Races: Huldefolk


lso known as Alfr, Aelf, Ylfe, Ese, Elbe. Once the epitome of enlightenment and responsibility, Huldefolk civilization has fallen before the expansive nature of Man. Where once the Huldefolk nations ruled the forests, the plains and the mountains, their now-small numbers live in secret enclaves, possessing great power but utterly impotent in matters of projecting it. In addition, the empire-spanning Huldefolk religion of Christianity is breaking up, struggling against the rising pagan cults and sorcerous cabals of Man. Their attitude towards man is not unified. Some see Man as the natural heir to creation and seek to guide him and help him rule in wisdom. Most see Man as a great blight, and work to destroy him before he destroys all natural order. And some, considered young and foolish by their people, walk amongst Man. Requirements: INT 9 Attribute Modifiers: DEX +1, CON -1 Available Classes and Level Limits: Fighter (10), Sorcerer (11), Rogue (12), Augerer, (7) Huldefolk receive the following bonuses and penalties to Rogue abilities: Stealth & Climb +1, Hear Noise +1. Huldefolk have infravision of 60 feet, and have keen eyes that allow them, when actively searching, to detect hidden and secret doors with a roll of 1-2 on 1d6. Because of their connection to nature, Huldefolk are completely unaffected by the paralysis ghouls can inflict.

01-04 Sometimes you become obsessed and dangerous. 05-08 You fervently want the Huldefolk to regain their glory. 09-12 You have a noteworthy patron or mentor. 13-16 Your father was a troll. 17-20 You can vanish into a forest smoke, leaving no trail and making no sound. 21-24 You do not recognize the concept of personal property. 25-28 You understand the slow, bending language of the sky. 29-32 You are haunted by crows. 33-36 Sometimes you become strange and silent. 37-40 You worship the Great Old Ones. 41-44 You both fear and desire the deep places of the earth. 45-48 You will waste away swiftly if imprisoned. 49-52 You have a sworn enemy. 53-56 You cannot conceal your emotions. 57-60 You can idly carve wood into objects of heartbreaking beauty. 61-64 You are unaffected by the elements, except at their most extreme. 65-68 You find human books and writing to be delightful curiosities. 69-72 You find Dwergi to be amusing, and like to tease them. 73-76 You claim that the Huldefolk invented magic. 77-80 You are fascinated by Humans, but rarely trust them. 81-84 You view Haflins as mischievous children, or perhaps simple-minded cousins. 85-88 You reject all musical instruments, claiming that voice alone is enough. 89-92 You have eyes that change colours with the light and seasons. 93-96 You have an awful secret 97-00 You are strictly vegetarian.

As a Huldefolk... (Roll twice)

Regarding Appearance, You Have... (Roll d20)

20 A small flask of mild poison . or dragonfly. when breathed upon. 18 A ring with a secret compartment 19 A bag of asps. 13 A pair of ivory dice 14 An oakheart helmet. 2 A delicate blade used mainly for woodcarving. 6 A small animal familiar. bat. 12 A portable chess set. 8 A silver holy symbol. 7 A box of wasps. scintillates with warm light. thin mouth 19 Slightly pointed teeth 20 Ritual scarring What's in the Huldefolk's Pocketses? (Roll d20) 1 A divining pendulum. barklike skin 18 A wide. 17 A small gem which. 5 A vial of troll sweat. 9 A protected pouch full of restless seeds. 15 Twelve small red ritual candles 16 A deck of tarot cards. carved to resemble some beast of the forest.1 Mottled pigmentation 2 Pockmarks 3 Battle scars 4 A broken nose 5 Bad teeth 6 A missing finger 7 A curious smell 8 Eyes a bit too far apart 9 A speech impediment 10 A lower class bearing 11 A gold tooth 12 Copious freckles 13 Piercing eyes 14 An upper class bearing 15 A suspicious birthmark 16 Weirdly smooth skin 17 Rough. 3 A flask of herbs mixed with clear water. perhaps a sparrow. 4 A tangled ball of restless vines. 11 A hooded cloak and boots woven from spider silk. 10 A mysterious ancient figurine. restoring vigour and provoking laughter.

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