Spells: Necromancy

Necromancy is the magic of the dead. It allows communication with the dead, control and creation of undead creatures, and the conjuration of dangerous negative energies.


Necromancy Level 1 Dweomer of Dark Haunting – D1T/lvl R60 –
Makes area haunted, items rattle, noises, ghostly forms. Dispelled by Bless, can be Turned as 1HD.

Necromancy Level 2

Necromancy Level 3

Necromancy Level 4

Necromancy Level 5

Demonia's Zombie Demonia's Skeletal Demonia's Gruesome Animate Dead – R60 – Enslavement – D6T+1/lvl Summons – D2R+1/lvl R30 Summons – D3R+1/lvl R40 Turns bodies into obedient
RT - Reanimates a corpse as a – Summons 2d4 obedient zombie which follows orders. skeletons in d4 rnds, die when spell ends.

skeletons or zombies. Will die – Summons d6 obedient ghouls OR zombies in d4 rnds, if Dispelled. Total HD = level; skeletons are 1HD AC 13, die when spell ends. zombies HD2+1 AC 14.


Evard's Safe Passage
– D1T/lvl RT – Target undetectable to undead. Attacking reveals, but only to victim. 5HD+ may save to negate, 9HD+ immune.

Coruscating Ray of Enfeeblement – D1R/lvl
R10+5/lvl – Victim loses 30% of STR and -2 to melee and range rolls. Save negates.

Lorloveim's Creeping Shadow – D1R/lvl –
Elongates shadow 15”/round, can see/hear/speak through it. Vulnerable to magic, AC as caster, dmg affects caster.

Dark Charm of Enticement – R120 –
Charms 3d6 undead of 3HD or less, or one of 4+HD. Target is not controlled but is friendly. INT8 or less save each month to negate; INT9-12 each week, INT13+ each day.

The Extirpation of the Ruinous Cloud – R120
D1R/lvl – Poison fog kills 4HD or below. 4+1-5+2 HD save twice use worst; 5+2 – 6 save normally, 6+1 and up immune. Cloud moves 10/rnd away from caster. AoE 30' square.


Grim Semblance of Life – D1T R60 – Gives
animated control of 2d8HD of recently dead. D8 hp each, fight as HD in life, turned as zombies. No special abilities.

Laeral's Test of Life –
R30 D1d6R+1/lvl – Affects a fire so it only burns dead or undead, for full damage, even when only affected by magic.

Seti's Visage of Death Morbid Touch of the – D1T+1R/lvl RT – Requires Mummy – D1R/lvl RT –
willing target of <= lvl. Target is aware but numb. Damage is 50%, poison, paralysis, energy drain ineffective. Caster may negate early. Caster touches, victim gets rotting curse. Cannot be magically healed and heals at 1/10th normal. Remove Curse cures.

Malevolent Portent of Doom – D1D/lvl R60 –
Curses victim. Undead appears within 60' and attacks victim once per day, HD=victim lvl, 6HD max.


Zaxerion's Chilling Grasp – D3R+1/lvl RT –
Glowing hands cause d4 dmg and -1 STR (or -1 attack if no STR score), save negates. Penalty heals at 1/hr.

Resistance of Holy Nazul's Spectral Steed Laeral's Swarming Might – D2R/lvl R15radius – – D1hr/lvl – Spectral steed Transmogrification –
Negates one attempt of turning bears rider as per horse, terrain no hindrance. AC 14 HP or commanding of undead in 7+lvl. duration; enemy may Save to ignore.

Demonia's Unhallowed Summons – D4R+1/lvl R50

Caster transforms into bats, – Summons d4 obedient wights spiders or insects. Moves (or other 3HD undead) in d4 20/rnd, attacks for d4dmg, rnds, die when spell ends. immune to weapons. Damage taken occurs when returning to normal form.


Demonia's Skeletal The Cold Hands of Ritual of Rictus Enslavement – D6T+1/lvl Doom – R30 D1R/lvl – Target Scrying - D1T – Can hear
RT – Reanimates a skeleton which follows orders. choked d4 dmg/rnd, -2 to nonsave rolls, Save at start, success halves dmg. 20', see and speak through a pre-enchanted skull (requires 500gp of ingredients). Several skulls can be used for duration.

Evard's Necrotic Globe – R50 – Radius 20
sphere of wispy death energy. Instant 'explosion', does not channel through confined spaces. Damage d4+1 per lvl to living creatures, save for half.

Pandelume's Paroxysm of Pain – R30
D1R/lvl – Target has convulsions, AC-2, non-save rolls -4, d4 dmg per rnd, save halves.


