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Alexander College


Pre-Departure Orientation Package Spring 2013

Welcome to Alexander College!

Congratulations! You are just about to start your University Career at Alexander College! We are sure you will have a great experience studying with us in Canada. The following guide will help you to learn more about your upcoming adventure at Alexander College.




Finding Alexander College
Vancouver Campus
Our downtown Vancouver campus located at 602 Hastings Street, first floor. The easiest way to come to the downtown campus is by SkyTrain or Canada Line (subway). If you are traveling by SkyTrain or Canada Line, exit at Waterfront Station (Cordova St. exit), walk southwest on Seymour St. until you reach Hastings St., turn right and you will find our campus located on the corner of Seymour and Hastings. This map will help you to find our school easily.
#100 - 602 West Hastings, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada V6B 1P2 Tel. (604) 681 5815 Fax. (604) 681 5819 Indicates Skytrain Location

Alexander College is located downtown surrounded by lots of shops, restaurants, and much more.
If you have difficulties finding our school, please contact us at 604-681-5815

Burnaby Campus

Our Burnaby Campus is located at 101-4603 Kingsway, Burnaby (first floor). The easiest way to get to the Burnaby campus is again by Skytain. Exit at the Metrotown Skytain station (a stop on the millennium and expo lines). Walk northwest on Central Blvd, turn northeast at McKay Ave, and then turn southwest at Kingsway. The campus is located on the northeast corner of McKay Ave and Kingsway. This map will help you to find our school easily.
#101 - 4603 Kingsway, Burnaby British Columbia, Canada V5H 4L9 Tel. (604) 435 5815 Fax. (604) 435 5895 Indicates Skytrain Location

Burnaby Campus is located next to Metrotown, the 2nd largest mall in Canada complete with a movie theatre and hundreds of stores.





Alexander College holds a mandatory Student Orientation for new students. Student Orientation is a full-day session that is rich with activities and information designed to welcome you to Alexander College. The schedule is packed with opportunities to meet great people, get acquainted with the campus and community, as well as learn about the many services and programs that will help you succeed as an Alexander College student. And let s not forget the free food! Please arrive at our school at 9:00 am in order to check in for orientation. FRIDAY, MAY 10TH, 2013 Burnaby Campus 9:30am ‒ 4:30pm #101 - 4603 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC CLASSES BEGIN APRIL 29TH, 2013 Be sure you understand your schedule ahead of time ‒ when and where your classes are. If you need any help finding your way, staff members would be happy to point you in the right direction. Make sure your registration is complete and you have fully paid your tuition and other fees. If you have any questions about registration, your recruiters would be happy to help you. And don t forget to get your free student card in the Library. You will need this often, especially to write your exams. If you need to take a Math or English placement test upon arrival, your recruiters will be able to help you sign up for one. The tests are offered all year long, at the following times: Placement Tests Math Placement Test English Placement Test Burnaby Test Times Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 1pm and 3pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 1pm and 3pm Vancouver Test Times Tuesday, Thursday; 1pm and 3pm Tuesday, Thursday; 1pm and 3pm




Transportation in Vancouver

Vancouver has a wonderful transportation system operated by Translink. This transit system is made up of buses, the Skytrain, and the Seabus. A Translink pass allows you to use this pass on any of these Translink services. There are 3 ways you can pay for your transportation ticket: 1. Ticket Machines ‒ Ticket Machines at Skytrain stations sell individual tickets. These tickets are valid for 90 minutes after the purchase time, on any of the Translink services 2. Book of 10 tickets ‒ You can buy 10 tickets in advance and use one ticket every time you take any type of transportation. There is a 15% discount when buying a book of tickets. 3. Monthly Pass ‒ You can buy it at the beginning of the month and it is much cheaper than buying tickets. We recommend you buy a monthly pass, so you can use the SkyTrain, buses, and the Seabus any time you need in that month.
Booklets of tickets and monthly passes can be purchased at most convenience stores (including 7-eleven, Macs, and various gas stations), as well as grocery stores such as Safeway and Save-On.

