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A Global Leader in Air Pollution Control Technology

Products / Services Phone: 714-632-9801 (West) Phone: 585-593-1405  (East) • RETOX dual chamber RTO’s • Flameless NOx-free RTO operation • Acid gas / Halogenated RTO designs • Custom designed exhaust stacks • RTO service, spares & turnkey installation • Custom UL/CUL control panels

Products / Services • Precipitator voltage controllers • Rapper controllers • Precipitator monitoring systems • Hopper rappers • High voltage rappers • Precipitator parts & service

Phone: 800-417-0005

Products / Services • FCC Cyclones - Reactor - Regenerator - Third stage Separators - Fourth stage Separators • Hoppers • Fines • Plenums • Vessel heads •R  iser and catalyst Transfer lines • Air grids • Diplegs and Valves

Phone: 717-274-7154

Products / Services Phone: 724-940-2326 • Rolling mill fume exhaust • Metal strip cooling • Mill duty ventilation • Fugitive emission control • Lead dust control

Products / Services  Industrial sheet metal contractors specializing in the design of dust, fume and mist control systems along with custom sheet and plate fabrication. Phone: 800.333.5475 Products / Services •S  crubbers: . louver.Products / Services • High efficiency aerosol mist elimination systems for oil Products / Services • Flue gas dampers: guillotine. Ohio 45227 Toll Free: 800-333-5475 • Fax: 513-458-2647 www. wafer.effoxflextor. high-temp and severe service cyclones .com Products / Services •D  uct systems: flanged.ASME Certified •S  evere service dust collectors • Pilot Scale testing capabilities Phone: 502-572-4000 www. mesh pads. poppet and radial-vane styles • Diverter dampers: zero leak and low leak designs •N  on-metallic expansion joints Phone: 800-220-8021 www. and pre-filters •R  etro-fit replacement filters for competitor systems Products / Services • Regenerative thermal oxidation • Regenerative catalytic oxidation • Selective catalytic reduction • Thermal oxidation • Catalytic oxidation • Field service for all oxidizers Phone: 800-313-0178 www. asphalt and inorganic chemicals • Standard and custom system • Replacement filters. venturi.cecoenviro. raw end •A  ngle rings and individual components •C  ollection “solution” products •H  oods and special fabrication Phone: 866-562-3828 Phone: 513-874-8915 www. clamp together.kbduct.cecoenviro.fkinc. and packed-bed •H CECO ENVIRONME N T A L C O R P O R A T E H E A D Q U A R T E R S 4625 Red Bank Road Phone: 513-458-2600 • • Suite 200 • Cincinnati.