partner or whatnot, and it's important, but the bond betwe en too people is more important. I never put much credence in the things people say though, and from what I could tell from looking at people's actual relations hips, sex seemed to be all-important. In fact, it seemed to be THE most important thing there was. A woman could HATE a guy... but if he gave her incredible sex, she'd keep coming back for more. Or, she might think a guy was the most wonderful fellow in the world... but if he c ouldn't perform, she'd soon be gone, off in the arms of another man who could. S o, I studied. I needed to be not just good at sex, but incredible at it, as soon as I got going. I wanted to land on my feet as quickly as possible. I learned h ow to give women orgasms manually, orally, and anally. I learned these so well, in fact, that the first time I ever gave a girl oral sex, she orgasmed quickly, and angrily called me a liar for telling her I was inexperienced. She never beli eved me that I'd never done it before, and never really trusted me after that "l ie." I told her I'd just watched a video on giving oral sex; she told me no one gets that good from watching a video. But most of all, I studied how to give wom en orgasms vaginally. The stuff I was reading about the "G-spot" was a bit too c

omplicated for me... I couldn't really figure out where it was or what to do wit h it (in fact, I've never really sat down to figure this out... Ricardus talks a bout it fairly in-depth in his article on how to be a good lover, though, and it does seem to be pretty useful). I eventually decided that, based on everything I'd studied and read, these were the fundamentals of sex: 1. Passion is key. Sex is every bit as much a mental and emotional experience as it is a physical one. Women had the most exciting, fulfilling experiences with passionate men... and by nature, I am one of the most dispassionate individuals you will meet. I knew I needed to simulate passion, and eventually learn it for real. 2. Physical cont act is best maximized. Another thing I suspected was extremely important was max imizing physical contact - getting your skin contacting as much of her skin as p ossible. This makes the sex much more personal, and much less clinical, and incr eases the release of pleasure and bonding hormones that occurs with skin contact between a man and a woman. 3. You need both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. W hat I was reading again and again and again was that women wished more men would stimulate their clitoris during sex, and so many men were ignorant of this. Yet , the clitoris was outside and above the vagina... and I didn't want to be just using my hand or my mouth, because 4. Penetrative sex is REAL sex. Just like she's not really your girlfriend if yo u're not having sex with her, it's not really sex if your penis isn't in her. Wo men know this, and while they enjoy men who give them orgasms with other parts o f their bodies - tongues, fingers, hands, sex toys - these men aren't real men t he way men who make women cum with their penises are. If you want to maintain a woman's respect and attraction at the uppermost levels - and in my mind, that's the #1 reason to bother giving her orgasms at all in the first place - you need to be making her cum with your penis, not your tongue / fingers. 5. Rhythm is no n-negotiable. Hidden deep within the tomes I was reading on sex, I discovered an emphasis on rhythm that seemed largely devoid from much of the lighter and more mainstream sex advice stuff I perused. Rhythm was why women found men who dance d well sexy and suspected they'd be good in bed - and it was also why once a gir l went black she didn't go back. Black men - on average - had rhythm; white men - on average - did not. I further learned that women enter a trance-like state d uring good, rhythmic sex, that is necessary for and precedes orgasm. The men shi fting around and thrusting arrhythmically prevent women from ever entering this trance - and prevent them from ever climaxing, too. 6. Dominance is mandatory. W omen want to be taken... not asked. I learned that asking her, "Is this okay?" o r, "Was that good for you?" are big no-nos that make you seem inexperienced and like you don't know what you're doing. A woman wants to feel like you know her b ody better than she does, and know what's best for her better than she does... s he wants to be able to just relax, enjoy the ride, and let you do what you know how to do so well without having to worry or think about anything other than how good it feels and how good you are. You must know what you're doing, and tell h er what to do / move her around dominantly and confidently and self-assuredly. T here were other things I found that were useful and important, like using your v oice during sex, and doing