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Betrayal of the Chosen
A History of Modern Israel
Will the current “Peace Process” lead to peace? Why not? Have the victims of the Holocaust now become the villains of the Middle East? Is the plight of the Palestinians fact or fable? From both public and private sources, this briefing package summarizes the bizarre, and largely unknown, history behind the State of Israel from the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. to the present. Most diligent Bible students understand Israel’s history up to the Crucifixion, but few really understand how Israel’s present predicament came about and thus fail to fully appreciate the prophetic perspective. ©1 1997 Koinonia House Inc. Page

Thus. Israel defeated by Assyria. First siege of Jerusalem. Israel begins at Genesis 3:15. Cyrus orders Jews’ return to rebuild their Temple. Pharaoh Neco of Egypt defeated by Nebuchadnezzar at the Battle of Carchemish. Temple destroyed. But the Scripture reckons the birth of the Nation Israel at the Exodus (Ex 4:22). the northern tribes exiled. ~1450? Conquest of the Promised Land under Joshua. Vassal king installed at Jerusalem. Isa 11:11). Third siege. They went into Egypt as a family. Temple reconstruction completed? 722 Where does Israel begin? In one sense. Persian Empire conquers Babylon. Page 2 536516 458 Artaxerxes permits Ezra to return to Jerusalem with additional exiles. (Triggers the 69 weeks of Daniel 9:25.000 deported—including Ezekiel. when the “Seed of the Woman” is first announced.Betrayal of the Chosen A Modern History of Israel ~880 The civil war divides the Kingdom into “Israel” in the north and “Judah” in the south. Daniel and his three friends taken captive to Babylon. 445 David captures Jerusalem from Jebusites. Israel’s beginning occurs at the call of Abraham in Genesis 12. they came out as a nation. (The summary of this Woman occurs in Revelation 12). In another sense.C. See Daniel’s 70 Weeks briefing pack. Solomon dedicates the First Temple in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles. ~1040 ~1003 ~917 Saul appointed as first king. Second siege of Jerusalem by Babylon. Nehemiah gains authority to rebuild the city (and walls) of Jerusalem. 597 606 605 587 Chronology 539 B. ~1500? The Birth of the Nation in the Exodus. 10. the first regathering (cf. Jerusalem falls.) Page 3 .

Temple recaptured and rededicated. Herod Antipas. 66-73 63 Roman army under Pompey conquers Judea. cf. prohibits Torah practice. (The “Times of the Gentiles” begin: Lk 21:24). rebuilding of the Temple begins. Parthians conquer Judea. Rom 11:25). Bar Kochba revolt. Pontius Pilate procurator of Judea. Destruction of Jerusalem predicted. (Origin of Hanukkah celebration. Moves his capital to Byzantium (Constantinople).332 Alexander the Great conquers the Persians. Emperor Constantine legalizes Christianity in the Roman Empire. stroyed by Titus. Crucifixion under 167 The tragedy of all history (Mt 23: 37-39). Emperor Theodosius makes Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. Second Temple de- 142-63 Hasmonean dynasty rules Jerusalem. destroys the 12th Legion. and sets up the “Abomination of Desolation” in the Temple. removed judicial authority: “The Sceptre departed from Judah” (cf. 135 4? 2? Birth of Christ. Gen 49:10). 7 Caesar Augustus appoints Caponius Procurator.D. Maccabean revolt begins. National blindness decreed (Lk 19:40ff. Page 4 313 26-36 378 . Page 5 70 40-37 Last stand of the Jewish revolt at Masada. Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) ransacks Jerusalem. 164 The Diaspora Begins 37-41 Roman emperor Caligula attempts to have his image established in the Temple. Fall of Jerusalem.) 28-32 Ministry of Jesus. Temple to Jupiter built over the site of the Jewish Temple. beginning the Hellenistic rule of Judea. 132 Herod begins reconstruction and expansion of the Temple. A. 73 37 20 Herod regains Jerusalem. Jn 10:22. establishes capital at Caesarea. Jewish revolt against the Romans. Hadrian orders Jerusalem plowed under and builds Aelia Capitolina on the ruins. Romans crush the Jewish revolt.

