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intelligent smoke and heat sensors


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• Direct Decade addressing • 198 devices per loop (99 sensors and 99 call point/ monitor/control modules) • Twin LEDs for 360 degree visual alarm indication • Removable cover for easy cleaning access • Very low activity chamber (ionisation sensor) • Simple plug-in installation with electronicsfree base • Local magnet test facility • Tamper resistant facility • Three year warranty • LPCB Approved to EN54

Rate of rise heat sensor (FDX-551REM) This rate of rise heat sensor offers a Type A1R response to pr-EN54 PT.5 with a 58°C fixed element. Fixed temperature heat sensor (FDX-551EM) This sensor provides a Type A1S response to pr-EN54 PT.5 and has a set point of 58°C. High temperature heat sensor (FDX-551HTEM) This sensor provides a Type BS response to prEN54 PT.5 with a set point of 78°C.

ISO-X – Isolation module allowing segregation of the analogue loop into protected areas. IBS3 – Addressable, loop powered base sounder. No additional base required. AWS3/R – Addressable, loop powered wall sounder, Red, complete with matching base. AWS3/W – Addressable, loop powered wall sounder, White, complete with matching base. IBS-LIDR – Loop Powered Base Sounder Cover Plate, Red. For use with IBS3 base when sensor is not installed. IBS-LIDW – Loop Powered Base Sounder Cover Plate, White. For use with IBS3 base when sensor is not installed. CMX-10R – 10 way individually addressable relay PCB. MMX-10 – 10 way individually addressable input PCB.

compatible devices
B501 – Common base socket for all types of intelligent sensors (not HPX-751E). This base is electronics free allowing cabling to be tested for continuity prior to installation of the sensors. B524IE – Isolation device built into a base suitable for all intelligent sensors (not HPX751E). B524IEFT – FET isolation device built into a base suitable for all intelligent sensors (not HPX-751E). B524RE – Relay base providing local output for the installed sensor. Suitable for all intelligent sensors (not HPX-751E). DH500 – Duct probe. DH500 AC/DC – Duct probe with local switching facilities (local power required). M500KACGB – KAC style addressable call point with integral LED. MMX-1 – Input module suitable for accepting signals into the loop from contact devices such as water flow sensors, security contacts, key-switches, etc. The device is monitored by use of an end of line resistor. MMX-102E – Micro version of the above. CMX-2 – Output device suitable for connection of a monitored sounder circuit requiring external power or for use as a relay not requiring any additional power. MRM-1 - 230Vac 5A rated control module PCB suitable for direct switching of mains powered devices. Up to two units may be mounted in the Notifier multi mount enclosure, 002-445. MRM-1/DIN - DIN rail mounting version of the above. PS2/CMX – Self-contained power supply and battery charger complete with address module. Suitable for connection of two monitored sounder circuits. Requires mains power and internally fitted batteries. ZMX-1 – Zone monitor unit suitable for connection to a single zone of conventional devices.

smoke & heat sensors
The NOTIFIER range of sensors are designed to meet the performance criteria of EN54 and other major international standards. Sensing chambers are sealed from back pressure air flow and are protected by a fine mesh screen to minimise contamination from dirt and insects. This screen can be easily removed for on-site maintenance or replacement. Additional features include interchangeable sensors (ion, rate of rise thermal, fixed temperature thermal, optical, etc.) and a full line of accessories. Direct Decade Addressing on each sensor is provided via two dials on the underside enabling the address to be “dialled” directly into the device. This eliminates the need for binary dip switches or coded card inserts and enables the address of each sensor and module to be programmed on site. Since each sensor can be uniquely identified by the control panel, the location of a fire or fault can be quickly determined. This also enables selective maintenance of sensors should chamber contamination reach an unacceptable level. Optical smoke sensor (SDX-751EM) The optical sensing chamber senses smoke particles produced from a variety of combustion sources. Smoke entering the sensing chamber causes light to scatter which is received by a photocell. The resulting signal is converted at high resolution for transmission to the panel for analysis and hence reduces the risk of unwanted alarms. Ionisation smoke sensor (CPX-751E) A unique single source chamber enables the sensor to respond quickly and uniformly to a broad range of fires. The chamber exhibits enhanced stability, reduction in nuisance alarms and provides a better performance at high air velocities.

advanced detection
Often, our traditional smoke sensors are what’s needed. But as technology leader with more than half a century of experience, NOTIFIER knows there is no cure all, one size fits all sensor. Unique hazards and environmental conditions require different sensors. So when special conditions exist we look to our “advanced detection systems”. By combining the right sensors and controls, we provide the right solution to unique detection problems. Sensors such as VIEW - Very Intelligent Early Warning, HARSH - A Hostile ARea Smoke Head, OptiPlex - A self optimising optical and thermal multi sensor and HAZARD - An intrinsically safe analogue addressable sensor, provide a wide range of advanced detection products.

advanced detection devices
LPX-751 - Very Intelligent Early Warning (VIEW) high sensitivity smoke sensor. HPX-751E - Hostile ARea Smoke Head (HARSH). B524FTXE – Base for HPX-751E. SDX-751TEM - OptiPlex self optimising optical & thermal multi sensor. IDX-751 - HAZARD intrinsically safe optical smoke sensor. IST200 - Intrinsic safety translator module for use with IDX-751 sensors. Y72221 - Intrinsic safety isolator, DIN mount. For use with IDX-751 sensors.

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