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Complete with ‘used to’ ‘get used to’ ‘be used to’

used to => past habit Ex: He used to smoke. get used to => become accustomed to it. Ex: She will get used to the new house. be used to => is not difficult for you. Ex: I am used to getting up early. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. He_______________ (be) fat but now he's thin. 2. He _______________________(neg/work) in these bad conditions. 3. How did you _______________________ (live) in this mess? 4. Did you _____________________ (write) poems when you were young? 5. I'm afraid I'll never _____________________ (live) in this place. I simply don't like it and never will. 6. My mother __________________ (neg/drink) much coffee. But now she drinks 4 a day. 7. When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I ____________________ (do) all the work on my own. 8. We haven't seen Bob very often since he got a promotion. He's very busy. He _____________________(neg/be) so busy. 9. I've just got my first job. It's exciting but I'll have to__________________ (work) regular hours. 10. It is difficult for Tom to drive in England. He ____________________ (drive) on the left-hand side of the road. 11. When Peter was young, he ________________ (ride) a bicycle to school. 12. Computers ________________ (be) very expensive. Now the prices are more reasonable.

ANSWER KEY: 1. used to be 2. isn't used to working 3. get used to living 4. use to write 5. get used to living 6. didn't use to drink 7. got used to doing 8. didn't use to be 9. get used to working used to driving 11.used to ride 12.used to be