750 950 1071 1097 1516 1099 1537-41 Walls of Jerusalem rebuilt under Suleiman the Magnificent.570 Mohammed is born at Mecca. Godfrey de Bouillon leads First Crusade to Jerusalem. Spain. 1228-1229: Took Jerusalem. Jerusalem in Turkish hands for next 400 years. persecuting both Jews and Christians. Germany brokers deal to return all of Jerusalem except Temple Mount to Crusader control. (Syria fell. Mamelukes rule from Cairo. Crusaders lay siege to Jerusalem and recapture city. but soon lost it. 1241 Byzantines recapture Jerusalem under Heraclius. heirs battle each other. 1201-1204: Captured and plundered Constantinople. 614 628 Persians sack Jerusalem. North Africa. wide-scale massacre of almost 40. All synagogues and churches destroyed. 1187 Muslims recapture Jerusalem under Saladin. 1147-1149: Postponed the fall of Jerusalem. arresting the incursion of Islam into Europe. 638. France. Abbasid Dynasty of Baghdad seizes control of Jerusalem. 689. 634. Egyptian-based Fatimid Dynasty conquers Jerusalem.) saders declare Jerusalem capital of their Latin kingdom. Muslim domination of Jerusalem begins. Seljuks conquer Palestine and vandalize Jerusalem. Saladin dies. Jerusalem conquered by Caliph Omar. Page 7 . Jerusalem becomes city of exile for dangerous criminals and disfavored government officials. Charles Martel defeats the Moors at Tours. 1248-1254: A failure. 711. Egypt. who encourages Jews and Christians to settle in Jerusalem and help him fight Latin Crusaders. 640. Ottoman Empire succeeds Mameluke Empire. 1189-1191: Army failed to reach Jerusalem. CruPage 6 638 1244 732 Crusades (Summary): 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 1291 1097-1099: Captured Jerusalem. Crusaders expelled from Jerusalem by mercenaries hired by Egyptian Sultan. 732.000 Jews and Muslims. Persia. The Rise of Islam begins. Jerusalem. 637. Stopped at Tours.

Samaria. Valdimir Jabotinsky founds Haganah. Joseph Trumpeldor founds Zion Mule Corps of British Army in World War I. 1919 1882 Publication of Leo Pinsker’s AutoEmancipation. the Jewish self-defense force in Palestine. Widespread pogroms in Russia reinforce Jewish national awakening. Britain gains control of Palestine. France and Russia. Herzl’s Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) published. Wilson argues for self-determination of peoples. first Jewish neighborhood built outside Jerusalem walls. calling for the establishment of a Jewish state. Switzerland. France gains control of what is now Lebanon and Syria. British forces under General Sir Edmund Allenby liberate Palestine from the Turks. defeated in World War I. Carves up the former Ottoman Empire. 1920 1894 Theodor Herzl attends the trial of Alfred Dreyfus in Paris and witnesses outpouring of French anti-Semitism. San Remo Conference grants Britain Mandate over Palestine with the aim of encouraging immigration and settlement of Jews and establishment of Jewish National Home. Page 9 1896 1897 1915 . Jewish-Arab accord: Jews claim Jewish home in Palestine.” 1917 The Regathering Begins 1860 Mishkenot Sha’ananim.1544 Muslim authorities seal the Golden Gate because of a prophecy that the Messiah would enter through this gate. Arabs claim Arab state from Iraq to Yemen (excluding Palestine). Page 8 1881 Versailles Peace Conference. Rioters demand end to Jewish immigration and incorporation of Palestine into Syria. Balfour Declaration commits Britain to supporting a Jewish National Home in Palestine. the first Jewish fighting unit in centuries. British officials instigate Arab riots in Palestine. Herzl convenes First Zionist Congress in Basel. Jewish Legion participates in freeing Galilee. 1916 1799 Sykes-Picot Agreement signed by Britain. and “Transjordan. Napoleon moves against Ottoman Empire from Egyptian front. Beginning of the first wave of Zionist immigration to Palestine. stopped before he reaches Jerusalem.

1922 League of Nations officially ratifies British Mandate over Palestine with aim of building Jewish National Home. part of the British forces. Arab rioters murder 500 Jews and thousands of Arabs. Peel Plan is rejected by both Arabs and Jews. Recommends repartition of Palestine into tiny Jewish state (5% of total area) and Arab state in remainder. Arabs demand end to Jewish immigration. Arab nationalist movements riot to stop Jewish homeland in Palestine and throw their support to Hitler in World War II. Hitler invades Poland. World War II ends. 1941 World War II 1939 1925 Vladimir Jabotinsky founds Zionist Revisionism. Munich Conference and betrayal of the Czechs. forerunner of the Herut political party and the modern Likud Party. Hitler comes to power in Germany. British blockade Palestine against “illegal” Jewish immigration. Page 11 1942 1944 1945 Liberation of the . Britain halts Jewish immigration to Palestine.1921 British decide to install Abdullah in “Transjordan” (eastern Palestine). Massacre of Jews in Hebron and Safed. British White Paper limits Jewish immigration to Palestine. Chamberlain White Paper announces end to Jewish National Home and promises control of immigration into Palestine to the Arabs within five years. Instigates terrorism against Arab moderates also. demanding an end to Jewish immigration. Hitler is given the Sudetenland. 1937 British Peel Commission asserts that Page 10 Mufti relocates to Berlin. Nazi conference at Wannsee decides on destruction of all Jews in Europe. Arab riots in Palestine. taking 78% of land allocated for British Mandate. 1929 1930 1933 1936-39 Campaign of Arab violence in Palestine. Hitler overruns Czechoslovakia. begins. announces intention of creating “fascist” Arab state and agitates for the destruction of world Jewry. Jewish National Home cannot be built in Palestine. Jewish Brigade. fights alongside the Allies. condemning millions of European Jews to the Holocaust. 1938 Churchill White Paper creates “Transjordan” east of Jordan River. Samuel appoints haj Amin al-Husseini grand mufti of Jerusalem. Meets with Hitler.

