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Annapolis High School 2013-2014 Student Dance Contract Student Name: Guest Name: ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Grade

: _______ ID# __________

Home Phone: __________________

Dance Policies: • All students must sign and submit the Dance Contract in order to attend a school dance. • Students suspected of illegal or controlled substance use prior to entry to the dance area will be denied entry and appropriate consequences will be imposed. • All vehicles, including limousines, may be searched at any time. Passengers will be held responsible for any illegal substance in the vehicle and will receive consequences accordingly. • No outside food or drink will be allowed into the venue. • The dance hours are 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. No one will be admitted after 7:45 p.m., unless special permission is granted by administration prior to dance (indicated by filling out the lower portion on the form). • Once a student leaves the dance they may not return; students are not allowed to go to their cars to retrieve items. • Students must leave the school no later than 10:15pm unless assisting in clean up Expected Student Behaviors: • Students are expected to demonstrate good character, maintain high community standards, and follow all school rules. • The manner of dancing will be appropriate for a school function. Sexually explicit dancing will not be tolerated. Sexually explicit dancing is defined as the following: o Grinding or any other dancing that can be constructed as vulgar or provocative. o Intimate touching of the breasts, buttocks, or genitals, or that simulate sexual activity. o Buttocks touching a partner or in the air. o Making out (prolonged public displays of affection) • Students will respect and be courteous towards all students and chaperones. Dress Code: • Clothing must remain intact and in its proper place • No attire is to be altered once students are admitted into the dance. • Dresses that expose excessive amounts of skin, including the midriff, chest or legs above the knees, are not acceptable. • Dresses should be semiformal in nature. • Gentlemen should be dressed in semiformal attire. Consequences: • Students violating the AHS dance contract will be removed from the dance. • A student’s parents will be called and expected to pick up their student immediately if the student violates the contract. • No refunds will be given if a student is directed to leave before the end of the dance. I have read and understood the statements and policies in this contract and I accept responsibility for my actions. My parent/ guardian understands I will be required to be picked up if the administration deems it necessary.

Student’ Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________ AHS parent/guardian signature: ____________________________________________ Date: ____________________________ AHS parent/guardian phone number: ____________________________ Emergency Contact:____________________________ Emergency Contact Number: ________________________________ I will be arriving to the dance after 7:45pm for the following reasons: _________________________________________ Approved by Administration:  Yes No Administrator Signature: ___________________________________

Annapolis High School 2013-2014 Event Guest Permission Form
I, ___________________________________, a student at Annapolis High School, am respectfully requesting permission to bring ___________________________________ (name of guest) to the Annapolis High School Homecoming Dance. I understand that my guest is my responsibility and if any problems occur I can and will be held accountable. _________________________________________________________ Signature of Annapolis High School Student _________________________________________________________ Signature of Annapolis High School Parent ____________________________________________________ Date ____________________________________________________ Date

Please complete the appropriate section. Guests will not be permitted to attend any Annapolis High School function without this form completed and signed.

My guest, _________________________________, is currently a student at ________________________________. He/she is a student in good standing and of reputable character as shown by the signature of the principal or assistant principal of his/her school. I have attached a copy of his/her driver’s license or school identification card.

Signature of School Official, Title, and Phone Number

My guest, __________________________________ is currently not a student. He/she is ______ years old and is employed by ____________________________. He/she can be reached at _________________________. I have attached a photocopy of his/her driver’s license or identification card.

As a guest of Annapolis High School, I will obey all rules per the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Code of Conduct. I understand that this function is a school sponsored event and is smoke, drug, and alcohol free. I also understand that I shall be referred to an on-site police officer for behavior that is violent or does not meet Code of Conduct guidelines or if I appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

_________________________________________________________ Signature of Guest _________________________________________________________ Annapolis High School Administrative Approval

____________________________________________________ Date ____________________________________________________ Date