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TSL 3112: Language Assessment


Examine the contributing factors to the changing trends of language assessment.

 The Ministry of Education aims to develop students who are operationally proficient in Bahasa Malaysia and English language.

 Compared to Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysian students’ performance in English language is weaker. Only 28% of students achieve at least a credit benchmarked to Cambridge 1119 in English language SPM.

 Performance in English language also varies by ethnicity, all three major ethnic groups fall significantly a short of the target 70% proficiency target.

 Lower students’ performance in English language appears to be driven by low proficiency among the English language teachers. When a sample of over 7500 English language teachers took CPT, a significant number did not meet the minimum proficiency standard required for teaching English language.

 There is also a mismatch between subjects that teachers were trained to teach and the subjects they end up teaching.

 Approximately, 30% of the English language teachers were not originally trained to teach English, while approximately 3600 that were trained to teach English language are teaching other subjects.

Source: Education Blueprint. Ministry of Education: Kuala Lumpur. . (2013).