Now, before I begin on this; let me tell you that I did not find this from diligent searching. I have never been aroused more then slightly concerning the identity of what Yahshua/Jesus called , “The man of Sin”, Satan, Helel, Son of the morning Star, ect, ect. I didn’t care because I figured there was enough identifying info there that I would know it when I saw him. I came upon this info while searching the Webster’s Hebrew Dictionary for words to use in the re-naming of my military venture; “The Praetorian” Gun turret that I sold to the Army, and been working to sell its design to Lockheed Martin. An Israeli friend of mine believes that we can make a new Israeli Co. rename the product, and have a far better chance of selling it to the US gov’t from there. Anyway, since Hebrew words by themselves don’t tend to be very descriptive, I was searching and writing down many in order to make a two word name. It also suffices to say, that what I have found; has been given to a statistical guru friend who said this possibility to happen accidentally would be between 40 and 60 thousand to 1. It is widely accepted that 10,000 to 1, is to be considered an almost absolute impossibility. The following is what I stumbled onto: 1. Hebrew word for (Lightning) = Baraq or Phonetically (Barach) 2. Hebrew word/phrase (to fall from the heights or heaven) = Bamah : Phonetically (Bamma) 3. In Hebrew, the letter Vav which is used as a “V’, consonant sound, also doubles as a vowel for the ‘O’ and sometimes ‘OO’ , as well as its use between words as a Conjunction to join concepts. 4. Isaiah – Chapt; 14: vs – 12 thru 15 specifically speak about Satan’s plans to take GOD’s place in heaven or (The heights, in the Hebrew), and GOD telling how Satan will Fall from those heights or heaven to the ground, or earth. 5. Luke – Chapt; 10: vs – 18, Yahshua/Jesus, states to Apostles how HE saw Satan fall from heaven as lightning. When this verse is oriented phonetically in the English with Hebrew; it reads: “And Yahshua said to them, I saw Satan Baraq O Bamah.” Phonetically in English the Hebrew reads: “Ve Yahshua omreem Ahnee masor Satan baraq o bamah.”
Again, there are many, many other Old and NT texts that also support the timing of this being now. The Bible clearly states that Satan, called Abadon or Apolyion will come out of the bottomless pit to inhabit or in-dwell a world leader and lead the world almost to its complete destruction. Many scholars both Hebrew and Gentile are convinced this pit opened in 2001. I don’t think it takes allot of imagination or biblical knowledge to believe this is a real & current possibility, just based on the statistical impossibility of these words, in Hebrew no less. That they make up the name, or description of the name of Satan, (after), he, in-dwells inside a human, as it was prophesied by several of the prophets. AND, what the hell are the chances that a man; who would someday become leader of the free world, and only remaining super power, change his given name to this one? No way, I’m just not buying that coincidence. Many might say that O bamah is of the Muslim faith, which I do believe; and that his name would come from the Aramaic. Although I haven’t gone so far as to check that detail out yet; I can say from experience with both languages, that most Aramaic & Hebrew words are either the exact same, and or very close, and usually hold the same meaning. So my educated guess at this point is; that’s no argument. Also understand this; ALL Aramaic and Hebrew names have meaning, mostly biblical. And, anyone who is either named or chooses a name from one of these languages, almost certainly does so with absolute intent; either for their child or themselves; and are in no way doing so unknowingly of said meaning. R

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