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Comprehensive sanitary installations for public and commercial facilities

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3 . The HyTronic series incorporates a new generation of sensor-operated washbasin-mounted taps and wall-mounted installations. Switching modes. the water flow is pneumatically activated for a set amount of time. The sensor module is completely sealed to prevent With the innovative remote control HyTronic Service Handy you have full control over the customisation of the taps. Installations and adjustments are quick and straightforward with the vandal-resistant maintenance components logically placed and easily accessible. It is also fully integrated into the tap housing or concealed in the wall to reduce the risk of water damage or vandalism.Electronic washbasin taps Designed for hygiene. monitoring battery levels and troubleshooting can now all be carried out at the touch of a button. durability and ecology Simply untouchable Geberit HyTronic taps Geberit touchless washbasin taps are as sophisticated as they are simple – no touching means no ­ germs. A range of designs facilitates the selection of exactly the right product for the environment. moisture damage. As soon as the sensor detects an object. the water flows. The automatic technology of the electronic taps also conserves water since the flow is only activated when it detects hands. A touch of perfection Geberit HyTouch taps HyTouch taps are the perfect solution for optimising hygiene and saving water in high-traffic public toilet facilities. eliminating the danger of component damage through manual adjustment. Following a single push. Simple mechanical and hydraulic operating technology enables extremely easy maintenance.

1 HyTronic60 – Bright chrome-plated Cold/mixed water single supply – battery-operated 115.1 HyTronic85 – Bright chrome-plated Mains-operated.1 HyTronic88 – Bright chrome-plated Cold/mixed water single supply – mains-operated 116.1 HyTronic87 – Bright chrome-plated Mains-operated. without lever 115.226.21. with lever 115. with lever 115.1 Accessories for HyTronic 87 and 88 Power supply unit concealed.21.030.1 Accessories for HyTronic 87 and 88 Concealed base unit 616.1 Mains-operated.21.21. with lever  116. without lever  116.725.1 HyTronic88 – Bright chrome-plated Mains-operated. without lever 115.1 HyTronic86 – Bright chrome-plated Mains-operated.21. hot/cold water  116.225.1 HyTronic60 – Bright chrome-plated Battery-operated. with lever 116.Geberit taps HyTronic60 – Bright chrome-plated Mains-operated.127. with lever Mains-operated.21. without lever 116.732. hot/cold water  116.1 HyTouch26 – self closing tap. HyTronic85 – Bright chrome-plated Battery-operated.1 4 5 . hot/cold water.1 HyTronic88 – Bright chrome-plated Mains-operated. bright chrome-plated Without mixer 115.631. for 1 – 8 taps 241. bright chrome-plated With mechanical mixer  115.721. with lever 116. hot/cold water.115.128. with lever 116.1 HyTouch26 – self closing tap.1 Battery-operated.00.21. without lever  116.1 HyTronic86 – Bright chrome-plated Battery-operated.720.116. with lever 116.21.1 HyTronic87 – Bright chrome-plated Cold/mixed water single supply – mains-operated 116.1 Battery-operated. without lever 116.1 HyTronic87 – Bright chrome-plated Mains-operated.00.722.1 Mains-operated.21.21.1 HyTronic60 – Bright chrome-plated Cold/mixed water single supply – mains-operated 115.1 Battery-operated.

for instance.1 (pneumatic) 116.GH.xx.xx.1 (pneumatic) 116.1 (mains operation) 116.1 (mains operation) 116.xx.FW.778.016.1 Matching actuator plates for WCs and urinals offer the possibility to arrange and design a harmonious and formidable bathroom.1 (battery operation) Design family Tango 115.758. more functionality Geberit urinal flush controls There are not only Geberit urinal flush controls in the Sigma10 or Sigma 50 design.023.FW.1 (battery operation) Design family Bolero 115.035.033.xx.024.xx.xx. Rumba.1 (mains operation) 116. creative and detailed design matching of a bathroom. but also with their flat and small measurements.xx.xx.xx.1 116.025. They offer clear functional advantages.xx.xx.xx.011.1 116.751.022.1 116.1 (battery operation) Design family Samba 115. an unwanted falling back of the urinal lid.1 (pneumatic) 116.GH.788.015.xx.1 (battery operation) 7 .1 (battery operation) Design family Mambo Bolero and Tango got new matching urinal flush controls in a big variety. The Sigma design The new Geberit urinal flush controls are perfectly in line with the Sigma design.xx. like.FW.xx.012.014.1 116.1 (mains operation) 116.1 (pneumatic) 116.777. more choice.1 116.1 (battery operation) Design family Sigma20 115.1 (pneumatic) 116.xx.1 (mains operation) 116. which are captivating with beauty of shape and simplicity.1 116.031. Be it the pneumatic or the touchless solution: the Sigma design is an aesthetic enrichment for every WC.1 (mains operation) 116.xx. The WC actuator plates Samba.026. Mambo. A bigger coverage by tiles conceales inaccurate tiling.xx.xx.013.034. Additional new pneumatic and touchless urinal flush controls allow a continuous.1 (battery operation) Design family Sigma50 115. There are a few more new urinal flush controls that complete the Geberit product range with design families.1 (mains operation) 116.1 (pneumatic) 116. Smaller and flatter The urinal flush controls do not only convince with a big choice of materials and diversity of design.770. Design family Sigma10 115.036.xx.xx.xx.1 (pneumatic) 116.025.More design.

