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FarmVille Traditions Around the World Quest

Starts: 14th December, 2012 Expires: 28th December, 2012 Required Buildings:
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Animal Workshop Livestock Pen/Jade Habitat Bakery Orchard

Note: This quest may be carried out on all farms and should be repeatable according to the current game codes. Some images will be visible when the quest is released.
Quest Icon Quest Requirements Quest 1: Festivus? Get 6 Festivus Poles Harvest 50 Spinach (14 Hrs Crop) Harvest Animal Workshop 2 Times Rewards: 125 XP, Pig of Strength, 2500 Coins Crop Alternative: Red Spinach-14 hrs Tip: Animal Workshop may be harvested once every 12 hrs Quest 2: Paper Lamps Get 7 Crepe Papers Harvest 75 Morning Glory (12 Hrs Crop) Harvest Pig of Strength 2 Times Rewards: 150 XP, Parol, 3000 Coins Crop Alternative: Super Morning Glory-12 hrs Item To Ask Quest Reward

Tip: Harvest the Pig in Livestock Pen/Jade Habitat Quest 3: Winter Solstice Get 8 Bamboo Baskets Harvest 100 Rice (12 Hrs Crop) Make Black Licorice Recipe 3 Times Rewards: 175 XP. 4000 Coins Crop Alternatives: Frozen Grapes-1 Day/Super Grapes-1 Day/White Grapes-12 hrs/Chardonnay-10 hrs/Zinfandel-1 Day/Amethyst Grapes-1 Day Tip: Harvest the Pig in Livestock Pen/Jade Habitat Quest 5: Straw Goats Get 9 Red Ribbons Harvest 150 Sorghums (10 Hrs Crop) Harvest Pohutakawa Tree 1 Time Rewards: 225 XP. 4500 Coins Tip: Harvest the tree in Orchard Quest 6: Boxing and the Holidays? Get 9 Boxing Day Gifts Harvest 150 Wheat (12 Hrs Crop) Harvest Yule Goat 2 Times Rewards: 250 XP. & 9 Sugarcane Bushels Quest 4: Holidays in the Summer? Get 9 Paua Shells Harvest 125 Grapes (1 Day Crop) Master Pig of Strength to 1-Star (5 Harvests) Rewards: 200 XP. 3500 Coins Crop Alternatives: Iced Rice-12 hrs/Double Grain-12 hrs/Sticky Rice-1 Day/Imperial Rice-4 hrs/Jasmine Rice-8 hrs/Brown Rice-12 hrs Tip: Make 3 Black Licorice in Bakery using 9 Licorice. Pohutakawa Tree. 5000 Coins Crop Alternative: Red Wheat-3 Days Tip: Harvest the Goat in Livestock Pen/Jade Habitat . Yule Goat. 2 Turbo Chargers. 9 Rye. 1 Mystery Dart.

Dreidel Tree. 6000 Coins Tip: Harvest the Goat in Livestock Pen/Jade Habitat Quest 9: Colors and Family Get 12 Colorful Paper Mache Harvest 200 Peanuts (16 Hrs Crop) Harvest Dreidel Tree 1 Time Rewards: 325 XP. 1 XP Book. 5500 Coins Crop Alternatives: Super Pattypan Squash-16 hrs/Carnival Squash-8 hrs/Acorn Squash-10 hrs/Squmpkin-16 hrs/Pattypan Squash-16 hrs/Pumpkin-8 hrs/Super Pumpkin-8 hrs/White Pumpkin-8 hrs Tip: Make 3 Cupcakes in Bakery using 6 Licorice. Pinata Pony. & 9 Rye Bushels. Quest 8: Festival of Lights Harvest 11 Wood Blocks Harvest 150 Rye (20 Hrs Crop) Master Yule Goat to 1-Star (5 Harvests) Rewards: 300 XP.Quest 7: Festivals and Feasts Get 10 Kente Clothes Harvest 150 Squash (2 Days Crop) Make Strawberry Licorice Cupcake 3 Times Rewards: 275 XP. 6500 Coins Crop Alternatives: Super Peanut-16 hrs/Jade Peanuts-3 Days Tip: Harvest the tree in Orchard . 12 Strawberry.