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National Champions Crowned

The Olympiad Organizing Committee has completed the Final Round of the 2013 Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad. This has been presented by The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. A total of 126 students sat the Final Round Examination held on March 23. These students came from 24 high schools throughout Jamaica. After assessing the scripts, the Department of Mathematics has determined that 17 students are medalists. They include the three best performers from each of the Grades 7 through 11. An additional 37 students receive an Honourable Mention. The 54 awardees, consisting of the Medalists and Honourable Mentions, include the top 10 performers in each grade. They come from a total of 18 schools across the island. The Department of Mathematics has also determined that 73 students receive a Merit Award. This is given to students who finished in the top 10% in their grade in the 2013 Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad. On behalf of the University of the West Indies, the Organizing Committee congratulates all students who earned a Medal, an Honourable Mention, or a Merit Award. We also thank the students, their parents, and their teachers for the dedication and enthusiastic support they’ve shown through the four rounds of this competition. The 2013 National Champions are listed below by their Grade Level and in the order in which they finished. Grade 7 1st. Aneisha Brown, Montego Bay High School, Gold Medal 2nd. Arianne Smith, Campion College, Silver Medal 3rd. Jason DeCambre, Campion College, Bronze Medal (tie) Janai Shelton, Campion College, Bronze Medal (tie) 5th. Krystal Coleman, Glenmuir High School, Honourable Mention 6th. Omari Brown, Herbert Morrison Technical High School, Honourable Mention 7th. Karan Dhiman, Hillel Academy High School, Honourable Mention 8th. Adjaynae Billings, Ardenne High School, Honourable Mention 9th. Kathryn Lord, Campion College, Honourable Mention 10th. Shakem Beckford, Cornwall College, Honourable Mention (tie) Asha-Lee Cole, Montego Bay High School, Honourable Mention (tie)

Grade 8 1st. Tamoy Seabourne, Campion College, Gold Medal 2nd. Phillip Lloyd, Glenmuir High School, Silver Medal 3rd. Tiffany McCarthy, Glenmuir High School, Bronze Medal 4th. Jason Salmon, Campion College, Honourable Mention 5th. Jason Hunter, Cornwall College, Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention 9th. Shantae Shand. Campion College. Kareem Bowley. Glenmuir High School. Honourable Mention (tie) Tonia Williams. Honourable Mention Grade 10 1st. Bronze Medal (tie) 5th. Kimarie McLaren. Anubhav Pattanaik. Honourable Mention 8th. Bronze Medal (tie) 4th. Gold Medal 2nd. Silver Medal 3rd. Gabrielle Higgins. Honourable Mention 6th. Campion College. Silver Medal 3rd. Honourable Mention 7th. Morgan Kennedy. Ardenne High School. Jago High School. Honourable Mention 6th. Bronze Medal 4th. Jabari Hastings. Charlemont High School. American International School of Kingston. Jago High School. Andrew Hercules. Gold Medal 2nd. Cornwall College. Kingston College. Kacian Barker. Campion College. St. Gold Medal 2nd. Campion College. Kingston College. St. Shad Burnett. Nichelae McFarlane. Honourable Mention 10th. Hilda’s Diocesan High School. Andrew High School for Girls.6th. Honourable Mention (tie) Jordan Salmon. Orville Kirkland. Bronze Medal 4th. Honourable Mention 5th. Aston Harris. St. Honourable Mention 8th. Silver Medal 3rd. Kord Campbell. St. Jhamali Vassal. Immaculate Conception High School. Hillel Academy High School. Mary High School. Campion College. Vanessa Swaby. Honourable Mention 10th. Melissa Douglas. Mary High School. Honourable Mention 8th. Torrain Findlay. Cornwall College. Honourable Mention Shamar Mundell. John Lord. Immaculate Conception High School. Kingston College. Wolmer's Girl's High School. Srinivas Malladi. Honourable Mention 7th. Amoy Muirhead. Campion College. Shamour Reid. Dinthill Technical High School. Anphernee Wilson. Ardenne High School. Hakeem Angulu. Delano Francis. Honourable Mention . Herbert Morrison Technical High School. Honourable Mention 9th. Immaculate Conception High School (tie) Grade 11 1st. Montego Bay High School. Anushree Gopal. Avaughn Prendergast. St. St. Abbi-Gail Kilbourne. Danielle Notice. Glenmuir High School. Immaculate Conception High School. Honourable Mention 10th. Honourable Mention 9th. Honourable Mention 5th. Britney Campbell. Honourable Mention (tie) Grade 9 1st. Glenmuir High School. Honourable Mention 7th.

