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Roads Strengthenings



Restoration Building

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Company presentation
The S.I.C.EF. s.r.l., has been operating since 1977 at the regional level, mainly in the general construction industry, as well as in specialized elds including restorations, roads, environmental protection, drainage, ecology and consolidations. The economic and organizational dimensions allow the companies to cope with the demands of the market and to manage them in all their stages. The S.I.C.EF. s.r.l. is one of the few Italian companies that has preserved its original owner structure and one of his main purposes has always been professionalism, punctuality and efciency in meeting the agreed commitments, in reaching the customer's satisfaction both in quality and in respect for human rights and workers and environments rights. In the following pages, in order to witness these words, are collected some of the most revealing and challenging works realized by S.I.C.E.F. in recent years.

Legal and operative headquarters

The company owns an area located in the industrial area of Serradifalco, barycentric part of Sicily, with a surface of circa mq 20.000., 1.800 of whom are covered. Legal headquarters: Viale Italia, 109 93017 San Cataldo (CL) Operative headquarters: C/da Grottadacqua Serradifalco (CL) SS 640 km 50 tel. 0934-912181 fax 0934-940460 e-mail

Corporate staff
The organic consists of about 39 operating units, with a technical unit that consists of 1 architect, 2 Engineers and 6 Surveyors.

Activity elds
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Design, construction and maintenance as well as testing, monitoring and instrumental measurement on electrical systems; ACTIVE SECURITY Internal and external perimetric systems against intrusion and breaking and entering;

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE Systems for video surveillance with access from any internet terminal, such as PC, PDA, and in case of intrusion, notication by means of SMS and e-mail; CONTIDIONING SYSTEMS Heat pump systems with fanc-oil e ciler

Means and equipment

For the completion of its work, The Company largely uses cars, trucks, work vehicles and equipment of its own.

Certications possessed abilities

Category OG1 OG2 OG3 Description Civil and industrial buildings Restauration and maintenance of real estates under protection Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts railways, subways. Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts railways, subways OG11 OS21 OS22 Technological systems Special structural works Water treatment plant IV III II 2.582.284,00 1.032.913,00 516.457,00 III 1.032.913,00 Class V V Amount 5.164.569,00 5.164.569,00

Iso 9001:2008 released by ASACERT

Abilitazione di Sicurezza (NOSP)

Major road works carried out by the group 1968 - 2012

General view road

Overpass Province of Caltanissetta Road to S.V. CL-AG, 6th-7th-8th lot Construction works of 52 km of highway 640 with the construction of bridges, viaducts, interchanges and related works

Road works

Viaduct Favarella under construction

Viaduct Favarella load tests in the presence of DL Enterprise and Provincial Administration

Road works


Denition of road foundations

Vision in road construction

Viaduct S. Cataldo in the executive stage

Beams viaducts

Viaduct S. Cataldo structure view

Province of Caltanissetta Road to S.V. CL-AG, 6th-7th-8th lot Construction works of 52 km of highway 640 with the construction of bridges, viaducts, interchanges and related works

Road works


Realization stacks

Viaduct S. Giuliano Province of Caltanissetta Road to S.V. CL-AG, 6th-7th-8th lot Construction works of 52 km of highway 640 with the construction of bridges, viaducts, interchanges and related works

Road works


Viaduct S. Julian - particularly the expansion joint

View from gallery S. Elijah (side of highway )to overpass S.F. Neri

Tunnel section between S. Elijah and overpasses S.F. Neri

Gallery S. Elijah portal side of highway PA-CT

North junction CL - Branch A

CL junction center side view Agrigento Province of Caltanissetta Road to S.V. CL-AG, 6th-7th-8th lot Construction works of 52 km of highway 640 with the construction of bridges, viaducts, interchanges and related works

Road works


Bulkhead on poles detail

Street with electrical pilings view

North junction CL - Branch A

North junction CL - Branch A

City of Alcara Li Fusi (ME) Littri Cappuccini area and adjoining areas strengthening Nets work price: 1.154.177,07 Works main features: The work consists of the strengthening of the Littri Cappuccini area with reinforced concrete walls on poles, and the rebuilding of the overhanging street, as well as the electrical piling and the protection works.

