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Introduction Dean's Message The AWU Advantage International Accreditation Educational Philosophy Faculty Members Academic Oerings Academic Excellence Student Support AWU Scholarship Financial Assistance Studying at AWU Student & Alumni Services
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Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow

A dynamic womens university, educating students to lead and inuence, Arab Women University prepares students to make a dierence in their professions, their communities and the world. 01

Arab Women University is committed to the development of women. Through study, practice and life experience, Arab Women University provides women opportunities to enrich the knowledge, rene the skills and clarify the attitudes essential for responsible action.

A Message from the Dean

On behalf of Arab Women University, I welcome you to a university that empowers you to lead the world through quality education online. At Arab Women University, we believe the academic experience you gain should do more than provide a degree. It should prepare women to become the leaders of tomorrowin their eld and in their community. From athletics to student groups to academic centers and students' undergraduate senior tutorials, Arab Women University's women are encouraged to explore their passions, ask questions, and work with others to achieve their goals. At Arab Women University, we strive to be a leader in the internationalization of education. Because as the world becomes more interrelated, we have an opportunity to better prepare our students for our evolving world.




The AWU Advantage


With new technologies and the emerging international marketplace oering more opportunities to connect, Arab Women University empowers the women in the Middle East to be the change and lead their nation forward with quality education. Arab Women University develops a strong knowledge base in students through a world-class faculty. It oers a broad range of aordable degree, diploma and certicate programs online.

International Accreditation
Arab Women University is an internationally accredited online university that gives global recognition to our educational standards. The accreditation by renowned accreditation bodies is a sign that Arab Women University has maintained international standards of online education.

All the degree, certicate and diploma programs provided by Arab Women University are accredited. Its an achievement for AWU to be recognized as an accredited online university as it is a mark of quality and supremacy and signies legality.

Arab Women University has been internationally accredited by the following renowned accrediting bodies:
Arab Accreditation Council (AAC) Global Accreditation Board for Distance Learning (GABDL) International Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology Education (IABETE) Association for Accreditation of Business Schools & Programs (AABSP) Gulf Engineering Council (Gulf EC) 04

Educational Philosophy
We strive to meet the demands of working adult students seeking quality education by providing them a chance to earn an accredited and recognized college degree. We oer students a highly exible and accessible education, taught by qualied and experienced educationists and industry experts associated with top-ranked institutions of the world.

Accessibility to Higher Education We have a simple and easy admission process that allows students to study in a highly exible and hassle-free way. Our virtual classrooms can be accessed in several regions of the world.

Flexible Class Schedules We oer exible class schedules instead of a semester or quarter timeframe. This means you can get started right away and enroll at Arab Women University at any time of the year.

Faculty Comprising Scholars and Industry Experts Our talented faculty consisting of leading scholars and industry experts are drawn from the best learning centers around the world, who help students achieve at the highest scholarly levels and prepare them for positions of leadership through their comprehensive and intellectually stimulating curricula.


Industry Leaders As Faculty Members

At Arab Women University, the students learning is our rst priority. The faculty and support sta at AWU take every step to ensure the overall success of all of our students. The students are exposed to a variety of online learning material and are engaged in their online courses.

Arab Women University has some of the world's best faculty members on its panel. These faculty members are working professionals who have extensive knowledge of their respective elds. All of our faculty members are dedicated teachers with passion to instill the knowledge they have learned through their experience. Their excellent academic and professional background allows them to conduct stimulating and productive online sessions. They will be your perfect guide and will take you to your success, both in the classroom and in your career. 06

Academic Oerings

Arab Women University in pursuit of nding the leaders of tomorrow, is diligent in oering its students the most versatile, current and persistently evolving programs. Currently, we are providing accredited and aordable doctorate, masters, bachelors, associate, diploma and certicate programs in 16 departments and 71 majors. Six, of sixteen departments oer exclusive programs that no other online university oers to its students. Under the guidance of our mission, all of our departments are in the constant process of updating and evolving our curriculum, in order to give their students the greatest return on their educational investments.

Programs Oered
All degree, diploma and certicate programs oered at Arab Women University are internationally accredited. Millions of students around the world are benetting from our accredited and globally recognized academic programs.
Degree Programs
Associate Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Doctorate Degree

Diploma Programs
Undergraduate Diploma Graduate Diploma

Certicate Programs
Undergraduate Course Certicate Undergraduate Certicate Graduate Course Certicate Graduate Certicate 07

Achieving Academic Excellence Through Our Programs

Arab Women University oers 1,100 accredited programs in 16 elds of study. All of these departments designed and developed according to the modern trends and needs of the current and future economies. Such a diversifed academic prole of AWU allows students to pursue their education in whichever eld they desire.