KH.21.031.FW.1.46.KJ.1.015.1 Pneumatic.012.KM.KN. matt chrome-plated Infrared-controlled. white alpine 116.1 black / bright chr / black 116. bright chrome-plated 116. bright chrome-plated 116. white alpine 116.1. mains operation 116.FW.1 white / bright chr / white 116. white alpine 116. mains operation 116. manual actuation Infrared-controlled.031.016.1 brushed chrome Bolero. matt chrome-plated Simga50. stainless steel brushed 1) Infrared-controlled. HyTronic urinal flush control Infrared-controlled.1 116.FW. battery operation 116.1. smoked glass reflective battery operation pleasing and reduced design Mambo.1.035.KH.46.1 brushed chrome Infrared-controlled.11. bright chrome-plated 116. white alpine 116. battery operation 116.1. bright chrome-plated 116. HyTronic urinal flush control Infrared-controlled. bright chrome-plated 116. bright chrome-plated 116. manual actuation mains operation 116.1. white alpine 116. white alpine 116.024.1 116.033.025. matt chrome-plated Tango.1.016.012.KJ.SC.1 116. customised Pneumatic. mains operation 116.1 116.016.1. HyTronic urinal flush control Infrared-controlled. HyTronic urinal flush control Infrared-controlled.032. matt chrome-plated Pneumatic.1.035. bright chrome-plated 116.21.GH. white glass satinised “grains” 116.KL.21.1. stainless steel brushed Simga10. white / gold-plated / white 116.1. white alpine 116. white alpine 116. matt chrome-plated Pneumatic.1 white / matt chr / matt chr 116.21.KM. white alpine 116.1.DW. matt chrome-plated Infrared-controlled.11.11.016.GH.1.11.SE.1 116.1 116. mains operation 116. white alpine manual actuation HyTronic urinal flush control Infrared-controlled.013. green glass satinised matt chrome-plated Infrared-controlled. stainless steel brushed Samba.024.021.1.KN.KL.022.46.1 116.1.1.KK. pergamon 116.021.035.KK.1. bright chrome-plated bright chr / matt chr / bright chr 116.035. manual actuation 116.1 matt chr / bright chr / matt chr Pneumatic.016.036. battery operation 116. matt chrome-plated 1) all the technical drawings are showing the sets for the infrared solution 8 9 . battery operation 116. matt chrome-plated Pneumatic.KJ.KN.1 116. HyTronic urinal flush control Infrared-controlled.031.46.1. battery operation 116.022.1. manual actuation 116. jet black RAL 9005 mains operation 116. manual actuation 116. bright chrome-plated 116.

Geberit actuator plates for manual actuation A range of stylish and reliable actuator plates rounds off the Geberit WC flushing product spectrum. Short-wave infrared emissions detect the presence of a user who then reflects the beams. The Geberit HyTronic WC actuation has the same design and touchless intelligence as the HyTronic urinal controls.Suitable combinations Urinal controls and WC flush actuation Geberit HyTronic urinal and WC controls – automatic operation with infrared detection Maximum hygiene. A choice of models facilitates flush activation either through a gentle manual push of the actuator plate or by depressing a foot button. dry wall construction or solid walls. The flush is either activated via the actuator plate or over distance via special remote controls integrated into a switch or support handrail. which automatically flush the urinal after each use. in addition to a choice of flushing options. automatic flushes can be programmed at set intervals to avoid water stagnation in the toilet and pipes. convenience and water economy are assured by the Geberit HyTronic controls. It can be activated by hand or foot. 11 . In addition to WC flushing after use. The system instantly detects that the user has left the specified area and activates the automatic flush. The comprehensive range of models for concealed installations includes stainless steel. die-cast zinc or plastic covers. The sensor is protected from vandalism by an elegant and highly resistant cover.g. in furniture. discrete and very robust. Designs with exposed installation are recommended for renovation projects as they can be connected to an existing watersupply from the back or top. A variety of colours and finishes. Regulation of the system to flushing times of between 3 and 15 seconds is possible in order to meet the specific needs of individual facilities. The manual pneumatic devices can be upgraded to operate via infrared detection at any time. brings tailor-made beauty and convenience to the most diverse public and commercial facilities. This range of pneumatic flushing devices comprises different models to suit specific installations e. Geberit HyTouch urinal and WC flushing – operation with pneumatic actuation ­ The HyTouch pneumatic flushing devices are simple.

