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City Garbage and Recycle Comparison Euclid combined rate offering from Kimble: First two years of proposed

d contract the same Automated recycle and waste disposal: $8.25 (p/m) Both containers provided by Kimble Tipping fee:$39.75 Total per month per house for waste, recycle, and tipping fees included: $11.03 Savings of $201,507.30 the first year of contract---two year savings of, $403,014.60 South Euclid: Contracted with Kimble Year 2 of 5 year contract with option to extend. Automated waste disposal: $ 5.87 (p/m) Automated Recycle: $1.97 Tipping fee: $38.45 Total per month: $11.90 (p/m) North Olmstead: Contracted with Republic Year 1 of 3 year contract with 2 year option to extend at end. Bid as combined cost for both automated recycle and waste disposal: $11.26(p/m) Tipping fee included Newburg Heights: Contracted with Kimble Year 1 of 3 year contract with 2 year option to extend at the end. Automated recycle cost: $2.75 (p/m) Automated waste disposal: $5.35 (p/m) Tipping fee: $38.50 (p/ton) Total per month: $11.22 Mayfield: Contracted with Kimble Year 3 of 5 year contract with extension options. Recycle cost (non-automated): $2.31(p/m) Automated waste disposal: $12.28 (p/m) Tipping fee included Total per month: $14.59

Maple Heights: Contracted with Waste Management Year 3 of 3 year contract with 2 optional years Total (non-automated recycle and waste collection) cost bid out at $11.76 (p/m) in 2013 and will increase in 2014 to $12.05 (p/m)

Highland Heights: Contracted to Kimble (tipping fee included) Year 2 of 5 year contract Non-automated recycle cost: $2.90 p/m Non-automated waste collection: $10.20 p/m Total per month: $13.10

Garfield Heights: Contracted to Kimble Year 1 of 5 year contract Automated recycle cost: $2.75 p/m Automated waste collection: $5.30 p/m Tipping fee: $38.50 p/ton Total per month: $12.12 Lakewood: Lakewood performs all their refuse and recycles collection. Performed efficiency study four years ago and determined that it was more cost effective to perform these services in house. Lakewood pays for collection services out of the general fund. They collect from just under 19,000 units at an average cost of between $10-11.00 per unit per month. Tipping fee is negotiated with the City of Cleveland for $43.88 (p/t) Lakewood has 27 employees and a multitude of trucks which the city is responsible for. Parma: Contracted out to Republic waste services. Year 1 of 4 year contract with option to extend $5.45 (p/h p/s) refuse cost $2.00 (p/h p/s) recycle cost $33.00 tipping fee//estimated at 30,000 tons $1.02 for yard waste collected seven months out of the year Combined total for solid, recycle, and yard waste: $11.20

Beachwood: Tipping fee (with Kimble) Year 3 of 5 year contract $35.95 (p/t) ending in September 2013 $37.00 (p/t) starting in October 2013 Beachwood is part of the Consortium and perform their recycle collection.

Cleveland Hts: They perform their recycle and refuse collection. They also have their own transfer station. $20 (p/t) tipping fee with Rumpke waste disposal. They deliver refuse to Rumpkes landfill 2368 tons of recycle this equals $47,471 Cleve. Hts. has four trucks and three fulltime employees for recycle. Average person makes, $22.66 (p/h) Landfill fee is charged on residents water bill for $11.50 (p/m) ---this does not exclude apartment buildings.