Road works


Preparation roadway

Complete roadway City of Cinisi (PA) Implementation of works or primary urbanization in the shopping and craftsmanship in c/da San Giovanni, Cinisi (PA). Net works price: 664.051,55 Works main features: implementation of a road, used by industrial companies, of about ml 1.700 with a width of ml. 12,00, the roadway has walls and centres with a prearrangement made of cement below, electricity grid and public illumination.

Road works


Ridges view during the strengthening

Detail of the hillside in consolidation phase City of Modica (RG) Strengthening of the ridge in Via Fontana Modica (RG) Net works price: 1.700.697,53 Main features: Wire netting, cladding, nailing and cables in order to guarantee the ridges safety.

Road works


1. General view of the roadway and work in progress for the protection works

2. View of the roadway, W.I.P.

3. View of the road, W.I.P. Province of Palermo 1. Completion and settlement of the road up to S.V. Palermo Sciacca S.P. 47 bis Mandello-B Ravanusa street, in Palermo. Net works price: 650.710,40. 2-3. Settlement and restoration S.P. n. 106 Del Cancelliere Camporeale-Bivio Cancelliere,in Palermo. Net works price: 479.770,86

Road works


preparing background

General view

The road surface - start surfacing

Bitumen road surface

Vision roadway and sidewalks City of Montedoro (CL) Construction of the road to serve the industrial area Net works price: 1.854.269,50

Road works


Preparation dumpster road

Particular excavation in rock

General view

Particular junction

City of Gravina di Catania (CT) Costruction of a service road for the Urban plant, building used as a Carabiniere station Intermediate Command, in the town of Gravina di Catania (CT) Net works price: 674.830,28 Works main features: The construction of a road with a wide parking lot, junction and illumination.

Road works


Road under construction

Asphalt road City of Riposto (CT) Construction of road area expansion Net works price: 1.294.318,00

Road works


ANAS S.p.A. - Regional Ofce for Sicily Work stretches general along the roads and highways Net works price: 554.661,00

Road works


Road works


Strengthenings Restoration Building


Pillars consolidation

Fronts before and after the intervention City of Palermo UNIVERSITY OF PALERMO Static recovery and functional e reorganization on the building in Palermo via Archira n. 20/22. Net works price . 1.882.727,53 Main features of the work: The intervention involved the strenghtening of the all-bearing structure of the building and the treatment of the degraded structural surfaces, the architectural restauration of the fronts and the realization of air conditioning systems.



View from the UTAs



Fronts before and after the intervention

City of Agrigento Restauration of Collegio Filippini ex Istituto M. Foder, nel comune di Agrigento Works price . 2.154.685,46 Main features of the work: The intervention was characterized by consolidation works for the walls and the oors, then the architectural restoration of the fronts, the interior and the underoor heating systems.



Fronts before and after the intervention



Underoor heating system



Fronts detail

City of Delia (CL) Architectural recovery works and restoration of the Church S. Antonio Abate in Delia. Works price 341.073,53 Main features of the work: The structural architectural recovery involved the fronts, the covering ceiling, the crypt and the ooring with handmade majolicated ceramic, and antiqued through interventions of reconstruction of the covered and the consolidation of the crypt and the ooring of the church with bricks decorated by hand.



Dome detail after the restoration



Mjolicated ceramic oors Halls denition

City of San Cataldo (CL) Credit Bank - G. TONIOLO - di San Cataldo (CL) Interventions of extraordinary maintenance, of conservation restoration, of rehabilitation, consolidation and restructuring of the rooms in the low ground of the headquarters of the Cooperative Credit Bank "G. Toniolo "of San Cataldo (CL). Works price . 2.358.968,53 Main features of the work: The entire complex has been affected by an intervention of structural consolidation with the methodology of spot nailing and the injection of high-pressurized resins for the vertical structures, while the foundations were treated with the construction of micropiles and plinths.