things like gripping and pulling her hair (when behin d her), smacking her butt, etc. I also read about how important foreplay was - b ut I didn't consider that a fundamental, because my belief was that if you're in credible at penetrative sex, once you get there she'll be having so much pleasur e she's not going to care if you didn't tease her for 15 minutes first. I do use foreplay - sometimes - if I want to build up a girl's anticipation and get her cumming faster and harder than she would without it. But it's certainly not mand atory. If you know what you're doing in bed, you can go in with no foreplay and still have her cumming hard in minutes. Delivering the Goods At first, I was pretty average at sex. I ran into fairly no rmal guy problems like: ? Girls weren't climaxing with me, except rarely (and we akly) ? I was getting tired fairly easily (even though I worked out) ? The sex w as boring enough that women would sometimes start talking to me during it ... bu t then one day I needed to pull off a miracle. I'd managed to pull off a remarka ble turnaround with a gorgeous girl I'd wanted to make my girlfriend, who'd earl ier decided she wanted nothing to do with me, and I'd managed to sleep with her

while on a tour overseas with a bunch of other people. But she still disliked me and thought I was no good (I was going a little too far with the bad boy image then and hadn't learned how to balance it right), and told me there was zero cha nce of us having a relationship or seeing each other after we got back from the trip. I shrugged this off, trying to seem nonchalant, because if I knew if I cha sed her I was done for sure. But I knew I needed to give her a reason to keep se eing me after our return if I wanted her as a girlfriend - and the only thing I could think that could possibly do it was sex. Except, I was pretty ordinary at sex. So, on the last night of the trip, with her turned on and lustily grasping at me as we rode around town in a taxicab, I finally got her back to the hotel, and decided to try something new. I'd come up with an idea that would hopefully let me last longer without getting tired, maintain better rhythm, and give her b oth clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time. I tried it out on her, an d 10 minutes into sex, she achieved climax - hard. I couldn't believe it... I st arted grinning. And kept going. Then she came again. Then again. Then again. Aft er the fourth orgasm - all right in a row - she breathlessly said, "I think you are the best." Like a dork, I asked, "The best ever?" She didn't answer... she j ust came hard again. And then again. And then again. After the seventh orgasm - by this point, she wa s screaming so hard I literally thought she was going to start crying, and I was afraid the hotel staff would break down the door thinking her limbs were being sawn off - she yelled, "I don't think I can LEAVE you!" and I knew I'd done it. She came two more times, and then I finished. We'd been having sex for only 15 o r 20 minutes. We ended up dating for 2 years after that. How to Make a Girl Orgas m, Hard and Fast I don't know if there's a common name for this sex position; in the years I've shared it with close friends, I've had one person show me someth ing that described the same position. I forget what it was called there. I've ne ver seen it anywhere else. Well nigh everyone I've asked to try it out has repor ted having his girls orgasm off of it, usually on the first try. In fact, the fi rst friend of mine who tried it out, I was hanging out in the other bedroom in h is house when he did - he didn't know I was there - and I listened to him make a girl scream at the top of her lungs for five minutes. Here's the position - I c all it "adapted missionary," and it looks very much like this: The only difference between the position itself and the picture above is that no rmally you'll have your hands not holding her hands but holding her shoulders fr om underneath. Here's how this differs from an ordinary missionary position: 1. Forearm and elbow support. Ordinary missionary position entails a man raised up above the woman's body, supported by his hands and wrists. For obvious reasons, this is a pretty tiring position - it takes a lot of work to hold yourself up th at much! When you're supporting yourself with your forearms and elbows instead t hough, you tire out much more slowly - and can last far longer. This also allows you to maintain much more control over your bodily motions, making it significa ntly easier to keep a steady thrusting rhythm. 2. Full body contact. Unlike ordi nary missionary, where you're holding yourself above the girl, in adapted missio nary your body is on top of hers, creating a much more intimate experience, and prompting the release of more pleasure and bonding chemicals in her brain, incre asing her enjoyment. 