Grassroots Giver, MOVERS & DOERS — 09/Oct/2013 09:50 Grassroots Giver: Embrace Re ovates !

omes "or Disab#e$ Vets %ritte b& 'ico#e (a& e %)e a motorc&c#e acci$e t #e*t active $+t& ,omma $i - 'av& O**icer (ria De.a e& /ara#&0e$ *rom t)e arm/its $o1 #ast October, it too2 t)e s+//ort o* )is #ove$ o es *or )im to rea#i0e t)at )e sti## )a$ m+c) to be t)a 2*+# *or3 'o1, a#most a &ear #ater, )e is bei - o**ere$ a $i**ere t 2i $ o* s+//ort3 Embrace is t)e ame o* a o 4/ro*it or-a i0atio i 1)ic) vo#+ teer co##e-e st+$e ts come to-et)er a $ serve t)e comm+ it&3 !ea#i - O+r !eroes5 !omes, or !3, is a s+b4/ro-ram + $er Embrace i 1)ic) vo#+ teers re ovate t)e )omes o* $isab#e$ active $+t& or vetera o**icia#s, a $ De.a e& is o1 t)e seve t) ca $i$ate se#ecte$3 67t 1as a ver& $i**ic+#t recover&,8 )e sai$ o* )is acci$e t3 69s a comma $i - o**icer &o+ are t)e /erso 1)o ma2es t)i -s )a//e , a $ o1 7 ca 5t eve -et o+t o* be$3 Embrace 1as /+re#& a coi ci$e ce38 De.a e& #ea e$ abo+t Embrace *rom )is ei-)bor over t)e s+mmer, a $ became a i sta t s)oo4i *or !33 7t 1as 5t #o - be*ore )e met *ace to *ace 1it) t)e ma be)i $ t)e moveme t, Sea S)e//ar$3 6:)e i$ea ;*or Embrace< came *rom bei - i vo#ve$ i at)#etics 1)e 7 1as a stre -t) a $ co $itio i coac),8 sai$ S)e//ar$, 1)o *o+ $e$ Embrace bac2 i 20003 6=eo/#e come to-et)er o a $ai#& basis to 1i -ames3 7 $oes 5t matter 1)o &o+ are or 1)ere &o+ came *rom, &o+5re i it *or t)e )ome team38 :)is motto )as carrie$ over to become t)e t)eme o* Embrace3 9t *irst, its mai /ro-ram 1as a vo#+ teer o//ort+ it& ca##e$ Embrace t)e Streets, 1)ic) a##o1e$ *or )i-) sc)oo# a $ co##e-e4a-e$ st+$e ts to come to-et)er t1ice a 1ee2 a $ )e#/ t)e )ome#ess o* Sa Die-o3 S)e//ar$ sai$ it5s t)e $iversit& o* &o+ -er -e eratio s comi - to-et)er t)at is most i s/iri -3 6Embrace 1e#comes ever&o e,8 sai$ S)e//ar$3 6:)ese &o+ - /eo/#e are rea##& setti - a e>am/#e38 !3 be-a i 2011 1)e S)e//ar$ 1as o**ere$ s/are materia#s *rom Sa Die-o State to remo$e# t)e )omes o* t)e $isab#e$ 1)o serve o+r co+ tr&3 =ote tia# be e*iciaries *or !3 ca -o o #i e to *i## o+t a ?+estio aire a $ see i* t)e& are e#i-ib#e ca $i$ates3 @o+ m+st be at #east A0 /erce t $isab#e$, a $ &o+ m+st be active $+t& i t)e mi#itar& or a vetera 3 De.a e&5s stor& ca+-)t t)e atte tio o* S)e//ar$, 1)o sai$ t)e& are 6)o ore$ to $o 1)atever ;t)e&< ca to bri - bac2 ;De.a e&5s< i $e/e $e ce a $ $i- it&38 (+t t)ere5s more to t)is ta#e t)a meets t)e e&e3 9*ter acce/ti - !35s o**er to remo$e# )is )ome to ma2e it more 1)ee#c)air accessib#e, t)e e>tra atte tio *rom t)e /roBect ca+se$ De.a e& to come o+t /+b#ic#& t)at )e is -a&3 'e1s o* a rece t#& /ara#&0e$ active $+t& ,omma $i - 'av& O**icia# 1)o is a#so a )omose>+a# became a m+c) bi--er $ea# t)a )e e>/ecte$3 !o1ever, De.a e& )as ma$e it c#ear

t)at )e *+##& s+//orts Embrace a $ ever&t)i - t)e /roBect sta $s *or3 67t5s ot rea##& )o1 7 1a te$ t)at to )a//e , or eve at a##,8 sai$ De.a e&3 6(+t i* it )e#/s Embrace a $ t)eir ca+se, 75m )a//& 1it) t)at38 7 co trast, S)e//ar$ is a $evo+t ,)ristia a $ 2 o1s t)ere )as bee a ri*t bet1ee t)e ,)ristia a $ -a& comm+ ities *or a #o - time3 !e be#ieves t)ere are /eo/#e i )is c)+rc) 1)o 1o+#$ be a-ai st ce#ebrati - t)e e**orts o* Embrace 6beca+se o* 1)o ;t)e&5re< )e#/i -83 S)e//ar$ 1a ts to +se Embrace to /romote a more /ositive attit+$e3 6:)is is a 1o $er*+# o//ort+ it& to set a e>am/#e,8 sa&s S)e//ar$3 6:)ere5s o reaso to be a ti4 /eo/#e3 @o+ )e#/ /eo/#e i ee$3 =erio$38

Sean Sheppard, Founder of Embrace

%)at @OC ,a Do :o ma2e a mo etar& or *oo$ $o atio to Embrace, visit: 1113embrace13or-/$o ate3)tm# "or more i *ormatio o Embrace, visit 1113embrace13or-3 "or more i *ormatio abo+t S)e//ar$ a $ )is 1or2, visit 1113t)e-oo$s)e//ar$3tv3

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Written by Nicole Bayne
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Grassroots Giver: Embrace Re ovates !omes "or Disab#e$ Vets

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When a motorcycle accident left active duty Commanding Navy Officer Brian DeLaney paralyzed from the armpits down last October, it too the support of his loved ones for him to realize that he still had much to be than ful for! Now, almost a year later, he is being offered a different ind of support! "mbrace is the name of a non#profit organization in which volunteer college students come together and serve the community! $ealing Our $eroes% $omes, or $&, is a sub#program under "mbrace in which volunteers renovate the homes of disabled active duty or veteran officials, and DeLaney is now the seventh candidate selected!

6't was a very difficult recovery,( he said of his accident!
)*s a commanding officer you are the person who ma es things happen, and now ' can%t even get out of bed! "mbrace was purely a coincidence!( DeLaney leaned about "mbrace from his neighbor over man behind the movement, +ean +heppard!
Sean Sheppard, Founder of Embrace

the summer, and became an instant shoo#in for $&! 't wasn%t long before he met face to face with the

6,he idea -for "mbrace. came from being involved in athletics when ' was a strength and conditioning
coach,( said +heppard, who founded "mbrace bac in /000! )1eople come together on a daily basis to win games! ' doesn%t matter who you are or where you came from, you%re in it for the home team!(