Fare Information

The transportation system in the city is divided into 3 zones. The cost of transportation depends on the zones you are going to be travelling in. For more information, visit
As soon as you arrive in Vancouver, ask your homestay family to advise you on which tickets or monthly passes you should buy.

Monthly Pass 1 zone 2 zone 3 zone Book of 10 Tickets 1 zone 2 zone 3 zone Regular Fare 1 zone 2 zone 3 zone

Fare $81 $110 $151 $21 $31.50 $42 $2.50 $3.75 $5
• Buses require exact coin fare. • The SkyTrain accepts coins (except pennies) & bills (up to $20). • Debit & credit cards are accepted at most SkyTrain stations.




Vancouver Weather

Summer Summertime temperatures are between 20° C and 25° C, with 23° C being the average. July and August are the warmest months of the year, and daytime temperatures frequently reach 25° C. Though daytime is warm, evenings are cool, so visitors should bring a light jacket. Overall, summers are rarely hot and offer some of the most comfortable and ideal weather for visitors. Fall Fall is a beautiful and enjoyable time of year in Vancouver. Warm, sunny days stretch into October. Temperatures near 18° C are ideal for viewing the colorful fall leaves. During mid-to-late October, warm summer days give way to crisp, cool air. Highs during October and November range from the 5° C to 10° C. Packing for a fall trip means bringing along some warm clothing, as well as some water-friendly pieces to wear during during fall showers. Winter Winter in Vancouver is not too cold, but is usually wet. While the city does not receive large amounts of snow, rain is common and visitors are advised to bring an umbrella, raincoat and water resistant shoes. Temperatures from late November through February reach an average high of 6° C, so visitors should also bring warm clothing like sweaters, warm socks and pants. Spring Springtime is a pleasant and colorful time of year in British Columbia, as days grow longer and spring flowers begin to bloom. Daily highs typically reach 10° C to 18° C, making this time of year ideal for outdoor activities such as biking, inline skating and running. Be sure to bring jackets and light sweaters for evenings and the occasional cool day. No matter what time of year you choose to study in Vancouver, the city always offers you outdoor and indoor activities to keep you entertained.




Necessary Documents to Bring

1. Original Study Permit Admissions will need to see your original study permit. Upon arrival, visit your recruiter and let them make copies of all your important documents for your student file. 2. Original Documents The school will also need the original copies of other necessary documents, including official transcripts, passports, and English proficiency scores. 3. Medical Insurance Alexander College offers medical insurance through a partnership with Many students have found this to be a convenient and affordable option. Enrollment is available through our website: Once you have lived in BC for 3 months or more, you are then eligible for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). If you would like to apply for MSP, you can do so upon arrival in Canada with the help of student services.




Things to Prepare for your trip to Vancouver
1. Clothes Choose your clothes depending on the season you will be studying with us and don t bring too much because you ll probably do some shopping during your stay here. 2. Small Souvenir/Gift for your homestay family It s always nice to prepare a small gift for your homestay family to show your appreciation for having you stay with them and to participate in their family. 3. I.D. Bring a credit card, international student card, or international driver s license because students will need two pieces of I.D. to open a bank account. For activities involving alcohol two pieces of I.D. may be required (legal drinking age is 19). Note: student cards will not work for night clubs/bars so you should also prepare a passport protector. 4. International Phone Cards You can t change coins in our country, so don t bring any coins for your trip here. We recommend that you buy an international phone card before coming to Vancouver so that you can call someone in an emergency andyour parents as soon as you arrive. International phone cards are also found at most convenient stores and different cards have different rates, so be sure to ask about the best rate when selecting a phone card. Current students will know which are the best cards to buy so ask a current student! 5. Copies of Important Documents We recommend making copies of all your important documents and permits, including your passport. Leave one set of copies with a reliable relative in your home country, and carry one set with you (stored separately from your original documents). We hope this information has given you some useful tips in your travel preparations. We look forward to meeting you at Alexander College on your first day with us! Feel free to contact us to find out more about Alexander College and Vancouver: or (604) 681-5815 or (604) 435-5815




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