3. Altered thrust angle. The one "complaint" I've had from friends who've tried this position out is that they enjoyed the sex somewhat les s. That's because this position gives you a very "clean" angle of entry into a w oman's vagina - you're going right in, with little in the way, which means less pressure on your penis shaft, and a bit less pleasure for you. On the other hand , it allows for deeper penetration, which means you more easily reach the back w all of her vagina with the end of your penis - and vaginal back wall stimulation is how you trigger the most powerful vaginal orgasms. 4. Pelvic rubbing and clitoral stimu lation. Because of the position your body is in, your pelvis slides back and for th against hers - stimulating her clitoris in the process. Rather than an up and down motion, like you'd have with a standard missionary position, where her cli toris gets virtually no stimulation, in adapted missionary this back and forth r ubs her clitoris constantly. 5. Shoulder grip for added oomph. As you get closer

to orgasm, you'll want to thrust into her harder while maintaining the same rhy thm, to hit the back wall of her vagina harder and to rub her clitoris harder. B ecause your hands are wrapped around her shoulders from behind and underneath, y ou're able to not just thrust forward, but pull her downwardas well. This roughl y doubles the strength you can thrust with, and is pretty exciting for her too. You can feel the difference just by letting go of her shoulders and thrusting, t hen grasping them and thrusting. Big difference in power. Orgasms happen for me with this position with most girls within 8 to 10 minutes, maximum - often faste r, when they're excited. The neat thing about this position is that it takes car e of everything for you, short of rhythm. Rhythm ends up being the only thing yo u need to concentrate on - everything else is automatic. If you're starting off with standard white guy rhythm (that is to say, NO rhythm) like I was when I fir st began using this position, expect four to six months of sex several times a w eek while concentrating on rhythm to get your rhythm down tight. You'll struggle a bit at first, and she likely won't climax every time, but once you've got it down, you'll know how to make a girl orgasm like no one else she's ever met... o r ever will meet. Let's say you've got adapted missionary down, and now you want to find more ways to make your girl climax hard and fast. What else is there out there? In this s ection, I want to show you a couple of other sex positions that you may or may n ot have seen before, talk about how to make a girl orgasm with them, and review a few more tips that are generally going to make you better at sex and more adep t at giving a fulfilling sexual experience to girls. Legs Over Shoulders One of the better positions for deep penetration in a girl is this one: You can do this similar to missionary, but with a girl's knees crooked over your shoulders. Thi s one gives you great, deep penetration - which you may find is too much at the start of sex, especially if you have a longer penis. Tips on this one: ? The more you bend down over the girl (and the closer you bend her knees back t owards her chest), the deeper the penetration you'll get with her, and the more exciting the position becomes because of the strain you're putting on her legs ? If you have a large/long penis, try this one out, but you'll often find you can 't use it until your girl starts getting reasonably close to climax, or else she finds this position too uncomfortable - she'll complain or pain or discomfort i n her lower abdomen (that's you pushing too hard on her vaginal back wall). You may also sometimes find that while she'll have really powerful, exciting orgasms , she'll also be pretty sore after cumming this way, too ? Some women enjoy this position more than adapted missionary, others less so - it depends on the girl. Try both with her, and see which one you get more miles out of Legs-over-should ers is typically best as a "finishing move" - once she starts getting close to o rgasm, shift her into this position to make her cum harder. Or, if you've alread y given her a few orgasms in another position, switch her into this one to keep the orgasms flowing by stimulating her in a newer and more powerful way. Pelvis Hoist I first got really interested in this position after watching the scene in the immortal classic Showgirls where Elizabeth Berkley straddles Kyle MacLachla n in the pool: I saw that and said, "Let ME try that"... but then I realized I didn't have a po ol handy. So, I improvised; I couldn't make a girl float without water, but I co uld do my best to hold her up. The next time I was having sex, I raised up on my knees out of adapted missionary, grasped my girls