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Importing Nozzle Loads from AutoPIPE into AutoPIPE Nozzle - Pipe Stress and Vessel ...

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Pipe Stress and Vessel Design
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Importing Nozzle Loads from AutoPIPE into AutoPIPE Nozzle

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Product(s): AutoPIPE, Version(s): 2004, XM, & V8i Environment: N/A Area: Import / Export Subarea: Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group

How to import loads from AutoPIPE into AutoPIPE Nozzle?

Use the following procedure: Note: Before starting this procedure be sure that AutoPIPE (Advance or Nuclear) and AutoPIPE Nozzle are correctly installed and licensed. AutoPIPE Nozzle cannot be licensed with AutoPIPE Standard. 1. Open model in AutoPIPE, ex: C:\ Bentley\ AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries \ Examples\ WALKTHRU.DAT 2. Tell AutoPIPE which anchors in the model are to be exported to AutoPIPE Nozzle: a. Grids: Open the Model Input grids (Edit> Grids), select the Anchor tab, in the very last column on the right place a check mark in the box for the 15/Oct/2013

http://communities. 6. Note: If AutoPIPE Nozzle does not automatically start then starte the program and then select File> Import AutoPIPE. Page 2 of 3 Nozzle Loads from AutoPIPE into AutoPIPE Nozzle . 15/Oct/2013 . " Select Nozzle PXF file" should have automatically been the filled in with the model name exported from AutoPIPE. before pressing OK button. Select File> Export> Nozzle Loads to AutoPIPE Nozzle. ex: Walkthru User must press on the drop down arrows to choose BOTH a "Selct Nozzle ID" and a "Analysis Set Number".com/products/pipe_stress_analysis/w/pipe_stress_analysis__..Pipe Stress and Vessel . in a few moments. AutoPIPE Nozzle should have automatically started. Anlyze the model 4. Anchor dialog: Place a check mark in the box "Report anchor results to AutoPIPE Nozzle" 3. Note: See AutoPIPE online help for details about the this command and file format... 5. Providing everthing was installed correctly and licensed. On the "Import AutoPIPE Nozzles" dialog screen.. as pictured below..

bentley.Importing Nozzle Loads from AutoPIPE into AutoPIPE Nozzle . THANK YOU! http://communities. Note: AutoPIPE Nozzle can only process one nozzle at a time. 15/Oct/2013 ... See Also Bentley AutoPIPE External Links Bentley Technical Support KnowledgeBase Bentley LEARN Server Comments or Corrections? Bentley's Technical Support Group requests that you please submit any comments you have on this Wiki article to the "Comments" area below. and then select File> Import AutoPIPE. and press OK button to complet the process of importing nozzle loads from AutoPIPE V8i. Choose a from 1 of 5 vessel "Orientation" Stress and Vessel . Page 3 of 3 After making a valid selection fro the 2 items above. save the file. When completed with the current nozzle... press the OK button.. to select a different nozzle ID to be processed. 7.