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Issue 3/2011 July 2011


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Editorial Spokesman of the GIZ Managing Board joins Final Ceremony TVET-Glossary

Dear readers, This is the third issue of the TVET-Portal Newsletter in 2011 and the sixth since its start in 2010. Meanwhile we have about 1.200 subscribers but still restrainedly feedback. This was one of the reasons why we conducted a survey among users of the TVET-Portal and asked them about their opinion about the Portal and about their preferences concerning the type of training they prefer. See the results on page 2 of this newsletter. One of the outcomes of this survey will be a job fair for Current changes in Arab countries were recently discussed on the GIZ Alumni Conference in Cairo under the topic "Leadership in Transition: Opportunities through Change". You find a short report about this conference is on page 2. Furthermore we kindly invite you to share your experiences with other experts in TVET and E-Learning in one of the discussion forums of the TVETForum .

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GIZ-Programme E mployment Facilitation Results of a user survey GIZ Alumni Confernce in Cairo, Egypt Imprint

TVET-GLOSSARY Competency based training (CBT)

Competency Based Training ( C BT ) recognises that individuals learn new information and skills at different rates and that they can acquire these in different ways. Competencies are defined levels of skills and knowledge. People can achieve the competencies by studying on campus, or by working in a job, or by a combination of study and employment experiences. CBT differs from the traditional approach to learning in that it focuses on skill development relative to the needs of industry. Less importance is placed on the time it takes to reach the defined levels of competency.

professionals in TVET and elearning on the Portal. We are working on it ...

Uwe Wieckenberg E-learning Consultant on behalf of GIZ, Germany

Spokesman of the GIZ Managing Board joins Final Ceremony

On 13th of May, 2011, Dr. Bernd Eisenbltter, Spokesman of the Managing Board of GIZ, joined the final ceremony of the programme "Quality-oriented Management for TVET-Institutions" for leaders from Vocational Training Institutions from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. Dr. Eisenbltter handed over the final certificates and, with regard to the situation of change in the participants' home countries, he wished to all participants to be able to implement the newly acquired knowledge successfully. The two-weeks-programme was the start of a management training cycle. In addition to theoretical knowledge in the fields of management, personal develop-

Final Ceremony with Dr. Bernd Eisenbltter, GIZ ment and leadership the participants received practical insights to the organization of the dual system of Vocational Education through visits to companies, vocational schools and chambers in the Rhine-Neckar-Region. The implementation is supportes by online-coaching through a virtual working environment. With the ob-

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jective to integrate in the learning process good-practice-examples and experiences of the individual institutions, further workshops are planned in the region. Therewith a country- and institution-wide understanding of quality for Vocational Education and Training shall be established.

Dr. Klaus Bader-Labarre, GIZ

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GIZ-Programme "Training of Trainers: Employment Facilitation"

From 15th to 19th of May 2011 the programme "Training of Trainers: Employment Facilitation" was realized in Cairo. Participants were leaders from the Vocational Training Sector, among others the Head of the Career Guidance and Job Placement Unit in the Head Office of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency ( UNRWA ) in Jordan, the Head of the Department of Career Guidance of the Vocational Training Corporation ( VTC ) under the Ministry of Labour Jordan and the Leader of the Career Guidance Centre of the University of Damascus. The programme was also attended by employees of the management level from the Mubarak-KohlInitiative - MKI-vetEP, from the GIZ, as well as consultants of Employment facilitation. All participants are working as multipliers in different functions in Career Guidance and Employment Guidance/Facilitation. The programme covered roles of employment agencies, personnel selection and corresponding methods. Training-oftrainer-elements have been national context, application based on practical examples in group work and role plays, as well as to develop concrete outputs for the implementation. IMPRINT
Institut fuer Bildungstransfer e.V. Reiterstr. 29, 76829 Landau, Germany Uwe Wieckenberg Fon: +49 ( 0 ) 6341 283089-0 Fax: +49 ( 0 ) 6341 283089-5 E-Mail: Responsible: Uwe Wieckenberg Realisation: Institut fuer Bildungstransfer On behalf of: GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale Zusammenarbeit Dep. Technological Cooperation, System Development and Management in Vocational Training Kthe-Kollwitz-Strae 15 68169 Mannheim Germany

Training ofTTrainers Employment facilitation worked out as transfer projects to be implemented in participants institutions . The didactical concept of the programme included the exchange of experiences, topicoriented inputs from the inter-

Foto: Margraf Publishers/GIZ

Fon: +49 ( 0 ) 621 3 002 0 Fax: +49 ( 0 ) 621 3 002 132

Regarding the relevance of em ployment facilitation, the content of the seminar was assessed as h ighly relevant by the participants.

Katrin Donat, GIZ

Results of a user survey

In April and May 2011 we conducted a survey about the quality and performance of the TVET-Portal as well as the assessment of e-learning as tool and methodology for capacity building. The questionnaire was distributed amoung all registered users of the portal. The response rate of 11 percent showed meaningful results. The following outcomes are some of the most interesting results. More information will be given in the next newsletter. An excellent rate of 86 % of the registered users of the TVETPortal are willing to recommend this portal to others. Most of them ( 4 7% ) appreciate to be informed about latest developments in elearning and TVET and about news in these subjects. 34% of the portal members appreciate to be in touch with other colleagues and experts of their professional field and 14% want to get support in their everyday working. Concerning the use of e-learning methods and instruments in companies and organisatione, the survey shows that e-learning is used if it is used both in companies with one and with many locations. Computer Based and Web Based Training Programmes are most widely used in companies, especially for technical and commercial contents. It is interesting to see the responses to the question What type of training do you prefer? Only 16 % of users prefer classical face-toface-training like workshops and seminars. 68% definitely prefer blended learning programmes. For the dissemination of e-learning this is a remarkable result.

GIZ-Alumni Conference in Cairo

More than 130 alumni of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale Zusammenarbeit ( GIZ ) GmbH took part in a conference titled "Leadership in Transition: Opportunities through Change" which was held in Cairo from June 16 to 19, 2011. The participants from eleven different countries discussed the current changes in the region and analysed how these changes will affect development cooperation. The GIZ carried out this conference on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development . During the conference the members of the TVET-Portal Eng. Mohamed Alkilany, Eng. Osama Al-Nehmi and Eng. Hamdi Ragab held a workshop about The Role of Social Networks in MENA Transition Process & Online Networks and had the opportunity to present the TVET-Portal. The focus of the discussion was on efficient contributions of the alumni in the process of improving the quality of the portal content. All alumni were invited to register and start sharing their knowledge and experience on the TVET-Portal. At the end of the presentation in front of 50 alumni and experts, the portal members responded to questions of the audience and motivated them to take part in the TVETPortal family .

Uwe Wieckenberg E-learning Consultant on behalf of GIZ, Germany

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