11. dual flush white alpine 115.1 bright chrome/matt chrome 115. mains operation Mains connection 110 – 240 V 116.Electronic and pneumatic flush controls Housing for urinal electronic/pneumatic Housing for urinal electronic.11.1 HyTouch pneumatic flush actuator Flushing device for WC.00.1 matt chrome-plated 115. matt chrome-plated For concealed water connection from the rear 115.010. matt chrome-plated For water supply connection from above 115. touchless automatic WC flushing Infrared user detection for flushing concealed cisterns with stainless steel cover plate Mains connection 230 V 115.944.801. water from top Battery-operated 9 V.00.942. battery operated 3V (2 x 1.918.568. water from back Battery-operated 9 V.817.1 HyTouch pneumatic WC flush actuation.11.00.1 HyTouch pneumatic single flush actuation.941.001.1 Flush actuation by radio receiver.11.1 HyTouch pneumatic WC flush actuation Single flush actuation white alpine 115.00. 230 V 115.11.1 For cisterns placed in furniture.1 HyTronic urinal electronic.114.00. round bright chrome-plated 115. foot operated stainless steel 115.21.1 bronze antique 115.942.1 HyBasic urinal electronic IR Infrared detection and plastic cover Mains connection 230 V white alpine 115. 230 V  115.1 bright chrome/matt chrome 115. round white alpine 115.5 V) Battery-operated 3 V (2 x 1. dual flush white alpine  115.1 Flush actuation by radio receiver.1 HyTronic.00.46.00.KA.11.21.869.891.1 Flushing activated via support handrail with stainless steel Mambo actuator plate Flush actuation by wire.1 bright chrome/matt chrome 115.KA.1 12 13 .805.890.00.46.817.818. wall-mounted.46.1 Urinal installation set Universal For HyTronic urinal controls IR or HyTouch urinal controls pneumatic UR installation set Universal 116.5 V) 115. with shut-off valve  115.806.1 bright chrome-plated 115.1 V DC 115. controlbox for electronic WC flush control For preparing the main connection for WC control systems Transforming the main voltage to low voltage 4.00.944.1 HyTouch pneumatic dual flush actuation For cisterns placed in furniture.1 HyTronic.1 matt chrome-plated 115.97.1 HyTronic urinal control Hidden.999.1 HyBasic urinal electronic IRB Infrared detection and plastic cover Battery-operated 9 V white alpine 115.867.861.46.KA.1 HyTronic urinal electronic.863.818.941.1 HyTronic WC-remote dual flush release button Radio frequency controlled 241.00.

Remote controls Convenience at your fingertips Geberit uses state-of-the-art electronics to set new standards in easy and flexible maintenance management with dynamic remote controls.00. who arrives about one minute after user 2. When the system is out of use for a longer period. HyTronic Service-Handy 115. The programmed flush time for user 3. after user 1 leaves.1 HyTronic Clean-Handy 115.00. HyTronic Clean-Handy The Clean-Handy enables the easy deactivation of flushing for cleaning purposes and can be used with HyTronic and HyBasic flush systems for urinals.860. If user 2 arrives within 60 seconds. the system stops flushing for 10 minutes. dynamic flushing also prevents unhygienic appearance and unpleasant odours. This system is ideal for the efficient operation of public toilet facilities since some of these locations have a mixture of high-traffic and sporadic use. is still reduced to 4 seconds. In addition to saving water. the flush is activated for 7 seconds. HyTronic Service-Handy The Service-Handy is a remote control that allows the definition of flushing time and sequence (dynamic flushing) and provides data on the number of flush activations for infrared or radio controlled Geberit flushing systems.1 15 . Once the cleaning mode is activated. For example. With the help of the intelligent ServiceHandy the flushing sequence can be adapted accordingly to optimise water conservation.831. the flushing time is reduced by 50%. The automatic flush operates again either when it is reactivated with the Clean-Handy or automatically after 10 minutes. the flushing time reverts to 7 seconds. It is compatible with all HyTronic flush solutions (urinal and WC) and HyTronic taps.