Campion College Jevonnie Jarrett. Hilda's Diocesan High School Gary Thoms. Honourable Mention 10th. Herbert Morrison Technical High School Jordan Ashman.6th. Kingston College Tyra Cameron. Immaculate Conception High School Gabrielle Clarke. Montego Bay High School Josephat Ononiwu. Grade 7 Shelice Anderson. Ferncourt High School Rasheed Lewis. Jago High School Hallie Fletcher. Mannings School Catherine Douse. Kingston College Kharece Lloyd. Kingston College Ricardo Ricketts. St. Mary High School Danielle Tucker. Campion College. Honourable Mention 7th. Creighton Solomon. Honourable Mention 9th. Cornwall College Javoni Ruxi. Honourable Mention 8th. Ferncourt High School . Tiffanie Williams. Kevon Stewart. Kingston College Demarly Lewis. St. St. William Knibb Memorial High School. Kingston College Shereka Simmonds. Kingston College Kathryn Baron. Cornwall College. Montego Bay High School Latavia Cobham. These students finished in the top 10% in the nation in their grade. Campion College. Honourable Mention Merit Awards The following students earned a Merit Award in the 2013 Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad. Holy Childhood High School Jovian Davis. Kingston College Roy Robinson. Andrew High School Patrice Lloyd. Immaculate Conception High School. Petersfield High School Demoy Levene. Sherika Anderson. St. Ardenne High School Menen Maxwell. Campion College Christina Grant. Montego Bay High School Jahmai Scarlett. Recipients are listed in alphabetical order within their grade. Jago High School Tyrell Bennett. St. Green Pond High School Phillipine Saratan. Martin McIntosh.

Kingston College Havielle Reid. Glenmuir High School Abeje Maxwell. American International School of Kingston Onika Shaw. Immaculate Conception High School Kymani Francis. American International School of Kingston Tashae Downer. Frome Technical High School Moesha Montaque. Hilda's Diocesan High School Breanna Julal. St. Kingston College Tomoya Vernon. Campion College Roneil Brown. Immaculate Conception High School Rashaun Rose. Mary High School Avadeen Francis. St. Kingston College Milton Marsh. Jago High School Jaquan Robinson. Holy Childhood High School Ashena Stewart. Immaculate Conception High School Grade 9 Sakina Carter. The Queen's School Yashan Thompson. Herbert Morrison Technical High School Renique Robinson. Montego Bay High School Stephen McDaniel.Grade 8 Darren Black. Jago High School Carmich Davidson. St. Kingston College Shemar Henry. St. Campion College Iesha McLeod. Ardenne High School Tavoy Palmer. Charlemont High School Javaney Gayle. Glenmuir High School Kyle Pratt. Glenmuir High School Saphrah-Ann Wint. Hilda's Diocesan High School Dowesha Williams. Herbert Morrison Technical High School Joelle Notice. Hilda's Diocesan High School Kimberly Clarke. St. Charlemont High School . Holland High School Tajay Tennant. St. William Knibb Memorial High School Toby Cooke. Kingston College Dominique Ramsingh. Herbert Morrison Technical High School Antoneel Thompson. Herbert Morrison Technical High School Yanick Edwards -Shaw. Herbert Morrison Technical High School Amanda Samuels. Cornwall College Daniel Hall. Glenmuir High School Tashique Gibson.

Cornwall College Stephanique Wallace. St. Jago High School Cheriece Davidson. Campion College Kenice Smith. Montego Bay High School .Grade 10 Jamaal Hay. Kingston College Dean Romans. Frome Technical High School Grade 11 Satchin Campbell. Campion College Justin Henry. Campion College Sherifa Cohen.