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Research and Information Activities

At Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc. (JEPIC), we are carrying out surveys and researches on emerging trends among overseas electric utilities as well as on the new features of the electric power industry systems in foreign countries based on the understanding of the business climate surrounding Japanese electric power industry, and the issues the industry is facing. The main topics we surveyed and researched in FY 2006 and FY 2007 and those we tackled in FY 2008 are summarized below.

FY2006 1. Trends in Electricity Deregulation

European and American electric utilities' efforts in the deregulated retail markets Ratepayer protection policies in Europe and the United States in the aftermath of retail market deregulation
2. Electric Utilities' Management Strategies

Trends in the European energy industry where reorganization progresses American electric utilities' M & A strategy

3. Progress of Nuclear Energy Policy

The trends surrounding nuclear power generation in the United Kingdom and Germany The nuclear power situation in the Central and Eastern European countries
4. Electricity Situation in BRICs

Electric power industry reforms in Russia and China

FY2007 1. Electricity Deregulation and Institutional Reforms

An overview of the imbalance settlement systems in various countries Interconnected transmission congestion management in Europe Developments surrounding a reform of electricity deregulation in the United States
2. Progress of Nuclear Energy Policy

The trends toward the construction of new nuclear power plants in Europe
3. Global Environmental Issues and the Electric Power Industry

Issues involved in the European Union Emission Trading System (EU-ETS) Efforts toward the introduction of wind power generation facilities in Europe and the United States Efforts toward energy conservation and reductions of air pollutants in the Chinese electric power sector

FY2008 1. Energy and Nuclear Power Policies

EU's energy security policy and changes in energy choice and flow under the framework of competition encouragement policy New developments between EU and Russia about energy transactions 2008 U.S. presidential candidates' energy and environment policies Trends in energy-related bills being left untouched as the issues in the aftermath of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (RPS, tax breaks for clean electricity supply, etc.) in the United States Specific moves toward the construction of nuclear power plants after a new nuclear energy policy was decided (in January 2008) in the United Kingdom

Trends in responses to the power plants whose residual power generation capacities will be depleted soon in Germany Various trends in the construction of new nuclear power plants in the United States Trends in the progress of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) in the United States Progress of waste disposal programs in major EU countries and the trends in Yucca Mountain Repository project in the United States Trends in the construction of new nuclear power plants in countries (Russia, the Middle and East European nations, China, and India) other than Europe and the United States
2. Electric Power Industry Reforms

New developments in assessment, response measures, institutional reforms and others in the power markets (wholesale and retail) in the aftermath of electricity deregulation in major EU countries The current situation of electricity deregulation and the trend toward reregulation in the United States Various countries' policy responses to the unbundling of the distribution sector in EU The operation of congestion management and imbalance markets and the issues in Europe and the United States Progress in the construction of facilities and new developments in the maintenance and operation of distribution facilities in Europe and the United States European and American electric utilities' plan on M&A and other business reorganization plans and specific strategies for reorganization Trends in European and American electric utilities' CRS, IR and environmental management strategies
3. Responses to Environmental Issues

Major countries' various efforts to cope with global warming and electric utilities' response measures Comparative analyses of cap-and-trade, carbon taxes, sector-approach and other policy measures The actual situation of CDM transactions and EU-ETS Post-Kyoto moves in various countries U.S. federal, states' and business enterprises' activities

China's and India's activities to tackle environmental issues Progress in the development and the introduction of clean coal technologies (IGCC, CCS, etc.) in Europe and the United States Progress in the introduction of renewable energy power sources, associated problems and response measures in Europe and the United States Measures (technological innovation, DSM, etc.) for the effective use of energy and transfer of technologies to developing countries
4. BRICs, Southeast Asian Countries and Others

Trends in energy legislation formulation, energy conservation policy and renewable energy development in China Future prospects for electric power industry reforms and a new move toward an energy business management organization in China Russia's strategies for the export of energy resources to Europe, the United States, China and Japan Effects of Russia's move toward the reorganization of its electric power industry on the operation of the electricity markets and electricity rate systems New developments in India's and Southeast Asian countries' energy policies, investment in and construction of new electric power facilities