Syed Raza Naqvi

Plano, Texas, USA

Professional Profile:


More than 7 years of strong hands-on multi-vendor experience in the area of Radio Network Planning and Optimization for cellular networks. Within my experience I have been involved in 2G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and 3G (UMTS/HSPA) networks designing, deployment, support and project management in various roll-out projects. I have actively participated in network audits for parameters, KPIs, drive testing, planning & dimensioning for both 2G and 3G networks including Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployments for indoor solutions. Besides working on Radio access I have also got exposure to IP/core and transmission for Rel99 & Rel.4 network as well as LTE protocols. Expertise in the following tools: RF Planning Tools:  MapInfo  Atoll  Actix Radio Plan  Aircom Asset  Planet EV  Nokia Plan Editor  Nokia NetAct RF Optimization Tools:  ACTIX  Agilent/TEMS/NEMO  COPS  Schema [GPEH Tool]  ACP [Altaro, Arieso]  Nokia Optimizer  Nokia NetAct OSS  Ericsson RAN Explorer BTS & Antenna Tools:  Anritsu kit [Sweep Test, Spectrum Analysis]  Andrew Antenna Kit [ATC200-Lite]  Rohde & Schwarz kit [CW Data Acquisition]

 Cluster close out performance review after meeting the time lines during post launch optimization and thus handing over clusters to the customer (AT&T) Further Enterprise Solutions LLC Client: At&t. Power. Bearer Services. System Parameter Audit ( Cell Parameters. Undertake network performance improvement (KPIs) and optimization tasks. Pilot pollution analysis. Scrambling Code Plan. recommending and implementing changes in accord to the results o Implementing global parameters changes after approval from HQ  UMTS optimization. same scope as NSBs. Neighbor list analysis. working in close coordination with the PMs and the Scoping Engineers to ensure RFDS are created and the latest updates made available o ISE – In-Building Sites. Virginia & West Virginia) I have been responsible for the post launch optimization of UMTS 2nd and 3rd carrier clusters with the team of optimization Engineers. IRAT and IF handover analysis. Plano. Operating UMTS/GSM drive testing tools and data analysis tools ExterNetworks Inc. Client: Ericsson Inc. investigating and rectifying the issues o Troubleshooting RF issues on cells by looking at the cause using GPEH tools o Analyzing GWS drives. short-notice deployments that demand quick turn-around to the CIQ o Supporting on-going design for the 2nd and 3rd carrier in the market o Providing RND CIQ and complete parameter audit during new site integration phase o Verifying In-Building site drawings according to the original plan of coverage objective  Day-to-Day Activities involves working on various operational issues on the sites: o Identifying Telco issues on the site and coordinating with Telco people to resolve them o Identifying major alarm issues and coordinating with operation teams for their resolution o Responding customer complaints. involved in: o Recommend necessary changes required to antenna orientations and antenna down tilts.Objective: Seeking an RF Planning/Optimization position in a corporate environment where I can apply my technical knowledge and professional experience to collaborate and deliver solutions of highest quality Professional Experiences: T-Force Inc. Los Angeles Market: Sep 2009 – May2010 I have been working as RF Optimization Engineer for Ericsson UMTS Network  As a zone engineer.  Monitoring daily stats to maintain agreed KPIs with customer (AT&T)  Identifying and troubleshooting RF related issues  Coordinating with customer and escalating other issues on daily basis  Weekly performance call with customer to discuss activities been performed during the whole week. Primary CPICH). RNC Parameters. Analyze and recommend equipment and antenna co-location requirements for different technologies. West Pennsylvania. Client: At&t. Handover optimization. but slightly varied site configuration o COW – Cell On Wheels. responsible to keep my zone KPIs as per market need. Handover. Transmission Parameters. South Texas Market: Apr 2009 – Sep2009 Document1 . Global Parameters Analysis & recommendation. Traffic Statistics Analysis. Texas: May 2010 – Present In a capacity of Market Lead for various markets (Indiana. Data throughput and latency analysis including HSDPA & HSUPA & Improvement recommendations. Control Parameters. completely responsible for RF related tasks within my zone o NSB – New Built Sites. Access and Retainability performance improvements.