1951 “Illegal” smuggling of Holocaust survivors into Palestine by Jews. PLO is founded in Cairo with aim of “liberating” Palestine. Arabs demand end to Jewish immigration to Palestine. Increase of Jewish underground actions against British blockade and British administration in Palestine. War of Independence ends in Jewish victory. Syria. American guarantees to protect Israel fails to take effect. Jordan annexes East Jerusalem. Israel defeats combined forces of Egypt. Declaration of independence of the State of Israel.Nov 5.000 Arabs flee from Israel and are confined to refugee camps. Dwight Eisenhower guarantees protection of Israeli shipping. Jordanian forces occupy Judea. Jews accept partition. Terrorist bases in Gaza dismantled. 1952-56 Terrorist raids into Israel from adjoining Arab states. Israeli army adopts policy of reprisals. Campaign of terror attacks across Israel’s borders escalates. Israel captures Sinai from Egypt. Iraq.-Soviet pressure forces Israeli withdrawal from Sinai without peace treaty. Abu Jihad. Invasion of Arab forces aimed at preventing the establishment of the Jewish State. Britain announces withdrawal from Palestine. 1948-52 800. Page 12 650. David Ben Gurion becomes first Prime Minister.S. Dead Sea Scrolls discovered. and eastern half of Jerusalem. Most flee to Israel and are absorbed. Egypt occupies Gaza. Arab armies from five countries invade Israel. 1946 1947 Irgun bombs King David Hotel. June 5-10. 1964 1948-49 Israel’s War of Independence. and other future leaders of the PLO. including Old City and Temple Mount. Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalizes Suez Canal and blocks Israeli shipping. Egypt floods Sinai with troops and blockades Israeli shipping in the Red Sea. PLO Charter calling for Israel’s destruction is adopted (still in place). Arabs reject it. 1956 Sinai Campaign. Samaria. U. Yasser Arafat of the Husseini clan begins organizing Palestinian radicals in Cairo and recruits Abu Iyad. United Nations announces partition into Jewish and Arab states. destroying all Jewish settlements.death camps where six million Jews died. Oct 29 . Six Day War. including Egyptian-sponsored fedayeen raids from Gaza.000 Jews expelled from Arab countries. and Page 13 1948 1967 .

PLO control of Lebanon is challenged. Judea. frees 103 hostages held by PLO. 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes earns PLO international notoriety. PLO steps up terror attacks across Jordan River. 1977 Likud government elected in Israel. 1968 PLO hijacking of Israeli airliner to Algeria marks beginning of PLO campaign of international terror. 1973 1969 1969-70 War of Attrition. Page 15 . Moshe Dayan gives administration of the Temple Mount to the Waqf. setting cease-fire lines in the Sinai and the Golan.) Israeli raid on Entebbe airport in Uganda on July 4. King Hussein massacres Palestinian Arabs and expels Arafat and the PLO in “Black September. PLO campaign of massacres continue in northern Israel. Menachem Begin is first Likud prime minister. Egypt and Syria launch a campaign of continuous attacks along Suez Canal and Golan Heights. PLO attempts to take over Jordan. Captures Sinai and Gaza. Yasser Arafat. Heavy Israeli retaliation brings war to an end. which becomes a base for all international terror organizations. Israel negotiates disengagement agreement with Egypt and Syria. 5-24. Yom Kippur War. Arabs ask for cease fire after three weeks of fighting.Jordan. the High Muslim Council of Jordan. Jerusalem is reunited. Judea and Samaria. 1970 Egypt’s Nasser dies and is succeeded by Anwar Sadat. Arab oil embargo is imposed. 1976 Syria invades Lebanon and sets up permanent control over more than half of that country. International oil prices rise dramatically. (Western press ignores this.” 1971-75 PLO relocates to Lebanon and establishes de facto state on its territory. Page 14 1975 United Nations passes resolution defaming Zionism as racism (!). Jewish settlements in eastern Jerusalem. Despite heavy casualties. gains control of the PLO. head of the Fatah guerilla wing. Oct. and full-scale civil war erupts between Moslems and Christians. Egypt and Syria launch surprise attack against Israel. Israeli army reverses tide and advances toward Cairo and Damascus. and the Golan Heights. and Samaria reestablished.

