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High School Report Name: Sandra Contreras Muñoz Course title: English V Module: Module One Date: 19 Th August

of 2013 Registration: 2675968 Teacher’s name: María Cecilia Garzón Arce Activity: Home work Team: 1 ’’Careers ‘’

Bibliography: ‘’Toeic’’
Talcott, C. et all. (2007) Target Score Second edition. Cambridge University Press (ISBN: 9780521706643)

Objective: Answer the following questions: Note: You can find answers in the Target Score Book, Blackboard or accessing the official TOEIC,

Procedure: 1. Select the league and exposed 2. read about Toeic 3. Select the most interesting questions for me about TOIEC 4. Investigate each 5. Read what the objective of Toeic? 6. Take my conclusions

Results:  Who makes TOEIC and why?

They take people who want to raise their educational level, so also people who want to check their level of English

High School Report  Where do people take?

You can take it at your place of work, as there are companies that provide their employees what to evaluate, and some students take it in their language schools 

Who accepts the TOEIC?

Employees and students who wish to overcome their level of English

What is the test format?

Well consists of 3 main tests write read and listen, these are in based on a website, if the student or employee so desired. 

How many sections have proof?

Have 7 sections, one for writing, and a read. 

What is the test content for section 1?

The first is to read, read a paragraph about a talk between one or more people, where they describe an object, so you can still view the picture and you filled the correct subsection 

What is the content of the test for Section 2?

It is based on selecting the appropriate sentence to paragraph described above. 

How long is each section?

for about 10 to 15 minutes 

How TOEIC and TOEFL are compared in terms of:

Purpose: Helping companies to develop a more efficient team They provide a competitive edge to job seekers and employees. Allow universities to better prepare students for the international workplace

High School Report The standardized examination conditions ETS provide equal opportunities for individuals to demonstrate their ability. A qualification process that follows a high quality control results in reliable and valid qualifications .ETS TOEIC ensures that accurate and relevant to the workplace changing international, which allows companies to compete in international markets hiring, assigned positions and move up to the right candidates every year.

What are the highest ratings / small as possible to hear and read on the TOEIC?

Ratings will be using to measure the ability of students in English language use at the time of giving the exam, giving it worsens or does not mind if their language skills.

Conclusion: Actually I think that Toeic, is a tool rather than an examination, to understand and comprehend a new language in this case the English language, based on a review and qualify your development skills do so in writing, speaking and reading, also that Toeic, protects you and gives you the support you really have an appropriate level to develop yourself in some work very well as to prepare for your next level.