SHO failures and take the necessary actions  Escalating issues to like T1 errors and external interference to the concerned departments Document1 . transport and physical channels as well as spreading.I have been working as RF Performance Engineer for Ericsson UMTS Network  Supporting for capacity growth and analyze traffic data to dimension sites for coverage and capacity  Implementing company’s methodology on 2nd carrier deployment for the UMTS system by keeping in view the issues surrounding spectrum carve. missing neighbor analysis. cell loading. Kansas Market: Aug 2008 – Feb2009 I have been working as RF Design Engineer for Nokia GSM and UMTS Network  Planning new sites.Ec/Io. capacity and KPIs  Analyzing layer 3 messages for cause of drop calls. design guidelines and load balancing  Optimizing design parameters of the network using ACP tool (Altaro) while considering traffic balancing on different carriers  Putting in work orders to grow sites for capacity handling of GSM and UMTS  Cluster optimization of the region based polygons to meet KPIs for voice and data services  Data analysis on problem areas such as drop call. new area or roaming overbuild. also maintaining site data in the tool Insite  Beside the designing I have been involved in initial testing during site integration phase such as: o To check the health of the site and complete site audit of Nokia Flexi BTS o Monitoring stats of the site and optimize foot prints by changing Etilts using Antenna kit o Analyzing sweep test results and identifying sources of external interferences for 3G network ExterNetworks Inc. call setup failure and inter-RAT handover failure by analyzing layer messages on log files and RNC trace log files to improve network performance  Troubleshooting network while analyzing logical. Capacity planning and neighbor planning using Asset 3G  Running Monte Carlo simulations for the interference analysis  Hands on experience on ACP tool to evaluate new and existing designs and recommending changes  Analyzing drive test logs to identify Coverage and Pilot pollution issues  Optimizing network using antenna tilts and OSS parameter to enhance coverage. Eb/No analysis. multirate schemes and packet data . Following procedures were used to be done for each site: o Analyzing candidates for each defined search rings provided by the site acquisition vendors o Evaluating candidates on the basis of ROI (return on investment)values and by doing their propagation study o Preparing FAA and FCC filings and also the report for 911 calls o I represented RF during all the community meetings in the neighborhood of site as well as zoning meetings in city councils for my designated area o Analyzing and verifying the site drawings according to the original design o Hands on experience using Aircom’s Asset 3G planning tool for site analysis and database. infill. path balance coverage. to meet coverage criterion to provide services  Identifying new search rings. creating justification packages for approval that include site’s coverage using the planning tool. and other Monte Carlo simulation analysis  Analysis of UMTS/GSM drives data for 3G dropped call/set-up fails  Liaison with the technical support team for the implementation of recommended changes in OSS  General cleaning up of ATOLL data base and check RF data sheets to make corrections ExterNetworks Inc. Client: DU Telecom Feb 2008 – Jul 2008 I have been working as RF Performance Engineer for Nokia UMTS Network  Creating new search rings of infill coverage site in the existing network and making link budgets  Doing Scrambling Code planning . Client: T-Mobile.

SDCCH blocking. HSN. Lahore. EDGE and SRC) per cell Radio Network Optimization: Document1 . congestion during Busy Hour. Neighbor and BSC Homing Plan for sites Preparing NCT (cell design data) for upcoming site definition in Nokia OSS (NetAct) Implementing EDGE and GPRS services in the network Site Auditing to verify RF Design for Upcoming Sites where equipment is installed Conducting Integration Drive tests for newly integrated sites and performing initial tuning Creation and Maintenance of Site Database using Nokia Tool NetAct Planner in oracle Exercised Model Tuning Activity for various clutters in the area using Nokia Tools Performing and Conducting extensive Drive Testing to carry out Coverage. Wizard and Asset Database. TBF success rate etc. generating the required documentation and reports for customers Aircom International Client: Huawei Networks. Cell Re-selections. Actix Alarm monitoring using OSS utilities to identify faulty hardware which may cause Performance Degradation and forwarding the findings to the concerned TI (Telecom Implementation) teams Analyzing Network Stats to identifying issues cause Performance Degradation and their trouble shooting Analyzing TCH. Quality. Pakistan: Radio Network Planning: Jun 2004 – May2007 I have been working as RF Planning and Optimization Engineer for Nokia GSM Network                  Preparing of Nominal Cell Plan to provide for Coverage and Capacity Planning site designs and antennas selection for both Outdoor and Indoor solutions Performing and Conducting Technical Site Surveys in different terrains for evaluating candidate feasibility and issuing TSSR (Technical Site Survey Report) to Site Acquisition Teams Coordinating with Civil & Acquisition Teams and following up acquisition/build out status Preparing BCCH. carry out parameter trials  Suggesting global network parameter changes for overall KPI improvement  Training customer on Huawei proprietary softwares also on other tools like NEMO Outdoor. Pakistan May 2007 – Jan2008 I have been working as RF Performance Engineer for Huawei GSM Network  Nominal Planning for the new phase sites to fulfill customer’s requirement of coverage and capacity  Optimizing network including new site launch and coordinating with the drive test teams for cluster optimization and route definitions  Post processing the drive test data using Tools (Nemo/RANOPT)  Analyzing log files to identify issues like drop calls. giving their solutions Conducting Trials and Evaluating Nokia RF Features (AMR (FR/HR). throughput. Lahore. Handovers test using TEMS INVESTIGATION in idle as well as dedicated mode to ascertain the Design criteria both for individual sites and for cluster optimization Identifying issues and Optimizing network (Tilts.   Providing technical support to project staff in the field. MAIO. RANOPT Nokia Siemens Network. HO failure using Layer-3 messages using post processing tool RANOPT and give recommendations to the customer  Monitoring GPRS radio network performance via alarm and KPI and in depth analysis of reports  Optimize network performance to reach GPRS KPI target like attach success rate. LAC. access failure. clients and contractors Scheduling work orders and crews for specific customer projects Analyzing collected data using TEMS Investigation and ACTIX. BSIC. Orientations and OSS Parameters) based on Drive Test using TEMS Analyzer and post processing tool.

 Documenting and Presenting post analysis observations as Cluster Reports to the customer Education: BE Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering 2004 References: Available upon request Document1 .

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