buttocks, and hoisted her pel vis up into the air. Then, holding her pelvis up with one of my hands beneath ea ch of her glutes, I started thrusting hard, and she was cumming in minutes. This has since become one of my favorite positions for blowing girls minds but, unli ke adapted missionary, this one is HARD and WILL tire you out. Don't expect to d o it for long unless you're in fantastic shape (on the plus side, it's certainly good exercise). You'll see guys talking about shagging girls with pillows under their butts; this position is that, on steroids, with a can of Red Bull to boot . Tips for maximizing the experience: ? If you need to up your own excitement, w atch yourself thrusting into and out of her. It's a lot more visually stimulatin g when you see your penis in her vagina ? If you don't mind the strain of holdin g her lower body up with one hand for a moment, you can use your other hand to s

lap her clitoris or rub it... both very enjoyable for her ? If you start getting winded but want to continue in this position, ask her to support her lower body with her toes, or have her prop her butt up with her hand s beneath it and elbows on the bed This position's a lot of fun, and women tend to find it pretty exciting, but it's so much work for you that you shouldn't exp ect to get a great deal of personal satisfaction out of it yourself. However, if you really want to show a girl you know what you're doing in bed and can give i t to her in very novel and pleasurable ways, this one does the trick. More Sex T ips to Make a Girl Orgasm Loads Here, more general sex tips that will make gener ating quick, powerful multiple orgasms in women much more of a snap than it was before you started using them: ? Syncing up sensation. One of the secrets of sex I realized sometime back was that when you do what feels physically best for yo ur penis during sex, it tends to get the most physically pleasurable reaction ou t of your partner. Thrust one way, and she'll like it; thrust another way that f eels better for you, and she'll love it. Focus on maximizing your own sensation, and you maximize hers, too. ? Dirty talk on the high points. I'm not much of a talker during sex usually (although I did mention one use for this when a girl's been giving you trouble in the "Am I still...?" thread on the discussion boards ), but one time I do enjoy using it is in amplifying a girl's pleasure and helpi ng her achieve orgasm more quickly on the high points. Just as she seems to be p eaking, enjoyment-wise, you can ping her with a, "Your pussy feels so good," or, "You love my hard cock inside of you," as you thrust into her (said in a very s exy voice, of course) and watch/listen to her peak higher. ? Teasing around her anus. The anus is a very sensitive part of the body, and you can increase a girl 's excitement levels (and proximity to orgasm) by playing around near and in it. When you're having sex with a girl from behind (doggy style), you can run your hand along her inner buttocks, just near her anus... and if you really want to d rive her hard, use your thumb to start dipping into and out of her anus, and sti ck it in and play around a bit. The combination of your thumb in her anus and yo ur penis thrusting into and out of her vagina will drive her wild. ? Sex from be hind / doggy style. Sex from behind can be a very solid option for getting orgas ms, but you need the right angle for this - if she's around your height, that's perfect; if she's much shorter than you, you'll have a harder time with this one . Use beds / sofas to try and get the proper angle. Some women orgasm easily from this position, while others do not. Doggy style causes the vagina to tighten, which is good, but can also le ad to chafing if you stay in the position for more than 5 to 10 minutes and are having hard, rough sex without lubrication - so have a bottle of lubricant or pe troleum jelly handy just in case. ? Rough sex - hair pulling, biting. A surprisi ng number of women really enjoy rough sex - things like biting them (lightly), o r grabbing a fistful of their hair (easiest when having sex from behind) and yan king it backwards, hard. Some of the roughest enjoyable sex can be choking, beca use cutting off the oxygen flow to the brain heightens the sensation of climaxin g, but I personally won't touch this one myself, even though I've had a few girl s request it, because a few people die from this every year in freak accidents there are enough other ways to heighten her enjoyment that you probably don't n eed to risk giving her an aneurism. Hair pulling and biting are great though, as are slapping her buttocks or breasts during sex. ? Using foreplay to heighten a nticipation / enjoyment. I'm a "let's get to it" kind of guy who doesn't enjoy f oreplay a whole lot, so I use this only sporadically, but