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MITSOB Placement Notice

Sr. No . Company Name Profile FLE (Front Line Entrepreneur) Functional Experts and Asset Owners Spec. Finance, HR, Marketing, Operation Strategy , International Business and Foreign Trade. Packag e Rs. 15 Lacs per annum CTC Location Ludhiana/ Barnala(Punjab )/ Chandigarh/ Gurgaon/ Bhopal/ Budhni (M.P.)

Date 14th October 2013

Last Date for CV Submission 15th October 2013 10.00 a.m. Web Site

Trident Group

http://www.tridentind Or

Interested & Eligible students need to send their CV on You can contact Prof. Manoj Mehrotra for any query related to this company.
Candidates with Full time MBA/PGDM with minimum of 60% marks throughout the Academic Curriculum.
Initial Screening Process: Open Mega Online Business Simulation Competition amongst the students - The business simulation competition will involve students to compete head-to-head on the internationally acclaimed business simulation platform in which they will be required to act as CEOs/ Directors of the given virtual enterprise and steer their company towards maximum profitability through a series of Strategic decisions.

Top Students selected through " Trident - Opportunity Unlimited " would not only be eligible to a Lucrative Cash Prize as a result of the simulation competition but would also be vying for a management position at the prestigious Trident Group.
Registration Details: To register go to: (The interested candidates must submit individual nominations for the process by filling out the registration form after clicking the "Register for Online Business Simulation Challenge" button). 1) 2) Interested applicants must submit their registration details latest on the above link by 2-Nov-2013 Tentative Date of Open Mega Online Business Simulation Competition 10-Nov-2013

Trident : We take the privilege to introduce our Organization - Trident Group, a Young and Dynamic Business Conglomerate, diversified across Businesses such as Home Textiles, Yarn, Paper, Chemicals and Energy. Trident Group is a Global Player, with businesses across more than 75 countries. Engaging more than 25,000 families with a Compounded Annual growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 30%, we are one of the fastest growing Groups in India.

We at Trident thrive on challenges and have been ranked as one of the Best Organizations to Work With in 2011 by Great Place to Work Organization. At Trident, we empower our members to contribute in an environment where nothing is considered impossible, and new milestones are achieved every day. We firmly believe in our Vision & Values and continuously strive to create a culture where each member can "Experience Entrepreneurship with Opportunities Unlimited". Trident Opportunity Unlimited Initiatve involves business simulations as an integral selection tool giving participants not only an opportunity to win attractive cash prizes as a result of the competition but a chance to acquire a prestigious job at one of the biggest and the fastest growing conglomerate of India Trident Group. To Know more the entire process of Trident Opportunity Unlimited: please visit: Or

Note: - 1. Students having D Grade in second semester should not apply strictly. 2. It is mandatory for all the candidates to visit Website of the respective company before applying for the job.

__________________ Prof. Manoj Mehrotra Head Placement