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Possible Questions for each chapter
Topic 1
1. Why teach stories to young learners? – page 2: PPG 2. Based on Hansel & Gretel stimulus, what approaches can the teacher use to tell to teach the pupils? – page 3: KDRI 3. What is the advantages of reading aloud for pupils? – page 4: KDRI According to Wilson (2006) … can you identify other advantages of reading aloud?

4. What are the relation / similarities / differences A & B (name of characters) Plan an activity where the teacher can focus on the feature highlighted above. – page 4 – 6: PPG, page 4 – 7:KDRI 5. Why does the teacher need to consider the illustration in choosing story? – page 6: PPG, page 7: KDRI 6.

Topic 2
Exploring Types of Stories
1. Identify the genre and the level based on the excerpt given. “Martin Luther King” Identify the type of story. Justify. – page 11: PPG “Finding Nemo” Identify the type of story. Justify. – page 10: PPG
pg. 1 Farhanah Samat IPGK PM

Justify. Explain i. pg. 2 Farhanah Samat IPGK PM . Role play b. Give examples i. Provide at lest 4 2. Activities for Language Arts a.LGA3103 – STORIES FOR YOUNG LEARNERS “Kalulu’s pumpkin” Identify the type of story. Topic 3 1.