you can really get a g irl lusting for you with good foreplay. Some of the most powerful orgasms I've g enerated in women have come after extended period of foreplay - e.g., riding aro und in the back of a taxi making out and teasing her sexually, etc., before we f inally were able to get alone and get to it. The more you build her anticipation of the act, the more explosive it is for her when you finally slip inside and g o to work on her. ? Switching up sensations. When I discussed the sex fundamenta ls above, I mentioned that one of these sex fundamentals is that you maximize sk in-to-skin contact - the more of your body touching hers, the higher the enjoyme nt. One thing you can do for variety during the act - that heightens pleasure by way of contrast - is going from a very high contact position to a minimal conta

ct position; for instance, switching from adapted missionary over to sex from be hind, and then taking your hands off her completely so that the only part of you r body she's touching at all is your penis in her vagina (and your hips against her buttocks when you thrust forward into her). The difference in sensation is h uge, and spikes her pleasure... and once she's acclimated to that position, you can turn her on her back again and go back to adapted missionary, and again the shock of suddenly maximal skin-to-skin contact sends waves of delight through he r body, too. ? Taking her to the point of orgasm - but not taking her over. I wa s a "break taker" by necessity while getting good at sex, to stop myself from cu mming too quickly or to take a break if I started feeling a little tired. Just s top thrusting and relax, penis still inside her. What I noticed, however, was th at if I routinely got a girl just to the point of climaxing, then had to stop be cause I was about to finish before she was, then started up again once I'd calme d down a bit... then had to stop again, just shy of her orgasming... then finall y brought her to orgasm after all of this build up, the orgasms she'd experience were tremendously powerful akin to what you'd get with some pretty good foreplay. This bringing her to the point of orgasming, then not letting her orgasm, then bringing her to the point of orgasming again, then not letting her orgasm, then finally bringing her there really makes the effect much more potent. ? Sex in public. You can have even me diocre sex, but if you have it in public, it can be very exciting and pleasurabl e for many women, because of the uncertainty, excitement, and anticipation of no t knowing if they'll be caught, if they'll get in trouble, and who, if anyone, w ill see. Check out the article on sex logistics for more on where and how to mak e this happen. You can use some of these, or a bunch of these (or maybe ALL of t hese, if you're feeling frisky and ambitious) in concert together, or you can us e them one at a time. That's up to your discretion. However, each of these tacti cs will up her enjoyment - and her perceptions of you as a talented, amazing, to p-caliber lover. How Important is Good Sex? Great sex is the key to your romanti c relationships. If the key to a man's heart is through his stomach, the key to a woman's is through her vagina. Every girl I've given strong, hard multiple org asms to in any kind of relationship capacity has fallen very quickly in love wit h me, even women who'd never been in love with anyone before and were otherwise very rational, unemotional people. It's almost to the point where it's become ri diculous - a girl seems like a total independent hard case, but a few rounds of screaming orgasms later and she's looking at you with doe eyes and little hearts swimming around above her head. Great sex turns lionesses into kittens, just li ke what we talked about when we talked about horny girls. In fact, it can get to the point where you start NOT wanting to be too good in bed... so women don't g et too addicted (and then hurt). When I was still drunk off the amazing power of adapted missionary and telling my guy friends to try it out on girls, one of my more experienced friends at the time told me he didn't need it... because he di dn't want the sex to be TOO good... just good enough to keep women coming back. He didn't want them getting addicted, falling crazy in love, and becomingdrama-c ausers. So, use the ability to make a girl orgasm with caution, and use it responsibly. One-night stands are fine - give them the night of their lives. And long-term re lationships are good - they'll never be with anyone as amazing as you. But, I'd suggest you refrain from blowing the minds of your casual relationship partners. .. unless you want to turn a cool-headed sometimes-lover into a jealously posses sive head-over-heels in love kind of gal. Great power? Great responsibility. Use it well... Yours, Chase Amante