Interior rooms



Strengthenings with micropiles

Floors strenghtenings and walls restoration



Convento della Magiones Main front of

City of Palermo Soprintendenza Beni Culturali PALERMO Restoration works and museological accommodation of the Ajutamicristo building and the convent della Magione, in the places of I Cavallieri Teutonici, in Palermo Net works price 765.910,44 Main features of the work: The intervention involved the restoration and arrangement of the interiors of the palace Ajutamicristo and Convento della Maggione.



Fresco detail before and the after the intervention



City of Messina Extraordinary maintenance and functional adaptation of the council-owned building located between via Argentieri and via Consolato Del Mare in Messina. Net works price 1.462.092,92 Main feature of the work: Total recovery of the liberty fronts, structural adjustment of the entire building with the denition of the rst oor and the terrace.



Balcony detail before and after the intervention



Overview of the cleaner

City of Giardini Naxos (ME) Consorzio Rete Fognaria Giardini Naxos (ME) Expantion of the northern consortium cleaner in Letojanni (ME) Net works price 2.302.158,00 Main features of the work: Earthworks - consolidation of the overhanging ridge and realization of a purication plant with a microltration membrane.



View of the plates of insufation

View of the plates of insufation

Ultramicroltration tanks inside

Installaments view



City of Caltanissetta BANCA DI CREDITO DEL NISSENO (CL) Conservative anf functional recovery of the ex palazzo delle Poste, in Caltanissetta Net works price 3.190.074,16 Main features of the work: The entire complex has been affected by a structural intervention and of restoration, and has allowed the full use of the property and the review of all the rooms equipped with air-conditioning systems-video surveillance and intrusion detection.



Frescoed Hall





Night view

Inauguration and laying of the foundation stone City of Caltanissetta Diocesi di Caltanissetta Implementation of the branch parish complex Santa Maria di Nazareth, in San Cataldo (CL). Net works price 1.500.000,00 Main features of the work: Realization of the subsidiary complex to the parish St. Alberto Magno, located at the entrance of the town of San Cataldo.



City of Trapani Soprintendenza Beni Culturali - TRAPANI Preservative restoration and musealization of Castle Grifeo in Partanna (TP). Works price . 2.461.499,83 Works main features: Castle Grifeo, split over three oors and an inner courtyard, has been affected by a decorative restoration of the frescoed surfaces. In addition the original oor has been relocated and the vaults have been strengthened.



View of the entrance Castello da Piazza Grifeo



Avenue on garden

Restauration on frescos weapons room

Dened expositive rooms

Restored inner frame



Artiscic wrought-iron torches

Wrought-iron lighting xtures



Gas ciler for air conditioning system



Front after intervention

City of Sortino (SR) Renovation and restoration of the former convent of the Carmelites of Sortino Middle Age - Sortino (SR) Works price 531.294,50 Works main features: The requalication for the entire convent with particular attention to the covering surfaces completely rebuilt the tower and the complete internal restructuring.



Detail stone portal before and after the intervention



City of Biancavilla (CT) Conservative renovations work of Villa Favare, to be used as a multipurpose building for culture, in Biancavilla. Works proce 2.188.41,67 Main features of the work: After many human intervensions, Villa delle Favare, located in the center of the city, has undergone a radical transformation from its origins to the present day. The project and the involved works involved brought the Villa back to the center of the social life.



The great court yard, after the restoration on the eastern side, with night view

Back front before and after the intervention



Auditorium before and after the restauration



Boardroom before and after the restauraion

South-west corner, storehouse for grain and cellar

This large angular room is the only one developed on two levels, the underlying one used as wine cellars, and the rise as a storage (dry) for grains. The wooden oor rested on the building grid that divides the cellar in different rooms

The big upper magazine warehouse, after the restoration

The oor (chestnut parquet) is placed on the timber oor that existed before. The cellars below were recongured and remade. Today the hall is used as a conference hall and as a chamber music concerts hall



Spotlight on tracks and wrought-iron torches detail



Front view with balcony

City of Gangi (PA) Restoration of the northern wing of Palazzo Buongiorno and strengthening of the restaurated part, in the town of Gangi (PA) Works price 700.493,03 Works main features: The Palace, located in the inner city of Gangi has been affected by a restoration and a revisitation of itscoverings and fronts.



