“Hello?” Maria answered through the phone, unsure of the number calling. “Hey slut, it’s Lori.

I’m coming over, be ready.” The phone cut off before Maria had a chance to reply. She sat still for a moment trying to decipher the sentence in her head, she had just woken up, so it took her a few minutes to realise what was happening. When she finally realised, she jumped up from her seat and ran downstairs, trying to tidy as much as she could before she would arrive.

After what seemed like no time, she heard a car pull up the driveway. The house was still a mess and she knew she had to get in position, so she walked to the front door, took off her clothes as quickly as possible, throwing them in a heap into the hallway closet, and fell to her knees. Seconds later, Lori walked in. “Shit Maria, look at the mess!” She exclaimed. Maria stayed silent, excuses wouldn’t work in her favour. Lori surveyed the rest of downstairs before walking back to Maria. “You can clean after I leave. Follow.” She said simply, and headed for the stairs. Maria crawled silently behind, whimpering each time she had to climb a step which only brought a smirk to Lori’s face. When they reached the bedroom, Lori walked inside while Maria waited outside the door, waiting for permission to enter. “Well, come in. Are you just gonna sit out there all day?” Lori asked in a mocking tone, and Maria carefully crawled into the room. Lori motioned for Maria to kneel in front of her. “So, what has my slut been doing other than cleaning?” She asked in an annoyed tone, with a hint of a smile. “Nothing Mistress, I was just sleeping.” Maria replied simply. “Sleeping for how long?!” Lori exclaimed. “Not that long! I mean, I haven’t been home all day every day or anything, I can’t just spend all day every day cleaning.” Maria stated, instantly regretting her tone and choice of words. “Attitude?” Lori asked. “No! I mean, yes, I’m sorry Mistress. I just woke up and I’m still really tired, it won’t happen again.” She tried to reason, but it fell on deaf ears. “Bend over the bed.” Lori stated simply and Maria whimpered. “NOW.” Lori shouted, and when Maria didn’t move, she pulled her up by her hair, dragging her to the edge of the bed and bending her over it. “When I give you an order I expect you to obey immediately.” She said with an anger in her voice. “I was going to let you cum today but now you’ve ruined your chance of that too.” She continued while bringing her hand down harshly on Maria’s ass. “Count.” She stated. “One.” She hit again. “Two.” This continued for a while, until Maria was crying and grabbing at the bed linen, trying to stay in position. “Stay still!” Lori shouted and Maria instantly stopped moving, releasing her grip on the bed sheets. Lori walked around the room for a moment, returning with a hairbrush in her hand. “You never seem to learn your lesson. Maybe this will help.” She stated before bringing the hairbrush down full force on Maria’s ass. Maria screamed in pain until Lori pushed her head down into the blankets to muffle her sounds. “Quiet!” She hissed as she released Maria’s head. She brought the hairbrush down again, and again, and again, until Maria was begging and pleading with her to stop, swearing she had learned her lesson. “I don’t know..” Lori said in a teasing tone, enjoying the way Maria’s body squirmed beneath her with every lash. “I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson.” She continued. “I have! I swear Mistress I won’t do it again, I’m sorry!” Maria pleaded, but Lori let the brush fall one more time on her ass before giving in. “Alright then.” She said simply as she walked around the bed to sit on the edge. “Come.” She ushered Maria, and Maria stood slowly, flinching with every move, and walked to where Lori was sitting. “Kneel.” She said, and grinned as Maria fell to her knees. “All of that got me

Hands behind your back. It took a few minutes. thrusting her hips and smearing her juices all over her face. but Lori found it entertaining and allowed it to continue. Lori started to laugh. cutting off her oxygen supply as she came all over Maria’s face. Maria struggled to take in deep breaths and Lori giggled. . since it’s your fault. “Not like that slut. which she then flicked roughly with her tongue over and over as she made sucking motions with her lips. but put her hands behind her back and made an attempt to pull Lori’s panties down using her teeth. When her panties were around her ankles.” She stated simply. “What do you say. licking up her slit before reaching her clit. She gripped onto Maria’s ponytail and pushed her face in further. “Get to it. allowing her to catch her breath again. I think you should do something about it. “What are you waiting for?” Lori asked impatiently. Once Lori came down she released her grip on Maria. looking at the ground. with your mouth. “You know what I want. slut?” Lori asked sternly.pretty hot. “Yes Mistress” Maria replied. After a few moments of this treatment Lori felt her orgasm building.” Maria felt completely degraded. Don’t you?” She asked rhetorically. “Thank you Mistress.” Maria looked up for a moment before moving her hands to pull down Lori’s panties. she couldn’t wait much longer.” Maria replied eagerly. and Maria went straight to work.