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1) S + modifier + V Modifier : a prepositional phrase ( with, along with, together with…), a participial phrase, a to- infinitive phrase, a ralative clause

 S + [phrase] + V EX: the ranking list of the world’s top 50 university was in today’s newspaper.  S + [clause] + V EX: the main reason why the new product failed to appeal to customers was not its price, but its quality. 2) [every/each] + singular noun + singular verbs EX: each manager is expected to hand in the progress reports by this friday [one of/ each one of/ either of/ neither of] + plural noun + singular verbs EX: Neither of the director was told to attend the semina. [every/ some/ any/ no] + [one/ body/ thing] + singular verbs. EX: everybody was waiting for the show to begin. 3) Noun clause/ gerunds/ to-infinitive khi làm Subject => dùng singular verbs EX: what you told me was a great help. Distributing the agendas is Mr.Adam’s job. To take picture in the galleries is strictly prohibited. 4) Những danh từ chỉ giá cả/ cân nặng/ chiều dài/ khoảng thời gian/ danh từ riêng/ tên môn học thì ta dùng singular verbs EX: at least three weeks is needs to finish the project. Fitty-one kilometers is the expected distance to the destination. Susan has expressed an interest in expanding into the European market. Economics is the study of the manegement of the production, distribution, … Ten dollas is a high price to pay. 5) (cái công thức này bài 5 hellochao có r nhưng đt cũng ghi lại lunk để sp coi cho có hệ thông nha sp) The number of + plural noun + singular verbs EX: the number of unemployed college graduates is increasing A number of + plural noun + PLURAL verbs EX: a number of mistake were made by the entry-level employee. 6)  Both A and B + plural verbs EX:  Either A or B/ Neither A nor B/ not A but B/ not only A but also B  Những từ này mình sử dụng động từ số nhiều hay ít thì dựa vào chủ ngữ B nha sp. Ex: either his parents or he has to sign the contract.  A as well as B Cấu trúc này thì chí động từ số nhiều hay ít dựa vào chủ ngữ A nha sp. Ex: john, as well as his two sons, is well known as a writer 7) Cái này chắc để bữa nào đt nói chứ bây h đt ko biết ghi ra sao nữa  sp thông cảm nha  Nhưng có 1 số ví dụ z nè sp: Ex: fitty percent of the pie has disappeared. One-third of the people are unemployed. Some of the pie is missing.

All of the pies are gone. .None of the garbage was picked up.