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Your Resume is being selected Immediate Hiring in Arc Gate Solution (Specially for fresher)

Dear Candidate, We are pleased to inform you that you are selected here for our interview Process, Please fill up the Employee Application Form. Check the Job opening of our company, Mention in the Application that Job Profile you are applying including All the necessary detail. The Submission of Application form Last Date is on 30/08/2013 at After the Date the Form will

not Accepted For the interview Process . The interview Process will taken after the Form submission , the interview will be taken according to your job Profile and level of the Applicant. The Job Location & Salary Package will be Decided according to the Employee And Hr (Conversation).

Arc Gate Job Location : Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore, Nashik, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagpur, patna & Other Work in Cloud

Job Profile: Please Check to the Attachment of Job Profile File Salary Package: 1 Lac to 12 Lac (p.a)

Interview Process : Stage 1: Written Test / Written Work Stage 2: Technical Interview (According to your Programming Lauguage you mention ) Stage 3. Implementation / Coding. Stage 4. Hr Round.

Note: The interview Process will be conducted According to Your Job Profile & level of the Profile. Please mention the application number in the form and rename the file name to that application number. Than send the mail. Please mention all the details correctly. Send your Appliaction on
If you have any enquiry just email us on Please dont edit the application number. And dont rename the file name.

Your Career Pyramid

There are 6 levels in your company career Pyramid Level 1: Hard Working Employees (Freshers to 3 years experience). Level 2: Team Leaders/Supervisors (3 years to 5 years experience). Level 3: Middle Management (5 years to 6.5 years experience). Level 4: Vice Presidents (7 years to 10 years experience). Level 5: Presidents (10 years to 15 years experience). Level 6: CEO & Boards of Directors

Abouts us :

ArcGate provides innovative solutions and capabilities to clients worldwide. Achieving your vision might require an IT upgrade, a plan to enter new markets, a Web portal, or a complete business or process transformation. ArcGate Systems has the deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business process, application, and infrastructure services, necessary to create innovative solutions that achieve and sustain measurable results. At ArcGate, we stake our reputation for results on our clients' success. So we're proud not only when ArcGate receives positive recognition, but also when the collaborative relationships we enjoy with our clients yield measurable results and recognition for them. The Quality Management System (QMS) at ArcGate encompasses Application Development,

Application Management, Application Migration, Application Testing, Application Reengineering, Application Business Intelligence Data Warehousing services to its customers, Mobile Application, Web Application and many more