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Implementation of BSUP in Nagpur on the basis of Public Private Partnership (PPP


GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA Housing Department Resolution No.Grunidho-2009/CR 49/GND-2 Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032 Dated the 18th February, 2009
Read: Government Resolution, Housing Department, No.JNNURM-2007/CR 52/GND-2, dated 25th June, 2007

PREAMBLE: Government of Maharashtra has been implementing BSUP scheme in Nagpur city since 2006. According to 2001 census Nagpur city has about 30% of its population (8,03,871) living in 424 slums out of which 289 are notified slums. These slums exist on lands belonging to various agencies of government as well as private land owners. Out of 289 slums, 33 slums exist on the lands that belong to various institutions such as Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), State/Central Government, railway lands or are reserved for public utilities, play grounds or are declared as green belt. Therefore, these slums need to be rehabilitated on alternate land to free up the reserved spaces and put them to designated use as per sanctioned Development Plan. To rehabilitate these slum dwellers an area of 24 Ha. is required. In view of the paucity of government land, it has become imperative to mobilize private lands for resettlement of the aforesaid slum dwellers. Further it has now become necessary to implement Public Private Partnership model for this purpose by suitably improvising on the BSUP scheme. RESOLUTION: 1. State Government has therefore decided to implement the slum relocation and rehabilitation program in Nagpur city as mentioned above through implementation of BSUP scheme in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework. 2. 2.1 The scheme will be implemented as follows: Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), Nagpur will be the Project Implementing Agency.

GR PPP Model-Nagpur.doc

dated 24th December. As this scheme is a BSUP scheme implemented by SRA.7 2.2 CEO. Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA) on carpet area that are in conformity to the DC rules applicable for SRA in Nagpur.50. 2008. SRA will be the Planning Authority for the same. develop the layout as per the guidelines of BSUP.doc .5 2. Remaining FSI will be available with SRA to be leveraged for development of slum rehabilitation or slum prevention schemes. level the slum land getting vacated with compound wall.4 2.e. Resolution No. If the FSI utilized in the project is less than 2. FSI required for development of the reservation freed under the scheme. After the approval by SRA. for constructing the dwelling units of 25 sq. shall be made available to concerned agency by SRA free of cost. The selection of developer shall be done by a transparent process. Nagpur shall call Expression Of Interest (EOI) from persons owning private lands or developers.e. under this PPP scheme to make available the land.3 2.2. In case the owner / developer offers any premium. FSI of 2.R. The balance cost of the project i.135/08/UD-9.TPS-1107/UOR-36/C.50 is applicable as per Govt.6 2.9 GR PPP Model-Nagpur. it shall be obtained by SRA in terms of extra dwelling units so that these dwelling units shall be used either for rehabilitation of other slums or for designing slum prevention schemes like rental housing or affordable housing. SRA. the balance FSI shall remain with SRA to be used for EWS/ Slum housing in the future in the same zone.8 2. a part of the state share and ULB share of the project cost and any excess amount over and above resulting from cost escalation shall be met out of the TDR (Transfer Development Rights) to be released by SRA to the developer. The proposal so received and on being found suitable shall be put up to SRA committee of Nagpur for approval along with the comments of State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) i. Private Land Owners or Developers will be called upon to hand over the lands 2.

4.13 In addition to TDR as a mode of compensation for land component to be released in 3 installments as aforesaid SRA will also give construction TDR to enable the developer to recover the part of the cost of construction not met by the grants released by SRA. http://www. of Maharashtra and Beneficiaries.12 Dwelling units will be allotted to the slum dwellers and after completion of the project. 2.15 The Govt.intranet. 2. These grants would be paid from the funds received by SRA from Government of India. including leveling and compound wall of the vacated slum land. 2. Resolution is being issued in concurrence with Urban Development Department. of Maharashtra.doc . of Maharashtra’s web site no. 2. By order and in the name of the Governor of Maharashtra. Resolution is available on Beneficiaries will be identified by SRA Nagpur in consultation with the land owning authorities. -------GR PPP Model-Nagpur. This Govt.maharashtra. & computer code no. SRA will release remaining 1/3rd TDR admissible as compensation for land thus handed over to the Private Land Owner or the Developer. This Govt. Govt. of Maharashtra’s contribution will be 5-10% of the project cost. 3.proposed to SRA in lieu of 1/3rd of TDR admissible as a compensation for land thus handed over. SRA shall adopt suitable methodology based on ready reckoner value of land to determine the quantum of construction TDR. is 20090220142005001.10 Private Land Owners or the developers will start the construction of the dwelling units and development of layout including infrastructure and social amenities in accordance with the sanction given by SRA and the grants would be released in stages as per the actual construction. 2. Sd/(Sitaram Kunte) Secretary to Government of Maharashtra. 2.11 After the completion of the construction. SRA will take over the dwelling units after giving another 1/3rd of TDR admissible as compensation for land thus handed over.