Lesser Invocation Zaxerion's Dominance Sign of Magickal Seti's Lesser Raising – Zone of Creeping against Malevolence – of Undead – R60 – Make a Liberation (aka Dispel R120 – Resurrects a dead Terror – R60 – Enchants person. 2 weeks of weakness area with dread until dispelled D12T RT – Subject is AC+1 Turning roll. Success indicates Magic) – R120 – Spell (all rolls twice use worst), then
and Saves +1 against malevolent creatures. Summoned or created creatures cannot touch target, unless target attacks or forces barrier on them. obey for d4 rnds, Auto means d4 hours, Destroyed means d4 days. Turning or controlling breaks spell. effects in 20' cube negated. If dispeller lvl is < magic's causer, 5% chance per lvl difference of failure. or Blessed. To pass through 1 normal day per caster lvl. must save or leave in terror After that, each day roll d10: 1- immediately (one attempt per 6 lose ability point 7-8 gain a hour allowed). madness, 9 become a zombie, 10 die forever.


The Call to the Unseen Horrid Grasp of the Servant – D6T+1T/lvl – Ghoul – D1R/lvl RT –
Unseen force with STR 5 does simple tasks on command. Cannot fight or die. Humanoids touched by caster paralysed for 2d4 turns, saves negates. Larger than ogres immune.

Greater Invocation Evard's Black Wolfenstein's Wall of against Malevolence – Tentacles – R180 D1R/lvl – Gloom - R60 – Sinister dark
D12T RT – Subject and 10' radius is AC+1 and Saves +1 against malevolent creatures. Summoned or created creatures cannot touch target, unless target attacks or forces barrier on them. Tentacles from ground AoE 30 square ft/lvl. Number=lvl, AC 15, HP=lvl. Attack for 2d4 dmg, if hit, save or squeezed in following rnds for 3d4 dmg/rnd until escape by saving. barrier, 5 thick, 20 high, 20 long per lvl. Touching wall must save or receive Fear. If immune or save succeeds, and try to walk through, save again or receive Hold Person/Monster.


Laeral's Baleful Aura – Trance of Deathly Ritual of Familiar's D1R – Caster becomes Recall – D1T RT – Touching Blessing – 1 day to cast.

terrifying, friends and foes save corpse of 24 hrs of less, trance Requires a sacrificed familiar or flee d3 rnds. reveals last 10 mins of life, animal (no repercussions for from corpse's PoV. killing). Becomes obviously undead, attacks infect on hit of 20. Gains undead immunities and half dmg from non-magic. Can be Turned, count as owner's lvl; saves as owner. Caster and animal gain d4 hp until animal dies.

Wolfenstein's Hideous Lorloveim's Hateful Memberment – D1T/lvl RT Guardian - D1D/lvl – Lost
– Body part detaches and can be controlled remotely. Unwilling may save to resist. If body part detached when spell ends, it dies. Can be used to graft a part to a stump, but must save or it falls off dead in d6 weeks. invisible soul guards summoning location. When living being enters, caster must choose when casting: Spirit manifests as Wraith (AC 16 HD4 Dmg d6+drain, normal weapons half dmg), or teleports and informs caster, or manifests as chilling fog (4rnds+1/lvl, 30'square, obscures vision, 1 cold dmg/rnd). 2 hrs to cast, spirit leaves after it manifests once.


Lesser Summoning of Sphere of the Void – D1T+1R/lvl R10/lvl – Creates Light (reversible) – D12T
R120 - Provides light from an object, 15' radius. Can blind an enemy for 12 turns, Save negates. 15' radius ball of darkness centred anywhere in range. Completely nullifies all vision that allows sight in darkness,

Phandaal's Corporeal Suspension – R10/lvl –
Paralyses total HD of creatures double caster's level, in 20' cube. Save negates. Caster can dismiss, or

Otiluke's Sensory Shroud – R30 – Victim
becomes magically blind and deaf (save for both to negate). Permanent until magically dispelled or caster dismisses.

Unhallowed Regeneration

- D1R/lvl – Caster egenerates 1 hp per round, even if at negative hp. May also reattach severed body parts, including head, for

Can be case in a point in space. fighting to death for duration. Thick fog of muting. Victims reaching STR 0 become Shadows. Target may Save. outside noise penetrates. cold unease. dispelling of magic or illusions negates. duration. Fog conceals fully beyond 20'. surprise 5/6. Summons 1 Shadow per 3 levels. Mv 90/30 AC 13 HD 2+2 (avr 13 hp) dmg d4 + drain 1 STR. 75% chance of losing direction. 10' high +1' per level. making all rolls at -1.like infravision. Dangerous or frightening event in fog subjects victims of less than 6HD to fear for 3d4 rounds. 10 Iskaal's Chill Vapour – Shroud of Silence – D2d4R+1/lvl R30 – Opaque cool fog 20' cubed per level. Dispellable by Light Summoning. immune to mind magic. . Eyes of the Void – D1day D12T R180 – No noise from RT – Caster or recipient sees within 15' radius area but in total darkness for 60'. Silent. success means spell lands in space and they can leave. Conjuration of Eerie Summoning of Fog – D10r+d4/lvl – AoE 30' Shadows – D1R+1/lvl R10 – radius per level. Morale is -1. Strong wind can dissipate it in d4 rounds. Blocks sight beyond 2'. Half dmg from nonmagic weapons.

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