Featured Schools
Business & Management Computer Science & Information Technology Social Service Law & Legal Studies Education Nursing Political Science & Public Administration Criminal Justice Psychology Health Sciences

Renowed Schools
Engineering Performing Arts Applied Arts Social Sciences Occupational Safety & Fire Sciences Psychology 08

Student Support Available 24/7

ENROLLMENT ADVISOR Your enrollment advisor will talk you through the entire admission process and answer all your questions about programs, fees, nancial assistance and everything you need to do before you begin your classes. She/He will also give you relevant information about transfer of educational and prior learning credits. Together, you and your advisor will create an educational plan that will help you earn your degree according to your own terms.

ACADEMIC ADVISOR Your academic advisor will be available for you throughout your association with Arab Women University. She/He will not only help you select your courses, but will also activate the online classrooms and schedule your classes. Additionally, he will act as a nancial advisor, telling you everything you need to know about the nancial options available to you, including scholarship, grants, fee payment options and other services.

CAREER ADVISOR A career advisor will be available to you if you decide to benet from career services. The advisor will help enhance your employability by helping you draft your resume, build your professional network, give you interview tips, improve your salary negotiation skills and much more! Additionally, he will also keep you updated about the job vacancies available in your preferred region through job posting. 09

AWU Scholarship Program

In collaboration with Working Adults Learning Association (WALA), Arab Women University oers nancial scholarship to its students. This scholarship is awarded on need and/or merit basis. Students who qualify for the Arab Women Scholarship Program can complete their academic program in as low as $1699. If you want to study from one of the best online universities globally without being burdened by the nancial aspects, you may apply for this scholarship. Those considered eligible for the scholarship include veterans, military ocials, job seekers, home school students and working adults.

How can you apply?

1. You can express your interest in availing scholarship when you apply. 2. Specify the category for which you qualify. For example, if you are a working adult, select that option when asked. 3. Complete your admission formalities. If you qualify for the scholarship, you will be notied in your program overview and also through email. Your scholarship amount will also be communicated to you in your personalised student's area.. 10

Fee Reduction Methods:

CREDIT TRANSFER FACILITY Arab Women University oers the facility of transferring credits to students so that they can continue their education with with exibility and complete their degree in time. ACADEMIC ADVISOR Arab Women University gives you the opportunity of turning your life experience into college credits through our Prior Learning Assessment process. Professional training, such as seminars and courses provided by employers may be eligible for PLA. Licenses, certicates and transcripts from colleges and institutions may also be eligible. EMPLOYER TUITION REIMBURSEMENT Your employer has the option of paying your tuition fee directly and he can ask you to make the initial payment, reimbursing you at the end of the semester, or after you have received your grades. In any case, if your employer decides to help you with your tuition fees then we can prepare your case for this benet through our consultant. 11

Haniya Al-Asad MA in Media Sciences

Financial Assistance
Arab Women University is driven by its sole mission to provide low cost and high quality education to students across the globe. Our well-structured, well thought-out fee plans and outstanding education enable people from all walks of life to acquire quality education irrespective of their nancial and geographical constraints.

Women University has made it easier for me to complete my Masters degree. Now I can achieve my career goals more eeciently.

Scholarship from Arab

Fee Payment Options

To help you pursue your degree with ease, Arab Women University has introduced two fee payments options. Using these options, you can pay your program fees according to your budget.

Complete Fee Payment Option:

To minimize your nancial burden you can benet from our complete fee payment option. If you pay the fees for your program at once, you will get a discount of up to 14.5%.

Fee Payment in 2 Installments:

You can choose to pay your full fee in 2 easy installments. Using this option will entitle you to a 7% discount on your full program fee.

Fast Facts About Arab Women University



Student & Alumni Services

Arab Women University oers extensive student and alumni services. These services are designed keeping in view the requirements of working adults, allowing them to study with exibility and ease.

Arab Women University takes pride in oering the most comprehensive student and alumni services. The student services, designed keeping in mind the requirements of our current students, allow them to study with complete ease. Our alumni services help our alumni to stay connected with us as we assist them in enhancing their career opportunities. availablity and easy accessibility of the services to all the students is one of the main reasons why Arab Women University is the rst choice of working adults across the globe. 14

Student Services
Personalized Student Area
As a student at Arab Women University you get access to our personalized student area where you can pay your remaining tuition fee, manage your courses, attend your classes and avail our wide range of support services. Through the area you can also apply for credit transfer and prior learning credits.

Educational Verication Services

As part of our student support services, Arab Women University provides an education verication service which assures our students that their degree, certicate and diploma program will receive international recognition. We can verify your documents through phone, email and fax. We can even post them on your desired address.

Personalized Alumni Area

As soon as you graduate, you will be provided complete access to your personalized alumni area. It will help you stay connected with Arab Women University and enjoy our exceptional services including career, verication, apostile and consultancy services.


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