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Jesus and the Gospel
1. Read Romans 1:16-18. Paul says his not ashamed of the gospel (v 16). Why isn’t Paul ashamed of the Gospel ? 2. Because Paul is not ashamed of the gospel, he has confidence in the gospel. This confidence is based on the source of the gospel. What is the source of this gospel? What is the Gospel able to do? 3. One of the basic ideas found in the gospel is the view of God that Jesus and the apostles have. Based on the verses we have read so far, what ideas do you see about who God is?

II. Three things to know about Jesus. Mark 8:27-38
A. Read Mark 8:27-30. There are three things about Jesus that is important to know. 1. The first thing we need to know about Jesus is his Identity. People in Jesus' time had many theories and ideas about who Jesus was. What are some of these ideas? What is your idea of who Jesus is? 2. Jesus asks Peter who he thought about who Jesus was. What was Peter’s answer to Jesus' question? How is Peter's answer different from the other ideas of who Jesus is? Does it matter what our idea is of Jesus? Why does it matter? The first idea or thing we need to know about Jesus is found in Mark 8:27-30. He tells his disciples who he is. Who do you think Jesus is? B. Read Mark 8:31-33. Here is the second thing we need to know about Jesus. Why did God send him to us? What was his Mission? 1. Now that Peter and the others know WHO Jesus is, Jesus begins to tell them about WHY the Father sent him to earth. What does he tell them about what he is going to do, that is, what is his mission? 2. Peter takes Jesus away from the others and tells Jesus that these things cannot happen to Jesus. Why do you think Peter thought this? Why does Jesus rebuke Peter for saying these things? 3. What do these things tell us about the MISSION of Jesus?

Read 8:34. Here is the third thing we need to know about Jesus. Jesus makes a bold claim about himself. If we choose not to follow Jesus. Jesus explains what his call looks like. Jesus talks about being ashamed. Why is this so important? c) Read 8:37. and Jesus tell us what we need to do.C. 1. a) The first thing that Jesus says that we need to do is to deny ourselves. In the second reason Jesus asks us to think about what we want to save and what we want to lose. Jesus gives us four reasons why we need to hear his call and follow him: a) Read 8:35. The invitation to follow him as a disciple is a CALL. What do you think it means when Jesus says that he will be ashamed of someone who is ashamed of him? D. What is that claim? Do you agree with what Jesus says about himself? Why or why not? . Read Mark 8:34-38. what is the result? d) Read 8:38. God sent Jesus to us. Jesus says that we can save our lives by losing our lives. Read John 14:6. The fourth reason we should obey the call of Jesus is found here. How do we save our lives by losing them? Is that not a contradiction? b) Read 8:36. Jesus tells his disciples and those around him that if they want to follow him as a disciple. What is a call? Are we called? If we are called what should we do? 2. What does he mean? How do we deny ourselves? b) The second thing we need to do to be a disciple of Jesus is to follow him. there are some things that they must do. How do we follow Jesus? 3.