Nagpur Chairman. 4. Secretary to Hon. 5. Mantralaya. MHADA. 2. Governor of Maharashtra.Copy to: 1. of Maharashtra. Vice President & Chief Executive Officer. Chief Minister Secretary to Hon. Govt. Secy. 9. New Delhi. 8. Mantralaya. Principal Secretary to Hon.Chief Minister Chief Secretary.doc . Mumbai 400 051 Chief Executive Officer. 3. Government of India. Raj Bhavan. Mumbai ( GND – 2). 7. Nagpur Commissioner. 6. Nagpur Dy. Dy. SRA. Nagpur Municipal Corporation Collector. Urban Development Department. Mumbai Private Secretaries to all Ministers and State Ministers. 12. GR PPP Model-Nagpur. Housing Department. 11. N I T.Mumbai. Principal Secretary. 10.

) 0.50 5.35 Type of reservation Railway Railway Railway GR PPP Model-Nagpur.ANNEXURE (GROUP-A) DETAILS OF SLUMS ON RESERVED AREAS AS PER D P Sr.6 Public utility Industrial DETAILS OF SLUMS ON NIT LAND (NOT NOTIFIED) Sr.98 0. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Owner of land NMC NIT GOVT.No.No.71 Industrial West East 947 932 9 36 Road Road Sr.365 Sr.49 Ha.doc .No.655 11. MIX USE RAILWAY UNIVERSITY TOTAL No. DETAILS OF SLUMS ON RAILWAY LAND (NOTIFIED SLUM) Name of Constituency Slum No. of hutments Area of slum Type of reservation 1 2 Laxmi Nagar Kafila wasti West South 125 267 103 74 0. DETAILS OF SLUM ON NMC LAND (NOTIFIED SLUM) Name of Constituency Slum No. of slums 1 5 11 7 (Govt.88 Type of reservation Industrial DETAILS OF SLUMS ON NIT LAND (NOTIFIED) Sr.61 14.No.71 45. Name of slum Constituency Slum Code No. Name of slum Constituency Slum Code No.20 12. 0.No.53 0.96 1.28 2. of hutments Area of slum Type of reservation 1 2 3 Tiber market swapper colony North west of Sanjay Nagar North of Wathoda South 398 191 1.69 0. of slum Code hutments Sudarshan Nagar East 39 137 1 Area of slum 5. of slum Code hutments Dhobi Nagar Harijan Basti Shanti Nagar crpf colony Central Central East 321 324 34 394 100 99 1 2 3 Area of slum 4.) 7 2 33 Total DU’s 137 413 3148 2380 995 71 7144 Area of slum (Ha.

89 4.17 Road Area of slum 0.4 0.85 Type of reservation Public utility Green belt Green belt Green belt Public utility Sr. DETAILS OF SLUMS ON GOVT.38 0.doc . LAND (NOTIFIED SLUM) Name of Constituency Slum No.53 1.58 4.No.8 0.No.2 4.6 Type of reservation Public institution Public utility Open space 0. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Along nag nalla East Q943 7 keshav Nagar North of Raj West 220 326 Nagar Zopadpatti near South 286 173 Yashwant stadium East of Central 230 94 gattigodam East of East 933 83 Hanuman Nagar Shiv Nagar Pardhi South of Rajiv West 919 15 Nagar DETAILS OF SLUMS OF MIX OWNERSHIP (NOTIFIED) Name of slum Constituency Slum No.4 Type of reservation Railway Railway Railway Railway Sr.52 1. of Code hutments Takiya Dhantoli Gayatri Nagar Hatti Nallah Ambika Nagar Takiya Dhantoli (Saraswati Nagar) South West East West South 246 79 44 118 258 128 185 1736 61 260 Area of slum 0. 1. of slum Code hutments Bhim Nagar West of Noga factory East of Kafila basti North of Kumbhartoli Chandani Nagar North North South South 909 955 958 938 148 110 47 97 1 2 3 4 Area of slum 2.Sr.49 Railway Road 0.8 0.00 Type of reservation Public Institution Public Institution Green belt (G R) Zudpi jangal Zudpi jungal GR PPP Model-Nagpur. of Code hutments 4 5 6 Sr.67 1.42 1 ha. DETAILS OF SLUMS ON RAILWAY LAND (NOT NOTIFIED SLUM) Name of Constituency Slum No. 1 2 3 OF SLUMS ON GOVT. No.85 0. of slum Code hutments Rahul Nagar Manvata Nagar Adhiwasi Nagar Azad Nagar North of Raj Nagar DETAILS Name of slum West West East West West 352 153 4 93 920 158 352 272 1082 326 1 2 3 4 5 Area of slum 0. LAND (NOTIFIED SLUM) Constituency Slum No.6 0.

of hutments 311 579 93 74 38 1093 38 78 20 Indira Nagar Sudam Nagari South of Indira Mata Nagar Central part of kachi pura West of kachipura-2 Jaitala village East of Dhobi Nagar Jyoti Nagar South of Takshasheela Nagar South of Zingabai Takali North West North West West West Central West North Area of slum 6.doc .7 0.62 0. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Name of slum Constituency Slum Code 235 157 930 936 951 145 926 156 902 No.62 0. office & Quarters Community Centre Play ground Agriculture Agriculture Zudpi jangal Railway Zudpi jangal Road 10 West 904 66 1.31 0.62 .08 Ring Road GR PPP Model-Nagpur.35 0. No.25 1.DETAILS OF SLUMS OF MIX OWNERSHIP (NOTIFIED) Sr.9 5.46 Type of reservation Govt.