EP.CD.200. glass.214. the Geberit HyBasic walls are rectangular in shape and available in white.GT. rectangular light grey 115.214. fast installation and easy cleaning are guaranteed.Urinal partition walls Fast installation and easy cleaning Geberit offers a variety of partition walls for public and commercial toilet facilities. manhattan or pergamon.1 pergamon 115.1 HyTec urinal partition wall. Geberit HyTec The ultra-modern Geberit HyTec separations are made from light grey or green security glass and come in either an oval or rectangular shape.200.1 17 .CD.1 light green 115. Geberit HyBasic Made of durable plastic. glass.1 light green 115.CG.1 manhattan 115.1 HyBasic urinal partition wall. The fastening mechanism integrates a magnetic fixation covered by an aluminium rail.210. Whatever design you select. oval light grey It is therefore invisible from the outside and can only be loosened with special tools. These separations have proved their robustness and practicality in installations all over the world. HyTec urinal partition wall. plastic white alpine 115.

Economical installation The elbow tap connector. Improved hose routing The length and routing of the new. As all Duofix elements. Shelf heights from 112 to 130 cm can be easily implemented with Duofix Universal. This regulating function permits exact setting of the flush volume to suit the ceramic and pressure conditions. Not forgetting. 18 19 . True to the concept of Geberit system technology. of course.Urinal elements More security. Increased flow capacity The water section has an increased flow capacity and an integrated regulating function. less mounting Improved hygiene. enables a simple water supply connection under almost any building conditions. Geberit urinal elements can be used with almost any ceramic urinal. the new urinal elements are equipped with leg supports to maintain their position for quick and simple alignment. simple installation and economic operation – this is what the Geberit urinal elements offer. which can be installed quickly and without tools. all the tried-and-true characteristics typical of Geberit. The scope of delivery is rounded off with a 1-litre urinal trap. it is compatible with MeplaFix and is able to loop through without additional fittings. For universal use Thanks to their flexible adjustment options. flexible flush hose is designed to ensure that water does not stagnate in the flush hose. Crossbars can be set quickly and without tools.

Simple installation With such reliability.Urinal controls Innovative solutions for a better functional reliability Innovative valve technology Geberit’s valve technology that includes a new. guarantees optimal discharge behaviour with minimum water consumption. This lowers long-term operating costs. electronic urinal flush control can be operated from the mains or with ­ batteries. the valve technology operates with minimal electric consumption. Hidden urinal flush control – improved discretion and function ­ The new hidden and therefore invisible urinal flush control combines discreet design with protection against vandalism. two-stage filter system permanently protects the valve against dirt and ensures longterm. The ­ power supply unit is also pluggable. the hidden control can be used for most ceramic urinals. More flexibility in operation The Geberit infrared-controlled. An overflow protection function prevents the overflowing of the urinal. The sensor can be easily removed and fitted in a replacement trap. Thanks to the urinal element’s flexible setting options. The adjustable trap-filling function. 21 . Manually operated systems can be just as flexibly and easily retrofitted at any time for touchless urinal flush control. Reliable distance detection Reliable distance detection registers the user regardless of clothing and lighting. Pneumatic activation with minimal force ­ The pneumatic manual actuator can be operated using little force and a minimal stroke. Plastic jacketing effectively protects the sensor against corrosion. Useful flush programmes for individual requirements ­ Useful flush programmes can be set to suit very individual requirements and circumstances. thereby allowing shorter – and therefore space-saving – distances to adjacent urinals and walls. is also a new feature. Thanks to the energy-saving servo principle. which prevents stubborn odour problems if the trap is siphoned empty. The one-litre flush system. reliable function. A sensor in the trap detects differences in temperature and flow and sends a flush signal to the electronics module. which can be used with all standard ceramic urinals. simple installation almost goes without saying: The new valve is easily fitted and secured with an interlock.

00.1 Kombifix element for urinal. Element for urinal with exposed flush valve 111.1 Duofix element for urinal Universal.616.686.00.1 Duofix element for urinal type Keramag Joly and Visit This element is suitable for installation inside dry walls or behind a panelled pre-wall.00.689. For concealed flushing systems Element for urinal Universal 111. hidden This solution is for concealed urinal controls installed in front of or inside a solid wall.618.00.1 Duofix element for urinal for exposed flush valve.00. UR hidden 457. For concealed flushing systems Element for urinal Universal 111.1 Kombifix element for urinal Universal. hidden This element is suitable for installation inside dry walls or behind a panelled pre-wall. Element for urinal with exposed flush valve 457. type Universal This element is suitable for installation inside dry walls or behind a panelled pre-wall.Installation elements Kombifix & Duofix Kombifix element for urinal Universal This solution is for concealed urinal controls installed in front of or inside a solid wall. Element for urinal Universal 457.00. Element for Universal. For concealed flushing systems Element for urinal Keramag Joly and Visit 111.1 23 .1 Duofix element for urinal Universal This element is suitable for installation inside dry walls or behind a panelled pre-wall.686. with exposed flush valve This solution is for exposed urinal controls installed in front of or inside a solid wall.689.00.611.