President Anwar Sadat of Egypt responds to Begin’s invitation and visits Israel. Norway. from Algiers. PLO declares establishment of Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. Sadat is assassinated. 1990 Israeli airlift brings most of Ethiopian Jewry to Israel. takes lead in war against terror after PLO hijacks Achille Lauro cruise ship. 1979 Egypt and Israel sign Camp David Accords. U. Page 17 . Syria remains in control of most of Lebanon. and is pressured to negotiate with PLO representatives. 1981 1982 Israeli ambassador is shot in London by PLO. and a Jordanian/Palestinian delegation. Israel branded as the chief obstacle to peace. Israel invades Lebanon with aim of dismantling PLO terrorist bases.) 1978-79 First wave of Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union as a result of Soviet/ American détente reaches peak. and Israel sign strategic cooperation agreement formalizing alliance. Israel agrees to return Sinai. Intifada. 1984 1985 1991 1992 1986 U.000 in five years.S. U. begins.S. Israel withdraws from Lebanon and establishes security zone north of Israeli/ Lebanese border.S. Lebanon. Labor returns to power in Israel.S. Madrid Peace Conference among Israel. Syria. Yitzhak Rabin becomes prime minister. PLO pressures Jordan’s King Hussein into renouncing all claims to the West Bank.S. 1987 PLO banned in U. Midair interception of terrorists by U. fighter planes.S. 1991 Persian Gulf War. by law for terrorist activities. Israel is attacked by Iraqi Scud missiles but is kept from intervening by the U. Saddam Hussein of Iraq invades Kuwait. the Palestinian uprising. Page 16 1992-93 Secret negotiations with the PLO takes place in Oslo. 1988 1989-91 Collapse of Soviet Union. and Britain bomb Libya in retaliation for Libyan-supported terror attacks.-led international coalition drives Saddam from Kuwait. U.S. PLO is expelled from Lebanon and forced to relocate in Tunis. Second wave of Soviet immigration to Israel brings 600. Two hundred thousand Soviet Jewish immigrants arrive in Israel. (Leads to peace treaty in 1979.

Zech 12:2ff). Bantam Books.1992 Declarations of Principles (“Oslo I”) signed at the White House ceremony. 1984. Yitzhak Rabin. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated. Schndier. 1993. 1982. Israel. 1996 Bibliography Primary: Benjamin Netanyahu. Gaza Strip and Jericho turned over to PLO control. Mike Evans. 1997. Chaim: The Arab-Israel Wars: War and Peace in the Middle East. and over 450 villages to Palestinian control. Green Forest AR. and Shimon Peres receive Nobel Peace Prize. Dave Hunt. Martin’s Press. Jerusalem. 1996. Collins. transferring control of Jericho and Gaza to PLO control. New York NY. Nachrichten aus Israel. Cleveland. From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine. Westview Press. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany. Dominique: O Jerusalem! Simon and Schuster. Herzog. William L. Keter Publishing House. Dan 11:41). Yasser Arafat. John Loftus and Mark Aarons. A “Must Read” by the one who subsequently became the current Prime Minister. A definitive study revealing the truth behind the myths. 1996. A Place Among the Nations. Vintage Books. Boulder CO. Word Publishing. New York NY. Eugene OR. Joan Peters. New York NY. Hebron. Israel. The Twelve Tribes (Supplement to the Expositional Commentary of Joshua). 1972. Peace Treaty signed with Jordan (cf. Page 18 . Dallas TX. Harvest House. See also the following briefing packs by Koinonia House: • The Next Holocaust • The Coming Temple • Seventy Weeks of Daniel • The Prodigal Heirs • The Kingdom of Blood Also. Jerusalem Betrayed. New York NY. 1994 Supplemental: William Shirer. Shimon Peres succeeds Rabin. Page 19 1995 Interim Agreement (“Oslo II”) signed with the PLO which cedes Bethlehem. Ballantine. New York NY. David Allen Lewis. Encyclopedia Judaica. Final status talks begin that will decide the fate of Jerusalem (cf. The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People. Ludwig: Israel Jahrbuch 1997. 1994. New York NY. Benjamin Netanyahu wins first national election for Prime Minister. Random House. 1994. Harper and Row. St. Jerusalem. Can Israel Survive in a Hostile World? New Leaf Press. Larry & LaPierre. 1950. A Cup of Trembling. Simon Frazer University.: A History of the Modern Middle East. 1994.

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