Laminated wooden ceilings view



Main front

City of Raccuja (ME) Restoration of the monumental complex of the castle in the town of Raccuja (ME) Works price 703.938,12 Works main features: The intervention has affected the area in front of the castle with a conservative intervention and the placement of the pavement, using local stone and artistic lighting features.



Inner paved courtyard

Artistic lighting xtures



City of Prizzi (PA) Reconstruction works on Corso Umberto I and the adjoining squares and streets in Prizzi (PA) Works price 896.903,16 Works main features: The rebuilding of the road surfacing of Corso Umberto I and of the adjoining squares and streets, the historical and artistic appearances recovery, the draining of rainwater, the rehabilitation of the drainage system.



Street and squares with local stones



School with emergency exit

Gym City of San Cataldo (CL) Completions works of the Middle School "P. Balsamo" - 1 in San Cataldo (CL) Works price 958.288,49 Works main features: The work involves the construction of a middle school with an adjoining gym.



Overview of the collection center

Green zone

Pavilions with demountable cassions

City of Belpasso (CT) Realization of a community center collection (CCR) in service of separate collection of rubbish in the town of Belpasso (CT). Works price . 640.471,57 Works main features: The reclamation of the areas affected by the works, the building of 9 steel sheds with demountable caissons for the separate collection of rubbish, the construction of a building to use as an ofce.



External arrangement with steel re escape

City of Palermo Opera Pia "Istituto per la Protezione e l'assistenza dell'infanzia (PA) Adjustment of part of the premises of the headquarters of the Institute of Via delle Croci n. 4 in Palermo, for the arrangement of thirteen classrooms Works price . 432.885,25 Works main features: Creation of removable dividers with modular panels for prefabricated buildings with related doors to enter into the premises, realization of a lift for the acess to the basement and the rst oor, implementation of steps and moving platform for the second external access to the basement of the gym.



Gym before and after the interevention



School with emergency exit

Ceilings view before the intervention City of Siracusa IACP di SIRACUSA Recovery work of the building unit 6N in GIUDECCA in Syracuse. Works price 2.169.223,87 Works main features: Demolition of all the oors replaced with laminated wooden oors, consolidation of the foundations and the walls, interior and exterior frames will be made of wood.



Ceilings view before the intervention Province of Messina Structural adjustment of the Agrarian section of the Istituto Superiore G.Minutoli in Messina in Contrada San Placido Calaner and regimentation of groundwater Corpo B. Works price 629.853,10 Works main features Drillings and shells with stainless injected with steel bars injected with uid grout made of hydrated lime, plating of the dividers with walls in reinforced concrete



Province of Palermo Extraordinary maintenance works in the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale L. Sturzo, Bagheria (PA) Works price 737.075,19 Works main features: Renovation of the school and the gyms fronts, recovery of the structural part with emaco, replacement of frames and roller blinds



Southern front

Province of Caltanissetta SOPRINTENDENZA AI BENI CULTURALI ED AMBIENTALI DI CALTANISSETTA Extraordinary maintenance works in the Curia Vescovile Building in Caltanissetta. Works price 1.435.330,80 Works main features: Main building, four elevations,that goes up tp the beginning on the 20th century, made of tuff brick, added body of the Sixties with a mixed structure, made of reinforced concrete and brick, hosting the school for seminarians.



Southern front before the intervention

Seminarists schools western front


S.I.C.E F. srl
Societ Italiana Costruzioni e Forniture Viale Italia, 109 - 93017 San Cataldo tel +39.0934.932181 - fax +39.0934.940460 e-mail: - pec: Capitale Sociale 100.000,00 iv. Iscritta in Caltanissetta: C.C.I.A.A. n 47530 P.IVA e C.F. 00146420856