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J.M. Iondustries - Plastic Suprame - Plastic Chairs Ramprakash Steels - Pip Rani - Secondh and Furn Sri Lakshmi;o Enterprise Shyam - Spares & Accis Sonpreeth - M;oulded Shiva SakthI - Powder C S.R. Brothers - Cloth & Sri Lakshmi Modalars - M Srinivasa Steel Industrie Sarvana Furnishing - Clo Sun Foam - Foam Satish - SteelSofas & Ot Teelmo Interiers - Carp Venkatesh - Frame & Ot Palani - Wooden Sofa F Iqubal - Wooden Sofa Mani - Carpenter - 9840 Kumarguru (Carpenter-

Suppliers, Manufacturers & Job Workers Kumar (L) Chairs Kumaar (F) Frame Kunjappan Frame Dhandapani Cel Chairs Raji Frame Everlite Cell Chairs KMP Tables & others Ragavendran Tables & Others Maanikushacanp Tables & Others Sri Lakshmi Enterprises Tables & Others Arun Plastics - Chairs Spares Accesseries Ammith - Chairs, Spares and Assesseries Ammaiappan - Table & Other Aruna Steels - Buros, Racks & Others A.K. Traders Chairspon;ge, Foam & Accessries Balaji - Powder Coating Best Foam - Foam, Ruber & Others Balaji Steels - Pipes & Others Burhani Foam - Imported Chairs & Chairs B.M. & Co. - Tools & Fittings Classic Furni;shing - Foam, Spring, Cloth & Others Coibatore Rubber Corporation - Foam & Ruber Sri Ganapathy Murugan Textiles - Cloth Chettiar - Powder Coating Srinath Shop - Cddurtain Rods & Other Fittings Reeona Furnishing - Cloth, Foam & Others Dhandapani - Cell Chairs & Others Devi Furnitures - Spares, Foam & Accesseries Eilumalai Welder - Chairs, Foam & Others Foam (Pondichery Company) Mr. Ashok - Foam Manu Geotex Weavesd pvt. Ltd. - Cloth Glass Ddesign Picasso Images - Glass Art Work Hari Tilting - Base, Tilt & Frames Navanithan - Handle ;;man;uf;acture Kumar Assoiates - Foam, Rexin & Others Kamatchi Steel Traders - Bureao, Racks & Oth;ers Kannan Carpenter - Wooden Frame Sofa & Chairs Ravi Leather - Leather Seller Stanley Leathers - Lether Seller Omsakthi Leathers - Leather Sellers MRA Plywoods - Plywoods (Murali ) Quality Hardwears Moogambbigi Traders - Ruber Others Moojpoor - Second Furniture Narmada - Powder Coating P.S. Corporation - Bureao, Racks & Other

Prince ;- Tiles J.M. Iondustries - Plastic Chairs Suprame - Plastic Chairs Ramprakash Steels - Pipes & Others Rani - Secondh and Furniture Sri Lakshmi;o Enterprises - Bureos, Racks & Others Shyam - Spares & Accissaries Sonpreeth - M;oulded Shiva SakthI - Powder Coating S.R. Brothers - Cloth & Spares Sri Lakshmi Modalars - Modalar s & Others Srinivasa Steel Industries - Bureao, & Others Sarvana Furnishing - Cloths & Foams Sun Foam - Foam Satish - SteelSofas & Others Teelmo Interiers - Carpet & Others Venkatesh - Frame & Others Palani - Wooden Sofa Frame Iqubal - Wooden Sofa Frame Mani - Carpenter - 9840093902 Kumarguru (Carpenter- Table ) 9840093902

Suppliers Devi Enterprises Devi Traders Devi Fu;rnish;ing Ammri;th; Agencies Aruna Moh;an Foam Traders Geotex Weave Pvt. Ltd. Satyam Fabrices S.R. Brothers Venkatesan Fab Kumar Linger Jddayam Sai Engineers Arunachalam Burhani Steels Corporation Sina Plastics Prema Hardwares Star Plastics Kasim Marketing Ammrith Agencies