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Summary : Chemical Engineering for GATE & Other Competitions 1st Edition

A treatise which comprehensively covers all the topics of Chemical Engineering in simple and lucid language with Illustrations, Solved Problems and Objective Type Exercises with Solutions.

The Book provides A Clear exposition of fundamentals and principles of 'Chemical Engineering' as per latest syllabi to meet the complete requirements of students preparing for GATE, or any other similar type of competitive exams. This book will also be very useful for engineering students doing degree, diploma, AMIE, AMIIChE etc. in chemical engineering.

This book is written with the firm conviction that A Good book is one that can be read with minimum guidance from instructor. To achieve this each topic is well supplemented with theory and mathematical derivations in simple und lucid form alongwith number of diagrams, solved examples selected from previous years question papers.

The book also contains number of Objective type questions and important typical questions of GATE. Another salient feature of the book is inclusion of useful tips for interview preparation, which invariably follows the objective type test conducted for screening purpose. The sample interviews will give flavour of the type of questions usually asked in the interview.

The book is a step in the direction of offering a wide cross-section of examines a comprehensive preparation package to help them in their quest for succeeding in the intended competitive examination.

Table of Contents

I. INTRODUCTION TO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING : 1. Inception 2. Plant Terminologies

II. TEST YOUR IQ III. Mathematics FOR ENGINEERS : 1. Introduction 2. Algebra 3. Geometry and Trigonometry 4. Vector Analysis 5. Integral Transforms 6. Fourier Series 7. Numerical Analysis 8. Probability 9. Statistics

IV. UNITS, DIMENSIONS AND DIMENSIONLESS EQUATION : 1. Introduction 2. Units and Dimensions 3. Dimensional Analysis 4. Model Analysis and Scaling

V. PROCESS CALCULATIONS : 1. Material Balance 2. Energy Balance 3. Unsteady State Balances

VI. TRANSFER OPERATIONS : 1. Momentum Transfer 2. Heat Transfer 3. Mass Transfer 4. Diffusivity 5. Turbulence

VII. FLUID MECHANICS : 1. Fluid Statics 2. Fluid Dynamics

VIII. MECHANICAL OPERATIONS : 1. Particle Size and Shape Analysis 2. Crushing 3. Particle Dynamics 4. Packed Bed Flow 5. Fluidization 6. Filtration 7. Mixing 8. Solid Handling

IX. HEAT TRANSFER : 1. Mechanisms of Heat Transfer 2. Convection (Macro-heat Transfer) 3. Radiation 4. Analogy

X. MASS TRANSFER : 1. Micro-molecular Mass Transfer 2. Interphase Mass Transfer 3. Convection Mass Transfer (Macro-level) 4. Ideal Stage Operations 5. Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer Operations 6. Adsorption

XI. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS : 1. Energy and Ist Law 2. Equilibrium and Energy 3. Pure Substances

4. Equilibrium Criteria 5. Thermodynamic Diagrams 6. Phase Rule 7. Chemical Reaction Equilibria

XII. CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING : 1. Homogeneous Reactions 2. Reactor Design 3. Multilple Reactor Arrangements 4. Reactors for Multiple Reactions 5. Non-isothermal Reaction Operations 6. Real Reactors 7. Heterogeneous Reactions 8. Reactions with Catalyst

XIII. PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION DYNAMICS AND CONTROL : 1. Instrumentation 2. Process Control 3. Stability 4. Control Actions 5. Frequency Response Analysis 6. Controller Tuning 7. Control Valves

XIV. PLANT EQUIPMENT DESIGN : 1. Mechanical Design : i. Pressure Vessels ii. Storage Tank Design iii. Heat Exchanger Design

XV. PROCESS Economics : 1. Time Value of Money 2. Preliminary Economics Analysis 3. Break Even Analysis 4. Depreciation 5. Best Investment 6. Accounting or Record Keeping

XVI. CHEMICAL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY : 1. Inorganic Compounds 2. Organic Compounds (Petroleum, Petrochemicals & Fermentation) 3. Natural Products


XVIII. CLASSIFIED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF GATE EXAMS : (Contains Typical Classified Questions Selected from Year 1991 Onwards)